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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- • hance of Ii e a v y ruins tonight and Saturday. I.ow in mid 50s. High Saturday around 70. VOLl J MIO 02 NUM BKK 1211 CITY FINAL IO CENTS DIE ('KUAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, MAY 17. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES I NC LE WOOD, Calif. (UPI) A man who with two women was involved in a bizarre shooting Thursday was tentatively identified by the FBI today as William Taylor Harris, believed to he a founding member of the Symbioncse Liberation Army, kidnapers of Patty Hearst. Police and FBI agents closed in on a building in Los Angeles where the three were believed to be holed up. T Ii e y fired teargas and .stormed the house hut it proved to be empty. The teargas canisters were fired through the front windows of the house. Police wearing gasmasks burst into the house and began examining suitcases, according to a newsman at the scene. The FBI had been searching j for Harris after he dropped a .38 Colt pistol outside a sporting goods store. The pistol was! traced to Emily Harris, the; suspect’s wife. Special Agent John Morrison, said the gun was purchased by Mrs. Harrison Oct. 13, 1973. Harris and his wife dropped out of sight in January. Los Angeles Area Morrison also said a red and white Volkswagen van used by the trio had been recovered and “evidence located inside” in- Israeli Ground Force Hits Palestinian Base Explosives Set Off at Rush Hour DUBLIN (AP)—Bombs plant West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Addresses the Bundestag Schmidt Backs U.S. Presence in Europe UPI Telephoto BONN (AP) — West German Peace Prize, Schmidt said: “The Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Fri- change in office of the federal day strongly endorsed a contin-(chancellor docs not change the ued U.S. presence in    Europe    (continued correctness and    ne- and described the Atlantic Al- ccssity” of that policy. dteated the    trio    had been iii the)    “ “.J*?1,    „‘°    Hc Prf“swl ",he creative    pow- south-ccntral area of Los Ange-jJ n ’    cr with which lie (Branchi lcs for “several days.”    .    ,    ,    '’laced our country on a new ..    ,    .    “We    stand by the aim ol the course of domestic reform . . Scot cs    ol    F    agents    showed    political unity of Europe    in part-    which in barely half a of    atricia    ncrsbip with the U.S.,”    he said    brought Inflation Rate Tops Earlier Estimates WASHINGTON (AP) — Prices would be the 12-month rate if rose at a 115 percent rate in the I the first-quarter figures con-first three months of the year, tmue unchanged during worse than previous estimates, span reported that By United Press International    and Syrian planes but Israel de- An Israeli commando unit n,ed *be report The Lebanese carried out a hit-run attack military command said Israeli against an Arab guerilla base n pianos broke the sonic barrier mile inside Lebanon Friday and over Beirut Friday and that the Israeli planes struck guerilla lebanese air force scrambled bases near the border in the    but made no contact, second day of retaliation for the    A Syrian communique issued    cd    in parked cars    exploded    at Maalot massacre, Israeli mili- in Damascus said the Syrian the height of the commuter rush tory spokesmen reported.    and Israeli warplanes fought an i1()Ur jn central Dublin Friday. The Palestinian nows aeonev mr battle over south lebanon L-,.    ,    .    ,    ...    .    .    ., ... I    dblIRy    ...    .    ... Fire department officials said Wafa said in Beirut the Israeli Friday and that an Israeli plane    ' planes .struck in “waves." hit-    was shot down in flames.    at    lcast •» persons    were    killed ling five separate Palestinian    "There was no contact, there    an(' sc°res injured. refugee camps in southern Le-    was no battle and there was    no    "I he explosions came    within a banon. It said anti-aircraft bat-    downing.” an Israeli army    half-mile radius of the    capital’s tories opened up on the plane*- spokesman said in Tel Aviv. big Amien Street railroad term- but made no claims of hitting The Lebanese government an- ^rial. I he blasts went off on them.    nounced that 48 persons werei^Parnell,    Granville Swift Revenge    killed and 184 wounded in two and Talbot streets. Palestinian guerilla    leaders    lsraeli air strikes int0 Lebanon f>ollce    sald thcre    was    n0 promised swift revenge    for ,he    “ay. carried out in retail.- ^    ^ Krarli air <drikoc    ,lon ^or an Arab guerilla attack ro officials said the charges taiai.il cm mi in* a.    israeli horder village    nf    were placed in parked    cars and Damascus reported a dogfight    J? 7°. 7,“ writer village    ot    ^    » over Rhmm hptu,ppn israeli1 Maa,ot that eft 30 persons aeionatwi one by one over a poi over Lebanon between Israeli ^    *    |    iod of about 20 minutes. u .. Dublin had not had a major The Israeli air strikes brought ,    •    .    u u-    r* i ..m    w™.t.l‘crron8t bombl"8 anat Dec- >. 