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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa I envision I By Jerry Huck Television Tempo Suits Clons I.OS ANGELES (AP) Tho next time Clons Coachman stars In a television pilot they should forget the fiction. Let a writer follow doris around for a week or so, and then — after he recovers from exhaustion devise a series based on her hectic private life with her five children. Forget “Pete ’n’ Tillie” and all the other pilots she has made. (Jet the essence of this delightfully eccentric woman down on paper. Life, as she says, can be a zany scene out of “What’s Up Doc?” “The last 20 years of my life has been unbelievable,” she said, “it was a TV show. The other day I was getting breakfast for the kids. "My son had a pet rat, Wendell, for four years, and the cat walks in with a tail and the hind end of a rat. It was Wendell until we could check.” ★ * * CI o r i s ’ life is centered around her family. For years she subordinated her career to it. It is only in recent years that she has become so much in demand, winning an Oscar for “The Last Picture Show”, and Emmy.® for her dramatic and comedy performances. She has become a reigning star of the TV movie, in such films as “Haunts of the Very Rich”, “A Brand New Life”, “Dying Room Only”, and “Hitchhike”, for ABC and the CBS special “The Migrants”. She has just completed “After the Trial” for ABC. “I hate to be categorized that way,” she said, sitting in the living room of her Mandeville Canyon home. “It should just be part of one’s wardrobe, so to speak. You go where the roles are, where the colorful entertainment elements of the acting profession are. “We can’t determine what part of the medium we'll be working in. I’m an actress, not a leading lady. Not a comedienne. Not a serious actress. I’m an actress. “There are just more TV movies available than feature films. I like making them. I he tempo suits me. In feature films ifs still a man’s world, I here were many female stars in the old days and ■somehow it got turned around.” As she talked she stuffed daisies into a tiny red clay vase hanging from her neck by a leather thong. She frequently got up from the couch to answer the telephone. She wore a blue pants suit and a straw hat. She laughed and said, “I’m wearing a hat today so I feel more capable. You have to know what to wear.” Floris goes back and forth between TV movies, feature films — she has just finished “Young Frankenstein” — and The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. ♦ * * “Basically,”, she said,. ‘‘I like never to know what’s around the next corner. Since I rn an optimist I always expect something interesting, exciting or beautiful. If it isn’t so I will make it so by sheer dent. “I’m dangerously in danger of being a pollyanna or a goody goody two-shoes because it isn’t that we don’t have problems. I suppose I feel equal to the problem. It’s a challenge to keep up with the family, and the ordinary daily experiences that are interesting to me.” Then she Woa off ti take one child to the dentist and another to buy shoes. Helms Takes Name Off Kissinger Resolution WASHINGTON (AP) - Senator Helms (R-S.C.) withdrew his name Monday as co-sponsor of a resolution expressing senate confidence in the integrity and veracity of Secretary of State Kissinger. Helms told the senate his name was listed in-I advertently. Television Listings 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapid* 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8-WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12-KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Tuesday Night 6:00 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sots. 9-Wild Wild West 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News, Weather, Sots. 6-6 O CIock Edition •—News, Sots , Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots 12—June Wayne 13—Eyewitness News 40—American Angler 6:30 2—To Tell Truth 7—Community Quit 3—Bobby Goldsboro 4—Hee-How 4—Emergency 1—Bobby Goldsboro IO—Baseball— Twlns-Orloles . 