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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Daily Record —St. Clair— (Continued from Page I.) the Watergate cover-up is concerned.” The critical element in the cover-up indictment was tin* allegation that the President C R \AJ rU    played a role in the events lead- ,, u LM* J    Wedther    mg up to the payment of $75,(MKI High Saturday    91     .1..... IO p.m. Saturday Rainfall .............. to E. Howard Hunt, the convict- cd Watergate conspirator, on . .    Nonc    the    night of March 21, 1973. Total tor July ............ 1.05 3.58 20.19 30.99 Normal for July ..... Normal through July Total for 1974    ...... Barometer, rising Humidity at IO p.m. Wind direction and velocity at suggestion” that Hunt should be Gazette weather station at IO Get “Signal” St. (’lair cited Nixon’s remark, “Well, for Christ’s sakes, 30.08    »» an(j asserted that the 81% remark “obviously refers to the p.m. Saturday, E-SE at IO m.p.h. Sun rises Monday, 5:50; sun sets, 8:30. Year Ago Today — High, 70; low, 67; rainfall, .01. given some “signal,” not money. St. Clair also cited the testimony of John Dean before the senate Watergate committee and the grand jury and noted n* ii fci    that Dean had said his March 21 ii.iv ,!,r SA/r ?r(?^ ii meeting with Nixon had ended .Inly 19 — Mr. and Mrs. liar- .    ,    ■    ,    lL    , Burris, 2345 Indiana street inconclusively on the question of the payment to Hunt. According to committee members, Dean told the judici-; ary committee in closed testimony last week that, perhaps, a decision to pay the money had been made at the meeting. old SW, a daughter. July 20 •— To the families of Danny Rudd. Center Point, a son; Jerry Sedlock, 4428 Surrey court, Marion, a son. Births — St. Luke's July I!) — To the families of Leon Van Zee, 3 Summer circle NE, a son; Lonnie Oliphant, Todd Ville, a son; Vincent Dudek. route 2, Marion, a daughter; Robert M. Spring-man, 1533 Ellis boulevard NW, a daughter. Consistently Tried St. Clair insisted throughout that the President had after March 21.    1973.    consistently avenue NW, a daughter. July 20 — Mr. and Mrs. tried to get to the bottom of the James Bowers, 2925 Johnson! Watergate cover-up. When he learned of tvrongdo-lowa Deaths    ing by his trusted aides, St. Decorah — Tollef G. Larson. Clair declared, Nixon removed 77. Monday at 10:30 at Wash- them from office, ington Prairie church. Steine’s. Nixon, according to St. Clair’s Decorah — Hartvig Running. . • , „nf.niiraf,pri tpk Stuart 58. Monday at ll at First Lu-    encoura|?ea Jeu Muari theran church. Steine’s.    Magruder to come forward Decorah — Eileen Hazel with evidence during the inves-Seeyle. 26. Sunday at 2:30 at ligation and indicated this led to Olson-Fjelstul s. Burial: Burr eventuai unraveling of the Hopkinton — Chauncey B. case. Carson, 72. Tuesday at IO at: On other allegations of presi-First Presbyterian church. Visi-;dentiai wrongdoing, St. Clair Goe°ttsch’sUr 10 Monda,v :,t made the following arguments: Iowa City — Leo J. Phillips. Nixon would have been “dere-70. Monday at IO at St. Pa- bet” in his duties if he had not trick’s Catholic church. Rosary, authorized both the 1969 wire- Sunday at 8 at Donahue’s I. .    ______, where friends may call after 3 faPPln8 program and the 197 Sunday.    “plumbers i^pit in an effort to Luana — Mrs. Arthur (Ame- stop national security leaks. In lia) Berg, 88. Monday at 10:30 neither case, did Nixon order or at St. John Lutheran church.I, __. ____ Visitation at Schultz’, Monona. know °f illegalities stem-Mechaniesville — Bessie L ming from those activities. Lovell, 85. Services: 2 p.m. The decision to settle anti* Tuesdi‘-V-    N    invitation    trus^ suj^s against the Interna- Millersburg ^ George Ken- tional Telephone and Telegraph neth Richards, 75. Sunday at 2 Corporation did not result from at Best’s funeral chapel, North a promised campaign contribu-English. Burial: Sigourney ^ ‘ Monticello — Leona Johnson The President was under no Leggett, 68. Monday at IO at legal duty to respond to the Zion American Lutheran! sworn testimony on the ITT fc™"* Kleindi™st and 8:30 a m. Monday.    