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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Chance of rain tonight and Thursday. I .ow tonight, 70. Highs Thursday, in nos. VOLUMH 92 NUMBER Mil MSI War 'mnpitta ® TWO DIE CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 1974 CITY FINAL 15 CENTS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES 2 Fryer Brothers Flee Jail ROCK RAPIDS (UPI) -Two brothers, charged in the shotgun slayings of four teenagers at a northwest Iowa state park last year, escaped Wednesday from the Lyon county jail. Allen Fryer, JO, was awaiting sentencing on a four-count murder conviction, while his brother, James, 21, was awaiting trial on four counts of murder. The Fryers, both of the Sioux Falls, S.D., area, were charged in the November, 1973, slayings of the four Sioux Falls teenagers as they were sitting around a campfire at the Gitchie Manitou state park. Lyon county authorities said the two were being held on different floors of the county jail. Allen apparently picked the lock on his cell and then aided James in escaping. The brothers were discovered missing about 9 a.m. by Lyon county sheriff’s deputies. A third brother, David Fryer, 24, is serving a life sentence in the Iowa state penitentiary after pleading guilty to an open count of murder in connection with the slayings. Officials said both escapees are considered extremely dangerous. Does Tape Shake Nixon Story? Members Split Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON- Some members of the house judiciary committee say a taped presidential conversation heard by the committee indicates President Nixon may have been aware of the Watergate coverup at least four days earlier than he has admitted. But other committee members disagreed. A tape heard by the commit- Nixon was listening to a number of tapes and commenting about them to aides Alexander Haig and Ronald Ziegler. Cover-Up Discussed? Members said Nixon’s comments about a March 17 conversation he had with his former counsel, John Dean, indicated he and Dean discussed the Wa- tee on Tuesday indicated to,. .    .    _    , some committee members that tcrSatc ™vcr-uP thc"’ Members could not hear the tapes Nixon was listening to. Stung by criticism of a new Nixon knew of the cover-up at (least as early as March 17, 1973. It is not the four days that is significant in their view. But[ieak of a confidential committee they said the apparent discrep- memorandum, members were ancy raises doubts about Nix- reluctant to discuss what they on’s Watergate explanations. He heard or to comment on the has repeatedly given March 21 as the date he first learned of efforts centered in the White record. But last May 21, in a press] briefing, Chairman Rodino (D- Nixon Ends Island Stay, Flies to U. S. House to contain the spreading, N. j.)t had sajd ^e June 4 tape scandal.    showed the March 17 meeting The tape the committee lis- with Dean included “a discus-] tened to was an excerpt from sion of the Watergate matter one made June 4, 1973, while and the possible involvement of White House personnel and others.” “I ll stick by that statement,”] Rodino said Tuesday, and other members said after hearing the (tape they agreed with it. Mezvinsky’s Doubts ! Asked whether he now had LAJES, Azores (AP) — Paus- doubts that Nixon first learned ing here enroute back to the U. 0f (he cover-up March 21, Rep. S. from his Middle East mission, Mezvinsky (D-Iowa), said. President Nixon told the new "Yes.” Community —UPI Telephoto THESE MEN SIFT THROUGH the debris in a supermarket in Ankeny in the aftermath of a severe storm late Tuesday. Two persons are confirmed dead in the wake of the storm. Scarcity Seen High Court Decision Nucl^aXaVs Backs M'litarV Code WASHINGTON (AP president of Portugal Wcdnes- Some members, however, day that “an independent, free, were not so certain. Rep. Ed- shortage of nuclear materials upheld    the court prosperous Portugal is vital . . . wards (D-Calif.), said “It’s not could jeopardize President Nix- former army Ca] WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justices Douglas and Brennan A supreme court Wednesday joined Stewart in his dissent. Gazette Leased Wires -martial of Justice Marshall took no part in MOSCOW Capt.. Howard the decision ANKENY (AP) - Tornadoes cut a two block swath through this Des Moines suburb of nearly 10,000 persons late Tuesday, killing two residents, injuring ten and heavily damaging IOO homes. The dead were identified as Mr. and Mrs. Wallace White, who apparently were asleep when the high winds hit their home. Authorities were searching for four workers Wednesday in an industrial park south of Ankeny. Officials said time cards for the four were still in their slots at a business in the tract, but the four had not been found. In Bedclothes Polk county Medical Examiner R. C. Woofers said the Whites were in bedclothes and apparently had been asleep at the time of the storm. Dr. Woofers said he believed they did not know the storm had hit the house. There was some fear that a third person had died when I their son was reported missing after the storm, but he was later believed to have been in the Ames area. Two Tornadoes A state highway trooper told The Soviet Union Asst. State Public Safety Com- Soviet WW ll Hero Marshal Zhukov Dies The government had appealed a circuit court decision declaring the general article unconstitutionally vague and discarding it as a catch-all traditionally used for prosecu- j j , mtsstoner Bob Holetz he was Wednesday announced the death ccrta;n thal tw0 or more lor. Bons ranging from straggling ry. of Marshal Gcorgi Zhukov, its nadoes struck the town of 10,000 famous World war II military!simultaneously. commander who turned the Holetz said the VV Jutes died when their house fell in on them. Holetz Nazi tide at Stalingrad and then led the nation's forces to vie to to the Atlantic Alliance.”    (open and shut.” And Rep. Wig- on’s nuclear arrangements with Levy for urging black enlisted Nixon    also    indicated, in hls'gins (R-Calif    ), said    that    a1-'Egypt and Israel, a member of    men not to go to Vietnam if or- , farewell    remarks to President    though Nixon    got “an    inkling” the house-senate joint atomic    dered to do so. iAntonio Spinola. that economicjof the cover-up March 17. it wast energy committee says.    In    doing    so, the court upheld jaid is planned    when he spoke of    clear he did    not get    the    full Rep. Holifield (D-Calif.) said    the constitutionality of the so- I working    with    Spinola “in the    story until March 21.    ITuesday that the shortage also    called ‘‘general article,” which 'great goals he has set for his “You could sav the President could leave a number of pro-jhas been a mainstay of Ameri-| government.”    should have been more alert,” I posed American nuclear power can military justice since Revo- said Wiggins. “But you can’t I plants without fuel.    lutionary war days. Barnstorming    fauU him fof gaying he fjrst Holifield commented after    y    ArticJe The IWO presidents met for, learned of it Mardi ii.”    John    Erlewine,    general    manager    . ..    .    his    martial    showed    that he fold en-'aB«    will be buried Friday. [inued imothe" morning''hours.' nearly two hours before Nixon The March 17 tape is one of 42 of 'he Atomic Energy Commis- w a( ( a^d. „ aJ listed men that "armv special ™^ Save no details bul a state a w rn(„r,.^n,P„t „m,., to gambling with note. a subordi- Defense ministry officials said said the number of dead might be higher. The patrol and Iowa national Zhukov, who died Tuesday af-gUardsrnen scaled off the town The record at Levy's court- ternoon in a Kremlin hospital at midnight as rescue work con- L a w enforcement officers headed on lo Washington to con-the committee subpoenaed April)sion, told the committee the J urt-martiaon grounds I al    nne,    arc    Uars    and    funeral    would be normal for a ,rom surroundjng communities j elude hts 10-day period ot dtplo- 19. but lor which it got a White government will be unable to the' arlllIe unconstitutionally    ^    of    pea|ants    man    of    Zhukov's    rank.    were    dispatched    to    the    scene. matte barnstorming. Nixon ar-House-edited transcript instead.hake new contracts after June a*“«-_____ and    murderers    of    women    and'    Thc    official    Soviet    news    a,ar rived Tuesday for an overnight The transcript contains no ret- J** tor supplying nuclear materi I he article, part of the Uni-, erence to a discussion of Water- «ds t0 power plants and other in-form Code of Military Justice, pres-gate    dustrial    users.    forbids    “conduct    unbecoming    an children.” He did not deny thc officer and gentleman” and “all ments. . conduct of a nature to bring dis- , I)esP"c Wednesday's decision. sunnnrt which would pnahie -----------•”..... "I      •---- 'ds    a8cnc^    credit upon tile armed forces’' Levy apparently will not have support which would enable cejvcd evidence that Nixon not producing enough nuclear Portugal to be economically on wanted Archibald Cox ousted as'fuel to fill any new contracts stay. Spinola said the two idents exchanged views on “the technical, economic, financial were Cox Firing Wednesday, the committee re- Not Enough Erlewine said other countries nu special Watergate prosecutor ‘ well before the actual firing.” James Fryer a par with Europe.” Nixon, in response, referred \ a committee member said. to the wind gusting up to 501 The evidence was in the form miles per hour across the Atlan- of an affidavit by Elliot Rich-I tic island chain. “The winds of ardson. who resigned Oct. 20. I political change have never! 1973, rather than carry out Nix after that date. Erlewine said he did not know how the cutoff would affect the arrangements with Israel and Egypt, but most domestic nuclear power plants already have contracted for the materials and blown stronger than they are all on’s order to remove Cox thai shouldn’t be affected over the world today,” Nixon day.    |    Holifield    accused    the    AEC    of said. “What Justice Hchnquist, writing for the 5 to 3 court majority, said Levy “could have had no reasonable doubt that his pub-1 i s h e d statements urging Negro enlisted men not to go to Vietnam if ordered to do so” were in violation ol the challenged article. to return to prison. In other action Wednesday, the court: Ruled that prisoners convicted of more than one narcotics vio- agency Tass, in a six-paragraph number of peraora state- dispatch, announced the death    , . .    . of Zhukov, called "The Etscn- rcPor,ed 'nlur,cd and an.m^ bower of Russia."    Scnc>' medcal station and mor- gue was set up in an elementary “Hold or Die”    school. Zhukov directed the “hold or storm was Farl of a sc* die” defense of Moscow in 1941, v’ere weather system that struck broke the back of the German a dozen communities in central army at Stalingrad, lifted the l°wa during the evening. siege of Leningrad, captured    “Ankeny is a complete    disas ter lations before congress Pas^‘ Berlin in 1945 'and received the ter,” said Jerry Slegh, the news ** German surrender on behalf of ,director for a Des Moines radio the Soviet Union on May 9,1945. [Station. After the surrender, he and* “There are buildings with Gen. Dwight Eisenhower be- r00^s bc sa‘d *n a caM to the Associated Press from one the Drug Abuse Action of may not be considered parole. Ruled that income tax refund .•hecks are part of the property “While the members of the Rep. Conyers (D-Mich » said [“failure of responsibility” in not military are not excluded from wmcn persons declaring Dan*-i zh|/ . r, " rpnftrtpfi of the few telephones he said under- Richardson, in the affidavit, ‘ in- making plans to meet the Fhort-:the protection granted by the ruptcy must turn over to bank-    5    c,    , (were working, stand is that change by itself, dicatcd the President was going age. He said it should have been First Amendment, the different ruptcy trustees.    J,v    l‘no    ,cia    Vle    * urces ..There ire windows blown character ut the military com-! Ruled that welfare debility    J*    ' uTii <'U. of every store front in the Wednesday when the defense Ankeny plaza area we must all (Continued: Page 3. Col. 5.) (Continued: Page 3, Col. 2.) (Continued. Page 3. Col. 6. munitv and of thc military mis- benefits cannot be The state Allies Patch Up Squabble tsion require a different applica-itrotn illegitimate children ™fe-|mr“^informe'd fore, en'mili-l liquor store in the plaza is de tio'n of those protections. Rehn-'ly because they were born after    ••    *    -* presence of U. S. forces in Europe remains “indispensable” their father’s injury. Ruled that the buyer of a railroad cannot sue former    ?v,.. Justice Stewart, dissenting,(owners for damages on the    . Tuesday said,, “I cannot believe that such (basis of mismanagement that Allen Fryer quist wrote. “Meaningless Statutes” OTTAWA (AP) — The 15 na- of close consultation, cooperations of the Atlantic alliance:lion and mutual trust,” the pledged Wednesday to rededl-    thealte were "firmly    and lhey 8re ‘'lrrcplaceable ” nj meaningless statutes as these1 occurred    iot^' beToYe' the dcdi*1*8    Zhukov's    fifth    heart    attack    J solved to keep each other    ^‘knowledged too that the “sub- can be used to send men to pris-    was    made.    (Continued:    Page    3, Col. 8.)    froi e 25-year-old NATO pact by jfully informed and to strengthen    s,antial fore“ °f,he European |on under a Constitution that attaining “close consultation, the practice of frank and timely    a‘*,es serve ,0 defend Europe guarantees due process ot law The French had and America as well. cate themselves to the ideals of reso|vod thc m.iiiiuniiniK V.IUOC w«auu«iuu»i,!tnt, pra< cooperation and mutual trust.” j consultations Foreign ministers of the Northi[objected that the much stronger tarv attaches.    molishcd. The assistant state The unofficial sources said liquor director, Jim ledelty, es-suffered a fatal heart tinplates the loss in that ono store alone at over $75,000. According to thc sources, it    ,0    Basement Slegh said Mrs. Laurice ns, who lives a few blocks Reassurance C"** 4--LI /~\ rv»    Atlantic    Treaty    Organization    in-wording of the original drain ,    .    •    #f    .    , Aid Voted WASHINGTON (UPI) - The nato agriculture committee ndnesday approved a $3-llion program of emergency edit guarantees aimed at Iping .save distressed cattle-t’n from bankruptcy. The committee also approved resolution urging President xon to re-impose beef import ntrols. The credit bill would autho-:e thc agriculture department guarantee private lenders ainst losses on up to 90 per-nt of new loans to “bona fide” estock and poultry producers. The loans would he made at I g u I a r commercial interest tes, with a ceiling of $l mil-n on guarantees to any single rmer and a $3*billion over all iling on the guarantees. tic Relations” at their meeting in Ottawa, apparently ending 14 months of sometimes bitter squabbling between the United States and its European allies. The document is expected to be signed formally by heads of state and government in Brussels on June 26, the day before President Nixon is to arrive in Moscow for talks with Soviet merit for the allies to consult Compromising, Kissinger agreed with Sauvagnargues and &aid that instead of a legal obligation there should be a moral and political commitment for the allies to consult