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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 3

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Cedar Rapids, IowaTwo Cedar rapids Gazette sunday March 19, 1939. Says Miracle averted death by overeating Kansas City to. Up mrs. Dorothy Barber 20, wife of a w a worker believed Satur Day the a t a Miracle had delivered her from a slow agonizing death where medical science had failed. Physicians at general Hospital who of r two weeks had observed her slowly eating herself to death unable even to diagnose her strange malady neither agreed nor disagreed with her belief. They said her apparent recovery was simply unexplainable. Mrs. Barber said it was a manifestation o l gods Power and the Power of Faith. Every night when the lights Are turned off in the Ward she said i Pray to god to help me recover from my awful appetite. God has heard my prayers and has helped me. X really believe thatus w hat has cured h or Case not Only had con founded physicians Here but had drawn the attention of the medi Cal profession worldwide. She was admitted to the Hospital when she appeared a t the clinic and said she ate ravenously 20 times a Day but was never satisfied. Though she consumed enough food to feed a family of 10, she was losing weight and strength. Numerous tests were made but All failed to Aid doctor s in diag nosing h or Case. They up t her on a 24-hour fast and she cried for food. I t did not Lessen her con Stant craving. But Early last week to the Surprise of physicians h e r appetite began gradually to diminish. Saturday she was eating normally and was satisfied. She w ill be discharged from the Hospital sunday or monday. Find Man in ditch critically injured dumped from Auto Waterloo a victim of a basal Skull fracture brain con Cussion and six lacerations of the Scalp Evan s. Edwards 36, was reported in dangerous Condi Tion saturday night a t presbyterian Hospital after being found in late afternoon along an outlying Roadway face Down in a five foot ditch. Police chief h. It. Crumrine said investigation showed Edwards h and been slugged and then dumped out of a moving Sedan. Edwards wife and police joined in belief the chief said that Edwards had been robbed of $15 during the attack. The Sedan and its owner were hunted saturday night. Crumrine said a Farmer William Morrison living near the spot where Edwards w As found reported he saw the body thrown from the car and then noted the num Ber of its License states. Morrison asserted the chief said there was no fight outside the Ather of two Young daughters Joan 3, and Lynne 18 months Edwards has been living Here since Christmas being employed in the John Deere tractor Plant. He and his family w Ere sharing the Hom e of his brother in Law a Deere company Salesman. Edwards was last seen his wife said in late morning when he went to the factory to claim a compensation Check of $10, due him of r loss of time caused by ill Ness. Curb on Wallace subsidies sought Washington up sen. Walter f. George dga., sat urday night announced plans for introduction of legislation barring Secretary of agriculture Henry a. Wallace from subsidizing exports of government loan Cotton without specific congressional approval. George expressed the belief that the 57-Point drop in Cotton prices Friday was due primarily to rumours the a t Wallace plans to Dis pose of some of the 11,000,000 Bale of gov emment loan Cotton abroad a t less than Cost. France Britain seek soviet Aid continued from Page 1 this Sec Bri taints position on the e German toumanian situation. Roumania was reported to have received and then rejected a virtual ultimatum from Germany to m n t tha Reich sole Access to Roum Aniak Rich Oil rain and o ther re a purees in Exchange for Ger Man Protection a of romanian territory. The report met official denials in both Berlin and b Bucharest but a British news Agency w Ith excellent government sources car ried a report that the romanian minister to London had informed the foreign office of the demands and of the rejection. Roumania was understood to have asked Britain and France particularly How a r they were prepared to go to p to Tec t her in any stand against germ any. French sources said mean while that Kin Carol of Rou m Ania had advised b Rita in and France of hit willing near to re Sist Adolf hitlers eastward drive if they could provide markets for romanian exports of which Germany now i the Sre teat purchaser. The two governments these sources said asked Moscow if the soviet Union w Ould join them in buying