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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 7, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa mmiomm wiMHU uimi romcaii «• tau iii m - * - jh 77 New Violence Kissinger— . -    _    I    (Continued    from    Page    I.) Follows Edict In Argentina BUENOS AIRES (AP) — Ar gentine terrorists Thursday shot to death an army major and burned military vehicles in the DEATHS Ben H. Scheel Ben H. Scheel, 82, of 1551 A Middle East settlement was “the only possible one.” Syria has gone along with that approach, in the past but whether it wouldLvenue NE, a Cedar Rapids resin the future was not known.    ident for 23 years, died Thurs- Turkey Visit    day following a long illness. He was born Jan. 19, 1892, in the Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., November 7, 1974 3A Tool Thefts From Work Sites Told Tools and materials were Corn Estimate Is Reduced BOONE (AP) - The National I Com Growers Assn. has revised its estimate of the 1974 corn crop downward. The estimate declaration of a state of siege. Major Hector Lope/ was slain as he left his home in Santa Ke,| u    jd Turk ”bad b(.,.n unabiejwar I, .tm miles north of here. The , ,    y    ,    .. cl Post <i i i    .    .    to    form    a    government    after 53 ' osl <] shots < iime from a house across Iriaus „f    anH    th.„ an„ and Veterans of World war the street. Terrorist groups set fire to ahoiif military h.iQP« -,t •, f,(. be blndinR- He said he was giv Surviving in addition to his |    ”    ’    21,345,000 bushels tory north of Buenos Aires    inR    up (‘ff0rts to form a Sovc‘rn- wife are two sonS’ Krvm    .    *•%' a hUp,‘rv^or for ous forecast, whi tory north ol Buenos Aires.    ■    F|    .    (ienrao    Iowa-Illmois (,as and Electric    .    , 2,(KW) so Uh WI MHM f aloe MI Rain is expected Thursday night from southern and central Texas into parts of the Lakes and northern Plains with snow in the higher elevations. Fair to partly cloudy elsewhere. —Daily Record--- Magistrate Court The Weather    2:27    a.m.    Thursday. Cigaret Hloh temperatures Wednesday, low tem- f°    basket    at 1330 Elm-J peratures overnight and inches of pre- hurst drive NE. Anchorage 3327 l. Angeles 79 sa    1 "J® a.m. thursday. Standby SKpoiis • 47 S downed electrical wires at Ja-Chicago ..    50 41    N. Orleans    4354.34    colyn drive and Johnson ave- Denyer ..    5130    New York    42 44    !    mw*    TMW Duluth ...    44 31    Phoenix    75 52    nut    IN VV. Honolulu .    14 74    .02    Seattle ..    50 44    .54 Houston ..    44 54    .47    Washington    43 44 Three Plead Guilty To Assault, Battery slightly. tutional tool that will not alter Three • persons appeared    in t the political life of the country,” j magistrate’s court on charges    of said Antonio Troccoli, congres- % t _    I    assault and battery.    sional leader of the Radical Magistrate s Court I Kenneth Hill, 182 Fourteenth Civic Union, largest anti-.    Speeding    _    Fred    Julich, 1014 avenue SW, pled guilty Tuesday government party. of ram Saturday through    Mon-    A avenue NW: fined $50 and    and was fined $50 and costs. He1    There was widespread con- day. Highs, mid 50s to mid    6031 ba^d'avonue NE- fined $40 md    was charged with assaulting    cern that it would not end the rooting to 50s by Monday.    Ffucrhclm    ^    Aug    ^    8' terrorism. in mid 40s to 30s.    avenue NW; fined $35 and    j Paul Heidenman, Lisbon, pled    In the 130 days since Peron’s c R Weather    wstsj i)an «.l,beTt* vjnton:    guilty Wednesday and was fined    widow succeeded him, at least High Wednesday ...    . 52 BERTKE?    and    costs.    