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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NMIONAl WtAlHtK M*VICf fOMCAS) *t> 7AM ISI -    74 30.00 79.77 (tATTI f Obituaries Donald Hartgrave Donald D Hartgrave, (iii, ol (>.'52 Fifteenth avenue SF, a Cedar Rapids resident 20 year1 died Tuesday. Horn April 0, 1908, at Ladora, he was married to Emily Reih-mann Dec. ti, 1932. On .July 13,J(; 1957, at Cedar Rapids, Iii Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Robert Ritscher, Key-itone; ;j sister, Mrs. Robert Montague, Norway, and two grandchildren. Services: Friday at 1:30 p m. in Chapel of Memories by the Rev. Mary White of Bethanyl Nixon ordered Dean to pay Hunt ongregational church. Burial: |$J20,OOO in hush money. was|Cedar Memorial. Friends may | hie involvement of White I louse f The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., May 22. 1971 personnel and others.” T h c While House-released causin6 sevcre    pr°b- transcript of tho March 17 mcct-|lemfi 10 listing businesses, ing makes no mention of Water- Objections were also raised gate.    concerning traffic safety, storm Hush Money    water drainage and the cost to The committee heard on 3A in- married to Elsie Scott Mr    'fumer    chapel    west    until Hartgrave was employed by the noon Fr,day. The casket will not city water works for ten years be opened after the service, before his retirement, lh* was a It DM WI At Ut It f OI OC AM Rain will fall Wednesday night from tho Gulf coast to New England and in parts of tho lower plains. Mostly fair elsewhere. —Daily Record— The Weather L. and Vicky L. Beauchamp. Marion J. and Frank R. Kohl. Mary L. and John P. Walden. E2 Fires 2:38 pan. Tuesday. Hydraulic fluid ignited by exhaust pipe SW. 7:It) a.m. Wednesday. Flush cool Friday. Chance of ram Sat.|*™“n'^rn 1100 b,ock of sixth 8:18 am. Wednesday. Hiqh temperatures Tuesday, low temperatures overnight and Inches of precipitation: Anchorage    58 34    L. Angeles    83    5? Atlanta    76 68    .03    Miami    81    73    .67 Bismarck    6-1 40    Min'apolis    79    50    .03 Chicago .    72 64    1.25    N. Orleans    77    74    1.18 Denver ..7135 New York 75 61 Duluth ..    76    49    .36    Phoenix    93    64 Honolulu    87 74    Seattle    69    52 Houston    85 72    .05    Washinqt'n    78    61 Extended forecast — Fair and theran church. Friends may call at Cedar Memorial, Cedar Rapids, after 7 p.m. Thursday and at tho church alter ll a.m. Friday. Entombment:    Cedar Memorial. —Court— (Continued from Page I.) member of the Eagles lodge. Surviving are his wife; two sons, David and Elmer; a daughter, Mrs. Stanley Hepker; two stepsons, Leo Phillipson and Willard Clark, all of Cedar It a p ids; two .stepdaughters, Mrs. Virgil Smith, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. Ivan Ralston, Marysville, Wash.; 20 grandchild# en; ten greatgrandchildren ; two sisters, Mildred Slay-rnaker, Marengo, a n d Mrs. George Solem. Cedar Rapids, and a brother, Raymond, Cedar Rapids. Services: 2 p.rn Thursday in Union United Methodist church in Cedar Rapids by the Rev. Leonard Showalter Cremation committal will be at Ladora cemetery at a later date. Mr. Hartgrave had willed his body to the anatomical research de- William Koch    Dean    to    pay    the    money, William Koch, 94. of 827 Six- another Democrat “I lecnth avenue SW, died Wednes- think there is any question day following a long illness. Born Dec. 25,    1879, near Wellsburg, he had made his home in Cedar Rapids the last year. He was married to Louise Giesking and had farmed in the Wellsburg area until he retired. Surviving are two daughters, Charlotte Koch and Elsie Lahue, build in the improvements stead of adding them later. “I don’t know why it’s such a big deal for that,” he said Mayor Don Canney, who does taxpayers if    extensive    street    not ordinarily vote, did so in U(‘s'    modifications    are necessary or    thi*? case because the issue was day    a    tape    ol    the March    21    talk    ,f t|)(. center    causes the    down-    controversial, he explained, and between    Nixon    and    Dean. It    town area to    deteriorate,    lower    he felt he should make his posi- convinced some Democrats that! ing the tax base.    |    tion known A large number of letters and “It’s proper use of the land. It petitions were received by the will make a better development was a command. It was!council, representing opposing with the addition of the 22 said very positively,” said Rep. views on the rezoning, in the    acres, Jerome Waldie (D-Calif.) after three weeks prior to Wednes-the closed committee hearing. day’s action “He was clearly ordering    Manv    Rf,norts    The ‘    1    was based on the suitability of There were also reports from the land for the shopping center, traffic engineers, economists not on its posnblc economic ef-and professional planners repro- facts. opting both sides of the issue. “We cannot place restrictions The developers met no or- on face enterprise through zon-ganized resistance to the rezon- jpg,” he said, ing of the 66-acre tract, which “Let’s face it, the issue, as^far was proposed a.s the site of a as the opposition is concerned, shopping center with about    is competition. Asked by newsmen whether 560,000 square feet of leasable    “Everybody    in    this country Nixon’s involvement amounted retail space, including three    has a right to    go    broke. Every- to an impeachable offense, Mez-,major department stores.    body in this country has a right. The reviled plan calls for con- to make a dollar.” “No Comment” said don’t Rep. Mezvinsky (D-Iowa) said the tape “gives us a much clearer picture of the involvement not only cif the President hut of the men around him.” ’ he said Suitability mayor said his decision Cedar Rapids; a sister, Her mina Giesking; seven grand- vinsky said that was what each children and ll great-1 member had to decide for him-.eduction of a center with 750,000 grandchildren.    sc^-    square feet of space, including Services: 1:30 p.m. Saturday    “Almost    Identical”    I    three major stores, and possible in St. Paul’s Lutheran church in “I    say    the    transcripts    expansion    to Ll million square were present when the vote was Burial• St. Paul’s. and tapes are almost identical,” feet. with a fourth major store, taken, declined to comment in said Rep. Charles Sandman (R- in three to five years.    after    the meeting. jN.J.). “The transcripts are ugly Opponents said Ll million! Last week, however, thc attor- The opponents, some of whom Wellsburg. Turner chapel west was charge of local arrangements. Memorial Services p.m. urday and Sunday. Daily highs in the 60s Friday to the 70s by Sunday. Lows iii the 40s Friday to the 50s Sunday. C. R. Weather High Tuesday ....... Low overnight ...... 2 p.m. Wednesday Precipitation ....... Total for May ...... Normal for May Normal through May Total for 1974 ....... Barometer, steady . Humidity at noon Tripped alarm at 717 Sixteenth street NP;. Maqisfrate’s Court {.ailment of the University of that a person claiming insanity memorials ^'made T'rlmn Th"^Vv^Tchapcl of Memo-gainly the most damning of the as a defense must prove by a.Good Health. Bcatty-Beurle fu-!Stylus X£S!i,?p!SZjS£2l    W*'Ve had ** £a,d preponderance of evidence that neral home in Cedar Rapids is!church. Burial: Cedar Momori 1 the aet was caused by mental jn charge of arrangements. disease which overcame or    _____ swayed the defendant’s reason or judgment to the extent that it destroyed his power to comprehend the nature or conse- million and so are the tapes.”    square feet is equal to 40 per    “Everybody in this country Few Republican    members cent of all existing retail space    not    ^^n    consid^ would comment. “This is cer- in the city. “Kill Downtown” A center of that size, they claimed, could kill the down ered” taking the controversy to court in the event of an unfavorable vote. Payn Mrs. George O S. Gertrude Payn, 94. of 2652 »•">• Thursday by the Rev. Wit- a*are of the cover-up on Mi Fruitland boulevard SW. widow iSoria^ricndxTav call at '3. Latta said: “Right.” Commisfjoner Phillips said he quence of his act. But on studying the English court decision the M’Naughton SS!3 SS{„ 2?i “SMS. ^ rule is based on, (he court ruled Speeding’ — Clinton Des-. ,82isenko, 354 Thirtieth street g2iNW; fined $35 and costs. Pa- ~^lNW’ Philin Johnson Mf Vcr-, 0.401 non; Robert Hasley, 407 A ave- that the defendant is entitled to ........ 