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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Study Criticizes Army's Deployment Plan in Europe WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. military forces are poorly positioned in Europe to turn back the most likely avenue of a Soviet attack, according to a Brookings Institution staff study. T h e research organization said Sunday that U.S. ground forces should be revamped to counter the possibility of a short, intense was in which Russia would commit massive forces aimed at swift conquest of Western Europe. The study said American army forces now arc geared for relatively slow mobilization and a protracted war in Europe. The study, by army Col. Rich ard D. Lawrence and Jeffrey Record, said positions covered by American, British and other allied troops are a legacy of post-World war II occupation zones. They proposed moving two U.S. divisions from Southern Germany into the Northern German plain, now covered largely by the British, to con- Gallup: 51 % Favor Nixon Impeachment PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) -Fifty-one percent of the persons responding to a recent survey by the Gallup poll say President Nixon should be impeached by the house of representatives. However, there is a five percent drop from the number approving of impeachment by the house to the number wanting Nixon’s removal from office by the senate, the latest Gallup poll shows. The Gallup survey, taken in mid-July of 1,555 adults, showed the public 51 to 30 percent in favor of the house voting impeachment. Nineteen percent offered no opinion. In the survey, 46 percent responded yes 38 percent no and 16 percent had no opinion to the question, . . Do you think Nixon’s actions are serious enough to warrant his being removed from the presidency, or not?” The public’s view on both the house impeachment and senate removal from office questions has not varied much in the last four surveys, according to the Gallup organization. In a June survey, 50 percent said Nixon should be impeached, with 32 percent disagreeing and 18 percent offering no opinion. On the question of removal from office, 44 percent said last June the President should be removed from office, 41 percent disagreed and 15 percent offered no opinion. In an April study, 46 percent said Nixon should be removed from office, 42 percent disagreed and 12 percent offered no opinion. front large .Soviet forces that| could be expected to move in through that front in the event of war. Measures proposed in the study, including a greater com-! bat-to-support troop ratio with an accompanying reduction of almost 22,000 U.S. soldiers in Europe, would save about $1.2 million a year, the authors said. They recommended the army revamp its forces from 13 and one-third regular divisions and eight in the national guard to eight regular divi sions and 13 others made up of mixtures of regular and reserve troops with readiness goals of v arying lengths. The more integrated active reserve organization would allow a faster mobilization and buildup in NATO in event of a war threat, the study said. Under present war planning, four and one-third regular army divisions stationed in Germany would be reinforced by another three and two-thirds divisions, for a total of eight, in the first 30 days after mobilization. Another proposal envisioned stationing the bulk of six U.S. divisions in Germany on a regular basis, instead of the present four and two-thirds. Ford Cites Big Gas Economy in New Type Motor AMA Asks End To Ban on DDT CHICAGO (AP) nal of the American Medical Assn. published Monday a plea nPAODAtiw a.- u    ito end the ban on use of the in- DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) - s,,.l|(.i(||, Ford Motor Co. .says it can tho article by Dr. Thomas H.,J» ln '» >“» “* of nm «nC “political rather then The Jour- Jukes, a medical biochemist at the University of California at Richmond, says the decision by I the Environmental Protection achieve a 25 percent gasoline savings with a new stratified charge engine, but can’t build it unless future pollution rules are relaxed. Ford President Lee Iacocca said Monday that the firm is DDT was I scientific.” “IaH us hope that DDT will find its place again as a public health measure for uses that are essential in the control of noxious insects,” Jukes wrote. NEW YORK (AP) — The ar- There are reports that the Professor Raps Impeach Article As Overly Vague Report Roasts Nursing Homes NEW YORK (AP) - Neglect Auto Workers End GM Strike By United Press International Some 4,500 hourly workers at strike-bound General Motors Corp.’s Guide Lamp Division plant in Anderson, Ind., returned to their jobs Monday. The workers, who had been on strike since Friday, overwhelmingly approved a new contract Sunday. The pact was hammered out in negotiations between United Auto Workers and GM negotiators Sunday morning. But the nation’s