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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa WI ATH IU MftVtCt KHtfCASf ie 7 AM 1*1 ll ~ 4 * *4 C. R. Vote— (Continued from Page I.) from the polls on the basis of a bill passed by the general assembly this year, requiring persons who change addresses more than ten days before an election to change their registration Formerly, such persons were DEATHS U. S. Vote— (Continued from rage I.) Carn for the seat of retiring (I.O.P. Sen. Wallace Bennett. Other states where Democrats The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., November 5, 1974    3 Supreme Court To Hear Officers Final Arguments UU WI AlHtMOlOCASt SNOW now MMM*# Elmo R. Bramow Elmo K. Bramow, 56, of 2430 Illinois street SW, died Monday.    ..... Formerly of Van Horne he    had    hoppd    for gajns ,ncluded    Ver’! DES MOINES - The    Iowa    The    state briefs also cite lived in Cedar Rapids most    of    mont’    New York' New 11 amp- supreme    court Tuesday    after-    770.24    of the code, saying the his life Born Mav 3 1918 at'shire and Ore^on-    [I001? was scheduled l<) n^r whole case centers around that ms me. worn May a, jjio, ai    final arguments on the legality!    ..    , Van    Horne,    he was married    to    G.O.P. Targets    of a Linp county grand jury< section regarding when a grand allowed    to vote    in    the    old    pre-    Betty    M. Polten Oct. 20, 1950,    at    Republicans thought they    hadjwhich indicted five police detec-    3ury cnds- The briefs note that cincts. ‘    Cedar Rapids.    a chance to oust Democratic thres and a former officer. the court, in a Johnson county Asst.    County    Atty.    Phillip He    scrvt,d    with the yj s armyjSenators Mike Gravel of Alaska.    Counsel for the now suspend-    case two years ago, ruled the Klinger    advised    Kopel    that    . .    ..    , was    .    George McGovern of South    Da    cd officers and Safety Commis-end of the grand jury’s exis- voters should be allowed to vote, *    '    *    kola and Birch Bayh of Indiana, stoner James Steinbeck, a tence is at the end of the calen- in their previous precincts    as    ,ne ‘‘rm> reserves tor u    yeais.    ap(j tQ wjp 8eatg jn North CarQ    former detective, are asking    thej. they did under the old law.    He was employed by the    Cedar    jjna and Nevada    court to review the matter    and    y    ‘ Explanation    llap,ds parks    for 15 Besides New York and Call-    throw out the indictments.    The    c"lira    matt(,r    "as    take" years.    f . when* Democrat1    Hush 0thcrs    charged are    Robert    before    the Iowa supreme court Klinger explained to newsmen! Mr. Bramow was a member f, ’    , Ff] , R ‘ h Manchester. Kenneth Millsap, once before on a direct motion, [that tho requirement for report-,of the Trinity Lutheran church favorp() in' gubcrnatoria| em. Darwin Ammeter Donald Ros- bul the court informed ,hc de. mg new addresses was con-and Was president of the City . t aonin«» fnv viairnlm wil dad and Ass*- Chief Wallace .    .    ,.    ,    ,. . tamed in a bill that will require Movement to Organize.    tests * I* n u ^ J Johnson.    fense    that the matter should be the state to be Surviving are two daughters, q(Jrnov Democrat^ expected Ap are accused of perjury and ruled on in district court first, vote beginning Carrie and Tamra Bramow, )Q ’ governorships in Con- obstruction of justice and all but There is 1 CnHar Ranirlc- futn cene TUani/d >    .    —    Inhnann arn nhornftrl utifh r>nn. ».ikn nm Snow is forecast for Tuesday night -from the lower Great Lakes area into northern New York, changing to rain over northern New England. Showers are expected over the Pacific northwest, north-central Florida and along parts of the mid-Atlantic coast. Mostly fair elsewhere. all persons in registered to vote beginning Carrie and Tamra Bramow,    goVernor^hipsln    Con-    obstruction    of justice and all but There is no indication how next year.    I    Cedar    Rapids;    two    sons,    Daniel    nect$cut ’ Massachusetts Ore- Johnson are charged With con- S00n the court will hand down a Only the more populous coun-;Bramow, Cedar Rapids; and Ll. g0# TPnncssw Colorado and sPirfc>' “™ei:‘ion.,w^ ,a" ruling in the case. Wyoming. In Connecticut, Rep. Kila! Grasso was expected to become    Denied ties are required to register Col. Douglas Bramow of Camp now.    ;Pendleton, Calif.; two brothers, Klinger said he did not be- Marvin Bramow, Cedar Rapids; alleged attempt to injure reputations of other officers. the lieve it was the intent of the legislators to require the reporting of new addresses until the whole state is under registra- Ralph Bramow of Clinton; aL. .    . stepbrother, Robert Chesley, thc f,rf* w®man ted s°^er‘ Linn district Judge William nor without succeeding her hus- Eads denied the c]aim of the j*. —Daily Record— The Weather Extended Forecast — No rain Marriage Licenses Linda McDaniel and Chris- Fires 9:15 a.m. Monday. Defective television set at 2017 Grande avenue SE. 11:12 a.m. Monday. Accidental alarm at 608 Sixteenth street NE. 8:29 p.m. Monday Palsy Unit Drops UW Affiliation San Diego, Calif.; a stepsister,, . Nina Reed, Center Point, and a . ...    4.    .    .    . titioners that the grand jury, tion. - It would discriminate (granddaughter.    In    Michigan,    the    rematch    be-indicted them had no against the more populous coun-| Services: Chapel of Memories:,w(‘en (,nv* William G. Milliken t0 jndjct because it began ties to do otherwise, he said.    at ll a m. Thursday by the Rev.    and ,)(’mo(>rat Sander Lev‘"    in the    January quarter    and did    united Cerebral    Palsy    of Kopel said those who were    Richard L.    Thompson of    Trinity    was considered \ cry tight \\un    not follow    statutory    require-Cedar Rapids will    discontinue turned away may go to their Lutheran church. Burial: Cedar J n ,POpfrdl 'j. a ™n‘ments for being extended while its association with the United former precinct polling places    Memorial.    Friends may    call at    Jrovers> involving contiict-ot-m-    Aprjj    and    jujy qUarter grand    \Vay of Linn county Dec. 31. terest charges against his run-    jurjos    were    in session. IS expected Thursday through fonti n FiTdmkson, n"hhie    ........ Saturday. Lows in upper 30s to    '    building at 1027 Sixth street the funeral home after 5 p.m. .    ...    .. .    j    . aIl °f Cedar Rapids. Sonia Mal- lower 40s. Highs in mid 50s to linger and Larry Wheaton, both* low 60s.    |of    Mt. Pleasant.    2:18    a.m.    Tuesday.    Extricate accident victim at Edgewood Magistrate's Court road between O avenue and Speeding — Terry McMurrin,) ,oad 516 Cobban court SE; fined $50    2:27    Tuesday. Assistance and costs. Mahlon Wilson, call at 2401 D avenue NE. Delhi; Rickey Taylor, Central)    am-    Tuesday to vote. If they encounter any difficulty, the election officials Fire in should be advised to call the 9 a m. Thursday. The family I suggests that friends may, if they wish, donate to t he Heart The decision, made by UCP's Tuesday and at the chapel after "j* »*    >'aat™a"<    «***    Roughly    the    same    arguments    ^    TZecTorT,    was    an °f election office, he said Marked Sample Hioh temperatures Monday, low temperatures overnight end Inches of precipitation: Anchorage M    M    M    L. Angeles    71    SI Atlanta .. 