7.84 nue NE; Roland Wilbur, 3119'acquittal even if he knew what Member 3 59 Ctover street SW; James Ma- he was doing, but did not know . '    . -** ~ avenue NE; Wil-15f W,1C u/rnnfT    cnurcn. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. L. Frances Abbott, Elfrie- of George D. Payn and a Cedar Turner east until IO a.m. Rapids resident 70 years, diej Thursday. The casket will not Tuesday at a West Branch nurs- be opened after the service, ing home    Harriott,    Edward    William    — o „ rv„„ ,o    • c. Turner chapel east at 1:30 Born Dec. 18, 1870, in story j p m Thursday by the Rev. Car- county, Mrs. Payn was a roll Van Anda. Burial: Camp-of Cedar Christian hell cemetery. Friends may call Rep.    Hamilton    Fish    (R-N.Y.) al. Arrangements by    Cedar Me-|^®P*    Delbert    Latta    (R-Ohio)    Rjwn    area modal funeral home.    said the tape of March 13 added Clendenin, Flossie Mablc nothing new. Asked if he felt the    *    ,"*'~    ** Turner    chapel    east    at    10:30    tapc    shewed    NL rn    was not    VOtcd    ?galnf    bc' Mwweu    nixon    was moi    he fcR the origina| pro_ posal could be constructed on the 66 acres, and the 22 addi- —SLA- (Continued from Page I.) March suen, ,nl—... SII C Ham Biers 18.861 NE; Tom Hayes, Hiawatha; 29 95 Sharon Dostal, 3316 Sue lane NW: Joseph Mulherin, 16061 Psychiatrists entered testimo- it Turner east. 2500 Falcon drive    wronR- Psychiatric Testimony 57% % I Fourteenth . , ..‘no    ....... -    ’    1607 Twenty sets, o.Zo.    Lester Wilson, Year Ago Today — High, 68; nue SE:    David —Energy— (Continued from Page I.) tacks or provide additional fuel and co";. TySmith,'extremTdlprJssfonT haTst7ong grandchildren: nine great-great- oil as rapidly as needed ” y-seventh street NE; I suicidal tendencies and had j 8ran^c’hildren; a brother.    Station    Check toil lip*ley ave. greatly aggravated difficulties geraldI Pentz,J)es Moines, and ^ MA ^ j(s nationwjd(, Meanwhile, the senate judiciary committee has reaffirmed the authority of Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski to pursue White House tapes through the courts. On Monday complained to tional acres are not needed. “I would have liked to have seen the developer come in and build the original concept, come back, at least in a psychological way,” Weed said Tuesday night while visiting friends in San Diego. “If I can believe all the reports I have been hearing, it ^appears Patty is committed to what she is doing. It seems the Jaworski had on paper, but the judiciary abnut them.” •sa'd* ,    ,    * more we appeal to her, the more I know the drainage a    it aggravates the situation,” the dreot problems can be rec tit ie 2fgyear_0]d philosophy student said. I’m concerned .... . ,.    ..    .    .a    ........... avenue SW; Steven ny during the 1866 murder trial Wind direction and velocity ut TjUker> Anamosa; Diane Meyer, fa f Thomas W.JS fh,» victim 2 p.m. WNW at 12 mph.    6506 Minden lane NE; (ach    thomas was the victim rises Thursday, 5:29; sun fined $30 a of da, Ariz., and Mrs. Jay Black, C e d a r Rapids; two grand-children ; nine great- committee that, “The President, Referring to an economic low, 55; rainfall, trace. Traveler's Forecast Thursday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck..... Chicago ..... Cincinnati ... Cleveland .... Des Moines ... Detroit ....... Indianapolis .. Kansas City Milwaukee . Mpls.-St. Paul Okla. City ..... PtCldy PtCldy PtCldv 62-41 PtCldy 73-52 . Clrng 76-54 Cloudy 74-52 PtCldv 75-52 PtCldy 76-49 Cloudy 77-52 Fair 82-56 PtCldy 73-45 PtCldy 65-42 83-58 73-47 Patty Quoted: Angered by Food Plan, Joined SLA LOS ANGELES (UPII - Pa- Nineteenth street SE; Leo'1,1 wF»'s »“■'««■    michael San Diego md I ottie spot check of more than 5.°00    r,xecuuvc    nranen    **I    have to vote the way I feel tricia Hearst told a hostage she Strub, 906 Owen street NW: lloran noted that retrial after ,, ..    s J* ’i)ornnrHjnn service stations found less than    St. Clair had argued that things will affect the communi- joined the Symbionete Libera- Jeanme Rrislawn, !7;>5 Eighth nir»ht venr« will iv difficult !