John Mitchell, since neither has Monticello — Mrs. John P. I been charged with perjury. Willms, 88. Monday at 1:30 at The President’s decision to Wayne Zion Lutheran church. .    ...    1071 Visitation after IO Sunday. ra,se milk Pr,ce supports in 1971 Goettsch’s.    was divorced from a campaign Monticello -- Michael R. pledge by milk producers. Husmann, 24. Monday at 10:30 There is no indication that the t a n^aftcr 7 Saturday" Internal Revenue Service actu-Goettsch’s.    ally harassed administration en- Mt. Vernon — Martha Lab- emies, even though there were man, <4. Monday at 1:30 at suggestions that the agency be Morgans where friends may I    , call after 2 Sunday. Memorial used to do so. fund established.    - North English — John A. i    n \A/    ^ Van Aukcn, 96. Monday at J cli I V^.lx. WOlTlcin 1:30, United Methodist church.!    . Burial: South English. Powell’s.    AsSUcl    It    V^OUIlt Randalia — Ruth Bacon, 82 Let s Go Gazette Photo by I. W. Ward Larry Brannaman's Siberian Huskie “Tasha" is obviously ready to go as soon as Bran-naman, 445 Twenty-second street NW, finishes hooking his boat to his vehicle. Brannaman, his family and Tasha had been boating on the Cedar river Saturday afternoon and were at the boat ramp when spotted by the photographer. —Cyprus— (Continued from Page I.) nadians serving with the U. N. peace-keeping force in Cyprus received minor wounds. The U. N. has kept its force on Cyprus for IO years seeking to maintain Police, Youths Clash Again at Park;7 Charged —Kissinger— (Continued from Page I.) intervene in the dispute be tween the two NATO nations. —Dean— (Continued from Page I.) the record proves it, the tape shows the President was worried more than a year ago. “Well, as I told you, we do know we have one problem: It’s that conversation of March 21 . . . hut I think we can handle that,” Nixon told Haig. “Bob (former Chief of Staff lf. R. Haldeman) can handle it. He’ll get up there and say ... ‘I was there; the President said > JI Later, to Ziegler. Nixon said the record was not that bad — with one key exception. “What I was saying is that it’s reassuring up to a point, but in fact, uh, at least, in this whole business we, we sat there and we conspired about a cover-up iunintelligible) or not.” he said. “We did talk about it on the twenty-first, That's a tough conversation. Unless Haldeman explains it — which he will.” At that point, the President sighed. “But I think we can survive that too,” he said. “Yeah, absolutely,” Ziegler replied. “We’ll survive it all.” Haldeman, present for part of the Nixon-Dean meeting, has testified that the President rejected as “wrong” payment of hush money to the burglars. The Watergate grand jury, after hearing a tape of the meeting, indicted Haldeman for perjury on that point — largely on the basis of listening to the tape. “Block Trail” Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., July 21, 1974 M rs. John Singer Dorothy M. Singer, HO, formerly of 2019 Johnson avenue NW, and widow of John Singer, flied Friday in Cedar Falls following a brief illness. She had been a resident of Cedar Rapids 33 years. She was born Sept. I, 1893. in Black River Falls, Wis. She was married to John Singer Oct, 24. 