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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa —Connaily— (Continued from Page I.) Ford E. Shoudy both men were prepared to testify that Connaily turned down the offer from Jacobsen. Ford E. Shoudy, 68, of 500 C    _    . avenue NW, died Sunday after a    1 0,ltlcal 1 ,edge short illness.    The milk-producing industry He was born May 19, 1906, in did win a price support increase 2313 Cedar Rapids and was a lifelong in March 1971, and President The C edar Rapids Gazette: Mon., July 29, 197 I 3 Hutchinson: Abuse Article Ignores Nixon's Problems Ricky Burgess Dies Sunday of Crash Injuries Kicky Burgess, 16, of 2313 Uiri drive SW, died Sunday at resident of the city. He retired Nixon has acknowledged know-l,"™'^ ’Merlon" said it clem- Byrd I University hospitals, Iowa (’tty. in 1971 from Universal Engineer- mg beforehand about a $2 mil- onstrateV “dear acts of miscon and Ans from injuries suffered Saturday mg Co.    lion political pledge from in rill Alf » if tai/-* ta if r rvi r» iHnnAMf nnf \l Yflll f f -Impeachment (Continued from Page I.) than the Watergate cover-up a1 I chances are "growing daily” that the senate would convict President Nixon in an impeachment trial later this year. said on ABC’s ‘‘Issues     ___      Answers”    Sunday that if from injuries suffered Saturday    in-' ( n    110,1 political pledge from    in-    duct wh|Ch it seems important    Nixon    failed    to    heed    a    likely when the bicycle he was riding    Mr, Shoudy was a graduate ol    dustry    officials.    tf) us t0 ^ake no^c 0f „ and a car collided.    Grant    High school, attended Coe    The investigation of Connaily    The    top    ranking    G.O.P.    mem- Burgess was pronounced dead college and played for a local    and Monday’s indictment are a    ber    of    the    committee,    Edward at 2:50 p.m. Sunday.    !semi-professional football team separate matter from that, how- Hutchinson of Michigan, dis- The youth suffered head inju-    He was a member of Machinist    ever.    agreed with McClory. He said riel at 3:15 p.m. Saturday in the    local 031.    The    obstruction of justice    many of the abusive acts, in-    cerned,    my    vote    being    one.” 2100 block of Rockford road SW.    Survivors include two sons    count,    in which Jacobsen    was    eluding so-called national secur Police said Burgess, who was Ford,    jr., and Albert, both of    named as an unindicted co-    i riding a bicycle without brakes Cedar    Rapids, and .six grand-    conspirator, indicated that he emerged from a driveway and j children.    I    had talked freely to the prosecu tors. senate demand for tapes he has refused to give the house, it ‘‘would sound the death knell for the President so far as some senators are con- WM WI AI HI I fOtOCAS? # Rain is expected Monday night in middle Texas, Florida, and southern Georgia. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. The Weather tary services at the grave by American Legion. Friends may i958< he attended Harrison, Roo- Murdoch’s P'm' “    sevelt !ind wils,)n schol)is' and Anamosa — Mrs. Presley would havc been a sophomore Hanna, 70. Wednesday at at Jefferson high school. 110:30, Goettsch, where friends Surviving are his parents, Mr. Connaily, who once described Watergate as a ‘‘sordid mess,” has said he told investigators he was approached by Jacobson and that they talked about winning reversal of an administration decision against increasing the price support for milk. House Democratic Leader miracle” High temperatures Sunday, low temperatures overnight and inches of pre cipitation: Anchorage Atlanta Bismarck Chicago Denver Duluth Honolulu Houston 70 51 go if 79 49 *9 A5 OI 54 73 57 OS 74 78 71 C. R. Weather High Sunday  ..............91 Low overnight ...............60 Noon Monday ................76 2 p.m. Monday.............. 