from Roumania to Block Hitler. Foreign minister Georges Bon net conferred in Quick succession with the romanian ambassador former Premier George tatar Sci British ambassador s in Eric Phipps and Jacob suits soviet ambassador. F fifth Confidence vote. The Chambers final vote of approval on the decree Powers which would give d Alad Ier dictatorial Rule until nov. 30 was the fifth vote of Confidence received by the Premier in a single Days session. He posed the question of Confidence for the fourth Tim e when he asked the chamber to reject a leftist amendment to a b ill which would have prevented interference with Public Liberty by decree the amendment was rejected321 votes to 261. Senators of d a Ladieras own party which holds a m majority in the Senate already have voted to approve the stringent d e c r e e Powers. W Ith Senate adoption sunday a virtual certainty it appeared that by monday Daladier w Ould be in a position to Wield m Ore Power than any Post War Prem Ier of France. By the terms of the Bill he could dissolve political parties ban Public meetings and newspapers prolong parliaments life o r Dis solve it or virtually p u t France in a state of mobilization without obtaining parliamentary approval. Refuses definite d ata. Daladier refused flatly to give the chamber any definite inform a Tion on what lie proposed to do with the decree Powers. He said they w Ere military m measures and could not be debated openly. Through his m ministers and through statements he m Ade to deputies of the finance committee however this much of h is program seemed certain 1. Reinforcement of Frances armed forces by calling the specialists to the colors of r the army Navy and air forces. 2. Speeding up production in arms and other War industries by Treasury Loans and by increasing working hours. 3. Buying War stocks abroad to meet gaps in French production of supplies of War materials. 4. Increasing working hours beyond the 40-hour-a-week Lim it imposed by the Peoples fro n t government social Laws in industries other than those producing War materials. In addition to these primary Points the deputies reported that to satisfy his rightist m majority Daladier would prolong the life of the present parliament of r two additional years until 1942 and Institute a plan of electoral Reform advocated by the right. Besides the far reaching action free delivery phone 41s1 e g g s Frosh from the country m d Lux soap 2 l i e o occident flour � b $ 1. 6 6 sugar fancy Rice pure Cane cloth bags 10 ibs. 48c 6 ibs. 25c Butternut Coffee in Glass Jar i ibs. 45c celery Idaho potatoes Crisp and bleached 2 of r 11c 15-Pound cloth bag o c soft silk cake flour 23clargeb of. Krafts dinner. 2 pkg. 25c monday and tuesday Sale Iii Kipilii s c r o c e r i e / " / m a r k e t / taken in tha Cham Ber of deputies the. Days Swift developments in � clouded the dispatch of a Denuncio Atory note to Berlin in concert w Ith Britain w hich declared Ger m any had violated the Munich agreement by a b s o r p t i o n of Czechoslovakia. A t the same time Daladier called ambassador Robert Coulon. Dre Home from Berlin partly to get a personal confidential report on w hat the next Berlin Rome Axis move might be partly to m atch Britain s action of Friday in Call ing her Berlin envoy Home. Daladier ordered foreign m in ister Bonnet and foreign office experts to inform Roumania. Soviet Russia Yugoslavia and Poland of the French note to Berlin and of his new plan to move As fast As the dictators both a t Home and abroad. A t Home d Ladier put experts of All ministries to w Ork on measures which he had planned for months although he lacked the Power to put them into Force. Busy ministries. Busiest were the defense m Inis tries army Navy and air. They whipped together plans for buying War stocks a production schedule for w a industries and m military order calling additional specialists into the e army to control such measures. There was resistance inside France to d a Ladieras Strong Man program but i t w As the resistance of a minority. The general confederation of labor called an extraordinary meeting of its administrative coun cil to fight d a Ladieras dictatorship demands but the Premier had stripped organized labor of much of its former Power by breaking its big general strike of last no vember. Daladier won his first chamber vote 334 to 258, on a rightist m of Tion tha t the Cham Ber refuse to discuss his decree demands. The second vote on a n opposition m of Tion he be refused the decree pow � ers he won 316 to 262, and the third on a m option to Lim it the