1925, in Minneapolis. Mrs. Singer was a member of First Church of Christ Scientist in Cedar Rapids, and was a member of Rebekah Lodge. Surviving are a son, John, Waterloo; and two grandchildren. Services: Cedar Memorial at 1:30 p.m. Monday by a reader of the First Church of Christ Scientist. Friends May call at Turner chapel east until I p.m. Monday. City Briefs (More Briefs on Pup,e WA.) Car Damaged — Linda Higgins, 212 Eighteenth street NE. reported to police Saturday that the windshield and mirror on her car was damaged recently. * * * Wheels Taken — Steven Moore 5554 Klinger street SW, said two chrome wheels valued at $320 were taken from his garage. In the June 4 tape, Nixon admitted he had told Dean that1 they had to block the Watergate trail before it got to Haldeman and John Ehrlichman. And more than a half-dozen times he conceded Dean might have drawn Kissinger said that the Sovi- dangerous conclusions. cts had heightened their mili-j “I suppose he could say there Seven more persons were ar-    tary readiness, but not as much    that I was telling him to cover peace    between    the    island’s    T ur-    rested Saturday night in river-    as they did during the Arab-    up, wouldn't you say, for Hal- kish minority    and    Greek    majori-    front park in Cedar Rapids, con-    Israeli war last October. He    dcman?” Nixon asked Ziegler, ty-    tinuing a week-long confronta-    said that he sent a message to    “Dean could go out, with Nicosia’s heavy    guns    were    tion between police and young    the Soviet    leaders at    3:30 a.m.    probably some justification,    and still booming at the    end of the    people.    EDT and    no answer    had been    said (sic) that he, uh. could day, and a pall of    smoke hung    Once    again,    officers    and    received,    probably because of    probably say that he told    the over the city.    youths    clashed    near the    west,    the time    difference.    The hot    President about all this    and A spokesman for the U. S. em- end of the First avenue bridge i*ne to Moscow has not been warned him about all this.'' bassy said efforts were being at IO p.m., the official closing use(L he said. made for a cease-fire to allow time of city parks, evacuation of 700 American res- A 16-year-old male was ac-idents and several thousand cused of crossing the First ave-stranded tourists.    nue    bridge other than at a The Greek army contingent crosswalk, and a 17-year-old stationed on the island under was charged with possession of treaty provisions is believed to beer and resisting an officer, number 1,250 men. A similar Lyle W. Tiegen, 18, of 806 Turkish force numbers 650 men. ; Fifth street SE. Zelda Zerba, 18. essary. Under similar agreements, of 806 Third avenue SE, and Britain has two bases on Donald Forrester, 20, of 2918 Kissinger said the U. S. alerted one airborne unit in Europe and the 6th fleet was moving closer to Cyprus. But he cautioned that this was not a provocative action, merely a move to evacuate Americans in Cyprus if nec- Though Ziegler reassured the president repeatedly there had been “no warning” from Dean and no reason for Nixon to have acted to clear up the scandal, Nixon was glum. “Should Have Reacted” “I should have reacted before the twenty-first of March, actu- not foresee presidency,’ which, to his cred any chance of sending troops it. he did.’ to the island. ally,” he said. “Dean shouldn’t He said there were no plans have had to come to me with JU nnAA    itv I J    CP    *or military intervention by the the ‘cancer in the heart of the Cyprus, manned by 9.000 men. Dalewood avenue SE, were jj g and he did Unconfirmed Turkish reports charged with resisting execution said about 40 tanks and artillery of process.    .to the island. He said U. S. pieces had come ashore with Police said they told the    arms aid    both countries paratroopers and s o I d I e r s youths to leave the bridge area.    wou,d bc cut    off    u n t j, brought in by helicopter and but that they refused. Kevm;was secured and he d#ubted landing boats.    