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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 2

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Cedar Rapids, IowaIowa weather Creem enable cloudiness sunday u m in it rising temperature 3arfy Vad la Central and East monday. L � j 4 d m t i i o w a i n t e r e s t s f i r s t City final s cents in City. 10 cents an trains. Volume 57num Ber 69. C e d a r r a p id Sto w aus n d am a c h 19, 1939. A so c a t de p r e Isu n it e d press in Tern at to n Al new s current comment b y v Ern e m a Rush a la. One week old is a letter from a level beaded member who w rites that he is proud of the. Seventy sixt i Congress and its showing of Calm deliberation and balanced judgment in the midst of exciting headlines and inciting speeches by various spokesmen of the National administration. The excitement and incitement have gathered intensity since that Lette r was written. Having previously told Hitler w hat i t thinks of him. The administration. Repeats itself. And the Treasury explains tha t i t acts on advice of attorney general Mur Phy w Hen it announces penalty duties Are to be imposed on Ger Man imports. Whoever advised m Urphy is not publicly identified. B it there is Only one Man in w Ashington who c o u l d have issued authoritative orders that such a grave step be taken. To is especially annoying to them most congressmen to have Roosevelt create so much excitement during the time International affairs Are so unstable continues the letter. But i t is m y own belief the a t this con Gress is so opposed to w a that it will take a tremendous amount of bungling by Roosevelt and his lieutenants to create a situation the a t w ill induce Congress to de Clare a w a of any land one Hopes Ali is opinion is justified. Continuing we have one fac Tor today that was not Here in 1915-17, namely a Large bloc of War experienced men in Congress who know w hat w a is and who Are determined not to Send their own boys into a situation similar to the ones these veterans con fronted in. 1917. Most of these con Gressmen w Ith War experience now have sons or nephews of Mil itary age and will not be easily kidded into declaring a foolish and unnecessary War. Some of the m Ost inflammatory speeches i have heard in Congress have been m Ade by m in who never had War experience. A world War Veteran him 1 self this congressman says there is no real opposition to the National defense program support for which is strictly nonpartisan but he fears that the administration m a use that program in try ing to promote a state of War mindedness. Congress w ill see to it the a t no troops in the next w a Are forced to d Rill with Dummy rifles and Fly in egg crate air planes a a but it Isnit knowingly going to equip Uncle Sam for an aggressive w a on foreign soil. Old Tim ers Here in Congress both republicans and democrats have told me that the seventy sixth contains fewer radicals of a la kinds than in any Congress of the past ten years. And i am glad to add to their comment that i have been pleasantly surprised by the studious and conscientious application and the Cool handedness of tli8 membership. The High Caliper of the great m a j o r i t y makes m e feel proud of the Privi lege of serving with the May he never be disillusioned. \ decisive step for More effective social welfare work Here is the employment by the chamber of Commerce of an executive Secretary for its welfare Bureau. One of tiie first cities in which Community Chest super vision w As undertaken by a chamber of Commerce Cedar rapids goes the rest of the Way when i t engages an experienced social w Elfare administrator to As sume responsibilities the a t cannot be delegated successfully to Volunteer civic workers however Loyal they m a be. Coordination and rationalization of the character building and other activities of agencies included in the Community Chest is a prime essential. The welfare Bureau has performed faithfully and Well Over a Long period. But the pressure under which the agencies i t assists have operated in the last decade continues to in crease a n d w Ith it the need for Headquarters administrative tech Nique such As mrs. Carl Kirwin brings to the newly created office of Secretary. Advocacy