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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATIONAL WI At MIR SMVlCt fONCASI to ZAM (St im JO. 74 HOLTON MOCO VV VOW* Memorial Services Neilton, Andy Thursday at 1:30 at Turner chapel west by the Rev. Alvon Nelson. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Turner west until I p.m. Thursday. The casket will not bf- opened alter the .service, Parkade Lighting Improvement Seen lo A/QfiA) UPI WI At BM FOUX AST Rain is expected Wednesday night in eastern Oregon, southern Minnesota and parts of Pennsylvania and New York. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. —Daily Record— —Storm— (Continued from Page I ) Moines suburb of Pleasant Hill, leveling the police club and Elks building No injuries were! reported. Winds up to 50 miles an hour were recorded at the lies Moines airport, and were unofficially reported up to 70 miles an hour north of De: Moines. Damaging winds and heavy hail also struck Ames, Fort Dodge, Boone and a score of smaller communities Power outages, uprooted! Highting on the upper levels of trees, blocked highways and city parkades will probably be flooding were reported through- improved soon, Safety Commis-out the storm area.    i .    „ ,    ...    . a ,    1    1    ■    1    stoner James Steinbeck said A guard spokesman said «h    ,u engineer company from the otJ” esday. tuinwa area was on training! H'Ea Huber, 971 Sixteenth maneuvers at nearby Camp street NE, a representative of Dodge and was dispatched to Cedar Rapids Rape Crisis Line Ankeny with build,Km. heavy    tha| trucks and other equipment. Twenty military policemen were also pent to the stricken community.    ' ruinated at night. Eastern Iowa    She said many women who A lone twister was also seen work in downtown stores have in Eastern iowa and touched J monthly parking permits at the parkades, and thus are required to park on upper levels. Dodge) When they leave work at night stores close, Mrs. —Nuclear— (Continued from Page I.) able to “see down the road to the {Hunt where we would no longer be able to supply domestic reactors with the fuel they need to produce the electricity this country needs so badly.” The Cedar Rapid* (gazette: Wed., .lune 19, 1974 3A Sixth Street Paving Work Awarded to Waterloo Firm Cedar Valley    Corp. of Wa-    construction of the intermediate terloo was the low bidder    section of the Fourth avenue SW Wednesday for    paving Sixth    storm sewer beneath Sixth Virtually    All    street SW from First, avenue to    street. Eriewine said the AEC has    to    Eighth avenue    bid, $39,029.50,    was    substop making new contracts    to    The company bid    $471,554 50,    nutted by Dave Schmitt    Con- supply nuclear fuels because ex-;about two percent over the engi-    struction Co. It was    well    over isling    contracts account    for    vir-!    noer’s estimate    of $462,994.27.    the estimate of $27,629 50, and tually    all    the    capacity    of    the    The only other    hid, submitted    was referred to the engineering government plants that manu-ky Quad City Construction Co . department for study facture the fuels. These are at J was $524 121 87    +    *    * Oak Ridge Tenn PortsmoulH, Most of the paving projcct There alf# „„ly „ne bid ) 10, auf a    uca ,    y.    wm ^ partially funded under    for construction    of a    hose tower the Federal Aid to Metropolitan    in fire station    number seven, systems program (FAM).    complete with    all    equipment, The council voted    to prepare)heating, ventilation    and    elec- Erlewine said private industry has failed to respond to administration appeals that it help the government in producing    ,    ... .    , tire nuclear materials.    a    resolution    awarding    the    con-    irreal    work He said the government would 'rar'    Valley    Corp al- be able to meet all existing con-!    *    *    * though lights are mf stalled in tracts for the materials, the parkades. they are not illu- Offers Future Services in down near Richardsville in Du munications director, said. “Itjbuque county. No injures we.re is tune to stop the leaks. It is reported. time to open these closed-door About a third of Fort proceedings to the sunshine of was without power after a se-! after The bid, by Loomis Brothers Const ruction Co., was for Only one hid was received for $11,549. I hat was below the estimate of $13,000, and the council voted to draw a resolution awarding the contract. * # * Two bids, both over the estimate of $26,000, were received Swap for Medical School the The Weather Extended Forecast — Cloudy with a chance of rain Friday through Sunday. Highs, 80s and 90s. luows in tho 60s to 70s. SKK) and costs. Vicki Hungerford, 921 Norwood drive SE; Douglas Hdideman, Waterloo; Albert S t u r I z, 332 Ninth street NW; Michael James, Mt. Vernon; each fined $30 and costs. Sylvia Aldrich, Hiawatha; Walter Cook, Walker; 'lorn Seaton, 3856 Trailridge drive SE; Kay Aren/., 956 Ma- Hiflh temperatures Tuesday, low tem peratures overnight and inches of pre citation. Anchorage    St 46    .39    L.Angeles    76 60 Bismarck    MSO    mSSImM    if 8    .04I    plywood    drive NE; each fined Chicago    go 64    .w    N. Orleans    M 74    ,i»    $20 and    costs. Stewart Salter, Denver 9t 60 New York 80 64    .r ,    , Duluth    7748    Phoenix 111 82    1456 Meadowview drive, Honolulu    88 47    .24    Seattle    81 SS    Minion'    fined $1(1 ;ind costs Houston    90 77    Washington    82 61    ivi.mon,    jim ann sib. C. R. Weather High Tuesday ........... Low overnight ...............66 Noon Wednesday .... 8ft 2 p.m. Wednesday ......... 81 MILWAUKEE (AP) — Ron|which he and his wife and    r Wl )W 1    .. .... Mclver’s future is up for sale. ; daughter can camp and fish v e s momorla ul 8-He’s auctioning his eventual Thus the approximately 75    ppG Industries, Inc., bid services as a small-town doctor (needy towns he has chosen from    i $31,563 and Allied Glass Prod- truth ”    ivcre thunderstorm struck the Hubcr explained, they must go in exchange for a subsidy that medical society rosters arc uct-s-Jnc- b‘d $36,641.    . Saying he    was speaking only    city early in the evening, leav-'i°    their cars in    the dark levels    would get him through medical found in the lake-dotted states    I he bids were referred to the for himself,    Clawson protested    ing 46    inches of rain in a 45- °^    the parking facility at a time    school.    Wisconsin, Maine, Minnesota.    Memorial commission, that leaks damaging to Nixon I minute period. Winds gusted up the parkade i.s nearly empty. His contract offer is being Washington and Oregon have been coming from the im- to 60 miles per hour.    She    said the situation could made to many of the rural com- Mclver, a native of    Greens- ■e.^HukOV"'™" pcachment inquiry with “the A farm five miles west of Fort *ead *° rapes and other assaults, munities which the U. S. depart- boro, N. C., has taken pre- alacrity of a carnival barker at    Dodge    was reportedly demo-    Steinbeck said    he will consult    I merit of health, education and medical courses at the Universe    0 ,nue T ®e the country    fair.” He said Ro-    lished,    but details weren’t im- w    ' Eh traffic    Fngineer Mel    welfare identifies as needing ty of Wisconsin, from which he    jn recf>nt months. He had been dino has let the committee get mediately available.    Meyer    about the lighting situa- general practitioners but too was recently graduated “out of hand,” and the inquiry A funnel cloud was sighted tlon and see that it is improved. poor to guarantee a prosperous    Puzzled    Replies has become “a charade,”    a    near Clare 15 miles west of Fort    “We’ll do    something    about)practice.    