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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO ' ho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., Mar. 22, 1974 Park Official, 12 Years Old, 'Not Bored' SAN ANSELMO, Calif. (Al1) —In her first meeting as a parks and recreation commissioner. Atha Mathieu voted against poison oak removal, won a fight for a bigger community building and didn t get a bit bored. The last item wouldn’t be news, except that opponents of her appointment had predicted Miss Mathieu would lose interest, become distracted and fidget during the commission’s lengthy budget sessions. Atha is 12. “For Children” ‘i'm not bored." she declared Wednesday night during a recess in the meeting. Under review was a proposed $252,688 budget for the coming fiscal year. And she managed to stay wide awake until the meeting adjourned at 11:15, well after her normal 8:30 bedtime. Atha, a seventh grader, was appointed to the unpaid seat by the city council on a 3-2 vote March 12. She had written the council saying that “parks are for children and we need representation.” A middle-aged housewife with four children and two grandchildren was her only rival for the seat. It became vacant when one of the seven commissioners resigned. Children’s Lib The commission is an advisory body to the council in this moderate-income city of 12.000 persons about 20 miles north of San Francisco. Atha —UPI Telephoto Atha Mathieu, 12-year-old parks and recreation commissioner for San Anselmo, Calif., attends her first official meeting Wednesday and later commented, It was not really challenging." The seventh grader took notes on details of the commission’s $252,668 budget for the 1974-75 fiscal year. Asked if she would tell her schoolmates .ibout the meeting she replied, "No, they wouldn't understand. They wouldn't even care." lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Mathieu, and her brother David. IO. In her letter, Atha said she opposed women’s lib “because they put up such a fuss” but said she supported “children's liberation." She proposed putting suggestion boxes in all schools to solicit ideas about parks and recreation from her peers. At Wednesday’s meeting, Atha wound up on the losing side of a 5 to 2 vote in favor of spending $380 to hire a man to tear poison oak out of a picnic area. “We should just put signs on it so people will know,” she argued. But she had more success in convincing fellow commissioners to urge the enlarging of a planned community building from 2.000 to 2,500 square feet After extensive debate, the final vote was 7 to 0 in favor cf expansion. ear .All Society for Women Features By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: What do you think of a woman who talked on, Design Class Woman Losing Pounds and Privacy Offered in Iowa City GIBRALTAR, Mich. (AP) — Mrs. Debi Horn, the 229-pound woman who had her mouth wired shut to lose weight three months ago, IOWA CITY — A series of sa-vs s^e also has lost some the phone from 3 until 9 without;clinics on home decorating is privacy and the right to visit That’s Mollv    being    offered    to    the    public    by    a    her mother-in-law. right in the hospital and wouldn’t let me have any calls or visitors.” stopping mKKm _____■■■■■■ When I got up this morning at,Sr°uP of '*“»>• members and , (Students of home economics ed-7:30, Molly was talking on the ucatjon ^e University of phone again. She didn t have iowa. time to speak to me or even get i The clinics are being held in my breakfast. When I left foriaPar*menf 2C of Mark I\ apart-] work at 8:30 she was still on the ™en,E^502 Bartelt. road- The I three-bedroom apartment was P"one-    'decorated on a budget of $1,200 When I came home for supper as a project of a class in ad- the beds weren't made. She was vanced interior design. on the phone again and I had to The topics and times of the beg her to get off and fix sup- 'lini“ ar1: -UmWe** Time and ,    ,    Limited Cost Ideas , at    7:30 per. She    didn t say one word to    Thursday; “Budgeting and    Buv- me until    after slipper    and then    mg Home Furnishings within only five    words; “Do    you have    Limits”, at 7:30 April 4.    and any money?”    | “Pulling It All Together with We ve been married for 18 Color and Accessories”, at 7:30 years and have two kids who. April ll. believe it or not, are good kids,! Dorothy Fowles. interior degood students and never gave sign teacher at the U. of I., will us any trouble.    serve as consultant, along with Do you think my wife is going other teachers and students. I through her change? Or do I There is no charge, need one?    __ A case of jangled nerves from a constantly ringing telephone even put her in the hospital for a few days last week. But Mrs. Horn, who is down to a slim 184 pounds, vows she will wear the wires for another two months to reach 140. Off the Hook “My mother-in-law said she thought this was stupid.” Mrs. Horn said. “She didn’t want me to ever come over to her house with my braces on.” But that isn t the worst part. “Women were calling me all the time,” she said. “I had to take the telephone off the hook to go to sleep. There were calls up to one o’clock in the morning. “I was real upset by last Friday, so my doctor put me Dental Society She also said she has been bombarded with requests lo appear on local and national television talk shows. “I d start to say I really didn’t feel like it, but they'd talk nice to me and I’d always end up saying yes. I have no spine,” she said. Even the American dental society has gotten into the act by taking a stand on the wiring issue. The society said in a recent statement that a patient’s physician, not a dentist, should decide whether the method should be used. Mrs. Horn’s mouth was wired shut by her oral surgeon. Mrs. Horn says: “The people I love — my husband, my parents — they’re proud of me, and that’s all that matters. I don’t care what body else thinks.” 