_’.._ y» ‘    ’    j percent were out of fuel when since Jaworski is employed by tv, in general.”    tion    Army    because    she    didn’t Kohl, SE; 349 j O0 in coping with life. two sisters. Mrs. Jessie Car- :hrough his counsel, is chal- analysis presented by the oppo-lenging my right to bring ac- nents, showing the community ii n against him to obtain evi- could not support both the large donee, or differently stated, he (‘enter and existing businesses, contends that I cannot take the he said. “I believe this report. I‘resident to court.”    “Way    I    Feel” and Lottie sTot cbeck °f more tban 5,000 Calif. ... T „    .eight    years will be difficult. avenue. Marion:    .Tames Bar-; tosh, 3108 Pebble drive SW;I Mary Lovitt, 2801 A avenue NE; MifJiael Hammond,    said.    “But    just    finding witnesses    Rrv    Nevi I Ie    G. Clayton. Burial: Glass road NE, David Bonsall,!    ,    ,, ai*.    *    nriep    ctasnline    still    at    55    eents    VtnnHau 1926 Second street SW; Duane|presents a problem. As I re- Linwood. Friends may call at J™ J :.5!I. !!!!!/SI I*. ?“l ,, y member, many of those who the chapel testified were police officers who could still be on the force. “Retrial will be difficult, but Days Omaha St. Louis...... Sioux Falls .... Degree Tuesday .............. Total to date Through May 21, 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 8.1, rise .1 Lansing (18) 9.5, rise .1 Dam 9 (18) 18.5, fall .9 McGregor (18) 10.9. rise .1 Guttenberg (15) IOO, no change Dubuque (17) 12.9, rise .1 Davenport (15) 14.3, rise .1 Keokuk (16) 19.0, fall .1 Cedar at C IU (13) 7.33, fall .ll Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday 703 28 Births — Mercy May 21 — To the families of Ronald Tonncson. Fairfax, a son; John Petersen, Route I Marion, a son; Maurice Coplan. Middle Amana, a danghter. May 22 To the families of Richard Smith, 1712 Twentieth! street NW, a son; James Brems, 312 (' avenue, Hiawatha, a j son. Births — St. Luke's May 21    -    To    the    families of Bennie Vasquez. IGOU A avenue NE. a son; Tim Woods. 454 Eighth avenue SW, a daughter;! Erick J. Shopman. 6323 Devonshire drivo NE, a son: De ii n i s J. Simonsen. 1651 Thirty-fourth street SW, a rf a ii g h ter; Ronald    White, Shellsburg, a son; Norbert N'eira. 1315 Thirty-sixth street SE. a son; Duane Hlozvich, 442 Bowling street SW, a daughter. Marriage Licenses Mary Kay Haehmann and William Vrba, Barbara Wright and Daniel Urban, all of Cedar Rapid*. Gail Bjclla,    t'edai Rapids, and Kerry Randolph Lost Nation. Lynn    Kuda, Sweller, and Steven Mallicoat. Cedar Rapids Sharon Hall and Bruce Maleuit, both of Canton, Ohio. Donna Selk, Cedar Rapids, and George Waterbury, Marion. Kristina Solider, Cedar Rapids, and Edward Saldivar, Iowa City. Marriages Dissolved William R. and Patricia A Wagaman. Susan A. and Ste plum L St lek ley. Sandi a Is and Roger I) Walters. Ronald “Witnesses tend to forget over Services- 1-30 pm Friday in contactcd and only 3 percent'the executive branch he can sue The mayor and three commis-think her family did all It could that period of time,” Horan npattv Beurfa ' chanel bv the!were limiting customer pur- the President only if the Pres-] sioners who voted in favor of the to meet her kidnapers’ dc- y    y    y ‘chases. It found the average Indent so wishes, Jaworski raid rezoning gave differing reasons, / mands, it was reported Wednes- but they had some common dav. Arnold, 3018 Terry drivo SE; member, many of those who the chaori    ^or r.e^ar an(* cents ^or However, the committee’s res- points for their decision.    The    Los    Angeles 'Times re- Ronald Rommann, 733 Four- testified were police officers    __ premium.    j    elution said the prosecutor “is All four pointed out that the ported that Ihomas Matthews, t^enth street SE; Ronald Green, whocouldstillbeontheforce ^    The    report    matches    the    expec-    acting within the scope of the lar£c center could legally be 18. said he discussed with Miss “Retrial Will be difficult but    James    Jatras    ■ tation of federal energy officials authority conferred upon him by built on 66 acres, and that the Hearst her conversion to the Torrance Pitzen, 1553 First not impossible.”    