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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 2

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Cedar Rapids, IowaWeather cooler tonight lows in 30s. Sunday Cloudy Cool highs in 50s. Volume 91-number 123 City final 10 cents Cedar rapids Iowa saturday May 11, 1968 associated press up new York time miners reach Freedom yield to protests on Parks desperation j assault by i trapped foe Saigon a Viet Cong trapped in a bomb raked pocket on Saigon a Southern Border made a desperation assault on Des Moines a the american lines saturday night state conservation commission hut . Infantrymen killed at. Voted Friday to keep open 14 least 88 in a flare lit state Parks it had earlier officers said there was no. Report of american casualties in planned to close temporarily be of a Obi of by a erupted when cause of a Money shortage. Several Hundred guerillas chairman Mike Zack of a emerged from the rubble and son City said the decision came rushed toward the . Lines. After the commission Learned shouting and shooting. Gov. Hughes had approved a action below Doz Transfer of 530,000 within the de earlier in the Day t h e apartment to Pav for summer american command reported 50 Quot other Viet Cong killed in and help at the Parks. Around Saigon. The enemy of i the commission decided wed ens Jve there appeared t0 mesday to shut Down the Parks do my no so i until additional funds became but us be1ow the available july 1. The Start o e demilitarized zone action step-1 next fiscal year. Pad up in what some officers a up photo conferees All set on procedure in flooded Shaft for five Days by John Hightower i Paris apr american and North vietnamese negotiators reached agreement saturday on procedural matters for Mon-1 by Holger Jensen Days opening of talks which j Hominy Falls w. A. Could Lead to an end of the War apr fifteen stiff and chilled in Vietnam. Coal miners Rode the action Drew a Sharp of a cubed Quot As Quot part Quot of Hanoi s police action in Paris riot a squad of policemen Are shown charging through a student tack from Hughes who called it talk offensive Street barricade during a riot in Paris this morning. The action took place in the latin Quarter where irresponsibihty3&Quot truss de to reinforce students have been staging noisy demonstrations to demand reforms in University administration. A in a bind american marines battered in a a a a a a i a. ,5,, Vay for x 367 i cured arrest Cut in spending a i attachment of a a 7/7/ureo, wrest a a a a c l 1 of 468 strike Call a a the .,1� a Atkins school Doz. American casualties were special10 the above 4 billion out lbs hints hot Springs a. A Paris apr police crushed a Check of hospitals showed puts us in a bind for our maintenance a Octant to put at 24 killed and 54 wounded j Des Moines the Atkins Art c13us. 311 assistant to. Luciy Tuiai a i u111iv1i Tou state comptroller Marvin Sel near Hue Fremont school District will be the ate to an j bitterest student 102 students injured. 14 civilian eral spending Cut is most Den said the conservation com Many 0f the enemy dead were attache t0 be Benton com Revot in the latin Quarter at non students and 251 police., the nation can afford. Missioners had known s nce a aimed from american air Unity District july 1. The Iowa Dawn saturday after u hours j fifty four people were kept in he renewed his Appeal for i monday that the Transfer 01 strikes and Artiery barrages. I supreme court Friday denied a of tear gassing i dubbing and hospitals. Four students and 18 adoption of the 10 per cent in a Yves i v other fighting was reported stay 0f the attachment. Warding off rocks thrown by policemen were reported in see come tax surcharge in a talk would a Burtner Meeng Cyrus Vance Deputy Leader of the american delegation told newsmen a we have concluded All procedural arrangements. We will go into substance on Vance was emphatic on one Point a the atmosphere has been very he said it had been agreed with his opposite number col. A Van Lau that the conference will be conducted in two official languages a English and vietnamese a with French As the working language. Own language this Means that each Side will use its own language in conducting the Day to Day business and this will be translated into French. French will be used for any conference documents and statements which can b e readily translated and understood by both sides. After saturdays second and final two-hour-and-22-minute procedural meeting Lau was smiling broadly As he usually does and told newsmen he was a conveyor Belt to Freedom saturday after five terrifying Days huddled in a flooded mine. Left behind deep in the Mountain were 10 of their Fellows for whom All Hope was lost Long ago. It was believed the 10 were swept to their death monday when a break in the Wall to an adjoining abandoned mine shot millions of Gallons of water through the Wavy passageway the first Miner came out