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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 30.00 NAIIOnai WI Ai H(t M evict tOAtCAH lo 7am ISI * * IS- 74 DEATHS Prairie School Official Dies Double Trouble Track Torpedoes, Flares Stolen Railroad police believe children are responsible for the theft Monday of explosives and a special radio from a Milwaukee Road caboose. The caboose was parked on the tracks near Franklin park and Twentieth street NE, when several fusees and track Mr. Strong was born May 11,1 torpedoes were taken. Howard Cecil Strong, f>8, of 1424 Harold drive SE, assistant superintendent of College Community schools since 1969, died Tuesday following a lingering illness. 1916, at Oelwein, and was married to Ronnie Curry, Aug. 2, 1942, in Cedar Rapids. UAI WI AIHfA fOICXAST C* I'din will UH Wednesday night in the Pacific Northwest, and upper sippi valley and parts of tho Northeast. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. and mid-Missis- —Daily Record— The W ea ther High temperatures Tuesday, low temperatures overnight and inches et precipitation: Anchorage    5A ai    L. Angeles    45 41 Atlanta    83 40    Miami    82 7? .12 Bismarck    47 31 .02    Minneapolis    53 39 .07 Chicago    47 SO .54    N. Orleans    85 74 Denver    71 40    New York    74 42 Duluth    39 34 .14    Phoenix    94 <2 Honolulu    85 70    Seattle    57 42 .12 Houston .    84    74    Washington    80 44 Extended Forecast — Chance of showers and thunderstorms Friday and Saturday ending S u ii d a y. Warming Saturday, turning cooler Sunday. Highs upper 60s to 70s. Lows upper 40s to 50s. C. R. Weather High Tuesday ............... 64 IaOW overnight More Letters, Petitions on Shop Center Howard C. Strong He received his bachelor of arts degree from Upper Iowa college in 1939, and his master’s degree from the University of Iowa in 1956. He was teacher and coach at New Hartford high school in 1939-40, and at Elgin high school from 1940-43. After serving as a The area is near several schools and children arc frequently seen playing in the area. Lt. .James Christensen, of the Milwaukee Road police department, said the fusees and torpedoes could be dangerous if used by inexperienced persons. A track torpedo, he said, is an explosive charge laid on a track and used as a warning signal for oncoming trains. When exploded it makes a sound similar to a gunshot that can be heard inside a locomotive. The track torpedo is powerful enough to blow off a person’s hand, Christensen said. 'I he fusees are used for signaling at night. Many times (xperienccd persons suffer injuries caused by particles of the fusees which break loose and lodge on the person’s clothing, he said. Christensen said the torpedoes are a half inch thick and about one and one-half inches square Fusees are about a half inch in diameter and about ten inches long. Both explosives are wrapped in red paper with a paraffin coating. The radio valued at $700 is used solely for railroad communications and cannot be altered for other use, Christensen said. The Cedar Rapids police department is also investigating the theft. Quick Arrest Made in Rural C. R. Breakin the Cedar Rapids 3A I fiazettr: Wed.. May 15, IM    - —Impeach— (Continued from Page I.) for red to staff suggestions and recommendations made at a May 9 closed session. It was I these references that caused Rodino to rule that the memo had violated rules of confidentiality and could not be discussed at an open hearing. Linn deputies made a quick| arrest Tuesday night in connection with a breakin at a rural: Cedar Rapids residence in which more than $2,000 worth of items were stolen. In custody Wednesday in Linn county jail pending arraignment    lopes    Sought I was Danny McNabb, 25, of 1122 j hoar noted that there were Regent street NE.    two meetings April 4. at which Deputies said Arnold R. Port the subject of the so-called reported the breakin about 11:30 Kiddy plan may have come up. I p.m. Tuesday and that McNabb According to testimony by was arrested several hours former Nixon campaign aide Job Stuart Magruder before the later. They attributed the quick ar- Watergate committee, former rest to good, routine police work Attorney General Mitchell ap by another deputy, who earlier!pr*°ved tho political intelligent <• Tuesday night had checked out l}'an March TO, 1972, at a meet a car parked near the Port resi- m8 m Key Biscayne, Ha. donee northwest of Cedar Boar also asked for tapes of Rapids    s*x meetings and telephone con- After the breakin was report-1 versalionf.    *• ,197,2' in' eel the car was traced to Mc- volvln« thc Prcs,dent' formcr ;md Fourth street in the 1500 to 1800 block SW. 7:44 p.m. Tuesday. Two alarm fire under investigation at 860 Filth avenue SE. 9:48 p.m. Tuesday. Needless concerning a proposed shopping from 1946-56 and principal in the call at 5511 Sixth street SW. Renter at the intersection of C o 11 e g e Community district on''stove* at* mt5    149    an(i    road    from    1956-66. SW.    ^w-    He    was    principal    at    Hoover    el- 2:42 a.m. Wednesday. Mal- .^c council will probably de-e rn e n t a r y school in Cedar Rapids from 1966-69 until he returned to College Community as naval officer during World war Petitions and letters continued ll, Strong was principal and to pour into city hall Wednesday coach at Springville high school —Terrorists— iArson Possible (Continued from Page I.) Cause of Fire building and rigged electric cables around the building — presumably attached to explosives — as the Israelis brought (j) Nabb, who was then found and arrrested. Reported stolen in the breakin were ll firearms valued at $1,355, a coin collection valued at $1,000 and several other items. Most of thc loot was Af Laundromat rocovcr!di!utho^i!!.said C. R. Man Faces A fire that began in the rear i self .service laundromat function of alarm at 950 Shaver cide next week whether to rezone 22 acres at the site, adjacent to 66 acres previously road NE. Magistrate’s Court Speeding —Bernard Kofron, 2326 Teresa drive SW; fined $45 and costs. Danny Himes, Ely; fined $35 and costs. Doris Flanigan, Hiawatha; Rita Eg-Coe college; Michael rezoned to permit construction of the facility. About 25 letters from individuals have been received this assistant superintendent. Mr. Strong was a member of Westminster Presbyterian church, Iowa Assn. of School Administrators, Phi Delta 2 p.m. Wednesday    55 Precipitation ............. None Total for May ............. 3.90 Normal for May    3 59 Normal through May ......11.40 Total for 1974    14 92 IaOW overmgnt .............. 46    sen. coe college; lvuenaei most Equally betweenI'hose^who Kappa’ 1 niversily Athletic club, Noon Wednesday ........... 59    puchs, 624 Twen^ixth -~C!OT,23? and had served as its secretary. Surviving in addition to his in daughters, De with the guerillas. Normally the school would have been empty. Hut officials said about IIG schoolchildren and several teachers on a bus tour of biblical sites in northern Galilee were billeted there for the nigh!. About 20 of the children, a teacher and their bus driver escaped by leaping from second- White House aide H. R. Halde-man and former special counsel Charles Colson. All the requested conversations on that day took place after the President had talked by telephone with Mitchell,    the first conversation between    the two since the Watergate breakin. The White House has said the Nixon - Mitchell talk never was recorded because it was on a telephone not tied into the 1120 tapin£ system Second avenue SE, was charged I he last three conversations with forgery and uttering and J*!0!*:    ween the President and publishing of a federal treasury! ^an '^une 23’    72, at a Fire officals say the cause of check in an appearance before    White    House    was    connie fire, reported at 9:44 p.m., federal Magistrate    James    cernod that    the FBI investiga- is still undetermined, but could Hodges, jr., Tuesday.    Watergate breakin possibly    have    been    arson.    