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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- l air through Thursday. Lows low 50s. Highs Thursday mid 70s. Void IM IO I ri    NI IM HK I {    ITI OLDAK RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1074 CITY FINAL IO CENTS ASSOCIATED PLESS. I Kl, NEW YORK TIMES Patty Charged With Kidnaping LOS ANGELES (AP)- News-1 intentions of walking into an paper heiress Patricia Hearst J ambush, and two Symbionese Liberation I The FBI said it had 200 agents Army comrades were charged j working full time, around-the-Wednesday with kidnaping, as- clock on the case in the Los An-sault and robbery.    geles    area. City police said all The three already had been!7,200 of their officers had been accused of federal firearms vi elations. District Attorney Joseph Busch said the complaint charged .Miss Hearst with lf) felony criminal counts, while William and Emily Harris were charged with is. "In our opinion, Miss Hearst was acting on her ow'n free will,” lie said at a news conference. Miss Hearst, 20, was herself a kidnap victim. The SLA claimed it abducted her from a Berkeley apartment on Feb. 4. In tape recorded messages later sent to her family, Miss FBI agents and police combed a Hearst said she joined the ter- black neighborhood Tuesday rorist group.    j    night after a report that Miss Shooting Incident    Hearst and tvvo men tried to I rent an apartment for two days, The state charges stemmed I offering $175. After three hours, from a sheeting incident at a |officials called it off, with FBI sporting goods store last TCiurs- agent John Reed saying the day atter which several \'ehi- description by the apartment clos were stolen and two per- manager failed to match Miss sons abducted. Both were re- Hearst or the Harris couple, leased. given descriptions of the trio at briefings being repeated for leach shift. Patrols on the Mexican border south of Arizona and California were also on the ; lookout for the three. Residents in the San Fernando valley, just north of Los Angeles, reported that FBI agents knocked on doors Tuesday at (apartment houses and showed residents photographs of Miss (Hearst, who, like the Harris I couple, is described as "armed j and extremely dangerous.” False Alarm At Sacramento, more than IOO Milk, ITT Tapes WASHINGTON (AP) President Nixon Wednesday rejected a house judiciary committee subpoena for more taped presidential conversations and said the decision also applies to "such further subpoenas as may hereafter be issued." Nixon told the committee he must "respectfully decline” to produce* any more taped presidential conversations dealing with Watergate. you and the ranking minority member at the White House.” One Transcript Earlier, Nixon offered the committee one edited transcript on the dairy industry and ITT. Nixon's lawyer. James .St, Clair, said the President, feels he has already given the committee everything else it needs for that phase of its impeachment inquiry. ...    t.    St.    Clair    said    many of the 06 Ho .lid so rn rejecting appair convcrsatjons S()Ught „y |hc committee in connection with of subpoenas for more White House tapes on the Watergate    , e President’s 11 1 an(l dalry mdustry mat bugging and daily diary. the UPI Teleohoto BELFAST SCENE — A patrol commander of the Protestant Ulster Defense Assn. uses an overturned car as a lookout post at a Belfast barricade. Bail for the three was set in advance of tin dr capture at $50,000 each. Maximum sen fence for conviction en the robbery and kidnap charges is life imprisonment. Specific* charges against all three were live counts of assault with a deadly weapon, four counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to murder, four counts of first-degree robbery, one count of kidnaping, one count of kidnaping with purpose of robbery and three violations of the California vehicle code relating to unlawful use of vehicles. It marked at least the third time in recent days that apartment managers reported several persons — possibly including Miss Hearst — tried to rent a room or apartment for just one or two nights, offering up to $500. City Okays Rezoning for Shop Cent a* V I By Mike Deuprce Cedar Rapids News— Capping weeks of heated de Barricades Go Up Again Henry Keeps After Troops Down Them Up Work on Pact Details tors were not recorded and that i others were not pertinent to the Nixon also rejected tile (-'orTHcommittee’s inquiry, ittpp’s rnnupst for tunes of 66    , ...    ,    . We feel the operative conversations have already been furnished,” St. Clair said. All that will be .supplied, he said, is a partial transcript of an April 4. 1972, conversation between Nixon, former Atty. Gen. Mitchell and former White House aide H. R. Haldeman. St. Clair said testimony at the demands senate Watergate hearings for additional presidential con- shows that there was discussion versation has become a never- cf the 111 case during that ending process, and that to con- meeting, tinue providing these conversa-    Missing lions in response to the con- jn another major develop-stantlv escalating request would meat. Rodino told reporters mittee’s request for tapes of 66 White House conversations dealing with the dairy industry and International Telephone and Telegraph Corp. In a letter to Chairman Peter ;Rodino (O N. J ) Nixon declared: “Never-Ending” "... It is clear that the continued succession of At Van Nuys, 400 miles south,    _ at almost the same time as the lcouncd Wednesday approved an j wcek-ofd general strike Sacramento scramble, about 25 ordinance officers went to a home after a ! tip that a van used by SLA members might he in the arca. Officers called it a false alarm. But the FBI expressed delight at citizen cooperation and agent im- (Continued- Page 3. Col. 5.) BELFAST (UPI)-Thousands manned thorn, clubs in hand.    D^J!    *1    con?,i,“,c. s“ch NTS?* ‘Hi Jucsd?y    'hal    t of British troops, their faces Sporadic violence broke out.    PaCT Dei SMS    vas^ *nto the confident jal.ty rf, uon of a    March 17.    1973,    White presidential conversations that House trascript may be missing, blackened in commando style.    Police    Stoned    Ry Associated Press    the    institution    of    the    presidency    Rodino    said    the    tape    record- moved in at 2 a.m. Wednes- In Dundonald. on the outskirts | Secretary of State Kissinger itse,f *ould ** fatally c,°mPro* ing representing that transcript day and tore down barricades of East Belfast, police trying said Wednesday that “substan- m'sed    .    apparently includes a discussion bate    and    controversy,    the    city    .blocking streets to enforce a I to remove a barricade were,    Bal    agreement has beenj    N,xon repeated his assertion by Nlxon    o[    the    possibility    of 1    -    -    - -    -    ’    truce    jine    to,lhat    the PanC1 considcnnS ‘ that would permit a daylight came, defiant shopping center lo he built on 88;tants put them up again. acres near the intersection oL The army operation,    biggest!    In the    Newtownards Road    gagement accord before    he highway 149 and Edgewood road jn nearly two years, was    area in East. Belfast, a civilian    leaves the Middle East    this .SW.    'achieved without a major con-jridin8 a motorcycle was injured weekend. The ordinance,    which    must    be    [rotation with Protestant lova-'and a ^vstander slightly wound-    Emerging from his latest talks from an unknown    with    Israeli leaders in .Jerusa- avv, rezones 22 acres    *w*”*    source.    Icm before flying to Damascus,! of land for commercial use. |ern ireland    ^e‘r    strike    The    British    government    had    Kissinger said Israel and Syria Friday | The vote on the ordinance was ProtestinR any political    moves    warned it    would not yield to the    had agreed to a "geographic with Public Improvements!*^ might give Catholic    Ireland    demands    of the self-appointed    demarcation" — meaning a    dis-) Miss Hearst and the liar-! Commissioner Richard Phillips a say'm Ulster politics.    j^^er    Workers    Council,    which    (engagement line. a to remove a barricade werejtial yyhcn stoncd ^ several hundred Pro!- reached” on a    ... estants. A small-scale riot en-    defuse the fighting    on the Golan    Pediment resolutions a1 re a > 1    cs*jsued and army troops moved in    Heights front, but    indicated he    "has the full story of Watergate, I to rescue the police.    would not secure    a full disen-    inso*ar as. l\ rc*atef to pr<esidc*n- John Morrison promised that all I approved twice more    before    it    ...    .    .    „    naralvzeri    North- ed by    sh°ts the tips would be checked. Tips!becomes law. rezones    22 acres    ,IStS    ™ “vc    !