biggest automaker was still crippled by strikes involving 13,500 UAW workers at its St. Louis and Lordstown, Ohio, assembly plants. Another 2,150 GM workers have been laid off indefinitely because the parts they produce won’t be needed until the two lengthy strikes are settled. “more optimistic than ever” tide of impeachment voted out EPA i.s reassessing its DDT ban about the stratified charge en- by the house judiciary commit- and may soon recommend a gines, which spread combustion tee i.s too vague and unsatisfac- more liberal policy for its use. over a longer period of time to t o r y “in several strategic ------------- obtain a more efficient burn,    ways,” an expert on constitu- “These engines have two tional law says, rather important character- prof. Charles Black of Yale istics: They can meet current law school said the wording of emission standards, and they the article ‘‘seems to me rather _ . ___________ ____ can deliver a fuel-economy im-to straddle the question of Mr. and abuse characterize nursing provement of up to 25 percent, Nixon’s personal participation care in America and the federal compared with current en- or express authorization of any government is doing little or gines, he said.    0[ the particular acts named.” nothing to curb this rnistreat- The experimental engines,! Black, who recently published merit, the American Jewish however, cannot be tuned to a handbook on impeachment, congress has charged, meet the scheduled 1976 limits was interviewed Sunday on In a highly critical study, on emissions of nitrogen oxide nBC-TV’s “Meet the Press” “The Last Resort — A Citizen’s exhauatj, lacocca said in re; He specifically criticized the1 Guide to Nursing Home Re- T K .fi!-T^.-,    following phrase of the article:    f«™ ■ :th<‘ TO"«ress Warned the P    "The    means used to impie*    ill-treated    nursing The experts contend that the menj ^js course 0f conduct or "ome Patients on ^e laxity of present standard Is too strin- pjan have jnciU(jed ono or more the department of health, ed-gent, must be changed, and will 0f t^e following.” That lan- 'dilation and welfare. be changed, but we can’t spend gUagC he    “not a very! “Tens of thousands of nursing hundreds of millions of dollars cjear ^ay charge.”    ‘    home patients suffer from indif- to build a product that couldn’t 0fforod no nredietinn on farent treatment and disregard be sold under exisling law ,*' the    “    £“ & of their human needs,” the re- acocca said.    sai(j ^ “favorjte impeachable sfdl* Th.e    ser‘ ! offense” was “the use of the tax|Vaces rc(^ive are perfunc-10 \EARS AGO — Barry system for the purpose of har- The nursing care minimal, Coldwater announced a GOP assing one’s political enemies. I thc personal attention often summit meeting to be held at don’t care whether it’s criminal nonexis*ent-Hershey, Pa., with Gov. Wiliam or not, but it’s a flagrant abuse Scranton as host.    lof power.”    Drive    Safely Market Analysts    caisse,    m...    wr    ».    im 7_ Predict Drop in    U.S. Ship Seizes Cuban Trawler Prices on Fish    GALVESTON, Texas (AI1) —    Matagorda    bay,    about    25    miles A Cuban shrimp trawler, seizedlsouth-southeast of here. (iiJ)uCLoTLR, m3SS. (Ai ) kxr jhp it jv oosst 011 Arri wns py-! **    • * The retail price of fish should pccted to arrive herc u’nder tow [C Sj    gUanl    cu,tcr be going down soon for the first Monday.    Valiant    out    of    Galveston    spotted firm* in five years, say federalj    coast guard spokesman    trawler within the limit, market analysts.    saj(j the trawler was seized by “Crew members boarded the 'I hey say wholesale fish prices the agency in territorial waters trawler without incident and it have declined about 15 percent off the Texas coast early Sun-1 waQ c-i7pH ” hp said in the past four months and day.    ’    . those decreases should soon    The spokesman said the 57-    A traw,er of    that    size    normal- start reaching consumers. foot trawler violated the U.S. ^ carries a crew of three or “There should be some pretty    .continuous fisheries zone by en-    four. good buys on seafood in the    tering the 12-mile limit off east j weeks ahetad,” said Hank McA----------- voy, a market specialist for the r    ±    k i* bugges+s Nixon National Marine Fisheries Ser vice in Gloucester. Most of the fish sold in the U.S. is frozen, and warehouses are full of it. Reserves are 49 percent higher than a year ago, Give Up Duties Savings and Loan Deposits Drop WASHINGTON (AP) - New During    His    Trial    savings    at federally insured r..........   NEW    YORK    (AP)    - Senator saving3. an<1 loan associaU(»s* according o federal    estimates.    Tavits (Il-N.Y.)    says    if Presi- main    source of home loans, “There has been a    very poor    dent Nixon is    impeached, he    fell sharply in June, the govern- market in 1974, especially dur-,s*louId turn ov^er his duties ment reported Sunday, ing Lent, which still is an im- and responsibilities to Vice- Deposits exceeded withdraw-portant time for the fishing in-jPres . ,ord during the sen-ja|s    million in June, the dustry. It didn’t materialize this a^/nf    l    .    