by father cough Lin. Of jul s t enough inflation to provide new currency with which the wages of Federal employees m ight be paid has resulted in renewed activity by those who think printing press Money should be substituted for interest bearing government Bonds. Such Money say the inflation lists is jul s t an other Token of Treasury indebted Ness. And it could not be con trolled by the Bankers More pointedly by the Federal Reserve system. Congress should take control of the monetary system and so on. Any editor would give a Good Deal for a simple explanation in words of few syllables of the inevitable failure of inflation to accomplish w hat its proponents claim i t can do. They say that what we need is enough currency itt circulation to support the total of business w e desire. This is indubitably True. And we have enough currency to do exactly that As w As proved in. The 20s the Treasury reports even More currency in. Circulation now than then an d there is More available credit unfortunately the treas i u by cant keep Money moving when its owners Are afraid to spend a t invest i t w hat w e need is not m Ore Money but greater incentive for its use by those who have i t nazis r e c u 1 British e n v o y s t r a t o l i n e r c r a s h e s 1 0 d e a d two dutch air o Fricia l s on wrecked ship p r e d i c t r repercussions p Lane on t e s t t rip r presented u. S. L leadership bid. S e a t t l new a s h. In s giving a tragic setback to aviation s new Era the huge Boeing strato liner Erica 3 new est and m oat daringly designed a in transp o it built a t a Cost of 8300,000, crashed to Earth s a to Day afternoon Ca Rry in g two d Utch a in officials and eight Boeing officials to their deaths. Rumours of possible sabotage were Rife. Possible repercussions were seen in the presence aboard the ill fated Craft of a. G. Baum Huber aeronautic official of the dutch government and p. Guil Onard. Believed to he an executive of the Biff dutch airline k in. Their presence on the experimental flight not revealed until some time after the crash re called the recent furore Over the revelation that a French air official was aboard a test plane designed for the army that crashed in Southern California. Although tiie Stra Toliner one of six being built for p an american airways and Twa embodied no m military secrets i t was of new and most Radical design representing America s la test ambitious bid to keep her leadership in Avia Tion. I t had not yet. Been licensed by the government. M mystery was injected into the foreigners presence aboard the Stra Toliner w Ith the revelation saturday night that they w Ere visiting the coast secretly. E. A. Van Der spec dutch con sul a t Seattle said he had received a letter from a or. Van Baumbauer. A brother of the Vic Tim. Dated feb. 2a from Amster claim Moun Tain Tarzan penned in ranch House Powell. Wyo. Up a posse of 50 heavily armed men sur rounded a n isolated ranch House saturday nigh t where they believed they had trapped Jarl d Urand fugitive who eats his m eat raw and drinks his liquor straight. The ranch House was the Hom e of Ryone Knopp described by officers As the e Only close Friend of Durand who fled into the m Oun gains a fee r a Iling undersheriff d m. B Aker and town m Arshal Charles e. Lewis thursday night during a jail break. Posse men who had searched the tra Idesa Bea tooth Range for two Days w thou t sighting the fugitive know n to Mountain Olk As Tarzan c the Teton mountains con verged on the Knopp House w Hen it was Learned that Knopp had purchased Rifle Sheila and a h u n Ting knife Here Friday. None of the Well armed officers dared enter the ranch House to see if d Urand actually was hiding there. Sheriff Don Karic Insen re fused to Perm it Hia men to go w Ith in 200 Yards of the House. I t wan possible the posse m ight a attempt to starve Durand into the open. Upperm Ost in the minds of the posse men w As Durandis ability w Ith a Rifle. H e fired three shots thursday night. Two shots struck Lewis and one h it Baker. Both fell m orally wounded. D Urand w As known to be armed w Ith two Long Range Hunting rifles. Be had no supplies but those who knew h in said that even on casual Hunting trips he ate raw m eat and Slep t in caves. Wife