The    charge    originated    in    De-1 mi8ht expose a secret C IA    op- The building houses the Easy- troit, and a removal hearing    is    cra^I0n- Wash laundromat, Merlisa Tap scheduled for May 28    *)ne    *be    hems presented in and the    Food    Center.    Secret    service    agents were    to c'os®d session Tuesday was    the The fire was confined to the I have served the warrant, butip*ayin£ °/ a Bictabelt of the two Arab prisoners by heli-    "    ,uu,,u‘    U“‘U1    q    J    _    r    _    |    U    -» copter to the village to bargain cau moderate damage Tues- I 6Q6ra| v^narCJG day to the frame building at 860-j 66 Fifth avenue SE, which also houses a tavern and a grocery store. Ervin Douglas Terry, All were Arabs burst Hebrew: Joseph Peterson, 7151support the rezoning and those ip . Ranid Thirty-first street SE; Scott who oppose it. In addition, a pe-Andrea, 1536M, First avenue titian bearing 218 signatures. gd-NE; George Willits, 440 Nine- M _ .l rP7nnina i n •• h eypenny!'^11road^IN?e" knitted Wednesday ’ by Vbby wife are two daughters, De- pen to you if you will be quiet.” Susan Shaffer. Monticello; Cox. 2801 Wilson avenue SW.    horah, Cedar Rapids and Susan, Then they separated the chil- David Fiala, 1327 Nineteenth Since the controversy began,    Phoenix, Ariz.; a son, Kenneth,    dren. putting the    girls on    one Barometer, rising    29.87    avenue SW; Roger Techau Too individual comments have been    Cedar Rapids; his mother. Mrs.    floor and the boys    on another. Ethaii Akin, Vim/ TwentiethIevenly split, while petitions fa- DW* Strong, Jackson. Wye.; avenue SW; Judith Wright, coring the proposal have heavi-    three sisters, Mrs. K W. Roice 1208 Crestview drive SE; James jy outweighed those opposing it.    and Mrs. D- Hullinger, both of    Security forces    sealed off    the Starkweather, Mt. Vernon;;    l.larlfcnn and Mrs F Johnson, area and surrounded the Guild- Central City; story windows. Several were re- |aun(jromat an(j (he tavern, ac- Terry turned himself in to Cedar Pres*deni s recollections of the Ported injured.    cording    to    the    fire    department.'Rapids police Tuesday. Hodges! 2^. telephone conversation smoke released Terry cognizance on on his own re-' asleep when    the    The building    suffered in. They told them,    I damage throughout.    cognizance    on    the    conditions ‘ Nothing will    hap-    The grocery    store    was open that    he    not    leave    the    state    and for business Wednesday despite appear before the court regular-the fire.    ,ly. with Mitchell, It lasted less than one minute and was the first recording played for the full 38-member committee. Humidity at noon    70% Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p.m., WNW at 7 mph. Sun rises Thursday, 5:45; sun sets, 8:21. Year Ago Today — High, 70; low, 51; rainfall, none. Traveler’s Forecast Thursday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck  Cloudy 53-37 Chicago ..... Cincinnati ... El win Clary, Larry Zcman, route three, Cedar Rapids; each fined $30 and costs. Mary Zahrt. route two, Marion:    Ivor Stanley, 3110 Terry drive SE; each fined $25 and costs. Walter Swain, 258 Highland drive NW; Karen Johnson, Independence; Senators Wont Witness Places Hall in Unite Against Dorm on Niqhf of Murder Resi9',‘rfi°" J    WASHINGTON (Al Campaign Trail By Ford Clark IOWA CITY - The prosecu- Cleveland Des Moines . Detroit Indianapolis . . Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha....... St. Louis ..... Sioux Falls Jackson, and Mrs. F. Johnson, area and surrounded the build Kansas City, Kan.    jng, mounting machine guns on Services will be 3 p.m. Friday! nearby rooftops. Local residents at Westminster Presbyterian j were ordered to take cover in church by Dr. John P. Woods.;bomb shelters as the guerillas    tion    has produced a witness in Burial:    Cedar Memorial. I fired from the windows.    The    James Hall murder case Friends may call at Turner east The terrorists sent out    one of    vvbo    ,es,llied be saw Hall in thc    ..    .    ff:    .    .    .    .    Hi    |thev    feej    that    wav    as    indiviHn' until 9 p m Thursday. Thu cats- the leachers with a lisl    of Ihe    dormitory about an hour before nath> 10 *•    «»<*•.!*    had    dls:!™y    tcel    ,hdl    »«*y    as    ,ndlvldu ket will not be opened at the Arabs whose freedom they de-tbe k°dy ^arah Ann Dttens I church at any time.    manded. Friends who wish may con-1 Defense Minister Moshe (AP) — Key Abernathy, head resident of senate Republicans have side-Rienow hall, testified to these Racked a White House sugges-security arrangements.    hon they take united action op- Defense attorneys for Hall so- posing President Nixon’s resig-licited testimony from Aber-|nahon — even though most say Teresa Malloy, 816 C avneue .    . NW; Janice May, 1948 b ave- martin: Experience nue NE; Janet Miller, 3000 J ■ */•./ ii lj i t i Shwrs 63-48 J street SW; John Thomas. 183 With Labor Helpful .Kir,2:«; r~hd.'■STiJSJi Kd?!^ I «» M.r.in, a candidate    for j    tribute    to the    HowardIM    Dayan    took a    heister to    Ma. Cloudy 67-48 NE; Carolyn Leidigh, 1614 Park The Democratic nomination    for    memorial fund    at    College    Com-    jot    t0 ta|<e    charge    of    the    forces NE; Kathryn!Linn county attorney, said Mon- munity schools. was discovered. Hall is charged with the March 13, 1973, murder of Miss Unlocked Gate PtCldy 64-45 j Towne court Shwrs 72-56 PtCldv 77-58 PtCldy 55-40 Cloudy 57-36 PtCldy 68-40 PtCldy    75-58;    steve Jeffords, 330 South i operation of    county affairs    will PtCldy    67-40    Eleventh street, Marion; fined depend on a    knowledgeable    and Degree    Days    ^L'ultv^enuipment - Steve e2perie?ce^    att?rn°y in    ‘he Tuesday    12    Jeffords. 330 South Eleventh;admin,stratlon of th€ collective Total to date.........6,786, street, Marion; fined $15 and, bargaining agreement with Worley. Ely; Steve Jeffords, day his experience in labor rela-.330 South Eleventh street, finnc ...nill,    u . f , • Marion; each fined $20 and j. d prote helpful in costs.    dealing    with county employes. Driving left of center line —j The day to day Orderly laying siege to the guerillas. Mrs. George Meyer Margretta Meyer, 71, wife of George Meyer, died Monday in Cedar Rapids after a illness. Through May 14, 1973 . . 6.831 Percent of normal year 102.26 Total normal year    6,631 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 7.1, fall .1 Lansing (18) 9.0, fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 17.6, rise .1 McGregor (IR) 9.8. rise .1 Guttenberg (15) 8 6, fall I Dubuque (17) 114. rise .5 Davenport (15) 9.5, no change Keokuk (16) 9.7, rise .4 costs. Failure to stop — Joseph Weber. 502 Second street SW; fined $20 and costs. Traffic signal violation — Ronald Meyers, 283 Lewellen drive NW; John Casali. 1611 Hollywood boulevard NE; Vail Hanusa, Palo; Terry Hay, Des Moines; each fined SIS and costs. Striking unattended vehicle —Kent Scranton. 271 Boicc county employes Martin said his experience as a labor relations counselor and unionized .35 C edar at C R. (13) 6 80. rise Walter A. Ramth- Coralvi!!e Lake Pool level Wednesday 679.22 Births — St. Luke's May 14 - To the families of Ron Fcder, 4617 Bever avenue SE, a daughter; Robert Shi-manek, Monticello, a daughter;, Willis Weseinan. 116 Twelfth I en“%SW;Jine%$j?0 andCOst street SE. a daughter; Bert Coleman, 1525 Fourth avenue SE, a son; Walter Murray. 1003 Ninth avenue SE, a daughter. Births — Mercy May 14 — To thc families of Danny Zcman, 6655 Mt. Vernon road SE, a son; Richard Selken, Keystone, a son; Thomas Van a m- friday Etten, 3216 Bowling street SW.1 Dysart -a daughter. May 15 Mr. and Mn .Albert Barnes, jr., 180 Twenty-first street, Marion, a daughter. Marriage Licenses Linda Wasinger and James Homewood, Louise Kelley and Dennis Ratzlaff. all of Cedar R a p ids. Deborah Kelley, Marion, and Mike Whitson, Amana. Marriages Dissolved Janet Elaine arui Frank John Michael. Cynthia A. and Paul I) Armstrong. Linda L. and David J. nosier. Ellen Joyce and Roller! Edward Martin, Sheila and Gilbert Drahos, Fires 12:03 pm. Tuesday. Assistance rail at 4.317 Sherman street NP’.. 