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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IGA The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., July 21, 11*74 Scherle Against Amnesty, Cites 1,140 Still Missing (Continued I rom Page I.) with the investigation” and to those who refused to go for having the courage of their convictions.” Holl Call and their votes included: Benton, 26 to 0: Clayton, 27 to 0; Iowa, 19 to 2; .Jackson, 15 to IO; Johnson, 69 to 4; and Poweshiek, 16 to 8. The convention got away to an envigorating start with Hay’s 12-minute address, which must have set a new record for “respectfully request the press refrain from contributing to prejudging of guilt.”    I    The    day’s    first    roll call was On amnesty, the convention I taken Saturday morning to de-backed its platform committee, I termine the membership of the after making minor changes;party’s state central committee. and adding a sentence opposing The proposed new' constitution brevity in sounding a keynote blanket amnesty.    set membership at 14 — two either party’s state conven- Iowa Democrats adopted a from each of the six eongres- (jon platform at Ames last month sj0nal districts plus the national    Hay    Speech calling for “universal and un- committeeman and committee- „ri,    f    *u conditional'’ amnesty.    lwoma„.    VVllh    the    ‘Production of the Before approving the commit- j R t    determined    effort was    gov'crnot ’    hordcs    0 1,18 >'ounS n|qnu tho i*nnvpntinn vnt-!    aeierminva    enou ''^    supporters    tossed    dozens upon IMS plank, the convention vol mado    ,0    fn]    fjrst ,0 ,6    rn™    k cd down a substitute, offered m„mh_r5 ilh fnu fronl eachi,    '    .    5    , ho Cc nernssm-in Willhm Seller    m(-mDcrs "un loin [rom    rat ii    00ns _ uay    s campaign colors by umgrcssman william bcner    district, and then to 20    members    si hi fi.    , r _    j* I%8 _ Ie of the Fifth district, that ...    . ^stript    . stirred un one of the liveliest    ,    lct’lover balcony railings onto the debates of the day    IinC,Uding th? ,W° "“‘T.' C°m' convention floor. -    mittee members in each case. Then they trooped down to the Cites Missing    When both motions failed, the floor themselves in a demon- Scherle presented his resolu-(first on the roll call vote and the Stratton for the man who is tion from the floor. It read:    second on a standing vote, Tom seeking to become the first four- “Not withstanding olm per- Tauke of Dubuque, the Second term governor in Iowa history, sonal feelings toward amnesty district's new chairman, moved Supporting his thesis that be-for draft dodgers and desert- to reconsider the vote on a 20- lievability and leadership are ers, we believe that no govern-    member committee.    the two basic    issues    in the comment policy toward amnesty    But his motion lost,    too,    on a    paign, Hay    said    the people shall take effect until there is standing vote.    “want    to be able to believe” in a complete and full accounting    .    ,    their government. of all American prisoners of;    oe    in    order to believe in govern- war and missing in action in Thirteen of the 19 Gazette rnent, they have to believe in Southeast Asia.”    j    area counties voted “no” on the the people in government, he Scherle said there are still    motion to enlarge the commit-    continued, and    “this they    can do 1,140 American POWS and MIAs    tee’s size to 26 members.    \n iowa.” and no one who refused the call These counties and their votes ‘’You don’t gain believability to arms for his country should included: Allamakee, 14 to 7; by just talking about it. You be granted amnesty until the Buchanan, 24 to 2; Cedar, 17 to: don’t get it by pounding a fist missing are accounted for. 5; Clinton, 52 to ll; Delawarean the table or by loud talk or Scott Grau of Elkader, who’ll    21 to 3; Dubuque, 65    to 21;    by political    attacks    on    other be a freshman at the Univer-    Fayette, 24 to 12; Jones,    19 to 6:    candidates. Taking It Easy vt■ &&ti Gazette Photo bv Duane Crock Pat, left, and Mike McCool, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Bill McCool, 659 Memorial drive SE, weren't swamped with business the day the photographer happened by, but that didn't seem to