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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa At DelhiRecreation Assn. Forms Corporation To Buy Dam By Mary Helle DELHI — The long, drawn out struggle since June of 1972 by Lake Delhi property owners who opposed the sale of the hydro-electric dam at Delhi by Interstate Power Co. to the Schiltz brothers of Dubuque, may be nearing an end. A corporation was formed at a meeting Sunday afternoon to buy the dam and associated rights. II. L. Donohue of West Union, head of the Delhi Recreation Assn., disclosed the latest turn of events to a packed crowd of over 400 people present at the meeting in the Maquoketa Valley school auditorium at Delhi. Sale Offered “Laverne Schiltz called Archie Cooey at the marina sev eral weeks ago and said he was interested in selling the dam rights to the Cooeys,” Donohue said. Schiltz cited three reasons for the sudden change: 1. His age. 2. He didn't want to be involved in any more controversy. 3. The death of his brother, Jack Schiltz. After meeting with the Delhi Recreation Assn. board, the Cooeys decided to pay a certain amount of money down and pick up a written option on the dam that expires May I. “But the Cooeys are not interested in owning the dam for financial reasons,” said Donohue. “And the problem is now dropped back in your laps.” He then outlined a plan to buy the dam by forming a corporation to hold title to the property which consists of about 531 acres under water and three acres near the dam. Sell Shares The new corporation “Delhi Recreation Assn., Inc.”, would be financed by the sale of shares in the company at $100 apiece to property owners. “Each stockholder would only be entitled to one vote no matter how many shares of stock he owned,” explained Donohue. “There wouldn’t be any decided advantage to owning several shares of stock,” Donohue said, “but many people were going to (buy shares) because they love this area.” Board members hope to raise at least $100,000 by sub scription agreements to buy the dam and associated rights and use the remainder for maintenance costs, taxes, an operator, and upkeep of the area. Before voting on the issue, a very vocal audience had many questions that they wanted answered. The purchase price of the dam would be $28,600. The Schiltz brothers paid Interstate Power Co. $10,000 when they purchased the property in i972. Since then they have invested about $14,000 by installing an auxiliary generating plant at that dam and other improvements, Donohue said. About 800 families are cabin owners on the river and about 500 people are members of the association. Who Can Buy? “You’ve just been talking about those directly on the river front,” said an area resident. “How about those farther back, can they buy stock?” Board member Robert Knakc, of 1031 Cheyenne road NW, Cedar Rapids, answered that the stocks were for all area property owners so that “everybody can have a say-so to keep the lake just like it is.” An additional source of income to the corporation would be the sale of the house at the dam, estimated to be worth $10,000. and attempting to clear the title to the land of the 257 property owners adjacent to the river that are willing to buy stock in the corporation. Donohue suit! that no more property assessments would be made but the possibility existed that stock in the corporation might be assessed for future needs. “There might be problems with what we are proposing,” Donohue said, “We need a dam, are we going to own it ourselves or let a private owner buy it.” Loud applause came from the audience as a man stood up and said, “We might as well pay an assessment to the association instead of to Schiltz.” lf in the future, the federal government would require a sewer system for the area, “ready-made facilities for such an operation are already inside the dam,-’ Donohue said. None Opposed After two and a half hours of discussion, members were asked to vote on “forming a corporation for the purchase of the dam.” Affirmative votes numbered 143 and there were no objectors. Mrs. Marcheeta Cooey of Delhi, treasurer of the organ i z a t i o n , said that if enough money was going to be raised by subscription agreements to buy the dam and maintain it, “everyone is going to have to help out by contacting members that were not present at the meeting. We are going to need your help.” Reallocation of Part-Time Judicial Magistrates Begins By Harrison Weber low* Daily Pr»»i Ann.    ________ DES MOINES - The number Decatur. Cherokee, Marshall, of part-time judicial magis- and Jefferson. trates that each county in entitled to is being reallocated by the court administrator's office of the supreme court. There is a net change of 17 magistrates In only ti ; ever, will a more than one magistrate. The number of part-time magistrates in Woodbury county is being trimmed from six to four while the number allotted to Cedar county is being cut in half from four to two. On the other hand, t h e will jump from one to two in six annual aalary of $4,800, plus ex counties — Emmet, Winnebago, peases. At a minimum every county has at least one part-time n.agistrute. However, explained Jerry Beatty, an as sistant In the court administrator’s office, a county with only one part-time magistrate has the option of having two part-time magistrates, but Five counties will have three magistrates instead of two. They arc: Des Moines, j Boone, Dallas, Page and Fayette. Four counties, Warren, Story, 5*n‘“roe instances, how-'Johnson, and Black Hawk, will they must spilt the pay even- ever, will a county lose, or gain, each have four magistiatesj y. rather than three.    Five    counties, Cherokee, Ida, ! Under the court reform law Wayne. Fremont, and Guthrie, j enacted by the 1972 legislature. I presently do this. the court administrator’s office j is responsible for apportioning the number of part-time magistrates under a formula which leans heavily upon case load. ................... At the outset, the magistrates number of magistrates in Linn who replaced the justices’ of the county is being increased from peace, were given one-year four to six.    terms which expire on July I, Eight Cut    1974t , . t    Two-Year Terms Eight counties are being cut from two magistrates to one.; With the realignment of part- magistrate. They are Clarke, Crawford, time magie,trates determined. On July I, Adair, Muscatine, Mills, judicial appointing commissions magistrates will have the same Webster Butler, and Henry, in each county will be required jurisdiction as district associate Five counties are being reduced to select magistrates by April 30 judges, namely to have the from three to two. They are for two-year terms beginning power over indictable mis-Harrison. Plymouth, Clinton, this July.    demeanors and civil actions Bremer and Dickinson.    Part-time    magistrates, who where the amount rn con- The number of magistrates are paid by the state, receive an trovers,y does not exceed $3,000. The new formula provides for a minimum of 191 part-time magistrates. In addition, Iowa’s judical system includes 83 district court judges, 23 district associate judges (formerly municipal court judges) and seven fulltime magistrates. When a vacancy occurs at the district associate judge level, they are replaced by a full-time 1974 the full-time GOP Convention U. of Iowa Symphony Schedule Listed    TU Edgar Holden The Wages of Spin Is... —AP Wirephoto Legislative Leaders See No Money for Coal Mine DES MOINES (AP)—The majority floor leaders of the house and senate said they believe the legislature won't appropriate $5.5 million requested by Gov. Robert Ray to develop an experimental coal mine. But they disagreed on personal views toward the proposed project. Rep. Edgar Holden,! R-Mount Joy), said he is opposed to it while Sen. Clifton Lamborn, (R-Maquoketa), said he wants to see it developed. “I favor research,” Holden 'merit of the Iowa Educational said, “but I don’t want________ in the coal mine business.” “I®® ^ays ’ program of the Lambom said: “I’m for it. j legislature. Just as we buy an experimental I Lamborn mentioned The two made their comments Noted Accompanist To Appear at Luther DECORAH — John Wustman,    ^    I()WA    CITY    ~    Six    lowa an eminent accompanist of DLS MOINES — The Reptib- schools will be included in the some of the world’s renowned bean State Central committee1 annual spring tour of the llni- singers, will visit Luther college said Friday the COP state con- varsity of Iowa Symphony Band March 9 and IO to give two vention will be held in Des ■ March 4-6 The tour will open MrJulyTh-,, wi,haconceriMmvatti I Luther graduate in recital.    