12—Audubon Wildlife 13—Let s Make a Deal 40—Celebrity Bowl 7:00 2—Maude 7—Adorn 12 9—Happy Days 3—Happy Oays 1—Maude 12—Lion and Androcles 13—Adorn 12 40—Happy Days 7:30 2—Hawaii Five 0 7—Mystery Movie 9—ABC Movie— "Great American Beauty Contest" 3—ABC Movie— "Great American Beauty Coolest" 4—Hawaii Five O A—Mystery Movie 1—Hawaii Five O 13—Mystery Movie 40—ABC Movie— "Great American Beauty Contest" 8:00 12 Black Is Beautiful Woman 8:30 2—Shalt 4-Shaft •-Shaft 9: OO 7 —NBC Special Edition 9 Marcus Welby 3 -Marcus Welby 6—NSC Special Edition 10—NBC Special edition 12—Budgeting 13—NBO Special Edition 40- Marcus Welby 9:30 12—Consumer Gome 10:00 2—Action News 7-News, Weather. Sp»s 9-E vewitness News 3 Newsbeat 4 News, Weather, Spts 4—10 O'Clock Edition 8 News, Spts , Weather IO News, Weather. Spts, 12- Day at Night 13-1. vewitness News 40 Newsline 10:30 2-< BS Movie— "Hammerhead" 7— Tonight 9- Wide World of Entertainment 3—Wide World of I ntertainment 4 —Wild Wild West 6 tonight l-( BS Movie -"Hammerhead " 10—Tonight 12—Public Viewpoint 13—Tonight 40-Wide World of Entertainment 11:00 12—Century Theater 11:30 4 Rawhide 12.00 2- I ast Word /--Tomorrow 6 - Tomorrow 10 Tomorrow 11 tomorrow 12:30 4 Country Music Wednesday Morning 6:30 2—Summer Semester 4—New Zoo Revue •—Summer Semester 7:00 2—CBS News 7—Today 4—CBS News 6—Today •-CBS News IO—Todov 13—Today 7:30 9—Romper Room 8:00 2—Copt. Kangaroo 9—New Zoo Revue 3—Lewis Family 4—Copt. Kangaroo •—Copt. Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 3—Sesame Street 9:00 2—Joker s Wild 7—Dinah’s Place 9—Mike Douglas 4—Joker’s Wild 6—Dinoh’s Place •-Joker s Wild IO—Dinah's Place 13—Dinah's Place 9:30 2—Gombif 7—Jeopardy 3—Osmonds 4—Gambit 6—Jeopardy •—Gambit IO—Jeopardy 13—Jeopardy 10:00 2—Now You See ll 7—Wlrard ot Odds 9—All My Children 3—Galloping Gourmet 4—Now You See It 6—Wlrard of Odds • Now You See it 10—Wlrard of Odds 13 Wirard of Odds 40 Not for Women Only 10:30 2—Love of Life I Hollywood Squares 9- Brady Bunch 3- Brady Bunch 4 love of Life 6 Hollywood Squares R I ove of Lite IO Hollywood Squares Ll Hollywood Squares 40 Brady Bunch 11:00 I -Young and Restless I lackpot 9 Password 3 Password 4 Young and Restless 6—Jackpot 8 -Young and Restless IO Jorkpot 13 Jackpot 40 Password 11:30 2—Tomorrow / -celebrity Sweepstakes 9-Spilt Second 3- Spilt Second 4 Tomorrow 6 Celebrity Sweepstake* 8 -Tomorrow 10 -Celebrity Sweepstakes 11 Celebrity sweepstakes 40 - Split Second Wednesday Afternoon 12:00 7 News. Weather J News 9 I vewitness News 3 News 4 Dick Van Dyke 6 Noon Edition 8 Noontime 10 News, Weuther 11 News 40 All My Children 12:15 I town and Country IO-Virginia U—Cartoons 12:30 2—As the World Turns 7—Three on a Match 9—Let s Make a Deal . 3—As the World Turns 4—As the World Turns 4—Three on a Match •—As the World Turns IO—Three on a Match 13—Movie 40—Let s Make a Deal 1:00 2—Guiding Light 7—Days of Lives 9—Newlywed Game 3—Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light 6—Days of Lives 8—Guiding Light 10— Days of Lives 40—Newlywed Game 1:30 2—Edge of Night 7—Doctors 9—Girl In My Life 3—Girl In My Lite 4—Edge of Night 6—Doctors 8—Edge of Night IO—Doctors 40—Girl in My Lite 2:00 2—Price is 7—Another 9—General 3—General 4—Price Is 6—Another 8—Price Is IO—Another 13—Another 40—General Right World Hospital Hospital Right World Right World World Hospital 2:30 2—Motch Game 7—How To Survive a Marriage 9—One Lite To Live 3—One Lite To Live 4—Match Game 6—How To Survive a Marriage 8—Mafch Game IO—How To Survive a Marriage 13—How To Survive a Marriage 40—One Lite To Live 3:00 2— Tattletales 7—Somerset 9—110,000 Pyramid 3—SIO,OOO Pyramid 4—Tattletales 6-Somerset 8 —Tattletales IO -Somerset 13—Somerset 40 SIO,OOO Pyramid 3:30 7-Dr Mo* 7 Whot’s My Line? 9 Gilligan's Island 3 All My Children 4 Mike Douglas 6 —Cartoons 8 Bewitched IO—Not tor Women Only 13—Floppy 40 Western Stars 4:00 /. 