He    was    charged!I# persons have been murdered £«£ I/)W Noon _    :    Cr|vlul<1*    awm    i^amoeri,    cnanesi    Rncxpr 2 p.m. Thursday .............55, city: Gerry Goslin, Iowa City: Precipitation  .........None    James Hagen, Hiawatha; Ter- enue pl®d guilty Wednesday interior Minister Alberto Ro- Extended Forecast — Chance Kissinger Thursday canceled! *»* wi** "“**•    ‘“IrpnnrteH    taknn    WfirlnncH'tv    fmmr*v'e first reaction to the government a visit *° Turkey scheduled for (Thorpe, and was married to J    '    released Thursday put this the gov.rnmonl K becaiisc- of the dcterio- Mabel Miller, .tan, 29, 1920, in    Jrear'scrop at 4,651,353,000 bush- rating political situation there. Earlville. Mr. Scheel was a re- Bob f*1,er> a" employe of t.jSt based on conditions of Nov. Premier-designate Bulent Bee- tired farmer, a veteran of World C'ra™r ^    t    5- a member of Hanford    (Moines    told police two drills    ?his    compares    with    a    USDA to form a government after 53 i f^ost of the American Legion ,an a ai* a a I estimate of 4,717,600,000 bushels. a ti- a it. i 'inn v^tprynv: nf WnrlH war f of a tool shed at the new Twenth days    of    trying    and    tha    any    andI Veterans of World war I of    brjd ^ ** were    The    Boone-based    association's agreement on Cyprus would not|U»A. mc.    I    valued at $370.    estimate marked a reduction of addition to his __    _    .    21 545 (MKI hnghgig from its previ- which was based Other guerillas briefly seized ^; announccment came as Flor^w M^s    j^re^rted    'two l«ooY weld- °n Conditions of 7*    . the railroad station at Avellane- „ _ students fr()m Ankara’s Edith Scheel, Cedar Rapids, and log cables taken from a welding s°w isTMS^OWbllshels ^ machine in    the 2700    block of    b    was 5,643,256,000 bushels    in Sixth street    SW.    The cables    1973>    according to the USDA ,'"3lUfwir*«ultb<‘ Kissinger visit and staged a grandchildren; two brothers, were valued at $355. Armv    (FBP    devolutionary    campus    demonstration    with    Ernie    Scheel,    Manchester,    Ar    Gary D. Bowers,    an    employe ’’    signs    reading,    “Kissinger    mur-    nold Scheel, Earlville, and a    of Justice Electric Co., reported Peron Decree    defer.”    sister, Bertha Scheel, Waterloo.    a drill    and two 500-foot nills of With political assassinations! Kissinger said in Amman he Services are pending at the    vvi,e    taken    bom    a    new occurring at a rate of more thanjbad    found    unexpected    Arab one a    day,    President Isabel    flexibility    in interpreting    last,............... . Heron    returned    Argentina to a    week s controversial Arab    sum-    they    wish.    contribute    to    a    chart-    * j* ’    gave    $11.7 million to charity and state of siege Wednesday. Her m't bilks in Rabat and said he ty of their choice.    '    j|Pb SWM* an employe o S    more    jn 1973 d6CTC6 enabled the government was reminded of the Japanese'    L0UUs uisiriwiting lo., I to hold anyone indefinitely with-movie “Rashomon” in which Memorial Services lout trial.    everyone in the film gives a dif-    Mpyprs pamHa Susann Anyone can be banished to a ferent version of the same Graveside services Friday    . remote    corner    of    the    country    event.    10:30 a.m. at Dtmkard ceme-    ‘ions taken from a and    public    meetings    are    prohi-    In Saudi    Arabia    be    won    sup-    Wry by the Rev. William P    rear of the business. uort    from    King    Faisal    and    a    Friends    may    call at No value was listed for the ™ - lortune. m.    r    I, ,    ,    ...    Turner east until 9 p.m. Thurs- mKS;np nlvwond Police said ^be report did not say to “The state of siege is a consti- pledge from oil minister Omar day.    Plywood-    Police    said    i    directed Saqqaf that Saudi Arabia would Maurer William — Services each P,ece weighed 72 pounds    ,e ldrKess was airecteu, try to hold    the    line    on    oil    prices    Saturday at 1:30 p.m. at Trini-    A vehicle was apparently    used    ^    mSto    dlsc    °sed and possibly    even    cut    them    ^ Lutheran church by the Rev.    to haul away the    2.880    pound    was    ♦lv,lo3,77z    to    Rockefeller Richard L. Thompson. Burial:    | load Cedar Memorial. Friends may;    _______ call at Turner west until 9 p.m. Friday and at the church from IO    a    m.    to    1:25 p.m. Saturday. The    casket    will not be    opened after the service. ?eavohnbliayhslogTrlmdal,d£    ^    Technical    universe    Viola    Cirocki    Lakewood, Colo. J tribute! literature of the out I?    to    protot|    seven    grandchtMren. sutgre*|^.......... 