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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather occasional rain ending sunday. Low tonight in 80s. Highs Sun Day in 70s. Volume 91 number 193 i Cedar it amp Tda City final to cents Cedar rapids Iowa saturday. July 21, 1973 associated press up new York time Nixon recordings stopped say notice supplied on soviet Deal Washington up the agriculture department was Given Advance knowledge of last Summers a billion soviet wheat Deal officials of top Grain corporations told a Senate sub committee Friday. Agriculture Secretary b u t z told a House subcommittee last september that the massive Grain Sale to the russians a caught everyone by surprised and a a nobody in his department knew of its size or scope. But Bernard Steinweg senior vice president of Continental Grain co., the worlds largest Grain dealer testified that he told a top agriculture official july 3, 1972, that his firm was prepared to sell More than four million tons of wheat to the soviets and further sales were expected. Affidavits from three other major Grain firms which also participated in the Sale said they told agriculture officials the russians were seeking to buy Large quantities of american Grain. A a outrage Label senator Jackson a was chairman of the permanent investigating subcommittee which libyans turn Back reject Leader s exit Mersa Madruh Egypt apr thousands of uninvited libyan Unity marchers left this Mediterranean resort for Home saturday after hearing reports that Moa mar khad Afy had resigned. However the resignation was not accepted and the fiery libyan Leader was still in Power saturday. A car equipped with a Loudspeaker threaded through the 20.000 camped marchers saturday ordering them to return to Libya and meet in Benghazi. As they headed Home a delegation of libyan officials left Mersa Madruh for Cairo to deliver a message asking president Anwar Sadat of Egypt to proceed with the scheduled sept. I merger of the two countries. Road dynamited the marchers had planned to stage a sit in in Cairo until Unity was declared but they were _ stopped Friday about so Miles East of Mersa Madruh when egyptians dynamited part of the Road. In Libya authorities confirmed the report that khad Afy had submitted his resignation As chairman of the ruling revolutionary command Council and said he had done so in Hopes of hastening the merger. But they said the Council had rejected the resignation. Some observers thought the j resignation May have been a has been probing the Deal said dec aim it Spon Sybi it it Iii ii a an Mil re nil that ap.1 v it was a an outrage. That agriculture was telling the american Public it knew nothing about this devices turned off owing to testimony Washington apr a two year old system for recording president Nixon s meetings and phone conversations has been deactivated informed officials said saturday. The sources said the automatic recording devices were turned off because the system had been compromised by testimony monday by Alexander Butterfield former White House aide who disclosed its existence before the Senate watergate committee. The sources indicated the White House decided that some people might be inhibited in talking to Nixon if they Felt their words were being record re the Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune quoted sources As saying the equipment would be removed after being deactivated licence gathering system a and that two or three Days after the breaking he showed Haldeman an old memorandum dealing with the operation. A after speaking to him i destroyed that memo a Strachan said he said he also destroyed other documents including a Sample intelligence report entitled Sedan chair ii which he said he later found to be the code name for an informer inside sen. Hubert Humphreys presidential Campaign and not As he suspected related to the watergate wiretap committee sources say Stra Chan is prepared to say when questioned that he destroyed the documents on Haldeman a orders. Dean testified that Strachan told him soon after the breaking that Haldeman ordered him to skyjacker threat to blast Jet Dubai a terrorists in sweltering Japan air lines jumbo Jet threatened saturday to blow up the plane and passengers at Dubai a desert Airstrip if anyone approached police said. One of the hijackers a woman was killed Friday when a hand grenade she was holding exploded accidentally according to the airline. The hijackers radioed officials in the Dubai control Tower that a we Are awaiting instructions but they did not say from whom or where the instructions were supposed to come. The officials thought the i for the Unity March. Sadat who favors a go slow approach to the merger urged khad Afy in a message to Stop _ Rumba the first Gorilla born at the Lincoln Park zoo in Chicago tastes her third birthday cake presented by or. Lester Fisher zoo director. Rumba apparently in t too keen on it. Jackson charged a Nail ure the Marcej an j a a appreciate