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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Court Won't Hear Appeal WASHINGTON (AP) - The supreme court Monday declined to hear the appeal of an Iowa public School teacher who was fired after her students scored below average on standardized tests. The court chose not to review a federal appeals court ruling which upheld the 1970 firing of Norma Scheelhaase from her seventh grade teaching job in Climbing Hill, Iowa. In her petition, Miss Scheelhaase claimed the decision to fire her had been “arbitrary and capricious” in violation of her constitutional right to due process. She said that during the school board hearing which resulted in her dismissal, she. had introduced a manual prepared by the publisher of the tests which states it would be a misuse of the tests “to judge the effectiveness of an individual teacher on the basis of the test scores made by his class.” Alternative Sign Plan To Manchester Council MANCHESTER- Two petitions were presented to the Manchester city council at its regular meeting Monday night. The first petition, signed by 42 persons, dealt with the proposed city ordinance regarding business signs. It requested permission for outward signs to be used at places of business when the signs “ jwill not endanger the public.” June 25 Meeting Since the proposed ordinance did not originate with the council, but was drawn up to correspond with the chamber of commerce’s downtown beautification program, Mayor Francis Gosling said he felt “this was the matter for business men to settle.” lion Latham, representing the chamber of commerce, informed the council and those in attendance that a meeting will be held at the Manchester country club June 25 at 8 p.m. for all those who would be effected by a new sign ordinance. The council approved the continuation of a motion made at the last meeting tabling any action at the present time on a new sign ordinance. Another petition, containing the signatures of 301 qualified electors residing in the Manchester, asked that an election be held to acquire the Old Central school property and that general obligation bonds be issued to finance the purchase. Earliest Date Gosling said the earliest the special issue could be voted on would be at the general election in November. Because the school board has already set July 8 as the date for bid letting on the purchase of property, Attorney Stuart Charlton said he hoped board I members would “withhold action which they have the right to do and give the people of Manchester the right to purchase the property and turn it into a park.” Charlton also said the “city should negotiate top price conditions on this matter” ahd even consider “the right of condemnation.” The council approved a motion to submit the petition to legal counsel for direction on purchasing the school property. Special Meeting A special meeting dealing The only contradictory testimony, she said, was the school superintendent’s opinion that test scores are a valid basis for teacher evaluation. One federal court bad ruled in her favor and ordered her reinstated with back pay. However, the appeals court reversed the reinstatement order on grounds that her status as a public employe did not qualify her for the constitutional protection against arbitrary and capricious firing. In asking the supreme court to deny her petition for a hearing, lawyers for the school board said that regardless of whether she had been eligible for due process protection, Miss Scheelhaase’s firing “was not arbitrary or capricious in a constitutionally objectionable sense.” James Fryer Ordered Sent To Security Unit ROCK RAPIDS (UP)—James Fryer, 21, the only Fryer brother yet to be tried in connection with the slaying of four Sioux Falls, S D., teenagers last fall, Monday was ordered by District Judge Murray Underwood here to be sent to the Iowa medical security (facility at Oakdale. James, like his brothers Allan, 30. and David, 24, was charged with four (counts of murder in the shotgun slayings of the four youths in Gitchie Manitou state park Nov. 17. At a habeas corpus hearing here, Fryer’s attorney challenged Fryer’s extradition to Iowa on May 21, claiming it was illegal and that the waiving of his rights was not free and voluntary. Fryer was extradited to Iowa after he gave up an appeal to the South Dakota supreme court contending he was being illegally held in a Sioux Falls jail. He was brought to Iowa at the time his brother Allan was on trial here for the slayings. Fryer 5s currently being held board trustees and granted a in the county jail here in lieu temporary beer permit to the Pool Issue Is Reviewed At Wellman WELLMAN — A delegation of Wellman citizens expressed con cern Monday night about