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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa .. ■ ■ •    .    s'*',    ..    •• :    ‘    ,    ..    ■;_>    *•    .    •    ■    ?    '    r Th»* Odar Rapids Gazette: Wed., May la. H71 SA How Can America Solve Soaring Inflation? — That Is the Question C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 377-8081 lf you need help: Foundation ll... 362-21 74 (4 p rn. lo midnight) Engineer Cites Rich Oil Fields Off China Coast AE* Wirephoto New World Arter 44 days rn a 99.5 degree incubator, these ostricl chicks decided to take a peek at the outside world. The two pound chicks were hatched recently at Lion Country Safari* preserve in Grand Prairie, Texas. Linda Brockhoeft is th< nursery director. fly leonard Silk Now Vol h rim#* Sui vier NKW YORK - I,after Seen* I ary Brennan emerged from a White House meeting recently and said hr- had fold President Nixon that rank-and-file workers were more concerned about Inflation — "bread-and-butter issues' — than about impeachment. When asked what he though I should be done lo stop the inflation, Brennan said he had been “appointed, not anointed." And he added, “I don’t have any real answer, other than that we all have to try to find tfie answer” Ne Plan? Was Brennan saying that the administration had no plan for dealing with inflation? Well, yes end no, the secretary indicated. The administration had "no clear program to solve it tomorrow” But it was “working on it every day.” Who was doing that? “Many people," said Brennan. "Economists” Acupuncture Cured 32 Years of Back, Leg Problems, Man Says HOUSTON (UPI) - The ocean floor off China may lathe most promising oil field in the world, according to a Mas sat husetts Institute of Technology engineer, but it is apparently off bounds to American firms. .Ian-()laf Willums of MIT told the Sixth Annual Offshore Technology Conference t ii at the Chinese continental shelf has probable reserves of LMI billion barrels — Ii percent of tlx1 world s total He said current production was believed to be 800,000 barrels a day and should reach one million barrels later this year. He said China uses coal for HH percent of its energy needs, aud thus it^ petroleum requirements are low Willums said the government has increased its exploration and purchased more offshore rigs recently, hut "several anti - Western statements during the month of February seem to Indicate (lowish for a stronger emphasis on indigenous Chinese effort# .” Another area considered a frontier by oil exploration companies — the Arctic — was described as one of the most hazardous regions by a Canadian engineer in another meeting. John (I. Guthrie of Calgary. Alta , said that companies have not provided employes with the safest equipment and trans-portal iou available in the Are tic. •‘Most sea-ice exploration to date fias lieen conducted w it ii camps and vehicles that cannot float.” he said, "a factor that Is-ars heavily on the minds of men ” Guthrie recommended use of vehicle# with low-pressure wide tires which would not sink if the ice broke He said the equipment is more expensive and thus has not been implemented bv cost conscious companies. "In effect, our industry has asked and continues to ask our field |H-rsonnel to work in this hazardous area without the benefit of the safest equipment that is available now, he said The secretary of labor ap pealed to take only rueful comfort in the thought that the economists were figuring out Hie answers. “I was not or darned with all their ability and brains,” he said, “but I find that I < an get in trouble on my own without having them help me." Obviously, the time has come for all good nim and women to respond to Brennan's plea and rome lo the aid of their country bv providing an answer to the following essay question: What is to be done about Inflation? - a means of relating the incomes received by workers, managers, farmers, investors and others to the real potential output of the economy, in order to prevent inflation and assure high employment? Manpower Programs Does the government need to develop specific manpower programs, arid function, when necessary, as an "employer of last resort,” to reduce reliance on excessive aggregate spending as a means of eliminating unemployment? No democratic industrial na tion, including the United States, the Scandinavian colin tries, Britain or France, has yet found a politically acceptable and economically efficient solution to the problem of simultaneously achieving prier* stability and full employment on a continuing basis Is the problem inherent in the capitalist system? Have the Communist countries really done any better9 The increasing involvement of individual countries In the world economy further vv men general approach do you prefer: (A) To make all parts of the economic system more flexible and competitive, or (B) To devise a better means of planning and guiding the economy to keep supply in particular sectors and over-all in line with demand9 Does the economy also need a long-range "incomes policy” The Hoover Dialmatic pomemir A By Joseph Iii Leo TRENTON, N J (AP) - In 1942 Philip Kaplan, a trim, muscular VIP slammed his jeep into a tree at Et. Dix, N J T oday — 32 years and SHS.OOO later — Kaplan says he was cured by acupuncture. He told his story to a New Jersey legislative committee studying legalization of the controversial Oriental medical att. Kaplan, 57, said in an inter*' view he has been plagued with medical problems most of his life, from a bout with scarlet fever that blinded him at age six to the jeep accident that wracked him with pain and sent him in and out of hospitals throughout the country. Planned Suicide At one point, he says. lie planned suicide. Today Kaplan, who couldn't walk for years, plays basketball and is a part-time correspondent for a newspaper