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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Overboard on anti-puffery Smoke abaters get too bossy By William Sabre    §    .    - Insights I hi- (edar Kapids (lazelle: vied., May ii, urn / UMM 11 NC,TON — (armine lie Sapid, boss of Tammany Hall a generation apa, abolished the smoke filled room (luring his tenure as leader because Ills eyes were sensitive lo smoke III that sense al least. De Sapid is regarded as a prophet without honor iii his ova n lime by members of a new or nani/almn, one fiercer and more self righteous than the old liner of Tammany the Droop Against Smokers' Pollution ID ASP) Across the nation, DAS!* chapters have been formed to help shame the 52 million Ament an smokers into refraining from indulging their habit in the “breathing spat e of nonsmokers Nonsmokers ha\e rights too” is the slop,rn of HASP and in its “liberation Kinde there are tips to im iii hers about method" to disc unfit these who discomfort Incm. Some ideas are forthright — "Speak out against smoking!" — while others art' maddening, such as “Dis ton rapt* smoking by not providing ashtrays.” So tar, so good Iii an enclosed space. people who are annoyed by tobacco smoke should make known their irritation to smokers, who should then have the courtesy to desist, t'nfortunately, that is not the last DASP Buoyed by their success in getting airlines to segregate smokers, the nonsmokers are pressing their attack with demands for government regulation of “breathing space ” From Barry Coldwater’* Arizona to Deorge McGovern's South Dakota, states have passed laws prohibiting smoking iii museums, concert halls, theaters libraries and elevators. kist week, New York City's board of health has approved a proposal to compel the segregation of smokers from nonsmokers iii most public places, including restaurants This in a good example of the tyranny ut the minority. A little group of willful persons, representing no opinion tint their own, has rendered the great smoking public helpless and contemptible Where a fire or health hazard exists. Af) individual chooses and makes himself Jean Paul Sartre nobody disputes that smoking should Im1 prohibited But despite the fuming of former surgeon general Jesse Steinfeld. no evidence exists to suggest thai the exhaled smoke of other persons poses a health hazard to nonsmokers A tiny minority is acutely allergic to smoke, and its wishes need to lie considered, but public policy ought not to bo set to accommodate today’s ( armine De Sapios The cigaret smoker is already the target of too many government agencies. Ile cannot be advertised to on television; he must carry around on every pack a dire warning about killing himself; he is taxed regressively and punitively. Yet the smoker continues to smoke; iii the I S. last year. 5KH billion cigarets were puffed, dragged upon and choked over, and thanks to the growing interest iii smoking by teenage girls, the* market continues to grow ■RMM Opinion Page 2 Ideas Judgments MMNMMMMNP    : Views Insights Comments lins perverseness — the refusal of people to do what is good for them — activates the anti-smoking brigade, I think even more than the annoyance caused by the exhalations of the coffin nailers. If smokers do riot respond to reason, to warnings, to the silencing of advertising, lo tax disincentives, then perhaps IIH’ only way is to make it more difficult to find a place to light up “You are not denying the smoker’s right to smoke,’’ BASI* assures its members, “only his her right to smoke iii your breathing space.” Not true; any harassment, especially harassment by executive regulation, is part of a process that infringes our liberties and pollutes our statute books Today the smoker tomorrow the onion-eater, and the day after tomorrow the person who prefers ( heap perfume to the taking of baths — (trice government gets its nose under the tent of social iii tercourse. there will be no privacy for anyone. The bossism of the do-gooder is intolerable. even when he-she (light linguistic pollution!) cloaks paternalism in the guise of selfishness. Not every social inequity needs a legal cure. Social, not government, pressure is appropriate to curb the smoker. A glare, a sniff and if necessary the green-gilled appearance of the onset of motion sn kness, should be enough to get some smokers to stilt) out a butt in a hurry. I gave up smoking two years ago; it is like losing a friend. I don’t feel any bettor. and ain not inclined to badger others into sacrificing one of life’s little pleasures. What incenses some people is incense to me; blow some my way. But the abuse of the power of health agencies to put a governmental fist into the glove of social courtesies is worrisome A new law separating smoking from nonsmoking areas in restaurants would incite a smoker’s sit-in at a nonsmoking lunch counter, turning the civil-rights ( lock back by decades. In their zeal, the people from DASP have gone too far; we can now look forward to Hie formation of "People Dinted To Fight for Freedom bv Fighting Fire with Fire” (ITFFFFF). NOW York T UTX*. Scr yir • Diehards impervious ‘Martyrdom’ could slice GOP By Bruce Biossat II7ASH1NBTON - Talking to a VV prominent Republican, I heard him voice dark fears that President Nixon’s impeachment over Watergate would martyr him iii the eyes of die-hard supporters and convert them into a rigidly troublesome minority which would plague the party for many years. The point arose as we discussed all tin1 prospects facing tilt1 President as impeachment proceedings go forward in the house judiciary committee. The man s worst fears surfaced when he presumed tin1 worst outcome — that the evidence might be so overwhelming as to produce something like a 4 to I vote for Mr Nixon’s removal from office. I rider my source’s presumed conditions. he reasons that the 20 percent of the I S senate which still would stand with the President would be composed of men who either would hold themselves stonily impervious to crushing ev idence, or would perceive in that evidence some wicked plot framed by the President'n enemies. Ibis Republican source, who though well known will not be among those required to vote on impeachment, argues further that Mr. Nixon’s hard-core senate (and house) support is sturdily duplicated iii the Republican party at large Ile docs not imagine that in martyring an impeached President they can do anything to create for him any further practical political career. What the man fears is that a deposed Richard Nixon could serve these Republicans as the “centerpiece” iii an embittered crusade which might very well endure for a decade or more The hobbling effects upon a party already long handicapped by a minority position with respect to the Democrats hardly need to Im* stressed Not long after my conversation with this leading Republican. I addressed the annual convention of the Illinois Fedora-lion of Women s (Tubs meeting iii ( Im ago My talk was simply an attempt to lay out the impeachment prospects, the likely timetable, some of the con sidorntions which would affect senators’ votes should they be asked to sit as jury iii the matter in the question period which followed no one asked a single question which (Mire directly on the tone or detail of the President s published transcripts of cor tom Watergate tapes released \pril 30 Several women spoke with me iii a side hall later on, one of them wondering aloud whether the whole proceeding against Mr. Nixon and various aides iii ( (ingress and the courts might not lie a “communist pint While I was thus engaged, a convention delegate tushed out of the main hall (lith (I with several hundred women) aud said breathlessly i nether “Patience, Louie When (he Watergate trials are over, then we sue the wise guys for calling them plumbers "You’ll never guess what they inst did iii there!” She satisfied our curiosity quickly The Illinois Federation, representing MUMM) women, has voted overwhelmingly for a resolution entreating the house judiciary committee to halt all impeachment proceedings. The call on the issue had been for a standing vote, and the moment was not made easier for any opponents when — as the rough head count began — an organist struck up “The Star Spangled Banner". Irater inquiry disclosed that the action was not impromptu It has been thoughtfully discussed by Federation leaders, including some past presidents. Illinois has always had status as good “Nixon country’’ and as a bastion of DOP conservatism Yet tin* favor of tins blind-faith vote for Mr. Nixon, on the very day the conservative Chicago Tribune urged his removal, hit with stunning force It seemed to underscore the deep concern earlier expressed by my quoted Republican leader, that drastic action against the President would draw lits last-ditch backers into rigid cadres of “Marchers for a Martyred Nixon" and produce a dangerously weakening split in D()P ranks hew.Donor toter prise Assoc lotion Way with words Hot-diggity, clunk By Theodore M. 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