11 -Million Gifts By Rockefellers ’ah TiTrnVr ehaiil east TW tV» mi |v,bu 11d In S site af 422 First Street    Y()HK    (AP)    J- an Turner chapel east The family »    president    -    designate    N ast I suggests that friends may, if ^ rh" Items w*re valucd al \{ockcfeUer    his    , - Vice-el s o n brothers was at Ninth avenue .SE, reported 40 Ybe money dispensed pieces of three-fourths inch ply- made known Wednesday in a iwood in four by eight foot sec- report by the Rockefeller Broth-shed at the crs f*und- °ne °f dozens of trusts that serve as repositories for the bited. Power Loss Affects 300 An estimated 300 customer.5 Struck with Bottle, Man Is Hospitalized university. The second largest went to Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, of which Laurance Rockefeller is chairman and where Nelson’s wife recently underwent surgery. Rule Against wednesday .............az Sullivan, 744 Gateway streett^ a“u    I1C    , f ..    .    ^    Rar>id» Wf,rp without eleetrieitv C I    • overnicht    33 John Seder.strand, Worth- with assaulting Thomas Travis by left-wing or right-wing ter- taPias were without electricity V+.jrnpnn . n ThnrgHav..............ington,    Ohio:    Curtis    Holland,!    on    Sept    12    rorists.    for an hour Thursday morning ^lUfyCUM III , Th™lv............  LIXi?.,.aVJ„?-.n    Roger    Carman,    841    Fourth    av-    School    Humors    af,.er a“nduC!0r l*Urn^ 0UV... . Damage Suit Elections— (Continued from Page I.) Total for November .......0.08    ranee Normal for November ......2.36 Martin, 3127 Bayberry Danny Bird, 4520 , XT    _C|    Ozark street NE; Curt Buck- Normal through NOV 31.75 nell, 1515 Fifth avenue SE; _    ,    .    ~ Total for 1974 ..............41.30    , Danny Wullenwaber, 116 Jo-    Truesdale on Oct. 4. Barometer, falling .........30.32    spehine lane NW; James Cairy, Alburnett; Joseph Perry, 322 G avenue NW; Damien Collins, 2533 Brookland drive NE;| cases to Grand Jury and was given a seven day sus- camora sai(i the staie 0f sjegC pended jail sentence. He was w a s necessary because of Humidity at noon ......... 58% Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m. S at 16 mph. charged with assaulting Lita Gun Law Violation necessary rumors that an unidentified group planned to bomb schoolrooms. Thousands kept their children home Wednesday because of the rumors. Rick Colbert, 26, of 1206 First street SW. was in good condition at Mercy hospital with head cuts suffered W'ednesday when he was hit with a beer bottle at a ncan Sen. Young and former Party-    Democratic Gov. William Guy Police said Colbert was in- finished in a virtual dead heat, jured at 916 Tenth street SE The Associated Press unofficial after three men tried to join the tally put Young 90 votes ahead, Warren Wickwire, jr., Belle Sun rises Friday, 6:48; sun Plaine; Robert Wisehart, 9201 two persons Orchard road, Marion; each sets, 4:53. Year Ago Today — High, 47; low, 29; rainfall, none. Degree Days Wednesday ............... 27 Total to date .............793 Through Nov. 6, 1973     557 Percent of normal year ... 11.8 Total normal year ......6,631 Traveler’?: Forecast Friday Weather. lli-Lo fined $30 and costs. Randy Shank, Tower terrace trailer court, Marion; fined $25 and costs. Richard Williams, Mechanicsville; Michael Marron, 283 Thirty-fourth street drive SE; Donna Meese, HOI Second street SW; James Woge, 225 Twenty-seventh street NW; Mary Wampler, 1401 Tenth street NW; Michael Thorson. 1911 C avenue NE; each fined $20 and costs. Driving on wrong side — Bismarck  CloutW 50-301 ?*yid Runde^ 3104 Pebble Chicago ......... Fair    65-4«|drive    SW;    tined    $20    and    costs. Cincinnati .......Clear    61-43 Cleveland ........Clear    57-39 Des Moines .......Fair    60-43 Detroit ............Fair    57-40 Indianapolis  Fair    60-43 Kansas City . Milwaukee .    ...PtCldy    54-37 Mpis.-St. Paul    ..    PtCldy    64-42 Omaha......... PtCldy    67-40 St. Louis   PtCldy    60-42 Sioux Falls ....    