He    said replies to his    letters “trial by innuendo.”    Dodge, but apparently didn’t    'H he sa'd-    “She has    a    very! “The idea    isn t, new." Mclver    have    run the range from    enthu- Mansficld “Disturbed’*    touch down. Extensive tree dam-    Sood point. ’ hospitalized since December. Called Coward Improper registration — ! Floyd Kepler, 927 Sixth street.    -------- .    ,,    , 85i SE; fined $10 and costs.    c    n. ~    ,    .    age was reported in rural Clare. I Driving vehicle off roadway    ,T'K I f^ ^ In Ames, the roof of the Svede 1 - Jerry Clair, 1425 N street!r1 Mansfield said Wednesday Transfer Co. was ripped by high SW; fined $25 and costs.    he is “disturbed, and in a sense|    winds Traffic signal violation - depressed by the delay and pro- Precipitation ...............ft    20i    George    Smith,    826    Center    Point    crastination” in the impeach ment inquiry and by the leaks surrounding it. The delays result from activities of the executive branch but the leaks come from committee sources, the Montana senator told reporters. Despite repeated demands Total for June  ..........3.11    toad NE; fined $30 and costs Normal for June...........5^    Donald Jackson, Solon, fined ,    $    15 and costs. Normal through June ......16    stopplnj!    pp    lrj„|fd    porUon Total for 19/4 ..............-4.3/    0y road - Kevin CapaceioUe, Barometer, rising    29.83    :Mt. Vernon; fined $20 and Humidity at noon ..........77%    i costs. Driver’s license violation Ray Will, 1427 Third avenue Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m. NW at 5 mph. SE; fined $20 and costs. Craig Sun rises Thursday. 5:31; sunlOnrdner, 728 Ninth avenue SE; . R ar    v    fined $15 and costs. William sets, a.sa.    'Murphy, 1500 Oakland road Year Ago Today — High,    78;    NE; Michael Ryan,    2828 low, 60; rainfall, trace.    Thirty-third avenue SW;    each fined $10 and c osts. Traveler s Forecast    striking    fixtures    adjacent    to Thursday    street — Ronald McVay,    Ccn- Weather.    Hi-Lo    lral City; fined $10 and costs. Bismarck  • .PtCldy 81-60 Disturbing the peace Rill Chicago.........Tshwrs    88-69    Johnson, 918 Eighth street SE; Cincinnati .... . PtCldy 87-68 i fined $10 and costs. Cleveland .......PtCldy    85-66    Improper passing Chad Des Moines .!... PtCldy 94-70 Smittkamp, 3312 Oakland road Detroit ..........PtCldy    82-59    NE; fined $10 and costs. Indianapolis .....PtCldy 90-68 intoxication . Michael Ur-    a / Kansas City . PtCldy 95-J; banek. j]5 Fifteenth street NE; uFBOKtt7 rfODQ Milwaukee.....I shwrs 80-61 fincd $4q and costs. Mpls.-St. Paul ... PtCldy 86-62 Okla. City    Fair    96-71    Iowa    Deaths Two Sightings There were at least two sight-)ls ings of tornadoes in Ames, sources said. Hail the size of golfballs was seen. Six mobile homes in an Ames trailer court were destroyed but no injuries were reported. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nie- —Nixon— (Continued from Page I.) however, is not something that necessarily good,” Nixon added. “Change that sweeps away During Zhukov’s stormy care e r , the military planner climbed to the upper reaches of power in the Soviet Union, But what was obsolete and what! thinf. ,to do is p,ek the town 1 may have been wrong in the wan ‘ past is what we consider beneficial.” “Arduous Journey*’ said, “The army, navy and U. siasm to “a couple    of puzzled S. Health Service will pav your responses : is    this guy medical school tuition if you serious?’ agree to work for them awhile Of 3ft Wisconsin towns he has he was denounced as a coward after graduation.”    