71    *3    .10    Miami    71    74 Bismarck 44    2*    Min'apohs    33    30 Chicago 45    42    .52    N. Orleans    02    *2 .OI Denver ... 44    28    New York    76    55 Duluth .. 32    79    Phoenix ..    71    50 Honolulu Houston One other problem was encountered at one polling place. A complaint was received that an X had been placed on a Fund. Memorial Services Vledella Mallett Wilson,       _    . ..... .    ...    .    , Thursday at 3 at Mt. Zion parties to be gaining on Repub- existence ana a Overheat-!samp .    .?ne,?    ..V    'LB_aPtist church by Dr. LeRoy |bean Jay Hammond.    jury brought in T, . # p    he    made    before the su* pounced Wednesday afternoon light Races    preme curt th    the appeal    of    by James Gross ucp-s ex.cu. Of the states now held by    Eads oiling.    tjVe djrector [j came at a meet- Democrats. Alaska appeared to Briefs filed bv the petitioners amons service agencies to be the best a O P. hope. al- say that the first quarter grand djfc™ ,* Snewl°y.for8med Han-though Democratic Gov. Wil-    jury term ended    March 31, 19/4•    djcapp€d Svstems program in ham Egan was reported bv both    and that it therefore went out    of    the area second grand UH M    SJM?    City;    Duane    Saari,    3725 Center ed belt pulley at 418 Second 74 52 .33 Washington 84 64 .01 „ - ^    ^    ^rt,    T----- Ryan,! Street NE. Missing C. R. Vv'eather High Monday ......... Low overnight .......... Noon Tuesday ........... 2 p.m. ................. Precipitation Iowa Deaths Point road NE; Larry 1069 Second street SE; Mark Gellerman, 1651 Thirty-fourth 401 street SE; Frank Wilkinson,! 97 2 900 Twentv-fifth avenue,! 19. Hayden’s, Oxford Junction. Marion; Louise Peterson. 950 Independence — Edith Fiseh-4U‘Eleventh street. Marion; Anth-or, 76. former Independence resident. Friday at ll, White's. In Kansas, where Democrat Cite Procedures Petitioners cite 770.1 of UCP and the Association for Retarded Children refused to join this umbrella-type service. the in announcing the split with ....    .*    .    ,..    *    p.m.    lnuiMid.v.    life    casftei win I ■ rTt j*ry J;,lapp officials apparently failed to re- not be opened aficr the service ..............4l|ony    Murphy, 896 Eighth street, ...........None    Marion; Donald Miller, 1209 Total for November ........0.08    Thirty-steth xtiwt SE; Sherry wT . .     .    „0C'Knuland, 301a Third avenue, Normal for November  2.36, Marion; Lawrence Lensch, 85 Normal through November 31.75 Florida avenue SW; James Total for 1974 ............. 41.30    Miller, Ely; each fined $30 and Barometer, rising ........ 30.00!    <Losts- Jose Pia^* Hampton: Ir ...    .    !    Beverly Melvin, Marion; Earl Humidity at noon ....... 90 b Kirklin. Toledo; Dennis Man- Wind direction and velocity at son. 2231 C street SW; Ruth 2 pm. Nat 9 mph.    is    tence, Coralville; Helen Sun rises Wednesday, 6:45; sun sets, 4:55. Year Ago Today — High, 38; Ludvichck, Agnes A. place the marked sample after: being notified. Kopel said the sample was replaced with a clean one after the election office was notified. My a'tcrnoon r ^ ' f Toddville Woman 36 of the 66 precincts (excluding    ,    , n the absentee precinct) showed Kl 11 CCI 111 CfdSh Pri- Strawberry Point — Rose Keppler, 86 Thursday at 10:30 at St. Mark’s, Edgewood. Rosary Tuesday at 8 p.m. and Wake service Wednesday at 8 at Appleton’s. Marshalltown — Mary Good- 14,989 persons had voted win, 85. Wednesday at 1:30 at Pursel-Davis. Burial: Riverside!    