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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa *t . n;l "    \**    v r <■*«!»« *.' •*“6 IO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fr[ . Nov. 29. 1974 Margaret Thatcher Challenges Edward Heath for Party’s Reins LONDON (AP) — When the battle for the leadership of Britain's Conservative party opens early next year, former Prime Minister Edward Heath, a bachelor, may find his toughest competition coming from a woman. For Mrs Margaret Hilda Thatc her has resolved to challenge Heath for the top party job. Mrs. Thatcher is the sort of English rose that hears sharp political thorns. When she ran the nation's school system as education minister in Heath’s cabinet from 1970 to 1974. Mrs Thatcher abolished free milk and raised the price of state school meals. But she also fought for a bigger education budget and got one out in open and often embittered criticism against Heath’s leadership and judgment. The Heath administration tangled with Britain's coal miners twice, and lost each encounter. It piled up the biggest budget deficit in British history. According to Joseph, whose beliefs and ideas are shared by Mrs Thatcher, its money policy was all wrong. Policy Differences Spreads Word She has spread word now that she is going to challenge Heath, her one-time boss who lost two elections to Labor's Harold Wilson this year. Her decision, she has told friends, followed consultations with another aspirant to the leadership. Sir Keith Joseph. They talked it over and Joseph decided to get Mrs Thatcher to do the challenging So today Britain faces the theoretical possibility of a woman prime minister Before that happens, though, she must first beat Heath in the leadership contest next February Shi' must then rebuild the shattered morale of the Tories so she can take on Wilson and his Laborites with a good chance to oust them too If all that happens, as leader of the victorious party. Mrs Thatcher would head a new government The process could take years Margaret Thatcher thinks she has the time and the patience to wait. her friends quote her as saying. She is 48 Through her unwritten alliance with Joseph she has won the assured support of those Torv lawmakers who have come Mrs. Thatcher is making no secret that she differs widely from Heath on some big issues of policy. Quietly, systematically she is rallying the anti-Heath forces. Heath’s technocracy, she thinks, has no appeal for a nation stricken with successive economic failures and yearning for success. Mrs Thatcher is the daughter of a grocer. She says she knows the problems of ordinary women who have to go to the bargain basement for their clothes She goes there too, she says. She was one of the few Tories who campaigned with some success in the elections this year. She promised, for instance. to give British first-time home-buyers a nine and half percent mortgage rate compared with the going level of 12 percent. Laborites, hurt and fearful of her appeal, put aside their gallantry and called her a liar She is an Oxford university graduate in chemistry. Later she qualified as a lawyer, then married and had twins Next she entered parliament, representing a swank North London district. Only two or three years ago she was asked if she could ever foresee the day when a British prime minister wmild be a woman. “I don't see anyone emerging now." she told an interviewer. ‘‘Prejudice is too great" Society Features for Women German Judge Sentences Urban Guerilla Chief in Guarded Courtroom By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY As a lawyer, may I comment on the dilemma of the divorcee who didn't know what to say when a man asked for sex outside of marriage1 She should give him a calm, lawyer-like answer; he is asking her to trust him with her body. She is running the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. What is he risking1 Shouldn't the risk be equal? Why doesn’t he give her ll .(MNI in cash to put into her tun ings account, and at the end of nine months, if there is no unwanted baby, she can cheerfully return his SI <MMt If she does become pregnant, she can use the money for an abortion, or for partial support of the child, In that way, he at least risks something It is clearly unfair to ask a woman to have sex, and should something go wrong, all the risk Ik* hers. While the risk can never lie made truly equal, the deposit of $1.(NNI to her account before sex would make it a little more equal I wonder how many men who would ask a woman to risk her body are willing to risk some of their money1 J.M S., PLANDOME, N Y DEAR J.M.S.: lf yeur pre position is trily “lawyerlike. the legal profession is la trouble The girl s unlaw yer-like response could be “lf you really want to monkev around, I'm not settling for peanuts'" ♦ OO DEAR ABBY I work in the kitchen of a large restaurant and the law says all women have to wear hair-nets Well, we have some men working in the kitchen whose hair is a lot longer than some of the women's and there s no law that makes them wear hair nets. I don't think that s fair I mentioned this to the boss and he just laughed, but I don't think it is any laughing matter W hat do you think1 MADDIE DEAK MADDIE I think the hair net law should apply to all professional food handlers with long hair. • HAND • PACKED Fresh Fruit Buckets For