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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Joint County Preliminary Budget Set at $6.38 Million The Cedar Rapid** Gazette: Tues., .lune 18, 1974 A $6,382,951 preliminary budget for 1974-75 was presented to the Joint County school board Monday night at its regular meeting. The preliminary budget represents about a $265,587 increase over last year’s budget. Total tax askings are that time, it will set the date for a public hearing on the budget to be held before Aug. 15. In other business, the board heard a report on the abolishing of joint county school systems and the forming of area education agencies throughout the By L. Dale Ahem DECORAH    r- The city of lieder to    improve    special    educa- <*,,rab wa’s    dofendemt in a lion programs    throughout    the WJO.OOO suit    filed in dis ne state.    [court here Tuesday by Paul D. Strand, attorney for Ross K. Peterson, Minneapolis, shopping Shopping Center Promoters Sue Decorah for $100,000 Brief Cifes Reasons for Seeking New Trial in Hall Murder Case The area education agency will have the same boundaries as does Merged Area X served by Kirkwood Community college. The present Joint County center developer. Through his attorney, Petcr- Peterson and his associate, Den Petersen, an Edina, Minn., real estate man, said they have spent more than a year seeking a suitable site in Northeast Iowa. By Ford Clark IOWA CITY man’s testimony should not The defense had also pressed Attorneys for have been allowed. Miss Jones the point that the judge had ad- Thnv all ti f- I ti Jarnes Hall Tuesday submitted testified before the grand jury, monished Miss Jones not to   -^re:—a three-inch thick brief listing 45 anrj at Hall’s trial, that she mention in her change of testi- Decorah site because of its ac ccsibility to highway 9 and high- state as a result of a law passed [system serves nearly the same    ,?nd    tC0,Urt. * “ - - * - •» "j *    ars ing from what he describes as Conventions    Rights    Complaint    “arbitrary,    unreasonable,    dis criminatory and capricious ac- son seeks a judgement of way 52 and to one of Decorah’s \„unu r ,    (    , m nj... „nH I...... ...iHnn.inl j0hn3Wn C0Un‘y d'Sf'Ct COUrt $3,604,478, to be raised by a legislature. 3.833 mill levy. This year’s levy is frozen at the same level as last year’s because    of    the    Before Sept. 20, local school    In olber matters, the board changeover to the fiscal    year    district conventions must be [learned a civil rights complaint system.    held within each of the nine    ,,as been Wed by Kenneth Jun- Fund Sources    director districts within Arca X The local boards of education each director district will newest and largest residential areas, Minowa Heights. Developers said their preliminary plans called for a shopping facility under one roof, providing from about 120,000 to 200,000 ‘hopping facilities square feet of retail floor space. Other major sources of funds include an estimated $1,253,000 1,1 in federal aid, $860,000 in state aid, $294,000 in tuition receipts from local districts; $151,000 from sale of supplies and services, and $26,000 from a contract with Jones county for media services to local school districts. The board will act on the budg- No Decision on Parade Permits et at its July 15 meeting. At \ A.    , cation agency board will organize Oct. 7 and will begin planning the programs for 1975-76. Planning PEP Program Funds Extended Until March adequate The suit stems from the refuser Shields of Cedar Rapids with aI of the Decorah city council; They    said    that    the    facility the Iowa civil rights commis- and ,he Decorah planning and would include    20    or    more    retail sion    zoning commission to rezone 23 outlets. .    .    . He charges in his comnlainf acres owned by Peterson for! - select a person to serve as    •    I\    ,    ,Vshonnine center develonment area board member from th* I,"1**1 the Join County school ^ shopping wnter dcvelopinenl. district. The person chosen may    em discriminated    against him    Seven Reasons be a present Joint Countv board    3y n0t boing bim    because of a    In    the petition filed here Tues- membe^a local toard    disability.    He reported-    day,    Strand and Peterson list or anv elicible voter who is a y su"ers from anuria pectoris, seven reasons for challenging Shields had applied for the the council’s failure to approve decision Tuesday on position of buildings and rezoning of the 23-acre Peterson grounds supervisor in April. tract for shopping center use. Tho mnmhnre of    ^    b031^    also 8ranted raises “At this time there are not ’    ' us° ( ,i(< averaging 9.5 percent for 1974-75 adequate shopping facilities to certified staff employes of the within the city of Decorah. How-system.    ever, there are adequate indus- Study Needs    trial facilities for the Decorah At the request of the Linn labor market and adequate resident of the director district, but may not be a school employe. The federal department labor will apparently extend funding for the Cedar Rapids Public Employment Program (PEP) until at least next March, Deputy Personnel Director Hon Kuhlman said Tuesday. Kuhlman is project director for PEP, which provides federally-subsidized jobs in public agencies for unemployed people, with special emphasis on disadvantaged people. Nine persons are now enrolled Community in the program.    directors. Kuhlman said he was told by a regional manpower administrator that $53,500 will be allocated to continue the program. He expects official confirmation of the grant soon. Funds for the program are now authorized only until the end of this month. If the funds authorized for continuing ments. the grand jury,    were not, according to the    defense, ever James Steinbeck said Monday it substantiated bv evidence Although    the    AEA    board will    county health center, the    board    areas designated for industrial bc    for    organiza.f The defens/    a|s0 con,ended not    officially    take    over until'1----i    rf-«.