PtCldy    60-32 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.9, rise .2 Lansing (18) 7.6, fall .1. Dam 9 (18) 13.6, no change McGregor (18) 7.2, no change Guttenberg (15) 4.6, fall .2 Dubuque (17) 7.8, fall .1 Davenport (15) 5.0, rise .1 Keokuk (16) 3.0, fall .7 Cedar at C H. (13) 4.0, fall .2 Coralville Lake Pool level Thursday ... .683.24 Births — Mercy Nov. 6 — Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Henderson, 2006 Washington avenue SE, a son. Nov. 7 — Mr. and Mrs. William Olson, Solon, a son. Births — St. Luke’s Nov. 6 — To the families of David L. Bruce, 615 First street SW, a son; Daniel J. Johnson, 422 Twenty-third street NE, a daughter; Randy L. Bulmar, 369 Seventeenth street SE, a son. Marriage Licenses Cathi Parmer and Lester Kelsey, Nancy King and Alan Kennedy, Dorine Pullen and Lawrence Beaty, all of Cellar Rapids. Barbara Lasko and Todd Snell, both of Marion. Bette Barth, Cedar Rapids, and Kenneth Jurjevich, Beaufort, SC. Marriages Dissolved Vera K. and Larry C. Watkins. Beverly A. and Robert John Stafford. Teresa Lou and Gerald Wayne Bannister. IX*bra l>. and Clark N. Witt. Donna Bae and lx*on William McMahon. Annulments Vera Watkins and Eugene Carpenter. Fires 2:27 p.m. Wednesday. Illegal burning at 1630 A avenue NE 3:28 p.m. Wednesday. Cutting torch to spilled gasoline at 521 C avenue NW 3:56 p.m. Wednesday. Cause under investigation at 192* First avenue SE. 4:02 p.m. Wednesday. Backfire through carburetor .it Thirty-second street and Oakland road NE. 9:05 p.m. Wednesday, ails taken alarm at city disposal plant SW. 1:19 a ni. Thursday. I ndeter-mined to gasoline odor at 2808 O avenue NW Faulty equipment Orval Schrock, jr., Toddville; fined $15 and costs. Robert Jump, 636 Eighteenth avenue SW; Donald Coman, 414 Twelfth PtCldy 62-441 street SE; Richard Masek, 2333 Eighteenth street SW; Christine Steggall, Ely; each fined $10 and costs. Hight-of-way violation — Juanita Morrison. 916 Six- A spokeman for the Iowa Electric Light and Power Co. said the conductor at Jacolvn I U.S. district Judge Edward drive and Johnson avenue NW    McManus Wednesday issued a    party.    None of the men were    while^‘the News Election    Service burned out at 7:35 a m. causing; summary judgment in favor of    known    to    the persons    at the    said Young led by    16,    pending a circuit breaker to shut down    a secret service agent who had    party    and    they were    told to    an official tally of    the    236.000 power.    been sued for $3.4 million by    leave.    votes. Electricity was restored to the e e d a r Rapids chiropractor    was    hit    Wlth    lhe    beer    In Nevada. Republican Paul I    Th    Mannm I. tho work of    "*? ^ 8 35 B m    C    .    bottle    as the    men were walking    Eaxalt edged Democrat    Harry The    violence is the work of at    routed power around    the    disa-    In his    complaint    against agent    to th    door    PoUce said two of    Reid by just 616 votes. In    New appeared in .least    three terrorist orgamza-    bled 12,000 volt line.    Fred Douglas of    Des    Moines.    the lhree men hit Colbert with    Hampshire, Republican    Louis magistrate’s court on charges of tions.    The    area    affected    was roughly Sturgeon asked $1.7 million in bol{\es causing a four inch cut Wyman led Democrat John Dur- carrying a concealed weapon.    |    The    Montonero guerillas are;bounded by Wilson    avenue    on; actual    damages    and    a like    t hL    alp    ,ind a four mrh cut    kin by a slender 588 Thomas Knight, route one, Cedar Rapids, was bound over to the grand jury following a preliminary hearing. He is charged with carrying a .38 cal. revolver on Oct. 23. Lor ken Hodges, jr., no address, was bound over to the grand jury Monday following a preliminary hearing. He is charged with carrying a .22 cal. pistol on Oct. 19. extreme leftist in the Peronist youth movement who have declared open war on Mrs. Peron. In retaliation, the ultra-conser-v a t i v e Argentine Anti-Com- the south. Skyline drive on the amount in punitive damages as t0 tde sjd(l (d djs ne(dt north, Wiley boulevard on the a result of a Jan. 31,1973. arrest east and Coolidge school on the for alleged counterfeiting. ,    ,    .    ..    .. west.    Douglas,    along with membersH ^T"'.P hL „    . No reason for the burnout of; of other law enforcement agen- men e In a rcl8n c munist Alliance has been tortur- the conductor has been deter- des, took part in the arrest at Arson Case Sent To Linn Grand Jury Thomas Meade, Solon, was; bound over to the grand jury following a preliminary hearing! in magistrate’s court on a teenth avenue SW; fined $25 cbarSe °I arson. and costs.    He    is    charged    with    starting a Driver’s license violation — fire at a building at Sixteenth avenue and West Post road SW on Oct. 14. ing and gunning down leftists. And the Marxist ERP has been killing army officers in retaliation for ERP guerillas it charges were murdered in prison. The groups are well armed and highly organized in secret cells. The government is cxpect- mined, the spokesman said. Citizens Must Aid in Crime Fight: Barnes In two other contests, the The identities of the men are j margins were a bit bigger, but not much. In Oklahoma. Republican Sen. Bellmon hung on to squeeze by Democrat Ed Edmondson by 3.290 votes. In Vermont, Patrick Leahy became the first Democrat ever urac either,imntiw I    Program of light bulb sales elected to the senate by defeat- . sub*ehucnRv now going on in Cedar Rapids !ing Rcp Ma||ary by a 4,042-vote Sturgeon s residence, 530 Tenth street SE. Convicted No Local Benefit In Light Bulb Sales Governors Robert Wenger, 411 Sixteenth street NE; fined $20 and costs. Jeff Ampey, 1802 Grande avenue SE; Steven Hosford, 1523 Sixteenth avenue SE; Curt Bucknell. 1515 Fifth avenue SE; Dennis Waiiig, 465o Ford of Criminal Trespass Man Found Innocent Tracy Langguth, Palo, was found innocent Wednesday in magistrate’s court on a charge of criminal trespass. He was charged with trespassing at Kennedy high school Sept. IO. aevnue NW; each fined $15 and costs. Registration v I o I a t i on — Charles Palmer, 2208 Fruitland boulevard SW; fined $10 and costs. Traffic signal violation — James Klaner, 1520 Eleventh street, Marion; Steven Kopp, 850 Knollcrest drive, Marion; Mark Woodward, 1622 Ellis boulevard NW; Hugh Cooper, Coe college; each fined $20 and costs. Pamala Lundmark, Iowa City; Bruce Campbell, Riverside; each fined $15 and costs. Vehicle control violation — Richard Rowell, 807 C avenue NW; fined $20 and costs. Iowa Deaths Waukon — Jason Bresnahan, infant sqn of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bresnahan. Friday at IO at St. Mary’s, Hanover. Scripture service 8 p.m. Thursday and visitation from 6 to IO at Bakke-Hanson’s. Montezuma —- Alva Smith, fcUvtmrat 1:30 "* M<'AniiClear Greek, Oxford Decorah — Randolph Dahl, 83. Friday at 11 at tho First Sturgeon convicted by a federal jury of j win „ot bc»nefit local sheltered marcin conspiracy and eight counts of workShoPs that employ the han-counterfeiting and sentenced to!dlcapped according to Madge: cd to concentrate its campaign G'apt. James Barnes,    head of IO years in prison.    Phillips,    director of Linn    County    In    the    governors races, too, on the leftists, believing that if th® crime prevention bureau of His appeal to overturn this Health Center.    Republicans appeared benefi- they are wiped out right-wing the Cedar Rapids police depart- conviction was turned down by A telephone campaign to sell claries in close contests, leading terrorism will disappear.    ment, said Thursday police can- j the Eighth circuit court of ap- ^ dud)s ls now under way by a or capturing three of the five not stop crime without citizen peals, but Sturgeon has peti- company called United Light races where margins were less help.    j    Boned the U.S. supreme court Line sJ,e said The company than 5.000. The best way to prevent to review the case.    has no contact with the health1 In Alaska, the outcome of a 'crime is to follow the concept of1 In his suit against Douglas. lCenter    close race between Republican • neighborhood watch,” Barnes Sturgeon charged his civil and, said proceeds from sale of Jay Hammond and Democratic A fire Wednesday of undeter- said, When suspicious activity constitutional rights were viol at- ^ bulbs will apparently benefit Gov. William Egan was indoubt mined cause in a davenport at a IS spotted, the observer should cd in that an illegal search with an astern manufacturing com- pending late returns from rehouse at 1927 First avenue SE call police at once.    an invalid warrant was    conduct-    pany    (bat    employs    handicapped mote    bush precincts, resulted in moderate damage to! If a person sees any    unusual!cd in connection with the arrest.    '    * ' the building and caused a rush activity, ho should report the; In addition, the Cedar Rapids'  _ hour traffic jmu    address of the incident and jive man claimed Douglas    commit-    w    .    . Fire officials said the fire !a description of the suspects, ted perjury in the original com- WOCl I £•— started in the davenport located!the ear and license number andi plaint and at Sturgeon s trial. j (Continued from Page I on an enclosed porch. The oc-; any other details.    Already    Established C. R. Residence Damaged by Fire In Arizona and New Mexico, the winning margins of Democrats    Raul Castro and Jerry Apodaca were 4,113 and 2.530, respectively. In Kansas and    New    Hamp- cupant, Mary Rausch, and two, Barnes denied police were    '    The    five    defendants are unlikely shire, Republicans Robert Ben- rooinmates were not home at failing to do their jobs, as SU8*!WJJ ^e. J J a u s ry . to begin their cases for another nett and Gov. Meldrim Thomson 3:56 p.m. when the fire was dis-jgested by a citizen in a recent, Wednesday hat the constitu-1month    W(m    by    4    485    and 4 145 respec._ covered.    television    interview.    Police can-1 b0"abty of tbo ^arch    ^1arTan.t    Sirica    has    indicated    he    will    lively. The fire damage was confined not    guard    every    area    all    the I    d(    **I J*[    k    I*i-j'send    his    own    team of    three    doc-' And    in one of    the    biggest to the davenport, porch and time, he said, living room. Traffic on First avenue E was, I tied up by emergency equipment during the fire, officials said. Masek Innocent of C. R. Weapons Count Richard Masek, no address, was found innocent Wednesday in magistrate’s court on ai charge of manner of convey- £ DgcIcJTGS ance.    I’’    , He was charged with having a Stock DlVldGPlds shotgun in an open ended gun! case on Oct. 12.    The    board of directors of Iowa  ..  Electric    Light    and Power Co. (Thursday declared quarterly Man Arrested On Theft Count Norman A. Larson. 31, of 1506|b,ur'’e°"' ^ “®M.an“ °,r-First avenue NE, was arrested |d<>r" h"" ,0 PaV I)ou8las C0*U by Linn deputies Wednesday on in u 4,1 lo^ A ± a warrant stemming from a larceny charge. Larson is accused of stealing! $70 and a cheek from Daniels' Park Food store, 901 Oakland road NE, where he He further noted there is no    in-    M,,KJ ,,,s *7"    J™    r x , im . d i c a t i on    Douglas committed    tors to make an ^‘pendent    ex-    surprises, former Gov. James i    amination of Nixon Today    he    Rhodes recaptured the Ohio periun, but that if such alleged, d,V, r    ‘ neriurv was    made it did not    ef-lcalled on prosecution and    de-governorship from Democratic Tense lawyers to suggest how to ^ov- John Gilligan. though bal- f<fiidadd!to“tof mul^^^lnstIp™**1 as a result"* Miller's|l°ts    impounded and a re- count was planned after Rhodes won an unofficial 14,838-vote margin out of nearly 3 million A secret service employe tes- j votes cast, tified Wednesday that Nixon’s affidavit. Tape System Flaws Judge McManus Wednesday whUe l|()USC ,a mg ,cm had _    . de,m.edreq^St..by. StUJ-' flaws that make it suspect as a **000— (Continued from Page I.) geon that Judge McManus be removed from the case because suspect complete record of his White House conversations. Friday at Lutheran church. Burial; San Diego, Calif. Visitation Thursday at Olson-Fjelstul’s. Belle Blaine — Carl Burr, 74. Hrabak's, Vinton Martha E. Henning, 76. Saturday at 10:30 at the Presbyterian church. Visitation after I Friday at Campbell’s. Breakin* RpnnrfpH at ‘I1UISU;" ceaureu quarterly    .