with one another. Beyond Borders The same clause, however, as-S. does not intend to make deals with the Soviet Union at the expense of the allies, the declaration said “the U. S., for its part, reaffirms its determination not to accept any .situation which would expose its allies to external political and military pressure.” U. S. officials said Kissinger McGovern Proposes Massive Food Effort from the main damage arca, told him her family “immediately headed for the basement when they beard the winds rise.” “She said they believe a tornado went over Their ears popped from the pressure and they heard that noise like a freight train.” Mrs. Kerns said when thc iam-ning of a great American initia-lily emerged from the basement live for the 1970s and beyond they found a sailboat had been Communist party leader Leonid;gave Kissinger what he wanted, regards the declaration as a Brezhnev Compromise cautious    recognition    that NATO's interests in the nuclear age go beyond its geographical i The document’s controversial I boundaries. (lith paragraph deals with the] It said thc allies should con-question of consultation, an• suit “on matters relating to (issue which had threatened to;their common interests, bearing (split the alliance. Thc text of (in mind that the**? interests can ; the paragraph resulted from a be affected by events in other compromise    reached    Tuesday    areas of the world ” by Secretary    of State    Kissinger, The 14 point    document’s    other    (by    NATO    and    the    other    by    the and French    Foreign    Minster    clauses were    restatements of    European    community    covering Jean Sauvagnargues.    the    long-standing    aims    of    the    a1-economic and political qucs- “The allies are convinced that!Ranee.    tions. There is no sign yet that the fulfillment of their common The declaration stressed in the community declaration will aims requires the maintenance!separate paragraphs that the ever see the light of day very, very important development. one of the basic achievements of his call in April last year for a new Atlantic charter.” However, thc new document is something less than he sought. It is one-luilf of two documents that America's European allies agreed to draft — one ’it may be that military necessity justifies the promulgation of substantive rules of law that are wholly foreign to civil-1 inn life, but I fail to perceive how' any legitimate military goal    is served    by    enshrouding! WASHINGTON (UPI)    — Sen- McGovern said Plowshares these    rules in language    so vague ator McGovern    (D-S.D.) for Peace could he the begm- and    uncertain    as    to    be im- Wednesday proposed    a $20- comprehensiblc to the ser- biliion-a-year international food vicemen who are to be governed effort — Plowshares    for    Peace    -    unu,B    ,u„,r hnrkvnrri She - to nrevent mass    starvation    Although the U.    S. would take    b‘0WI1    m,°    1 u*ir backyard, anc prevent mass    nations    would    In*    ditln<t    know    foe    owner, among the    world s hungry.    llle uaa> oincr nations wouiu in    A»    flirmi,i    Hruirk was ! He also    called on President I asked to contribute to the $20-    *****    ini I Nixon and Secretary of State1 billion fund for agricultural re-[€P®rtcd at 11 veiling in Wixon ana secretary oi    Mate    fertilizer    develcmment    bo 11    from northern Boone I Kissinger to “place    the    great    acarol,    tertiuzir    development,    couthest through world fond    and nonulation    mob-    and technical assistance in bar- [county to    tnt    southeast Inrougn world tood    and population    pi od-5»    Hi.frihntmn ,*r'Story,    Marshall,    Polk and hems at the top of their    agenda .vesting and distribution of in their travels.    crops, he said. McGovern’s proposal    came at I That total annual interna* the opening of three days of, tional investment would be one-[senate hearings on developing a fifth what the U. S. will spend (national nutrition policy. He is(this year for military purposes, 'chairman of the select commit- he added (tee on nutrition and human “The threat of nuclear holo-j needs    Jcaust may seem more immedi- Although the plight of Amor!-(ate to America and other na-ea’s hungry will be examined at tions now, said McGovern. . the hearings, the major focus “But, if left unchallenged, the will be on international food and twin threats of hunger and overpopulation problems and the population will exceed the fury U.S. role in alleviating them, iof war.” by them.” Stewart said. Today s Index Comics ....................' Crossword Daily Record Deaths ...... Editorial Features Farm ............ Financial Marion Movies ....... Society Sports ...... State ........... Television Want Ads..... TD 71) SA 3 A HA .... 12C HD IJH . KC’, 9C I OB-12 B 1D-5D ic sc ... 6D I OD-1 SD {Jasper counties. High Winds A tornado hit the eastern Des (Continued: Page 3, Col 4.) I Off ll lf'* i ll Mf Ii Iv “Sure we had allowances when I was a youngster,” the old-timer reminisced. “Dad let us keep half of what we earned ”    Copy    Puhi ;

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