9 I 6 ft. 10 12 Misleroger s 11 MervGriflin 40 -Trails West 4.30 7 Bewitched 9-Andv Griffith I—Gentle Ben 4—Hogan's Heroes 6 Merv Griffith 11 Sesame Sit eel 40 Pioneers 5:00 I Consequences / Dragnet 9 ABC News 3 Newsleotur es 4—Hofei 8 Consequences IO Munsteis 40 ABC News Honan/a Iuiv Show Let s Make a Deal leonine Star Trek -Bonanza 5:30 CBS News NBL News I vewitness *•'*ws ABC News CBS News NMI News c BS News NRC New I lei trie Company NHC News Squaw Creek Summer-Winter Sports Study to Supervisors By Kevin Kane The Linn county conservation board Monday night finally approved and passed on to the board of supervisors a st alf study on a winter-summer sports area for Squaw Creek park. The Squaw Creek proposal which had been tied up one way or another since it was requested by the supervisors in January — this time received unanimous approval on a motion by Ken Marsh and seconded by Tom Neenan. The only hitch is that, the full proposal of $78,500 is $28,500 more than the $50,(MMI in federal revenue-sharing funds which the supervisors have set aside for the project. Lodge Project However, an accompanying memo by Linn Conservation Director George Hamilton suggests that a $46,000 lodge project might be deleted from the Law Change, 4 Linn Magistrate Selections Told Guy Booth, Miles Adams, James Bennett and Brent Har-stad, all Cedar Rapids attorneys, will be the Linn county overall proposal to bring costs in line. The cost estimates themselves are based on April figures, and could well go up before the project actually gets underway. Hamilton pointed out at Monday night’s meeting at the Linn county fairground that completion of all work would take approximately two years. Five Uses The staff report, suggesting a winter-summer sports area in the southwest corner of the park, lists five general recreational uses: First, for picnicking, both for groups and families. Second,, for special events, such as reunions, meetings, youth group programs and similar activities. Third,, for downhill winter sports, such as skiing, sledding as hiking and nature walks as well as cross-country skiing in the winter. And, filth, for various organized games and other activi a well, $3,800 for various auxil iary facilities (such as picnic tables, signs, litter barrels and the like), $2,500 for water connections, $2,000 for electrical FTC: Noisy Glider in Ford Ad Misleading WASHINGTON (AP) - The Federal Trade Commission said Monday it intends to accept a The Cedar Rapids 9 (iazette: Tues., June IR, 1974 ties to be carried on in free play j connections, and $1,200 for a pit-areas. Softball, kite flying and type rest room, badminton are listed as examp The road project would in-les.    I    dude a 28-foot-wide gravel sur- Childish Marks Mar Georgia's King Portrait ATLANTA IAP) - "ll ap- negotiated settlement of a com-    neared to be something like a plaint    that Ford    Motor    Co.    «hild would have done,” said an misled the public by depicting ,0^(,ov'    Carter    after ,,    ,    .    4l    markings were found on the bord cars as quieter than a gild- portrfljt of civi, rights ,eader cr and stronger than a steel Martin Luther King, guardrail.    Judy    Watts,    a    tour    guide in The    commission    alleged    the    the state Capitol where the quiet. Second, the steel beams she noticed an indentation on in the sides of Fords can’t with- the face and markings on the ,    ...    .    .    .    ^secondary    ad*s    wcrc    misleading    for    two    painting hangs, discovered the accomm^ate I ,^0<(fS1perwns!^®^ ^Pdards rniLdcstgned for reasons-    a Bilder isn’t    I defacement Monday. She    end daily, as long as there was some I P°ssd)le hard-surfacing later. variety of interest among them. | The electrical installation in*;stand thc same ,atera, impactjhand and shirt. After the $46,WK) combination; ('lU(ies .security but not slope gs hj„hway guardrails.    I    The portrait was the first summer picnicking-winter' lights for night skiing. However, ^ porcj    and jts advertising    painting of a black man to    hang warming lodge, the next most1*10 system installed would bei„ency    j    walter Thompson of    in the Capitol. It was unveiled expensive part of the project.capable of handling such a proj*|^ew    promised not to extol    Cob. 17 in honor of the    slain u_ a™  -------------1-    *'•«    ■"    »-    'the    strength,    quietness    or    per-    civil rights leader who was shot Slope Lights    formance    of    any    Ford    Motor    Co.    in Memphis on April 4,1968. lear uniess there’s a reasonable The name, which appeared to basis for thc claims.    