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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Clear and colder tonight. Lows in the mid nils. Sunny and warmer Saturday with highs around 70. VOLUME 92 NUMMER 114 tictac lUtpitb QhtjeFt* CITY FINAL IO CENTS rn CEDAR RAPIDS, RAVA, FRIDAY, MAY 3, 1074 ZEBRA SUSPECT ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES FREE Kissinger Peace Bid To Syrians JERUSALEM (AP) - Secretary of State Kissinger held nine more hours of talks with Israeli leaders Friday then flew to Syria in search of a disengagement pact on the embattled Golan Heights. Kissinger held talks with Syrian President Hafez Assad Friday night.    |    rented car which the un- Kissinger said he and the I Aground group used in an Israeli leaders had studied “in I April bank robbery, great detail all the consider , Loaded Trucks ations involved in a disen-    agents    removed every- gagement agreement. I will dojtd‘ng *)Ut u ^ Dun tl>(1 apart-my best to present the ideas! Day Resigns As Marion City Manager FBI Raids Abandoned Headquarters of SLA SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) -Authorities Thursday night raided an abandoned apartment apparently used as a Symbionese Liberation Army headquarters and found terrorist slogans scrawled on the walls signed by Tania, the name kidnaped Patricia Hearer now uses. Police and FBI agents discovered clothing and other articles that indicated the SLA members lived in the apartment less than a week ago. Police found the keys to a that have emerged out of these discussions as honestly and clearly as I can. “We seek security and peace and not the imposition of the views of any party on any other party,’’ Kissinger said, adding that his mission Larry Tanner is aimed at “promoting peace Fred L. Day, Marion city in the area and ending the manager since last December, hostilities that are now going has submitted his resignation. on.”    Day,    suffered    a    heart    attack T ,    •    *    •    r    'Jan.    23    and was hospitalized for u) ..    . I American of-    per,od While- he ficial said    he can see the shape    v of agreement’’ on disengagement. But he    conceded that Kis singer faced a much more difficult problem for several reasons. among them Israeli settlements in the occupied area and a higher    degree of “emo tionalism.” Kissinger had a last minute conversation in Tel Avie with,did not spcci(lca||y give hea|th Fred L. Day ment. They loaded two trucks and a car with large boxes and bags containing items found in the apartment. No weapons or suspects were discovered. On one wall was scrawled “Freedom is the bread of the people-Cin.” On another wall was “Patria o muerte, venceremos. Tania.” The slogan- roughly translated, means “Fatherland or death, we will overcome.” The name Tania was also scrawled on a bedroom along with an unsigned slogan often found at the end of tape recorded SLA messages: “Death to the Fascist insects who prey on the lives of the people.” Eight SLA members; and Miss Hearst are being sought in connection with the April 15, $10,000 bank robbery and the shooting of two bystanders. “Suspicious Occurrence” The owner of the apartment building in San Francisco’s Western Addition section had called police to investigate a “suspicious occurrence” at a third floor apartment which was abandoned last Friday. One woman who lived near the apartment house told KGO television that she identified an FBI photograph of “Cinque,” the head of the SLA, as, one of the persons she had seen in the area. “Cinque” has been iden Police Say Evidence Is Insufficient SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -Four of seven men arrested in connection with a wave of ‘ Zebra” murders here have been freed for lack of evidence, police say. Police Sgt. William Kearny identified those freed Thursday night as Thomas Manney, 31, a star football player at San Francisco State university in the early 1960s; Clarence Jamerson, 37; Dwight Stallings, 28; and Edgar Burton, 22. They had been booked for investigation of conspiracy to commit murder. Further Procedures Kearny said the four were released because it became evident “during the course of the investigation that no further procedures against them are feasible at this time.” He said Chief of Inspectors Charles Barca planned a news conference on the matter Friday. But formal murder and other WASHINGTON (AP) — The was a potential witness against pointmen of a special prosecu-;burglary, contrary to testimony charges had been filed against original Watergate prosecutors, Dean and should therefore sever tor    given the senate committee. the three other men still in cus- in a crisis of confidence over himself from the case, the    Kt‘Pl    Advised    Watergate    conspirator    E    .    