into the Glare of floodlights and the waiting arms of his wife and family at 5 20 . He had spent 118 hours and 20 minutes in the mine since he reported for work at 7 . Monday. Photos on picture Page funds had been approved. The commissions Nistra Neaf Hue Tive officer. Glenn sarsfield., ,.the enemy has definite a the request for a stay had youths rious condition one with a Frac a to the Spring meeting of the said the commissioners had re escalated two fold a a said Marine made by attorneys for four p0�ce chief Maurice Gri Ture Sci Quot a. Present members 0f a _ i Joro in see connection Maud said 367 people were injured and 468 arrested in what men of the general strike on the Day firms. I business Council comprising �100. Presidents and Hoard chair the nations largest Levels blasts Tion in when the commission decided at i veg to close the Parks wednesday. Of my North vips its a veritable guerilla s no rth Vietnam Are due to begin hard bargain _ 2.8 Miles from the riot focus of student protests. Scene could bring virtual Par Johnson did not mention the agreement b y Senate House negotiators on a Bill coupling the surcharge with $6 billion ejected the fund Transfer As a co my ton he of p ant City j past and solution for fear it would Block up a i needed Park maintenance. Are be officers said they have objected to the at. A a the commissioners apparel be eve the fighting around Dong to Cement 0f the District to. A a k by changed their minds he said. Pass Par 0f a Genera Escala _. Action near the sorbonne the Northern zone aimed Benton communal it a. North Vietnam a Quot Hie four men also have a the students varying in num Lysis to Paris. Such strikes in a in spending cuts nose me a. Us a n t. Vat amp pealed the attachment of her from 10,000 to 30,000 during the past have meant shutdowns b in noting has us members levelled blasts at he Quot sad North vietnamese District t0 the supreme Couri the action held a Square Imle of All Public transportation and agreement to accept a 34-billion the legislature and state exec Are Hying t0 use a Cua Al James Nemmers Cedar rapids of pans for several hours. Later a the Gas and electricity systems. Do k l rpm Inpil for Fai Iino to no Javer East of Dong a. One of said saturday s e v e r a i Hundred High French o said know a a americans know the Mam Supply channels to u. It blocked traffic along Boulevard a hey saw a connection Between have needs at Home s. Bases along the Doz. Final since me Aen Iai order Michel and police again used a the rioting and the peace talks. Abroad deep and heavy Quot stated nothing about the stand Itear Gas to disperse them. A they pointed to some of the Stu j. Doubt there is a Man ii. R Fai Iino to Annm n a. A ing of the Appeal he assumes , Dent leaders who have been la-1 .1 d0udt me Els a a an a ,ellatlr.l� a s �8npr in h s be by that it will r Forward it is gene�?�1 bleed considerably More Mili this room who wants to bring to plate enough Money for Parks de repeated runs for these that it we a a 10rwa a u. Is the communist led general it ant than French communists. A halt has governments pro utile Council for failing to pro vide the funds needed to oper ate the facilities. Commissioners criticized the in the 1967-69 state budget. And cond straight Day saturday but unlikely that any Appeal hearing confederation of labor and the the nations big communist they blasted the executive. Viet Cong Are still there would be held until fall French confederation of dem a party came out saturday in a Council for turning Down a com dug in bunkers deep a adj the attachment o the District aug labor called a general Vor of student demands but the Mission request far a said it. Col. Tony de to Benton Community was made strike or monday in support of Reg Vusaj party reds have been gency allotment of $69.995 last Luca commander of the ninth Hast year by the Benton county a the students who have been on a shouted Down at rallies by a Knar i Norl Tkv Iho a tap. A division battalion trying Hughes chairman of the sex to pub the enemy South away ecu Tive Council told newsmen from be cd to wednesday the Council Felt the enemy prisoners said they had been told to get into Saigon and fight to the death. In a report on the 22-Day-old Allied invasion of the a Shau Valley the u. S. Command said Allied forces have taken control of the entire Valley enemy stronghold for two years. Commissions problem did not qualify As a contingency since the problem should have been foreseen. A a there a no need to close these the governor asserted. A eight killed curtail services the commission also had voted wednesday to curtail some services at 26 larger Parks but a Zack said attempts would be i i a made to save Money in other a 111 v/uii5iwii areas to avoid any loss of serv ices. A maybe we wont have to curtail them the services enough Board and approved by the state a rampage demand a Young pro peking elements Board of pubic instruction. And eng University Reform and re trotskyist a and anarchists Appeal of the attachment to ease of arrested comrades. 