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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NM'ONM    kid    Vie    I:    f    OMC    AM    t«    /AM    Iii    *>tk Mrs. J. Earl Richey Maud** M Richey, 87, of 321 Twenty-second street NW, widow of .J. Karl Richey, died Tuesday after a short illness. Morn Feb. ft, J8H7, in Irvington, Urban Renewal Project Payment Grant Requested The civic center urban renewal project moved a step closer to completion Tuesday, as the city council authorized a re- she moved to Cedar Rapids quest for the final project pay- from Decatur, III., in 1936. Surviving are two daughters, Lillian G. Richey, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs, Dale Joseph, Battle Creek Mich. Graveside services Friday at Keller cemetery, Irvington. Friends may call at 'Peahen chapel Wednesday until 9 p.rn ment from the federal department of housing and urban development (HUD). Transformer Fire Hits Power Station A fire Tuesday in a transformer at the power station at 3300 C street SW caused heavy (damage to an electrical panel. Firefighters extinguished the blaze, which was reported at 11:48 a.m., with dry chemicals. The fire was caused by a short in electrical wiring, fire depart- The Cedar Rapid* (ia/.ette: Tues., .lune IM. 1974 ic party headquarters was first investigated. Former White House aides E. Howard Hunt and David Young were given immunity Tuesday so they can testify at next week’s trial of the Ellsberg breakin defendants. The trial of —Meat— (Continued from Page I.) in production and decreased demand; “the total disruption of our agriculture economy” by price controls, and scarcity of Ehrlichman, G. (Jordon Kiddy,!credit. Bernard Barker and Eugenio Albert said he did not know if Martinez is scheduled to begin | allegations of “price gouging by before U.S. .Judge Gephard Ce-     ,u. The request is for a final 'ment officials said. sell on June 26 *0 7b "V s) O/l WlAlHUfOtOCASt® Rain is expected Tuesday night in tho upper and mid Mississippi valley. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. grant of $1,055,000 and another grant of $517,MO to cover cost of unsold land in the project. The grant for the unsold land is made by HUD so the project I hooks can be balanced; when the land is sold, the money will g28jgo directly to HUD in repayment. The urban renewal project is The Weather Extended Forecast — Partly cloudy Thursday through Saturday with a chance of rain in the east early Thursday and Friday night or Saturday. Highs, 70s to mid 80s. Lows, 50s to lower 60s. Hiah temperatures Monday, low temperatures overnight and Inches of precipitation: Anchorage    AO    47    L. Anqelet 78 AO Atlanta    79    S9    Miami .. MMM Bismarck    7S    57    Min'apolis 73 SO Chicago . 82 5S .05 N. Orleans 89 A9 .09 Denver ...90    SA OI New York 78 At Duluth ... AO 48 Phoenix .1)2 80 Honolulu    8A    71    Seattle 83 54 Houston    92    74    Washington IO AO M—Missing C. R. Weather Magistrate’s Court Speeding — Harold Hoover, 1631 Texas avene NE; fined $40 and costs. Joel Kielkopf,| 1327 Third avenue SW; Pamela Benest, 835 South Fourteenth street, Marion; Harold Brown, 111 Twenty-first street, Marion; Randy Amling, 1920 Twenty-sixth street, Marion; Jack Parmcnter, 2225 Eleventh avenue, Marion; Kim Thomason, 931 Jacolyn drive NW; Ken Trimble, Hudson; Debbie Sc h a d e , Walker; Melvin Cadam, 1241 Fifth street SE; each fined $30 and costs. Jim Kerlin, 618 Eighteenth street High Monday.................75    NW; Gail Beckee, 3652 Four- Low overnight ...............58 Transfer of Nowlin from Jail Is Asked Andy Nelson Andy Nelson, 92, of Twelfth street NE, died Monday following a long illness. Born    , .    ,    . May    14    18(12,    in    Council    Bluffs, !