Any Occasion Gift cello wrapped I a Cheery Be* Always free Wiwj ti Either Hiatal DALE’S FRUIT MARKET 3338 tater Pl IM. NI M4-3314 £ Open 9 to 6 - 7 Day* 0 BERLIN (UPI) — In a courthouse surrounded by watercannons and snarling police dogs, a judge Friday sentenced West German female urban guerilla leader. Ulrike Mein-hof, to eight years’ imprisonment for her part in an attempted murder Mrs. Meinhof. weak from a two-month hunger strike, was barred from hearing sentence passed because of her habit of shouting "swine!" and "fascists!" at court officers during court appearances. Horst Mahler, follower of her Red Army Faction gang of self-styled "metropolitan guerillas," received a total 14 years’ imprisonment. Mrs Meinhof, a former leftwing journalist, and her two co-defendants were charged with attempting to murder a law officer in connection with the freeing of Andreas Baader from police custody in 1970 Alleged Co-Leader Dragged From Room Mahler, convicted of conspiracy in the attempted murder and other crimes, was dragged into the courtroom by four police officers trying to carry him on a blanket. Mahler refused to sit upright to hear his sentence passed A third defendant, mechanic Hails-Juergen Baecker. was acquitted Uniformed and plainclothes policemen ringed the courthouse with German shepherd dogs and watercannon trucks stootf by to combat demonstrators But only a handful of protesters turned up Baader is the alleged co-leader of the Red Army Faction Before being arrested in 1972. the gang — whose announced aim is to smash established society — robbed banks and made bomb attacks across West Germany In bomb attacks on I' S. army headquarters in Frankfurt and Heidelberg in May. 1970, for which Mrs Meinhof's gang claimed responsibility, four I S. servicemen were killed and#9) persons injured. A 163-page interior ministry report issued in Bonn probed into the strength of the Red Army Faction and said, "The members of* the criminal association Blader-Meinhof are working for the radical destruction of the social system in West Germany." Mrs Meinhof, 40. was arrested in 1972 In mid-September she asked the imprisoned supporters of the group calling itself the Red Army Faction to join her on a hunger strike . . . helping to curry her packages. > teg u % tot 044 a If*A br lo*    *    <■«#* Hest Side Club Winners of the Howell movement played Thursday at Welts-Way were Mr and Mrs FYank Hellenthal, first, and Joann Schultz and Baul McGaffic, second The next game will lie played Sunday at 5 .’ID at Welly*Way. Bob's ( lab Mitchell movement winners of the game played Wednesday at the YWCA were North-south — Clayton Moss man and Dr J. J Imochl, first, and Nancy Met'my and Phil Ar-noli, second; east-west — Bruce Thiher and Mrs Robert Cater, first, and Richard Moenk and Paul McGaffic, second A charity game will be played Friday at 7 JU at tin* YWCA Women Toke Up The Guns Above, young housewives of Beit Shean, Israel, near the border with Jordan, receive instructions in the use of U.S.-made M-l carbines this week after they volunteered to carry arms in wake of the recent Arab guerrilla attack in which four residents were killed. Cambodian girls, at right, most of them in their twenties, go through military drill with rifles in the town of Sre Ampil. The women are part of the regular fighting force and go into battle with male troops, some of them being their husbands. UPI Teiephotos Blind Miami Couple Prepare To Rear Seeing Baby MIAMI (AP) - The blind parents of a 4-month old girl with normal sight say they intend to rear their daughter with as little outside help as possible “I had some misgivings about having babies, but i'm a religious person and I believe the Lord wouldn’t give you anything you couldn't handle." said Tern Thibodeau of Miami She says she and h«*r husband. Emile, have learned to adjust to the wants and needs of their baby. Soma Christine - F'or the first tune in their marriage, the Thibodeaus are turning on their apartment lights, buying mirrors and thinking about having their television picture tulle repaired "I know I can take care of my child." said Mrs Thibo deau. victim of a rare prenatal disease which left her sightless soon after birth "I was the oldest of six children When I was home. I had my share of chores and babysitting. "If I get in a bind. I ll sit down and pray and I know 1 11 get the help I ms'd." she said The state’s bureau of blind sen ices says it will have a nurse check on the baby every few weeks Thibodeau, a 29-year-old French Canadian born with glaucoma and cataracts and raised by Montreal Catholic church agencies, is unemployed but learning massage work under a $428 a month state grant Ills wife receives $140 a month in social security disability payments. ZALES JI WILMS ()ur Ks>pk Make I s Number < Oh New Iroin Baylor and timed ii it Christ mas. A Enchantment , fashion braider watch, polished and brushed metal links, I7 jewels, $95-B Enchantment', fashion bracelet watch, Mixer and Mold tone links, brown dial, I7 (ewels. Elegant gift wrap at no extra charge /ale* Kttultinjf ( ti arni a /airt t uiii xii ( tearer Hank Ament afd • Mosier ( tor*) Amtman Lspress • Diners Club a C ant blam h« • La, aw a Lindale Mama 393-9914 PIyounkers ■IlM satisfaction always LINDALE PLAZA OPEN SATURDAY EVENING ’TIU » P.M. 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