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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 31, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa BUSES FOR C.R. ELDERLY Operations Will Begin April /.» (In Section A)SEEING DOUBLE IN SPRINGVILLE Twelve Sets of Twills iii School (In Section B) Section A eafner- Increuslng cloudiness today, chance of showers tonight. Highs today iii the 50s, low tonight in mid his. oTUe (techie VOLUME 92 NUMBER Hi CITY FINAL 35 CENTS * CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS. UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Weds Nancy hiaginnes, President Rockefeller    Assista In Welfare Secretary of State Kissinger and His New Wire, Nancy. —UPI Telephoto WASHINGTON (UPI) - Secretary of State Kissinger said Saturday that Israel has come up with a “useful basis” for negotiating a separation of Israeli and Syrian armies I locked in an artillery duel on J the Golan front for the 19th straight day. Israeli Defense Minister \ Moshe Dayan, who outlined his! government’s plan to Kissinger at a 90-minute meeting, told reporters afterward that “we J could do without the firing on! the Golan front.” But he added: | “General War?” “I doubt it will deteriorate! into general war.” Kissinger said he hoped he* could bring the Israelis and' Syrians together just as he a1-) ready has managed to get Israeli and Egyptian agreement on a separation of their forces in the Sinai and along the Suez canal. He cautioned, however, that, “of course we have not yet had the Syrian reaction ... but I think that the Israeli proposals do provide a useful basis.” Kissinger will explain Dayan’s proposals to Syrian negotiators CHICAGO (UPI) when they visit Washington Charles Percy    (R-Ill.) said    Sat-    House's reluctance to supply    tense    and should    noj    resign    that    it    made    its    own    rules and April IO or ll.    urday that he    has changed    his    documents and tapes to Special    from    office.    thus    made    its    own    ruin.” Both Dayan and the secretary mind over the    past month    and    Prosecutor Leon Jaworski and |    sajd he    was    jnn0Cent    and turned aside questions aimed at now believes the house will    vote    to the house judiciary commit-1 bringing out details of the Is- for the impeachment of Pres-tee considering impeachment, raeli plan.    ,    ident    Nixon.    “Nothing    has    eroded    confi- Buffer Zone    “I have an ominous feeling!dence in the White House more Diplomatic sources said Israel lhat we wil1 bave a trial of the | than its saying, ‘Let’s get it proposed creation of a buffer Prcsident in tbe senate — that (Watergate) behind us’and then zone between the opposing the house wiI1 votc a bi!1 of »mT taking every action to delay and forces in some areas of the Peachmcnt,” Percy told a news drag it out.” Percy said. Golan heights.    conference^    “That discrepancy has not ed his record. It was not clear, however,*    ne    alice    been lost on members of perCy sajd he feejs that a whether the Israelis are willing The reason for the shift in | congress    senate    trial of Nixon - if it to abandon their position in'sentiment, said Percy, who has) But California Gov. Ronald I comes - could take place short-Kuneitra, the ancient    trading,been assessing his    own pros-1 Reagan said Saturday night he Iiy before elections this No town astride the Jerusalem- as tbe presidential | believes President Nixon is in-|vember. Damascus road. This could become the main sticking point in any future negotiations, sources said. Meanwhile, Syrian and Israeli artillery bombarded the battered Golan heights for the 19th Gazette Leased Wires    I the release of Hearst’s kidnaped consecutive day Saturday in ex- HERMOSILLO Mexico _ dau8bter' Patricia, changes    in which at least three    Mexican authorities    expect the! Tbe P^P0831 for immediate soldiers    were wounded    on the    r(»t,jrn 0r kirinanod    IJS Vin*,jnegotiations was made by Clif- •WO fides.    consol    JohnSonbelime    Dho„Salls.    hT Percy Expects Nixon Impeachment WASHINGTON IAR) — Secre- emnly that he would see to ii tary of State Henry Kissinger that they had four or five hours’ was married Saturday to Nancy advance notice. Maginnes, a foreign policy re- There was none. searcher for former New York Ju(Jge Thomas in a telephone Gov, Nelson Rockefeller.    interview,    said he was first con- The marriage evidently had tacted last December through been tentatively set and called Carlyle Maw, the state depart-off several times since last De-jment counselor and a close Kis-cember. The judge, Francis E j singer friend, and told he would Thomas, told a reporter that he be marrying “an important per finally got a telephone call at 4 son ” p.m. Friday and was told “it    ,    ,, looks like a green light.”    