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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa U)EU, LOH AT DOE 5 A G( WAoLE 4C0UT po LcW MEW LOST? ACTUALS HA-5 TluO CHOILER Ll I THINK N I'LL PANIC! HE CAN PANIC. OK ME CAN CALMLY TANE OUT HIH MAP AND COMPAS, AND CALMLY Find HI5 LAY PACK HOME.. beetle bailey WHY AM I inside BUKNiNe l\6v\i$ OM A PAY LIKE J\A\6? 0)VE ME ONE REASON WhlY I COULDN'T WORK \ OUT POORS ' Thf *>dar RaPld* (ia/ftlf: Sat , May IK, HH PEANUTS AMANDA PANDA Bv MARCIA COURSE STEVE CANYON MARK TRAIL rn By ED DOOD I'M COOKING UP SOME STE IM EOC VOU WE NEED TO 6ET YOU BACK MOOSE Bv BOB WEBER NANCY Bv ERNIE BUSHMILLER ACROSS I Javanese vol< ann 5 Aleutian island 9 Japanese volcano 12 Short jacket 13 College official 14 Female hog 15 Capital of Maryland 17 Author of The Raven 18 Notched bar 19 Chemical hydrocarbons 21 Mountain lake 23 Pitch 24 Body of water 27 Droops 29 Volcanic exudate 32 Volcano in California 34 Boy s name 36 Lend aid to 37 Put in 38 Malt brew 39 Dispatched 41 Morbid prefix i 42 Insurgent i coll I 44 Kntire person 4h Conflicts in warfare 49 Muse of poetry 53 Arab name 54 Valued loo highly 5ft Masculine appellation 57 Fermented grape juice 58 Burrow ing mammal 59 Lair 60 Winter vehicle 61 Epic poetry DOW N 1 Toothed whee 2 Healing device 3 Do not (contr I 4 Make into law 5 Bustle 6 Volcano in Sumatra 7 Part of a comet 8 Dislocate ll Removed bv suction ll) Immediately ll Is in debt 16 Aspects 20 Niagara, for instance 22 Raves 24 Thick slice 25 Aliev late 2ft Atfirmation 28 Hogs 30 Absolute 31 Crafts 33 Tributary of the Danube 35 Deer horn 40 Hebrew ascetic 43 Sounds as a trumpet 45 Fashion 4ft I nvarmshed 47 Nautical term 48 W ic ked 50 On top of 51 Knd I comb form i 52 Poems 55 Bright color “Can you still do that funny impersonation of the boss? The one you were fired for doing.” DICK TRACY Bv MILTON CANIFF "NJ EVEN NOW THE CANYON TI CANOY KIP I* ABOUT TO RJN UP YOUK PHONE BILL BY CALLING THE J POLICE / J-- SHV MARY WORTH THEM YOU WON'T TRY ONCE MORE TO MAKE YOUR hispanic? be REASONABLE, PEGGY'? NO, MR PURHAM' MATT POESN'T TEEL HE IS UNREASONABLE! ANP I LOVE HIM TOO MUCH TO MAKE AN ISSUE OF ITf \ y'KNOW, IF I HAP EVER MET A GIRL LIKE YOU I WOULDN'T BE A BACHELOR I THINK YOU'D BETTER FLAG DOWN A TAKI FOR ME/ Bv SAUNDERS ANO ERNST r OH/■■ DON'T MAIL THE CHECK | TO MY APARTMENT' - I'LL STOP IN AND PICK IT UP- • kSOME DAY WHEN SHOPPING' Read Dennis the Menace Daily in The Gazette Classified Section BUZ SAWYER pssSf NOW,LOOK, MR. SULEMAN, YOU IF I AM A COR AS VOU SAY, HE? J J'V RUN YOU IN ANP WE'P b7 j-f TEAR YOUR PLACE APART 7 LOOKING POR THAT STOLEN * 1 V- COIN COLLECTION, WOULDN'T WE? ) CF- Bv ROY CRANE 'to prove THAT I WANT TO MAKE A DEAL' WITH TOU AND BUY THAT COLLEC7ION-, NO QUESTIONS ASKED —I'M LETTING i SOU CO... TWATS WHAT. NU WALT DISNEY’S SCAMP Bv WALT DISNEY Bv CHESTER COULD GRIN AND BEAR IT By Lichty i NI WSCAPf R ENTERPRISE ASSN I I 2 3 4 12 15 16 18 Roscoe! . . . I've designated mother here as a pinch viewer while you go out and mow the lawn! Bv LEONARD STARR blondie T JULIUS MAS BEEN WOR Kl MO dZf OVERTIME FOR THE J? TAST MONTH V y < ’ ll!|{ I NEVER GET TO A SEE HIM ( ANYMORE lf}-ti JfJk i o1! (#r UIM / ) 'jfr-' Bv CHICA YOUNG T WE HARDLY HAVE~TIME i TO HAVE A GOOD ^    1 ARGUMENT l*fL t anymore } I «r. I    v    HE'6 NOT HERE, .. IV UKE TO \ MISS PERKINS.. BUT SEE MR PINCHOT, J HE CAN BE REACHED aFAse... rf at miss avisse's ‘ HE'S GONE TO V I DON'T KNOW, SEE MAVIS? HAS BUT IT SHOUlDN T THE LANDSLIDE / MATTER IF IT ri BEEN CLE AKED X HASN'T BEEN... J AuvAV? -    \  _X ...AAR PINCHOT hired A helicopter.. ;

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