tody ” Larry Green, 22; J. C. The transcripts also show that Howard Hunt told the commit- ™mon,’. 29; aad Manuel Moore, —UPI Telephoto RELEASED — Two of the Zebra slaying suspects released by San Francisco police were Tom Manney, left, and Edgar Burton. Petersen Cut Off by Prosecutors tified as Donald De Freeze, 30.1 the leadership of Assistant At- sources said.     r-    —    ---    w.u    mc    Th    a t an escaped convict.    torney General Henry Petersen,    ‘ What Happened'’    ''e'"scn    w'dS c"n'‘nua'iy k^cp{ tee last Sept. 24 that he and pear Monday' before a counlv cut Petersen off from all info,, 0ne sourt, „Dean dj,    “    °'    -"ber    of    the    secre,    I    JJS,    Turf' mation gathered in their inves-_ tribiited information he obtained Petersen referred obliquely to *Iouse intolligence-gather-j “They just didn’t have the The apartment is not far from the bank which was robbed by the carbine-carrying terrorists. .    .    ,       ,___„ Objects seized during the raid toaRon> R was learned f riday. jrom Henry Peterson to poten- his problem with the prosecu- JnS und *hat became known as evidence and I would say they were sent to the FBI crime lab The problem, sources close to tiaJ defendants while telling Pe ;lors in a ^Aversation with the plumbers planned to bur- don't have it in the other in Washington for analysis. jibe case said, was in Peterson’, [terse* he was codec,mg Worton Apr,. 27.    *8* fo*£FgS£. contact with then- mation strictly for President ~r -------- Meanwhile,    the    SLA    faces    a    continual I rime Mimstei Goida Men- e-as a reason for resjgnjng jt waf, deadline of midnight Friday!white House Counsel JohnlNixnn fore flying to Damascus for his|a (ac|or    nj    ht    re,caS(. Mi% Hearst orlD    "    son talks w,th President Assad. I _    ....    I    forfeit    a $4 million food givea-1    1    What Day stated in his resigna* ,    . ., tion: “I consider each of you vv,1g .(!    £°°r    *    , lf Miss Hearst isn t released was happening Shortly before Kissinger arrived in Damascus, Ismail Ha- madam, secretary of the Al-1 a dedicated official and a fine r‘ld ™'7hn mnnev nut'in esrnuv'livc t0 the invcst'6at‘°n. saying gcrian presidential palace, met Rr»uP ®f m«'n tryinc to better    11 ■ '    ,    he    was    acting    for    President “We had a kind of crisis confidence night before last,” t() he told the President. Petersen went on to say the Dean continually obtained in-1 Henry, really, was that one of    (BP formation from Petersen rela- the principals in the potential problem was over his reports to scr 1s presidential adviser obstruction of justice case relating to the cover-up was using gerian prcsiaenuai palace, met «    *    ‘    ,    ~v    bv Hearst and the Heart founda- .    6    *    _    *1    I    lug    to    me    cover-up    wat using Assad and delivered a personal the community. Marion has a .    .... returned to the foun- N‘xon w^en> *n tot, it appeared the information from Henry reletter from Algerian President dedicated group of employes    he    was    passing    such    informa-jtersen to further the continued .r . ~-------!■    —    ",    —    and the townspeople are fine. Udi*°n. But, Hunt said, the burglary to the seven black men. never came off.    He    said they were excused In the White House tran- after a police lineup. “Death Angels” In Washington, D. C., Mayor Joseph Alioto said the four no longer held may be called be- Nixon, but the sources close to John Ehrlichman said it did. the investigation said the real The purpose of the burglary, problem was Dean.    according to Hunt’s testimony, “Dean is counsel to the Pres-    was t0 Set some information on    fore    a grand jury investigation Houari Boumedicnne. The con- ana inc townspeople are line. ^.ss hearst has    jn. ti°n to potential defendants in obstruction of justice.”    