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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa For Better Health The Number Of Allergens Th. I SEVENTEEN nvestor s S\V I    ii    Bv    Nun    >hubkv Is Countless    ........ Bn Dr > I Xndrlman I1 "siblc .li t'!'-'' s — ' ib'laiUr' fiji CJiiM .iiif! - < ' — are counties They iu i.. if h ..>1 dusi .nil!!..: . MT ftaihor> t. •'MW! V* I'it'di he' n.rdltmo ' ■ I' ;>■ -lit ' ><>::’.• people art ewn allercic hea! cold or sunlight \nd ''it It i> th* I IjNSU iU't ••!    ’ w iman \\hi wa' allergic 5 ‘a r an et adnate. now employed ami .i    '.IV t f I SMI ! n Sl'HI J un k I (Iti not need additional e insurance I I list a greater return on my morn*' I than I ta?' get from hank • • fro! but ii'*! I w an' I" S'"- • . ‘t' I wan! I" build fill- N lh Tit'st Ihrt*t v« a?' wta • I might want to marry \ — I think t > a ,.i • y "UT .. ■* X t . may no? want n ore life in'ii ram i row w w ■ 41.1 rn ho; pf ai if VO.; could IMW se! 1}    -    >' a plan which would allow t si ».t'    «r: I .it or Vt si? m: -'.Vs ll von m Dr S. L. A^delrnan lend So nurr sum w is h in I hr rn \ V t a’ ' :! w Mid? • h.r" .    .I    salinas    ...    v 11(;ija,    '.i\ vs -af! now by Bernord Lonsky    Explosion    Rips    House    of    Widow    Of    Muralist MKVl( o < ITX I NIM - A powerful explosion destroyed th?' around floor of a house owtun! h> tile widow of leftist Mexican muralist Diego Hi Vera earls Thursday pollee said Mrs I Hima Hurtado de Kit et a was alone in the top floor of tho three-story house iii downtown Mexico Cit) when the blast occurred, and police sa hi 'he was not hurt lh* around floor housed the offices of .I weekly Knells ti* lanauaae tourist muaa/ine Typewriters desks and paint* mas wert destroyed, polite said \ polite Olden al Hie Mile    lM,l,‘'* deparUnenf I od    «    men    uiid    olio    I.tilt    How said    tile    Ida    I    w as    po * I lr I x    ,    ,    ....<.    . t 1    natl    no *    alii    n il'    et oh m    e a    lo i ailsed    bv    a    bomb    Mill I lie it \ an Redefine that I A \    A-delrnan A    aK?    :    — dividends \> a 'ir.-lt man $>5£k ^*«5i    a    • t«*me You wan* ! • try for arow th of capital to meet housina education and retirement ? id aes ;• :*n f ire And the only way von tan Irs f r ^ apitai aal” s •<» the owner or part-owner of ^.mt'thina which ye i ■ ;*e w :; appreciate in value s 'n f I 'ake I* >••<; .a - ’ People react differently to | thinking of going into business aller aet.' (‘ne per> •: may -    •    .    ,s- '...Xes, Laurie lives here...mostly on this very spot where ‘'rn standing at the moment!" FIRST Cit RI ll OF Tit: NAZARIaf: .ti i.t-i-i t\ s.it. 36 m>633 pre ce nit: •THIEF IN THE NIGHT" SI NUW JI AK 2 MS \ M We have moved to a New Location at 229 Second Ave. SE Come and Vlgtt Utl Malloy •tvavtvrs 229 Second Avenue SE 362-3870 .til* React Different!* - t::\ slightly ups,: fr> n t atma ail egg but another could become violently ii! from a small trace <<f egg in salad    .    .. dressing There art many • !:>* ; i*e will brin-\ . unknown factors about why someone suddenly betorn*.' allergic to something Allergic diseases are not j u ? r * ii a part we • • . ’ • SS* S ' ,    '    A e.i?.' I"! moi: 'f .ires \ s’ a!!.ped 't i I panics '.trill f, •• i . v",,wr Q - I «wn '• Vera usually fatal but they tai:    K*r"-M    ‘»ei    '■    ••    s    w ta .si a ar? af 'lea. • >! dis*' • ne I know nothing ah fort aid suffenna Alt ho na!.    *• k * \i >;: ?•• pat only ab*hp Ti* ct *; I ll .    >! f    S' \ — Kerr Moi.re iw Her onpatn md uranium in lac worry and stres> might be a contributing factor allergies are nett imaginary They are j vert real to the sufferer \\eid it Sometimes the patient knows what the allergen is and can : avoid it Sometimes it takes main Ms;* before a physician can decide what the person    is    !'ere!ore ti    t    ' alleraic to Medical care    :>    s.    .•    red . ar    w nnt'sjry in ail eases for relief    j? i ■ ■ of discomiorl aud for protea* s in* im n<'r against future attacks    V - ap • Ii ‘U st.'{.lect y i re aller*:.    . a .a.’ *    .r »r, s eething see your doctor y u If v. , •>, Self*d:agr •'> and self-treat* , arr*. * * .• men’ arc futile — and some*    ;    't    *<.    k t-*r v»-u    I: Pi:.*•' dangerous    ’    :*i .n a?    ;-*• Boxed lo Pipes Exposed pipes in a basement J '*unu 'Pdl bond* tan neatly boxed in \- and et .de vt max A>s 36 < CX 4 P^DOjO*^- IS. -AT- SOIUl T-a*v    1 M£V/ NO ~ •*>• *30c* J^touLi BIL^Uater! * Whirlpool PRE-SEASON SAVINGS ic AIR CONDITIONERS + Save now On WHIRLPOOL S PRE SEASON a^p CONDITIONER Sale Savings GALORE On MODELS OF 5 OOO BTU & OVER APPLIANCE SPECIALTIES CORPORATION S519 Center Pt. RI NE (319) 393 2916 OPEN TONITE Til 8 P v .iii 1 Enroll in Blue Cross & Blue Shield Depositor Croup Plan thru* First Trust and Savings Bank Regardless of past or present Health Condition LIMITED ENROLLMENT PERIOD Regardless of Age ’ OI And with automatic payment of Dues from your Checking Account Blue Cross Blue Shield Working together for your well being. Take advantage of FREE CHECKING and many other new banking benefits as a member of the New Outlooks ClubFirst Trust and Savings Bank1201 THIRD ST. S.E. 1820 FIRST AVE. N.E. 1600 DOWS ST. ELY. IA.364-0101 Ml MIU l< I |>|{ ;

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