SeveraI    Appointments But it was not until an hour “Then I’d get these calls with before the wedding that he was tentative dates and then a call told the couple he was to marry jater that it was being postin his law office were Kissinger poned,” he said. “I’ve had sev-and Miss Maginnes. ‘ But I had erai tentative appointments.” surmised it, he said.    Thomas    said the wedding No Mention    certificate    was delivered to him Saturday morning by Allen Har-Kissmger spent the morning rjson an Arlington, Va., lawyer at the state department confer- j “Thgt’s when I knew for sure it ring with Moshe Dayan the was }^cre(ary Kissinger but I Israeli defense minster. He had ^ assumed jt iong before,” said he was going to Acapulco th j d jd on vacation Saturday afternoon    " J    u’    .    . hut made no mention ot the ,TI’e    war    performed* marriage. When a reporter <*»'■»!“*» P "J- J*d K'sstnger asked him Saturday if he were *and J1? wife left directly after-seeing anvone else before tak- »ard'“r National apport where mg off, Kissinger simply smiled hoj«*«d V' a'rP as the elevator door closed in for a lW«y honeymoon rn a r ,    rented house in Acapulco, Mex- r,    ‘    „.    .    ,    ico, the first vacation the globe- Secrecy has been Kissinger s trotting Kissinger* has taken in a diplomatic trademark.    j    p When a reporter aeked him on *    . the flight home from Moscow if!    “■    and    Mlss    Ma' 0__. -------    .    ,    ,. iginnes, who is 39. met about Senator I candidate in 1976, is the White* nocent of any impeachable of-1 “The fatal defect of CREEP wa*, he was getting married this    years ado when thev were 1    1    weekend    Kissinger grinned and    years ago wnen mey were said ‘•absolutely '’ He gave the ^'h workl"S tot; Rockefeller. thn rt 1,ne She currently supervises inter-! same response when the JJM- Mtiooa| studics J*,h Rtx-kefel., tki ■. fro 4 1-1 I Ambitious Amateurs I believe him, Reagan told a news conference    CREEP    is    the    double-edged And former Gov. Nelson acronym Ford used in referring Rockefeller of New York drew *be campaign committee in two standing ovations Saturday (Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) from midwest Republicans______ when he urged a “fair trial”; for President Nixon and defend- tion was put to him on a flight home from the Middle East last month. The 12 newsmen would not be put off with a quip. Kissinger, growing serious, promised sol- ler’s Commission Choices. on Critical Her Goal Was Help For Children in Need Mexican Officials Predict Release of    U Diplomat “I think it (the impeachment) would be a danger to the party and the country,” he said. “I think we could survive impeachment but it would be a danger.” For a number of years Josephine Guidinger, who lived at 2018 Bever avenue SE, was a faithful and regular contributor to Camp Good Health. One could always expect to* a $58,180 have already been turned over to the camp. Trust officers say that figure will increase considerably before the estate is closed. After Talks After the talks with Dayan. Kissinger gave a luncheon attended by the wedding party and seven other guests. He then slipped across the Potomac river with Miss Maginnes and they were married in Thomas’ office. Five relatives and friends as well as Kissinger’s two children, Elizabeth. 15, and David. 12. were present. Kissinger is a Jew and his wife an Episcopalian. IPs first marriage see \ Qi-ri-in nnmmiminiin caiH thic tr„«lr«nH    seIf    “Death ROW Jeff” and who    r-..4.vM.    -■MV/.VO  --------- .    ne    IU    relieve    SI A Syrian communique said this weekend, a ftderal    spokes-    terrorist    cents to dictate    the    terms of a years    ago.    on    Third    street    NE    |(K>a,    charities    “She He firing lasted nearly ll hours man said Saturday.    bj^s,rc    L    UrrorU    nationa, clection    campaign.    near    the    Quaker    Oats Co.    plant.    dren'»    one    of    her    dc .lay-1 withaSvn‘an s<iu"!s’“ailing    Snou/^A tee^forTo’f ‘° "* C°mn'“'    T    Ti    ***' Si"d' SlTjr ra?»ldto*ma,“ T ti,ayni    ,h"‘>    iS    "°    leader) that it    would bo for the    President, wh Israelis said one Israeli soldier comment on it    u . ■ .    .    t    j    wi.on*. , , /t*i» o  _______ best    interest of the poor and: Nixon s campi The Children's Home of Cedar cnded in a divorce “Polit* .,1 Anni    generous    contribution    HapidSf    Jane    Boyd    Community    M“    Maginnes,    aJ?e"    Y?rk I olitiial Adolescents j near Memorial day in memory jjouse and (be Home for Aged soc,abte* was m Washington Earlier, Vice-president Ford of her husband, the late Herbert women also shared in the Gui-iover the christmas tolidays, said the political lesson of Wa- I- Guidinger, her mother and dingCr estate.    giving    rise    to    rumors    that she tergate was “never again muat “Micky”.    