Heavier cemetery. Visitation until noon Wednesday Brl, ruin, - Edith D.ckey, thp 1,u"'out »aa k™vier than 78. Wednesday at 10:30 at usual. .Some of them (Madison vate services Wednesday at I atiBenn<>B ls nnv'    even Beatt.v-Bourle chapel by the Rev Denton Ericson. Entombment: Cedar Memorial. Wednesday Methodist church. Burial: school and Monroe school! re- low, 22; rainfall, 0.04. Degree Days Monday    SI Total to date..............737 Through November 4, 1974 483 I teenth street SE: fined $20 and Percent of normal year 11.11 (costs. Striking unattended vehicle— William Mentzer, 2876 Spruce avenue SE; fined $25 and costs. Meter violation — Shelby Humbles, jr., no address; fined $50 and costs. John Lahn, 2861 Henry court NW; fined $30 and costs. Failure to stop — Laura MeElrec, 762 Ninth avenue, Marion: Donald Stork, Lisbon; Gregory Fryda, 685 South Eleventh street, Marion: Kevin ^    .    ,__■____. 0    , Rhinehart, Center Point; De- Greenfield    cemetery, at 3 p m. ported    the    turnout    as    heavier horah Ward, 5630 Briarwood , Halverson s.    than    in the    presidential    election street SW; each fined $20 and Independence — Wilbur costs    (Tink) Mumford, 56. Friday at Accident, damage to vehicle 1‘‘J?*1*’: .^UtaSy m<" Terry Fisher. 38612 Seven ing machines at the Coe college w h i t e . Burial: Oak Hill. polling place, indicating a no , Friends may call at Turner east ! y    ..    .    , vote on the 7on hond issue I until 9 p.m. Wednesday and at *ern Miller earlier appeared to ote on the ZOO bond is. I    .    the    church    from    9    a.m.    to    2:30    be well ahead in his    bid to    fh iTnjtPH Wav after a 17vpar The complainant    said    election    p m    Thursday.    The    casket    will    succeed fellow Democrat    Robert    Iowa code regarding procedures    the United Way after a 17-year n nnonpH afior tho xi*rvire irx. _t__ rx i_i:____ r,    _    t___. for calling a grand jury. The in- association, Gross said. We dictments were returned in July,    support the United Way con- at the beginning of the third    cept. but it is no longer possible I WI    I    J    IU    quarter    for United Cerebral Palsy to Republicans also said    they    a,s0    meet its obligations to the chil- had a chance in Ohm    where    °    f    r J    members Wen and adults and their fami- former Gov. James Rhodes was Uldl 1>>U Ul l,uw ,uc,,,uc,s challenging Democratic Gov.    <)f ,he Rrand )ur-v Panel were    “** wh°defhnd    S*L John Gilliean    cused after March 31.    yicc with the allocations the In house races national    atten-i    The    stale    contends    that    while    United Way can make to us ” tion was focused on the    effort some members    may    have    L’CP will raise funds indepen- Fae Iola Heefner, 47. route!.    ..    .....    D    .    served    on more than one grand dently to support the agency’s All election officials reported ?*' TSSJIIf’ bf *2? chairman of the house ways and Jury at the same time. that services in itsnine^unty area. j ay a er oon w en car s moans committee, to retain hismore lhan *»° Krand juri(>s .     . * aft.r a mn,.h-r.iihitf.i7.^ weie in existence, and thai    Dfiport —    *    i ■ u I t’-ii I mil mi >ii IMI 11 iii w .4 v 111 ■ 11; ■ •»■» —»v i —• ”• •** ”    t    _ 150 about five Total normal year........6,631 Traveler’s Forecast Wednesday Weather, Iii-Lo Bismarck . •..... Fair    56-30 Chicago ........PtCldy    48-36 Cincinnati  Cloudy    46-36 Cleveland .........Snow    42-37 morial Thursday at 8 p.m. Victor — Charles DeMeulen-are, 63. Thursday at IO at St. Bridget’s. Rosary Wednesday at werc even higher. 