^ay‘ed    ° . soa[ce    D . have levi to the hideout of six' of land for commercial    use.    ern    Ireland with their    strike The    British Busch    said    Miss    Hearst    vm\oun    n,u«y —----------------    ------ —    -----    moves I warned    it would not yield to tin charged    with    one    extra    count    |:n|BhA and A0 known f!caf misses14 to of assault with a deadly weapon as "an aider and abel tor" in a knife attack on a Los Angeles landlady. The woman said Miss Hearst and two men —*•*'- -...... w    during the morning. Men in cause. the site of a proposed shopping; J\ • . *    ^    .....    ,» ... .    •. j.. conter to be built ,y Hahn-New lcombat jackets and thc um'i “Won t Be Blackmailed man Development Co. of Over land Park, Kan. Immunity Vote For Testimony On Connelly tips e lei SLA members slain I nil of rises. Weed: She's Member Stephen Weed, who tried to rent a room Sunday night and when she refused, one of the men slashed at her with a knife, cutting her dress but leaving her unharmed. The complaint filed in Los Angeles superior court said Miss Hearst allegedly held a carbine during the knife attack. Tile men with her were listed only as "John Does.” Press Search was engaged to Miss Hearst when she was abducted from the apartment they shared, said he believes she is now a member of the SLA and would find it very hard to return to lier former of the (Ulster Workers Council, whicniengagement line. But "a whole casting the lone dissenting vote. B- daybreak virtually all called the strike to overturn the range of other issues still must yielding Thc nroDcrtv is adjacent to 66 streets were c,ear’ But U was a current Powersharing govern- be worked out. he said P I ‘    .    short-lived    peace    and    more    than    ment and prevent what it called acres previously zoned comme*!    went    up    agajn    L sellout of the Protestant forms of Protestant "I believe it would be incredibly painful for Patty to (C ntinued: Page 3, Col. 8.) Opposition Opposition to tin* zoning was led by a group called Taxpayers for Sensible Planning, which in- (Continued: Page 3. Col. 6.) extreme right-wing “The government will not be o r g a n i z a t i o n s intimidated or blackmailed, a British statement said after a Tuesday night meeting between Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Northern Ireland Secretary Merlvn Roes in London Meanwhile, hundreds of lawmen pressed their search for the three police say make up the remnants of (he SLA. II e a v i I y armed lawmen swarmed into thc Los Angeles house Tuesday suburb of Van Nuys and into a probably killed House Vote Seen Dooming Standhv Rationing Powers going ut rotestant groups which taking some WASHINGTON (AP) - The rejected, and standby emer- veto of the original energy bill, and the White House made clear he would veto the standby measure as well In addition to the rollback provision and rationing authori- neighborhood in Sacramento 8ency energy legislation that Tuesday night in response to (would have given President some of the scores of citizen Nixon gasoline rationing powers reports claiming to have seen *n event of a renewed crisis. the trio.    The    house    action    coincided    ty,    the standby bill provided for Neither report checked oui. »">* a warning by the Federal ,, d^ unemployment bene-But FBI agent Charles Bates, rn T ower Commission that "even aL/ , charge of this case since Miss slight disruption of fuel supply    fl,s    toco\« i workers left    jobless Hearst was kidnaped 3'2 months ImjId produce power shortages”    }>    IU.    ,    ‘ag‘'S /'p    ! i uvHn.,ca..v rn-.,.this summer.    i?*    Burd ranking house At the same time, the Ameri-iBl>I)ldMoan, estimated thc can Automobile Assn. reported that there appeared to be no serious gasoline supply prom lems and that pump prices are holding steady. And. the head of a petroleum industry research group said Lester said the parents "feel ifs (high prices for oil have reduced going to end soon, that ifs going demand and the' world is movie be resolved imminently.” |*nf» raPidLv plus. "For Some Time Supreme Court Overturns Linn Murder Finding Cedar Rapids News A defendant may be' acquitted but thc if he did not know what he was erected them were doing was wrong, according to down as well. an Iowa supreme court decision At one point in a heavily ’'rot Wednesday.    estant    area, masked men dug a In a 5-4 decision, the court trench across a road to rein-ovcrruled the 1966 conviction of force a barricade. An army hel-Donald E. Thomas of Cedar (copter hovered overhead hut Rapids. Thomas had been given troops made no move. a life sentence for allegedly killing his wife, Sharon Kayo. Nov. 17. 