Powers 328 to 254. Charges Lewis plan that of red party Contd from p age 1. This Sec is understood the a t the first p proposals for Unity advanced by the Cio were identical to those p re � pared by the communist party Ith to scowls approval two years ago. Red Resolution. Frey said a Resolution adopted by the communist party in june 1937, read we must never cease to de Mand the unification of the Trade Union movement. In line w Ith this policy the p arty has raised the question of the convocation of a Trade Union Unity Congress of the unions of the Cio Al rail Road brotherhoods and other u n � affiliated unions. L Etall those who stand for Unity a n d Solidarity come to such a Congress. A a its own sincere peace form Ula the federation expounded in six Points As providing 1. The unions which originally left the Al to form the Cio would not apply of r readmission or be readmitted until All m matters affecting the newly organized Cio unions Are adjusted. Joint committee. 2. A joint equally representative conference committee to w Ork out m usually acceptable Settle ments of each jurisdictional conflict. 3. Conflicts adjusted m Ember ship of new Cio unions would be admitted in the a Al a t the same time As the original unions the a t seceded. 4. Al would consider am end ing its Constitution providing its executive Council Power to suspend an affiliated Union or revoke its charter Only on direct authority of the Al convention. 5. A special convention w within 60 to 90 Days a t w hich All organizations would be entitled to rep � presentation. 6. The Al would agree to specify certain industries w Here the Industrial form of organization would apply. This proposed armistice is now under consideration of the Gen eral peace conference the a Al revealed. High Cio spokesmen charged the federation w Ith a rash breach of Faith in violating a covenant of secrecy m usually pledged r e � Garding proceedings in the new York peace meetings. They said the new charges created an i r r i Tating influence on the eventual outcome of the entire peace Effort. P a y o n l y 1 a w e e k no extra charge for credit my thousand satisfied customers c an t be Wron i will give to Best t scientific service fit Yea w Ith real o a l l t r lenses a t fair and reasonable Price. White or yellow Gold filled f r a m e s 1 1 5 As Low a Sal lenses and service extra Okinow s Hitler recalls his British ambassador continued from Page 1, this Sec Czechoslovakia in h it Eros Book of seizures. A spokesman for the Rouman Ian embassy in London said his government had received and rejected a German proposal that Roumania accept v virtual German dictation Over her economics in re turn for nazi guarantees of Rou Manian Territo Ria l integrity reply to charges. A germ an spokesman denied there had been any ultimatum to Roumania. Of British and French charges that the Munich Accord of last sept. 29 had been disregarded in German occupation of Bohemia Moravia a foreign office spokes Man. Declared we can Only say that it was done legally. This in summary was the nazi stand expressed by informed Ger Man quarters in answer to the condemnation that p Rague had violated the spirit of Munich that the m an Ner of incorporating the protectorates w As within h it Eros pol icy of pan germanium tha t Ger Many never had renounced her right to a dominating role in Central Europe and the a t there was no m Ore cause for Hitler to consult Chamberlain in and Vance than there would be for British statesmen to consult Hitler on m matters w within their own sphere of interest. The basis for justifying the inclusion of Bohemia Moravia with in the Borders of Germany was that it reestablished 1,000-year old ties. It was Learned that president Emil Hacha of Czechoslovakia collapsed during his interview with h Hitler last wednesday and that the talk s had to be suspended until h e recovered. Physician called. A physician was summoned to attend Hacha and it was 30 min utes before he could resum e the conversation. Jumping on the United states statement the a t the German action was Wanton lawlessness a nazi spokesman said we can Only ask w Hether the United s tates also applies this term to its action in incorporating Texas and California into the Union when Welles spoke of temporary extinction of Czecho Slovakia w e Well understand the United states which after All was the Birthplace of Post War Czechoslovakia w hich still clings to its step child and May still share illusions about its Reb Irth some time in the future although this is nothing b u t an Idle dream. America is very