Shaw, 18, of 1333 A avenue NE, tha, cilhcr Greece or Turk While the Turks controlled the and a 15-year-old girl were ac-    bad tbp arsena|s    ,0 conduct    a 10-mile-long Kvrenia-Nicosia CUSC(t of violating parking rules    |ong war corridor, no Turkish troops by refusing lo leave after the IO    J.__ A Cedar Rapids woman landed in jail Saturday night after Monday at 2, United Methodist church. Bellas-Wrights’, Fay- CI Sigourney - Jane M. Her- P°lice went to her home looking man, 79. Monday at IO. St. for a runaway from the boys’ Joseph’s Catholic church. Rosa- training school at Eldora. wu atAM Sunflny* Hardrn s in Helen Thompson, 44, of 206 What Cheer.    _,    .    ...    ,    _    .    XIC, Springville — James Story, Twenty-ninth street NE, was 85. Services Tuesday at 1:30, charged with assault. She was Springville Methodist church, taken to the Linn county jail in Mnrd,°,ch’s,'fri™ds may! lieu of $125 bond. call after I Monday.    2,    ...    i Tipton — Clair E. Hoyt, 90. Police said the woman struck Monday at 2 at Sheets and an officer who had gone to her Son’s where friends may call home to chock on a 16-year-old after 7 Saturday. Burial: Union ma|e cscapee He wa3 chargcd were reported    in the    port of    P closing time Kyrenia itself.    An enclave of    ^!)rne 80 persons were milling Turkish Cypriots at    Kyrenia    around the area v hen police    ar- was one of the    original    landing    rived. Unlike other nights,    of- points for Turkish paratroopers. f*ccrs    the    young people A continued drive southward were not harassing motorists. to Larnaca on the south coast would cut the island through the middle, lf they mounted such a drive, the Turks’ military partition of Cyprus would put them in a strong bargaining position for political partition. Woman 'Serious' : After Assault, Charge Spouse A Cedar Rapids woman was Nonetheless, Nixon blamed Dean for his troubles — and John Mitchell, his former attorney general and campaign manager at the time of the Watergate bugging. “I didn't want to burn Mitchell . . Nixon said. “The key to this thing, Ron, is Mitchell. Always been the key. You haven t had a cover-up. Dean did it. He didn t do it for Haldeman and Ehrlichman. He <un-The Iowa drivers license sta- intelligible) himself. He did it tion in Marion will close at 7:45 for John Mitchell.” p.m. weekdays, 15 minutes ear- But Nixon said ho undcrstood i;n_    why    Mitchell    disclaimed respon- her thun al present, beginning iibi,. anrf sajd wou|d have Marion Drivers License Station To Close Earlier •    '■? CyP,US ,nd*?fndc"c.e listed in serious eondilion at St. rn 1961). Turkey sought ifs pan- Lukp.s hospital Saturday nigb( ion, with one part going to suffcri ^ jnjuri(,s recciv8ed said Greece and the other to Turkey, lwhen shp was assau|(ed SaturjFair Aug. 2. . Jim Fetters, acting director of the drivers license division of the Iowa department of safety, 1974 amendments to the Labor Standards act done the same thing himself. “That’s the Tragedy” “That’s the tragedy of the whole thing,” he said. “Mitchell would never step up to this. ls Well, I suppose, would you? No cemetery at Livermore where graveside services will be held at ll Tuesday. Toledo — Ralph R. Stevens, 70. Monday at 2. Henderson’s. Wellman — Waldo Smith, 69 Services pending at Powell’s. Name Miss Spain Miss Universe with resisting arrest and was turned over to the youth bureau. Trash Can Fire Causes Damage To Entire House CrkT^^ro^rtioV of"'thrap! day m0rning    requiring    the    reduction    in    hours    No.    Former    attorney    general proximately 650.000 population Taken to ,he hosPital shortly,at 135 stations.    