80 Precipitation ..............None 4:59 p.m. Sunday. Unknown may call after IO a.m. Tuesday. and \fr<. Flmer I Burgess to chair at 291 Twelfth avenue    „    .    ana    Mrs.    Limer    J.    Burgess, SW.    a,    m    j°    ^a<*nCelr k J>y’ Cedar Rapids; a sister, Susan,! 1:26 a,rn Monday. Nuisance I Belle butine. burial inKcfszta I ^ a brother. Jimmie, at Mrs Belehr^ was fawn Auj ■apoits 2Ii'17 Kr«r street and G ave-,cemetery.    (home; and a grandmother, Mrs.! 16, 1893 in Cedar Rapids and orleans 7i 73.13 nui^NW.    Kalona    — Dr. Rov s. Som- Henry Becker of Waterloo. was married in Cedar Rapids 1:33 a.m. Monday. Nui- mers, 82, Des Moines. Grave- Services- 3:30 pm. Thursdav April 22,    1916. She sance call at C avenue — Thirty-sixth street NE. seim’s. L. Angeles OS 48 Miami Min'anolis N New York 80 70 Phoenix 108 87 Seattle 04 43 Washingt'n 71 73 Magistrate’s Court —Cyprus— (Continued from Page I.) ,    .    Byrd    said    he    expects    the    sen- y wiretaps and electronic stir- ate leadership ‘‘will do every-vei anre as well as the estab- f^ing it can to expedite” any is lee o he White House plumb-    trial    so    the    matter can ors investigative unit ignore the    br sett]pd    this    ar senous governmental prob-    --    - lems’’ such actions were de-    . signed to stop.    0 Nedl saYs only a No matter how the remaining can Prevent the ful! house from articles fare, a house vote on votin* to imPeach Nlxon-whether Nixon should stand O'Neill said the house is ready trial in the senate was assured t0 v°t° to impeach by a margin by Saturday’s 27-11 vote to rec- of about 70 votes. ‘‘I’d have to ommend impeachment.    say that around 50 Republicans Six of the committee’s 17 Re- vvi11 vote t0 impeach him and I Mrs. Josenh Belehrad But Connaily maintained that!publicans joined all 21 Demo- would say there will be 40 his position already conformed    crats in voting for Article I, and    members    of    the    Democratic I™    u    xTi    I    7ailWoT    with    that    of    the Producers    -    Democrats working for bipar- Party who will not vote to im- i J°sepn    Bclenrad,    loot    oak-    that    the    milk price    supportitisan support of Article II think peaeh him.” land road NE,    died    Sunday after^ incrcased    while    helas many as    seven    Republicans a king    illness.    She    was 80    yearsjsajd    rejaye(j    vjew    to!may    support    it. others    in the administration,    he    Carry-Over    Seen denied    being a prime    mover    rn _ Nixon’s ultimate decision to in- .    ?*    Butler    (R-Va.),    one of crease price supports.    *    sees    *    ®    percent sup- was a |    port for impeachment among of Cedar Rebekah Treasury Secretary committee Republicans holding Rev. Glen V. High of Berean lodge.    The    grand jury charged that up on the house floor, which ! Baptist church. Burial: Cedar! Surviving are a son, Joseph j Connaily received $5,000 on May J would mean about 65 Republi was struck by a car driven by Services: Wednesday at 1:30 I Samuel Dean Fountain, 20, of p.m. at Stewart funeral home 2907 Waveland drive NW.    by the Rev. Alexander George. No charges were filed.    Burial: Linwood. Friends may Burgess’ death was the eighth call at the funeral home Tues-: traffic fatality this year in day from 9 a m. until 9 p.m. I Cedar Rapids and the first one The family will be at the funer-involving a bicyclist.    a1 home 3-5 p.m. and 7-9 p.m. *    *    *    The casket wilt not be open Kicky had lived in Cedar after the service. Rapids all his life. Born Feb. 7 of — ---------- ,    Services:    3:30 p.m. iidcHServ*Cw?nat. 2:3*° *^UoS?ay in Chapel of Memories by the member in Sharon Hill cemetery. Peter-' ”    J    '*    • O’Neill’s counterpart in the house, Republican Leader Rhodes |R-Ariz.), said the only way that Nixon can possibly avoid impeachment is to take his case directly to the public in a full scale television defense. Speeding: — Keith Dennis Duarte, 1817 O avenue NW; Edward George O’Brien, 1553 D avenue NE; Thomas Howell Seaton, 2585 Twenty-sixth ave-, „ .. ,    ,.    . tI    ,—....... nue, Marion; Willard Caryl, Bcevit brought the talks near Thursday. Totai’for'july V.V.V.V.V.V..‘.7.55 lal’o^Don.W““3pSt by refusing 8 one*ided    --- Normal for July ........... 3.55 Tower Terrace. Marion; Carroll tr00P withdrawal by Turkey and gQ 3 Q|es Q{ Normal through July .... 20.19 Zubor, High Amana; Richard al the same time telling Gunes    .    . Total for 1974 .............. 31.49.Mefford 2350 Fourth avenue, D    # ...    -QQp    Marion; Thomas John Malloy, Barometer, tailing ... ... Z9..»    ^orth Liberty; David Lee agreement was not reached by Humidity at noon ..........53%    Oliver, Mechanicsville; Daniel to walk out telling for good if final Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m., NNW at 16 mph. Sun rises Tuesday, 5:58: sets, 8:28. Traveler's Forecast Tuesday Robert Recs, Mi. Vernon; Mer- Mond3y midnight (6 p.m. CDTI. Mr. and Mrs But in a midday statement to j 2454 Deborah Rhodes told the Washington Memorial.    Friends    may    call    at'Belehrad, Escondido, Calif., and 14, 1971 and $5,000 on Sept. 24|can votes when the house actslPost in a telephone interview, Cedar    Memorial    funeral    home    a sifter, Sister Lois, Chicago. when    Connaily was    treasury    on the committee's recommen-    if he were to ask me, I don't after    5    p.m.    Tuesday.    The    cas-    Services: pending at Turner    secretary.    dation    about Aug. 23.    Iknow    any*bing I could tell him ket    will    be    closed    at    3:15    p.m.(chapel east, where friends may;    The grand    jury    spelled    out    a    With Southern Democrats inito do    except to go on television call after ll a.m. Tuesday.    series    of attempts it    said Con-    the house expected to be in-and exhaustively explore and ’_ nally    made to give    back the    fluenced by the votes for Article    refute the evidence. That is the Joseph Lebeda    $10,000.    I cast by their three colleagues only viable possibility I see ” Joseph Lebeda, 74, of 2219 D    The indictment said    that    twice    on the committee, a substantial    “    “    ~ Accident Iniuries    street sw- died Monday after a While the matter was under in- j!?ai°rl y    0    the    housc    «PPl ;irs    Cnhnnf    njctl'jf'l MCCiaeriT injuries    brj£f il|nea |inrn I)re;23 |899 vestigation on    0ct 29. 197:1 and!•*«&    suPPort    impeachment.    tJVIIUUi    MIMI    Ital Jason Amos Jiroutek, 3, son of    in Czechoslovakia, he spent j again on Nov.    25, 1973, Connaily!    f    I Larry Jiroutek,; most of his life in Cedar Rapids. I gave Jacobsen    $10,000. Sues Insurers On Sport Clause Nixon, a senate trial would then ; vin Carnaham, Cascade; David But in a midday statement to 2454 Deborah drive SW, died He was employed by Cherry-! Special Watergate prosecutor dct(>rmine whether he should bo sun WiHiam Dennis’ Carter,^5M° A newsmen *n Ankara, Ecevit ap-[early Sunday as the result of anjBurrell as a machinist before Jaworski disqualified IMI    house! avenue NE; Floyd Slach, Mar- peared to have taken a more - hls retirement. Married to the [from the Connaily investigation! r ^    ,    maioritv vote 1    .    , , , telle, and Keith Boots, 2060    u    j    Picture Information former Josephine Soucek in last November because his ~    ..    .    College    Community    school Year Ago Today - High, 81; Glass road NE, each fined $30 Bexilhie approacito,d    0n Acc’ident: Page 4    1925.    he    was a member of the Houston law firm had represent- ConvKM00    senate would distri<Jt filed suit Friday in Linn low. 68: rainfall, 0.77.    