sensitive about the Monroe doctrine Dis liking anything like disturb ances in certain spheres of its influence. W e now have a Roe doctrine in the Central european sphere and w e Are equally sensitive. The United states should not forget that. The spokesman asserted presi Dent Roosevelt is recent War Gering was responsible of r creat ing trouble in Central Europe and for intensifying the czech con Stant anti germ an policies. Nazi official sources w Ere mystified by the e unjustified United states action in imposing Tariff penalties on German goods which they viewed unofficially As a move to emphasize american disapproval of the annexation of Czechoslovakia. Document. Voel Kischer Beo Zachter spoke of documents found in Prague which it said would p Lay a significant role in the history of these moving time. It declared that British Diplo Macy had supported Benes in his deranged course from May to september 1938, and added we Are acquainted also of let ters from Benes to important czech personalities which Indi Cate it was the e idea nourished by England to bring about one Day in the course of european com plications reestablishment of the Versailles Prem Unich Czecho Slovakia. Huey Long Aid sues for five million new York up the Rev. Gerald l. K. Smith associate of the late h Uey Long filed suit for $5,000,000 damages s a t u r d a y against m Arch of time inc., and ten other defendants charging that he w As slandered by the newsreel Fea to re March of time. Smith said the film associated him with f a the e r divine Hitler and Mussolini in a sequence called the Lunatic fringe m aking him appear to be a jew baiter and a Crackpot. Announces Accord on Oil seizures Mexico City ins presi Dent Lazaro Cardenas announced saturday n in h t that an agreement in principle has been reached with the american and British Petro Leum companies whose properties have been expropriated by the mexican government. The agreement was reached after a series of conferences be tween the mexican president and Donald r. Richberg american lawyer representing seventeen of the dispossessed companies. Saturdays in k Low ? Cedar ka�l4s 31 a l e a a s t w York 3 3 Oamka 41 1 w it 3 m air ? m pm Laft Fasolt a Miami i n Tjw in Ttaha 44 a new o a leads 7 m m Chlea is 11 halt t a k e c Ity ire 34 c in d a As to Cit Taat a 25 n u t a Are be s if Taro Ruea a t i f t a i r r a a e la e e m a m 411 d f to it s e m m Bumarch 4 -4 free Tel m 44 do Maine 3 fitly Law m m t a St e a it e Peanut butter . Agrees t o 6teamwork9 with senators Washington a p demo cratic senators reported saturday the a t president Roosevelt had agreed to a teamwork proposal by administration supporters in the Senate. U under it the chief executive is supposed they said to apprise senators of his party of legislative proposals he has in m ind and to give them an Opportunity of Mak ing protests or suggestions before action is taken. This democratic peace proposal was agreed to it was said when four first term senators visited the w Hite House last w weekend. The four Schwartz dwyo., Ellen Der dla., Lee dokla., and Mead in. Y., Cam e out announcing they were supporting the presidents request of r $150,000, 000 of additional w a funds which Congress refused recently but now is considering again. The senators at the conference declined to be quoted regarding the presidents part in it but other democrats said the q u a r the t spoke a t the meeting for six teen democrats friends of the adm Nistra Tion who had urged closer co operation Between the White House and Capitol Hill. The president was said to have promised that senators would be consulted about proposed Legisla Tion As much As his o the r advisers. Senators explained the a t part of the bitterness among some democrats toward the p resident t had been due to his advocacy of controversial measures w thou t pre Vious consultation w Ith them. Pittman will ask neutrality act end continued from Page 1, this Sec by provision would become effective. P item an said his b ill w ill be presented to the com m it tee with a recommendation the a t action be taken soon on proposals relating to neutrality. Pending proposals include several for repeal of tile present Laws. A dont know w hat bearing the czechoslovakian situation w i l l have on the consideration of this legislation he said. A la i know is the a t we should take up these Bills and dispose of them in some Way. The Treasury ordered an extra 25 p e r cent Tariff saturday on Many products tha t the e Reich sends to this country. Speaks for itself. A Treasury spokesman who announced