step    up    and    say    you    bugged. Waterloo Man Held on Open before noon was Tyanne Amelia Lucas, 26. of 2752 Iowa avenue SE. ’ire and smoke caused con-MANILA (AP) - Miss Spain,Isiderable damage Saturday Amparo Munoz, 20. a 5-foot 8;night to a house at 3107 Emerald chestnut-haired beauty from avrnue Malaga, Sunday was named Flre officials said burning ci- Fetters said the amendments Jwolddn require that no covered employe! What I would step up and; MM!,    .    .    can    work more than 40 hours a    huf    ^    taki» Saturday night police arrested weok wi(hout , , (j a thing and so forth but I take her husband, George Lucas, 29,1 aful a    „ot,    responsibility    for    it,    bah,    bah, bah. bah, you know, uh, a suspended sentence or a mis-; demeanor slapped in the face or whatever its going to bt*.’ Rut receiving time lid    iiuauauu.    uwi8c    unas,    arid a half overtime pay. and    charged    him    with    assault T ♦; „ ^    „    ♦ a ■ ’    u ■ ■ a a •    -,.    • , a    ,    , ,    .    111 n e r a n t drivers    license Murder Count ii 10d0 Kr"al bod"yln ci-"-ks - ™ p-d '«■a" tm. 1 •    eling time when working at    a WATERLOO (AFU - Ra-I Uucas was taken to the Linn station other than the base sta- Wallet Lifted By 'Old Buddy' “How' are you old buddy,” said the man, putting his arm around the total stranger. A few minutes later the man left, and Frank C. Brown of 3506 Blairs Ferry road NP] discovered his pocket had been picked. Brown told police his billfold contained two checks and $330 in cash. The incident occurred Saturday morning at an eastside tavern. Armed Robbery At Clark Station Two men with handguns held up the attendant at the Clark service station, 720 Center Point road NE, about midnight Saturday. Police were still investigating the armed robbery at press time. and it was unknown how much, if any, money was taken. Officers said no one was hurt. They believe the robbers fled on foot. Death Sentences of 5 Koreans Commuted SEOUL (AP) r— Death penalties for dissident poet Kim Chi-’ ha and four others convicted of an anti-government plot were commuted to life terms Saturday. Defense Minister Sub Jong-chul reviewed their sentences, passed by a special military court set up to crack down on movements demanding a more liberal democracy in South Korea. Suh said the commutations were made because the five had shown deep repentance for their offenses in the course of their trials. Drive Safely | NOVAK MONUMENYcoV m    FINE    MEMORIALS SINCE 1892 203 14th Ave. SE Phone 364-4439 ^ Markers, Monuments and Private Mausoleums Katherine Barker Katherine Kuenzel Barker, 81, formerly of Cedar Rapids, died Friday at her home in Beaumont. Texas. She was horn Aug. 28, 1892. in Arkansas, and was married to Raymond P. Barker. Mrs. Barker was a retired vocational nurse Surviving are her husband, and a daughter, Mrs. Kathryn Silverberg of Beaumont, Texas. Graveside services: Monday at 9 a.m. at Oak Hill cemetery I conducted by the Rev. Allan Page. Friends may call at the Beatty - Beurle chapel after 7 p.m. Sunday. Memorial Services liar/, Carrie L. Monday at 1:30 ut Teahen funeral home by the Rev. Harry R. Egncr of Calvary Baptist church. Burial: Li nwood cemetery. Friends may cal! at Teahen’s from 3 to 9 p.m. Sunday. —U.N.— (Continued from Page I.) said “international peace hangs most precariously and dramatically in the balance” as a result of the invasion. But, he added: “Turkey is and will remain an ally of the U. S. Greece is and will remain an ally of the U. S. It is in the interests of the Greek and of the Turkish people to insure that Greece remains an ally of Turkey ... as enemies they stand to lose all.” “Deplores Pressures” Scab also declared the U.S. “deplores the pressures . . . which contributed to the Turkish act on Cyprus and for which Greece must bear a heavy share of responsibility.” The final resolution was drafted by the