*uPP<fl ■» h<;    •>/ he    had    lived    in    Cedar    Rapids I'’'“'y    “ Rr?at" urf ?cy; how' th* tao* en uoore    ,>ver> ,s I*16 'act the latest proj- ject notes sold to finance the great, he raid. project come due Friday. “Our current loan is due June 21, and we need the grant approval by then,” explained Planning Director Don Salyer. various elements in the market” were true but “somewhere r    between    the    stockyard    and    the I at MePartland, an Iowa ^/q/0/'qg/0 Staff family table things have gone Electric spokesman, said the _    ~    awry.”    He urged the committee fire occurred in a 480-volt KopOrt ASSQIIS to study middlemen’s profit switch in a panel controlling C'rimnninn Clift*:    and markllPs auxillary equipment.    campaign KJiJib Rep Peyfrr (R-N.Y), in a The fire resulted in no service WASHINGTON (UPI) — A statement to the committee, interruption. The damage is re- senate Watergate committee Complained that although farm- the last 60 years He and the former louise Christopherson were married in Waterloo, and carne to Cedar Rapids about 1914. He was a retired employe of the Illinois Central railroad. pairable and will not affect fu- staff report has concluded that prs are losing money on their ture operations, he said.    abuses in President Nixon’s 1972jcattle, “When the beef reaches No estimate of dollar loss was campaign “spanned the entire foe retail market it is still at the immediately available, but the spectrum of corrupt campaign all-time high established in Au-proj-1amount was not expected to be financing.”    gust    of 1973. ’ ‘‘Some solicitations were    “Worst Over” tinged with extortion and some: jn testimony Monday before a contributions were tinged with senate subcommittee, an agri-bribery,’’ the report said. Large culture department olticial said n.r.w.r.tinn. en Md "in    wors( fjnanda| proWems „f -Impeachment- (Continued from Page I.) questioned Survivors are a sister, Mrs Mary Sorenson Council Bluff.. Jhei^d’to'ox^dite Zl?tle.”u“    «««"?• Services: Thursday at 130.    (    procedure, he said.    IWW    Judiciary    chairman,    said p m. at Turner chapel west by, Kven after (hp t)00ks arc of. the Rev. Alvon Nelson of First ficja,|y c|osed on ,hc mayisome work, such corporations engaged “in dis- a potential major! cuss*ons or nefi°tiations related!^ nation’s meat producers to their self-interest, in cc 1    -    ...... tion with the contributions.’ (partment did not expect a “nor- The report, approved by mal” profit situation until au- yJtJppn 1 MTiria    'If min^nd wi,ness’ Charles Colson, but'no:10 their self-interest, in connect may be over although the de- between ciliola Is of HUI) and    ....uu    **    J      . Lutheran church. Friends Noon Tuesday ............... 80 2 p.m...................... 82 Precipitation .......... — None Total for June ..............2.91 Normal for June............5.21 Normal through June 16.61 Total for 1974  ...........24.17 Barometer, steady ........28.80 Humidity at noon ........41% Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m., SSW at 14 m p h. Sun rises Wednesday, 5:31; sun sets, 8:45. Year Ago Today — High, 70; low, 64; rainfall, .03. Traveler's Forecast Wednesday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck ..........Fair    85-57 Chicago .........PtCldy 85-66 Cincinnati.......Cloudy 84-65 Cleveland  PtCldy 79-63 Des Moines ..... PtCldy    89-66 Detroit .......Cloudy 72-56 Indianapolis .... PtCldy 84-64 Kansas City ...PtCldy 93-73 Milwaukee ..... PtCldy 77-58 Mpls.-St. Paul ..PtCldy 83-60 Okla. City...... PtCldy 94-71 St. Louis ........PtCldy 90-68 Sioux Falls  PtCldy 83-60 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12)    10.1, no change Lansing (18) 11.6, rise .2 Dam 9 (18) 21.0, rise .3 McGregor (18) 13.5, rise .4 Guttenberg (15) 12.0, rise .4 Dubuque (17) 13.8, rise .1 Davenport (15) 11.8, rise .1 Keokuk (16) 14.1, no change Cedar at C R. (13) 6.82, fall .80 Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday ...706.96 Births — Mercy June 17 — Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mayfield. 