Friends    say    that    rn    the    late!and Americans allow an arrogant. The Guidingers were in the vears of her life Mrs. Guidinger nllarr‘cd' But ^ said frequently elite guard of political adoles-coal business in Cedar Rapids |came t0 believe strongly in!!_ai„;j^“J„°^:_y in s ^ the Israi was wounded. The Syrian communique said two Syrian wounded. were poor and ixixon s campaign in 1972. iGood Health continues. A spokesman for the federal oppressed people to start negoti- “It violated the historic con-i Under the terms of her will im estimations board who visited    ^tions as soon as possible with    copt of the two-party system in    Camp timid Health was given I S. Consul Elmer E. Veltons    Rudolph Hearst to release the    America and ran roughshod    $1 .(MN) as a    specific bequest. In    Cairo    Saturday,    diplomatic    house mid newsmen the return    prisoner of war Patricia    over the seasoned political judg-    Additionally,    the camp was sources    said    Kissinger    has    a    of Patterson was expected ei-    Hearst,” Jefferson wrote.    ment and experience of the reg-    named as a    residual benefi* plan of hi' own for Syrian- (her late Saturday or early Sun*    *    *    *    ular Republican party organiza- clary and under this section Israeli disengagement which is day.    The    leftist    guerillas    who hold lion in the 50 states,” Ford said. stocks and securities totaling sympathetic toward Syria’s “j can'( tell you much more abducted American oil exeeu- She loved chil- *° consider marria*e lose friends! Tbe wading was a closely particularly those hcl^secretj;ntil the C0UPle ^as Re-election of the Guidinger died last year.    tba(    needed a helping hand or which ran President    b(’r    generosity    to ( amp were disadvantaged. airborne. Then, an announce ment was made    at the    state department in the    name    of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Albert Maginnes, of White Plains, N Y. “Every man, when he gets married, is entitled to have The securities have bcen*s()rnc privacy,” spokesman placed in    the Camp    Good    Health George Vest said    when    asked (Continued:    Page    3, Col. 7.)    ! (Continued: Page 3, Col    5.) “She wanted the money placed where it would do the most good for children and for children who needed it most.” (Continued: Page 3, Col 2 ) Libyans Take over Royal-Dutch Shell BEIRUT (UPI) - The Libyan regime of Col, Moammar Kha-dafy Saturday ordered the RHI p e r c e n t nationalization of Royal-Dutch Shell Corp. Tripoli radio said. Libyan Oil Minister Izzedin Mabrouk said in an interview published in Beirut: “Our ultimate goal is to control our own oil, and whenever we feel we can manage our own fields, we won’t hesitate to do so." Oil sources said Libya acted against Shell because it rejected tin* government’s order, issued last September, r jtionalizing 51 percent of its assets. Saturday's order called for nationalizing the company's remaining assets including installations, refineries, pipelines and storage tanks. than that.” he said. “But I can say that this whole deal will Im* resolved.” He indicated suspects in the case may have been arrested. “Once bo’3 back, I will present to you picture* of all the people involved and what this was all about,” said the spokesman. who declined to be identified. Patterson, 31, of Philadelphia, was last seen March 22 when he left his office with a still unidentified man Severn! hours later, a ransom note reportedly asking for $500,000 was found under a consular office door. A search began, and Patterson's car was soon found abandoned with no signs of violence. ♦ * ♦ Iii San Francisco, Randolph Hearst made a surprise visit to a state prison Saturday and returned with a letter from a mysterious “Death Row Jeff” urg mg the Symbionesc Liberation army lo begin negotiation* for live Victor Samuelwm kidnaped an Argentine army colonel Friday night in Buenos Aires, the third colonel they have seized in five months, military sources said Saturday. Lt. Col. Jorge A Rivero was seized by a band of the People’s Revolutionary A r rn y Friday night, military sources said Rivero was one of the military prosecutors of a young draftee convicted of helping guerillas to enter an army supply center Sept. 6 The soldier, J. Inver-nizzi, is scheduled to be sen j teneed next week, and the sources said the ERP may try to use Riven) as a hostage to be exchanged for Invernizzi. Toitoi!** Chuckle The minister’s little daughter saw a rainbow for the first time; she wanted to know if it were an advertisement for heaven cw>vn«M Talmadge Named to 'Til Get You” Club WASHINGTON (AID - Senator Herman Talmadge was welcomed to the “FII Get You” Club Saturday and informed that he is now entitled to one streak by Agriculture Secretary Earl But/, through a supermarket rn Georgia. The “club’s” founder, Sen. Alan Cranston (D-Calif.) said Talmadge gained membership by incurring the wrath of the secretary. “It is my pleasure to inform you that as a result of Mr. But/’ threat to campaign against you in your race for re-election . . . you are now a full-fledged member of this select group of senators to be rewarded by Mr, But/.’ opjxisi-tion,” Cranston said in a letter to the Georgia Democrat Last week But/, accused 'I almadge, who is chairman of the senate agriculture committee, of opposing administration farm policies because this is an election year. II Talmadge has Republican opposition, B u t z said. he would go to Georgia to campaign for the senator’s opponent. In his tongue-in-cheek congratulatory letter, Cranston said the rewards are rich of belonging to the Earl Butz “I’ll-Get-You” Club. “As a charter member of our group your campaign will be entitled to one streak by Mr. But/, at the supermarket of your choice, with a 24-hour notice to neighborhood housewives who will be given the opportunity to properly welcome him ” Other benefits, said Cranston include: Ten framed copies of Butz press releases predicting a decline in beef prices in 1969, 1970. 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974. Ten shares in the “Russian Trading Corp.” That, said Cranston, is the “government corporation which bought C S. wheat in 1972 from Butz for $1 60 a bushel.” Cranston said Talmadge’s IO shares in the Russian company will entitle him to buy back IO bushels of the U.S. wheat at the current $5 a bushel. Three visits to Georgia supermarkets with Butz at his side to explain administration food price policies. Finally, Cranston said, the club distributes free of charge printed statements of But/.’ attack on Talmadge On the revere side of this handsome folder, Cranston went on, is a record of food price increases since 1969. He said the folder is ideal for mass distribution to housewives and consumer groups. “In my own state last fall, I had the pleasure of being denounced bv Mr. Butz and then, by great good luck, given the promise by him that he will return to California to campaign against me,” said Cranston The senator said his ratings in the polls promptly went up. Cranston said he wanted to keep the membership of the club small, bul he said he feared that if word got around about the benefits that Butz might be flooded with requests tor denouncements KEY BISCAYNE, Fla. (AP)-Reporting progress in “solving the welfare mess,” President Nixon asked congress Saturday to trim federal welfare spending immediately by $800 million. He said he was acting because of “the first major drop in the nation’s welfare rolls in a number of years” — a decline of 225,000 people last year in the program to aid families with dependent children. Same Benefits The cut in welfare spending can be made without reducing benefits to any eligible recipients, Nixon raid in a statement. “In recent years,” the President said, “Americans have had to live with a continuing upward spiral in both the size of the welfare rolls and the cost of the welfare programs. “The tale has been a tragic one and because the welfare system is marred with inequi- Radio Speech KEY BISCAYNE. Flu. (AP)—President Nixon will deliver a live nationwide radio broadcast on veterans affairs Sunday al 12:07 p.m. CDT, the Florida White House announced Saturday. ties, it has also been an outrageous one to both recipients and taxpayers.” Now, however, the AFDC rolls have dipped to 10.8 million, Nixon said, calling this “encouraging evidence that we are beginning to make some progress in solving the welfare mess.” “Tragic Way” He said Caspar W Weinberger, secretary of health, education and welfare, reported at * a cabinet meeting Thursday that “we are starting, at last, to turn back the ever-increasing welfare rolls which had become a tragic way of life for far too many Americans.” Weinberger had used those precise words in Los Angeles Friday when he jumped the gun on the Presidents statement and disclosed the decline in AFDC rolls. Both Nixon and Weinberger eited tighter HEW management as a reason for the drop. The secretary said states showing the largest decline in their rolls were West Virginia 14 8 pcr- (Continued- Page 3, Col. P Today s Index SECTION A Late Newt    I,    I, IO Death*    $ Editorial*    M Report Card    ll City Hall Nota*    ll SECTION S Iowa Newt    1.|i Frank Nye’t Political Notoi    4 Tclevition Tablo Political Calendar    t Marion    ll Food    ....    ll Buildmo    14-11 Movie*    IU* Record Review*    ll Form    IAH SECTION C Social    111 Around tot Town    J New Book*    I Travel    ll SECTION O Soon*    11 Outdoor Iowa    I Financial    **11 New York Stock*    I* Want Ad*    11-11 Crottword .    ti Parade Metaline    I    ll Comic*    I    I ;

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