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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I hr Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Mon., June HAMON*! WI AlHlk MtVKI f(>*|CAM «» ZAM ISI fc-*S-?4 ^3000 tyn « nil 30,00    3000 ^ V /1 # a J _    /    I — Court — (Continued from Page I.) (ended to fix substantive const)* tutional limitations, deriving ; from the First Amendment.. I Rehnquist said. Discussing the First Amend ! merit, limitations on juries, he ;said it would be wrong “to uphold an obscenity conviction I based upon a defendant’s depiction of a woman with a bare midriff even though a I properly charged jury unani-; piously agreed on a verdict of I guilty.” In the California case, the court said it was a misunder-l standing to conclude that the rejection of a national standard requires the application of a new yardstick based on a spe-i cific and smaller geographical area. .Juror’s Knowledge “A juror is entitled to draw on his own knowledge of the views ] of the average person in the community or vicinity from which he comes for making the I required determination, just as he is entitled to draw on his knowledge of the propensities of a reasonable person in other areas of the law,” the court said. The court said that jurors from throughout the southern judicial district of California presumably were available to hear the case in question, so “it would be standards of that community upon which the jurors would draw.” Rehnquist, Chief Justice Burger and Justices Blackmun and Powell, were joined by Justice White in the majority affirming the California conviction. Justices Douglas. Brennan, I Stewart and Marshall dissented In other action Monday, the [court: Ruled that prison inmates have no right to demand interviews with newsmen, nor do newsmen have any First Amendment right to demand interviews with specific prisoners. Ruled that ex-felons who have served their prison sentences can be barred from voting in state and local elections. Agreed to decide if a federal judge acted properly when he delayed the court-martial trial of an air force sergeant accused of spying for the Soviet Union. Upheld a lower court decision that a supervisor loses his immunity from union discipline by his union when he performs the work of a nonsupervisory worker. DEATHS Deficit $2 Billion Less Than Expected: Nixon Geiger Is Dead; Was C.R. Artist And Carpenter NI VV YOHE CHIC AGO* IAN f It A N C I tv C o >?96S ATI ANI A lowril I ( MU ft Af UM I V    Iflow uh WI Al Hi k IDICX ASI €> Rain is expected Monday night in most of New Mexico, southern Texas, Florida and portions of the northeast. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. Daily Record Council Rules Out Benefits After Leaves An employe who receives a ' leave of absence at his own request should not receive credit for that time when longevity benefits and step pay increases are calculated, the city council decided Monday. An employe of the engineering department asked for, and received, two leaves of absence of about three months each to attend college. The man will retain his seniority and accrued benefits for the time he actually worked for the city. The question before the council Monday, a policy decision, was whether the time spent on leave should be regarded as actual time worked for longevity and pay increase purposes. That is done in cases of military duty or when the employe takes the leave on behalf of, or at the request of, the city. The council decided unanimously that it will not be done when the leave is taken on the initiative of the employe. Councilmen agreed the present policy adequately protects the employe’s interests. They also voiced concern over potential problems it an employe took an extended leave of a year or more if all benefits were accorded for the time he was gone. June 22 — Mr. ann Mrs. William Driscoll, 2624 Hickory drive SW. a son. June 23 — To the families of Steve Wrick, 721 Thirty-third street NE. a daughter; David Nelson. Lisbon, a son. Births — St. Luke's June 22 Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rurkallew. 1919 Central drive SW. a daughter June 23 — To the families of dale A. Andrews, Urbana, a daughter; Jon dordon, 1610 Thirtieth street NW, a daughter: Gary Barrow. 914 M avenue NW, a son: Ray Ellwood. 915 Tenth street, Marion, a daughter. Out of Town Births At Hoffman Estates, III. — To Mr. and Mrs Janu s Hansen, jr., a daughter June 20. Shirley Hansen is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Reuben Tilden, 1946 Rever avenue SE. Marriaoe Licenses Deborah Griffin and Terrence Waller, Connie Meyer, and James Mitvalsky, Cvnthia Rerntsen and Bradley Bennett.! Arbvlia Holmes and Garland Davis, jr., Judy Dickson and Howard Moyie, jr., Judy Vos and Edward Sweeney. Rose Monsen and Terrance Neff, all; of Cedar Rapids. Marlene, Brady, Cedar Rapids, and Daniel Onett.sch, Danville. Belinda Kelsey, Palo, and Billy Yuska.l Walford. Susan Ackley, Cedar Rapids, and Clive Lingo, Hiawatha Rhonda Owens and! David Wilhelmi, lioth of Center Point. Patricia Chong, Cedai Rapids, and Dennis Hanssen, Des Moines. Fires 10:04 a m. Saturday. Children playing with matches behind HJO Center Point road NE. 11 on a.m. Saturday. United Air Lines 727 off runway al ail port. 8 55 p.m. Saturday Unknown to engine at First avenue and Williams boulevard SW. 9 49 p rn. Saturday, Short In wiring on stove at 734 Thirty-third street NE 12 48 p.m. Sunday. Leaking las tank at Wilson avenue and Sixth street SW. In making recommendations to a client, a funeral director. like any other professional member of the community, places hts reputation on ihe line. It is no wonder, then, that more funeral directors throughout the* country oiler and recommend the WILBERT line of quality burial vaults to assure their clients enduring protection and superior quality. , . the moil rr»/»« < led name in burial ta alit. when words aren't •nough send sympathy with flowers ROLAND WILBERT VAULT CO., INC. Convamtnt Downtown Location 308 3rd Ave. SE    365- FIORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 Vnvl fat i r<* S<*ilU<*t I 41 it Bwv Kimitv Shout*! hmm** (Paul i vt Iv im uln ii mud Will bf IfMil'O 1210 Blairs Ferry Koad Marion, Iowa 52302 PHOM ANSWfRED 24 HOURS EVERY DAY ;

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