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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat.. May 4.    1974 N ADONAI WIAIHH SUVICI fOMCAM lo ZAM t FT * - 8 - 74 Three Juveniles Charged with Bus Thefts, Burglary Three juveniles were charged Elected Ann Dorothy Stan-]the ley, Jilt) Terry drive SE, has SE .Friday with the burglary of a ...    •. .    ,    . tavern and two counts of steal- b>'''"    president "I    her mg school buses    rostdeni-e    hall    at    (alumina    col- The three, one age.! 16 and le«e in Ml;sour; , two aged 17, were charged after    , they were questioned in conner- , Motlwr    would    just love    an lion With another inc,dent.    Sn.ble    on The arrests cleared the bur-    «    ^8.-Adv.- glary March 28 of Koch’s (av- Ford Says Tape Debate Is Sign of National Strength HK) block of First avenue ANN ARBOR, Midi (AP) ,its position in the community ol I Vice-president Ford said Sa,or- na,anis th, undiminished em, HOO First street SW. where! ta'‘l!,Taken “    L,    »«"    and    w'"'lh    of    food stamps Mid; Sill cash. 33 bottles of liquor.'0"- "'I4 „ Ttw.n'h„ s,ree! were taken from her mailbox 13 cartons „f; re-portod Friday SHO was taken (from her pur.se while she was at *    *    *    .    ,    ,    ,,,    |    ’    I    believe    that truth is the ■,    ,,    ,, . r.    .    dav that the release of the Wa ,    .    .    . . oov.>rnmpilt tn hor Mothers Day, give her a    J 4,    . , . glue mal noms govunmeni in gold coin from Jerome’s-IE tcrRato ,aPes and ,hr debatelgether and that, to the extent Tower. Adv.    over them is a sign of the na tliat truth, the whole truth and ♦    *    *    j    tion’s strength.    nothing    but    the    truth    becomes Mailbox Rifled - Lucy Ta.v- in a prepared commencement known, the sooner this tragic lor, 404 Fourteenth street SK, address at the University of I chapter in our history can be reported Friday a check for $210 Michigan, his alma mater, Ford closed valued at $185, ' I have every confidence in ,    ...    .    the ultimate wisdom and justice i am proud to be a citizen of . *    *    *    la country which can openly de- |V . #h i,,ejw^hino rallRri cigarets valued al $52 and as-1i~«* »■»■<•««• «««;, plant Pierson s -Early GW {bate the legal and moral fitness lho"l’h    fnil ^ , L I? sorted item? valued at $25 were "01, a    solp-    3    lomatoes,    open    Sunday, IBM of its highest government lead- ""1 .ake,,    11- tref avenue Sh. ^    Ellis    Blvd.    NW.-Adv.    I ors wilhout riot or revolution; sho[,'r""f'/l' ° n Police also cleared the thefts! T. _______*    *    *    without reprisals or repression, on March 20 and 28 of school buses parked at a gas station at 1008 Sixth street SW. j _ UU WI ATMIMOTOCASI $ Showers and-or rain are expected Saturday niqht throughout the gulf coastal states and in northern Arizona. Clear to partly cloudy skies are expected elsewhere. Tavern Burglarized — Kenneth E. Marsh, owner of the Trophy lounge, 519 H street SW, The Weather High temperatures Friday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation: Anchorage 34    54    L. Angeles    AS 5» Atlanta . 84    40    12    Miami    7*49 Bismarck St    37    Mjn'aoolis    40 34 Chlcaoo 54    4*    ,0t    N. Orleans    17 45 Denver 47    43    New York    S3 47 .40 Duluth 44    JO    ..    Phoenix    95 43 Honolulu 87    73    Seattle    AZ 47 Houston .. 18    TO    37    Washington    73 49 Extended Forecast— Fair and cool Monday, followed by Palo Iowa Deaths Edgar J. Chamberlain. 74. Services pending, Kidd funeral home, Toulon. 111. Montour—Leonard J Scheid. 78 Monday at 2, Montour Methodist church. Burial: Rose Hill, Marshalltown, son’s. Toledo. Tipton Fritz G. Kuemmerer, 79. Monday at 10:30, Sheets First avenue SF ♦    ♦    * t    I Beautician wanted, part time Sandra l^e’s Beauty Salon, 719 3rd St. S.W. 364-5991.—Adv. ♦    ★    ♦ The buses were recovered the same day from ditches along county roads outside Cedar “ 7windshield on one of lhe!rf,P°«ed Sa,u^da>: an unde,<,r buses    was found broken    when    ™n<'d amount °' mo“? was recovered, police said.    ,aken froma ca? rr<i's'" ^ The    three youths were    also    so"11eo"<' w,ho. hld m a closet charged with larceny in several;"""1 afterclosmfi- ^ KT>ne"’ofS‘thTTy"year-old youlhsl Shampoo living rooms ».95. was charged Wednesday with ^"-Adv larceny of a motor vehicle after s    *    *    # his picture was found in the    A i a    i    .I    Mower    I    <ikrn    —    A    power P.    .    ^    i    trunk    of a car by the owner .    _    ,    ,    . ii?a-k+ i res c* ,u *    ,    ,    . . „ lawn mower valued at $ 50 was UieT OII Sejafter the car had been stolen and then recovered. Aliofo Told by Judge To Keep Chicken Dinner Adults $1.75, children $1.25. Saturday 11-2, 4-8. Bethany Congregational church. 13(H) nth St. NW.—Adv. ♦ * * House Sale: Antiques, etc. IHI 35th St. N.E. Starts Saturday—Adv. * *    * Rutger tomato plants, 89c dozen. Geraniums 3 for $1. Hiawatha    Garden    Center, 2910.—Adv. * *    * Rock Cornish Hen Dinner Featuring the Aristocrats in the cannot understand how anyone can criticize the Pres- .    .    ,    ident    for    ‘taking    his    case    to    the tem so strong and secure that    ° and within a constitutional people1 unless what the critic really wants is to negate the verdict of the people. “I cannot imagine any other country in the world where the Ai j    opposition would seek, and the Murder Charge Chief Executive would allow, the Gladbrook' Man Is Sentenced on TOLEDO—Charles A. Engel, dissemination of his most pri- SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -Mayor Joseph Alioto, who links 13 Zebra murders here to a black separatist group, has been Hcnder- j ordered to keep silent on the case of three young men accused of killing three of the victims. Campaign T rail Municipal Court Judge Agnes Rasmussen Completes Week of Campaign chance of showers    and    coop and Son. Visitation after 9 a.m. Tuesday and Wednesday.    Daily Su'1^*7 ... M r, de highs in the 60s. Overnight lowS;Evans. ai Monday at 1:30,10 Brier? Smith issued the order mostly in the 40s.    First Lutheran church, Man-■ k riday at a court appearance chester. Bonenkamp’s.    for    Larry    Green,    22;    J.    C.    WEST    DLS MOINES (AP) — C. R. Weather    Waukon    —Joseph    Larkin,    82.    simon,    29.    and    Manual Moore,'Democratic gubernatorial hope- High Friday ..................65    ca°tholfc church.* Burial Chwy I* The three were ordered to I”1    Jtofnili8f011 55P!??1 Low overnight ...............Mound, Harpers Ferry. Visita- Noon Saturday ............ fit tion Sunday, Bakke-Hanson’s. reported taken between last Saturday    and    Friday    from    a garage    at the    residence    of    Hat tie Johnson. 1430 Woodside drive NW. ♦    * * Don s Barber Shop, 1314 2nd St. S E. Now open for business. Hours 9 to 5:30 daily.—Adv. *    * * Car Entered — Judy Finster. 1639 Park Towne court NE, reported Friday a tape player valued at $97 was taken from her car while parked at her residence. enter pleas May 9    the first week of his cross-state    *    *    * “No party to this action, no bicycle campaign trip Friday. Mt. Vernon Rest Home has a 2 p.m. Saturday .......... 65    Ro*a.r>.: Sunday at 8.    attorney,    no public officials    "lf I’d known then what I bed available for private pa- Rainfall .................. Nrae8b    Mon^y^TioTo    Morgans    Ifrom chief of police or sheriff on know now. I would never havejtient. 895-8675 -Adv. Total for May  ......... None    where friends may    call after 2    down or any subpoenaed    done this,” said the tired and    *    *    * Normal for May...........3.59    Sunday. Burial:    St. John's    witness is allowed, under the    tanned Rasmussen when he ar-    Player Taken — A tape    player Normal through May ..... U.40;    cemetery in Cedar    Rapids.    ofder t0 discuss details of the    rived in his home town of West    valued at $225 and 24    tapes Total for 1974 ..............11.02    .    . n I case.” said Judge Smith.    Des Moines.    valued    at $120 were reported Barometer, falling ....... 3018 Authorize Rail    Asked    if the gag rule will    Rasmussen is one of three taken from the car of Leslie Humidity at noon 38°7,1 D,    xx    apply to Alioto. she said: “I will Democrats seeking the nomina-j Abodeely. 