in the Philippines. He also runs the Acupuncture Information (’enter here. "After I ran that jeep into a tree back in 1942, the army doctors taped my back for two weeks," he recalls "When the tape came off I got back pains so they transferred me to a military hospital en Dong Island, where they diagnosed gall bladder trouble.” Gall bladder surgery was performed at a hospital on Governor’s Island. N Y., and after this didn't help the doctors began to tell him he was "psychoneurotic — imagining things.” After that I said “no more army doctors, and I went to an osteopath and then a neurologist. The neurologist also told me it was all in my mind. That I has having severe hallucinations ” Right lz*g In 19H5. Kaplan lost control of his right leg. “I couldn’t even get out of bed,” Kaplan said “My wife had to help me. I went to Temple university hospital in Philadelphia and they treated me for gout. I was fine for a while but one day I doubled up in my back yard.” Kaplan returned to the hospital and the doctors put him in a back brace and arm and rib crutches. Kaplan says he then underwent spinal surgery that corrected his right leg. But then the left one failed. They put him in a body cast and sent him home. “For three weeks in the body cast I almost went out of my mind,” he said. “I even had to sleep in the thing.” Spinal Operation After that it was one hospital after another. Kaplan went back to Temple and underwent an exploratory spinal operation After that he was put in traction for six weeks. In July I BBH at the Mayo ('lime a doctor told him his “walking days were coming to an end I didn’t give a damn as long as that pain would go away.” In November of that year ho went into the leg and body cast for six more weeks. “In March of 19H9, I was nearly driven to suicide," Kaplan said “I took six sleeping pills in my hand, called my wife and told her ‘Honey, I’m going to end it all’.” But his wife talked him out of suicide. All ( ame Bark Eater that year Kaplan went back to the Mayo ('lime for a spine fusion operation, followed by five months in a leg and body cast “After the cast came off, I walked around like Frankenstein for a year," Kaplan said. ' And all the problems with my left leg came back. ” In 1972. Kaplan entered a local hospital. “Two doctors came to me and told me they wanted to cut the nerves in both my legs,” Kaplan said "I called the Mayo Clinic and they adv lsed me against it. ” At a hospital in New York he underwent surgery to deaden his spinal nerves. But this surgery was in vain ( ost $158 In July of 1972, Kaplan recalls, he was sitting on a dressing table at the New York Acupuncture Center thinking: “All of a sudden a Chinese doctor is taking my pulse and I’m thinking he’s going to tell me I’m nuts. I felt like taking a swing at him.” But after six acupuncture treatments the pain was gone, Kaplan says. During the years of his ordeal, he had run up hospital bills totaling about $85,(MKI The acupuncture treatment cost him $150. Kaplan appeared to be in good health as he carried his crutches and brace for the senators to see at the hearing He held them up, and later walked freely from the chamber. Here is the situation The I administration’s price-wage controls have collapsed, and Brennan says they should not be revived But he also says “We must find some other way. I am concerned, and the President is concerned, to find some type of program to help us.” Speaking for himself, Brennan advised the unions to show “restraint and common sense," and he offered the same advice to management. But, asked a reporter, what was the secretary of labor telling his own wife to do about inflation? “Don’t Buv” I tell her, Brennan said, "don’t buy it We’ll just have to do without. Either buy a suit and don’t eat, or eat and don’t buy a suit.” Is there a message here for all Americans? How would the clothing industry react to this solution? How about the farmers9 The problem in solving the modern inflation problem is that it must be solved within the constraint of not putting masses of people out of work Many economists contend that the problem of trading off less inflation for more unemployment reflects the inherent rigidities, immobilities and monopoly elements in a modern industrial economy — dominated by big corporations, big labor unions and big government. . IJ4.YD Regularly I 59.95    »en«n It's Great in Shags! Houseware*, Downtown and Lindale Plena complicates the job of finding solutions at the national level. And this problem is intensified by the worldwide desire for economic growth, which lints increasing pressure on the world’s limited resouncs. So what should we do? This i.-> an open question. Mail your answers to Secy. I* J. Brennan, Department of Labor, Washington, I) U First, prize Nobel Prize in Economics Second prize: One week in Washington. Third prize Twit weeks in Washington Smitten with Mitten Sentence LOS ANGELES (UPI) -Walter (’. Stanley, who has a record of convictions for picking pockets that goes back 2(1 years, was sentenced in superior court Tuesday, for his latest such offense, to one- year in jail and five years’ probation — on the condition that he wear mittens whenever he is in public. • Bag fill indicator • Automatic Rug Adjustment with full floating nozzle • Full Suction Power Control • Famous Hoover Triple Action. It Beats, As It Sweeps, As it Cleans. A WI mn SIR IS Cl -ins* T ION AL VALUES PLANNED iN COOP! RATION WITH ON. V THI • EST OF MANUE ACTUS! RS. EACH BONUS ITEM MEETS OUR RIGID STANDARDS OE QUALITY ANO WILL Bi SOLD AT LOW •ONUS PRICES ONLY WHILE SPECIAL QUANTITIES LAST. Cool and breezy sportswear for funshine flings! Tops and Jamaica Shorts EACH REGULARLY 6.00 EACH Solid colored pull-on style shorts to pair up with contrasting tops in prints, stripes, dots or checks and solids. 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