stricken. Seattle. Wash. A mrs. Ralph l. Cram of sea Hurst. Was rushed to a Hospital saturday when she collapsed after learning of her Hus bands death in the crash of a Sli passenger air plane near Alder Wash. Friends said mrs. Cram a native of d Avenport la., was an expectant Mother and they feared the Shock might prove fatal. Dam. The doctor w Rote tha t his brother and c. A. F. Fallen Hauer assistant inspector of the government airworthiness Board were leaving for Santa Monica calif., to visit tiie Douglas aircraft Plant on an important govern ment matter. Started Senate probe. It was on a test trip from the Douglas Plant that the y plane carrying tile f r e n c h official crashed several months ago precipitating a Senate investigation of the Sale of american secrets to foreign governments. The duty i Consul said the men apparently were malting a secret visit to the coast the a t they had not visited him and the a t he had continued on Page 2. This Sec crash victim son of publisher of Davenport paper Davenport a. A p Ralph l. Cram chief flight Engineer for the Boeing company lulled sat urday in a plane crash a t Alder Wash., was the son of Ralph w. Cram editor and publisher of the Davenport Democrat he was born in Davenport nov. 8, 1306. Graduating from Daven port High school in the class of 1925, lie spent three years in engineering a t Ames and completed his education a t new York University in 1929. In m mediately on graduation he entered the employ of the Boeing company with which concern his Rise had been rapid. He was credited with being one of the principal designers of the famous Boeing Clipper and was looked on by the company As one of its most promising engineers. His survivors include his wife the former Doris Archibald of Davenport a son Ralph Archi Bald cram. 8 Hia. Parent and throw sutcrs., Benes broadcast will give inside Story of intrigue Chicago ins the inside Story of so called International in Trigue w hich led to the sex � Tinct on of Czechoslovakia w ill be revealed sunday on .1 National radio b broadcast by or. E Duard Benes form or president of the disc pm Breed Republic a t or. Benesz hotel i t w As Learned s Atu Day night that he w ill discuss intimate details w hich he is said not to have Dis closed previously even to p Resi Den t Roosevelt or the league of nations. He will speak Over a May in Chicago on. The University of Chicago round foible pro Gram a t 11. Ill . Cost. T is talk w ill be carried on Abc. Or. refused saturday to be interviewed a reports front los Angeles that he in � tends shortly to proclaim � provisional government for h is country in the United states. Associates said they knew nothing of such plans but and � m fitted d r. Benes would Confer w Ith a n m Masaryk son of the f irs t p resident t of the Republic who s Atu Day suddenly can celeb All h is speaking engage m ends on the e West coast and prepared to re turn to London. M Masaryk former diplomatic representative of the czechoslovakian. Republic in London w As named in dispatches from los Angeles As one of the Central figures i a the e movement to Ca Rry on the e figh t to perpetuate the Republic. Charges Lewis proposal the a i of red party a Al o Fricia l f re y in s Tatem in t c of m units o fee red u nity p Lan to o y ears ago. Washington an Sajtl. Offi Cial charged bluntly saturday night that the labor Unity proposal advanced by John l. Lewis was that advocated by tile communist party. In a statement. John p. Frey president of the Al 3 Metal trades division described As Iden tical Lewis proposal and Cne he said tin communist party advanced two years ago. Be referred to the suggestion from Lewis head of the Cio that the Al. Cio and Railroad brotherhoods unite in a National labor federation. Lewis made his proposal immediately after the first Al Cio peace conference at the White House recently. Already rejected. Al leaders already have rejected Lewis suggestion calling it impractical and one which offered no possible solution of the problems arising from the conflict Between Cio and Al. Although l e w i so proposal technically s tilt m no the agent i of the Al Cio peace com Mit tee the federation s weekly news service published saturday a Statem ent from the Al negotiators which said we