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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - November 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., November 5. 1974 I — City Briefs — Campaign T rail /-s.    •    . Civic Center Finance Plan Acceptance Seen United Way Reaches 31 % Needle Found; Candy Recalled In Grundy Cenier Metro Kiwanis — Darrell Sla-I The Health! Budget Meeting jaugh, public relations director Center United Way Joint Budget Tnrnpr f'/n/mc for Kirkwood Community col-Panel No. I will have a special    u lege, will speak Thursday at 6 meeting at 3:45 p m. Wednesday in the lower level conference .room of the Linn county Health Ca-.Center building. 4(H) Third ave- I The Cedar Hap,ds city council    ^l'"“*    GRUNDY    CENTER    (TP., will probably accept a proposal I ' r"*rh^d b I*""" of R,'sidonls h,'r(' have bw‘n asked ’awn in ®    ’    accor(bng    lo    chairman    by    Grundy    Center authorities to p.m. at the Roosevelt hotel. * * * Player Taken — Mark hoome, 179 Fifteenth SW, Monday reported player, five tapes and two speakers taken from his car while parked at a downtown location. The items were valued at $123. * * * Optimist pecky will avenue nue SE. a tape His Record Not Fairly Presented Atty. Gen. Richard Turner Wednesday for a Chicago in vestment banking firm to develop a plan to finance a community center. Bill Fletcher chairman of a DES C. I. Rice, with collections tota turn in children’s trick or treat lOmaha the *    *    said    Tuesday his record in going community center study com- Re-eleet Ralph Tuesday, Nov. after impounded federal fundfc mittee, presented the commit- 5. Paid by Pottei for Senate; jawa bas not been present committee M. I.. Allen. Chair-. ed fair|y |n The Gaze(te man.—Adv. * * * Lions Club — Lute Olson, bas-Club — Lois Ko- ketball coach at the University speak on the Linn of Iowa, will speak to the Thurs- ling $396,450. Thi $1,250,830. Rice reported figures, by unit: I Unit one, Herald 8L .    ,    *    .,    ,|    ... I$322,566; unit two. Nelson Evans, randy bars X-raved Monday at . tees report to the council Tues-.., 4A_    ...    ...    munua-Y    1,1 ai alin* unit tnr^n I/vi \iOTiir *•_ t  -a-i t _____  _    r_______i a-. day and formally recommended year’s goal is candy for inspection to determine if needles are imbedded in following the food. The appeal was made after Smith, one or approximately 20 small 12,000 Placed by State Agency During August DES MOINES (UPI) - The state employment service placed almost 12,000 persons in jobs in August an increase of J bout 3.000 over July figures, an operating a citizen's band (CB> offlc)a| flf (hf ,owa employmeM i radio in violation of federal Truck Driver Convicted on Use of CB MOINES (ZP) Ar man has heroin * the first trucker ever convicted of $3,405; unit three, Joe Mazur, the hospital here was found to security commission Tuesday. Kenneth L. Hays, employment Turner, Republican candidate acceptance of a proposal made $12129. unU fj’v0 ,)r James for re-election, also said his by John Nuveen and Co. in Democratic opponent, Tom Mill- August. The company offered to de er of McGregor, has falsified his $4,293; unit four. Barry Bennett, contain a needle It was the third Manville. $33,698; and gifts, $10,324. county Humane Society at the day Noon Lions club Thursday , . olaiminfl Turner has ve,0P a tending method for the Thursday Noon Optimist club noon at the Roosevelt hotel. I    *    *»    ‘    inn«wciui    waning    nt meeting at the Elks club. ♦ * * Rent Amana Radarange from Buresh Rental 7 days a week. —Adv. * * * * *    * Your Support is Appreciated! Paid by J. Kacena. — Pol. Adv. * *    * Vote for Martha Trewin Sandy for County Recorder. | gone after only $36 million in impounded funds. “Like Miller,” Turner said in Services in C. R. proposed center, cost of which