1 District court was heard in a ,. The federation of National education also decided to strike monday closing All French schools. The archbishop of Paris is of the attachment court was heard in March. At that time District judge m. C. Farber approved the attachment. The District has been involved in a squabble for some two Grams that Are essential to the Pursuit of Justice and Harmony in our american cities. A i am very sure there is no thinking american in any walk of life who wants to sow More continued Page 2, col. 6. To make anyone terribly concerned a he said. Money in the commissions support fund goes for Purchase of equipment and payment of repairs and other maintenance costs at the Parks. Zack claimed the commission did not receive definite Assurance that the fund Transfer would be approved until Friday. Nobody likes to a nobody likes to close Parks a he said. The 14 Parks which had been tabbed for closing Are Bob White near Corydon Echo Valley near West Union fort Atkinson at fort Atkinson Gal land school site near Montrose Ritchie Manitou in Lyon county Okama Pedan in Emmet county Pioneer near Riceville Plum Grove in Iowa City Sharon Bluffs near Centerville Spring Lake near grand june Scanterbury Man. Apr eight people were killed in a head on collision near this Community some 35 Miles Northeast of Winnipeg police reported saturday. Two people were in critical condition As a result of the crash on the Center line of a straight stretch of Highway. Years. Since it does not operate sued an Appeal for Ca m and a High school state Law requires top French government minis that it be attached to a High ers men emergency session. School District. Residents of the a District have been divided i a t Between those favouring at to in or by i o pachment to Benton Community a a. A and Cedar rapids. �v70, it Benitis Paris apr the newspaper Figaro published a cartoon today depicting president de Gaulle listening at the .-North vietnamese conference door and reporting a a they re coming along they re ending the beginning of the preamble of the prelude of the preliminaries to the rocket Falls from orbit sets off . Reports today a chuckle a golfer who has the habit of forgetting one stroke each Hole made a Hole in one while playing with his saturday foursome and he marked Down a Zero on his card. Copyright Cape Kennedy a a russian rocket fell out of orbit and broke apart Early saturday producing a Brilliant Aerial display that brought numerous reports of unidentified flying objects from throughout Florida. The space Agency a Goddard satellite tracking Center reported the fiery object was a rocket launched from Russia april 21. It boosted itself and a Molnia communications satellite into orbit. As the rocket lost Orbital Speed it plunged into the atmosphere breaking into several pieces that trailed bluish White flames As they burned up from atmospheric friction. The rocket plunged to its destruction at 2 44 . Off Florida a East coast and was clearly visible in the Cape Kennedy area. Patrick airbase and Brevard county Law enforcement officers reported Many phone Calls. One Patrick Pilot said he saw six to 10 objects travelling at great Speed which were neither planes nor meteors. Similar sightings were reported in cities across the state. Tomorrow he said a tomorrow is pressed As to whether a cease fire would be the first order of business monday he replied a no comment. We must leave that to the Heads of the delegations. Vance said an Agenda for the talks monday was not discussed. Vance and Lau were reported to have shaken hands at the Start of the meeting As they did the first time they met. Day to Day it was agreed . Spokesman William Jorden said in response to questions for each Side a meaning ambassador w. Averell Harriman and North Vietnam a Xuan Thuy a to make opening statements monday. Jorden said there had been no discussion of an Agenda to be followed in the monday talks and no agreement to set a schedule for future sessions because that would be worked out from Day to Day. There also is no arrangement for either Harriman or Thuy to preside Over the meetings. Apparently the discussions will be carried on primarily As a give and take conversation Between the two principals. Jorden said he did not know who would speak first monday but a we do not regard it As a Mao Rebuff to North Viet told Hong Kong a Mae tse Tung refused to see North Vietnam a peace Delegate Xuan Thuy when he stopped off in peking in route to Paris the Hong Kong Star said saturday. No panic in mine trap prayers but jokes too Ottie Junior Walton one of the 15 miners rescued saturday sat with his wife and five children and recounted the five Days of terror to newsmen. By Ottie Junior Walton Hominy Falls . Apr we prayed and Sang and talked about living a better life when we got out. We had a real religious Bunch Down