and costs. Gordon Fay Jacob- men, now tach side is working ___-rm-u-m-uinrjmru-j-. -jnnjuSji Sokolc and CSA lodp° Prn^nP rd n rinirv indur.trv client in liti- r^QUire a two-thirds vote.    district    nourt because its insur- isen. 1409 K street SW; William on a plan for gradual withdraw-  TTj  TTT „ „ i . ™    Tg    dairy    industry    client in nu- Newsweek magazine sajd it nisina courr oecause its msur Gerbacht, route two, Marion;1, t Pa timc spcn fit for each of automobile accident near Glad- Velky rn Cedar Rapids.    gallon against AMPL    had learned that one of Nixon’si3006    has    invoked    a Robert Junior Gaines, Mt. Ver- T?. r ,    ,    ,, brook late Saturday.    Surviving    in    addition    to his    .    n    had learned that one of Nixon s rts participation exclusion ,,, , „ non; Stephen Jude Harper, 402 >'* This formula is acceptable- B#m |n Cedar Rapids Aug 9 wjfe j ‘ hine, js a son.    Chref    DeP"‘y    has congrcssi»nal pulse-takers ^ ^ djsdajmd Babi||fy in eat Fourth street SW; Sharon Rae | for both Greece and Turkey. 11070 ho wn« ^ momhor of «ho I fnemn    Roni/ic’    f hroo i Jaworski also disqualified Dow counts only 36 senators for connection with a trampoline ae rations unless they were accept ors Moines ........Fair    ^2-59    j    fjned    $20    and    costs. Indianapolis ....... Fair 79-56 Driver’s license violation -|ed by midnight. But Gunes did Kansas City ....... Fair 85-621 Michael ^on, Fairfax, and not carry out the threat after PtPlH v 77 en j oiAtct'iHii 3VCI1UG ol, cdciij fii fincd *^15 and costs- William hours in Ankara with Greek St. Louis 7.V/.V.7.7 Fair 84-60 Emerson Leslie, jr. .Tower Tor- Ambassador D i rn i t r i 0 s Cos-Sioux Falls  PtCldy 83-56    Manon>    f>ned $20 Mississippi Stages (Flood stases in brackets) Lacrosse ....(12) 4.5, fall .2 Lansing . ...(IR) 7.5,fall 1.1 Dam 9     (18)    13 8, rise .2 McGregor ... (18) 7.4. rise .2 Guttenberg ..(15) 4.4, fail .3 Dubuque ....(IT) 7.4, fall .5 Davenport ..(15) 4.4, no chg. Keokuk    (16)    5.5,    fall .8 Cedar at C.R. (13)    4.    fall .5 Coralville Lake Pool level Monday .... 683.82 Births — Mercy July 28 — To the families of and modopoulos Vehicle control violation —    Peaceful    I uture Gerald Clinton, 2820 Waveland T, drive NW, fined $20 and costs. I Turkish demands mclud Failure to dim — Steven    maintenance and rcinforcc- Wells, 908 Fifth avenue.;m«it. if necessary, of its in-Marion, fined $10 and costs. vasion force on Cyprus until the stop — Jeffrey j peaceful future of the Turkish Cypriot minority is assured; au- parcnts is a brother, Travis! 10:30 a.m. Wednesday by the .acquaintance. The prosecutor would need to remain in office Jiroutek, and his grandparents, Rev. George McDill. Burial: turned the milk fund case inves-: and Newsweek said that six of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Butler, of Czech National. Friends may I ligations over to his chief depu-j those 36 must be considered Union, and Mr. and Mrs. Amos call after noon Tuesday. Jiroutek, Cedar Rapids.    —— Services: Tuesday at 2 p.m. in Memorial Services Janeba-Kuba funeral home west  ___.    D n .. , , Kaemmerle, Clara — Private 1    ,,    ...    . by the Rev. Charles R. Mehaf-!servjces and buriai were held connection with the Watergate fey. Burial:    Czech National.;Sunday at Linwood cemetery, scandals and related investiga- Friends may call at Janeba- Friends are asked to contribute dons. Former Atty. Gen. Klein- to Camp Good Health or the tj j Henry Ruth. Connaily became the fourth j identified, former member of President! Nixon’s cabinet to be indicted in Would Allow TV According to the suit, Cynthia Prairie student, has notified the school district that she claims $1,928,000 in damages for being seriously injured in a Kuba funeral home west. charity of their choice.    