the nth a is onre sensitive results which could develop Between the libyan and egyptian people when this March ignores the assembled with a bureaucratic negligence deception and mismanagement throughout the entire Deal which he said resulted in cheat ing the Farmer who sold Earls ppr pen natives of the egyptian at lower prices and in driving people and enters in the form of up food prices for the consumer j an Jackson said the evidence t of showed that agriculture kept in a can believe formation on the failure of the Sadat said egyptians had been russian wheat crop a secret told by the libyan Council that while in fact issuing mislead it was unaware of the massive ing reports on overseas Condi motorized procession. But Sadat tons and an anticipated air told khad Afy a we cannot be a us a a Liec that the leadership of the Steinweg testified that at a libyan revolution. Had let meeting in Washington with As things go uncontrolled in its s i s t a n t agriculture Secretary i country. Carroll Brunthaver a i told him the Council said khad Afy had we had been contacted by the been called to leadership by the russians told him the specific will of the libyan people and amounts of wheat they wished had authority to resign. To Purchase from first phase three Days later Continental consummated the first phase of an agreement that led to Sale of almost la million tons of Grain to the russians. Coast to coast bicycle trip by family of 5 Gloucester. Mass. Apr Washington state attorney general Slade Gorton has completed his a once in a life time Type of he says head recommend it As a Way of getting to know America better. Gorton and his wife and three children arrived Friday japanese War Straggler says no to return Home Davao City. Philippines surrounded and outnumbered by a a wiry former member american troops in 1945 a we of the japanese Imperial Navy it reared i be Forest of Balut a a. Island where i was separated walked bark from the dead we my Kroup of me a a of urday after 28 years and de Sake dared a yes. I am Ryoji said is group Leader a i want to stay in the Philippines capt. Takeda. And some of his and apply j Miki 50, who has forgotten his destroy documents including some relating to electronic sur Ijac kers were isolated from their i veil Lance. Strachan denied Tell command after cruising around ing Dean he got rid of wiretap the Middle East before Landing logs and said he had Only sus Friday night at Dubai an Arab a Al i i ii peeled incorrectly that what Sheik Dom on the persian Gulf. Ino involvement he was doing away with were sandwiches and ice Washington apr Gor wiretap papers there was no immediate re Don Strachan former White most heated quest for refuelling or Ransom. Strachan s most heated Deni an official said the terrorists als were aimed at Magruder first demand was for �?o250 Sand. Who had been his Boss when Wiches and a it to i a Gate wlr�p-1 Magrudor worked at the White the plane was ringed by rn"8 r. Volt r or up House during the Campaign armed police As it sat in the hot it. A i the roles were nearly reversed Sun. His testimony already in con with Magruder reporting to his the terrorists refused to see old subordinate. Anyone but they told officials in a was a result. Or Magruder the control Tower that they were frequently tried to avoid the h o i d i n g japanese. German reporting Strachan dutch peruvian French and said. Magruder filled in Hal Arab passengers along with the deman directly on projects that Crew were going Well but tossed off the Airport was closed to a a the bad ones with a sketchy a flights and no vehicles were count to Strachan he said. Allowed within two Miles of the Strachan denied that a Airstrip. Ground Crews hooked a Strachan admits destroying data House aide admits destroying documents about political intelligence but denies knowing Flint with that of former Campaign Deputy Jeb Magruder and ousted White House counsel photo on picture Page John Dean will face stiff testing by the Senate watergate committee when the televised hearings resume monday. Strachan pronounced a Strawn Al read a 15-Naae state Ruder told he Alk it a Cor Small Generator to the plane but ment at the end of fridays ses Don Liddy 5 $1 j�11?0 proposal officials doubted it would be suf he Mony on Sev it Nied Ever telling Dean that he had destroyed wiretap logs. Sion but answered ,0.use Focient 0001 the Hure ship ,. W a. Tuition and kidnapping in the attacked Magruder a test. Nixon really cooking Quot feral counts and de k March 30 meeting thy must Reav be cooking out there now a one police of i certainly would not target Facer said m fee acc desert old memo it. Or. Magruder certainly did Strachan said he told the then not a a a me hat White House chief of staff. H r. In certainly not those details Cen Bumsby Sun climbed higher and sent the temperature to 102 with 95 per Strachan said. For filipino citizen men were eventually captured i Camm cruder said he told Stra and returned to Japan. He elect-1 Tapp no hat