contacted since he    began his    by dictator    Josef Stalin after his “But I am not the army type, search four months ago, 20 have    World    war    II    victories, and you don’t have any choice responded with positive curiosi- ^he late Premier Nikita where you go when you’re fin- ty and he is negotiating with Khrushchev rehabilitated Zhu-ished with school. The obvious)four in particular, he said. kov as defense minister but then He asks that his sponsor pro- fjred three months later for vide tuition, fees and a monthly “Bonapartism ” arivti'ss's vr; He said his plan would also Michigan State university and v,**a8e in central Russia, the 5-Rive hun creator mental free- ,he Kansas Cliv College of 5 J"**** »!f^ed fukov dom while in school. He accused tcooalhie Medicine    first Mrvod wlth tbe cavalry but ...... Til    guarantee    a    year    of    aer-    soon realized tanks bad outmod- t .u i    .    XL.    matin, Huxley, suffered minor    ,    -..........—------------------ from the White House that theLuts and t)rujscs whe„ |h(,,r mo_ Nixon showing the wear and medical colleges of program ...    „ committee open its sessions. Ro- b||p honl(, was b]own over    tear    of his nine clays of ‘revel, ming students to become lucra- vice for each year’in school,”    'he horse and rose quickly (lino indicated they will remain Th(.r0    scattered    power    d*sf,?cd hls tr,p1l" lhe Middle (ive big-citv specialists rather he said    through    the    ranks    of senior So- closed for lhe examination of faj,urfs in |)(,s Moines anJ sev. Kast as a very long and ardu ,ban rural family doctors.    The    only    fringe    benefit    he    in    v"“    officers    thinned    by Stahnis any wi nesses thai might be m| su|)urbs lnc|udin„ A|loona ous journey.    Mclver.    who lives in Madisnn, sjsts on ls ,bal there be a picas-IPurKes- He became chief of staff ca led. A decision on whether lo whj(,h was hj( . 3a    As    for Sptnola s new govern- says hc figures his taste in life ant body of water nearby r» a 11 ant/ ann u/n/t fnnu mmhl t    °    "    I    fYl£int    Mivnn    cud    “T    hmrr, nn < 1    ?    *    ii    ...    t i i.    _    z call any, and who they might ■    ,    u    5    ment,    Nixon    said ,    ...v    .    ,    winds    and    hail    for    the    secondL.    ^    L be. will be made next week      —    ---- I have as- style is sufficiently modest to Pefersen, Ervin In Clash over time iii less than a week. Flood- f[,rcd 5im he w,!l have not only    him comfort as an os-.fish in it," he said. “I am not a cd streets hampered drivers in C T    govern    teopath    in a community of 600- powerboat man.’ some Des Moines areas.    i    ^ent    °f    Un,,ed    Sut,ates but !o H200 population. He said he the extent we are able our sup- wants a quiet town with pleas- Trees, buildings and roofs in, . .    .. .he Des Moines metropolitan P°I;^ challenge. rho t\i/A nrnp irlnnltv mnHn i WASHINGTON (UPI) Omaha ............Fair    96-661 ,St. Louis ./.....PtCldy    93-72, Sioux Falls  PtCldy    93-58) Mississippi Stages (Flood stages In brackets) Lacrosse (12) 9.8, fall .3 Lansing (18) 11.7, fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 21.2, rise .2 McGregor (18) 13.6. rise .2 Guttenberg (15) 12.2, rise .2 Dubuque (17) 14.5. rise .7 Davenport (15) 12.2, rise .4 Keokuk (16) 14.2, rise .1 Decorah Lillian Rclf, 81. Olson-Fjelstul’*, Oelwein — Jack Kane. 48. Hint/’. Stanwood — Leonard Kop-penhavcr, 58. Thursday at 10:30, St. Paul’s Lutheran church. Hoerner’s. Montezuma — Genevieve Decker, 68. Thursday at 2, Ne-venhoven’s in Brooklyn. Anamosa Thomas Stinip- j    .    . son, 80 Friday at l:30.