d,cnst    Pled gull,y Jj? not tes' WASHINGTON (UPI)-Senate! sports exclusion clause. Engbcrg, Frederick William *7 in® ac^u7a7 ^.1 .°rfu5 leaders Mike Mansfield and That clause, the school dis- Hugh Scott agreed Monday that trict alleges, is a violation of the Pldse'^a^cr was no* trampoline accident Feb. 8 at Prairie high school. The school district claims in the suit that its insurance company, Insurance Company of North America, has claimed it is not liable because of the For Senate Trial Failure to McQuiston, 1309 N avenue NW, fined $15 and costs. Improper muffler — Mark Williams, 2109 Glenwav drive SE, and Barbara Overly, 400 Lindale drive NE, each fined $10 and costs. Failure to yield Merta, Fairfax, fined $20 and costs. Meter violation — LeRov A Mrs. Ben Kubias Celia Frances Kubias, 91, wife tonomy for the Turkish Cypriots.of Ben A. Kubias, 1538 Bever until a political solution for the avenue SE, died Sunday follow-island is reached; acceptance of ing along illness. Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf she was born Nov. IO, 1882 Denktash as a negotiating rep-1 near Mt. Vernon, was married! TuesdaV inst' Patrick's Ca tho- — Turner east at 10:30 a.m. ate committee about the ITT Tuesday by the Rev. Alvon matter. Former Atty. Gen. Mit- Neison. Burial: Cedar memori- chelj and former Commerce a1. Friends may call at the fu-1 s t    indicted neral home until IO a.m. Tues- p'Creiary s>ians w re lnaiciea day. The casket will not be but were found innocent in the open after the service.    Vesco case in New York. Beaty, Marion —    9    am. a senate trial of President Nix- contract which called for an on should be televised but only umbrella policy with coverage in a restricted manner.    in the amount of $2 million Unoer Mansfield’s plan, only without any exclusions. the area where the prosecutors The suit asks that the insur-Mitchell has been indicted in from    ^ defense at-1 ance company be prevented Tan pl I------TZV — V . ,r : i l    uesaay in ai. raincx s eauio- .. ...    _—1—^    — .1----—— i and resentative equal in status to Jan. 8, 1919, in Cedar Rapids lie church by the Rev. Martin ^ watergate coverup ana goes torneyS and witnesses sit will from relying on that clause, and Laughlin. Burial: St. John’s, on trial in September. Christian wake services: 7:301     —    —.................. p.m. Monday in Kuba funeral President Glafcos aerides of,and lived her entire life the Greek Cypriot majority, and Cedar Rapids and vicinity. in Robert Long. 1023 Fourth ave-1 Smith, Anamosa, fined $70 and I acceptance of Turkey as the! Surviving in addition to her nue SE, a son; Jeffrey Schu-; costs.    guarantor of the rights of the husband are three daughters, Drag racing — David Hub-1 Turkish Cypriots.    jMrs.    John    H.    McGuire,    Ontario, Calif., Mrs. Edward Fleming, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. James macher, 1700 Hillside drive NW, a son: Donald Frese, Watkins, a daughter. Births — St. Luke’s NW.' July 27 Evens. Urbana, a son. open-ended occupation of Cyprus that could last for years ties. The Turkish embassy in London said the Cypriot national — David bell, 3703 F avenue ..... •j*urri>uj fined $75 and costs.    Greece    said    the    Turkish    de toxication — Scott Michael mands were ‘‘unacceptable and ,    ~    Moulds, Ottumwa, fined $25 non-negotiable,” promising an Mr. and Mrs. Gene    and cosU Gcorgo    Kirbv    251'    0    *    * *    1 no    _ a    Thirty-fifth street    drive    SE, July ~8 — To the families c'Lfjned $20 and costs. Leslie Reid, Gordon L. Hoots, 709 Fifth ave- 4 1 r i._, sixth street SE. <™d partition of the island benne SE, a son; William Haw- sentenced to three davs in Linn tween the two ethnic communi-kins.Manchester, a daughter, j county jail> suspended. Out of Town Births    Criminal trespass — Wayne In Anamosa July 27,    a son to    A. Wcntzel, 1430    A avenue Mr.    and    Mrs. James    Benesh.    