1 50 pm, Tuesday. Defective stove at 1117 Third avenue SW 2 49 p rn. Tuesday Malfunction of elevator at First street and Second avenue SE. 5 nu p.m. Tuesday. False alarm at 400 F avenue NE. 7:26 p.m. Tuesday. Needless rail in alley behind IN street labor relations with county employes. Thc remarks were made at a coffee given by Julie Stewart, 1816 Central drive NW. Martin is a former assistant road NE; fined $20 and costs.(county attorney and presently is Donald Ratliff. 616 Fourth ave-    supervisor, nue SP.; fined $15 and costs.    J    * Driver’s license violation — Paul Chesmore, 1037 Center! Point road NE: fined $20 and1 costs. Antonio Alfaro, 114 Kifth street SW; fined SIO and costs. One-way street violation — Wilma Russell. 2080 Eastern boulevard SE; fined $15 and costs. Disturbing the peace LeRoy Webster, 814 Wilson av-! covered thc gate to a tunnel misleading into the building had not The brief effort, which includ-been locked.    md an on-again, off-again senate G . O. P . leadership meeting, came Tuesday as key Republi-Abcrnathy said the gate cans made clear    they agree mid have been closed and with the Democrats    that Nixon’s “Where is our security?’’ u' ^e^v^Two^leDh^^caHs!,0?ked at 5 P m*    !fate shou,d he settled by the im- angry villagers screamed at from    Hal|    ^    ,0    ^    10;3o: H«jsaidIhe ducoveredI the un- peachment process    rather than h,m    the nieht Miss Ottens was slain    locked ga 0 much ,ater ,n the by agnation. The villagers said a detaeh-i Roberson lived on the seventh    ,,‘    a    may    °r    may "H ?*°P    ^ of Pcnn' 'long mvnt of troops had been guard- floor of Ricnow hall and Miss',?!®    camPus    security    Sylvania, Scm lower (R-Tcxasl ling them against a terrorist at-latens occupied a room on the;about ,hls'    and Sen CoUon I She had resided in Miami ^ack but were since 1960 when she and |i^!''aa'a‘ 24 d“urs ..........!ity    that    he    may    have    admitted    mistake. husband moved from Cedar s    -    Telephone Calls    Hall    to    the    building.    Thc    suggestion    for a joint Roberson said he received a Abernath.v said c0uld notjG.O.P. effort, to counter the reseal! on two occasions in which rccal1 whcther be did d»d|ignation calls that were made Hall asked him to let him (Hall>Iadmit knowin8 Hal1 by si8ht !last week by several Republican in the building.    Didn’t    Suspect    senators and a number of confated last month by the Jewish, Entrv to the buiWing was supj    Is c r v a 11 v e newspapers, was and during the night L1P(1 up hv k„v oniv o0utir    Abernathy, who was sum- sprea(j outside the weekly Re- a bomb exploded in Jerusalem!^®sa!d £ clou^d Matin,0 'h® r°°m afl" Br®ndal and three Katyusha were found aimed at the heart of the Israeli capital (R-N.IL), all moved out of fourth f,w of thc coeducational    ml,hcy aSr?® wlth th®,P°*‘Uon before the dormitory    Abernathy    to    admit    the    possible| that resignation would be a Rapids. They returned to Cedar Rapids each summer, during Aimed at Jerusalem ------------------- —,    .    -    The    attack    concided    with    the his master’s degree in industrial ^    ^ Bme she was employe a i 26th anniversary of Israel s in- rclations would aid smooth Lms*ron^S'.    ...    . dependence — which was eele- ~ addition to her,. i_„* Nature Center Hike Scheduled Surviving rn husband are three daughters, | Marian Peters, Coral Gables,1 Fla., Lois Newcomb, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and Beverly Shaman, Cedar Rapids; and a son, John, Miami; seven grandchildren ; five greatgrandchildren; and a sister, Mary Burke, Burbank. Calif. She was active in the Eastern publican policy luncheon by may call at the Jones funeral home and, if they wish, contrib- Memorial Services A spring wildflower walk will be presented by the Indian Creek Nature center Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. Shapes, forms, colors, and life jute 1° th*-’ cancer fund \ccidmts, information and histories of the various wild-aid —Donald Cantomine, 1105 flowers and trees in bloom will and co.sts'reet ^ """* 5,00 be pointed out. Wildflowers l.kc- j ly to be in bloom are purple Iowa Deaths    trillium, Mayapple, strawberry, Manchester —Edward Letts, phlox and violets. 