4217 First avenue SE. Wind direction and velocity at Kate KlSe Move include him in.”    tion t0 run against Gov. Robert Friday while it was parked in 2 p.m., WSW at 6 mph.    WASHINGTON (AP) - The The mayor has blamed a fa- Hay. Sun rises    Sunday,    5:58;    sun    interstate commerce    commis-    natical group of “Death Angels” sets. 8:09.    sicn Friday gave the    railroads    for 80 killings in California, in- Year Ago    Today    — High.    68:    permission to file a IO percent    eluding 13 random slayings here    cation    with    a low-key, low- general freight rate    increase    in a case police have code-budget campaign, but attached several conditions, named Operation Zebra.    Rasmussen said he will leave The commission turned down I But other California law en- fhe Des Moines area Sunday, rif.    ,    ,vate and personal conversations 393- 11 G^dbrook. was sentenced to w|^ ^js sta^    to    be    hon- 50 years in the state pemten- cst do not exactly confer saint- tiary at Fort Madison Friday by hood on anyone concerned . . . Tama county District Judge “When all is said and done— .Louis VV. Schultz on his guilty ?.nd    “J0    bo'"'r    ~ 1 lounge, Sat., Mav 4th. Embassy' .    .    .    firmly hope and fervently pray Club-Adv. '    ■    jplca    to    a    charge    of    second    de,|hat    our    country wi„ h„ gree murder.    stronger and wiser for its Engel was accused of the present ordeal. shooting death of his 23-year-old ‘ Throughout our nearly 200 wife. Carol, at their Gladbrook years as a nation we have residence Nov. 23.    emerged from every adversity a Possible sentence on the jigger and better people.” * * * Annual Lebanese Dinner Sunday, May 5. Islamic Center, 2999 1st Ave. S.W. 11-2:30. 3:30-7 Tickets $3.00 at door—Adv. + * * to no more than 25 |n JwQ-Car GrdSH Rd. S E 365-6901. ♦ * * Adv. Chicken Dinner Adults $1.75,jcharge ranges from ten years to children $1.25. Saturday 11-2. 4- life imprisonment. Engel’s attor-    I a|lcjno    Man    flioc 8. Bethany Congregational ney had asked that he be sen-    Lan5inb    mdn    U,es Church. 1300 6th St. NW—Adv. i fenced * * *    years. Great wallpaper selection for in imposing the 50-year term, LANSING—Dewey Leppert. Eastern Iowans. Diamond \ ogel however. Judge Schultz cited 75, Lansing, was fatally injured henterJ MI. Vernon Engel's “immaturity, lack of about 9 p.m. Friday in a two- judgment, financial problems, car, head-on crash on highway 9 and ‘admitted    drinking    prob    a mile southwest of here. Killians Downtown Beauty |em ”    Leppert was alone in his car Shop is still closed until . May Engel and his wife had been    when it. and a car    driven    by 13. Downtown operators ^still marr|ed just jast August. He    Loren Paus,    22, Dorchester, coi- working at the Lindale Plaza was taken    to    Fort    Madison    late    lided. Paus and a passenger in shop until re-opening.—Adv. Friday.    his car. Gary Arends, 20, Cale- .    Appeal    bond    was    set    al    donia, Minn., were treated at a Mother Dies —^Services will I 25,000. Engel had been held in Waukon hospital and released. be conducted at 10:30 a m. Mon- Marshall county jail in lieu Paus has been charged with day in St. Stephen s Episcopal 0f $50,000 bond since the shoot- drunk driving. church in Newton for Mrs. He said he was convinced that he can win the Democratic nom-1 low, 42; rainfall, none. Degree Days Friday.............. Total to date......... Through May 2, 1973 . Percent of normal year Total normal year ... Fires 11:57 a.m. Friday. Flush ga*- ICC told the railroads it would were released Thursday nighty... Involvement Olina at 2417 Linwood street advise them as to the conditions!for lack of evidence. Chief of    * SW 2:21 6 62 7 the* increase earlier this week    forcement authorities    say    theyi    fravehng    toward Mason    City 6.725 but that rejection was based on    have no evidence that    any    such    I,e Plans    to    be    in Dubuque    in 99 69 a technical point and not on the    gang exists outside San    Francis-    two weeks. 6.631 ments 0f the increase itself.    