NW. fined $20 and costs. route 2. Cedar Rapids.    Disturbing tilt peace . Tru-jfiUard had killed at least 331 I    man Blackcloud, 702 Seventh Turkish Cypriot villagers since Marriage uccn.es stroe, sw tinpd $25 and ^ L    Greek    of(jcors    ous(. Susan" Kay Bock.CCRoiia Sue    Iowa Deaths    '‘d President Maltarios two Koorland and William Edward    iii||s Jerold Graham 20    wee^s a8°> and lbe toll was ex Pi anger, Rex Allen Smith^ and I Wednesday at 1:30, George h. Ellen Petersmith, Michael Lynn Gay’s, Iowa City. Prather and Susan Kay Willen- *,. ! ,    .__ burg, Rhonda Lea Homire and!r ^    lan    Richter,    91. Randy Leo Crouse. Anthony    .    •»    1:30’ Smders, Thomas Melita and Florence! we,7 LaDcrly* Veronica Hollingsworth, Albert    Branch—Dr. Winfield Leonard Downs and Christine S. Asquith, 94. Tuesday at ll, Jeannette Downs, all of Cedar Barker’s. Burial; Tuesday at 3. Rapids. Michael Ray Nichols of Sateen cemetery, What Cheer. Atkins and Cheryl Lynn Dooley Tipton — Mrs. Emil Mahl-of Cedar Rapids. Dexter C. j stedt. 85, formerly of Lowden. Constant of Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday at 1:30, Chapman’s in and Lydia Dawn Hearn of Clarence. Cedar Rapids. Milo Joseph Cor- j Luana — Amanda Sander, St. John’s I pts Schutte’ $1,100 veny, jr., of Fairfax and Bar- 74 Tuesday at ll bara Jean Harms of Cedar (Lutheran church.’ Rapids. David Roland Dunlap! Postville. of Cedar Rapids and Susan Eli-; zabeth Renter of Marion. Wesley Paul Reinhardt of Cedar Rapids and Theresa Mary Becker of Marengo. pected to bo much higher when all villages were heard from. —Wheat— I (Continued from Page I.) ations as the agriculture department representative while discussing his future job with the Continental Grain Co., which (then went on to sell some eight million tons of grain to the Sovi- home east. Additional survivors Items Worth are 25 grandchildren and seven    ■    -    • great-grandchildren.    Are    Reported    stolen n v/ 1 t I Household items valued at C.i\. Youths Toko $1,100 have been reported taken F. Reger, Memphis; two sisters,' Emma Pauba, St. Paul, and Mrs. Leo Ulch, Los Angeles; eight grandchildren and two great-grandchi ldren. Services: Turner chapel east at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday by the Rev. Reuben Tjaden. Burial: Czech National, Friends may call at the funeral home until I p.m. Wednesday. The casket    !“L'    Ul    m*:_’“““ 7“*' missing from a window will not be open after the ser-lDo,lald a7L7ST01?; • ^ I u 1 Further checking revealed a vice.    !    J**"    street    SE.    Jill    is    the    haugh-    s|ereo with |w0 larR(, speakprs be televised. There would be asks that the contract be reno cameras panning around the formed by eliminating the exsenate chamber to get pictures elusion effective Jan. I, 1973, in of senators.    order to comply with the intend- -ed meaning of the contract. Demo Whip Byrd Phoney Blizzard • « / if    Tit from the Steven Matheny resi- Sn\/c C'nnvictinn PLATTSBURGH. N. Y. (AP) Hula Hoop I itle donee. 1865 O avenue NW. Z+J    !    ~ Radio station CJAD in Mon* Matheny told police he and ChoflCQS GTOW/HQ trca* broadcast a blizzard warn-members of his family spent|    ling as part of its “Christmas in Sunday night at the next-door j Gazette Leased Wires    July” spoof, and a television residence of a relative, who was- WASHINGTON — Assistant station here was deluged with Democratic Leader Byrd says calls from listeners. MARSHALLTOWN - Cedar Rapids youngsters swept both the boys and girls cham-pionships hero Saturday in state hula hoop contest. When he returned to his home! winners were Lee Martinson, ^    Monday.    