he    "Sister    Elida,” was scribbled The commercials challenged [in rcd ink on the right hand and would be $15,OW) for construction ect in I*16 Mure. of a 4,000-foot access road with its entrance near the intersection of Thirtieth and Thirty-first The slope lights carry an es-streets south of Marion and Amated price tag of $20,000. west of the park. Rope Tow All cost estimates are based by commission involved the on thc shirt just below the col-on the expectation that much of|„71 Kord LTD and oalaxic and br. The damage was not visible the actual construction and in- the 1973 Ford LTD. Included also would be $4,WK) stallation labor could be done The ads for fhe modc| from a distance. I for installation of a rope tow forjthrough county conservation showed' a sound measuring de- Atlanta artist George Mandus tobogganing Fourth, for trail sports, such the ski area, another $4,(XX) for work forces U. S. Senate Opponents Voice Similar Sentiments Mary Arnold, 321 Crescent gy jrran|( jv|ye street SE, recently graduated: from the Masters School, Dobbs 11 wouldnt be    -    .    consumers    are    still    having Ferry, N.Y., an independent Iowans got thejdea the Demo- I ta nav hich nrirpQ (fir meat school for girls. Dallas William vice inside a glider. “Nobody painted the portrait of King, has to convince you how quiet a    “It sounds    like it can be    rem- glider is,” said the television    edied.” said    Mandus.    Carter’s ads.    aide    said:    “We    have    been as- The sound meter in the glider;sured that it will be cleaned up measured 82 decibels, compared1 and put back in place in a matte 65 inside the car. But 82    ter of a few    days.” | Stanley    also    repeated    his    call    decibels is not quiet, the FTC surprising if for    an    investigation    to    find    out    contended. ...L..    4;ll    uavjng General Radio Co., which took meat    the sound meter readings for Moffit, cratic and Republican can-!1”Pnce5> 519'didales for U.S. senator were in whlle the Proaucer 15 receiving Hearing Set on 'Juvenile' Motion Ford, says in its “Handbook of| A hearing (jfl a m0(jon ,0 magistrates beginning July I.    Kn'rpTrfriv,>"'Tf" re»ntiv .^cahoots Tuesday, judging from low Prlccs 'or his product. Noise Measurement that IB de- transfer ,he case of a 27-year- The four were named bv the a j i \ t 1 a their news releases    Culver,    in    Washington,    calledicibels is about as loud as a jd ^ d Rapjds man to juve- —Culver ™ both congress and the White ’pneumatic drill 50 feet away or    ^ ,Ivard umversl,y- < am': ‘fngressmar. John Culver, House ,0 act promptIy t0 imp,c. the inside of a sports car at 50    > bnd«e: Mass    cfd,arpRaPnE    ?e™c,rat’ UH ment a four point program to miles per hour. David M. Downing, 2851 Sev-State Rep. David Stanley, Mus- end the |jvesto^k feeder crisis. catme Republican, each issued)    nrnnr^    .    .    . a statement calling for immedi-    1    Schlesinger    Against county magistrate appointing commission Monday because a state law changed the number of magistrates in the county from six to four. The commission had named six magistrates under terms of a law effective earlier this year. In addition to thc four named Monday, that list included Frank Mitvalsky, a Cedar Rapids attorney, and Robert Pepin, who has been serving as magistrate and is not an attorney. State law requires the commission give first consideration to persons licensed to practice law. Mitvalsky withdrew his name from consideration. enth avenue, Marion, recently earned a doctor of medicine degree from Stanford universe i ate government action on behalf ty, Stanford, Calif.    