2), ear By Polly Cramer Dear Folly _ I have found it is impossible to get out of the bathtub to catch a ringing phone in time so just before I get in the tub I take the phone off the hook and leave it off for that short time. I can relax more knowing that it will not be ringing and callers will get a busy signal and call back sooner than if there was just no answer. -NEVA * * * Dear Polly Pope Calls Virgin Mary ' NewWoman' By Edward Magri VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Paul VI. iii an attempt to modernize tin* image of the Virgin Mary, describes her as “tile new woman” who took an active role in the early Christian church and championed the rights of the weak against the powerful. “The modern woman will note with pleasant surprise that Mary of Nazareth . . . was far from being a timidly submissive woman.” the Roman Catholic pontiff writes in the fourth document he has issued on Mary in his IO years as pope. In a 95-page “Apostolic Exhortation of the Right Ordering and Development of Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary”, issued Friday, the Pope conceded that “the picture of the Blessed Virgin presented in a certain type of devotional literature cannot easily be reconciled with today’s life style, especially with the way women live today.” But he proposed Mary as an examnle to be imitated for the way in which “she fully and responsibly accepted the will of God.” To “the modern woman anx ious to participate with decisionmaking power in the affairs of the community, Mary will appear not as a mother exclusively concerned with her own di vine son but rather as. a woman whose action helped to strength en the apostolic community's faith . .he wrote. “She was a woman who did not hesitate to proclaim that God vindicates the humble and the oppressed, and removes the Dowerful people of this world from their privileged positions.” “Mary, the new woman, stands, at the side of Christ, the new man,” Pope Paul said. In a reference to purported “appearances" of the Virgin Mary, particularly frequent in southern European countries and Latin America, the Pope deplored “vain credulity and . . . the exaggerated search for novelties o r extraordinary phenomena.” He said devotion should be “objective in its historical setting and for this reason everything that is obviously legendary or false must be eliminated.” He said devotion to Man was something the Catholics snared with the Orthodox churches and with the Anglicans, and he expressed concern about the impact that a false approach to devotion cf the Virgin Mary would have on efforts to bring Christians of all denominations closer together. AP Wirephoto White House 'Enemy' Anna Grapczynski, 75, of Milwaukee, shows the letter she received from President Nixon apologizing for the fact that she had been placed on a White House "enemies list in 1971, She had donated $1 CO to a Democratic candidate, Senator Edmund Muskie. Nixon said he was surprised to find that the list existed. MILWAUKEE, VVis. (UPI) -Mrs. Anna Grapczynski, 75, may have appeared on a White House “enemies” list, but that hasn’t affected her admiration of President Nixon. “I have a great respect for him. It’s sad that all the good things he has done as President have to be obscured by this Watergate aflair,” she said. The President wrote Mrs. Dry Town Votes To Wet Whistle NEGLECTED DEAR NEGLECTED: Your wife sounds like a compulsive talker—but only on the telephone. (This is known as “tele-phonitis.”) She must have done something right or your kids wouldn’t have turned out so well. Maybe she is going through a change. Have her call up her doctor and make an appointment. (On second thought, tell her to write him a letter.) * * * DEAR ABBY: You always stress that a husband and wife are “on the same team." I agree. But how do you feel about their right to privacy when it comes to mail'1 Please print your views. I would appreciate seeing this in your column. I MALE READER DEAR READER: The laws of this country governing the privacy of the mails exist for a good reason and every citizen is obliged to obey those laws, even—and especially—when the legal recipient is a member of one’s own family. Reading a spouse’s mail is in the same class with reading a child’s diary or listening in on the extension telephone. It’s verboten. cur together for the good of President and our country.” The former First Lady made Left Dead Mother    Appeals Sitting in Chair T° Republicans CINCINNATI. Ohio (AP) - AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) -A man and his sister are Mamie Eisenhower called on being held in a state mental Republicans Thursday to “band hospital after authorities discovered they left the body of their aged mother sitting in a rocking chair for three months after she died. The Hamilton county coroner s office was trying to determine the