the council’s plans to develop offstreet parking facility, but its reluctance to construct a swimming pool. The issue was discussed dur ing a hearing called by the council after several citizens had complained funds which could be used for a pool were being diverted for construction of the parking facility. Mayor Duane Tadlock ex plained there is no parallel be tween the parking lot and the pool, since the lot can be developed and require little further maintenance. A pool, on the other hand, would require additional investment almost immediately, he said. Some of the approximately 60 persons at the meeting suggested using community gas funds for a pool and others suggested building a pool in conjunction with the Mid-Prairie school system. Tadlock, however, said there is insufficient money in the gas fund to finance a pool. In addition, a question was raised about which community in the Mid-Prairie system Action Delayed On Terrace Hill Roof Repair Bids DES MOINES (AP) The state executive council Monday delayed accepting final bids to replace the roof cf the 'Terrace Hill mansion to determine first if the roof can be repaired instead. Architects had estimated replacing the roof would cost $40,000, The low bld received last week Was $151,000. General Services Director Stanley McCausland said officials know where the two big leaks are in the roof of the building, which is designed to replace the current governor’s mansion next year. State Treasurer Maurice Bar- West Delaware Board Seeks Voter Approval of School Sale By Mary llelle    . Supt. William Raisch said MANCHESTER    It was dc* ;he would also ask for a legal in- cided by West Delaware school terpretation as to whether pur- board members at their Monday meeting to seek permission chase between entities required sealed bids. Otherwise the prop- ingcr quoin,I one of the bidders Decorah Man Faces as saying the roof should not be I    ,    f    , replaced on a formal bid basis, Drunk Driving Count but on a cost plus basis. ’    DECORAH    — John Hovden, “They don’t know what they’ll 53, Decorah, was charged Mon-find when they get in there,” (jay by Decorah police with Baringer said. The council deferred action on to sell the Old Central school icrty will go to the highest bid site at the school election In der whenever it is offered for November.    I    sale. The school board members Board members approved a also decided they should get motion to table action on the legal advice on how to retract a {sale of the Old Central school site bid letting for sale of the prop-! until after the school election, erty on July 8.    Eugene    Devlin, Dundee, asked Several hundred Manchester} the board to approve a $25 hook-residents have petitioned the up fee for a proponed PHA city to purchase the school site financed sewer sys ti to the now being used as a playground West Delaware elementary area and turn it into a park. I school in Dundee. Board members agreed to the eighth grade girls basketball coach, $9,994; Baraita Diner, grade three, $7,800; Jacqueline Pierce, high school art, $7,800. This completes the faculty for the 1974-75 school year except for a remedial reading teacher, said Raisch. The Cedar Rapids 5 Gazette: Tues., June 18, 1974 ItUt (treble ftttpicU (OttjrHr ' "iiJSbllihed fn Tl^bvTK* 6ot.U* Cf^ owl published doily and Sunday a11 SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapid*, Iowa SJ40*. Second clo** po»tafl* paid at Cedar Rapid*, Iowa. Subscription rate* bv carrier 9$ cent* a, week. Bv moil: Night Edition and Sunday 6 Issue* *375 a month, *39 OO a year: Afternoon Editions and Sunday J U»u»* *3 85 a month, *40 OO a year. Other stole* and U S. territory* JAO OO a year. No Moll Subscription* accepted In area* having Gazette carrier *ervlce. The As*oclated Pre** I* entitled exclusively to the u»e tor republication of oil the local news printed In this new*-paper as well os oil AP new* dl»patche». fee hut said they would want to arbitrate if they thought the assessment were excessive. They also wanted an escape clause if they would cease to operate the facility. drunk driving after the car he Devlin said Dundee has been was driving demolished a park moved from 76th to ninth place in priority in federal funding for a sewer system because of pol- a motion to reject bids until ed car in a residential area here, next week.    !    