54 Friday at 1:30 at Shelly’s, picking wildflowers or other w lore friends may call after ll vegetation is prohibited, but pie- j of Memories mausoleum. ture-taking is welcome. Hikers    White, John CL — Mass    of    the should wear comfortable walk-    Resurrection Thursday    at    IO .    ,    .Ja.rn.    in    St.    Judes    churel!    by    the mg shoes. Children under 12j^ov Richard Ament. Burial: should be accompanied by an Mt. Calvary cemetery. Friends adult    I    may    call    at    the    Stewart    funeral The hike is open to the public. I    home Wednesday until 9    p.m. A fee of 25 cents per person will    _ * »r 11» " ",r 1 "•    “ . .a . j e    Turner    chapel    west    Thursday be collected from non members. ilikeis should meet at the Frail on Bertram road south of Sac and Fox I Thc rockets were found on launchers near the hilltop headquarters of the U N. truce organization and were primed with a , .    .    .    .    .timing    device.    Sappers    dis- Star and American Legion aux- man||ec|    seconds before diary. Services: Thursday at *i they were set to detonate, p.m. at United I’resbytertan ^ neighbor of the family mur-church in Williamsburg. Friends ;dm,d by |h(, guerillas before they took over the school said rockets!"    y    .,    .    ‘    Simpson discovered the body, Tom    Korolooos    the    chief    White rocKcts a stairway    between    the fourth    npvpr n_f,lirrpd to    ^oro*08os.    the    chiel    wmte •mn fifth floors of the huildine I    f occurred to me j House liaison man at the senate. t and fifth floors of the    building.    I that it was murder.    Ii However Cotton    the head of Roberson,    who described him*    thnnoht it pithier cnicin*    nr '.L    ,    . self as a friend of Hall’s said he! ^    /    *    suicide    or    (he    Republican    conference    and sen as a iricna 01 Dan s, saia ne a drug overdose. finn nf thncP rnntupirvl Kit krnrrv_ “just figured Jim had met somebody who opened the door for him.’’ “2 or 3 Minutes” Roberson further said it didn’t seem possible Hall could have gotten from his dormitory. *____.    ...i____ r»_    could    have ugovciuose.    one 0f those contacted by Koro- Miss Ottens body was discov- logos, said he personally would ered covered by a blanket in the not sign an anti.reS‘iKnation middle of the room.    statement, though he strongly I ndet questioning, Abernathy Opposes (he move for Nixon to said thc drapes were open.! lights were on in the room and activities in the room possibly; across hereon the street to where Ro* saw him in the “two or he heard shouts of “Open the door—we are police looking *or j three minutes between the call terrorists I hen came a burst an(j w^en j saw bim.” Morris, Mary K. - 10:30 a.in. Thursday at Immaculate Conception church. Rosary will be recited at 7 p.m. Wednesday    . ar Memorial funeral home. En-{neath a bcd in the blood-spat tombment will be in the Chapel tcrcd house. of gunfire, screams, and a woman's voice shouting. “Solomon. go back." A baby was found alive bo under questioning by the defense, Roberson admitted it might have been more than two or three minutes between the call and seeing Hall. Roberson said Hall did not appear upset been viewed from Slater hall, another nearby dormitory. Late Wednesday morning, the state introduced Duane L. Barton. a laboratory specialist and special agent for the bureau of criminal investigation. those people ask-resign are people resign. “Most of ing him to up for re-election who don’t want to vote on impeachment,” said Cotton, who is retiring from the senate rather