Are con firmed in the conviction earlier expressed that the Lewis Xii a offered no solution. This Statem ent added the a t the proposal bears All the earm arks of the Type of United fron to which does not unite but divides. Frey who appeared Belorit the Dies committee investigating in american activities last Yea r and charged communists had gained footholds in Many Cio unions said in. His statement. One of the most serious prob lems presented by the Cio has been the infiltration of communism. Communist policy a n d communist tactics and the control secured in m any local unions and National organizations affiliated with the Cio. It will n o t make the problem of Unity Between the Sajtl and tiie Cio easier to solve when it continued on Page 2, this sect soviet forces said to be massed ready to Assisi Roumania London ins soviet Russia has More than i 000 air planes and a t least 500,000 men massed with in strik ing distance of the Rou Manian. Frontier it was Learned saturday night by Telephone from an unimpeachable source in mos cow. The soviet Union according to this source will undoubtedly As Sist Romama if g Reat Uritam and France go to her defense against Germany. Indeed it was deemed possible that Russia might Aid the romanians in any event. The Moscow source pointed out that the fisheries dispute with Japan m which tiie russians have sought to be conciliatory is Likely to come to a head within the coming month. Believing that a japanese inva Sion of Siberia is improbable the russians Are said to be pressing strongly for a showdown on the Assumption that the a i expansionist movement can be stopped Only if i t is stopped quickly. If 1 0 a s k e n o o f n e u t r a l it y a c t f r a n c be r i t a i n s e e k t o e w o n it a c c e p t w o u old permit u. S s e la on Cash. Carry basis to a n y state engaged in War. B c t t o of London u p g Rea t b Rita in was u n d e is to o d s a to u Day n in h t to h a v e decided to consult f a n c Ethe e i n Ite d i s Tate soviet r u s s a a n d the e i j b British d o m in to n s o n a u n Ite d i i � j i r o n i a g a in s s g Erm a n y is j m a re h to the e e a s t. A a Paris a p t h e Cham b or of deputies v o the d p Rem Ier e Douard d a la d in r u n p rec e � d in Ted d in to to r a l pow ers s a to u Day n ghz 13 info red Washington chairman key Pittman of the Senate for eign relations c o m m i t t e e an � bounced saturday night that h a w ill introduce a Bill monday to i q u a Rte is disclosed Annfa repeal the neutrality Law and sub j British move to enlist soviet Stute a statute permitting the phone to link Post Orda Imd in rom and family a Iowa City indict 6 in plot to intimidate editor Mobile Ala. A six p e a Sona including assistant county solicitor b a it b. Chamberlain or w Ere indicted saturday by a fed Era l grand jury on charges of conspiracy to intimidate Henry p. Ewald form or editor of the to bile p Ress Register. Chamberlain w As arrested by u. S. D Deputy marshal Stanley Fountain. The others indicted were Sam Powe Mobile political figure h is brother to h n Powe Peter v. Crolich 3aloon operator and George and m Iriam Mckenzie. The la the r five were arrested a fee r Ewald w As trapped in a House Here on the night of Gebru a by 14. Beaten an d Blac jacked. D District a attorney Francis h. Inge charged new Ald was beaten in an attempt to halt the press registers expose of the lottery Racket Here. E w Ald resigned after r the incident an d left town. W weekly forecast Chicago u p weather out look of r the period March 20 to 23, of r the upper Mississippi Valley n of m Uch precipitation Indi c a the d temperature Motly n a r or Abov Normal. I b Daylight prowlers make haul in Home c m Iii s � o cd y e n another House prowling Job netted tiie prow Ler a Good Hau l in Broad Daylight according to a report filed w Ith police late sat urday by mrs. Lewis Smith 430 seventh Stree t be. A purse con Taining s4.90 in change and a Gold Cross set w Ith sapphires and valued at s20, was taken from the Smith residence Between 3 and 4 . The report said. The House was entered through an unlocked door. S p e c a l t o the g n n r Ite. Iowa. City Art Iowa City to Rome Telephone Call sunday m orning will connect the Toomey family of Iowa City with