|ed- By God, give us a break! ’ I area received considerable wind damage. As. Heavy damage to trees was sistant Attorney General Henry reported in Boone. Petersen, who" had day-to-day A tree b,own across Iowa 17 responsibility for the original near Luther, south of Boone, Watergate investigation, and I blocked traffic for a time. Senator Ervin (D-N.C.), got into a loud, bitter debate Wednesday The two presidents made no reference to the soon-to-expire agreement allowing the U. S. to maintain a crucial air base in the Azores. Wednesdays hour-long session was billed by White House aides as a “courtesy meeting,” ant. people and a lake beside Jaworski Denies Defendants Get Off Too Easily in 1941 when Nazi forces were Ic an sit and watch it and bludgeoning the Russia’s west- I em front. But after the war, Stalin banished him to obscure military [posts, apparently out of jealousy over his popularity. Mines “Not There” Social Service Chairman Says rUrnoc "V^nue" Though Zhukov's tactics often v^ncir^eb rcjyue were    brilliant,    he    re- Richard Wenzel, chairman of lied heavily on his country’s the Linn county board of social huge reservoir of manpower. services, described a petition a1- when Eisenhower once asked Webster City had large hail and Goettsch’s. --Belk    Elaine    Clyde R. Cedar at C.R. (13) 6.42, fall Hargrave, 60. Friday at 2 p.m., over the justice department’s role in the probe. At one point, Petersen pound- heavy rain cd the witness table and shout-!    # Six Homes in _ „    .    _ „ _____  WASHINGTON    (UPI)    -    Spe-    leging    ’    abuse"    of    tax    dollars in bim bow bis s0|diers dealt with Earlier in the evening. Iowa b spinola’s aides said (he nai Prosecutor Leon Jaworski, lhal department as ’’vague” mine fieids .Zhukov replied: I-.".    n/.IFK.,ii k.,1    Sdia    ,nc    subjected to some criticism for and •’pretty general.”    .    wh(,n    w comc ,p a mlpe light sentences several people!    pre:l«eld,    our    infantry attacks as if Falls reported golfball sized hail ,    ..    .    ,    „ .    „ and .6 inch of rain in an hour 1,alks would mvolve Portu8al 5 new international role since a The exchange took place during a hearing by the .senate judi-Hrabak’s.    jciary committee on the nomina- lndep«*ndenoi» — Loo C’ Hon of Earl Silbert to be U. S. Mohring, 77. Friday at 1:30 at(attorney in Washington, filbert Burial; *    * Parish rfisarv^irl urs-1 as tbe cbie^ 'yater8at(' prose-) six homes were reported struck 'rival. St. John’s cemetery. * a• iau • uom ▼ imu^-1    ,    ... .. n- day at 3, wake service a1 7:30 cu^or 4^ay. 1973. p.m White’s.    Petersen    erupted    over    a Bettina Con Manchester I rad. 28. Thursday Bohnenkamp’s. Williamsburg at 2 p.m., mann s. .40 Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday . .706.76 Births — Mercy June IR — Mr. and Mrs. Richard Miller, Solon, a son Births — St. Luke's June IR — To the families oil,, . nn .. <- .    •    ,    .... i Cleamour Varo. 1622 M street I    J J    M( Swi«^,n i,nd 1 h'- prepared in 30 minutes. SW. a son; William Behm, 1137 Sixth street NW, a son; John M. Florally. Norway, a daughter. Marriage Licenses Kathy Starry and Michael Merck, both of Marion. Marriages Dissolved Patricia Ann and Clarence,„    . ,    .    . ,— - Larry Staton. Sarah J. and * x 0    ** • ^7 * a*,<r Pub* could have been Gene D. Phillips. Mary Alkin-jlibation of a report that Cox was!baif an hour expendi-j **j’jj wajt tm you Iowa City Hit By Lightning IOWA CITY -In Iowa City,! several military overthrow of the old «»' a,lcr Ploadin*    °r w'a-“n‘«l ‘® L‘n" 8uper',isors    The"ii«ei''wi rightist government April 25.    lergale-related offenses, has de- uesdaj, holds 275 signatures.    t from pCrsonncl mines we HnnHr.H-rr    ^ th«.Penalties as proper One complaint alleged made- consider equal lo those we Hundreds Greet    Jaworski    said in an interview quate investigation of welfare would have ROt from machine A crowd of several hundred    published by the    New    York    recipients by    the    social services    guns and    artillery if the    Ger- were on hand to greet Nixon    Times Wednesday    that it    was    department.    mans had    chosen to defend that here and President Spinola un-    “what    we    re hearing. I eople capable of working partjcular area;* expectedly flew in from Lisbon .pat.the accused are getting off    ariion ai free    band"ae” ^6    when Eisenhower was    Pres- four hours early for Nixon's ar-    too lightly.    