is now estimated at between $6 for Joseph Ludvicek million and $8 million. If the method proposed by the OXFORD candy bar special fjund here with a needle imbedded in it. Last Friday, Mrs. Raymond Van Hauen of Grundy Center had a tip of a needle removed from her mouth. On Sunday, a full length needle was Joseph Ludvicek. discovered in a candy bar that Tools Stolen — Richard Jor- Paid by Martha Sandy. — Pol. gensen, 4500 Ford avenue NW. Adv. * * * Residence Entered Seavy, 4507 Navajo drive NE, Monday reported $160 cash Monday reported a tool box and tools valued at $100 taken from his residence. ♦ * * Ring Missing — Dennis Ro-j taken from a chest of draw-bertson, 2107 Blairs Ferry road ers *n a bedroom at his resi-NE, Monday reported a wedding dence. ring valued at $100 and a wallet containing $60 stolen or misplaced while at Polly’s Penthouse, 4415 First avenue NE. *    4 letter to Frank Nye of The firm is successful, the agree- 89, route 2, Oxford, died Sunday bad teen given to a son of Mi *    ..    r»nH    Af    re    \nr\v*\T    Alt    nnmno Gazette, “you neglect to mention that I not only tied for second among the state attorneys general in time of filing suit for he ment calls for a fee equal to one in Owensboro. Ky., after a long percent of the amount of the funding. If it is unsuccessful, no fee will be paid. Fletcher said his committee illness. A retired farmer, was born Oct. 2. 1885. Surviving are his wife, James ij mpounded highway funds) will remain active in reviewing former Katherina Hladik; and Mrs. Marv Manning. County Sheriff Bill Marten said the needle ted been cleverly inserted in the wrapped the candy bar at a seam at one end a of the wrapper. ♦    *    * Don’t forget to vote! Paid by J. Kacena. — Pol. Adv. *    *    * Cash Missing — Debi Clarke. Hickory smoked barbecued T92 Tenth street SE, Monday ribs, shrimp and c h i c k e n, reported $184 cash taken from (Sept. 12, 1973) but that I actual-jlhe Nuveen proposal and devel- daughter. Mrs. Godfrey Shupi- ly obtained a judgment from Judge (William) Stuart of the United States district court for the Southern District of Iowa,, Central Division, in the sum of ^onju?c,.10!1. oping more specific plans for the center.. The committee report recom mended the center be built in grandchildren and a sister. Mrs. tar, rural Oxford; a son, Charles, North Liberty; seven) with a privately- John Divishek, rural Amana. Vandalism Reported at Independence School INDEPENDENCE - Vandalism was reported at St. John s reported communications commi s s i o n rules, according to U S Atty. Allen Danielson.    service director for the    commis- l.S. Magis’rate Ronald Long- ^    jj iowans were staff Monday found Kenneth L    us a    ™ Tm.,pl,,Iv guilty of the charge Placed in jobs rn August com- after two federal agents test!- pared with 8,840 in July and fled that Timplerly had failed 11.714 enc year ago. to use his assigned call letters.) Hays said the employment of Ixmgstaff fined Timplerley young people as corn detasslers $500 but said he would suspend caused the substantial over-the-$400 of the amount if the re- month gain. The number of em-maining $100 is paid.    ployed Iowans under 22    years of Timplerley was one    of    nine    age increased from 5,620 in July truckers charged during    a fed-    to 8.149 in August, eral crackdown Aug. 13-15 on A total of 5.462 women found nickers’ misuse of CB radios. J°bs in August, 2,124 over tho Another of those truckers, July count. The state agency James E. Bratcher of Colton, helped 1,282 veterans find em-1 Calif., pled guilty Monday be- Payment in August, including fore Longstaff to operating a 219 handicapped veterans, '•itizen’s band radio without a license. He was lined $1,500. with $1,250 to be suspended if he pays the remaining $250 INDEPENDENCE — Thomas Donielson said that of the Young. 