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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa bt td&t CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 1974 ASSOCIATED KIESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESDETENTE Riley and Blouin Win In Second By Frank Nyc Two Iowa senate colleagues will square off for the Second district’s seat in the U.S. house this fall after chalking up impressive victories in Tuesday’s primary election. They are Tom Riley, Cedar Rapids Republican, and Michael Blouin, Dubuque Democrat. Riley, a 45-year-old lawyer completing his tenth year in the legislature, defeated Mike Feld of Oelwein, a former congres- Sc ha ben Is Ray Foe; Stanley Is Nominated ; By Randy Minkoff DES MOINES (UPI) - Iowa j Democrats chose two veteran state senators to head their tick-|ct this fall, and Republican State Rep David Stanley won a David Stanley convincing victory in his second! try for the U. S. senate to highlight Tuesday’s Iowa primary. Senate Democratic Leader James Schaben of Dunlap and State Sen. Charles Miller of Burlington won their primary contests for governor and lieu- biation. _ Certain    to    be tenant governor and will face Republican incumbents Gov. Robert D. Ray and Lt. Gov. Arthur Neu this fall. Lost by ti,ODO Stanley, who lost to Sen. Harold Pl Hughes ih 1968 by only 6,000 votes, easily defeated State Sen. George Milligan of Des Moines and will face Demo-c r a t i c Congressman John Culver, who was unopposed in his primary race. Schaben, an outspoken critic of Ray’s administration, called on voters to “reject” candidates! who are nothing more than ai “feeble” echo of President Nixon. The Dunlap Democrat, who defeated William Gannon of Mingo and Clark Rasmussen of West Des Moines, promised a positive campaign that would restore “mutual trust and confidence between people and elected leaders.” Grateful to Voters “I am grateful to the voters of Iowa for the confidence in me and I will do my best to be worthy of their trust,” said Schaben, who used an extensive media blitz in the final weeks ot the campaign to grab the nom- "Stay Out Of Affairs Of Soviet" ANNAPOLIS (UPI) - President Nixon said Wednesday that U. S.-Soviet detente cannot be taken for granted and that the Russians cannot be expected to be cooperative if “we seek to intervene directly” in their domestic affairs. In a rebuke to congressional critics who contend he sitould exact more concessions from Asst. County Atty. phinip( Moscow - such as relaxation of wun„«n wti,,* restrictions on Jews and others PIS.’TS.'!'"-    ■*“'I ““ s :*;> ■  ..... ; convention, reversing a tenta- Hive opinion of Tuesday night1 that the decision would be made! “First Responsibility” by the party central committee. Demos Pick Kopecky; No Supervisor By Roland Krekeler Eugene J. Kopecky, an assistant county attorney seeking public office for the first time, won the Democratic nomination i for Linn county attorney Tuesday in a race that involved I three others. In the only other contested race for a Linn county office, I none of the five seeking the Democratic nomination for supervisor obtained the 35 percent of the vote necessary to be placed on the ballot in the Nov. 5 general election. Tom Riley sional aide, to win the GOP nomination with 69 percent of the 17,578 votes cast by his party. Unofficial Totals Unofficial totals gave: Riley .... 12,129 Feld 5,449 Blouin’s victory was equally impressive since it was over three opponents — C. J. Adams, Dubuque factory employe; Martin Jensen of Hiawatha, until recently an aide on the staff of about 5:30 p m. U. S. Sen. Harold Hughes, and Harry Sullivan, Ryan lawyer, Nurse’s Action Revives Girl, 9, Found in Pool By Mildred Quimby MCGREGOR — A McGregor registered nurse who answered her neighbor’s cries for help Tuesday evening may have saved the life of Robyn Heins, 9. The girl was found on the bottom of a privately owned, fenced-in swimming pool at the Floyd Wagner residence at a key issue in1 the election will be the con-; troversial consumer credit code bill signed into law by Ray ear-j lier this week that doubled interest ceilings on revolving charge accounts. In conceding the election to Schaben, Gannon urged the sen j ate leader to “speak out on the Eugene Kopecky -UPI Telephoto He said he has not completed U. N.    