6818 Brentwood drive NE, a daughter. June 18 — Mr. and Mrs. John Seandridge. 6203 Underwood avenue SW, a daughter. Births — St. Luke's June 17 — To the families of Neal Van Horn. 2520 Twenty-third avenue, Marion, a daugh-te r; Danny Sparks, 1013 Twelfth street NE. a son. Adoption Mr. and Mrs. Larry Krusie, teenth avenue SE; Mary Williams, 1805 Jana drive SW; Gilbert Sells, 700 Thirty-fifth street, Marion; each fined $20 and costs. Meter violation — Rosemary Miller, 2420 Otis road SE; fined $60 and costs. Jon Mahoney, Mechanicsville; fined $25 and costs. Faulty equipment — Ricky Hard, 3301 Forty-first .street NE; Kenneth LcVelle, 1223 Rose street SE; Margaret Adkins. \7\xk Fourteenth avenue SE; each fined $10 and costs. Traffic signal violation — Ralph Hunnicutt, 629 Thirty-third street NE; Mildred Carity, 2685 Twenty-fifth avenue, Marion; Thomas McConnell, 855 Lindale drive, Marion; Geoffrey Dieter, American building; .Darylc Vernon, Iowa City; Joe Morgan, 911 Ninth project, .    A    A    l    I    I............ '      aS    S'tC    im' One of the suspects in the ,    .    ne,r    WP , P ni pavements, will continue. Thursday. The casket will not, „Work js |tm going „„ and March IO slaying of two Cedar;. ‘    «    .. y h    c |be opened after the service. Rapids teenagers reportedly has Burial: Cedar Memorial, inflicted wounds on himself sev-i    - cia! times in recent days and Memorial Services plans were being made Tuesday to attempt to have him moved from the Linn county jail. will be going on until next fall,” Salyer said. -Mid-East— (Continued from Page I.) Authorities said George Junior Nowlin cut his wrist Friday and cut his abdomen Monday, but that neither of the wounds caused much bleeding. Jail records show the 31-year-old rural Keystone man was taken to a hospital for about! three hours Friday afternoon! and about two hours Sunday af-! ternoon, and that he was taken I ian interview with the former I Chairman Ervin (D-N.C.), wasltumn. White House    aide    had    been    sent to the other six committee    Undersecretary J. Phil Camp- scheduled for    last    week,    but    I member? Tuesday for inclusion    bell said “prices of feeder cattle would not say whether it took in their final report. A copy was have declined sharply and feed place.    obtained by UPI.    costs are expected to moderate However, a senior    Democratic    The report contained a    some later this year if the crops number of recommendations for    ,ur^ out ^ ^ar8e as now indicat- legislation to cut campaign fi- ^ .nancing abuses. Included were Campbell also testified that At its next meeting the com- proposals to limit cash contribu- “the number of cattle currently mitier also will br aced with a tjons put a cci|ing on exppndi. on food appears So be coming in emand by Rep. Conyers '14- tyres for presidential campaigns with demand. member said he thought Colson had been questioned over t h e weekend. Herrmann, Janet B. (Jean) — Tuesday at 1:30 at Turner j chapel west by the Rev. Hardy j    i»*. u \ .u ,. ■    i    sui    ca    ■ u. u. toiucnuai vouii/mKi'o , J.    Powers. Burial; Cedar Me- also claimed the joint communi- Mich.) that it vote an immcdi-    and    prohibit large cash con- Apiculture    Secretary    Butz mortal.    que issued by Nixon and Israeli ate article of impeachment    tributions    acknowledged    at    a    White    House Wickham, John Wallace —I Premier Yitzhak Rabin implied based on Nixon’s refusal to    ’    , . .. meeting Monday that any effec- Wednesday at 10:30 at Turner    F    1    '     *    ------'4~'J *u-' chapel east by the Rev. Ernest    __    _ I the public financing of cam paigns — since the members apparently were sharply divided | that said every nation has a WUIliam Dixon, the lawyer 1°** ^ question. (duty to abstain “from organiz-jwho has drafted 14 memos on 1 ing or encouraging irregular;impeachment evidence for forces or armed bands including members of the house judiciary mercenaries from incursion into committee, was a presidential campaign worker for Democrat (Jeorge McGovern in 1972, a Larson. Burial: Oak Lawn cemetery, Hawkeye, at 12:30. Friends may call at Turner east. Petition Asks Probe of Social Service Policies , , , | ulcering muuuay mal any cucv.