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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa They'll Do It Every Time TuePLOPit WWO PLEAU THAT TM EWE GOT IO HAVE THEIR PHOTOS EARLY Smmip £..f"'j    THERE ANY / WAY >00 COULD ROSH THEM SOS I COULD HAVE THEM TONIGHT? Pl>L-LEtt£.‘ And where po THEiR'kOSH 3066" WINO UP? LOOK IM ANY UNCALLED- FOR FILE, OF COURSEI HL.M/LLgK, 16 99/ SM^jrr, SARASOTA, Thf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon , .lune 24, 197<  5 T^e Investors |juidc By Sam Shulsky Q — I’m puzzled by Creole Petroleum. It sells for about 17 and pays $2.60 — well over IO percent. At first my broker said he didn’t know much about it, but when he looked it up he came back with: “It’s out of this world.’’ \ — Creole isn’t “out of this world’’ — ifs in Venezuela, and there’s the “rub.” The government recently set up a commission to study procedures for reversion of the company’s concessions and assets, and to come up with an answer in six months. “Reversion’’ means the government taking over the company. Payment, of course, will be set by the government. So what you have here is a situation with important unknowns. And that’s why the stock, which has paid dividends steadily for 39 years and is now distributing $2 60. recently sold for around 14. at which level it yields a juicy I8V2 percent. Over to you. * * * Q — I have an opportunity to invest $25,000 in “oil’’ and receive $500 a month (guaranteed) for 12 years, a total of $72,000, at which time my original investment will be gone. A — I don’t know what an investment in “oil” is. Do you mean a drilling venture, refining, retailing? Since you are an attorney, I’m sure you can evaluate the word “guaranteed.” I don’t recognize many guarantees — other than those by the federal government or its agencies. Q — I don’t recall your ad vising teachers to invest in tax-sheltered annuities. Two insurance companies in our area are paying 7 percent. A — I do favor tax-sheltered investments for anyone who can benefit from them But make sure of the management quality of the company managing your money. * * * Q — You mentioned in a recent column that an investor should offset taxable income when he can with capital losses I’m curious as to how you can offset capital losses if you have no capital gains. A— And I’m CU’’tout as to how an attorney could overlook the fact that capital losses (even in the absence of capital gains) may be used to write down taxable income annually by up to $1,660. <) — I notice that a substantial portion (ll stocks) on your growth list are included in the Dow Jones industrial index. How can you advance these as growth stocks in view of the DJ’s failure to move in the last half dozen or more years arid iii view of the rampant inflation ’ Sam Shulsky A — The sample growth list you refeh to names IOO or so companies which are well known mostly long-established and with a long-term record of growth at a rate generally above the rate of growth for all U.S. industry. If nearly one-half of them happen to be on the Dow Jones industrial list, I can’t see where that should occasion much eyebrow-raising, even though it is common practice to brand the DJ a fuddy-duddy list of has-beens. While it is true that the DJ doesn’t include any of the spectaculars of the data processing-office machinery group which gave us our last stock market “circus’’ or “roller coaster’’ performance, it still comprises many leading U.S. corporations and even though it doesn’t necessarily follow that the economy follows the DJ or vice versa. I don’t think the stocks on the list can be ignored. As to your argument that I) the I)J hasn’t gotten anywhere much since it first touched I .IMM) eight years ago and 2) hasn’t kept step with inflation, I can only say, “absolutely correct” — and then ask: “What group of stocks has?” * * * Q—I am a married woman who wishes to have a better working knowledge of the stock market. Could you send me a list of books or pamphlets? A—A stamped. self-addressed envelope would bring you a rather lengthy bibliography. The N. Y. Stock exchange offers an elementary “kit” for $1.50 which can be obtained by writing to Dept. SU, Box 252, Wall St. Station, New York City 10005. I wrote an “Investment Guide for Women” which can be obtained for $1 from Universal Publishing, 235 Bast 45th street, New York 10017. And — for free — you should find hundreds of ABC books on th** subject at any sizable library. Just stick to the factual ones. The “double-your-money” books are little more than poor fiction ft* Registrar: Usually a trust company or bank charged with the responsibility of preventing the issuance of more stock than has t>een authorized by a company. Mf shulsky wrlcomrs written oops Mon*. but he wilt be able to provide answer» only through the colyrpn For information on retirement and ore pre retirement planning, please Include a self addressed, itamiint envelope Address your requests to Sam Shulsky, care of I he Curette Principal Gets Pay Docked for Clipping Hair TKENTON, N .I (IHM) -High schiHtl Principal Dominie Purls! was docked two weeks’ pay Wednesday for clipping a girl’s hair