Mrs.    James    Jatras,    57, of who predicted last month that the agreement of the President additional 22 acres will provide :'do of he: kidnapers during the avenue NE; Marilyn Goodin.    ,    ,    Sioux City, a former Cedar gasoline supply would just about and the department of justice a more desirable facility.    12 hours he said he was held Hiawatha; each fined $20 and    Application    Rapids    resident,    died    Tuesday    match demand in May. But they ;ind the senate judiciary com- “I stiI1 feeI- as was t0,d to us Prisont‘r by her and Emily and Cloudy 80-55 co. ’ ^    rortsfratinn Today’s high court decision following a long illness.    also forecast that a small gap mittee ... in seeking to obtain several times, that the principal William Harris last week. ’    •    “    *    -.......-Ko    Edgewood    stated it will be applied only to    She was born Oct. 23,    1916. in    between supply    and    demand    from    the    President    tape record-    buildings could still be built on    As they drove around the Ixjs road    NW;    fined    $20    and costs,    the Thomas case, future cases    Chicago, was married    to Mr.    would reopen in    June    and per-    jngS    be    believes    relevant to    those 66 acres.’ Finance C om-    Angeles area in Matthew s cornual Schaefer said,    mandeered van looking for a high court Aaron Two Elk. 16 —„______  ..    *    . and costs, j    the Thomas case, future    cases    Chicago, was married to Mr. j    would    reopen    in    June 0i    Ronald Martin, Mon C avenue    anq cases which are now on ap-    Jatras Nov. 17. 1940, in Cedar    sift    for the    rest of    the year. J’22?    N5iiinc<? amic0f?s. .    Deal    Rapids, and lived here from-- o,l)7I Drivers license violation -    '    , ..... _    _    _ 163.01,steven Ekland, HO Thirty-first According to lloran, Ute state >94® to 1964. hhc t.as cmplovei ..Watgmeifo. 6.6311 Street SW; Robert llaslep. 4m attorney eeneral’s office would by Montgomery Ward.    .-ct*,    ie. A avenue NW: each fined $20 .    .    ..    ,    ,    ,. Survivors include her bus- (Continued from Page I. and costs. Ronald Deburkarte. haVC the '’<'sP°nslblll,y lf the™ band. .. son James jr and a    . 3005 Fourth avenue, Marion; is to be an appeal.    uUonehn.hof    Sin,,*    Whlte ,IoUse lnvolvemcm » fined $10 and costs.    rn    ..    /lisscntinu    oninion las-    Julene. boll) of Sioux Watergate cover-up. Nixon Improper passim- _ Floyd',. ‘    -    "8    T    ’    .City; two sisters, Patricia id J fj , , d , Rtarlim:, 712 Second avenue    •*“ DavW Harrls sald to    Placc    Ovde. Cedar Rapids, and Hor- SW; fined $15 and cost?.    on the state the burden of    prov-    ence Richmond, Chicago. Overload — William Homer. I ing a negative condition of mind Services IO a rn Friday at n?l2ildlrc?mt.avcnue NFr; of thc accused strike? me as Blessed Sacrament Catholic ii od $4o and costs.    wholly unwarranted.”    church Sioux Citv bv the Rev Driving: on rfaht side — Don-    tnurin, aioux i ay, uv int ivtv. ald Hartman, 2129 Thirtv-third the SW; fined $15 and Erie NW; Odogard. fined $25 Da troll street SW; avenue costs. Fighting — 310 Ct avenue and costs. Faulty equipment Stanij). 2050 Illinois fined SIO and costs. Vehicle control violation — Charles Teply, 286 Peace avenue NW; fined $20 and costs. Disobeying pollee officer Frank Smith, Palo; fined SIO and costs. Iowa Death'; Dyersville 47, Friday at of St. Francis Xavier. Scripture service Thursday at J? at Kramer’s, where friends may call after 2 Thursday. D y e r s v I I Ie David L (ButchI Lowry, 83. Thursday at IO at Donaldson, 111., cemetery. Kramer’s. Calmar Matt Gerleman 45. Friday at ll at St. Aloysia church. Rosaries Wednesday at 8:30 and Thursday at 9 at 1 French’s. Fairfax James I, Claflin. 