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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa PERPETUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION I IO Second Ave., S E. • Cedar Rapids Iowa • Telephone 366-1851 IOWA CITY BRANCH: 132 East Washington • Telephone 338-9751 THE SPRING SCENE IN OUTERWEAR Coats and jackets by Gleneagle, Windbreaker Great Western and Rubin Grais You'll be smart in more ways than one when you’re ready for spring’s blustery and-or wet days with coats and jackets from our collection. Smart styles that are comfortable smart, too. Lots of colors; lots of patterns. And a variety of prices, too. Jlolkys SHOP FOR MEN LINDALE PLAZA • CEDAR RAPIDS By Roger Green Local proteclion from “boiler-room” fund-raising operations is needed for both the public and local service agencies, the executive directors of United Community Services-funded agencies claim. And a city ordinance maybe necessary for effective protection. About three months ago, one agency learned its name was being used as beneficiary of a fund-raising drive when someone who had bought tickets in the drive called to ask for their money back, Russell Proffitt, executive director of HACAP, reported. A check into the operation found only a small part of the money was to go to the agency cited. The remainder would go to overhead of a circus the tickets were being sold for. Discussion among agency heads found most had experienced similar in c i d e n t s where their agency’s name was used without their knowledge and they received only a small part of the total amount collected. “We have a number of ‘boiler-room’ operations in the city which try to pressure you into buying a block of tickets for charity,” Proffitt said. “They are trained to put quite a bit of pressure on in their sales technique. The question is where the money goes.” A circus is good entertainment, he said, but it should be sold on its entertainment value rather than to help a charitable organization. Cause Difficulty In the long run, these operations probably create more difficulty for the regular fund-raising agencies because people have only a limited amount of money available for contribution to charitable causes. Proffitt said. So the CCS executives submitted a proposal to the (Clamber of Commerce to es- ( tablish a solicitations review agency similar to the Chamber's business-consumer bureau. It called for fund-raising agencies to submit budget and organizational information voluntarily to the Chamber ! agency. Persons having questions about a fund-raising effort 1 which has contacted them could call the Chamber and find out what information was on hand. If there was nothing on file, the proposal called for the Chamber to seek it out. The Chamber would also utilize the media to inform the public should a fund-raising agency's operations hint of impropriety. But the Chamber rejected the proposal earlier this month. Chamber View The Chamber would be in the position of having to influence public opinion toward a drive, Harold E w o I d t , Chamber general manager, explained. And the Chamber simply doesn’t have the manpower for the task. Seeking information on agencies which didn't volunteer the same could be a timeconsuming and frustrating task. The Chamber is of the opinion a city ordinance is necessary for effective control of the fund-raising activities, Ewoldt said. The Chamber helped sponsor a public solicitations review committee which operated in Cedar Rapids from 1955 to 1970, he reported. That committee similarly required organizational and budget information and made judgments based on criteria concerning need for the funds and how the money is distributed. “The committee disbanded for the simple reason that it had no enforcement procedures.” he said. “There was no way to require them to appear. “An organization was free to perform its fund drive whether it received approval or disapproval of the committee.” The committee in conjunction with CCS composed an ordinance which was presented to the city council. The ordinance would have required a permit for fund raising in the area. A seven-member panel would award the permits after assessing the drive on criteria outlined in the ordinance. The cliv attorney’s office rewrote the proposal in legal ordinance form and i* was returned to tile council where it died silently. The reason for the ordinance's failure is uncertain. “I really don’t know why, but you just couldn’t get them (the council) to take any affirmative action,’’ said C. C. Birr. former solicitations review committee head who was instrumental in the proposal's formation. Robert Bettiga, executive director of LTS, claims the ordinance was simply “a hot potato. It’s something that takes a little bit of guts. “You’re (tampering) with some pretty sacred institutions. “Part of the ordinance required reporting of fund-raising costs, who’s going to benefit. “A lot of people really don’t want to do that. Pressure Applied “There are all kinds of pressure groups in this community. Very few people want those questions asked. “It might open up a big Pandora’s box.’’ Those opinions aren’t held by everyone. Ronald LeFebure, director of the Cedar Valley chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Assn., claimed, “I don’t think there was any general interest in it. “There was a groundswell of opinion that it would be really just another form to fill out.” The information requirements of the ordinance would have been exceptionally burdensome. especially for nationally-affiliated o r g a n i z a-tions, he said. Besides, he claimed there has been no real need shown for such an ordinance. People have gotten cautious about fund-raising schemes, he said. “I’ve been at this six years and believe mc, I don’t think anyone is not suspicious about giving money to a charity.” */ Willy’s Easter Special! Basket of RAINBOW Pompons with nest of Flocked Easter Eggs $55° Willy’s Horal Design 3501 FIRST AVE. SE. 363-2675 DELIVERY SERVILE Nr« Hours Oprn Munday thru Saturday H tai This Easter, semi a touch of springtime. The FTO HappyNest.’M The Nappy Nest Bouquet S12 SO to HS; Piloted SIO tit? SO ORDER EARLY! 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Moorman View “We’re not theory,” he said, tion is that nizations such as th** cancer society would have had as much difficulty soliciting as the Gay Liberation Front. “It was drawn up so that even national organizations such as the cancer society would have to fill out very cumbersome forms every year. “It also provided a more or less arbitrary method of determining who is allowed to solicit.” He also questioned the seven-man panel which would grant permits. Four of the panel members would be VCS-inclined, he claimed. The potential for “stacking the board” exists. Moorman claimed. He suggested the panel be simply advisory with final derisions coming from the council. Annual Silent Movie Night Is April 25 The Cedar Rapids Area Theater Organ Society will sponsor the annual .silent movie night April 25 at 8 p m. at the Paramount theater. Organist will be Bill Thomson who has presented hundreds of organ concerts In the U.S. He recently toured Australia, performing on theater organs. He was staff organist for a radio station in St Petersburg, Fla., at the age of 18. 1 Lung Cancer Leading Killer Among Cancers Lung cancer is the leading killer among all the cancers causing about 72,000 deaths in the United States, In 1973, an increase of about IO)) percent since 1952. Compared to the late 1960k, fewer women are smoking today, but they form a I larger percentage of all smokers and seem to find it harder to stop smoking. Bill Thomson The movie will be “Big Busl- Seek Comments On Carillon Cedar Rapids residents are going to get the chance to (express their opinion about a carillon that Perpetual Savings and Loan Assn. wants to install downtown permanently. The S c h u I rn e r i c h “tyme! stryke” bells have been installed on the roof of Perpetual at HO Second avenue SE. The city council has given Perpetual permission for a 30-j day trial run. On the basis of comments from citizens, the council will make a decision on permanent installation. The carillon will chime on the hour and half hour starting Monday. Selections of popular, and seasonal music will be heard at 9 a.m., noon, 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. weekdays. On Sundays the music will be heard at noon and 5 p.m. The musical se-; 1 lections will be on tape. ness” featuring I,aurei Hardy. It was filmed in 1929. The organ at the Paramount bas been restored by members of the organ society, a nonprofit group whose purpose is to preserve, restore and maintain theater organs. Tickets, $2.50 each, are on sale at Armstrong’s, the Paramount box office, Carina Lou’s House of Music, Lindale Record shop and Stage 4 or by mail until April 16 to CRATOS, 1611 Seventh avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52403. Mail orders should include a self-addressed stamped envelope. Sabbatical The term “sabbatical year,” meaning a leave of absence every seventh year, came from the Old Tastament. The Jews directed that every seventh year the agricultural land should be allowed to lie fallow icr to rest on the seventh year. Robert Moorman against t h e ‘ Our objec-    ucs executives have recognized orga- not had a chance to discuss Hie need for solicitation regulation at their one meeting since the Chamber rejection. But, the topic will be on the agenda this Wednesday, Proffitt reported. Protect Public He emphasized the UCS executives “don't want to throw the baby out with the bath and discourage people from fund raising. “Basically we’re trying to protect the public and inform the public so they can make up their own minds (where to contribute). “Some (fund raisers) are just using these agencies for moneymaking schemes that hint the agencies are going to benefit. “It’s basically dishonest if they’re not the beneficiaries.” Say Protection Needed "Boiler-Room" Fund Qathef ye mote Earning money is one thing. Gathering more on what you've earned is another. Sure. There are stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance and savings plans by the dozens. But, if you’re like most people, you prefer the stuff Perpetual’s made of. Like high-yield savings accounts, federal-agency insured safety and total saving and home-financing convenience. We feel you ll get a lot more for your money. Come on in and talk it over with us. We’re the nicest gathering place in town. Moiejoi youI Money ;

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