1972. when two bus drivers were killed and 120 persons were wounded. These blasts coincided with a Met Privately    debate in the dad, the Irish Re- , , K I s s I n g e r met first with Public's Parliament, on legists- TK I    *    Primo    Minister    \foir nri-1^®^ I® crush the outlawed Irish As^ToXTSlvS for an hour Friday and    Army.    lighting in ling iowa Electric Light and ,hcn conferred with her full ne- ^')'lh<;r.n !r!m7t’i(nrr!mv'ncr Power Co. to place into effect gelating team.    i    wilh    HLnhl™ lr™,WW? immediately an electric rate in- On arrival from Damascus!__^ crease requested a month ago. before dawn, Kissinger said he ! The commission order per- Ii a d unspecified “new aP'|l||f|ffp DlQITIICQPQ mits collection at the higher proaches.” A high American of-    l#BdilllOoCo rate, under company bond, and ficial on his Jerusalem-Damas-1 (subject to refund after hearing I cus shuttle plane said the two and final commission dctermi- sides were as close to agrec-nation    ment as possible without actual-. Home Increase    jfy having It.    j . ! Even ae. Kissinger's meetings The rate increase, which will Higher Power Rates Given State Okay sharp criticism from Secretary of State Kissinger who had also denounced the Arab guerilla attack. witnesses pictures of Patricia Hearst and several SLA members but would not comment on any possible identification. more social decade progress in his inaugural address before than ever before in a similar One of the two women sprayed the sporting goods store front with 30 bullets from a .30 caliber machine gun hut no one was hit during the gunfire which also included three shots fired by an employe of the store. The commerce department also reported that the nation's economy — as measured by the Gross National Produet — declined by a 6.3 percent rate in January through March. The department the lower house of parliament, j time span.” the bundestag.    I Concerning the spy case. “The FJuropean community is I Schmidt described it as a seethe indispensable basis for this, j ous burden to normalization of The creation of a European po- relations between West and FJast litical union is more urgent than j Germany, ever.”    But    he pledged that his gov- Schmidt stressed his govern-1 eminent would continue to seek ment would continue the foreign J better relations with East errand security policies of the Willy Brandt regime.    Cations with the Soviet Union “What Brandt did to create a and the rest of Eastern Europe. Store employe Iony Shepard, respected and honored position At the same time Schmidt 20, said the man and one of the for (}u, Federal Republic was stressed the importance of the women entered the store and an outstanding service to our U.S. shield for Europe, saying: purchased $31.50 worth ol heavy j people,” Schmidt told an ap- “The balance cf power in the socks, sweatshirts and other out-1 p]auding bundestag two weeks world and the security of West- 12 percent increase in after-tax door clothing and paid    tor the    after Brandt’s resignation    over    em Europe will remain    depen-    profits in the first quarter,    inpurchase in cash    a spy scandal.    dent for the foreseeable    future    creasing $8 6 billion to $80.2    bil- But before they left,    Shepard    Pledging to pursue the course    on the military and political    lion at an annual rate, said, he noticed that the man    of F’ast - West detente    that    presence of the United    States    All figures are based on    an Charge Against Senator Gurney TALLAHASSEE. Fla. (AP) (- got under way, his spokesman A judge Friday dismissed an incharging Sen.    Gur- . i . .    .    .    the U.S. “deeply deplores” such j ney, a Republican member of after-tax earnings in    the    j amount to about    $1.40 per month jloss of jife as cause(j by    the,the watergate committee    with quarter of 1973, but    the    I or residential    customers "ho J Israeli air strikes. It expressed    an election law violation    con- was the    worst since    a    13    percent    j profit    figures also reflected    the    use an average    ot 585 kilowatt- concern that such incidents    un-    cerning campaign contributions inflation    rate    in the    first    quarter    higher cash receipts resulting    hours. This is    a nine percent dcrmine the peace search.    rfnrip* vt,-rh.™    h of 1951    from    inflation.    jump.    vi^inoor    was    to    return    to    aMature sam ,    -• For the    averse farm eiisinm Kissinger    was to    return to    the indictment    was based on a ,hc f,rst*    g -    ;    Damascus    Saturday    after    a    spe-iSection    of    the    state    election    law . „ . ,    ,    .    under    way. his spokesman the government reported kn- The increase was a big im- produce $7 million annually in was issnjnK abatement saying|dictment day.    provement over the 0.1 percent,a d d 11 i o n a I revenue, will The rate of inflation — solidly I rise in in the double digit category - fourth quarter of 1973. but the tor residential customers woo ,srac]i air strjkes. It expressed fan election law violation from inflation. Much of the gain in quarter profits was in the increased value in inventories, the commerce department said. The commerce many as well as lo cultivate re- ed „last month lhal flrs„t ('uark'r inflation was at a 10.8 percent rate and the economy declined at a 5.8 percent rate. The commerce department also reported Friday that the nation's corporations recorded a I cr, the about $2.97 per ipercent on .    .    .    use of 1,142 kwh i    ,?pa    ,    The    increase    is    $582 and IOT ...    .    „ also reported Friday that dtspo- , on , ;65 kwh momh developments. had estimat- personal    income    of Amen-    for    |hc av    commercial    One possible scenario cans —    that    is,    income    atter    lcustomer and $14 30 por month    that if he cannot complete the    jury last    month    on    a mis- and    IO 5 'percent on 6.200 kwh    agreement himself, he will    demeanor    charge    of accepting per    month for an average indus-lleave behind two aides* Joseph    campaign    contributions    without increase will amount tot . ,    .    f T    . month or ins cl£d sesslon die Israeli cam- that was unconstitutional and .he farm's'average J* dieses the lat^t moves ..nul, void.” b Whether he returns after that to Jerusalem, he said, depends on    *    eleanor The F'lorida senator was in-was (dieted by a Leon county grand taxes — increased $13.6 billion in the first quarter and that the1 personal savings rale dropped ,7ia| cusiomer $5.b billion to a 6.6 percent rate. Coupal Proposed As Federal Aide had st ut fed a pair of socks up brought Brandt the 197! Nobel of America iii Europe, his sleeve. Gun Fell Out annual rate, meaning that this Shepard followed the couple out of the store and confronted them and during a scuffle the gun fell from the man’s pants. At that point, a woman in the van which was parked across the    street    opened    fire    with a machine gun. spraying the store with 27 shots and hitting adjoining    shops    with    three    more rounds. One id the store’s employes tired back with (lie dropped gun as the man and woman jumped into the van whieh sped off. About a half hour later, the three suspects commandeered a ear    in the    Lennox    area,    telling the    driver,    “We’re    SLA    and we need your ear.” The parked van was later recovered by authorities and found to bt* registered to a Ricky Delgato of San Francisco. Authorities said the group had ear trouble a short tune later, and approached Thomas I’apili, 65, on the front lawn of his son's home iii Hawthorne. Papin said the three were armed with 30-caliber machine guns and told (Continued Rage 3. Col 3.1 forint;'* Hind.Ic The Watergate hearings prove you didn’t have to work for Hubert E Lee to he a confederate Copyright Cornell Names President Sisco and Alfred Atherton to    naming a campaign treasurer work out the details until he re-    or setting up a campaign bank Interim Increase    turns in several weeks.    account. Iowa Electric announced its j The high official aboard Kis- McClure said the Democratic application for an increase April I singer’s plane predicted the politician who first accused 15. While the original applica-1 Arab guerilla attack on an Gurney to violating the statute tion    was intended to produce    israeli town and the retaliatory    had been allowed to give legal WASHINGTON    (AR) - The    $9.2    million in    annual revenue,    raids in Lebanon would not    advice to the grand jury in federal highway    administrator    the    company    only requested    wreck Kissinger’s efforts even    violation of Florida law. has recommended Iowa Direc-    that    an interim    increase to pro-    though they made the mission    Ihe judge said he considered tor of Highways Joseph IL duce $7 million in additional an-1 harder.    f!le testimony of State Rep. Coupal. jr., to be his deputy nual revenue be placed in cf-    Casualties?    Marshall Harris “highly un did not mention inflict-1 administrator. MT. VERNON The Cornell college board of trustees F'riday named Dr. Philip B. Secor, Allentown, Pa., as the college’s 12th president. Dr. Secor is currently dean of Muhlenberg college in Allentown, a position h<‘ has held since July 1967 The new president’s appointment will be effective Aug. I, according to Cornell board President Al Morrissey, Mt Vernon Iii making the announcement. Morrissey said. “Alter an e x Ii a u s I i v e ten-month search, the board and the presidential selection commit tee, which was composed ol representatives from al! college constituencies, are conli dent that Dr Secor is one of the top education administra tors iii the country " Education Dr. Secor, 12, a native ol MI Kisco. N Y., earned his MA and Ph.I) degrees iii jki litical science at Duke univer s11y. Durham, NC, and his BA at Drew university. Modi son, N J Besides serving as dean of Muhlenberg, Secor has been an associate professor of polit leal science Prior lo his ai point meld at Muhlenberg, he taught political science at Da vidson college in Lexington, NC. lour years Iii 1962, Dr Secor served as assistant to the dean of Dick inson college, Carlisle. Pa Ile also taught political science at Dickinson from 1959 63 Iii “\\ bo s \\ Im?" Iii 1951159 while working oil his advanced degrees, he was executive sccretai\ of the Lilly Endowment Research Program al Duke