of    livestock feeders. John P. Lipsky, 655 Cottage Grove avenue SE, recently was awarded a master’s degree in economics from Stanford university, Stanford, Calif. ! follows: I. Increasing government purchases of red meat, poultry and Atomic Aid to Egypt? WASHINGTON (AP) - Secre- 11 in Linn district court. The man involved, Gary Allyn Lewis, has been implicated in a $100,000 extortion attempt last December of Robert Armstrong, a local business man. Attorneys for Lewis contend Each expressed concern that!cheese for the school lunch and tary of Defense Schlesinger ap- that he has the mental age of 7Vi u°W ?L1CifS_[e^e™j _y_le. iJ'comni°dity distribution pro- parently has some reservations and his intellectual function- Municipal Band Performance Set At Jones Park crs has not been passed along to consumers at the meat counter. Stanley urged congress to act i quickly to guarantee bank loans grams and for the armed ser- about the new U.S. agreement *o ing is that of a mentally retard-vices.    help Egypt build nuclear power ed person. 2. The administration should Planls    Thomas    Horan,    first    assistant assure Id-sure that the US does not Askcd at a ncws conference Linn county attorney, termed ito livestock feeders who are in " _ Hnmninx pmunH for whether he would have recom-ithe motion “unusual and I financial trouble.    become    a    dumping    ground    tor    ......u ^ ^    I—.— „ excess and subsidized foreign 1,R‘nucu Buv;i1 o Egypt, unique.’ beef products.    Schlesinger said, “I think that I "I’ve never had a motion like would have pointed out the ad- that before.” he said. “It re- are for two years. Feed the Birds mended such aid CALC3S (HIU aUUMUlAL'U 1U1C1KH! Going Broke “Good, efficient Iowa cattle, 3. The government’s prestige, vantages' or rthe"d”isadvantages:ri d let dors and hog producers are, must be brought to bear on of such a course of action -    thought.” The Cedar Rapids municipal going broke because of the dis-!wholesalers and retailers so to Some Pentagon officials Horan indicated Salary for the part-time Posl~j band will present its semi-week- rupted livestock market,” he ,    pass on to consumers the bene-    agreed    with    a    reporter’s im- would be contested. Bons is $4,800 a year. The terms. concert at g Wednesday night warned.    fit of lower meat prices    pression    that    the defense secre-    - “Government blunders such 4. Congress must move imme- tary probably leans more in Jones park.    as the beef price freeze contrib-    diately to provide appropriate    against    the idea    than toward it. Y Summer Youth Cutina The vocal cluartet’ “The New ated to this problem. The gov-    private emergency credit relief I    wiiiiiiiivr    I un iii v    &    Trends"t Wiu    perform during    eminent owes these people a to livestock producers. Openings Are Availstne the concert.    fair chance to survive.”    Culver    said Midwest livestock Several openings still remain The band will present:    Stanley,    who made the state- feeders "are in the worst CCO- for the Central branch YMCA’s H°shs of f reedom , a march mcnt while on his cross-state nomic bind since the 1930s. first    summer    vouth outing, a    ^    “Fanfare    and    wa|jc near Wever, said a    small; “It is clear    the Soviet    wheat Capriccio’’, by Schaefer; j southern Iowa feeder told him    deal. and the administration’s “Royal Fireworks Music”, by, recently he’s losing $10,000 a    agricultural policies, such as G. F. Handel; “Washington* ---* L!- •-—*—M* -----'----- L—-    —1—J Grays”, a march by Grafulla; “Saterjenten’s Sontag”; “Chicago Tribune",    a march    by|year>’* stanley said. Chambers; “Slavonic Rhapsody    ,    - No. One”, by Friedemann;    Repeated    tall    20 YEARS AGO — The house music from “The Sting”,    ar-    He suggested the house    agri- foreign affairs    committee    voted a lot of original the motion summer 9:30 am. to 2:30 p.m. trip Wednesday to Camp Wapsie-Y. Program Director Larry Lutz said Tuesday that registrations for the trip still will be accepted Wednesday morning. The outing is open to boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 17. Scheduled activities include swimming, hiking, trampoline, spaceball and various group games. Cost, including bus transportation, is $3 per person. Handel; “Washington;month and his bank will carry!the beef freeze, have unleashed him only three months