Parts!, principal al Batt in high school in Elizabeth, N J , was charged with conduct un becoming a professional in a ruling Issued by the New Jersey edueation department In Trenton. The department said Parisi admitted making snipping motions above the girl’s head with a pair of scissors but said the cutting was accidental Tilt1 girl, whose identity was not disclosed, accused Parisi of slicing a 10-inch braid that was sticking straight up on top of her head. The girl was brought to the principal’s office for disciplinary problems. Parisi faced either dismissal or a loss of pay for the incident, which occurred last Oct. 31. Gotcha Is Name Of Police Steed CHICAGO (AP) - A horse with a name like Gotcha should belong to a policeman, and does. Gotcha, Get!em, Greco. They’re all newly-named members of the recently-created Chicago police mounted unit. All were named by Chicago schoolchildren. Laura Kutka, ll, said she selected Gotcha “because when the policeman pulls you over he’s gotcha.” ‘Nounal Verbification’ of Transcripts Catching On By Dick West WASHINGTON (UPI) - The impact of (he Watergate tapes can be measured in many ways, one being an increase in nounal verbification People sis- in (he transcripts how President Nixon and his aides kept converting nouns Into verbs, and the next thing you know they are talking I hat way themselves The favorite White House verbification involves the noun “stone wall.” As when the President allegedly told John Mitchell “I want you to stonewall it.” It may be argued that since “stonewall” already existed in verb form the President and his men were not verbifying, or forming verbs themselves. But that is a weak argument. In Cricket Lexicographers only recog- LAFF - A - DAY Dick West “There’s one thing to be said for the high postage rates My gripe mail has fallen off 25 per cent! ” nize “stonewall” as a verb in its cricket and parliamentary contexts. In cricket, it means to play entirely on the defensive. In parliamentary terminology, it means about the same thing as “filibuster.’’ It is clear from the transcripts that the White House crowd was using it in another context; i e., to stand firm like a stone wall, the way Stonewall Jackson stood at Bull Hun. Therefore, I stand on my statement that the President’s remark to Mitchell constitutes verbification in the first degree. Catching On In any event, it is catching on. As I was leaving a cocktail party on a recent evening, I commented that the large group still clustered around the shrimp dip was a tribute to the hostess’ hospitality. “I think they are going to hardcore it,” she said. Now every cocktail party has a hard core of guests who hang on far into the night. But this Psychosis in Which Patient Builds Delusions Is Paranoia By Dr. S. L. Andelman Many amateur psychiatrists have two favorite terms — “neurotic” and “paranoid.” To their minds it seems that most people are- either one or the other Today we’ll talk about what mental health specialists mean when they described patient as paranoid. A psychosis in which the patient has built up persistent, inflexible and logically unreasonable delusions, with feelings of persecution, is known as paranoia A person having this psychosis can he described as paranoid. The paranoid person’s emotions, speech and actions may seem quite normal except when they are affected by his delusional beliefs. But as these beliefs become the most important thing in his life, they begin to influence his interpretations of events and his power of judgment. Victim The patient may reach the point where he feels he is the intended victim of a widespread conspiracy. Every stranger can be a spy and even those closest to him are suspected of being part of the plot. He feels there are hidden meanings in all events and in the most casual remarks. Sometimes his eloquent attempts to explain his ideas are momentarily convincing because paranoid people are often of superior intelligence. The person with a less severe form of this disorder is said to have a paranoid personality. This person will respond strongly to normal, everyday events He may be petty, oversensitive, argumentative, seclusive and selfish. He feels slighted very easily, is sure his merits are unrecognized and often indulges in constant bickering. Blames He blames other people for what are basically disatisfactions within himself. A revellious, superior attitude Dr. S. I Andelman holsters his self-esteem. Psychiatrists advise against putting paranoid patients in hospitals until they become (tangerous or too disturbing socially. If a patient is restrained, his bitterness will be aggravated, increasing his feelings of persecution Dr Andelman welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future columns. He regrets, however, he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette. Big George! Virgil Partch "'N t ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ t ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ NOTICE! Cedar Rapids Homeowners Homestead Exemption and Military Exemption Applications Must be Filed in the City Assessor's Office, 5th Floor City Hall BEFORE JULY I, 1974 Com* In Early, Avoid The RushI OPEN MON. THRU FRI. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ♦ * ¥ t ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ * ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ “Are you getting another one of those feelings that things are closing in on you?” Give Her The Diamond You Always Meant To! *********************************************** gUig**witW JE WULLER» Cedar Rapids — 200 2nd Av*. SE Iowa City—Mall Shopping Cantor was the first time I had heard them verbified. Vilified maybe, but not verbified. Another clear cut case of verbification turned up the other day in a conversation I overheard on a Capital elevator, apparently between two lobbyists. Redfaced It One was telling the other that the only way to get his point across to congressmen was to “blackboard It.” As to what effect this trend will have on the language, I am not qualified to say But if you insist on verbifying, I recommend that you choose your nouns with care. Had Nixon and his aides been able to crystalball it, I doubt they would have set such store by stonewalling the Watergate case. In retrospect it appears a better course might have been to cleanbreast It. That verification could have spared them the ordeal of having to redface it later Farmer Sues For Damage by Stalking Hog AUSTIN, Texas (UPI) -Paul Marshall and John Ranne lived in Dallas and owned adjoining hog farms in Van Zandt county. They were good friends and neighbors until the day the hog went bad. Ranne's hog had shown signs of being an ornery animal before that fateful day. Marshall had been out in front of his house at least a dozen times when the hog would lower his head, snort a couple of times and charge wildly sending Marshall scrambling for safety in the nearest possible place — his outhouse. On Jan. 21, 1970, Marshall could take it no longer. He left Ranne the following note: “John, your boar has gone bad. He is trying to chase me off the farm. He stalks us just like a cat stalks a mouse every time he catches us out of the house We are going to have to get him out before he hurts someone.” On the same day, Marshall was walking from his house to his pickup truck and the pig attacked, biting Marshall severely on the hand. He sued Ranne and was awarded $4,146 by the court of civil appeals, but the supreme court of Texas said that $4,146 might not have been enough when Marshall’s pain and anguish and loss of income are taken into consideration. 2Vi Million-Year-Old Bear Bones Found BUDAPEST (AP) - Hungarian paleontologists found skeletal remains of a bear that lived 2*4 million years ago in a mountain crevice on Osz-tramns mountain in northeastern Hungary, the news agency MTI reported. Bones found by the scientists included the animal’s upper and lower jaws with full rows of teeth and two-inch fangs, the pelvis, legs and vertebrae. By Oswald It James Jaceby Jim: “How about discussing the way to play certain card combinations?” Oswald: “Good idea' loot's take the common one of playing a suit when you miss the king, jack and some number of small cards.” Jim: “Here’s a fairly simple one. South reaches four spades after East’s notrump opening. East wins the first trick with the ace of clubs and proceeds to cash both red aces. Then he leads a club back. You win in lummy and it is up to you to avoid the loss of a trump trick ” Oswald: “The normal way to f4CRRD<f*/ft*4* The bidding has tx*«*n:    24 West    North    East    .South ♦ I    Dbl*    Pass    24 NORTH 24 4 Q 10 8 6 Y (J J 71 ♦ J *KC>75 WEST EAST (D> 4 J 4 K 7 Y 8 5 4 2 Y A IO H ♦ H 7 6 3 4 A 10 5 4 A 10 9 8 6 ♦ A.I 4 3 SOI Til 4 A 9 5 4 3 2 Y K 9 4 K (J 9 2 ♦ 2 East-West vulnerable West North East South I NT 24 Pass 44 Piss Pass Pass Opening lead 104 Pass 34 Pass You, South, hold 4 6 5 4 V K J 4 3 2 ♦ A Q ti 7 4 I What do you do now’’ A —Bid four boarts You have made a very strong hid and your partner has heard it. TODAY’S QUESTION You bid four hearts and your partner continues to five clubs What do vou do now? score all the trump tricks when you hold six to the ace opposite four to the queen Is to play your ace. This picks up the suit if either opponent holds the singleton king.” Jim: “A review of the bidding marks East with the king. He needs it for his opening notrump. It also marks him with at least one card with it. People just don’t open one notrump with a singleton.” Oswald: “This leaves South just one way to make his contract. He must lead the queen of trumps from dummy. Nothing will help him if East holds king-jack or king-jack-seven, but it turns out that East holds king-seven. If he ducks you let the queen ride. If he covers you play your ace and West’s jack drops Lucky, but the only play ” Once inaWifetiMe SALE On FACTORY TRAINED SERVICE UM* Open Moil. ami Thor*. Til 9:00 P.M. PEOPLES 215 1st Ave. Si Wallet Phone 366-2436 At the HOME of the FREE Froe chocking with no service charges and no gimmicks. For personal and business accounts. Another hee service frorn the Home of tho Fro#. GUARANTY BANK & TRUST CO. 3rd St. A 3rd Ave. Downtown 4 ISI9 42r»d St. NE 191 Jacolyn Dr. NW Phone 362-2115 I ;

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