the action said i t was taken w Ith the state departments knowledge but refused comment when asked if it was related to g Erm any s seizure of the czech Republic. The action he said Speaks for itself. The Treasury also ruled Satur Day the a t goods produced in Ruthenia car Patho Ukraine should be trea Ted As hungarian made goods. They will be entitled to the benefits of the tra d e agree m ent w Ith Czechoslovakia. Under this governments m Ost favored nation policy Hungary received the benefits of the czech Trade treaty. The administration authoritative sources said w ill give com plete m Oral backing to the de term ined fight by v Ladimir s. Hurban the czech m Inister to prevent his dismembered coun Tryos legation Here from falling into g Erm an hands. The state department i t was said w ill lend the g Erm an embassy no assistance w whatever in obtaining Possession of the legation. H Urban said he w Ould no t turn Over the legation until the e Czecho slovak National Assem Bly by a three fifths majority approved the m Erger w Ith Germany. M a hold on for year. Since the National Assem Bly no longer exists it appears the Doughty czech May continue to hold on for some years to come perhaps coming to preside Over the Only b it of Independent czech territory in the world. A t the e state department Satur Day sum Ner Welles acting Secre tary said the United s tates was preparing an answer to germ Anys form Al notification of the e develop ments in Central Europe. The Ger m an note was delivered Friday night by or. Hans Thomsen Ger m an charge a affaires. T he acting Secretary told re porters there was no basis for speculation that this Eoa try m ight join with g Reat Britain France and soviet r Nissia in a conference of checking Nail Force pout is. H Urbanus future position May run a close parallel to the a t of Imperial russians ambassador Here after the e setting up of the e Union of socialist soviet republics. Boris Bakhmeteff the czars ambassador continued to preside Over the embassy until 1922. The United states w hich did not recognize the soviet Union continued to give him full Diplo Matic standing. When Bakhmeteff left in 1922, he turned the reins Over to Serge Ughet financial attache who then became the e rus Sian envoy. Ughet stayed on until the u United states recognized the soviet Union nov. 18, 1933. He has since become an american citizen. There were also russian consulates maintained a t Boston and Chicago. U Ghet did not have one problem that m a face the czech minister the a t of funds. He w As Able to draw on russian funds Here for his Upkeep. Hurban however m ight be maintained b y the e Large czech population in the United states. Merrill Wing son. New York up a six and three Quarter Pound boy w As born to mrs. Dick Toby w ing Merrill at the e Columbia presbyterian medical Center saturday. 10 persons die in Stra Toliner crash continued from Page 1, this see not been informed of their visit to the Boeing Plant. Aeronautic engineers deploring the fact that the crash came just As the new Boeing super planes were inaugurating a new Era in air travel characterized the ten victims As m martyrs to Progress comparing them to those who died in aviation nos Early Days. The victims of the Stra Toliner crash As announced by Boeing officials were a. G. Baumbauer member of the aeronautics service of the transportation department of the Netherlands government also an Engineer of the state airworthiness Board of the Netherlands government. P. Guilonard believed to be an official of the Netherlands airline Kim. At controls. Harlin Hull Boeing test Pilot at the controls when the strato liner was last contacted by radio. Earl Ferguson test Pilot. H Arry West electrician. William Doyle Engineer. Ben Pearson Boeing Salesman. Julius Barr test Pilot. Ralph cram head of the Boeing aeronautic unit and a native of Davenport a and son of the publisher of the Davenport Democrat. Jack Tilstra Engineer. All except the dutch officials were residents of Seattle. Saturdays disaster came while four of the 74-passenger super clippers already delivered to pan american were m aking or pre paring for Pioneer flights on pan american routes Over land and Ocean. One is a t Baltim Ore ready for the Start of transatlantic serv ice its sister ship is in route East to join it another super Clipper has jul s t returned to san Francisco from us Maiden Fligh t to the Orient and another is winging Westward across the Pacific for the firs t time. It had not been determined whether the Craft the a t crashed saturday was to be delivered