there. We went into that mine at 7 Tion a trappers Bay in Dickin . Monday. It was like any son county twin lakes near other Day. Wed been working Rockwell City Heery Woods that Shaft before so we knew near Clarksville and Wanata at our Way around pretty Well. Peerson wed been working four and one half hours when we got the first Call. This Supply Man Ernest Fitzwater who delivered supplies to the miners on a self propelled cart phoned us and said he had run into water. He said he was getting out. Frank Davis our superintendent said there were 10 other men Way Down the Side Shaft and he was going after them with Edward Bozo Rudd. He told me to get my Bunch out of there up to High ground. That water was coming in like a River. In about 20 minutes there were eight inches and then it. Was up to two feet in no time at All. The water was touching the ceiling in the swag a Long deep dip in the mine floor. There a not much to move around in Down there a its Only 32 inches High. But Down by the Edge of the swag its six feet and a Man can stand. I got the men who were with me out of there a there were 13 of us. Then we waited. Nobody panicked. Everybody was real Cool. As soon As he got to a phone Davis called the outside and told them to ready the pumps. I knew we were going to get out because i had Faith in Tim Salvati one of the outside Rescue officials who was one of the first into the mine to Lead the men out. We just talked. Some of us slept. For awhile we just sat and had a Good old Bull session. All the boys had a Good sense of humor. And they told a lot of jokes. I care to repeat them Here in front of my wife. After awhile we had trouble breathing. There was plenty of air but we had pressure in there because of the rising water. Our ears nearly blew up when they punched that Hole through an air and Supply Hole drilled from the top of the Mountain. That Hole meant life for us. Food blankets and drinking water. Before they Sank that Hole it was cold if you did no to move around. We were pretty disappointed when they did no to get is out when they said they would but it did no to dishearten us too much. We knew there were going to be several problems we understood them and we knew the boys outside were going to run into them. Tuesday night we saw the water Start dropping. When Bunny Dillon became sick Oscar Dillon had an ulcer attack and was sent Medicine from outside some of the men thought he was going to die. It was real bad there for awhile. Andy my brother is a real card. He told the Best jokes. We called him the doctor because he took care of Bunny. The hardest thing to get used to Down there was sleeping on that Coal. Man it sure was hard my legs feel pretty weak from being All cramped up. But otherwise i feel Fine. I Haven to decided y e t whether ill go Back Down that mine. A Guy has got to pay the rent. The others followed in Quick succession. As each Man stepped off the Belt a unaided a a Blanket was thrown around his shoulder and he was led to a padded Bench. They were Black from hardhat to Boot and wet from the water they had to Wade through on part of their journey. At first the 200 friends and relatives who had waited most of the night around the Entrance were silent. Then there was a great wave of laughing and hugging. It was difficult to make out any of the conversations As the scene turned to bedlam. Sadness too there also was sadness among relatives of the 10 missing men crowded to the Entrance in faint Hope. Mine officials had not publicly released a list of those known to be alive and those presumed dead but it was Likely that families had been notified. But they still crowded in Hope. Or. Lee Todd the mine physician quickly looked Over each Man. Officials had said the men had agreed Over the radio Telephone to undergo Hospital observation. But there was a change in plans that attested to their Good condition despite the Long cramped confinement. They were allowed to go Home. A a they re All in Good shape a said Todd. A none of them wanted to go to the three groups the miners were trapped in three groups separated by a half mile each. Until Friday 13 men were in one place. Frank Davis and Edward Rudd were in another. Then when the water level had been lowered by round the clock pumping Davis and Rudd joined the 13. Giant pumps forcing out some 15 million Gallons of water a finally emptied the passageway to the Point where the miners could crawl to a Point of escape. The pumps were stilled while the men came out. Then they groaned to life again. A we will continue to Drain the mine until we make Contact with the remaining 10 men a said c. E. Richardson president of the company. The 10 had been at a lower level than the others. Today Index Church .3i 7 comics. 19 courthouse. 2 crossword. 1� daily record. 2 deaths. 2 editorial features. 6 financial. 11 Marion. 11 movies. Sports .4,5 television. 8 want ads .u-15

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