co. In turning down the raise, the Four men arrested in the case Culver Asks Senior Ocelot Escapes From His Cage; Still at Large Leigh Hough. 86. mother of Ar- charge Apnj 3 thur Hough. 1122 Brockmanj _____ drive SE. Friends may call at Toland-Wallace funeral home in Newton after 7 today. Memorials have been established for St. Stephen’s church and Skiff hospital auxiliary Survivors also include a daughter, three grand- ing. He had pled guilty to the Services for leppert are pend ing at Burke-Thomburg's. Two Motorcyclists Hurt In Collision with Truck Two motorcyclists remained condition in St. Luke’s hospital children and seven great-hospitalized Saturday with in- suffering from cuts received grandchildren.    punes    suffered    Friday    in    a    col-    Friday    when    her    car    hit a tree An ocelot escaped Friday af-    *    *    *    lision    with    an    oncoming    pickup    Police    said    Miss    Dvorak ternoon from a zoo employe Just received gigantic order of truck.    struck    the    tree    while    making    a who was taking it to a ve- plastic figurines, plaques, lamps. Mike Kellog. 15. of rural route,left turn onto I avenue NE from terinarian.    lamp shades and paints. For 3, Cedar Rapids, driver of the the northbound lane of Oakland The animal was last seen in best selection visit the House of motorcycle suffered a broken road. Fridav Needless under which they could file for Inspectors Charles Barca said DES MOINES — Iowa Con- tha area of the IOO their release “does not preclude gressman John Culver called ^ Hcntv'second a^nue SW. --(any prosecution in the future if for more programs designed to Police and park officials Wrench Blamed    we    develop additional evi- take advantage of the produc-, believe the animal may be OELWEIN—Arnold Lemus, 64. dence.”    five abilities and talents of the in the vicinity of the city land. (rural Oelwein, suffered neck in-i---state’s many senior citizens.    fill site near the Cedar river. r* ----Failure    to    involve senior citi-j Sian Rebus, parks commis-;™,;^,    st    an zen* in their community adm- stoner, said the ocelot apparent- j ca||er Doors fi p M U1M    I    ^    I    I    lf    ICO    111 vor cain “ic a Irantnllv nno ULorl ill utav nill nf * oaaa! _    _    .... Jacob Schwennen, 49, juries Friday when his car was    L..rm( Air-f-vac struck from the rear at an Oel-.^Iy    nrms call in IOO block of Tenth street serene. SE. 3:51 p.m. Friday. Defective dryer at 1541 Fifth avenue SE. 3:46 p.m. Friday. Assistance call at 1546 Washington avenue SE. 7:09 p m. Friday at airport    |wein intersection by a car driv- 7:15 p.m. friday. River res-1    . cue at N avenge ar f ti    ,    »    -    .    .    ,    . , street NW.    rural Jesup.    Schwennen,; NEW YORK (AP) — The na-experience and training which    pickup truck. 8:23 p m Friday.    Sicn to    bird    charged with    failure to stop in lion s largest cigaret manufac-    they can uniquely offer.”    The    animal    is    not    dangerous, ftreet    SW    ^ asSured    clear distance turers said Friday that rising    Culver, Democratic candidate1    Reims said. costs of materials had forced for U.S. senator, spoke during a Anyone who sees the animal them to raise the wholesale!luncheon Friday honoring foster: should notify police, venting it from operating prop-! pnce 0f cigarets about one and'grandparents in Des Moines. J Parks department officials erly.    I    a-half    cents a package block of    Ideas, Town    &    Country    Shop-    left leg. A passenger. Grady    A passenger in her car, Albert ping.—Adv.    Martin, 17, also of rural Cedar    Dvorak, 82 of the same address, *    *    *    Rapids, suffered a broken hip.    was treated at St. Luke's and Fun    and    games: Montrose    y0Uths were reported in    hospital    for a cut    forehead, and Hotel    every    Monday starting    good conjon Saturday in Mer-    possible    neck and    back    injuries .... c»u Sponsor dv CampjCy FK)Spital    and    released. The accident happened at the    Police    charged    Miss    Dvorak intersection of Bever avenue    wRb improper signaling. May 6th Courage for the physically and Tpll Prirp Rise tJes ” Cuiver said' a tr««*c!!y t^wed its way out of a ca8e:Games"start rTM ^dmiLion 3l!d Thirt.y-sccond street ...    *    *    *    . I waste of the years of valuable while riding in the back of a $2 OO—Ad\    w    a    P^UP    truck    fried    to    I    wo    men    supered    minor    Injur- Olin®1    -dlahead.    told    authorities    a    wrench Thirty-second street SE. was under his brake pedal, pre- Search Resumes For Weapon in make a left turn in front of the les earIy Saturday when the motorcycle.    car in which they were riding The truck driver, Melvin Lee hit a nfiht P°,e in lhe 2700 block Potter, 23, of 3230 Dalewood av- °I Sixth street SW. enue SE. was charged with fail- _ l*rpderick A. La(»range, 25, of ure to yield to an nnrnminrr 71^ I* avenue jNW, the driver, DEATHS W. Orin Briar Graveside services for W. Orin Briar, 75, who died Friday in Mason City, will be conducted Report Airline Kickbacks To Travel Agents Probed NEW YORK (AP) — The Newjtions of anti-trust statutes, re-! Murder Case vehicle    °    suffered    head    bruises. Kellog was charged with driv- Dennis V alandingham, no age Gain May oncoming Culver told the group that]said the ocelot was being taken because this program brings I to a veterinarian because it had    „pm mp*    -       r,- such great benefits to two;been pulling its hair out.    ‘    ‘    ing without a driver s license. listed, of 1313 First street SE, a groups of people, ii has some- Driver of the truck on which th<,|r search Sa,ard»y of the    »    »    »    passenger, suffered multiple times been called “the most the cage was being carried    Gedar river off (he Third avenue    Helen    K.    Dvorak,    4B. of    BSB <u|; and biuises to the heed. productive effort of the federal stopped briefly enroute to pick    bridge for a murder weapon    Oakland    road    NE,    was in    good government” on a cost-benefit up some puppies. When he re-    sought in the murder of Donald ratio.    I turned to the truck the ocelot's; van Steenis Monday at 2:30 in C^N^0* Times said Saturday that j ports that kickbacks were nol.j ^^hS3'L^ga^,C'W *“ 7*'.    *    A    cran°    wl,h « mag- tional cemetery. Cedar Rapids.    ^    ITratel^D. and “pos i cittzenTwUh a useful way to' Ocelots are tropical American    J* »aa used to drag the river Born in    Waukon    Aug.    4.    ^’LraP^rand ;ulv Drobine alleged    sible    offenses    serve their communities in thej wildcats averaging 30-36 inches    bottom. Mr. Briar was married to Sylvia|"‘d «™d W P™ «!    8e , Th(, T,me5 qu0,pd    (a.;retirement years and gain the'n length and 18-20 inches in L rchel in Cedar Rapids, who a|r|m(,, |ravd aR(.ntr    |ml|iar wjth thp rase a5 sayinB satisfaction which comes from height according to lhe Kn- at about I 30 p.m. until nextlistered modest gams Friday in yjry‘v,e8.,    r* “"‘I The Times said recent test! the rebates ranged from 4 to 50!»rv'nK others/'    cyclopedia    Americana    .week. Six men were assigned to Londons local elections, and the dueled Monday at 9:30 a rn in The r,mes sal^d retent testi^    J    ,n    addition      The    animal climbs trees lhe search.    outcome    is likely lo delay na- Patterson-James funeral home, mony before the grand jury in- J    with    ease    The    mpn    aro    aka    ^earrhmo    tional nirliamennrv nipi-fmn 1-- w, „    riipatnH    miiiianc    af    HnHarx;    rn    t0 the legal sales commission to Crime Prevention    int    men    are    also    searching    uonai parliamentary elections Mas0n t,ty    secret    rebates were giveT the agents of 7 to 11 percent    Its    body    color    is    generally    for a service revolver belonging until fall    Man Charged with I?LZT SJI hr    ..DK,    ..... Needed: Martin    grayish-brown, marked w i t h to C«pt. Dennis Biome, who lost L.boritt Prune Minister Slnshinn Four Ti,.s Groceries Taken ^ewraf Toreign airlines and    filing suicides of alcoholics;lines of blackish ring-spols. The RU" during earlier search et Harold Wilson has the power to    9 In rn p m .mr Ho me st ic carriers "We were pushed into it,'1 and the recent su.cide of a muzzle is somewhat