the Nixon t Amoa Ign in on int a Jinn andi., i committee was running a woo in aay Etona to Complete a 3.290-mile Cross native language added in in country bicycle trip from gosh a even if my parents cd to go into hiding among the Balaan tribe. Sheik Mohamed bin Rashid defense minister of the United ii.,.ivi���m���cx in. O we. Arab emirates went on Board too a sophisticated political Intel hugging scheme but neg0tiate shortly after the ? Salt of Quot. Also deemed Heaning plane arrived bul there were no apparent results and the ter saves three after crash Jackman. Police credit Maine Aid i Walter Pulkkinen in a sworn affidavit produced with saving the lives of three by Jackson Patrick Gardner persons injured in a traffic a vice president of the Dreyfus cadent that had already claimed corp said he saw Brunthaver one life. July 8 and told him a the rus a car went off u. S. 201 sians were interested in buying Friday struck a Utility pole and a Large Quantity of caught fire. Brunthaver told Gardner a officers said Pulkkinen a cording to the statement that Rived on the scene and pulled the u s. A did not intend to get two of the injured from the involved in any give away pro burning car. Seeing thai the Grams at cheap prices but that i third person War too badly Hurt should always inform him of to be moved and the fourth was1 any Large scale propositions in dead. Pulkkinen doused the car voicing foreign with water from a nearby other affidavits Olympia Wash. Gorton said a it took us 45 Days altogether. We left june 8 that Means we averaged a Little Over to Miles a Day. But it went from a Low of maybe 45 when wed quit at noon to 140 one Day in North Dakota when the land was Flat and the wind was 30 Miles an hour right at our Gorton was forced to rent a car briefly and follow his family after he was struck by a hit and run Driver near Erie a. It was the Only mishap on the trip. A a we be seen the country in a Way that you can never see it from a Gorton said. A a we be Given our children a lesson in America and its peo about that. Magruder also said he filled in Strachan completely about a wrists refused to allow the he said he married a Balaan i. My parents in vv0man. Cristina Handoc 45j u0nsu tt6r ndffl6u Japan and my brothels and and Thev have 14 children j Danl Lull if in women and children to de plane Sisters want me to go Back. I seven boys and seven girls. 0 Oldie Dndr unit the meeting March 30. 19/2. At however food and water for prefer to enjoy my own family during the press conference Des Moines apr in what which he says the final water the was put Here in the he was asked if he Speaks Japa he described As a Sharp break a l_reiappin8 p Law a aboard he said he had assumed the Nese. A i do not speak or under filipino Balaan name of tango stand japanese anymore a he Tao and had been passing him replied a i have forgotten the self off As part japanese language after 28 president Marcos said Friday the five foot five. 125-Pound App Uhuru Moi a purchased that world War la stragglers s t r a g g i e r recognized his Anderson associate Dean of the 1 a a if ctra4,Hafl who have remained in the Phil j parents voices in a tape record College of Home economics at with tradition gov. Robert Ray proved and assigned a budget of $250,000 he said he sent Stra the body of the woman i saturday named a consumer Nesa a quote >e"1 Jacker was carried off the plane representative to the state Bank clan a memorandum detailing shortly 3fter it arrived it \23 ing Board the number of people to be pass Reg and a Crew of 22 appointed was mrs. Marvin t re it Llev Haft Tirc a after a 3.000 mile. Nine a hour flight from Amsterdam. Economics at a a a _ u_.�?�?-1 Purser Hurt i Pines will be eligible for Citi my played by newsmen. Zen ship. A a. Miki appeared at a Brief press conference in this City 610 Miles Southeast of Manila. The world War la Seaman was listed in Japan s War records As killed in action in june. 1945. In the Southern Philippines but was discovered alive after his 1 wealthy brother from Osaka French stage nuclear test pie. Its geography and its in launched a search for him last with water Stream. Density that they could never get any other april. Miki said his detachment was 0f Tahiti Wellington. New zealand up a France saturday triggered the first nuclear explosion in its much protested 1973 test series with a shot High above the muru Roa atoll 720 Miles South but Strachan said All he received was a Brief general no the we name to a four Vear till that made ment in of a Quot airline official raid the 1 a j u a electronic surveillance. A the told grenade went off As the terror item on the Board which Over rank Atina uie sundae my on As inc terror i sees actions of the Iowa banking \ repeating his lists took Over the plane 30 min 1 omm s in rather a utes after Takeoff. Mrs Anderson succeeds Cliff pm scaled Polit a intelligence a Purser. Yoshihisa Hiyashi Jordan a rams Manu Gath nip syst has be to 27 injured by the blast proved Wuh a