Matheny 13, and Jill Wilhelm IO.    1    * Lee is the son of Mr. and Mrs I noticed an air-conditioner was Cornelius Hover Fires 6:44 p.m. Saturday. Overheated dryer at 1350 Waconia iget for avenue SW.    First Presbyterian 12:49 a rn. Sunday. Apparent Friends may call aft* r false alarm at 408 K avenue Tuesday at Goettsch’s. But the report said that land the Unity center. Oelwein Ernest Saathoff P*lmby, at a minimum, “gave Surviving are a daughter, 78. Tuesday at 1:30, Zion | the appearance of an impropri-j Mrs, Richard Beaty, Cedar Lutheran church. Brant’s. ety while insisting there was Rapids; three grandchildren, Oelwein Linda Hernandez, nothing improper iii what he and four great-grandchildren. Brant’s rt    c t huuh had done.”    Servicer:    Turner    chapel east Monticello Mis. James C Meanwhile, an agriculture dc Wednesday at 10:30 a m. by the Bender, 86. Services tentatively partment magazine said wide- Rev, Allen S. Van Cleve. Burial: ll am. Wednesday at!spread delays in moving U.S.(Oakland cemetery, Iowa City. '’riends may call at the funeral IO a.m. Wednesday. Mr,™d ^n^1B |two portable television sets, an, Wijhelm, 2462 Deborah    drive    oas/chajr and a Jar containinR Cornelius G. Hover. 91, of    2002    The contest was open    to all    54 ln t>onmcs"m'lakcn' Fifth avenue SE, died Sunday city champions under 16 years    H .. • after a brief illness.    0f age    lp0d    hsCdpes He had been a resident of) uce an(j jpi aro now eligible BERLIN (AP) — An East Cedar Rapids since 1925    and    to compete in the regional con-1    German court sentenced a West was owner and operator    of    test, scheduled friday    in St.    Berlin man to 5*2 years iii pris- Hover Jewelry store until retire- Paul    r    u > loco    ^    .    w for helping an undetermined merit rn 1968. Mr. Hover was The Cedar Rapids youths .    ,    ,    ,    |L born May ll. KUB at Council went to state after winning their number of piople escape 10 lhf Bluffs. He was a member of St. city contests, sponsored by the    the official East German Paul s I nitcd Methodist church cj|y playground and recreation news agency ADN reported commission. Monday. 10am kTa*n ,0 marke*s and P°rl’s f°r export in the wake of the Bus-!home until Horal fantasies from our skilled artist* PIERSON’S "sr" IMM) El IJS BLVD. NW ll OW I R PHONE MfcJRM MKSI! . . HMH ENS Hr! I tv rn rnkcs FT ll FLOW KH SHOD 5008 Center Pt. Rd. N.E. 393-5565 NW.    Center    Faint - Marvin D sinn wheat deal "finally seems The casket will not be 1:41 a rn. Sunday. Power fail- LoVellr, 52. Wednesday at 2, to be clearing up."    after    the    service. open un* at 200 Clive drive SW Urbana Christian church. Mill- JOHN K. EATEN Convenient Downtown Location 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 z < o when words aren’t enough send sympathy with flowers FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 PHONE ANSWERED 24 HOURS EVERY DAY Ne av, two coi i ipletely -staffed locations to serve you. J< tim B. I linier & Son Turner s East, 800 Second Ave SE Turner s West, 1221 First Ave. West When death touches your family, these facts can make life easier. What decisions will you face? What alternatives should be considered? Wouldn’t It be better for you to be able to weigh these questions In a calm, unhurried atmosphere? “Facts every family should know” is written to familiarize you with the decisions that must be made and the alternatives available. In simple, straightforward language, It gives you facts that can ease your burden at a difficult time. For your free copy, just call or write. There is, of course, no obligation of any kind. Send for Free Booklet ‘‘Facts Every Family Should Know” ROLAND WILBERT VAULT CO., INC. (Positive No Sales Contact Will Be Made) 1210 Blairs Ferry Rd., Marion, Iowa 52302 f a ;

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