government said, a 90 percent year,’’McAvoy said.    .J    ;^ron£iy    that    if    the    decline from May. Frozen fillets of domestic cod    by mCi The Home Loan Bank Board sold for 80 cents a pound last ^    ’    j!    ? 8..    .    iy,    also reported that home loans April on the wholesale market. t,Up^s    pnng    5l,s    ™aI    and    tu™    by the federally insured institu- Now they go for 67 cents.°X?r to Ger^ Ford 1lions also dropped. The June Flounder fillets have declined fe.S,,eiT T rem«ve<i or acquit-ioan volume was $4.2 billion — a from $1 a pound on March 6 to    V • avi s ~al    ,in a    vlslon    decrease    of 13 percent from 83 cents.    interview    on    Sunday.    May and a drop of 26 percent ....    .    ,    ...    .    Javits    said    Nixon    is “essen- Medium sized white (.ulf tially immobilized” from taking    ’_‘_ shrimp have dropped from $2 a new initiatives on solving do-pound on March 25 to $1.65 now. mestic problems because of the proceedings. IO YEARS AGO — A teenage He said U. S. foreign policy Bomb Found rock’n’ roll dance in Medford, “is being adversely affected in Mass., erupted into a fist-swing- terms of what’s going to happen ing, rock-throwing melee be- to this country, a certain feeling tween several hnndred white of instability — whereas and Negro youths.    hadn’t been before.” LONDON (AP) — A 10-pound homemade bomb was found and safely defused Sunday night in a bar in west London frequented by British troops taking part it j in a military demonstration in nearby Earl’s Court arena. Kuwait Shuns Oi Aid Push by U.N. UNITED NATIONS (AP) -Kuwait, one of the wealthiest oil-producing nations, has bluntly declined to contribute to a U.N.-sponsored emergency aid program for countries hardest hit by swollen fuel prices. “Kuwait, being dependent on a depletable source of income, has to endeavor to achieve development and growth . . . Accordingly, Kuwait finds herself in a position that does not allow her to contribute to the special fund,” declared a Kuwaiti note to Secretary-General Waldheim released over the weekend. Meredith Plans To Appeal Ban JACKSON, Miss. (AP)—James Meredith says he will appeal a Mississippi election commission ruling barring him from running for congress as an independent this fall. Meredith, the first black to attend the University of Mississippi, said the ruling Friday “is just a matter of the people who don’t want to see me win just trying to maneuver to keep me out of it.” The commission declared him ineligible because he ran as a Democrat in the June primary. Meredith led a five-man race in the primary but withdrew to run as an independent in November. July 29 Rain Hits Town Again WAYNESBURG, Pa. (UPI) -Legend has it that it almost always rains in Waynesburg on July 29. Monday, residents only had to wait 55 minutes for the start o fhte 85th rainfall in the last 97 years. Residents had prepared for the rainy day by making plans to wash ears, water lawns and hang out clothes. 35 Awarded Amnesty By Regime in Ethiopia ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — The military reformers controlling the Ethiopian government announced an amnesty Monday for 35 political prisoners, but apparently none of those arrested in the military crackdown on corruption and abuse of power are included. Informed sources said most of those granted clemency by the Armed Forces Coordinating Committee were jailed by the government of Prime Minister Aklilu Habte-Wold, who was ousted five months ago by the military. Paper Calls for Nixon To Resign DENVER (AP) - The Denver Post has called on President Nixon to resign immediately, saying any attempt he makes to prove his innocence “can only be at the expense of the national well-being.” Sunday in an editorial, the Post noted “the best he could hope for would be technical exoneration. The most he could hope for would be a feeble grasp on power for another two years.” Heavy Shelling SAIGON (AP) — Communist forces kept up their attack along the northern coast of South Vietnam Monday, heavily shelling the Da Nang air base and the area around it for the second time in IO days, the South Vietnamese military com mand announced. Kidnapers Demand Ransom of $800,000 REGGIO CALABRIA, Italy (APi — Kidnapers of a rich South Italian landowner, Pietro, Care, have demanded a ransom of $800,000, police said Monday. Care, 40, disappeared from his home at San Pietro di Carida Friday. Police said he was kidnaped and his brother received a can from the kidnapers giving the ransom demand. DR. CRAVEN DENTIST PRACTICE LIMITED TO DENTURE WORK 113 111 Av*. SE, Cedar Rapid*, la. D*s Mom** • Maton City Sioux City tfim. 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