more. a complex of economic forces “He needs help now. not next! that are extremely difficult to control.” ranged by Cacavas; and “On culture committee speed up its (hat no new arms shipments be the Square”, a march by Panel- hearings on the loan guarantee la.    bill, scheduled to begin June 25. Zink Is Head of Linn Civitan Club Robert F. Zink, 2407 Kilimanjaro drive NE, has been installed as president of the Linn county Civitan club. George McDill was named president-elect, and Dennis Trachta, vice-president. John Kuba is sccretary-treasurer. Allen Peterson was elected board member. MTO- Room FOR ANY DRAINAGE FAILURE 365-2243 AWAY ao^„^.L,s Y*DOW" Th. oaa.h authorized for France and Italy unless they ratified the European Defense Community. THE QUIZ worldscope ct I if (fftlnr i\n pieta THI •HRLY QUIZ M FART Of THIS NUIFAFttl SCHOOL FROG RAM 40—Ncwsllna ii, You can actually “make money” on your car-why not start now? How? By keeping it in good shape. Come sec us ... we’ll show1 you how ifs done. Your savings will he more than worth it! Savings For Chevrolet Owners! Thurs. nite 5 to 9 Only LUBE and OIL CHANGE Complete chassis lube and oil change—(limit 5 quarts of Northland-oil per customer) Come in now I ENGINE TUNE UP Includes New Plugs, Points, Condenser and Carburetor Filter for more get up and gol 54 44 *28 95 BRAKE RELINE DRUM BRAKES ONLY Install and adjust brake linings on all 4 wheels, inspect and $0777 re pack front wheel bearings. mm ■ ★ lf needed: Wheel cylinders $8.50 each. Drums turned $3.00 each . . . Front grease seals $4.75 pair . . . Return springs $ I .OO each. ★ FRONT-END ALIGNMENT Includes Caster, Camber, Toe in. (lf necessary, steering gear adjustment SC95 $5.40 additional    ^ Chevrolets Only! Thursday Night Only SERVICE DEPARTMENT 601 First Avenue SE. (IO geinU Im 1 On th# first 'eg of his trip ta th# Mid-<*4St. President Nixon stopped in (CHOOSE ONE- West Germany, Austria), wh#r« tie was reefed by Chancellor Bruno Kreisky. 2 Secretary of State Henry Kissinger *c companied th# President on his Mideast trip. True or False* 3 Before Having on his trip, Mr. Nixon (CHOOSE ONE agreed, refused) to turn over the tapes demanded by th# House Judiciary Committee 4 French President Valery Givard d'Es-taing fired Minister of Reform Jean-Jacques Servan Schreiber after the mimsi ter voiced opposition to the government« (CHOOSE ONE nuclear bomb testing plans, trade deals with Arab nations). 9 Soviet authorities gave permission tr» emigrate to Valery and G#tma Panov, who are internationally-known . ' a novelists b physicists C-b»M*t dances newsname (IO |»#inU if fmi can (denkfy WI* pwaon rn th* hmm) I am a Representative from Arkansas who heads the House Ways and Means Committee. I recently proposed that Congress reimpose wage and price anti- controls as an inflation tool. What is my name? matchwords (4 no Sir. tm mch correct match) I reprisal 2 coalition 3 impasse 4 condone 5 summit a combination of persons or groups Ii deadlock c act of revenge d meeting ol top officials of nations e excuse or overlook newspicture (LO perm* It yew aneeer tile quart ton correctly! A severe economic crisis brought down the coalition government of Italian Premier    shown    here. sportlight (2 pointe ter tech queetlen anewe-e# correctly) 1 A horse mimed (CHOOSE ONE Little Current, Shady Character) won the Belmont Stakes. 2 (CHOOSE ONE: Leo Durocher. Charles Finley) is the controversial owner of the Oakland A s baseball team. 3 Ralph Garr and Rod Carew are . . 7 , . who are having successful seasons. a stock car racers b golfers c baseball players 4 .. ? . . is the defending World Cup soccer champion. a Brazil b Italy c West Germany 3 (CHOOSE ONE: Edward Garvey, Marvin Miller) Is executive director of the National Football League Flayer*' Association. roundtable Fainer u*rten (ne (cere) What are your impressions of President Nixon’* Mideast trip? YOUR I CO Rf ll Ie IOO pert* - TOF KORI! ll Ie RO pert* - (ace!** 71 * IO pert* - »h4 OI ie TO pert* - fee. h I /■ ,’4 * FOC. rte . Hearten. WIeeenert ANSWERS ON RKVBRSS RMM ;

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