According to police, the Hov- “Meanwhile, won t you see if fjen car struck a car belonging lution of the Maquoketa river in you can stop the water from to Pearl Graves, Riceville, (hat area. A contract was let to Chuck i on East Water street near the intersec- coming through and sec if you about 9:30 p.m. Monday, can repair the roof,” Gov. Rob- The accident occurred ert Ray asked McCausland. Looking for more storage space? Sell your don’t needs with a want ad. Seivert of Manchester for carpeting of a school library, NO WI Save'SO to MOO on “Whole-House” central Heating and Cooling! Enjoy low fuel costs, plus year 'round comfort with economy and convenience. “Your’9 Heating System CALL NOW! GARY NOVAK Buy Now and Save - No Money Down 24-H0UR SERVICE "Sr" Call 364-4626 Air Conditioners After Business Hours: Call 365-5690 and convenience. lion with Oak street. The parked total expenditure of $3,252. car was unoccupied.    New    teacher contracts ap- Hovden escaped without inju- proved are Donna Stevenson, ry.    |    Co-op/career education and NflVAIf beating & Air Conditioning ■ ■lr W film 56 16th Avenue S.W. “Serving Cader Rapid% for 39 Year*” J with a new garbage ordinance} should have the p^j and the sanitary landfill program was set by the council for IO a m. June 25. At that time the council will determine what action to take in regard to these | cussjon matters. The highway commission contract giving Manchester $1,650 for maintenance of highway 13 and 20 to the city limits was approved by the counc il. In other action the council approved Sam Blondin, Martin Rehn, Claire Tyrrell as library Tadlock invited the citizens to consider the pool question further and return to a July council meeting to continue the dis- of $400,000 bond. COUNCE f Jaycees to be used in the Delaware county fair. This will be the first time in several years that beer will be sold during the fair time. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Nm, Sports, lookkttping. Gtntrol Infor motion and Offkoi Not Uitod l*low Coll ............................ 398 1211 CirculationSubsaiption Dipt. 398-8333 Mon. thru Sot. I a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday* Until 12 Noon Holidays ll o.m. to 7 pm Want Ads...,....................398 8734 Mon. thru Fri. I a m. to 5 p.rn. Saturday until 12 Noon Display Advartismg................398-8222 I a rn. to S p.m. Morion OHko ....................398 8430 YWCA y YWCA SWIM FOR CHILDREN REGISTRATION BEGINS JUNE 20,1974 CLASSES BEGIN JUNE 24,1974 MEMBERSHIP — YWCA membership is required for all classes (not refundable). CHILDREN — $2. Membership good for 12 months. NO PHONE REGISTRATIONS. Mail registrations processed at I p.m. on June 20. Girls must wear YW suits. Everyone provides own towel; girls must wear caps. FITNESS STUDIO hours coincide with child’s lessons — ask about special offers! CHILDREN 6-12 yrs.; PRESCHOOL 3-6 yrs. Weekday classes 5 — 2 week sessons during summer — schedule remains the same. No classes July 4. CHILDREN with no swim skills go into Novice A; other children new to the program must take a swim test before registration. Testing times are: June 19, 20 and 21 at 12:30. Novice AAB are 30 minutes; all other classes 45 minutes, including preschool. FREE PLUNGES included in class fees during session enrolled. LEVELS FEES MON.-FRI. (2 weeks) Novice A $6.75 10:30 a.m.; 3:15 p.m. . Novice B $6.75 9:30 a.m.; 1:30 p.m. Beginner A & B $9.45 2:00 p.m. Adv., Beginner, Inter., Swimmer $9.45 3:45 p.m. •PRESCHOOL $8.10 11:00 a.m.; 11:45 a.m.] -PRESCHOOL — Dr. Gobftelion ntelhod. Adult attend, with child. Only child nod. $2 rn.mh.nhip. PLUNGE SCHEDULE Mon. through Fri. plunges at IO & 2:45 are Vt hr; all others I hour. Males: locks for baskets available at front desk. Fee information call YWCA. OPEN TO: Women, Teens, Children Mon. - Fri. * 10:00 am + 12:30 pm (Sat. also) *2:45 pm + *6:15 pm, Mon. A Wed. + 8.00 pm, Tues. & Thurs. •Waterbaby plunge—Instructor available to give suggestions. + Men may attend plunge. FAMILY NIGHT Family groups only; one parent must attend. Fri. 7:30 - 9:30 pm. One family member needs YW membership. Cost: All adults and teens, 50c; children under 13 years, 15c.For Further Information, call the YWCA 365-1458 or 365-6376 3,8 5th St,.., SE, Odor Rapid.. lowo_A    UNITED    WAY    AGENCY    „ One of these closer to you bankers helped a family who wanted a new patio Recently, a couple visited with a Closer to You Banker about their plans for a new patio someday. He showed the young homeowners how they could afford to build that patio now with the help of a low cost home improvement loan, so their family could enjoy it this summer. Another Closer to You Banker helped a man obtain the extra cash he needed to buy that boat he has always wanted. Bankers like Earl Caywood, Steve Allison and Bob Leinart become closer to you because they take the time and effort to learn about your plans and dreams. lf you need extra money for a new boat, a camper, home improvement, or for a summer vacation, stop in and visit with a Closer to You Banker. He ll help you get it faster and easier. 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