SECRETARY    GENERAL Kurf    Waldheim inspects an honor guard    research on whether the nomin- of Peruvian    troops    as    he    visits    U.N. forces    supervising the Israeli-Syrian    00 bas ^ b£ of tbose wbo „    1    were on the ballot, disengagement. Supervisor Race Leading the pack in the race was Stanley Ginsberg, secretary-treasurer of Ginsberg’s • I n. I * j r    * Jewelers, Inc., with an unoi- I    hi rd L) I ST net I OSS I filial total of 2,298 votes, about 28 percent of the 8.089 votes cast Rep. Jordan, Stanley Win Nomination Grassley, Rapp Likely Cedar Rapids News* WATERLOO — If Tuesday’s Victim in the Democratic race unofficial election results hold was Nicholas Johnson of Kesley, true, it will be State Rep. wbo returnec^ ^rom Washington in the race. Coming in a close second was Loren Capron, a salesman for Cliff Doe and Co., “We cannot gear our foreign policy to transformation of other societies,” he said. “In the nuclear age, our first responsibility must be the prevention of a war that could destroy all societies.” The President also cautioned against a “new wave of isolationism, blind to both the lessons of the past and the perils of the future” which he said “remains today one of the greatest potential dangers facing our country.” “In our era, American isolation could easily lead to global desolation,” he said in a prepared address at the 124th commencement ceremony of the U. S. naval academy. Nixon; who goes to Moscow for his third summit meeting with Soviet leaders beginning June 27, said the alternative to detente is a runaway nuclear arms race, a return to constant confrontation and a “shattering ; An incumbent Democratic leg- ’    nw Hartford re.cently’ after completing a Realtors, who had 2.097 votes islator won renomination and a ...    ™n«»rvatK*»    ■***"* °n J CfJeral t(,nmuni-| Kopecky’s victory in the setback” to hopes for building a former Republican legislator «i; (a    <    a c j ,s    < cations    Commission, to run for COuntv attorney race, with 3.293 structure    for lasting peace in started a comeback in contests vs. State    Rep.    Stephen    Rapp, office.    ‘votes*-    nearly    40 percent of the'the world, involv ing Linn county legisla- waterloo Democrat and a liber- Unofficial totals gave:    8.257    votes    cast    in    the    race According to Mar-Mac rescue officers who were called to the scene, Mrs. Wagner, and her sonH Wade, a second grader, discovered the girl at the bottom of the pool when they saw Robyn's younger sister, Henrietta, standing at the side of the pool sobbing, “My sister, my sister.” Authorities said Mrs. Wagner issues of vRa, intercsts o( thc tive districts Tuesday. There were no contests for a1, for Third district congress- James Schaben people of Iowa, issues like the jand her son recovered the girl from the pool. Their cries of |0#    ,    increase    on    in|erest help were answered by a next 1 „ door neighbor. Mrs. Larry Wei- £ „    ,    ,    Mid-East    Trip Kapp. . .8.198    was at the expense cf County man in November.    Johnson.    .8.105    Supervisor William D. Martin. Nixontallwd a,*>6#his trip to j i    ^    ^    whn decided net to seek what the Middle East beginning next Grassley, a 40-year-old farm- Hurd in the Democratic chase wno detiaea    ‘    Uf,pk er, ran off from four opponents was Dr. Ron Masters, Mason aPP^‘ar^d might have been an with 42 percent of the 31.70/ City chiropractor, with 3,647 eas>’ bld for reelection. votes cast by Republicans in the votes, while Dr. James Skaine. Martin received 2.805 votes 18-county district.    Cedar Falls, a University of The other two candidates for the A victim    Northern Iowa faculty member, nomination were Robert Manas. had 2.865.    who received 1,541 votes, and Johnson was believed to have j Louis A. Merrifield, who re- ... i tho tinner hand in the race with ceived 618 votes, vote victory over three foes in a „    1    .    . Democratic primary lhat drew RaPP' compitum hi» first term    Now Aisistaiit But Rapp, a 25-year-old lawyer, barely squeezed out a 33- 22,875 votes. (Continued Page 5, Col. 3. The journey, he said, “will provide an opportunity to explore with the leaders of the nations I shall visit ways in which we can continue our progress for permanent peace in that area.” He put fresh emphasis on the need for forging ahead in ex- gle. a registered nurse She immediately began to apply various resuscitation techniques, including mouth to mouth resuscitation. The child was not breathing. The Mar-Mac rescue squad who left    a    job    in    Washington    to arrived on the scene as Mrs. come    home    and    run for office.    Weigh* was in the process of totals nave    lresusc*tati°n- ®b c reportedly did not know breathing had been restored until the rescuers told her. The rescue squad then trans its Campaign The Mingo farmer, who did not reveal his future political; James Jordan Kopecky, 31, has been in the panding friendly relations with practice of law in Cedar Rapids the Soviet Union and other Com-sinee June. 1966. He has been munist countries despite strong an assistant county attorney resistance from some congress- i since January, 1967.    men. In the general election he will “Eloquent appeals are now Michael Blouin Unofficial vote totals gave: Blouin  ..... 12,682 Jensen    ,,.10.619 Sullivan ...... 3,476 Adams ....... 1,193 The six candidates got into the race when Congressman John Culver, Cedar Rapids Democrat, decided to run for the U.S. senate seat Hughes is leaving when his term ends early next year to become a religious worker. Received Call Biouin received a congratulatory call from Culver late Tuesday after his victory became apparent, and another from Iowa’s junior U. S. senator, Dick Clark. Both Blouin and Riley issued statements (see Page IC) ac-j (Continued: Page 2, Col. 5.) Charles Miller nominations in other Linn county districts. State Rep. James Jordan, Marion farmer, scored a 625 to 405 victory over Carl Newell, Cedar Rapids auctioneer, for thc Democratic nomination for (face Republican Richard Ray mon, 28, an assistant city attorney who has been in the practice of law in Cedar Rapids since 1970. He received 3,771 votes in the uncontested Republican primary. Face Gardner being made for the United States, through its foreign policy, to transform the internal as well as the international behavior of other countries, especially the Soviet Union,” Nixon said. He said the Russians do not like this any more than Ameri- • *    the seat he now holds in the 30th ported the girl, daughter of |£ans', waa ^ unsuccessful ga .district in northern Linn county. l inda Heins, to a Praine du bcrnatonal candtdale in he ICT    stanley    Wins oi    Pr*mary and lost to Neu in the    J lr msfnrrod in -i \ ACriKw* hnsni 1*7* lieutenant governor’s race Former Slate Rep. Ivor Stun-Ujosferred to a Lacrosse hosp!- Hasmussen. a former aide lo Tov, Cedar Rapids business tai where she was in critical    •    _    1 condition Wednesday.    (Continued:    Page    2,    Col.    3.)    (Continued:    Page    2,    Col.    I.) Stephen Rapp Charles Grassley Brown, Flournoy Capture California Governor Nods By The Associated Press California voters will choose between the liberal tun of a past tion in the eight states holding primaries Tuesday had little dif- seat was vacated by California’s 867 votes over conservative Gor senior Republican congressman, j don Knapp in thc stiffest pri Burton, a state assemblyman    mary tost he faced since first    ficulty securing re-nomination governor and    a    Princeton-!    and former chairman of the    wintling the seat over Shirley    by their parties. Many faced no educated former    college govern-    California Democratic party, re-    Temple Black in 1969.    — or token — opposition on the mcnt professor    when    they elect    ceived 146,678 votes compared    Jess Unruh, California’s most    primary level. Additional Election News Precinct breakdowns i n IJ nu vote: Pages 2B and 1A. How IJnn voted in state races: I'uge Ugsome state races, area legislative and county races: Pages IWC. a governor in November. Democrat Edmund Brown, jr., the 36-year-old son and namesake of the man defeated by Ronald Reagan in 1966, and Republican Houston Flournoy won party nominations in Califor- with a combined total of 146,641 for his seven opponents. He needed a majority to avoid a runoff next month against Republican Thomas Caylor, who finished a distant second. The district has been rcpre- powerful Democrat until Rea- Aided bv Watergate gun easily dote,led him fur gov-, ernor in 1970, won the Homing-1 ^ g fonmT s(ate ^ later, won the G.O.P. guberna- nia’s primary election Tuesday, sented since 1953 by Republican Voters in the nation’s most populous state also approved a William Maiiliard, who resigned to accept Nixon’s appointment tough and far-reaching political'of IL S. ambassador to the Or reform law.    !    ganization    of American states. Special Election tion for state treasurer. South Dakota Republicans nominated former prisoner of war Leo Thorsness to challenge Sen. McGovern’s bid for a third term. James Meredith, who broke torial nomination in a landslide victory over Lt. Gov. Ed Rein-: ecke. Flournoy, who holds a Uh D from Princeton, is considered a moderate Republican Rcinecke, once considered a In a special congressional election to fill a vacant scat until the fall elections, Democrat John Burton defeated a field of eight candidates. The down racial barriers at the Uni- favorite, suffered a blow April 3 versity of Mississippi a decade;when a Watergate grand jury! there were these other clee* ago, was a surprise leader in a indicted him on a perjury tion day highlights:    Uive-way Democratic congres-1 charge in the ITT ease Liberal Republican, Hep. Paul I sional primary in Mississippi. Brown, 36. was one of IS I)cm-Mctloskcy of (aliform;,, who He faces a run-olf election June    including San Francisco has called for the impeachment “5-    ;    Mayor    Joseph    Alioto    and    State of President Nixon, won by just Congressmen seeking re-elee Assembly Speaker Bob Moretti, who sought the IXmocratie nomination. He had based his campaign on support for Proposition 9, a Watergate-inspired initiative that would reform campaign practices The proposition was approved. The measure limits the amounts that candidates and supporters of initiative petitions can spend and prohibits lobbyists from making campaign contributions of more than $50. Business and labor groups said the restrictions on lobbyists t would destroy their effective expression. lobbyists are also lim-1 Led to $10 ii month in what they can spend on any one state official. Sends Message McCloskey said Wednesday cans like Soviet intervention in Others running in the Demo-ju. S. domestic affairs. crane race for county super-,    #(    „ visor nomination were Paul I. Huber, a machinist and farmer, “Until very recently the pur-who received 1,061 votes; Tom suit of detente was not a prob-Neenan, Center Point business Hem for us,” said Nixon. “We man, 1,757 votes, and Lawrence were so engrossed in trying to shift international tides away from confrontation toward negotiation that people were genera!* ly agreed that the overriding consideration was the establishment of a pattern of peaceful international conduct. But now that so much progress has been made, some take it for granted." He stressed that detente can- (Continued: Page 5, Col. 4.) his victory will send a message to other congressmen on Nixon’s impeachment. “If you nominate a Republican who ha* challenged his President, he will carry this message to tho other congressmen when it comes time for im-p e a c h rn cut,” McCloskey told | cheering supporters. In South Dakota, Thorsness,! 42, who spent six years in a North Vietnam prison camp and! who holds the Medal of Honor, (Continued: Page 2, Col. I.) I Today'9 Chuckle A motorist received a bill for $100 for a tuneup on his car engine. “Who does your tuning-up?” he asked. “A symphony orchestra?”    copyism (Continued: Page 2, Col. 7.) Today s Index Comics ......  6D Crossword .................SD Daily Record ......  ,3A Deaths .................    JA Editorial Features .,...... 6A Farm ....................UR Financial ....   7D Marion ..........  SC Movies .........   —    12B Society ............... 6B-IB Sports .........   lb-51) State .......   HMC Television     JOB Want Ads ....... .    .    10IMJD Weather— C Ii a ii e e of rain through Thursday. Low tonight 60. High Thursday near 80. VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 147 ;

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