U. S., Austria, Peru, Britain and F’rance but was introduced as an unsponsored resolution by the council president, Ambassador Javier Perez de Cuellar of Peru. Before the formal session, Scab accused the Soviet Union of delaying the appeal, charging that “the Soviet attitude is not helpful.” Sought Delay Turkey, which is not a member of the council, sought a delay in the vote. Turkish ambassador Osman Olcay told newsmen that before acting the council should hear Rauf Denk-tash. head of the Turkish-Cypriot community and vicepresident of the island under Makarios. Olcay described Denktash as the only legitimate authority remaining in Cyprus, and said efforts were being made to bring him to New York. He said his country’s intervention was “aimed at restoring legality,” and it would welcome the return of Makarios as president provided he guaranteed the rights of the Turkish minority. Dixon Forecasts Jeane Dixon s midyear forecasts wilt be carried in section A of next Sunday’s Gazette. She offers comment on Watergate, congress and the President, other political issues, both national and foreign, and on individuals. Miss Universe of 1974. TUt Cf cdnr l\ttpi(U (fhtifHc E»tobli6hed In IMI bv The Goiette Co ana published dally and Sunday ol SOO Third ave SE. Cedar Rapids. Iowa S240« Second class postaoe paid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa. Subscription rotes bv carrier VS cents a wees By mail: Night edition and Sunday 6 issues S3 75 a month, SJ9 OO a year Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 issues S3 SS o month. »40 OO a year. Other states and U S territories SOO OO a veor No Mail Suhsr nations accepted In areas having Gaielte carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this news paper as well os all AP news dispatches gurets apparently ignited a trash can in the kitchen of the I Arthur S. Elliott residence. Flames were confined to the kitchen floor and wall. but there was smoke damage throughout the house. The Elliott family was not home at the time the fire was reported by a neighbor, short In after 9 p m. Thrifty want ads work wonders for you. Place a low cost want ad. Dial 398-8234. Sperry Williams, 28, Waterloo, county ja*l *n I**'1* of $5,000 bond. was being held on an open count    ~ of murder Saturday night in con-    ^    rci's nection with (he fatal shooting The more than 198 million tion. Fetters said the department's budget will not permit present hours of operation to continue. The work week for once denied he was stuck - under oath See?” uh. of another Waterloo man.    acres    of    forests in    Ontario    cov-    drivers license Waterloo police identified    the    er about    75 percent of    the    prov-    reduced to    44 victim as Lester Givhan,    40.    ince's    total area.    with trave Williams was being held in    the    _ 44 hours. Waterloo city jail. Police said Givhan was shot to death with a pistol shortly after 6:30 p.m. in front of a Waterloo pool hall. No other details were avail-! able. crews is being hours, he said, time included in the It Pays To Advertise ITW Acts] y Always A Welcome Gift! Planters with Green Foliage Terrariums i FLOWER SHOP 1800 Ellis Blvd. NW FLOWERPHONE 366-1826/" PIERSON’S TEAHEN FUNERAL HOME Since 193 6 Marian F. Teahen    Elden    B.    Rohn STEWART FUNERAL HOME Formerly AAonohan Stewart 1844 First Aveny®/N.I.    362-2147 OWNI R Phone 314-6627 MOR I ICI AN WK) I irs! Ave. NU S .MIIIX Ka LA PKK fit r' Mr SWsJrSvtk } \ flowers Since 1909 Convenient downtown location 308 Third Avenue S.E. 365-0511 MIHHIHIMMMHIItMitltiHtHIIHMHtHIMlMIIMIIMMDMItHMMMMMMItlttt'fMtlMlttHMHIItlHttltllMtllMIMItllllHHHHlMMHllHMHIIHmiil CENTURY BURIAL VAULTS Since 1927 Charles, Henrietta, A Charles Jr. Pochobradsky 4219 MT. VERNON HD. 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