- the President “gave Israel the1 cornply with the committee’s! ne report recommen ce! n° tive steps to improve the lot of green light to attack lebanon.” subpoenas. He offered a similar    ?.    n0    P°s,!lon    on;    cattle feeders, as well as hog The guerillas and the leftist Resolution last May 29 and was public financing of cam- ;jnd p0U]try producers, will press were aroused by a part of defeated, 29 to 9.    paigns    —    since    he    members    rajse grocery prjces. the U.S.-Isracli communique In other developments.    P    Y    The    producers    have plained that they are Currie Out as Candidate tor corn-losing at current money by selling prices. “More Harmful” Subcommittee chairman \A/    IGeorge McGovern (D-S.D.) Washington Job said he hoped the full senate ag- Craig Currie, superintendent riculture committee could com- to a doctor for about an hour a • D I" a the territory of another state.” Monday afternoon.    wCTVICG    »0l IC1GS A guerilla spokesman said in The cuts were reported to    a    statement    published    by    committee member said Tues- have been inflicted with sharp- Linn supervisors have re- WAFA, the Palestinian news day. Rep. Kastenmeier (D-of the Cedar Rapids Community pick action Wednesday on the ened eating utensils.    Reived a petition signed by!agency, that this was clearly Wis.) said Dixon worked in the school district, is no longer a l°an measures. House hearings The sheriff’s office gave infor- about 275 persons seeking an in- a*nie^ at the guerilla movement McGovern ^campaign in Wiscon- c a n d i d a t e for the superin- pn vestigation into policies and mation about the incidents to the county attorney Tuesday morning and an application was prepared seeking a transfer to the reformatory at Anamosa for safekeeping until trial.    practices “abuse” tax dollars. A hearing on the application was brought before the board and I/ebanon. practices of the county department of social services. The petition, which alleges the Owners1 Rights Key in Tavern Wednesday at 8, Best’s, route one. Marion, adopted a Manchester — Bcttina Con-baby girl June I.    ;    rad.    28.    Bohnenkamp’s. Mrtrriaac Licenses    Malcom    —    Genevieve    Deck- Alberta Vim Gampleare and er- 8!)- Nevenhovcn’s. Brooklyn. Michael Mc C u s k e r, Gall Vanous and Steven Moon, Pamela Unkel and Mcldon Wertz, all of Cedar Rapids. Wanda Harris, Cedar Rapids, and Charles Hill, Mechanicsville. Peggy Brecht and Richard Welsh, both of Walker. Vieki Sweeney, Marion, and Danny Riley, Cedar Rapids. Patricia Miller, North Liberty, and Donald Wells. Cedar Rapids. Emily Roberts, Hiawatha, and Craig Langguth, Cedar Rapids. Fires Postville — Mrs. Harlan Se bastian, 59. Thursday at 1:30, St. Paul Lutheran church. OES services Wednesday at 8. Schutte’s. Postville — Joseph Braun. 84. Wednesday at ll, St. Bridget’s Catholic church. Scripture service Tuesday at 8, Schutte’s. Waukon — Alvin Aure, 83. Thursday at I p.m. at Old West Point Creek Lutheran church. Visitation after 2 p.m. Wednesday, Martin Brothers. Earlville — Mac Faust, 93. Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Con- The petition alleges the department makes inadequate investigation of persons who apply for aid to dependent chil- Case: Attorney iren"nd ,f00d .st8mPs and.,'!ft / the department has repeatedly The attorney for Ramco, Inc., failed to pursue reported abuses of Cedar Rapids alleged Mon- and to maintain any consistent day that “the owner of a build- or reasonable review. ing cannot be held responsible! Petitioners complained about|dan. for the tenants” in a Linn dis-:a “department policy to justify! The attacks were on an area trict court hearing concerning rehabilitation of two adult j known as “Fatahland,” just the closing of the Salty Dog tav- parents in efforts to ‘save’ a north of the Israeli border in avenue SE; each fined $15 andlwas scheduled for Tuesday af- Tuesday and was referred to the costs.    