1965 Thomas’ sanity had been the focal point of the defense throughout the trial. Defense at-1 tornevs for Thomas never refut-i Complex Subjects "I must caution . . . that each subject is very complex, heavy and full of clauses and subclauses." said Israeli Information Minister Shimon Peres. The statements appeared to be a forecast that Kissinger would return to Washington without a pact to separate the At mid-morning army and po- Syrian and Israeli armies and ice spokesmen described the sit-1 leau‘ *in‘d details to br settled uation as fluid. They said some ^ d‘s a'des new barricades were point? un I expect to leave this vveek- Kissinger told newsmen. The secretary plans to continue flying between Damascus and Jerusalem until Friday, working out more details of the disengagement Syria predicted earlier that Kissinger would leave the Mid (Continued: Page 3, Col 3 > tial knowledge and presidential actions.” “Production of these additional conversations would merely prolong the inquiry WASHINGTON 'AP) - The without yielding significan senate w< ergate committee aditional evidence. Nixon Wednesday voted to grant im-told Rodino, adding:    munity from prosecution in re- "More fundamentally, contin- turn far testimony from Texas uing ad infinitum the process lawyer Jake Jacobsen about an up additional con- alleged bribe to John B. Connal-versations in response to an ly. committee sources said. endless series of demands Jacobsen has offered to drop would fatally weaken this office his previous denials and swear not only in this administration that Connally took $10,000 from a but for future presidencies as dairy-farmer cooperative, ac-well ”    cording to informed sources, "Accordingly,” Nixon con*in- Connally, former treasury sec-ued. "I respectfully decline to rotary in thc Nixon administra-produce the tapes . . . and pres- tion, has consistently denied idential diaries" requested by Liking the mone> the subpoenas issued May 15 It is unlikely that Jacobsen “and those allegedly dealing!will be called to testify im-with Watergate that may be mediately. The normal process called for in such further sub- for confirming an immunity poenas may hereafter be is- grant of this kind takes 30 days, sued.    Jacobsens lawyer, Charles Nixon concluded by restating McNelis, had told committee that "if the committee desires investigators that Jacobsen further information from me would invoke the Fifth Amend-about any of these conversa- rnent and refuse to testify about tions or other matters, related ff>e $10,000. But, under a grant to its inquiry, I stand ready to °f immunity, Jacobsen could he answer, under oath, pertinent written interrogatories, and to he interviewed under oath bv Court Hits Johnson Ramp Ruling ago. said early Wednesday that one of the tips is going to check out sooner or later. And he appealed to the trio of fugitives to surrender to avoid more bloodshed. \! the Hillsborough mansion of Catherine and Randolph Hearst, family spokesman John tional benefits would cost $4.6 billion a year addi-U|) to Nearh 20 Percent The FFC report estimated that the nation's electrical gen crating capacity now has a re serve, or safety margin, of towards an oil sui- Go-Betweens I/is Angeles Police Chief Ed Davis said the trio could sul len J o Ii n Lichtblau, executive der by contacting either the director of the Petroleum In-loeal Kress Club or the Los Ari dustrv Research Foundation, geles    County    Bar    Assn.,    which    Inc., said:    “I    would say if would    act    as go betweens.    Bates    present price levels remain in said any sincere surrender at force the surplus could he with tempt would he honored, hut us tor some time, even if Saudi warned that FBI agents had no Arabia, Kuwait and Libya main tam existing production limits." The 207 to    191 house* vote* against the standby measure centered on a provision designed to roll    hack domestic crude* oil prices to pre-embargo levels. A similar rollback provi-'sion triggered    the President's kille*d his wife. First assistant Linn County Attorney Thomas Horan said Wednesday morning the* case would most likely be retried "Our plans right now are to go forward and retry the ease nearly 20 percent to e’o|H* with "hem it ceimc's hack tous. said fluctuations elf peak demand Buran this utniner a margin usual    Burden    of    Proof h considered adequate and |n overturning the conviction, greatly improved over recent tilt* supreme court placed the years.    