-OU jvwh , ."-I s/un..."'* of “personal hjas and preju-     ............... lion,’ But/, said. “We cannot Dreaiuns neP0ne0 al dividends on the following road Nowhere he was em- djce„ arising out of the counter , ■''•'ere service technician conjure a rcscrvc out of wmo. issues of company stock:    ployed. The theft is alleged to feitin^ trial    James    Baker    testified    at    th?‘th,ng wc don’t have.” Sixty cents per share on 4.8 bav7°ccurre<*on, I7,__4U_|    Judge    McManus    denied the 7°ver*up trial lbat as mucb as The U. N. Food and Agricul- IOWA CITY — Johnson I percent cumulative preferred; county sheriff's officers are investigating two overnight breakins in the county. One occurred at the Clear Creek high school in Tiffin, and the other was at the Oxford elementary school. Authorities said $680 was Larson was released from the! 53.75 eents_on L3 percent'cumu-j““"‘V iail m his own recoil lative preferred; 76.25 cents on oizance. 6.1 percent cumulative preferred $2.16 on 8 65 |>orcont CorVBr* cumulative; $2.23 on 8 92 eumu- N<• vv Vienna I In Im i t F Mescher, 61, St. I’.iul, Minn. I taken from cash drawers at th<* share of common stock Harvey I !?aturda^ al 1(,;30 .at . .Boni" Clear Creek school, and i ' face. Scripture service Friday at : , i.    re 8 p.m. at Kramer’s where lately $100 from offices friends may call from 7 to 9. Oxford school. Oelwein — Teresa Fortier. 85. Friday at 10:30 at Sacred Heart Catholic church. Brandt-Kerns*. approx-in the There is something new happening everyday in the classified ads . . . see for yourself! In both cases, entrance was)--- gained by breaking a window in Advertise where people look a classroom.    .. Use a want ad. Dial 398-8234. Judge ___      .    .          ^_____ claim.    three minutes of some presider {ure og^ization has set a min- *    *    *    tial conversations went anre- ,mum target of m m]llion tong A nearly $14 million lawsuit co d w ® *ape rt‘els were grajn a year f0r ^ enier-ISturgeon filed against Linn b^ig clanged.    gency    food    stockpile. County Sheriff Walter Grant, Baker, a retired air force sar- KAO officials had hoped the County Attorney William Each- gcant, testifitxi as one of a series (conference of more than IOO miles, Asst. County Atty. Thomas of witnesses summoned to auctions would produce detinite mulative; $1.99 on 7.96 percent fie problems” due to the new    Horan and    others is still anre-    thenticate 26 White House tapes    quantity commitments from the cumulative; and 32.5 cents per post office building, Burns said. [solved.    the prosecution plans to play for    major ‘food producing nations This suit lists more than 20 the jury.    toward    the    minimum    target. The dividends are payable j gency unit will be constructed    complaints,    including violation    The prosecution resumed the)    Australian Agriculture Min- Jan. I to stockholders of record just south of the main Universe    of his constitutional rights, men-    process of authenticating the    ister K. S. Wriedt said his na- ty hospitals complex.    tai    and    physical    abuse and per-(tapes Thursday and have said tion would contribute the same lative; $1.86 on 7.44 percent cu- (Continued from Page I.) Dec. 13. Construction is now under jury. way on the new North Towers Grant alone was sued for $11.2 addition.    million. for Any Occasion FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS PIERSON'S r .    FLOWER    SHOR your I I b OOM.! I HIW I nu, Blvd. NW I I OW I HIMIONI Mi*- IH'.’fi floral artistry ’N ewe FLORIS! Town and Country Shopping Conter 364-2146 flowers can say everything they hope to finish that task proportion of its grain as Cana-without requiring Nixon’s test! da and praised the Ottowa gov-mony.    I eminent for taking the lead. FLORIST aod fn o GIFT SHOP ]} H 3 364-8139 Phone Answered 24 Hours [very Day flowers for every occasion! since 1909 ■MIIIX E. gfe LAVES Icnvtnitftl downtown (•(■lion 308 3rd Ave. SU 365-0511 i t ;

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