I.    *    I---f_*  «  — j—*_____ . Studded tires — Gilbert Iternoon-Sells, 700 Thirty-fifth street,! Marion; fined $10 and costs. Driver’s license violation — Antonio Perry, 578 Sixth avenue, Marion, fined $25 and costs. Charles Havzlett, 714 L street SW: fined $20 and costs. David McVay, 1000 Eighth street NW; Mark Carpenter, 1555 Fourth 1 avenne SE; each fined $10 and costs. Snagging fish — Gary Mor-jgan, 1726 Ellis boulevard NW; Mark Ward, 1319 Ellis boulevard NW; each fined $10 and costs. Intoxication — Morsel Edge-ton, Vinton; fined $30 and costs. Margarito Caseres, Chicago. III.; fined $25 and costs. Failure to dim lights — Richard Augerer, 417 Fourth avenue SW; fined $10 and costs. Improper turn — Lois Ramthun, 1635 Park Townc lane NE; fined $10 and costs. Vehicle control violation — Kerry Kauas, 617 Brentwood drive NFJ; fined $25 and costs. Iowa Deaths Delhi — Mrs. Edmund (Helen M.) Power, 75. Wednesday at 10:30, St. John’s Catholic church. Rosary Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Shelly funeral home where friends may call. Oelwein — Harold Hart, 82. Hintz’. North English — Walter FT Seeger, 83. Thursday at IO, St. Joseph Catholic church. Rosary Israeli Jets Hit Guerillas In Lebanon .    .. TEI, AVIV (AP) — Israeli air social services advisory board (orrc je(s    and    stra(pd (or appropriate action.'    Arab    guerj|la |argc(s jn sol)dv eastern Lebanon Tuesday, five days after terrorists struck an Israeli kibbutz in northern Israel. the military command announced. A communique said the raids began at 3:10 fp.m. Israeli time, only minutes before President (Nixon flew out of Amman. Jor- ern, 1601 West Post road SW. which, Taureen Ltd., leased to which Taureen Ltd. leased to sell alcoholic beverages. The Salty Dog liquor license and beer permit were revoked Feb. family, resulting in children remaining in a state of limbo for several years until unadoptable, all at taxpayers’ expense, while some 500 desirable, stable homes are available for adop- 13 by the Linn supervisors fol- tion in Iowa.” lowing charges of selling beer They also complained the de-after 2 a m.    partment    is    lax in bringing ne- According to the attorney for glected-dependent children be-Ramco, the premises were not fore the court, and that when a in violation of any laws. He court adjudication is obtained therefore concluded that the Iowa code which states the “premises shall not be relicensed’’ infringes on property rights of landowners. the department is unable to pro vide expeditious and placement for the child. The petition said the depart ment’s explanation of the mat the shadow of Mt. Hermon The command said its aircraft returned safely. Four Arab terrorists slipped across the border from Lebanon last Thursday and killed three women at the Shamir kibbutz communal farm near the Golan Heights. The Arabs also were killed. Israeli retaliatory raids generally follow closely such guerilla raids, but the Tel Aviv corn-proper mand apparently held off be- Icause of Nixon's presence in the area. In a petition of intervention in iers *s foal foe department is Taurcen’s plea to keep the tav- overwhelmed by the caseload. em open, the Ramco attorney If the cases were handled exquestioned the constitutionality pcditiously and proficiently, the of closing a building for actions petition said, the caseload would of tenants. “If tenants in an apartment building are caught smoking marijuana, should they close down the apartment building?” he asked. He added he will take the petition as far as- the U.S. supreme court if necessary. “It’s something that hasn’t been questioned before,” he said. The Ramco attorney also al be diminished substantially. Convict-Aiding Group To Start Office in C. R. Cedar Rapids will be the state headquarters for a new convict counseling project. Jim Barber, 7th Step administrative assis- Two Thieves Get Sports Equipment Sporting equipment was the _______ the bills are scheduled to sin, and later joined the staff of: tendency of a Washington school begin next week. Democratic Gov. Patrick Lucey. district and will remain in his Campbell said the senate pro* Attorney General Saxbe said present position next year    posals are “only a partial short- , JU.? Nib.