to pan american or Twa which Ever line bought it would have Cut its flying schedules Down by Many hours. Mystery crash. Hours after the crash saturday the reason for i t remained As mysterious As when the strato liner suddenly nosed to Earth from 10,000 feet above w Ashington Tim Berlands. I t remained As mysterious As the mid Pacific crash of the hawaiian Clipper last year. The wreckage was guarded by state Highway patrolmen and no one not even Boeing officials was allowed to approach until civil aeronautics inspectors arrived. The Federal men after r examining the fuselage released it to the Boeing company which sur rounded it w Ith its own guards but the inspectors late saturday night were still conducting their own examination of the Wing and Tail sections which broke off As the plane crashed. Most eyewitnesses agreed that a Section of the Tail and then one Wing fell just before the plane hit the ground. Engineers theorized the a t the Tail Section May have been Over strained during the ground tests by heavy Lead weights which were attached to determine How much stress it would stand. Although Boeing Gas vice presi Dent red Lauden scoffed at the sabotage rumours Captain Cliff Osborn of the Tacoma police indicated the a t officials Are regarding them seriously. I cant see How sabotage would have been possible Lauden said in View of the great precautions taken by the company including a close watch Over the plane and a thorough Check of personnel. Reported stopped dead. However Captain Osborn said from the Way the eyewitnesses described the crash i t looks to me As though the possibility of sabotage should be investigated. One report was the a t the planets motors apparently stopped dead in m id air. Investigators pointed out that a record num Ber of m in Are now employed a t the Boeing Plant. The disaster airmen agreed was an unusually severe blow to the Boeing company depriving it of the services of its chief test Pilot and other Veteran experts at a Tim e when the p Lan t is carrying a heavy Load of govern ment and private orders. Saturdays crash i t was said May delay the delivery of the last two super clippers to pan Amer ican a Ira ays and also m a hold up the production of the new Type mystery army bombers one of which was recently flown to Wright Field Dayton Ohio after being secretly constructed. Pan american airways had planned to Experiment with the land Atrat liners on the Atlantic route which is to be pioneered by the Yankee Clipper recently delivered from the Boeing Plant. Italy indicates no weakening on claim Rome up the italian press indicated saturday the a t the stiff ening attitude of Britain and France toward the dictators will not deter Italy in pushing her claims upon France. Newspapers resumed their Campaign of protest against alleged French m Istre atm ent of italian in Tunisia and a t the same time justified nazi absorption of Czecho Slovakia. Nab Illinois men in deaf mute Holdup o t t u m w a a p h. W. Hager 35, and r o b e it Ryan 27, who said they live a t Bloomfield 111., Are being held in the Wapello county jail Here in connection with the Holdup Early Friday of Harold Glassford Ottumwa deaf mute. Police chief w Elboum Hicks said the two w ill be arraigned monday. They w Ere brought Here late f riday from Des Moines where they were arrested. Pilot survives War perils to perish in test flight Seattle Wash. Ins Julius Barr Boeing test Pilot killed in a Stra Toliner. Crash s at urday survived chinese a n d japanese bullets and every Hazard known to the airman to return to the United states and m get death in a test flight Over quiet Washington Woods. In 1934, he gave up his Job a Pilot w Ith United airlines to be the personal Pilot of marshal Chang Hsueh Liang chinese w a lord in the sino japanese conflict. He took an american built plane to China and flew for More than a year in the warlords service. Later he engaged in mercy flights in the Hankow area drop Ping food to flood isolated Chi Nese villagers. On one of the flights he n a a lowly escaped death when his plane was riddled with bullets by chinese bandits. For two years he was personal Pilot f 5r Generalissimo and m a Dame Chiang Kai Shek. He returned to Seattle last de Cember because he said it was too dangerous in China. He became one of Boeing Gas Ace test pilots and was co Pilot w Ith Earl Ferguson also killed s amur Day in testing the Stra Toliner. Safecracker get $950 at Ottumwa Ottumwa a a Safe cracking a t the International h Arvester company Here Friday night netted $950.66 in Cash. The thieves evidently