Also at Duke he served as a part time political science instructor. Dr Secor has been listed iii “Who's \\ ho iii America since 1969 He has been active iii community and church affairs. serving on various boards and committees. Among groups in which Dr. Secor has participated are the board of directors of Lehigh county (Pa i Vocational-Technical school, board of school directors of Allentown, and board of commissioners of Allentown Housing Authority. Published Articles He has also been on the hoard of directors of the Lehigh county Planned Parenthood Assn and the hoard of directors of the Moscow Field Institute (’ i I i z e n Exchange Corps in New York City and he has served on the board of directors ol the Allentown public libraries. Dr Secor has had articles published in various political science, law, religion and other journals Dr Secor is a member of several professional and fra tertial organizations, including the American Conference of Academie Deans, the American Political Science Assn , and tile Societ) for Religion iii Higher Education. Mrs Secor is the former Anne L Smith ol Morris, N Y The Seeors have three children, Nanette, 17: David, 13. and Catherine. 11 Sometimes It May Be Better To Hitchhike A man who was in court Thursday on a charge of larceny of a motor vehicle was I arrested after the session and charged with stealing the car which he drove to court Kennth Grulkey. jr . 19, of 818 Tenth street SU. was bound over to the grand jury on the first ear theft charge He was taken to the Linn county jail on the second charge, and held under $1,000 1m>ik1 He was accused of tak mg a car from Steitzer Lincoln Mercury Tuesday Police received a tip claiming Grulkev had the car, and arrested him following the session iii the First avenue court Stock Market Drops Sharply feet. This increase still puts the residential unit coef of electrics | tv at a lower level than it was in 1960, company officials said. I sr ae I n g in asualties ground strike one mile across (Continued: Page 2. Col. I Turner: Pa Der Boys Need $10 Permit under New Bill DES MOINES (AP) The recently passed consumer credit I bill would require newspaper boys, lawyers and landlords to purchase annual $10 licenses, j according to Iowa Atty. Gen Richard Turner. The bill, designed til set higher maximum legal credit interest and add consumer credit protection to Iowa law, was pate over whether a bill is    | owed. The bill defines debt eollcc tors and requires them to register with the attorney general be and pay a $10 fee annually. “lf you study this, you see that debt collector probably includes a newspaper boy, a lawyer who collects debts and most landlords,” Turner said. “There are over given final legislative approval in the final hours of the 1974 (tieing attorneys iii Iowa.” Turn-legislative session.    er    said.    “I    don’t    know    how It is one of almost HH) bills (many apartment house owners awaiting Gov Robert Ray s sig- there are    but every    guy who nature when he returns from a owns an apartment the Marshall Harris “highly proper and prejudicial.” The judge also said he was Fnatiy sjthrowing out the indictment because it attempted to broaden the language of the election law and was drawn up improperly. State Atty. Harry Morrison would not say whether he would appeal the ruling until he had time to study the judge's order. “Delighted” Mense attorney O’. Harris Dittmar said he was “delighted” w ith McClure’s decision. In Washington, Gurney said would make no comment about the ruling until he had conferred with his lawyer. Dittmar moved for dismissal last week on grounds the indictment was vague and unconstitutional and that Harris was al-3 Coo prac- l°wed to testify before the grand (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) NEW YORK (AP) Stocks 1 fell sharply iii intensified trading Friday as new prune rate increases were announced The hems 2 p in Dow Jones average was page down 16.90 at I outnumbered I I on the New York Stock FJx 'change. trip to China May 26 Turner said he is preparing "a list of detects’’ iii the consumer credit hill to present lo Run in hopes the governor will veto the measure. The attorney general con tends one of the biggest prob in tin owns an apartment house will have to be covered." Turner contends the news-! paper boys would be included in the definition of debt collet-j tor which includes persons “engaging, directly or indirectly in debt collection, whether for himself, his employer, or others.” And the landlords would be Today s Index bill is the seven- included because leases are m-colleetion section, eluded in the definition of debt. debt 818 44 and losers designed to prevent debt col j But the attorney general said milers more than lectors from harassing people hie doubts if ordinary business who fall behind iii their meats or when there is a pay debts are covered in the di dis- collection section of the bill. bt Comics ............ 22 Crossword .mm Daily Record 3 Deaths .. .. 3 Editorial Features ..... 6 Farm 12 Financial 23 Marion ...... 5 Mo\ ies It.15 Society 10,11 Sports 17-20 State 8,9 Television 21 Want Ads .. 24 29 ;

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