than run for re-election this year. Cotton said that during the un, 70. Thursday at 10:30 at Zion Lutheran church. Overton’s. Vinton Cecil F. Flickinger, 67. Friday at 2 at Trinity Lutheran church. Campbell’s. Iowa City Curtis Eyman, 78. Friday at 2 at Ripperdan funeral home, Mulberry Grove, 111 Friends may cal! at George L. Gay’s from 4 p.m. to 9 p m. Wednesday. I n (I v p <* ii (I v ii ce Matte Dawes, 85. White’s. Sigourney — Anna Heber, 80 Friday at IO at Lower Deer Creek Mennonite church near Gazette Directors, Officers Re-elected on parking lot of the MI Vernon road SF rn a good humor and kidded me about having a girl in my room He just laughed and said he’d Stockholders of Thc Gazette leave.” Co. held their annual meeting Roberson testified a Wednesday and reelected J. F. was helping him type a Hladky, jr.; M. M. Thompson, paper he was writing, jr.; William C. Crawford, John L. Donnelly and J K. Hladky III    ‘oun,ers to the board of directors.    Wednesday    morning,    the    de- The directors then met and tense countered with testimony Singapore Fire SINGAPORE (API A 13.520 ton tdiip that ferries pilgrims to friend ......... |    .    _    school west noon by the Rev. Carrie Denson. Burial: Esgate cemetery at Maquoketa. Friends may call at Turner west. Touaey, Virginia Klapp —.    _    .. Turner chapel east at 10:301 re-elected J. F Hladky, jr., from Terry Abernathy Ironically, Barton described the body of j P°i*c*y luncheon, a piece of Miss (mens. He also described PaPcr w“ Passcd 10 him sa> in« .    .    ...    .,    .the    finding    of a fingerprint Cit G.O.P. leadership would or excited in any way. He wasj(hc co|d faucc( o( |h(, sjnk jn ,hc meet the next morning Rater. ! he received a second one saying There was bloody water which du’ meeting was off. filled the sink halfway, he said.1 and Miss Ottens’ hair was wet. Barton also testified to the ban-1 dling of evidence in the case. Study Ordered on Water Dept. Bids Bids from five suppliers on I fire hydrants, valves, valve . .    .    ... i boxes and sleeves were referred Filed Against Man t0 {jK, water department Marvin Raymond Little, 69, of Wednesday morning. 221 Twenty-third street NE, was Not all the bidders submitted Drunk Driving Charge Wellman. Friends may call at,..    ,    ,.    ,, Po w ell’s,    Keota, ‘    after    7    Mecca caught tire off Singapore Wednesday.    early Sunday, but all 56    crew Keota    Chester    Ogden    members were rescued.    One 1)1 friday at    2 30    at    man was hosiiitnli/cd    with I Owen s, where friends may call Thursday evening man burns. a in. Thursday by Dr. John P. president and general manager Ironically, the spring break acrema-l0f jjR, companv> .I F Hladky j during which Miss Ottens was charged Tuesday with drunk {bids on all the 42 types of equip I 11 executive vice-president, J slain was the first time the uni Cra w f o r ti Woods. There will be tion committal. Friends may register at Turner east. The casket will not be opened at any time. vice-president, Iversity had made a conccntrat- Want ads perform an important community service, read (hem daily! Thompson secretary nelly treasurer. and Don- cd effort to secure all university dormitories from non-residents. driving.    ment needed, and delivery dates Police arrested Little after his varied greatly, so it was not linear hit two parked cars in the mediately apparent Wednesday 18(H) block of First avenue NE. I which firm was the low bidder. Att* rn it light Up Someone's ti flay with Flowers PIERSON'S I SOO HIU Blvd. NW HOWERPHONf 366-1 826 FlOWtl SHOP BROSH CHAPEL < cdar Rapids “PfI olt'd to I'uh lie Servin-" Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Service* Solon Since im flowers fur all occasions JOHN E. LAPES Convenient downtown locution .‘{OS 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 z <x Let our Flowers A 6a Va V express your I I o respect and love I FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day. ;

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