ident, for God’s sake,” one ^en Edmund Muskie which re-of the random killings of whites tents were    not    disclosed    but    in    a    “Marion    is    on    the    verge    of    taped    messages    that    she does    the    Watergate case, the sources The    White    House    transcripts    source said. “He told Henry the    putedly would blow Muskie s    and    a possible connection    with a meeting    with    Kissinger    Monday    great    accomplishments    so    it    is    not    want    to    return    home and    sa^'    released    Tuesday    show    that    in    President wanted the informa-,    fledgling presidential campaign    mysterious murder cult    called Boumedicnne — who has a close indeed difficult to terminate my has elected to stay and “fight”1 The prosecutors did not be- April, 1973, Petersen was having tion and Henry believed him. personal relationship with Assad city manager position at this as “Comrade Tania” in the ,'evc Peterson was a part of any trouble with the prosecutors.    “Sever Self” — pledged his support of the time. However, I will leave city ranks of the Symbionese Libera- conspire to cover up Water-Petersen at that time had been Kissinger mission.    imanagement field and possibly tion Armv. which claims it kid- Kate- They believed he had been assigned by Attorney General “When the prosecutors found Army, Kissinger was the target of an ento private    business in an-    naped her    Feb.    4. assassination plot on his last other state.    J    --- visit to Damascus in January,1 t0*d 'I he Gazette friday    It o Arr and security Friday was un- morning, "Things are going so    ^B    I TPI fiJKio precedented. He also was trav- well. It was a    tough decision to cling about the city in a second; make. I don’t feel I can really bullet proof Cadillac flown in1 get back into the swing of things1 from the U. S. A bullet proof to several months.” car also was flown to Israel.    Marlon    Mayor William As Kissinger and the Israelis Grundy said: “We will begin talked, Israeli commandos to search immediately for a new bee tion leave. He was doing an ex struck across the cease-fire line into Syria Friday and killed two Syrian soldiers in a brief skirmish, the Israeli militarv com- SU Million for Millboard Loss National Sign Co.. Inc., of Ottawa, Hun., has filed a $1.5 or manager. No date has mdlion su i awins the Iowa V “ 5 ' Judiciary    meal    to    permit    playing of tapes, .her, doing what be was doing.” I*1”*?* Mi V4.1 I.,r FroH’s rmciffna. ? u    against    me iowa c|eanng the way for the cruciaj|so each 0f the 38 members has „    .    ,    ..Indian Mov n » int(. to see him *• hway commission comiec-iphase of its impeachment inqui- his own headset and set of tran- Eventually, a source sal » h trja| m conn n. We hate to se( nim turn vvltj1 removal of billboards rv h.1K    wivnn’e c,.rin(c    prosecutors    had    to    resume    dis-    ninatinn mand said. Gunners exchanged cellent job as city manager. out of the water.    the “Death Angels. ” - Alioto, who met with Atty. Orrlorc    nn    Gen Saxbe, said afterwards he Greers I apes on    had appealed t0 Saxbc t0 befiln Wounded    Knee    a toeral investigation of the Death    Angels,    which he    said ST. PAUL, Minn.    (AP) — A!were dedicated    to the murder Henry he    had to sever    himself    federal judge signed    a subpoena and mutilation    of whites and from the case because    he was a    E r i d ay ordering President dissident blacks.    Alioto believes potential    prosecution    witness    Nixon to turn over    any White, the Zebra slayings arc linked to against Dean in an obstruction House tapes dealing    with the    180 murders throughout Califor- of justice    armed occupation of    Wounded    nja “Petersen bridled at that. Ile Knec' S'D“ ,ast ycar'    | Sa*1* sald he will help in any look the position (hat Nixon and •,udK<’ i'rt‘d N“'hol signed lhe|way he can The; ted out with electronic equip Richardson wanted him to be subpoena, which was prepared Just before the meeting the '*— '--- 14    -i“-1---  lawyers    for    two    American JFBI issued a statement saying Movement leaders on it was not involved in helping to , _    ..      