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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Photo by William Lot/, Independence Buchanan County Trucklot Champions Paul Copenhaver of Independence showed the champion truckload at the Buchanan county market hog show lost week in Independence. Some 91 head were exhibited. The champion hog was a light* weight shown by Mrs. Lucille Wiebbecke of Jesup, while the reserve was an entry by Dick Frye of Independence. Joe and Julie Weber of Brandon showed the champion and reserve novice entries. Study Predicts Increased Renting As Land Prices Continue Rise Bv Don Kendall WASHINGTON (AP) - A study by the agriculture department shews nearly two-fifths of all I S. farm land is rented by those who produce from it and that the practice is expected to increase as real estate becomes more expensive. Lind rental ranges from about 20 percent in the Northeast and Appalachian regions to more than 40 percent in parts of the corn belt. Plains and Western regions. An analysis of land rental was written by Bruce B. .Johnson of the department’s Economic Research .Service. The study, said to be the first of its kind. was based upon 1000 farm census information, larger Receipts The report said land rental was practiced most by farm operators having the largest annual cash receipts from marketings. For example, farms with sales of $2,500 to $4,000 per year — called (’lass V units — were mostly fully owned by operators. But only one-third of the ( lass I farms, with sales of $40.(MNI a year or more, were entirely owned by their operators. Consistently, the report said. most of the rented land was leased by farmers who were part-owners, meaning they owned some land and rented additional acreages “In most states over KO per cent of the rented acreage was owned by nonoperator landlords," the report said “Only a small amount was rented from other farm operators." The report said the* census data “showed no significant differences ” in land tenancy patterns as related to corporations, partnerships or individual proprietorships Also, the report said, there was no evidence suggesting a concentration of land ownership or rental in the hands of big business organizations Capital Gains The report said many older farmers have built up large capital gains for land acquired 20 or 30 years earlier. As a result, their imp Hived credit standings have paved the way for easier farm expansion "This is in sharp contrast with today's younger operator who faces a more difficult and costly task in purchasing farm land, particularly in the quantity necessary for an economically viable unit.” the report said. "Thus, it is reasonable to foresee greater emphasis on land leasing by todays younger farmers than by earlier generations." Concentrated According to the I OHO figures. land rental was mostly concentrated among those who produce grain for cash Can’t Document Foreign Purchase of Iowa Land By Gordon Hanson DES MOINES (AP) - If foreign interests are buying Iowa agricultural land, the Iowa Development Commission (IDG) says it is unaware of them. “I haven’t been able to doc* ument any such purchases," says Doug Dashner, IIM’ executive administrator. His response* follows reports that .Japanese firms are purchasing Iowa farm land to help assure a continued food source for Japan. One Contact IDC director Del Van Horne conceded that "at least one contact" has been made with his agency by a Japanese brokerage firm interested in purchasing land that would Im* a v a I I a b I e to prospective buyers in Japan But he said the chance of extensive land purchases bv the Japanese is "very remote right now " Modest Nelson Stitt, director of the Toited States-Japan trade count ll in Washington, says direct Japanese investment in the Toited States has been modest, probably wont increase in the future, arid rumors of massive Japanese investments in American agriculture are false Dashner said 5.147 corporations, as of Jan 4. were listed with the Iowa secretary of state as Inung owned by firms outside Iowa. but only 2K are owned by non-resident aliens Of the 2K, only two are Japanese firms and most are Canadian, Dashner said The Japanese companies are American Honda Motor Co., Inc., which said its sole business in Iowa is in interstate commerce, and Nan-In Trading Co., Inc., an import arid export agent. GIT TMI GINDIN! im IMO 'Thruit-Back Collar' TOILET TANK BALL Amarnot larges* Seller The elfitier’T Water Mutter moonily Mop! the Hoer of eroter alter each bathing 7St AT HARDWARE STORES Your Wat or Matter Dealer HEABLE CO. Complete Lier of Plumbing Need* “The Builder*■ Deportment Store’* Id. NE 3B4S71 TBI Coater Point Rd sale, while rentals for other enterprises such as cattle feeding were not so prevalent "Asset value of the real estate in cash grain farms generally run much higher than the all-farm average, due to land quality as well as quantity factors," the report said Values of land for farms grossing $411,(KXI or more per year consistently ran more than $31X1,IHM) per unit. Even Class ll farms, with sales $20,000 to $39,009 fur year, were valued at nearly $200.(KM) each in many states "Such investment levels usually preclude full ownership of th!