™ tCle^i0" imerVi? Currie told The Gazette Mon- "’™ *>lUticm to a very complex when hi .OIH ^.'ni'pr0pea y|day afternoon, “I definitely will *et of ^ums arces and would abl"    Z?ilS    'w? ?S here next year Ive prom- J® more harmful than helpful to atxxk confidential Watergate ■. th hnarrf that ”    foe    industry rn the long (grand jury information. Tran-; '    ,    '    ,    run.” scripts of White House conver- He was onf °^tw0 f*nalists for "Anythlng that would ar. sations show that Nixon passed    sufrmlP°s'tl0n of hficially stimulate the number on information obtained from thp Bellevue, Wash., school dis* 0f cattle placed on feed such as Assistant Attorney General1"®' More than IOO had applied |ow.ln|er(!s, )oanSi would only Henry Petersen to H. R. Hal-|ini ,a    . worsen and prolong the current deman and John Ehrlichman. Representatives of the school ,ituation « he\-aid In Sacramento, Calli., presi. district visited Cedar Rapids ‘    ’    .    _ dontial tax lawyer Frank De- ,ast week interviewing citizens    "'““““J Marco resigned his California for their opinions on Currie. The !.    ,    : , u notary public license just before Currie said he was not offered some signs Monday of withhoid- revocation hearings were to,the Job because he and the inf nYes ,    .... start in Los Angeles. The secre- Bellevue board could not mutu- sPokesmen for some Midwes-tary of state’s office had ac-ally agree on “terms and condi-;tern markets sa,d cattle and cuscd DeMarco of backdating lions’’ of the contract.    h°g fupphes were down Howev- and falsely notarizing a deed He declined to specify what cr* tbe agriculture department giving some of President Nix-those were.    i    said total slaugh er figures in- on’s vice-presidential papers to Bellevue is a suburb of 80.000 dicated no significant holdback the National Archives.    near Seattle. Currie    was acSjs    by farmers. McCall’s magazine, in its July tant principal and purchasing Many industry officials said it issue, quotes close Nixon friend agent for the Bellevue school would take several more days to C. G. “Bebe” Rebozo as telling system from 1954 to 1957, and determine whether a withhold* Nixon “he couldn't let the peo- had worked in various other action, called in the hopes of pie down by resigning.” Rebozo school districts in Washington driving up depressed prices, is quoted as saying:    and Oregon.    vvas rt’a^y being applied. “I told him that he would be Currie has been Cedar Rapids ,()hn McGregor, owner of one personally better off if he were superintendent since 1968. His of Washington s largest feedlots, out ... I told him he has to current three-year contract has sa|d be will not withhold cattle, start living a normal life again, two years left to run. But while I was saying he would    - be better off personally, I always told him that he couldn’t let the people down by resign-:    W1    „ . .. ing. What was his resDOnse?!    i    EARS    AGO    —    Rocky Mar- Well hp cavp nip a look -- ciano won a unanimous decision though to sav ’I have heard Candace Won8- :m) Bcver av‘ over Challenger Ezzard Charles that before Bebe ’ ”    enue SE' rece,vpd a    bachelor of    in a 15-round battle for    heavy* The senate judiciary (.ommU science degree in education Sun-weight championship of    the calling the withholding effort a move “by men without much more to lose. Our goal is to be one of the survivors.” A set of and a windbre object of thieves in two Jar- tee is taking a closer look at the ^ ^°rt^tStern un'vcr* wwUL cern** reported Tuesday to In justice Apartment’s investiga-    L Nelson. 