cause of death of Mrs. Frannie Sway, 86, in her Bond Hill section apartment. Police said they believe she died of natural causes. Mrs. Sway’s son, Meyer, 54. and daughter. Rose, 51, who lived in the apartment, were admitted to Ixmgview State hospital Wednesday. Both have had previous treatment, police said. The nephew said he was told by his aunt that her mother had a relapse in December and was still sick, police said. They said the nephew found Mrs. Sway dead after her landlord telephoned him and complained that Mrs. Sway had not paid her rent. BRIDAL SHOWER HONORS MISS SUSAN MEYER Miss Susan Meyer, April bride-elect of Robie Pierson, Duplicate Bridge Mitchell movement winners in a game played at 12:45 Thursday at Noelridge Park Christian With all the talk church were: North-south — about fuel and gas shortages my Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fitz-husband and I decided to start gerald, first, and Mrs. Richard any- (cutting down right now'. Firet Siewert and Mrs. Robert Buts-vve decided to cover a pan in chi, second; east-west — which something is cooking on Bill Howard and Mrs. BOSTON (AP) - Dry since it was founded in 1689, Boxford is on its way to being wet. Or at east damp. The senate Thursday approved a house-passed bill granting a liquor license to the Far Corner Farm Gulf Course. The bill got an okay earlier from the Boxford town meeting. Stanley Lapon, a commissioner of the Alcoholic Beverages Control commission, said many of the other 22 dry towns in the state have asked special legislation for specific establishments, such as hotels or clubs. “Even in a dry town you can get a little wet,” Lapon said. Grapczynski this week to apologize for her inclusion on the enemies list. She had written him in December to say she was convinced her inclusion on the list was not his fault. She was included after she made a $100 contribution to the presidential campaign of Sen. Edmund Muskie (D-Maine). Her maiden name and Muskie’s original Polish name — Marciszewski — is the same. When Muskie did not get the Democratic nomination, she voted for N'xon. PEG’S Beanie Personalized Make-up with Instruction Procedure Chart Prison May Get Death Sentence SACRAMENTO, Calif. IAP) -San Quentin,    the    fortress-like Mrs.    prison that housed    the nation’s Bob m°st populous death row, may the stove and turn burners down    Graybeal, first, and Mrs. Ralph have received its    own death    no- immediately after food begins    Smith and Mrs. Mary Earley, lice. 2q    to boil. Also we plan an entire    second. The next game will be Gov. Ronald    Reagan’s    ad- oven meal with everything re-    played at 12:45 Thursday at the,ministration said    Thursday    it quiring about the same temper-    church.    plans two new    $70    million nris- was honored at a round-the- aturc for cooking    —-    •    o_»_    , e ,    alure lur lowing.    -- i ons ,n Solana and San clock    bridal    shower    Thursday    We turn the oven off about IO    West Side    Club    countie evening    given    by    Mrs.    Jerry    minutes before dinner is served    Winners    in    a    Howell    move- Bve 1710 Chestnut Hrivn NP anc^    stays    hot.    Also    we    ment game played at 7:30 Co-hostesK to the 40 guTsts w*    tT    “    ^    A    T" ~    ,    erything. This is possible by    Mrs. J. D. Schultz and Mrs. Mrs. Raymond Fergus. I arents    always having a list handy. We    James Slaman, first, and Ron- 1 Diego to replace San Quentin. San Quentin’s closure is contingent on the legisature agreeing to use $2.5 million in 1974-75 money to plan the new the appeal in a letter turning of the engaged couple are Mr. keep a supply of frozen bread ald Livingston and Joe Verbick, down an invitation to attend the and Mrs. Lee Wells, 1722 Chest- on hand and powdered milk for second. The next game will be annual luncheon of the Rich- nut drive NE, and Mr. and Mrs. emergencies. Every little bit played at 2 Sunday in the Ken- ; prisons rather than for remodeling San Quentin. Creative Hair Styling Coloring Hair Straightening Body Permanents Our Specialty Boys' Hairstyling Your Full Service Solon 112 29th Street NE 364-4161 mond county Republican men’s club. She said she dined the invitation on the vice of her physician. “This year of all years we must band together for the good of cur President and our country, she wrote. “Therefore. I am doubly sorry not to be present.” Mrs. Eisenhower is vacation-mental |*n8 <*t the Augusta national golf club, in a handsome home on the club grounds built for her and the late President Dwight D Eisenhower. wo-1 Robert Pierson. 1818 Ellis boule- each of us does will add up de- vard NW ad- MRS. E R nedy senior high school cafeteria. drapery will ultimately fall apart ti no! cleaned properly Phone Coit Drapery Cleaners tor a free estimate, no obligation. PHONE 364-8059 livery Sat 5:30-9 pm BEEFEATERS BUFFET $3.95 per person Children under IO, $1 95 Roast Round of Beef, Boof Stroganoff, ^alodi, R«luh«*( DeitwrU Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL CIM RAHE. IOWA . ADJACENT GUIST PACING f She s Special GIVE FLOWERS KREBS FLOWER SHOP 2121 I Mil SI. SW 363-2081 HOLLAND HOME MADE BREAD Full One Pound Loaf • White • Rye • Whole Wheat Creme-filled BISMARCK Reg. $1 44 doz. m 55* 6 for BROWNIES, s-9 ii. COOKIES, do, CRISPIEST., ii, SPECIAL PRICES THIS SAT. 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