* landbase by the operator and promote greater reliance on leasing." the report said. Farmers Home Boosts Income Credit Limit DKS MOIXKS - Maximum income limitation for families eligible for rural housing loan assistance through* Farmers ll o rn e Administration has been increased, Robert R Pirn, state director, said Friday. Maximum adjusted family income ls now $12.HIM) as compared with the previous limitation of $10,400 This change will allow the agency to assist many families previously unable to obtain credit for purchase, remodeling or construction of homes. Present loan rates art* Si 4 percent interest with a maximum repayment period of 33 years. annual American Pork Congress, tilt1 largest event of its kind in the world, will get underway iii Des Moines March 5 for three days of meetings, discussions and activities. The Congress, sponsored by the National Pork Producers Council, is expected to attract more than 7,(XXI persons from across the nation and several foreign countries, according to .I Marvin Garner, American Pork Congress general chair man. Most activities will bt* conducted in Veterans Auditorium in Des Moines China Will Buy Groin Without Bad Publicity MEMPHIS. Tenn (AP)-Mainland China will buy huge amounts of feed grains, soybeans and cotton from the United States this year without the unfavorable publicity surrounding Russia’s purchases, says an executive of a major grain exporter "China has played it lowkey and spread its business over a number of American firms, without the bad publicity that Russia received," Dr Willard Sparks, executive vice-president of Cook Industries, Inc., said Wednesday. He said China would buy about 140 million bu> bels each of wheat and corn this year. That would bt* about 40 million to 50 million more bushels of wheat than the Soviet I nurn will buy from the Ignited States and about the same amount of corn, Sparks said. ('luna will buy about ‘XKI.OOO tons of soybeans and about 830.000 bales of cotton while Russia will buy neither, he said. Sparks said the Chinese would purchase about $1 billion worth of agricultural products from the United States. He said the Chinese figure that if they buy large amounts of agricultural products, the United States may, in turn, become a market for C hinese handmade goods Featured speakers at the annual luncheon, Wednesday noon, March H. will be Rep Tom Foley, chairman of the house subcommittee on livestock and grains and member of the house agricultural cornin i t t i* e ; Bernard Brenner, farm editor of United Press International, Washington. I> ('.; and Garner, who is also executive vice-president of tlu' National Pork Producers Council In addition to the annual meeting of the NTPC, thousands of pork producers will bt* attracted to tin* exposition iii Veterans Auditorium Other highlights for pork producers will be tin' seven workshops on key pork production and pork industry subjects Also featured is tin* crowning of the 1074 National Pork Queen and the honoring of tin* 27 Pork All-Americans during the NPPC annual banquet at 7 p iii Wednesday, March ti. in Veterans Auditorium. Contestants from 14 states will compete in the National Pork Cookout Contest in Veterans Auditorium on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the crowning of the 1974 National Pork Cookout King at the awards luncheon at noon, Thursday, March 7. Annual Swine Clinic March I 2 At Independence INDEPENDENCE —The third annual March swine clinic, sponsored bv the Independence Chamber of Commerce and the Buchanan county extension service, has been set for Tuesday, March 12, at the Gayla ballroom in Independence. The clinic will run from 9:30 a m. to 3 p.m. and will feature exhibits of commercial swine products including feed, buildings and supplies. The annual event has drawn many exhibitors to discuss their products. Speakers for this year’s clinic include Palmer Hidden, Iowa State university extension swine nutrition specialist, and Jim Meno, Waterloo area livestock specialist. In 22 Iowa cities and towns and in all of unincorporated Scott County you can have flood protection for your home, your business and their contents. A more liberal National Flood Insurance Program now is available. The rates are lower. The limits on the amount for which you can be insured are higher. Chargeable Rates per $100 of Insurance Residential:    Building    $0.25    Contents $0.35 All Other:    Building    0.40    Contents 0.75 For example: For only $50 a $20,000 home now can be insured against flood damage. And for $17.50 contents up to $5,000 are protected. Your local agent, or any property and casualty insurance agent of any company, can take your flood insurance applications, if you live in an area that qualifies for the federal flood insurance program. See him for details. He will help you, too, in event of a loss or claim. In addition to unincorporated Scott County, Iowa cities and towns that qualify for flood insurance are: Dyersville Estherville Evansdale Fort Dodge Independence Iowa City Marquette McGregor Missouri Valley Muscatine Ottumwa Sioux City Waterloo Webster City Bettendorf Camanche Cedar Falls Cedar Rapids Charles City Council Bluffs Davenport Dubuque lf your community is not on the list, and you would like to know how it could qualify, write: Des Moines Branch, Employers Mutual Companies, 210 Seventh Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 Employers Mutual Companies Des Moines, Iowa Iowa Servicing Company for Flood Insurance TP — The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon.. March 4, 1974 7 (twit Newi American Pork Congress Underway in Des Moines mulekoffs 2V, <K,a» Of -varying tor (ha home Open Tonite til 9 Frigidaire Skinny Mini. 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