burden    of proof upon the prose- Ilowever, the I* Pi stat! said clition to prove tin* defendant's tin* nation’s luel supply is light sanity ‘‘beyond a reasonable and provides very little margin I doubt ’’ to cope with shortages With The decision noted that the fuel oil allocated by the Federal new ruling overturns a long-Fnergy Administration, "there)sanding rule of the court were requested,] awsuit was filed withdrew cancelled in parking revenue the bond sale and construction r constructing a new of the ramp pending outcome of By William L. Eberline    j    struct    ion    bid DES MOINES (AP) The but after the cd thc prosecution’s claim that trial court went too far in prohi- the bond purchaser I hnmas fired the gun which biting Iowa City from issuing $2 his hid. The* city then million bonds bonds until the alleged illegal forced to testify or face the possibility of being held in contempt of congress. The committee vote was 5-0 Two members. Senators Howard ; Baker and Edward Gurney, were not present (or Wednesday’s brief meeting The committee stopped short payments from the general fund f>ra,,Lng Jacobsen complete immunity from any prosecution parking ramp, the Iowa sn suit picnic court said Wednesday The court said, however, the city’s plan for financing tho bond issue was illegal in that it proposed to pas on street park mg enforcement costs from the general fund to channel more parking meter revenue bond retirement. Judge William Eads issued an injunction against salt* ami delivery of the bonds until $120,999 due oil a previous bond issue was paid. He also said all meter en-into forcemenl costs and the cost of maintenance of on-street park The high court returned to 'ng metered spaces would have Johnson county district court a 10 he deducted I rom t inure lawsuit filed by a group of Iowa parking meter revenues. City taxpayers headed by IL Judge Eads held that the Thomas Douglass and ordered a city’s plan for paying enforce* new ruling conforming to its ment costs out of the city gener al atlatls Excited new neighbor, “I ve shouted, "it's a t Iiuchit* father to his got boy to son,' he is little slack iii tin* supply sys tem,’ the report said It added that unexpected breakdowns of generators or cuts in natural gas supply could alter the projected fuel distribu lion patterns and "it may then he impossible to transfer oil (Continued Page 3.1 ol 5 ) Iowa is one of the majority of states that used tin* "M’N’aught on Rule" of common law to determine whether insanity is an acceptable plea What It Says The M’Naughton test says (Continued Page 3, Col 3 > findings. t ( ban Kno w al The city wanted to build the ramp as part of an urban re newal project It adopted an ordi nance July 3, 1972, prov iding for issuance of bonds for the ramp to be tim*:. w» solely from park mg met* r revenue The bonds were sold and con al fund was an indirect way of using tax money to pay off tin bonds The opinion written In Justice Ward Revnoldson agreed with that part of Eads’ injunction. Tiki Far But it said the trial court decree went too far in enjoining the sail- and delivery of the had terminated. Employing road use tax funds for maintenance of city streets, including snow removal, is permitted by law, Justice Reynold-son said. “Nothing in the relevant statutes indicates that the legislature intended that metered on-street parking areas should lose their character as part ol the municipal street system for the purpose of road use tax fund expenditures," the opinion said. Keynoldson also said the record shows the balance due on tin* previous bond issue had been paid bv the time the case came to trial, and the injunction on that ground was unwarranted The (ugh court decision was In a five-member panel. Chief Justice (’. Edwin Moore and Justices ,\1 L Mason, K David Harris concurred with Reynold (Continued Page 3, Col 5 I in the matter. Instead, it authorized "use immunity,” which would prevent prosecutors from using any of Jacobsen’s immune testimony against him in court 'Phis is the same tvjx’ of immunity the committee once granted former White House Counsel John Dean. Today s Index Comics 91) Crossword DD Daily Record 3 A Deaths 3 A Editorial Feature , . 6 A Farm BIB Financial BID Marion lilt Mov ies .IC Society I2B-15B Sports ID-71) State ., ic ac Television ID Want Ads IM)-I5R ;

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