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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frt., June 14, 1974 the WORLD IS FLAT Join the Circus Days Fun at Armstrong's Saturday! Hot Dogs... 10c Serving starts on Street Floor at ll a rn. . . . while I,(MHI last! Shrine Clowns Bring the kiddies to see the Shrine Clowns make ballon animals. Circus Tickets Shunners will be selling tickets at a booth on Street Floor for the final performances of the annual Shrine Circus. JOIN    THE FUN! For Bargain, Now Is Time To Shop for Your Color TV white model. Color TV now significantly outsells black and white in the U. S. — and it can add a,whole new dimension to your viewing pleasure, even during this summer’s reruns. But you’ll regret the day you bought your set unless you know the simple rules that will help you maneuver through the maze of claims and counterclaims. Asks Better Census Of Latin Population WASHINGTON (AP) - Hep. Edward Roybal (D-Calif.) has recommended a series of measures to improve the accuracy of census data on the Spanish origin population. Testifying before the house census and statistics subcommittee, Roybal called for the development and use of bilingual or Spanish questionnaires in future censuses and for the publication of monthly national unemployment rates for Spanish origin Americans. DRIVE SAFELY! The casual shirt is a favorite with Dads of all ages! He’ll be cool, comfortable and gtxxJ looking in either style. Short sleeve mock turtle style has full fashion shoulder. Short sleeve collar placket style features pocket and trim. Both 100% polyester, completely washable. A good choice of colors in sizes S,M,L,XL. ARMSTRONG MEN S SPORTSWEAR-THIRD FLOOR The Wealher-Male of both color and black-and-white TV, “he’s likely to treat you like an expert rather than a person who can Ik* talked into buying an outdated color TV. That alone is a protection for jou when you buy. “And don’t forget that your color TV probably will be with you for a longer period than your new car. You should buy a set that is thoroughly and lastingly up-to-date in the latest technology.” Be sure you are not shortchanged on the warranty. A warranty should cover parts and service for one year, with an additional year of coverage tor the picture tub*'. Don’t overlook service. Deal only with a reliable store that will offer you the assurance of the services you will need. By no means permit yourself to be rushed into buying even during these bargain weeks. Decide in advance what you want, take time to brief yourself on what you should expect. “And then,” di Scipio emphasizes again, “don’t hesitate to ask questions. The salesmen at any reliable dealer are well-informed and eager to prove it.” Check the range of house voltage the set can take. A wider range gives you more protection against future brown-outs — an increasingly important consideration in this era. Most sets accept 108 to 132 volts, but some will work in as wide a range as 70 to 140 volts. Don’t skimp on an antenna. A $50 antenna can be worth every penny in terms of improved reception and in helping you get the results you want from an expensive TV set. A color TV requires a better antenna than a black-and- Sport Shirts Ki p. SH lo *10 88 Save on Casual Shirts from regular slock reg. A12.(HI log 13.00 by Swank... By Sylvia Porter NEW YORK — lf you expect to be in the market soon for a new color TV set, buy it now. Traditionally, June is a bargain month for buying TV and right now — simply because millions of you who will be buyers in the future are out of your homes and out of the market. TV sets are usually marked down in price to lure you back But while more than nine out of IO households own at least one TV set and the informed estimate is that up to 9 million color models costing substantially more than $3 billion will have been sold before 1974 ends, we are far from a nation of pros when it comes to selecting one of these expensive appliances. Millions of us arr coaxed into buying sets at prices we cannot afford and on terms we should not accept. Millions just don’t know what to look for. Millions fall into obvious traps. Today, you can purchase a superior color TV with a fairly large screen and improved features for under $400. But the improved features so prominently advertised by manufacturers can confuse as well as benefit you. How, then, do you shop wisely? Begin by familiarizing yourself with three basic terms: solid-state circuitry, in-line picture tubes and automatic tuning. Solid-state circuitry, now available from every domestic manufacturer, is perhaps the single most important innovation in color TV, and there’s no reason you should settle for anything less. Although some Sylvia Porter makers still have a few sets which are not KH) percent solid state, the so-called hybrids are being phased out and domestic production should be IOO percent solid state within the next year. Solid-state is an important step forward because transistors use far less energy than tubes, produce less heat while operating, and don’t burn out the way tubes can. In-line picture tubes, built into many makes of 17-inch and 19-inch sets are being used by a large percentage of manufacturers who believe they are fuzzy-free and fiddle-free. Zenith is now the only top maker not using an in-line tube, arguing that its highly refined phosphor dot picture gives just as good, if not better, a picture. This decision must be up to you. Automatic or one-button tuning is offered by virtually every manufacturer. On most sets, it’s a simple control that eliminates the need to fiddle with a handful of knobs to adjust color for each channel. Brightness, contrast, color and tint are pre-set. “lf you mention these technical terms to a TV salesman," says Alfred di Scipio, president of the 64-year-old Magnavox Co., a leading domestic maker BIG GEORGE! Virgil Partch These handsomely tailored sport shirts are attractively priced for Father’s Day giving. Short sleeve dacron/cotton and fancy woven permanent press for easy-care. Dad will enjoy the superior fit and new fashion colors. Sizes small to extra-large. Why not give dad two! ARMSTRONG MEN S FURNISHINGS STREET FLOOR a great companion for unpredictable days! In rain or shine ... on land, sea or anywhere, Dad will appreciate this smartly tailored heavyweight vinyl Weather-Mate. Zipper front, adjustable snap cuffs, drawstring hood and vinyl carrying pouch. Fits into glove compartment, golf bag, boat ... wherever Dad goes he can take the Weather-Mate along. Blue, white, maize and red in sizes .34 to 48. 5.50 ARMSTRONG MEN S FURNISHINGS—STREET FLOOR “You, however, are overly round.’* ;

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