21, Independence, was in nine truckers charged, six have critical condition in University In Hospital owned hotel on urban renewal Services Thursday at 2 in the Catholic school here Monday !pled guilty, one has teen con- hospitals in Iowa City Tuesday $115,641,570.27, which judgment , *tu * f\uTn n u 7, d u T    d 7    u has been upheld in the United land east of the Roosevelt hotel. 'Brash chapel in Cedar Rapics night. States Circuit Court of Appeals by Carl McCoy. Burial: Castek Police reported IO dozen eggs served Wednesday, 6 to 9 p.m. I Stickney’s Scoreboard, Marion. I —Adv. * * * Money Missing — James Ballerine reported Monday $62 her residence. * Best Rental — Adv. * * Theft Reported ♦ * Rents The Best. Owen Win ter the Eighth Circuit (at St. Louis). “Missouri is the only state which got a judgment first and the ti. S. government did not ap-1 peal it. I can’t help it that our case was appealed. “In addition to this, on June Turn that unused piano into a cemetery near Swisher. Friends were thrown against 48 windows bike, car, or whatever you want may call at the chapel Wednes- of the school and a car was day. deled and two are at large. following an accident on a ------ county gravel road several Solve your buying, renting, miles north of Independence, selling or locating problems fast Details of the accident were not to buy with a want ad! driven on the school yard. with a want ad. available. jcmuir_ replica monody    2g,    1974.    I    filed    suit    in the U.S. from the cash register al the terberg, 296 Crandall drive NE    f.nMr,    fnr    th(>    nklrjr,    nf Downtown Service Center. 118 Monday reported a tool kit Second street NE, was taken or misplaced. * * * Country Store Bazaar November 7th, IO till 3, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Third Ave. at Bever S E. Luncheon $2 25, Senior Citizens $1.75. Reservations 366-7185. Free Nursery.— Adv. * * * taken from his car while at an undetermined location. The items were valued at $75 ♦ * * Vote for our favorite son, Tom Sears, for State Representative. — Paid by Katherine and Ed Sears. — Pol. Adv. * * * Some following left at Blair House Encore for Experienced district court for the District of Columbia for $100,061,200 in impounded sewage works construction funds which had been appropriated to the Water Pollution Control commission of the Department of Environmental Quality.” Buffer Taken - Clarence Beautician, 366-2393.-Adv. Long reported Monday a buffer valued at $200 and a gallon of paint polish valued at $10 taken from the reconditioning shop at Rapids Chevrolet, 627 A avenue NE. *    *    ♦ Cameras Taken — Dorothy Evans, a teacher at Polk school, Fifteenth street and B avenue NE, Monday reported two cameras valued at $120 taken from her desk drawer during a breakin. *    *    * Wre sell silver and gold coins for investment—Jerome’s.—Adv. *    *    * Records Taken — Robert Rucker, 3135 Cameo lane ♦ * * Vote for Kacena! Paid by J. Kacena. — Pol. Adv. Magistrate Court Grand Jury Gets Two Drug Cases Woman Fair After C. R. Auto Mishap Silvan L. Dalgliesh. 2A, of 2135 North Towne court NE, was in I fair condition at St. Luke s hos- Thomas Knight, route one. pital with injuries suffered early | Cedar Rapids, was bound over I Tuesday when the car she was Friday. He is charged with possession of speed on Oct. 22. Two persons appeared in magistrate’s court on charges of possession of controlled substance and were bound over to the grand jury following preliminary hearings. Larry Zahradnik. Ely, was bound over Monday. He is charged with possession of marijuana on Sept. 29. driving struck a light pole. Mrs. Dalgliesh suffered head sw injuries and contusions and Man Sentenced on Monday reported two tape re bruises shortly after 2 a m. in Desjstjna Charae corders valued at $330 taken the 2000 block of Edgewood road    9    y NW. from his garage. t* *    * Rhonda Bolden is now working at Jan and Jerry’s Beauty William Dunek. 