«i,.cn of! July I, 1975, it will have to have The city council delayed a modifying its parade policy, in order to receive more information on alter- jns why a new trial for cou ^ not lcjentify the man she mony that she was afraid of should be granted Tuesday in'    . had seen outside the murder Hall. Hall was convicted of second room the day of the slaying. The defense attorney said, degree murder of Sarah Ann After both the state and the While sbe d,d not say that she Ottens, a U. of I. coed. The defense had rested their cases, ,was afrf*d ^ .Hal1' ,sde l.hfre^ .a,,    Mi**    „    times said she had not identified seminude body of Miss Ottens Miss Jones was dramatically ,f Ii h h f „ifi.. was found in a coeducational ,, ,A th„ ,tanil ^    ..    IMI because she was afraid. dormitory March 13, 1973.    ^    ^    ^    Jh*    The defense also hammrred AoDroximatelv 40 snectators d    .    ®    ^    at the prejudicial effect of Jim Approximately 40 spectators, had seen in the corridor outside    a||Pf>PHlv mostly black, listened to a the murder room the day of V e ' J I    ?u gfu V Innnthv nrnenniotinn ne t,    ,    .    y    discussed the case with other lengthy presentation as to why a the    slaying.    iupnr.    wa_    a new trial should be granted.    1 irs. House I es excused    a. a Made a Deal    juror ^y the court at his    own Defense Claims    j    jhe defense stated she had request. Defense attorneys argued Hall knowingly perjured herself and The defence also produced af-had not received a fair trial had    made a deal with the    state fidavits from a waitress    and because of “prejudicial material concerning her testimony.    bartender that a total of    nine introduced to the grand jury.”    -    -    ~    drinks were s«rved t0 members Cited were remarks allegedly    Trial    Mondav    tbe Jury and an accompany- madc by County Attorney Carl ..............    .    inS bailiff during dinner while Goetz which allegedly indicated Hall preferred white women to were in MANCHESTER - John Kramer, 33, Dubuque, is sche- native policies    from    the    policelblacks and had been a    member hablfua? criminal He bf ch arced “ ““    {sssntrjaas    „ b,» the grand uiry    were    no*    ac- ^ last Novembcr from Mrs    further testimony    was slated Public Safety    Commissioner |rnrriL t„ th.    a»r»n.n    John Glynn in Dubuque.    for Tuesday afternoon. jury deliberations progress. The lengthy defense efforts for a new trial were recessed at rezone pro tons requesting parade permits Tuesday that photographs of the agreed to study the needs of the use. Linn County Day Care Center, “The refusal to its special education planning’! oc a t ed at St. Wenceslaus motes the private interests otto reimburse the city for Police    ^vliUble    to    the    stat^’ finished by November, 1974, and! church.    the downtown business men and traffic control services. wm. „,,t eiven lo the defense as its 1975-76 budget filed with the1 The study will be performed rather than public requirements    Under the newly-adopted fair j    ueiensc    db state by December, 1974.    during    July    and August, and or interest, the suit contends.    labor standards act, city em* will examine the children’s! Violates Provision !ployes working overtime must The current Joint County , .    . „ ,    . . board will continue running needs for cust°dial careand f°rj „The statute reqUjres that present programs until July 1J experiences to develop their po- zoning regulations be made with 1975. It and the AEA board will eJVia •    consideration for the character meet jointly until the AEA board T^' f ^ childhood staff will h    thc    pcculiar sui. takes over.    ™n,du,ct    ,hf    s‘udJ'’ »llh. a f*’ (ability of such area for portico- mu 1- -j •« t a. t sentation to be made in bop- .    /    —    . . , * The boards will also meet four,. .    .    th    .    .    lar uses. The denial of the retimes a year with the Kirkwood ~    .    .    .    aDDroved    zoning    vio,ates    this    Provision of college board ofj,™ ^    Ithi1 a^" For these reasons, the petition required by law. Maid’s Testimony Thc defense also dwelled at receive pay and a rate of time and one-half, instead of recciv- jength on t^e testimony of Rose-mg compensatory time off as in mary Jones a maid a, Rienow the past.    Hall where the murder took place. Read the Want Ads The defense contends the wo- Demonstration Meeting Dale Carnegie Course IN PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TOMORROW, JUNE 19 CAROUSEL INN, HWY. 6, IOWA CITY 7:00 P.M. Open I o I he Public —No Charge or Obligation We promise you an enjoying and informative evening are the program, Kuhlman said, the city council will probably have the option of continuing the present enrollees in their jobs or hiring different enrollees. Jones county contracts for pro- P - h a    V'ji'T*-8! ’’If    alfo7i.vs°al!states, "The action of the city Reimbursed    school districts during 1974-75. |councii jn rienying thf rczonin' The new area education    School    Appraisal    was arbitrary, unreasonable agency will be reimbursed by The service includes twice a and contrary to the law govern-the state for all special cduca- week delivery and pickup af ing rezoning. lion costs. It will receive $10 per materials.    “The    city    council has discrim- pupil for additional services to The board also agreed to have mated against the plaintiff.” local districts such as data pro- the Prairie Flower school near    Violates Constitution cessing and workshops.    Washington appraised before of- Peterson and Strand hold that A $5 per pupil reimbursement fering it for sale. The school denial of rezoning “deprives the plaintiff of his property without will be received for media ser- was closed this spring vices.    The    board learned that negoti- The joint county and county (ations are underway for renew-school systems throughout the ing the lease on the develop-state are being abolished in or-1 ment center located in Conroy. due process of law and without compensation, violating t h e Iowa constitution and the constitution of the United States.” Grain Belt lo family reunions all over this land. United dedicates the family side of friendship Service. Good reason more people    * choose the friendly skies than any other airline in the land. Apollo: one call takes care of it all. In an instant, Apollo,our remarkable reservations computer, will arrange your flight, hotel reservations in some cities, even a rental car. 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