79. Friday at noon at Turner 1 rh a pi* I west. Burial Fairfax I cemetery where graveside ser-1 viers by IVkomv post, American Legion, will bo held. The casket will not be opened after the service. Tipton    Charlo Conrad Bott. 82. Thursday at ti at Sheet ; and Son, where friend' may call after 7:30 Wednesday, Brooklyn Lowell Kauffman, 31. Nevenlioven’s A me moriul has been established Marengo    Mr:    Walla1 Me Leu ii a n ,    94, Indianola Hoover- Valentine’s. Ryan Meinbani T. Freese, 45. Friday at I at Peace Lu cover-up on March 21.1973. Rodino said the committee had been given a tape by the Watergate grand jury that records a conversation be tween Nixon and Press Secretary Ronald Ziegler on June 4, 197.3, after Nixon had spent several hours listening to tapes of other meetings. Rodino said one of the meet- ♦    *    *    Benjamin    Tremmel of the Bene- Mrs. Thomas was shot w ith a    dict inc monastery, Atchison, .32 caliber pistol early in the    Kan. Burial: Calvary cemetery, morning as she left work at the    Sioux City. Clean Towel Service, 819 Filth street SE.    Sylvia    O. Leedom Thomas turned himself in at I Sylvia O. Leedom, 79. of 2018 fags they discussed was a m. the same morning by cull-    Bever avenue SE, died Wednes- March    17. between Nixon ing police from the Paul Yeisley    . day following a long illness. then-White farm near Mt. Vernon. He gave    Born Sept. IO, 1894, in Ottumwa, Dean a signed confession to police Mrs. Leedom had been a resi- fadudt that Linn district court Judge'dent of Cedar Rapids since 1914. Watergate matter and thc William Eads did not allow as she was a member of Trinity evidence during the trial be-united Methodist church. David    Koclker. !caus® bt> sa*d Thomas had not    Surviving is a son, Robert k., n:3ft at    Basilica    fully been informed of his rights    cedar Rapids, and three sisters, before making the statement. Minnie J. Atkin. Miami Shores, Thomas has been imprisoned Fja ( Sarah Harness. Newton. at the state penitentiary at Fort antj \irs. john Fleer, Ottumwa. Finance Com prove or disprove allegations of mirsioner information for indictments awaiting trials in the courts.” After the judiciary committee meeting. Sen. Bayh (D-Ind.) called tile vote “an effort to say, ‘Mr. President, hack off, live up to the promise you made ..” “We’ve had two special pro-stipulations in _ ...    _    <*. . sectors appointed. We vc had the plan must satisfy city engi-caus? *h( and olher 1 ^ promises of independence given neons and ^incilmen that    with    the    $2    million food distribu. in each case. Bayh said and lems such as drainage and    ^    Rando,ph Hcarst . a?*-,    -I    lt“Th\C *v>( ncrpc didn’t cause f*nanced *n the San Francisco We vc had one special prose- e -    -    optn'illv    bay arca’ and tbat ^ad not cutor fired and wove had two arn sa e > aza. s .    done everything in his power to promises i f independence vie- improved the safety as fai **    get her    back,“ the Times said. lated.”    traffic design is concerned. Several senators said that if said Safety Commissioner on Jaworski is fired steps would be James Steinbeck. and taken to resurrect a senate bill He said he agreed with oppo- And. of course, the city council hacksaw blade to get a handcuff still has approval of the site manacle off Harris’ wrist, Miss pjan ”    Hearst told Matthews she was No Permit    “not a willing victim” in a No building permits can be staged kidnaping, the newspa-issued until the developer has a por said. site development plan approved Matthews has told authorities bv the council. According to M*ss Hearst said she joined the ordinance, forces with her abductors be-i- * members were disappointed The youth said she told him of willingly helping to rob a San Francisco bank and of firing 30 rifle shots during a sporting bite House counsel John creating a special prosecutor in-nents that the large center is ^    ® According to Rodino. it dependent from the executive too big for Cedar Rapids, but ^    ^ fa “a discussion of the branch.    his    vote    was    based on thc provi- 1    .    . »ate matter and the possi- 0n another front, Judge Ger- sions? of the zoning ordinance. *    . —-      bard    Gesell    said    Wednesday    he    “I    don’t    feel the economic *      ,    '    . (Continued from Page I Madison since cd him in I IMIG. tin' jury convict- —Mid-East— (Continued from Page 1.) Services: Turner ehapel east at 3 p.m. Friday by the Rev. Ernest W. Larson. Burial: Linwood. Friends may call at Turner east until 2:30 p m. Friday. The casket will not be opened alter the service. Mrs. Cecil Schantz Vida Velma Schantz, 62. of 916 G avenue NW, widow of Cecil Schultz and a lifelong residentl:mjum-lion placed agatnsl us die East    in two or three days w i t h o u t working a disengagement accord. Meanwhile, I s r a e I i troops using roadblocks and helicopters went on alert along the Lebanese    frontier Wednesday to 0f    odar    Rapids,    died    Tuesdav prevent    Arab reprisal raids following    a    long    illness    She    was a gainst Israeli settlements owner and operator of F Avenue below the border    Hardware in Cedar Rapids for Syrian and Israeli artillery many years and tanks clashed on the Golan Born Oct. 24. 1911. she was Heights late Tuesday and Israe ,married to Mr. .Schantz iii On another front, Judge Gerhard Gesell said Wednesday he would order the turn over any material'’ documents needed in son and Justice Clay LeGrand the Ellsberg breakin trial concurred in the result.    scheduled for June 17. Jay Holmium, former city at- “I don’t recognize executive torney who handled the city’s privilege lf anything is rele-legal brief before the supreme vant and material, it’s going to court, said. “In effect, the sn- be produced by the United pre me court has upheld us on States,” Gesell remarked dur-two out of the three important ing his third day of oral argu-points involved    ments on pre-trial motions “The court agreed with our “We must proceed with what contention that we do not need is relevant and material in this to pay maintenance costs out of crime. We’re not going to have Miss Hearst packed a knife and always wore a gun on her hip. She wore a short, Afro-style wig and was D White House lo base is something you can,1c0'';LresSed in a sweater, slacks and j “relevant and sider under the ordinance, he ,...    .    f sal* Prime Consideration It’s very important to note parking revenue. there should not It agreed that have been an a secret tors," trial of public mat* “Tho court said we do have to pat enforcement coMs lur meters out of parking funds and (his is contrary lo our position.” Honolulu said he feels the supreme court decision “clears —-Shoo Genie: (Continued from Rage I.) dudes many downtown busbies1 men and property owners. Their principal objection wa: hiking boots, he said. The Times said Matthews told them he waited two days to reveal Miss Hearses involve-that the prime consideration ment in his kidnaping because must be the general purpose of she and the Harrises threatened the ordinance and not the hard- him. reminding him they had ships of an individual case.” taken him from Ins house.so Park s Commissioner Stan they knew where he lived Reinis raid he voted for the proposal because “I didn’t have; 20 any particular reason to say land ‘no’.”    it ary He said if the developer built the the center en 66 acres, then Southeast Asia came back and asked for rezon- - ing of the additional ‘22 acres to provide better parking and J drainage, no one would object. Does It Now By approving the zoning of the additional land, he said. thc( council enables the developer to YEARS AGO New Zea-called for immediate mili-talks to plan ways to halt communist advance in rn, Light lip Someone s day with Flowers PIERSON’S ,lw" I 800 IIH* Blvd. NW FLOWIRPHONi 366-1 8 26 SHOP that the additional land would Ii warplanes flew raids against Cedar Rapids She attended the way tor the city to finance permit construction of a sin p-suspected Arab terrorist hide- Bethany Congregational church parking ramps by use of levo- ping center too large to be sup outs in southern Lebanon and Coe college.    nue bonds.”    ported by area shoppers without BROSH CHAPEL ( pilar Rapids Ih'i iih'il lo CuhlU' Sci i ice Inquire Ahum Our Pre-arranged Service* Solon Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LAPPS (onvemrnl downtown louifion ms 3rd Ave. SE    .365-0511 <r; SE o Let our Flowers express your respect and love FLORIST and GIFT SHOR    364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day Serving all faiths since 1888. John Ii. IUrncr&Son Turner s East, Turner s West BOO Se \:>?\ ! cond Ave SE itst Ave. West ;

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