432 Seventh Police said Mrs. Dalgliesh SE, pled guilty Friday in was northbound on Edgewood magistrate’s court to a charge road at an undetermined rate resisting execution of Saten, 3917 Center Point Road of speed when her car crossed process. He was given a 30-day N.E. Early appointments avail-!the median strip, traveled 90 able. 393-5818.-Adv. * * * Meat Taken -Spanos reported Monday feet, and struck the light pole. The car wrapped around the Gregory! light pole, trapping the driver. 35 The fire department was called pounds of steak valued at $50^ to free Mrs. Dalgliesh from the and approximately $50 in coins*wreckage. taken in a breakin at the J.D Steak House, 1846 Sixteenth avenue SW. * * * Sweaters: 2775 Franklin Ave. N.E. - Adv. * * * Tires Taken — Richard W. Foye, 306 G avenue NW\ Mon day reported tools and tires va- and money totaling $1,850 in lued at $185 taken from his^alue were reported taken Mon- jail sentence with credit for time served and the remaining suspended He was charged with resisting Cedar Rapids police officers! Oct. 22. Sentence Deferred in Drunk Driving Case Bessie Joslin. Wendy Oaks trailer court SE, pled guilty Monday in magistrate s court to a charge of drunk driving. Sentencing was deferred. Guns, jewelry, radios, food [ She was arrested Sept. IO. No charges have been filed Breakin Nets Burglars $1,850 In Merchandise garage. Fresh Lynn’s Turkeys. Order street SW day in a breakin at the Keith Eisher residence, 5301 Sixth Arms Meetings Go into Recess now for Thanksgiving Nelson’s Grocery and Meats. 362-3189.— Adv. Eisher told police three re- GENEVA (AP) — The U S-volvers, one rifle, on shotgun, Soviet strategic arms limitation four watches, three rings, two talks — SALT II — were re- - radios, a camera, a tape player, * cessed Tuesday to await the out- Clawson Omttinnlmeat va,ued at    $25    and    come    °* the *‘rst meeting be- t    ny    $50, liquor valued at $20, and [tween President Ford and Leo- White House Job j5100cash were taken. nid Brezhnev late this month. WASHINGTON (AP) Clawson, who had been Nixon administration aide, will leave his post as director of communications at the White House Thursday, it nounced Monday. - Ken |! a key was an- WEAVER’S FINE MEATS 806 34th St. S.I. 365-8828 DOBSON’S FINE MEATS 1944 42nd St. N.E. 393-3007 27 of Every I .OOO TOKYO (Ai1) — A government survey said Saturday 27 of every 1,000 Japanese were suffering from respiratory disease in 1973, apparently because of worsening air pollution. LOCATED IN THE PDQ STORES Meat Departments open Til 7 PM Need an extra bicycle? the classified ads. Country Style-PORK BAR-B- Ribs TENDERIZED BEEF MINUTE STEAKS $129 lh. $139 lh. The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. PDQ SPECIAL! PABST 12-12 oz. cans $049 These closer to you bankers help serve our farm community In these difficult times, it’s nice to know that you can get the competent help you need with your agricultural program. Farmers’ problems and hopes are of deep concern to Closer to You Bankers like Leota Brehm and Russ Blom. Their years of agricultural and business experience, plus a thorough knowledge of the farm situation here in Eastern Iowa enable them to help work out profitable procedures for our farm customers. They are anxious to become acquainted and would be glad to visit with you about your particular needs, lf you have any financial problems or questions you would like to talk over, just give a call to Russ Blom at 364-01 91, or Leota Brehm at 223-51 85 in Newhall. They’re Closer to You. AND TRUST COMPANY CLOSER TO YOU Poop!.. Downtown . P.oplo, lait ot Town and Country • Poop)#. Wo.t ot May, City . Pooplo, In N.wholl Member FDIC ;

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