worry them too much. Linn Medical Society Eyes Family Physician Shortage S420 Price Hike For 1975 Fords New York Times Service Culver: U.S. Should Live Within Means Congressman .John Culver told members of the Disabled American Veterans Saturday night that the federal government must make more of an effort to live within its means. Culver addressed the Iowa department of DAV’s 51st annual convention, and 29th DAV auxiliary meeting at the Roosevelt I hotel. Calling inflation “a deadly and pernicious enemy,” Culver said “a nation with a bankrupt economy is in as poor a position to defend itself as a nation with obsolete armaments and inadequate military personnel.” Culver, the Democratic candidate for U.S. senate, told the veterans that during his Kl years in congress he has boon “an ardent and consistent advocate of veterans benefits and programs. But he added: “I don’t want to leave the impression that I can automatically be counted on to vote for veterans legislation no matter what it is. “Inflation is a deadly and pernicious enemy to this country’s well-being, and quite frankly I believe we must scrutinize the dollars we are spending on veterans affairs as closely as we watch spending anywhere else in government.” Culver was critical of the percent Nixon Administration's control approximately eight DETROIT — The Ford Motor higher than present 1974 model;of the Veterans administration ICO. plans to raise prices on its.prices.”    during    the past five years. A committee of the Linnl    has been a decrease of about    1975 models an average of eight    During the 1974 model year “There is no room for slip- sity of Iowa this fall, seemed    Keokuk, lo to 4: Linn, 116 to bo;    “You    earn it.    You earn it by County Medical Society is study-J    15 family practice physicians,    percent, or about $420, on its    Ford raised its prices an un- shod management and waste in to sum up the arguments by    Tama. 24 to I; Washington, 16 to    telling    people    what you arcing what can be done regarding    those formerly called general    average car at about the time    precedented six times for aa vast, far-flung operation like opponents when he said the \ ict-1 IO. and Winneshiek, 19 to IO. going to do and then doing it. reports that some persons are) practitioners.    the automaker plans to in- total of $522 or 11.1 percent on’the VA, and yet there has been nam war “was vvrong and; The six counties that voted to    No Flip-Flop    having    problems    finding    a    fami-|    Thi    d    .    j    d    jtroduce its new models next its average car and truck.    colossal    waste    these    past    few there is no reason to penalize, enlarge the membership to 26    ^    ^    ^ Iy doctor in Cedar Rapids. said Dr. Jacobs> whfn JJE was September.    !    The    letter    was    the    first indica- years.” nuhlir office demonstrate *ol!r .    ^^physicians have an increase in specialization. Ford’s intention to put; tion of how large the price in- The state ..—    _i—i..    t—iteft the city this year and twoj Tbe jncreased wor^ load for1 through the increase was dis-creases on the 1975 models I ends today. I family practice doctors in Cedar ^closed in a letter to 6.800 Ford would be. All automakers —I    _ (Rapids has forced some to drop dealers throughout the country.;Ford. General Motors, Chrysler obstetrics cases and minor sur- The letter said that “1975 model and American Motors — have Igical Richardson Affidavit Tells Early Talks on Firing Cox WASHINGTON (UPI) those decisions without flip-flop-—I Richardson said he first vv^enever    political Former Attorney General Elliot learned that the White House    ■av,-    a Richardson has testified that. was considering firing Cox on a7 then. reviewfd hls ad-about the time Vice-president July 3, when it was reported m|^lsfraj,ori * record which, he Agnew resigned, President that the prosecutor was invests Isa^’ inc‘udecf a reduction in the Nixon remarked “Now ... we gating the financing of Nixon’s P°rcenfa8e property taxes con I hold that they think clearly, act from J0tbers have retired. There have knowledge and facts, make the deen nQ repiacernents. hard decisions and are firm in “There is a problem, hut certainly no crisis,” said Dr. John P. Jacobs, chairman of the Medical Society’s public relations committee. “I am sure there have been; no cases where a person was ill DAV convention winds blow.” Want ad readers are always procedures — referring passenger cars will reflect ‘ad- said that they expect substantial looking for a bargain. Sell your patients to specialists.    