long    forts    'I    set the dale for the next dec- some    aorpesiK    ^ 5.ar\lc5^| said one unnamed airline of-young man in a county jail, Bill Tory Delay Elections The Both men were treated at Mercy hospital and released. LaGrange was charged with reckless driving. Police said LaGrange lost control of his car when he backed out of a driveway, LONDON (AP) — inc op- , , “ . ” The search was called off position Conservative party reg- crossed the mtersec,lon of s»xfb *■ - - --    ••    street    SW    and Twenty-seventh avenue SW and hit the utility pole. From Two Cars In Cedar Rapids including Pan American ■ quoted by the Times He Martin. Democratic candidate World Airways and I fans World added ajriines that did not, for county attorney, said voters Groceries left in cars were targets for thieves Friday who Graduates Steve Faulkner, 28, of 3831 Van Steenis died Fob 22 of a lions, and a big victory for his ^ ca.V,*"“e SEl "a.s tharsed oken neck caused by a gun- party would have slrenclhened    ■ a ur ay with two counts broken neck caused bv a gun- party would have strengthened '7\Y, shot wound His body was recov- the hand of cabinet ministers A u    i/ieR0nCMS iw Police said Rose Mary John- 1203 Bowler street, Hiawatha. and Jeffrey A Osborn, KUO Haney:connection with the Van Steenis fbose laaborites seeking a delay ^an ^orne> ,eP°rtcd two tires .ered from the Cedar river at pressing for a June ballot, fcut t another location    observers expected Labor s re J    ’ No arrests have been made in latively poor showing to help y on each Airlines.    ^jve kickbacks to the agents; should support candidates who The subpoenaed    executives. and jour wholesalers suddenly; believe “an ounce of prevention I .    .    * ff . .    | who are to appear    before the, began losing customers to other) is worth a pound of cure.” __ A   .    ..    federal grand jury within twojCarr,ers ^bat did offer tile a1- • Speaking at a coffee given by    Judy Snapp, ( Charles^Balc^m ^.WO^South ,WeekE’ x,re (;mployeas of ® air'!lpked rebates.    Mrs. Mike Merfeld. 539 Thirty- street. Hiawatha, will graduate. m'u7der7’but’" authorities" 'saj untd °dober or later. ”    17 *£3*. ?' ,'a‘cars , t M '‘lies that have transatlantic, ‘We had to join or we first street SE, Martin said Fri- from Rockford. III., Memorial their rn vest ie it inn inflicting Du-    —       slashed    late hriday or early Sat* ■ fL til    It    routes, according to the Times, wouldn't have any people on our day the county attorney as a school of nursing Friday.    murder we"Don mav hxve Uen    Hunk r.r H..m.    uiday    while    parked    in    the    Hob- Representatives of Aeroflot, aircraft,’’ he said.    partner in law enforcement! ------------- Htfimn tato^e %rer    day    Inn    parking lot and in the the Soviet airline, are among The Times said the payments must also be involved in crime    Hrakrs    Burn    downtown location    „    i    *    i i    °    '    !’lrrn ■abb blocl4 01 Sixteenth avenue those reportedly subpoenaed ;were in the form of cash trois- prevention    WEST    ..N|*    "    “    1h"    “un i! X. ^    h"k    '*    7aS    nt7'SV' “Very Widespread" iferred in the U.S. or Europe, or! The best way to prevent    ^    Jal* J*!*    «)*,«vel, rinmaged by fire rn U*| Uol.ee said Faulkner report- lice $40 worth of groceries were taken from his car between 430 and 7 05 p.m. while it was parked at Lindale Plaza . Carl Hendrickson, 1121 Thirty-fourth street NE, reported $18 r. itc!in cbecks issued to the agents. | serious accidents caused by a I br ake* Tin in es of » semi-trader found 'iii '    mu?'-    >ards    here    Friday.    The    ed I y became involved in an ar In an interview, Acting U.S. SsnnrusHmjmt dummy mrnAratinnsidrunken driver or* a hurp,arV or . k "8:    L    n    rf    ?i    l-    blaze    was    blamed    on    a    leak    in    a    gurnent with the couple and into the river off the First ave- propane heater. No one was in two other people m a tavern (The (triter fiapt2te Certif Ettabilthx) In TSU by Th* Gaittt* Co. ond Pt/blnnor doily one) Suodoy of SOO Third Av*. 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