their son and brother . Who was ordained into the Priesthood of the roman Catholic Church in Rome a t Midnight saturday Iowa Tim e. The priest will talk with his father. D. C Toomey his sister m Argaret his Brothers Newman and Paul. Paul s wife and their son. Reed. All the members of the family have been pondering Over what to say during the three minute conversation. Two and Oie half year old read who has never seen h is Uncle has been highly excited about it All week rehearsing Over and Over again his contribution. Kello Emmett cum. Home see Reed soon. The Rev. Or. Toomey has been studying in Rome the last four years. Be was a member of the first class ordained under the new Poce. Temperature stays below freezing cellar 3an o Hiim annoy need in Fri i \ de v e i \ a e e t no. A t a is Stavn a a or Tel that lie is Seal v a a from for i a Emen of it Hitler dec area London French l ack every Basia panic As Isaih neighbors. Berlin a ? g Erm any saturday n in h p to m p try r e � ejected b British a n d f re n cd denunciation of h e r Selanir of Czechoslovakia dec la ring they lacked every political Legal and m o a l an the 3am i in or a a i. A Van i Titi a of Lousy r t n in Nutan \ i lore of us of a n or Noti in to touak6 Nde no ri5eccnrt no �. O pretest in void of Indio usle snood a 3 r Tim coif ref Washington state depart m ent to Send note to German. Pro-1 testing aggression. T Treasury orders penalty duties on German imported goods. H a i ser ice to to rare r cd Enos Povijua suspended senator Pittman of asic Rupea. O file existence of a state of War and would substitute language Reading within thirty Days alter he outbreak of declared or undeclared conflict Between foreign j Neutral no act. States the president shall Issue London e a a proclamation naming the states Jav a or ire i or involved and shall from time to 3 .3 in. I time by proclamation name other 1 is Varia Ana As and when they become involved in. The armed conflict. A Ter tha issuance of 3ucii a proclamation tiie Cash and car continued on Page 2. This Sec 1 0 1 1 Aga is Ger re or. Is a i t to Berlin. Be left lieutenants the task of Imp Sirg the w in or. Bohemian and ironing out relation with , Germany new . The fun Carer was expected 0 Maite i a us Hal entry ser in a .10 . 12 30 . Cost Narr Ted Baron Konstantin on Neur Irh former German for mrs. Edward Edinger Dies at fort Worth Orf a Haiti riot sem mrs. Edward Edinger. A life Long resident of Cedar rapids. Died a t f Ort Worth. To. At 3 do . Saturday according to word received in Cedar rapids late saturday night. She is survived by a son de w Ard Edinger of Bedford ind., and a daughter mrs. E. Glenn Downing of Cedar rapids. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. Bad feeling starts with peace Parley that instill ideas � t4 t i r n r b c c s " 8 .18 11. Theress a lot of bad feeling in this world and its As Mutual As Ham an d Beans. It starts with those peace conferences where they think up a lot of thing3 they wont do to each other. One pm utry to another pm Tryr i wont do this to pm t i t my t won t do that to me. Then they both 0 oat and do the e n. T Alk makes arguments and arguments m Ake trouble. And when your designing a treaty you Are earm arking a grudge. Bid for greater poner .11 the Medie of Ana president of the Terrane an. The Cabinet meets to j secret Cabinet Council As Reichs map plans Britain protests to cer protector of Bohemia Moravia. Man. A furing to recognize he v Seurat i responsible to Annemar on of to Tiern a and to f nerf a w in have supreme a v a. Icing Carol of re Power o a 7 000 000 czechs who ported la appeals to King George i re become German subjects against nazi threat to fears. Paris chamber of deputies. Few mrs. Frederick s Glan tue 1807 Bever Avenue be suffered a badly bruised left knee and foot at 4.50 . Saturday when the car in which she was Riding bumped Headon with a machine driven by e. R. Thomas 1801 fifth Street new. The mishap occurred a the 1100 Block on first Street new. Or. Glanville told police he had stopped in the Street preparing to make a left turn w Hen Thomas car bumped his. Thomai was re � ported to the Highway patrol for driving without a. D r i w a Liam v s

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