8 at McAninichs. Memorial fund established. Oxford — Joseph Ludvicek 89. Thursday at 2, Brosh two years ago. The turnout    in many    of    the    car. which was found in a creek precincts was    running    in    the    at 7:44 p.m. She was dead on vicinity of 25    percent of those    arrival at a Cedar Rapids hospi- registered to    vote, and    a    few    tai. Authorities said she suf fered a broken neck. By early afternoon two years was driving went out of controlafter a much-Dublicized were in existence, and that and struck a bridge on highwayL^^ jnc|dcn( Swashing- »»»» jurors were excused from    ,    - 150 about five miles south of (0|) jn whj(,h a stripper jumwd |he panel while they were ac- Arab Editor tenter I oint    from    hjs car af(er H ,ive|y serving as working grand Linn deputies reported she djt    k ----------------------- was the only occupant of the1 rr Poll: 45% Fear New Depression NEW YORK (AP)—Forty-five ...    .    .    TEL    AVIV    (AP)-The Israeli lurers, did not rn any way affect    men,    „    w    (he    ed|,or the first quarter grand jury s » .,crusalenTnewspaper and competence to inqu.reintc a1- ,hf 0(hcr Arab,    on leged offenses and finally return    ho,(llo    action    a/ainst mriictments near the beginning ,h(1 ^ sta,c A communique said the Arabs were members of the Palestine of the third quarter. The attorneys say this was Cedar Rapids. Burial: Castek cemetery near Swisher. Visitation at the chapel Wednesday. Belle Plaine — Beulah E. y *ar,y a le[noon ,w;0 ye™    *    *    *    percent of Americans are afraid particularly true since the Linn ™™    ZrZZtZ icek ago. 48 precincts reported that Mrs. Heefner had lixed in the the U.S. is heading toward an- county district court, ruling Nat on*1 Pron!\ a terror,st or* ish’s, 26.147 persons had voted. At the Toddville area most of her life. other 1930s-style depression, ac- within its discretionary power. S30**3410" "hlch PCrpetrated Des Moines  Clear 54-42 Drewer, Van Horne; fined $20 Birch, 68. Thursday at 2, Hra- Time magazine    a    .'“mi    terrorism    and lime magazine authorized the first quarter 1974 Detroit Indianapolis .. Kansas City Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha ...... St. Louis Sioux Falls . bak's. john Anamosa Cloudy 47-35 and costs. PtCldy 4ji-4.1    Improper turn ______ vHil    i    Wehner. Fairfax: fined $15 and J^ costs. Improper passing . Fair 54-36 Clear 58-35 Fair 53-40 Gaylor E Wednesday at Goettsch’s. same    time four years    ago,    33    Born May 16. 1927, at Walker, cording    tc a rfP?rtinS indicated    she was married to Howard K. (survey.    Linn    county    grand jury to con- 18,991 had voted.    Heefner Jan. 16, 1945, at Oak-! The magazine said    Sunday    tinue    in    existence. Total Registered    land* Calif. She was associated that 46    percent disagreed    and with the Family Service Agency)9 percent were not sure of th murder.” No Authority Landslide TUNIS (AP)—President Habib Clarence: Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday  683.82 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.7, fall .1 Lansing (18) 7.7, fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 13.5, fall .2 McGregor (18) 7.3, fall .1 Guttenberg (15)    4    9,    no change Dubuque (17) 7.9, no change Davenport (15) 5.0, fall .2 Keokuk (16) 3 6, rise .6 Ptfldv 53-34 Miller, 2401 Second street SW.    