Vance billing prices’ that are price increases next fall.    bargains now. Dial 398-8234. leased .Saturday bv the house he was not sure the President was not going to move on this to *    Vi    V.**i Richardson’s statement about discharge Mr. Cox, and that it    ’ revenue sharinS for.mu' Nixon’s dismissal of Archibald could not be a matter of Cox’ can go ahead and get rid of San Clemente home.    tributed to all public revenues to and could not get health care, Cox,” according to evidence re- “Gen ( Alexander) Hate said ^ Percen* from 58 percent when said Dr. Jacobs, pointing out the ii was not sure the President    on    °' emCrge"Cy CarC judiciary committee.    was    not    aoinc    to move on this to . R. pc    ?    ?    .    at hosPltals- . ,    . “A person just new in town nicipalities, balanced budgets desiring a routine checkup ma> j Cox, special Watergate prosecu- charter to investigate the Pres- and ^organization of state gov- have difficulty, but with a little tor, Oct. 20, 1973 came in a idem of the United States,” heleminent were other items Ray looking I un sure he will be said    ’ mentioned, saying “we haven’t able to find a doctor.” “Boss Uptight”    just talked” about those things; Nevertheless, said Dr. Jacobs.! During another telephone con- ~    ^    accomplished    facts, ht is disturbing to hear people: venation with Haig later the That kmd of Performance m-jcannot get a doctor." He said same day, Rchardson said. Nixon cut in and “said he want------------ ed a statement by Mr. Cox mak- Serious Problems bv the committee Saturday in ing il -clear .,hat Mr- Co* was Alluding to the Watergate af-1 its impeachment inquiry "and "®* investigating San Cle- fair, the governor acknowledged; was one of the few new docu- '    we av’e    problems in ments about the “Saturday 0n Jul-V 23* 1973> Richard- Washington ... but our system: night massacre ”    I800    sa‘^’    “Gen.    Haig    called and is working as congress and the I The volumes present a chro- t0^ me    ‘boss’    was vei7 courts move painfully, but inex- nological record of the consis-    about    Cox    and com- oraWy, to a resolution. tent r0f„cai tho whit* un.ic* plained about various of his ac- “Even as we express sworn affidavit given the committee June 17, 1974. It appeared in two volumes released Feature story about Archibald Cox on page 21 A. dicates tinued. leadership, Ray con- another committee of the Medical Society is reviewing an up-1 date of the Society physician locator system. In the last ten years, there Davenport Man Fair After Highway Crash Jack E. Peel, 19. of rural Dav- tent'refusal of the White House P,aiiu‘d about various of his ac- “Even as we express our out- enport. was reported in fair conto turn over Watergate evidence tivities- including letters to the    rage, our concern, our    disgust    dition Saturday night at Univer- to two special prosecutors and Internal Revenue Service and    for events that have transpired,    sity hospitals in Iowa City    fol io senate and house invcstigat- secret service from the spe- we can be optimistic about tac lowing an accident Satuiday ing committees. Those refusals cial Prosecutor’s office seeking    future. For ours is a    system    morning at the Oxford will be the basis of a proposed information on guidelines for    that is based on more    than a    terchange of interstate 80 IN CEDAR. rRAPIDS THE DODGE BOH ARE RHOTON TARGET. a pi article of committee week. “Can Go Ahead“ a    system,morning at    the    Oxford inter    that is based on    more    than impeachment    the    electronic surveillance.    handful of men.”    According    to the    Iowa high- wili debate    next    “General Haig told me that ‘if    Speaking in a husky voice    wav patrol. Peel, who was west- we have to have a confrontation    that hinted of a cold. Ray con-    bound, fell asleep. His car we will have it.’ General Haig eluded:    struck the barrier in the medi- said the President wanted ’n “It is a system that draws its ap rolling over several times. “In late September or early tight line drawn with no further vitality from you who are will-    ------- October, 1973, I met with the mistakes.’ and that ‘if Cox does ing to work to elect the people    Fighter    Withdrawal President    in regard to    the    not    agree    we    will    get rid of    you believe in.    Rn.r,.nk,    rpn    _ Ahniit Agnew matter,” Richardson Cox," ” Richardson said.    Following    the    convention,    the said. “After we had finished    our--which ended at    6:30    p.m., the    U.S. F-4 I hantom    jet fighter*. discussion about Mr. Agnew, and    Blast    in    Bohemia    new state central committee re- bombers will be withdrawn as we    were    walking toward the    PRAGUE (AP) — An explo-    elected John McDonald of    from ubon air base in Thailand door,    the    President said in    sub-    sion in a petrochemical works in    Dallas Center to a fourth term    jn comjn,, weeks jn preparation northern Bohemia killed 14 per-    as chairman, and named the in ter the installation’s shutdown stance, ‘Now that we have disposed of that matter, we can go sons and injured 79, the Czech cumbent vice-chairman, Mar-ahead and get rid of Cox.’There news agency (TK reported Sat- garet McDonald of Cherokee, by mid-September, military was nothing more said.”    urdav.    co-chairman.    sources said Saturday. Picnic Members of the Iowa    Downtown Kiwanis — Ken An- City Area Ostomates will hold a derson of the Cedar Rapids fire family picnic at Jones park in department will present a slide Cedar Rapids next Sunday. The presentation on how to survive a picnic will begin at 4:30 p.m. in multi-story structure fire the big pavilion. Members are Wednesday noon at the Roose-asked to bring a covered dish, velt. service and drink. The    picnic    *    *    * will replace the usual business    “Arrangement of the week” meeting.    Petite French bouquet. $5.50-$10. *    *    *    Pierson's Florists. 366-1826 — “House on the Rock” Motor- Adv. coach Tour, August 17.    Travel    *    *    * & Transport. 393-8747.—Adv.    Neurotics Anonymous — Indi- *    *    *    viduals with emotional prob- XX Club - Charles Decker, lems are invited to attend the director of the All Iowa fair, Monday meeeting at 7:30 p.m. will recap this year’s program at the Grace Episcopal church. at the Tuesday noon meeting at    *    *    * the Montrose.    Visit Jerome’s Coin and *    *    *    Stamp Hobby Center, IE The Giftree. Summer gift sale. Tower —Adv. 700 7th St. S.E.-Adv.    *    *    * * *    *    Evening Optimists — Husband Canopus Club — A Red Cross and wife steak fry Tuesday at representative will speak Tues- 6:30 at Mohawk pavilion, day noon at the Embassy.    *    *    * *    * *    Sertoma Club — Police chief Rent Pontoons and Ski Rigs at Wallace La Peters will speak Coral Marina, 626-2411.—Adv. (Tuesday noon at the Montrose. Slide Show — Mrs. Dwight Krumboltz will present a slide show on Ethiopia at the Senior Men’s Christian club meeting Tuesday at 2 p.m. at the Central YMCA. * * * Laura Wheeler Needlecraft designs every Sunday in the Classified Want Ad section. — Adv. * * * Metro Kiwanis — Gazette Sports Writer Steve Allspach will present a program on baseball Thursday noon at the Roosevelt. * * * Living room $9.95, bedroom $7.95. Diamond Carpet Cleaners, 366-6226.—Adv. * * * Tuesday Optimists meet Tuesday noon at the seveli. ♦ * * Treasure Hunters Valley Treasure Hunters will meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Van Vechten park. - Will Roo- Cedar J a y c e e Toastmasters — Speakers at the 7 am. Tuesday; meeting at Bishops will be Mary Nunemaker, Wayne Williams and Harlan Ziegenhorn. ♦ * * Housing de.s|K.*rately needed,1 for enrolling students at Kirk-! wood Community college, individuals, with rooms or apartments for rent, should contact Student Affairs, Kirkwood Community college, 398-5555.—Adv. ★ * * Heritage Society - Linn county Heritage Society will; meet Thursday at 9:30 a rn. at Peoples bank downtown. * * * Rent Ryder Trucks at Buresh East. Local or one-way. 366 1519. — Adv. ■ * * * Rotary Club State Comptroller Marvin Selden will speak! Monday noon at the Montrose. I Now is the time to advertise farm equipment in the wrant ad columns Dial 398-8234. THE DODGE DART FREE AUTOMATIC OFFER. 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