2248 Mea- lice.    tion of the Watergate breakin.! , ....    . if iu „itu tuo    -.ort,- u- a ; Idowbrook drive SE. received a golf clubs, a golf bag The inquiry marks a broadening bh, ,    .    ,    s    , (breaker, valued at a of hearings held in late April on “dcm lor oarts a®t-r»e bunaay . . . . #(V,..    .    *    . Ll    ,    ,    c;i    ifrom Northwestern university, total of $2/0, were taken from a the nomination of Earl J. Sil-jp .    ...    J car parked at the Roosevelt bort, the original Watergate    vanson’ '_ hotel while the owner, Frc- prosecutor, to be the U. S. attor- derick Jackson. Peoria, III., ney for the District of Columbia. stayed overnight.    Senator    Ervin (D-N.C.), said Dennis Van Bogart, 333 Jaco* that before acting on Silbert's lyn drive NW. told police adnomination, the co rn rn i 11 e e baseball glove valued at $26 was should try to find out why more nervisors when they revoked the! Foundation program for con- 2:20 p.m. Monday. Defective J grcgational United Church of *tove, out on arrival .it Hun ^ ^ ,cVo ti' - ^ ^Steven Earring-1 Salty Dog license and permit. Ivicts and ex-convicts to the Al Sixth street SW 4:03 p.m. Monday. Children ton, HI. Thursday at ll a.m. at playing with matches at 1533(United Methodist church. E avenue NE.    Burial:    Green cemetery, Mor- 4:19 p.m. Monday. Unknown ley. White’s in Independence. A open'* meetings bw'tTunu su^''Bai*? Jom^rwt tho 7th Stephen from the handlebars rf'al indictments reaching higher-ups "    K    i..........f„r    ^    I    bicycle Monday afternoon at Ja-! were not returned when the bug* colyn park.    ging    and    burglary    of Democrat- to gras*, out on Thirty-sixth street teenth avenue SF’. 5:23 p.m. Monday. arrival at and Four- memorial tahlishrd Brandon Needless Friday at fund has been es* — Robert Kl I iott, 62. 10:30 a.m. Military call to Thirty-first street and I rn e rn o rial services 8 p.m. Mt. Vernon road SFJ.    Thursday, visitation Wedncs- 9:21 p.m. Monday. Short in i day. White’s in Independence, light SE. at 3221 Ridgemore drive Independence ii>K. 77. White’s. Ask Beer Permit WEST UNION - The city council voted Monday night to ask tlr state to issue a beer license for the fairground. If a proved, beer sales will he per mlttod at the fairground Leo Mohr- JyCar for j|u, jjrst time. coholics Anonymous program! for problem drinkers. The organization, led by former criminals, has had “phenomenal success” in other Fayette county I areas, said Barber. He said the license is ap foundation has reduced the rate! of return to prison to one out of, this I four where it had been three of I (every four prior to the program. For 61 years . , . flowers for all occasions/ John    E,Lopes 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 Convenient downtown lotation z < o tell someone you care with flowers Florist and Gift Shop 364*8139 phone answered 24 hours every day M.80 Investment To Sell A i500 Station Wagon IVO* VW SQUAKt BACK station waoon, new rebuilt engine, I SOO 3V37ISO. “Sure Glad We Advertised In The Gazette'1 Edward Carpenter sold it to the first person . . . and had “people waiting to take it if the first person didn’t buy it. " To order your action-ad dial 398-8234 from 8 to 5 Mon. through Fri. and until noon Sat. Drive Safely Svni/Miths it the harden word to a rite, tav it with flower! Flower Shop PIERSON’S WO ELLIS Bl VO. NW FLOWE RPHONE SWM*?* THE ORAL ROBERTS UNIVERSITY WORLD ACTION DRAMA TEAM WILL PRESENT TWO PLAYS: “CHRIST IN THE CONCRETE CITY” AND “THE GREAT I AM” WED., JUNE 19, 7:00 P.M. FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH 2353 42nd Sir..! N E.    393-6333 > ;

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