Congressional district eau- a m. at West Branch high school His visit is jointly sponsored cuses will be held at the conven- and a concert that evening at 8 by the Luther college music hon to elect district party of- p m. ‘ " ' department and the Iowa NATS fjcers and members to conven-(National Assn. of Teachers of    tjon    committees    on    credentials,| Singing) whose aI™ua|    sp™n8    permanent organization,    rules1 metting will be held at    Luther    r . that weekend.    and    platform. Wustman will present two The convention will also adopt | master classes in the German a state platform and “amend or died March 6 at Dewitt high Lieder, or song, on Saturday.;substitute the party’s constitu-j school at IO a.m. and Wilton March 9. The classes are sche- tion,” the central at Oskaloosa junior high school. On March 5 the band will perform at Bettendorf high school at I p.m. and at Hempstead high school in Dubuque at 8 p m. Performances are schcd- committee high school at 1:40 p.m. The band will perform from a concert repertoire of 20 r. i    . .....idulcd    from noon to 2 p.m. and sa^- Tho liwa Educational Ifrom 3 to 5 pm* He wiI1 work 11 said county conventions will    „  ---------  ,R    ,    .    ,    weekly    'with 16 selected Luther students be held June 14 to select state! ™    deluding    Zodiac but I don’t want the state I Broadcasting Network s weekly (() ^ ^ an accompanist convention delegates.    !    Swect Tomorrow , “Essay for Robby Sams wore a worried look as Des Moines firemen sawed away at the automatic washer tub where the 17-month-old boy managed to get himself stuck Friday. Previously, Robby thought it was great fun to climb into the machine and spin himself about, bis mother, Mrs. Robert Sams, explained. But this time he got his leg caught, lf things keep up, Robby and the rescue squad will be on a first-name basis. Only a few weeks ago Robby got his hand stuck in a can, requiring extrication via tin snips. farm. ifs the same thing with this.” owans’ Tax Refunds Stand At $32 Million AIM Leader Jailed, Vows Hunger Protest DES MOINES (UPI) - The president of the Des Moines chapter of the American Indian Movement (AIM), arrested day night for disturbing the I church leaders. The spokesman charged that the Des Moines chapter still DES MOINES (AP) - The Internal Revenue Service reports I we ah come down here to think Deposit that the federal government a1- alike. I have a responsibility to nirc MAtvr,    ,    ready has paid $32.5 million in my own caucus and what is pos- DE. MOINES All Iowa refunds to 98.000 Iowans who 1 stole. Unclaimed IPERS Refunds on and an artist work together in The county conventions willi^yraf)°” 80(1 ‘Enigma Varia-Ray’s developing a piece of music. I direct that precinct caucuses be jtlons • contention that the state's coal    I On Sunday, March IO. VVust-    held    April 22. deposits are different than those    m 3 n will accompany 1972    —- elsewhere and that technology    Luther graduate Karen Smith in    Driver Charged should be developed to take ad-    recital. Tile recitalI will Ibegin at    INDEPENDENCE _ Leslie TV school March 12 at 8 p.m. p.m. in Valders auditorium, Dynes,, 33, of rural Ryan faces ------ ——----- and is open to the public without ., charg(, of fai|urc y|cW ha|(' charge.    roa(j    f0n0wjng the collision #    ~~    #    of his pickup and a car at the Leqion Oratorical crest of a hill on a county road . i XL J southeast of Winthrop Sunday. Contest I hursday Neither Lyness nor the other DES MOINES - The thirty-1 d"ver’ ,M,rfs' ^dwar(1    49> orison lo ;°f rural Manchester, was hurt. vantage of Iowa’s most abundant mineral resource. Holden, asked what he believed a floor leader’s obligation to the governor’s program should be. said: “I don’t think Postville School POSTVILLE — Open house will be held at the Postville high Chew! wi    officials are holdinS m°re filed tax returns early this year. ♦u" nhllr„i?    !than    ^ million for more than J. T. Rideoutte, the Des seventh annual American Le* 10,000 former public employes Moines district IRS chief, said during the weekend that about; Lambom Sees April I stay in jail and start a hunger strike. Harvey Major said he would conduct a fast while in jail to protest “Indian problems on a state and local level.” A spokesman for AIM said Major plans to stay in jail until local religious leaders get “interested in the Indian movement.” gion high school oratorical con , test will be held at the Highland $E900. a    Park American Legion building. End to. Lt^b^atUrB 3 7 j 2 Second avenue, Des DES MOINES (AP) — Senate Moines, Thursday. The winners of the three area Damage to the two vehicles to- Long-hokJing1 A FASTEETH Powder. A It takes the worry C"j out of wearing dentures. peace and an unpaid speeding j Authorities said the charge of ticket, has vowed he plans tai disturbing the peace was filed wh° have not claimed it.    cxnected    -------«“' ~ against Major in connection Officials said during the week-fjje re^urns t^is year on! MaJ°rity Leader Clifton Lam- with the Indian takeover of the end that the workers held public money earned in 1973    ‘    ^ (R'MaclU()ke,at* says he | contests who will compete in the Orimes state office building last Jobs (rom 19fi9 ,h h J Th/total number who already I bcll'vcs ,'khe ^.ture _ <*uM state finals are David Gunn of summer.    J    •    .    .....    non wind up this years session by I Newton; Martin 0. Olive of - state, county and local govern-,have f,M is about 3K.0M.    | AprU ,    |    Corning; and Kirby Roelfeema Iowa U. Symphony ,ments’ or schoo! districts. Each    Lamborn.    noted    for    his    op-    of Steamboat Rock. Concert Scheduled IOWA CITY -score ,    ’         1    returns    is    April    15    The state in* I    oicaiiiuudi    rux.*. worker paid 3^ percent of Wsfcomc iax* deadline is Arril 30 timist,c predictions^ on ending Tho winner will receive a $500 salary-up to a certain limit-| Rideoutte said most persons!^^15 ear,y’said if ^ senatelscholarshiP from the National) Patrol Warns lowa . „    Stravinsky’s    jnt0    r,c    Iowa    Public    Employes’    who Srablns-Ttano1'<£££'No"J,***"** **** *    “f All but a few of the 10,000 are start moving appropre    Organization of The American ations bills adjournment would    Legion, SKH) from the American Legion of Iowa, and the oppor- in B-flat Major.    Opus    83”    will    bel AH    DUl    a    ICW 01    ine    1U    UW    are    b^    conTributed"by    indfviduai! 10 back up hls Prcdictlon-    tunity to represent the Ameri- presented    by    the    University    of no longer    eligible    for    future    taxpaver    anrj $9 on    a joint    rc.| Lambom bet one newsman SI    can Legion of Iowa in the Re- Senator On Speeding Iowa Symphony Orchestra in it* IPERS pensions, officials said, tun:    ’    that    the    scssi0n    would    cnd    by    tfional 8 contest af Stillwater A at- Jour th concert of Ute season j Records show the A state March 6_ filed early marked the for political contribu-j. Under the system, $1 can T™ dha,,i. be contributed by “ —J-*! 10 DdCK DES MOINES (AP)—A state ^“"h fi.............. ""I    l,ec,,ra5    ,n<)w    lne    lar«c5t    m(li'    - senator was one of the Iowans    vidual    amount is more than Given up on that electric gui* stopped by the highway patrol    ^ro^' 3ames E>ixon WIH con- $1,900. The smallest totals little tar? Place a Classified Ad and over the weekend for exceeding duct *be orc'hestra in the 8 p.m. more than $1.    watch    it    sell! the new 55-mile-per-hour speed concert at Rancher auditorium. -  —- jjmjt    Piano soloist for the Brahms Sen. James Griffin (K Council j    be    Professor    John Bluffs) said the patrol stopped ^1,nms' him and said a patrol plane had Simms, who heads the piano clocked him at 60 mph, but department in the U. of I. Griffin challenged that claim- school of music, is widely ing he had ids cruise-a-matic known for his concert appcar-setat58mph.    lances    and recordings and has The patrol issued him a warn- conducted piano workshops for ing he had his cruiseo-matic students and teachers through-the IO senators who voted out the United States, against the lower speed limit Admission to the concert is bill.    free,    with no tickets required. April I. Oklahoma, on April 15. SwUSc/teii' Residential Commercial Industrial CARPET CLEANING 3 Methods • Rotary Brush • Dry Foam •Soil Sorb Furniture A Upholstery Spotting A Cleaning FSCI ESTIMATE M>on* 377-7448 HUTCHINS JANITOR SERVICES Have a bicycle to sell? Then you're our kind of people! Reach more people who are in the market to buy with an inexpensive Classified Ad! 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Call DON AMENT, ,u<3 l 161 JERRY WILLIAMSON, COGGON 435-2273 MARK LAPREE, 362-2733 RICH CTSCHEI0T, NEWHALL 223*5436 ;

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