a g«od time    and    laughing at us    .    ,    ^ He came under particular while they spend our money." ana pnuKOV camc    ”f by lightning during the height Spinola told Nixon lie was the <T«icism for ai|o»jng torm?if?‘d^*l‘ Homsey' lr- one of    ^ ^as Worldwide of the storm Tuesday night and flrst foreign head of state that Attorney General Rlcbard *•    .    *    A.    .,    , sp.'culation thai the friendship *u0ce«itinn bv Frvin that tho ! Wednesday morninti    Spinola had mot since taking Kleindienst to plead guilty of a 'he social wellait depart- . .    .    .    better    Soviet- ease against me five Wahrr- . tnSEFSLy sheriff s over .he Portuguese govern" single count of failing to answer men. is jus. hood^ng oui nreney ^e r i cl, n reS. Z^uTov Wi 111 a m| gate burglars could have been department radio lower at the rn,'nt-    questions fully before a sen    •    .    ,.R.    wrote    Eisenhower, addressing 'courthouse received a direct hit Nixon flew here from committee. Jaworsk, and Judge ton into the crecumi£lire.,I he hm ^    {M    Comradf * I potnr sa i4 • i from a lightning bolt shortlv Amman, Jordan, Tuesday eve-;(,eorge Hart were then en- to tinued There are all kinds *    ,.    . .l President re- ! I etersen said it was inconsis- MO,n d ngawiuig doh snot ny    •    !firi7n,i heem^e Hart pave Klein- of abuses.    Arms,    ana me rresiaeni re tent for Ervin to claim the jus- b,;lore midnight    mug alter an eighl^iy journey 'C'zcd b .    .    g    wcnzd    answered    that    "they    ferrcd    to Zhukov a news , on' Rice department obtained the Tbls knocked out all radio; ba‘ took him 14,700 miles lo ■ J - >    •    «•    ^ ,    w<.    k    ference    as my old friend ” But original indictments communication between the de- ‘vc Middle East nations in a bid • a    f'athetic cerned about lax dollars and so|bcfore »">',h,n« concrete result. I though it had evidence thai Paclment and its radio cars.1'" Ploy a continuing pence-‘clee as well as ai sympathetic    anoui tax noiiais ana so,^ from ([)e fm,ndship, KhrUsh- lo remove Cox well before the Lgher-ups in lhe While House Jh<‘ coation continued Wednes- maker rote between Arabs and at ti udei he ‘»pl‘>c ow aid a)k i(    wf    ea„    ^ on chev ended Zhukov’s career iand the Nlxon re<lection (,r(!aJday morning with .he depart- israelis.^    Hon^70UlU    f^m^d    «"    m^dre He noted tnat a formal meet- memoirs that rn (onsiaerea Klein- 'n8 °f ^ board of social ser-iy'bukov a potential red Napo- -Impeachment- (Continued from Page I.) higher-ups in the White House morning with the depart •rile Baltimore Sun reported I nila,io" were involvS'.'whiie°at jmcnl relaying its messages! Press Secretary there was a threat to remove|the same time saying the oaserthroufih tho ,owa Ci,>’ P°,ic‘(' /dieR|(’r sa,fl ,he Pres,den< now a 5100 fine June 7, then suspena- case I prepared in d(’Parlmpnt basis. on a emergency P*ans “to Like a personal role od with Secretarv of State Kis-:dialist had a taeth, while saying son and James MeKoy. Sherry investigating federal and Ralph Swallow. Judy    Annjtur(s    a,    Nixon’s    San    Clemente, and Thomas Dale Netcott.    LoisL,    ...    , Elaine and William J ^Roy NI-    , ihols. Deborah Lucinda    and)    White    House    chief of staff    Al- Dean Ronald DeSotel. Mary f’.lexander Haig discussed the and Alvin E. demons. Linda K.)nows storv wjtb Richardson and and ^ Robert^ fowler Allcii ’ cump^mci* ‘Uh- » denial issued William E. Slant k. Robert Evari|< and Mary Jean Snell. Marian and „o.,vM  ......  „ Brandt and LaDonna Marie|b>’ Cox was not strong enough, Sword. Teresa K. and Willit the Sun said The paper said Edward Ray. Barbara J. and)Nixon himself got on the line “angrily and agreed ” Frances and dell David Cool    Leaks    Assailed *on    Meanwhile,    a    While House Fires    spokesman    said    Nixon    is    being 10:54 a rn. Tuesday Train to tried by innuendo through a *1 ass rear of 4747 First avenue SF,. II 48 ani. Tuesday Short iii rlrrtrira! panel a1 3300 C street SW heart that is too v*ces 0n June 28 would take up ^eon Be said the Soviet I mon i    -    I    i    j    j    *    i    t    i    the    issue    couldn't    tolerate the chance of a companies reporter in the followup of .he lo^and considerate of feelings    ^    Soulb    An)encan-t,    pc military sweet disposition back.” Ervin some home and auto owners rip ^ ^______    ^    Hjjrt    ^    -n    an    interview    pub.    the    petition    to    Wenzel,    was    not    coup    and therefore Zhukov had get your Insurance responded.    (reporting    damage    done to their And Nixon called a meeting oi «> 'y - auii in .rt‘‘    v “ " avaj[abie for comment on who i° be dismissed as defense min- “I don't have a sweet disposi-|bonJes al,d aulos by falling tree    ressi'on.dloaders for^Thurs- lou'siurNcws that he had re! organixcd the drive for signa- istcr ml removed from any I    ..    i    i» • jia* turps    SOU!    CC    OI powti 4>    *    day    to    report    on    his    Middle    East    reived    several    hundred letters. some of them “vitriolic,” about the sentence but he would do the same thing again. lion,” Petersen said Petersen added, “This is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing. Do us justice, will you?” On Tuesday, Fie committee interviewed Richard Kleindienst, the second of President Nixon's four attorneys general Magistrate’s Court Russell Fritz, ane SW; fined Speeding 3102 Mux lev limbs * There were unconfirmed re- mission. jKirts of tornadoes being seen    ------------------- about 14 miles east of Jackson Urm Jail Prisoner Junction Tuesday night.    -    .    .    -    .    ... . In Oelwein, the Iowa Public Treated; Cut Wrist Service reported    electricity was    Douglas Fields, a    prisoner at and now    under    probation    for    off to northeast    and    southeast    the Linn county jail,    slit a wrist m'ght think 3ft days.    sections of the    city    about IO    with a broken light    bulb .Tues- Kleindienst    told    the    commit    ) minutes following a    lightning    day afternoon, authorities said, series of memos leaked from lee that he stayed deliberately I strike on one of its lines.    He    was    treated    at St. Luke's the closed-door impeachment in aloof from the original Water The outage affected the police)hospital anti returned to the jail, quire.    gate    investigation.    radio center as well as the rosi- The 22-year-old Cedar Rapids “The purposeful effort to: Kleindienst said that In* wasjdential areas.    man    is    awaiting    trial    on a ♦ * * Rain accompanied the and lightning storm Oelwein reported 1.2 inches of rain, as did Mechanicsville Elkader had over an inch of rain. “You must do what you think is right,'’ Hart said, "and not what an uninformed public BROSH CHAPEL Cedar Rapids "llvvoled lo Public V/T/f#» Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Service* Solon 3 40    p.m    Tuesday.    C    hild    bring down    the President with    assured by    his aides at the jus playing    with    mttche*    at    312    C    anoke-fillcd    room operations by    lice department that there was avenue    NW    clique of    Nixon-hafing par-    not enough    evidence until April, tisans is an    affront to the sense    1973, to go    beyond the original of fairness of every American,")seven defendants in the June 17, Ken Clawson, White' House com* 1972, Watergate breakin Charge of robbery with aggrava-wmd lion 0 Light Up Someone's | flay with Plowers PIERSON’S ',0*" I SOO HIU Blvd. NW FLOWIRPHONC 366-1 836 SKOP IO CALLS IN I DAY FOR 3 SPEED BICYCLE ... 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