connection    with    the    oc-    hunt down the killers, but afterprosecutors had to resume    dis-' tribution of information to    Pe-|    _    .    '    ,    . Ta     —• *    ' tersen because Richardson told ‘*nn,s Banks ^,.“1-- him to continue supervising the Meaf ar* ,charS"d » >° ^,    Second    Tern. thai .nr It.Hp hnrnlarv ST pA(jL (Ap) _ Mayor unwittingly used in a possible Elliot Richardson to supervise oul "bat Dean was doing with conspiracy to obstruct justice, the investigation pending ap- lbe information Henry was giv-----ing    him, the prosecutors told St. Clair Given Key Role by House Panel WASHINGTON (AP) case. .. ,    ..    ry, has given President Nixon’s scripts. I abnegate highways.    ilaw.yor a major role in the pro ; The role given    St. Clair makes fire on the Golan    Heights    front    “We    will    continue    to    function The petition, filed Friday in lander rules annroved unani-,hal Jr i*S    SU.bj!:ct to com* in the 53rd consecutive    day    of    at city    hall    until    a new    manager ; Linn district court, also claims,mouslv by the co^Snittec Thurs fcl nrf T m    n°t fighting there.    ‘is hired”___th„ state statute under which I TaTwhho    James!dip<?ndent rl8ht ,a » the billboards can be removed st. Clair will be able to question l)csire for *a,rBes* ^111^ • Mnr/nn Mein    is    unconstitutional.    witnesses, raise objections and The Constitution gives the,    .    .    . sJUII *    .    fwilw/l    I    I I B U v-evj    Half    Century    propose witnesses.    house    the    sole    right    of    impeach-    UBOH    Upheld r\ •    T    r    r\ I I rho rnnm-inu    it    lim    Thc    rules    and    the    Democratic    ment,    but    historically    counsel Divorce I O LSCOpe Debt been manufacturing, selling, inJmaj°rity’s suPPort of ,hcm for the subject of the inquiry The ranking Republican and By Roland Krekeler A Syracuse, N. Y., woman con tends a Marion optometrist and Ervin, Baker: I tt-iiiinrt-inU^'rTininVainlnn'nH'v^r i helped restore harmony in the has been granted some opporfu- ■'•■inocral on the senate Hater-■v- st”l'ng. and nihintaining »dvgr-]romm„^. a(ter „s parly.lm(, nity lo partk.ipatc    gate committee say pres.denl.al who has an office at UH Se enth avenue, Marion. Gets Judgment tising signs in the state for more than a half century.    1 It charges the highway com party Wednesday when Nixon Rep Kastenmeier counts that include burglary. I theft, arson, assault on federal Lawrence Cohen has won a sec-ofticers and illegal possession ol ond (erm jn an eelction charact-firearms.    lerized by light voter turnout. Jobless Rate Drops To 5 Percent in April his wife staged a plot involving Phillips obtained a $25,441.20,mission refuses to pay compert-,    ’ >s a fake divorce to defraud the , judgment against Collings in Ration bv purchasing the signs, Ado Uon an I Ute under which the billboards atisfy hies debts. The are to be removed violates the ings and Franklin ll Collings,|sujt sec^s lo have a transfer of!federal and state constitutions tried court Thursday by Mona no money or property that cs G. Phillips against Jo Ann Coll-jh(» sold to satisfy his debts. TI I and Franklin II Collings,JSyjt seeks to have a transfer < —    property    from him to his wife I by denying equal protection J peached declared void.    the    law,    and    due    process    of    the Today s Index (D.YVis.),‘transcripts largely corroborate was found in non-compliance chairman of the subcommittee!*^ sworn testimony of Dean which drafted the rules, said'despite White House claims that WASHINGTON (UPI) — Un-rank and file workers decreased they were based on a desire lo he is a liar    employment edged down in in April. of the rules marked!be fair to Nixon.    In    separate .statements, Chair-    Apnj J()r (ho ^cond month iii al Thc avcrage work week last ailsback (IID. ranking man Ervin (D-N.C.) and Vice-    month    was 36 6 hours, which icon on the subcommit- chairman    Baker (R-Tenn.) said    ’    • Irom a    was 12 minutes shorter than in iised the Democrats for Thursday    that    the transcripts I    51 percent    to 5 percent as    March. The average factory support, saying they hadj tend to bolster    the credibility of    joblessness d e    c I i n e d among    work week was 54 minutes 'gin ex-j“ieaned over backward” to as-I^'an    teenagers and    black workers,    shorter, with manufacturing information on|sure St. Clair's participation.    