used several tools in � clouding a hand operated Brace and bit and a Sledge Hammer. The Sledge finally proved effective in knocking off the combination and handle. Entrance to the building was made by break ing a Rea r window. Cancer control month proclaimed Washington up presi Dent Roosevelt saturday p to claimed a pril As cancer control month and urged similar action by the states to Spur the fight on the disease. He pointed out that medical authorities h a v e assured the american people of the durability of Many cases of cancer a Dis ease the a t now ranks second among the causes of death in the United states. Five plead guilty to Kidnap charges Omaha a five persons arrested dec. 4 at Houston tex., pled guilty to Kidnap charges sat urday before Federal District judge James a. Donohoe who deferred s e n t e n c e. They were charged w Ith abducting David a. Clark Omaha car Salesman in his own car and releasing him u n � harmed near Troy Kan nov. 10. Confesses killings. Chicago a detective Sergt. Bernard Riley said a 19 year old youth Sam Hryciuk s at urday confessed killing two Chi Cago women within the last eight Een months and admitted about fifty attacks or attempted attacks on other women. Deaths Jamaa m. Zimmerman. James m. Zimmerman 1683 memorial drive be died at 7 35 . Saturday at a local Hospital a t the age of 86 years. He had. Been ill about three weeks. Or. Zimmerman who was a res ident of Cedar rapids for about fifteen years was born May 15, 1852, at Rolla to. He is sur Vived by his wife Mary of Cedar rapids three daughters mrs. Verne Marsh of Cedar rapids mrs. B. A. Anderson of Chicago and mrs. Ruble Shelton of Jerome to. Two sons j. F. Zimmerman of Cedar rapids and p. A. Zim Merman of Beda mo., and a Sis Ter mrs. Bette chasten of St. Louis to. Funeral services will be held at 2 . Tuesday at the Brady mortuary with burial in Linwood cemetery. Friends May Call at the e Brady mortuary monday. Mrs. Stoners funeral. Funeral services for mrs. Clara Mae Leidich Stoner who died at her Home just South of the air port will be held in the Brosh Chapel at 2 . Tuesday. The Rev. Arthur m. Simonsen of Des Moines will officiate and burial will be in the Oakland cemetery Solon. Friends May Call at the Chapel sunday evening and Day. Mrs. Look funeral. Funeral services for mrs. Lois Bethel Hook wife of the Rev. C. H. Hook pastor of the Central Park presbyterian Church who died at the family residence 1708 b Avenue be Friday following a lingering illness will be held in the Turner Chapel at 2 30 . Monday in charge of the Rev. George Fisher of Newton assisted by or. William m. Evans and or. Robert Little both of Cedar rap ids. The body will be taken to Hayfield minn., where service will be held in the first presbyterian Church at 2 . Tues Day. Burial will be made at Hay ? Field. Friends May Call at the Chapel. Met. Malinda Padley 80, diet at Mechanicville s special to t h e g Gazette. Mechanicsville mrs. Malinda Padley 80, died at 2 . Saturday a t the Home of her Sis Ter mrs. Elmer Gamble in Mechanicsville. She was a native of Cedar county having been born dec. 16, 1858, the daughter of Jason and Lucinda Davis. In 1887 she was married to Charles a. Padley in Mechanicsville. For Twenty five years they lived in Milwaukee then for seven years in Chicago and one year in Cedar rapids where or. Padley died in 1920. Since his death mrs. Padley made her Home Here. Surviving her Are two Sisters and one brother mrs. Walter Spry mrs. Gamble and James b. Davis All of Mechanicsville. Funeral services will be held at 2 . Monday at the methodist Church Here the Rev. Dorr Whit More of Low Moor and the Rev. R. H. Supplee officiating. Burial will be in the local cemetery. Killed by tractor. Little Sioux a. A Glen Histand 23, of Orson was killed this afternoon when a tractor he was operating Over turned crushing his head. C r a e m e r s on first and second avenues ave e x t r a s i z e ? Type figure you ? f u l l b u t t ? s l e n d e r ? f u l l h i p ? or average Ordinary slip have been a Compromise Between feet of f five shapes. Now Creemer s bring you a newly designed slip to fit . Tha 4. 4 Gore fashioned alternating lies a r o s d in t n s to n f la s l in Here s a slip that fits better looks better wean better after measuring your hips and butt computing year height end weight we Cen give you a perfect fit. Ting slip. Why be satisfied with anything else 2 .9 5 for regular Sixes also made in extra Sixes pure silk construction of course c r a e m e r s. second Avenue i

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