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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Headaches Are Often a Warning for the Body Hy Dr. S. L. Amidulin! Anyonn who’s ever suffered from ;i headache has probably wished headaches would disappear forever. Hut we really should be grateful for them. A headache is more than a .symptom; often it\s our body’s first warning that something ta wrong somewhere. It usually tells us: “Slow down. Take it c;Lsy or there will be trouble ahead.” Sometimes (he pain may be so excruciating that we have little choice but to pause, rest and look for the cause of the headache before we push our symptoms to dangerous excess. There are several hundred underlying problems that may result in headache. Among ii hem are discases affecting parts of the body at some distance from the head. Many of these are disorders that cause the blood vessels of the body, including those in the head, to expand. The increased blood flow then creates pressure within the head that irritates the pain receptors of the nervous system. Pain Most parts of the brain don’t register pain. The pain from a headache may lie in the tissues and arteries which are outside the skull. Certain arteries and veins within the skull, particularly in the outer membrane of the brain, may signal pain. Some head pain is referred: Revocation of Parole Appeal By Traer Man TOLEDO — An application for post-conviction relief was filed in Tama county district court Wednesday by James R. Anderson, 27, Traer, who is in the men’s reformatory at Anamosa since revocation of his parole in February. Anderson pled guilty Jan. 5, 1972 to larceny in the nighttime and was sentenced to ten years in the men’s reformatory but the sentence was suspended and he was paroled to the state bureau of adult corrections. Judge John L. Hyland found on Feb. 20 that Anderson had violated his probation and he was committed to the reformatory to serve the sentence imposed previously. Anderson now claims that due to the bias of the presiding judge, he was denied the right to a fair parole revocation in violation of the due process and equal protection clauses of the federal and Iowa constitutions. Anderson states that he does not have necessary funds for an attorney for these proceedings | and asks that the court appoint I Robert E. Mahan, Waterloo, who was his counsel at the revoca-' tion of parole hearing last month. He asked that he be granted a; new hearing on the charges of parole revocation. Judge Hyland found in Febru-j ary that Anderson violated his probation agreement by a conviction of drunk driving Jan. 19,1 1973 in Black Hawk county, was involved in a one-car accident Jan. 16, 1974 and charged with | drunk driving, second offense, used alcohol to excess and was guilty of drug abuse, and failed to maintain employment and support his family. 20 YEARS AHO — Discovery of the bodies of 2,OIH) Japanese soldiers in caves cleared up the World war ll mystery of what happened to defenders when US. marines took Iwo Jima. 20 YEARS AGO — Senator McCarthy agreed to a substitute for the investigations subcommittee in its probe of the Wisconsin senator’s iight with the army. that is, the hurt appears, or seems to appear, in a different part of the head from that in which the problem originates. This concept of referred pain is I m po r t a n t to understanding headaches, for thb location of the pain is seldom the site of the basic problems. It’s ironic that the intensity of headache pain is not always related to the severity of the underlying trouble. A headache due to a (Simple nervous tension may he unbearable, while a headache from a grave systemic disorder may be quite mild. Knowing that, bow can you tell whether to take your headache seriously? As a general rule, if your headache is mild and infrequent, you need not be Dr. S. I. Andelman disturbed. Hut if it keeps recurring, or is severe, or comes on without warning, you should take gteps to find the underlying cause. Checkup lf you’ve been free of headaches most of your life and then start getting them, have a medical checkup. Also take seriously any headache associated with fever, convulsions or unconsciousness. Call your doctor at once if you get a headache after a blow on the head. There may or may not be damage to the brain or skull, and it doesn’t pay to take chances. By all means, don’t go on day after day relieving your headaches with painkillers unless you are under your doctor’s orders to do so. Repeated headaches always mean something. Make it your business to find out what it is. * * * Dr. Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems which ho may discuss in future columns. He regrets however, that he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette. DIXIE BLUES EVERY SATURDAY NITE -iS THE FINEST IN NEW ORLEANS' STYLE DIXIELAND MUSIC! SHAIKH 4810 lit Av©. NJ. Clidar Rapids k, You can do something the energy crisis! J*'■4l ilki I; Buy MICROWAVE/OVEN made only by Amana. SAVE 50 - 75°/. OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD —NONE IS WASTED! The Amana Radarange Microwave Oven is the most efficient energy-saving way to cook! You can make big savings in the electricity you use!* 5SVt SAVINGS —4 lb. 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