a    Philadclhpia    news    con-    tiu. government said Friday. overtime off by 48 minutes. Democrats toence, Baker also said the mg amining tin which it will base a judgment However, some After reaching a 34 year low The BLS said tho shorter whether Nixon should bo im-said they felt the committee I committee's final report may be of 4 6 percent last October, un-, work times probably showed up Comics 24 Crossword 24 Daily Record •I ii Deaths 3 Editorial Features Ii Farm 13 Financial 25 Marion is Movies 14,15 Society HI.II Sports 19-22 State 8.9 Television sa Want Ails 29-33 Phillips filed a federal court suit against Collings on July 27. 1972, to collect on the debt, she alleges, and on Aug. 29. 1972, his solution of marriage from hun Dissolution Televised Hearings ,    . eliminate St. Hair s i Iii' tules include a pi avision g*ai§£ objections The company says it is suffer*Ipermitting hearings to be tele-; b ull Scale Trial “Destruction” was being too generous. Rep. delayed beyond the May 28 tar-Da me Ison (D-Calif.) tried to | get date because the transcripts right to have opened “new lines of inquiry’’ — including search Impossible perjury by Nixon’s associates at last summer’s hear ! ing “economic destruction” be-j vised if the committee decides cause of the highway commis- to open them lo the public. Danielson said the committee!ings. sion action    Chairman Rodino (D-N.J.) said was giving St. Clair the opportu-    In Washington, Ervin de    I The suit states    that the com- the first week of    the hearings    nitv to turn what should bt'    a    scribed the transcripts as    “rc- pany does    business in all 99 would be closed.    fact-finding investigation into    a    veal ing and astounding”    and The dissolution    was    granted    COUnties in    the    state and in* Those first four    or five days    full-scale trial.    said they “very strongly corrob- Sept. 4,    1973,    and    it    involved    ®    dicates that    Linn    county is one will he taken up by a prescnta-    But Rep. Drinan (D-Mass.).    oratc” Dean’s testimony. .■setIIciiKMil m whuli (ollmgS|0f six jn whiCR billboards have|tion to the committee of the citing past impeachment pro-' agreed to convey lo .irs. Coll- been removed.    .secret grand jury evidence re-eeedings in which counsel for /    i    Rnrnlntu    teenagers    dropped    from    15    per mgs title lo a iois(' pas mc petition refers specificial- luting to Nixon’s role in the Wa- tho pt*rson under investigation buQ! Cure Du ry lUTy cont jn jyjarch down (0 133 soulliol Marion    |v j0 a project involving high|tergatc cover-up and other in | was allowed to take part, said ] Really Came Off I cent last month, w hile the rate employment rose to 5.2 percent because the employment data in January and February before I was collected during the week starting dow n in March. .."Tab.r's::': isa:u'day ssr- The Bureau said the number of employed workers remained unchanged at about 85.8 million while the number of persons out of work fell by about 100,000 to 4.5 million. when many work schedules , were reduced on the Friday and The unemployment rate for The petition alleges the decree, stipulation on property aud I In* deed conveying the (Fontinned Rage 3, Col r>) way 30 in Linn county as being formation covering a wide! “it is better to let St. Clair one in which the highway com-range of alleged presidential become the 39th member of the mission is acting in its official;misconduct.    committee than to deny him his capacity.    !    The    hearing    room    will    be    fit-[procedural rights.” for black workers declined from Nixon’s tape transcripts in-j9.4 percent to 8.7 percent, dicate that the White House The BLS also said the average, plumbers did pull a Las Vegas work week and pay checks for. Because of the shorter work week, weekly earnings for rank and file workers averaged $147.74 last month, a drop of 86 cents from March. Toilufi's Chuckle Little boy, on being introduced to an old friend of the family: “How do you do? My, how i’ve grown! May I go n°VV'•',    Copyright ;

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