C midi    John Kruse, S37 Thirty-sixth | TI TST bnOW Hits Iowa; C.R. Coldest [street NE; each fined $20 and costs. Gary Chase, Anamosa;! Ronald Rehoc, Dubuque; each fined $15 and costs. Traffic signal violation —j Tom Kenney, 511 Fairview! drive SE: fined $20 and costs. n„ T)lfl    D«.t Larry Marsden. 932 Owen By The Asso( ,ated Pres street NW; Robert Foss, 73 ground was white in parts Summer circle NE:    Jeffrey' 5 °we", ;cuf^h^e^eetior^in 31 Cedar Rapids‘ and was pian 1 023 Americans of voting age But the officers’ lawyers Bourguiba, Tunisia’s leader 1.30 at istered to vote lotne election in ist at Qreens Grove Community queried by telephone early in claim there is no statutory au- • injan„njonM in 105« r* L,?u    rhlS. C0mpares church near Toddville.    October.    .bority providing for resummon- slnce    re‘ wdd ^ two years a8°*    Surviving    are    her    husband.    The    poll    was conducted for ng of the same grand jurors of ceived percent of the vote f those registered to vote jwo sons^ Ajjen R and Ehiane Time bv the Yankelovitch, Skel- seven in a subsequent calendar in an unopposed election Sun-!!!1SJ!ear'    ' ^ are DemocratsUM ^ of Marion; her father l,y and white organizaticn.    quarter.    day. 21,797 are Republicans and Earl McBurney( Toddville; a      — 40.229 are registered in neither    Fern    Edaburn,    Grants- party. burg, Wis.; three brothers, 7.- * .    . Merle Mc Burney, Cedar Iowa City polling places also,R ids. Han)|(J McBurncy reported a turnout heavier thamHouston Texas, and Uwrenee expected.    McBurney, Covina, Calif., and1 .—......—        -.....,    ow    ,    ,    ,    One    precinct    reported 104 had nn., nr„nH_uilH . McEowen. 5919 Crestridge ave-|of Iowa early Tuesday with the volpd by 10 a m _ t.ompared ,0 a    “j    p    n,    Thursday    at Odar at C. R .21. tm S^pleG!tX\wre«h!fir^Sn0Wfall0f th€seas0n’ ’*«al V0,e °f 75 in tbe Primar-V Greens Grove Community! fined $15 and costs.    The most extensive area of election.    church by the Rev. Maurice Driver’* license violation — snow is from around the Mason Consideration was being given Gamble and the Rev. William (13. 4.24. fall ^VVs“"med0M0FMdheS.Vu:iCi,y area "> "*ar EldOTa “d ^r^nel to" handled he^ if’l,BUrial: (tf)ar Memoria,|l Thomas Clark. 561P .I street (north to Waterloo. Light frees- than exwctedturnouT    l'’”*-”11 callat _the luneral S Leavine scene of an' areidrnt •“« raln and sleCt Were reported John Hakes, Hiawatha; fined in parts of northern and central Sd VS Antj-Rfiti Cub JHS ) and costs.    .    • overload - Gi™ i^ngton. '°''a    ,    Plot Against Kissinger .    « Mio . tt,, ^ 4N Twenty-sixth avenue swi No major accumulation of    w |ev Maas, liawa 1a, a « augu- two charges; fined $10 and snow was reported, but Births — Mercy Nov. 4 — Mr. and Mrs. Gary Fisher. 5635 Keswick court $30 SW, a daughter. Nov. 5 — Mr. and Mrs. Dud ter. light! Births Lull e s home after noon Wednesday and at the church after IO am. Thursday. The family suggests that friends may, if they wish, donate to the Greens Grove NEW    YORK    (UPI)    —    A Community church memorial costs on each charge.    |    .    :    ~r.    ’    I former refugee leader who re-fund. The casket will be closed Intoxication — Larry Siemer. freezing drizzle made streets j turned to Havana says anti-Cas- at 2:45 pm Thursday. S2u and* cos^s slreet NE’ fined    I slippery in some areas.    fro forces plan to assassinate    ^ ........... Projections on wheel    The precipitation and cloud)    Secretary of State Kissinger to    The Gecltr ftttpirU ffhtirttf L. La-    Thomas Netcott. 2910 Huxley    cover kept temperatures    much    block U.S. rapprochement with street lane SW; fined SIO and costs.    .    Cuba. .........—. Kicky n    7    vva*”me^    an    cxPe^    over-,    Carlos    Rivero Collado said in da^ttkr & W*r    aUw'8,    ^    ^    27 al Havana tho anti-Castro move- cobion. Vinton, a    son;    Paul L.    1315 K f'troet SW; Perry    the Cedar Rapids airport    to 37    mcnt in the U.S. also wants to Womaehka.    628    Old    Marion    Vinlon; each fined    aj Davenport.    kill American congressmen and road NE, a daughter.    Fauiiy^uipmcnt    -Ronald    Skies    w*d    mostly    clear    and    the Costa Rican foreign min- OuI-of-Town Births iNunemaker. 338 Fourteenth it will be colder Tuesday night istcr. I street SE; Nelda Cady, Toddvil-with lows from    the    upper 20s to    Radio    Havana    broadcast    his V    Mr !lnd ,e; Dean Ehrenberger, 2140 R,e lower 30s    remarks in a transmission mon Richard C. Terry, a daughter Birchwood drive NE; Mary T. .    .    t    ..    ;n    vpu/ Vnrk Nov.    5.    Mrs.    Terry    is    the| Meek, 1019 Fourth avenue    SE;! The    forecast    **    for mostly stored in    New York daughter    of    Mr.    and    Mrs. Emil | each fined $10 and csts.    sunny    skies and warmer tem Nov. 4 Michael Oliiucr, 2941 street SW. a son; Jerry Hose, 1346 Eleventh Marion, a daughter; tAtabllihrd In IIH bv The Goietie Co and published dolly and Sunday at SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids. Iowa SJ40* Second class postose poid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa Subscription rates by carrier *S cents o week By moil: Night Edition and Sundov * issues *375 a month, *39 OO a veal Af ternoon Editions and Sunday I issues *3 IS a month, *40 OO v year Other states and U S territories *60 OO a year. No Moil Subscriptions accepted In areas having Goiette carrier service The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of OH the local news orinted in this news poper as well as all AP news dispatches Olson, 501 street NE. Twenty-fourth Petition for Bankruptcy Terry Deo nm* Gene and Rhonda McDonald, 720 Thirtieth street SE. Both listed debts <»f $8,823.88 .md a et of "LV $5,100, with $4,950 clanned as1 exempt. Richard LeRoy and Elsie Marie Armstrong, 717 Fourth street SW. Both listed debts of $13,538.29 and assets of $2,835, with $200 clanned as exempt. sunny Vehicle control violation peratures Wednesday, when Hamid Jagerson, 626 Second highs will be from around 50 street SW; fined $15 and costs. Resisting an officer degrees in the east to mid and Dennis Ross, no address; fined tipper 50s west. $50 and costs. Kenneth Murphy,    ---- 196 For.il <Mv.. SE: Cynthi,.    Cuba-Lao.    Ties. Pettit, no address, each fined1 $25 and costs.    MIAMI (UPI) — Cuba has es- ■evt ***micth*n(urphy%96    .    diplomatic    relations Forest drive SE; fined $30 and b Laos, Havana Radio all- costs.    non need Monday. wit1 For 61 years . . . flowers for all occasions! W Y    W John t. Lopes 308 3rd Ave. SE    36S-0511 Convenient downtown location Svnifuilhv i* the harileut mini lo u'rile, my it aith flowers Flower Shop PIERSONS IMO ELLIS BLVD. NW E l OW!KPHONE UNM floral artistry ewe ((en FLORIST ^ Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 z < o I- tell *omeone you care with flower* Florist and Gift Shop 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day ... every hour of the light and dark is a miracle, every cubic inch of space is a miracle. Walt Whitman Murdoch_ Jimenaf Holt MARION SPRINGVILLE WI CENTER POINT CENTRAL CITY WALKER and in Cedar Rapids COGGON The Beatty-Beurle Chapel ;

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