budget of 300, while serving Champagne to meaning $300,000. Passengers but his condition _. _. A unfortunately he neither not Pii a Vonh a Pink be Bra new Price of Des Moines. De Oak. Riolfi 1 Asi. For no Soto i in in in of a Minaril in it j i 2 Jal s in Ndon off be said one spot in an jr., of Council Bluffs j further details about the sub 0f the three male terrorists Bigler of Muscatine. To Jutt Strachan Sald of he Hru mde apr Rory to Strachan said he then sent facture and Bank director reappointed to the Board were John soph Knock of Creston James Cravens of Sanborn. And affidavit from Carl c �0ys a frigg be n by Lake Brasmer. A vice president of the Bunge corp and Melvin Middents of the Cargill co., both of which sold Grain to the soviets said they had similarly notified agriculture officials last july that the russians had approached them about Large Grain purchases r or amp my today s Index is reached Back to help him and he was gone n continued Page 2, col 8 i reprieved too late Church. 3 comics 5 Cour Thiim 2 crossword. 5 daily record. 2 deaths. 2 editorial features. 4 financial la Marlon la movies 7 sports 9. I television 6 want ads 12-15 Yellowstone National Park who. Up Kim Jones 16. Churned for an hour Iii icy Yellowstone Lake urging a companion explorer scout to keep up with him in their struggle to reach Shore. But bub Safran. 16, grew tired and desperate. A the said buddy dont leave and i said. I wont then i reached Back to help him and he was gone and that was the last i Ever saw of Jones said Friday in describing a wilderness ordeal in which he ran 17 Miles Barefoot through hear country to get help for his companions dying in the storm swept Lake the teenagers were members of a scout group which set out wednesday to paddle across the Lake in canoes and kayaks. They were in the Middle of the Lake when a storm struck. Four of the nine All from Albuquerque n m were drowned. A we had just got to the Middle of the Lake and it just hit like a bomb a Jones said. A i did t know it at the time but the storm scattered us All Over the Lake. A we started taking on water. At first i was really seared. Hob and i swam about a half mile together and then he Start a really turning purple a Jones kept swimming a every time i would Slop moving my arms in the water they would freeze he said a i figured. A old buddy you d better keep moving because if you done to you re dead a a i remember crawling up on the Shore and giving thanks to god to be alive i was hurting pretty bad hut i ran most of the 17 Miles to the Ranger station a a John was barefooted Ami in the midst of Bear country. Some of his trek was in darkness and he startled one Bear which gave Chase a this Bear came tip and slapped the Bottom of the tree with his Paw and darned near knocked me out of said Jones who sat on a tree limb for an hour until the Bear grew weary and wandered away. .1 ones reached a Park Ranger station at noon thursday. Rangers returned to the Lake and picked up four scouts who made it safely to Shore. Drowned were Safran Burris Wolsieffer. 26 Tom Gower 16. And Darwin scallions in his nud-40s of those who struggled in the water Only Jones survived. Rangers estimated a person could stay alive Only 30 minutes in the cold water. But ones was minutes. In for about 90 a might be a japanese but we re not sure. Earlier reports indicate cd they were members of the sek gun or red army a fanatical japanese leftist organization. Dubai police reported that the hijackers claimed to be ecuadorian nationals but officers said All negotiations were conducted in arabic. During the Lahore. Pakistan api the reprieve came just too late flight Over euro a the hijackers All of the scouts and their for a Bangladesh War victim. A. I indicated they were fighting for leaders were wearing life Jack a. Naseem the palestinian cause. Naseem. A pakistani had they first tried to have the Jet beet held by India since the land at Beirut but permission War two years ago was refused. Then they flew to then he Learned his daughter Basra. Iraq. But the runway was Hina 3. W As dying of cancer j too Short at Bahrain on the starting two months ago a persian Gulf they again were peals were made to Premier in refused Landing permission and cts. And the bodies of scallions. Gower and Safran were found floating with their jackets strapped around them. Rangers searched for Wol Sieffert a body. Paul Porter 17 Kevin seamens. 16 Buss Ballett 14, and Ken Foley 15, survived in addition to Jones. They were taken to the Lake Hospital for treatment and released. Jones was treated for cuts on his feet and legs and severe sunburn. Doctors said he would be confined to a wheelchair for a few Days. Dira Gandhi so Naseem could be released in time to see his daughter alive the Indian government finally decided to free him and f riday he was whisked across the Border and rushed to Lahore. But the family said that just 12 hours before he arrived she had died headed for Dubai pm a i in today chuckle woman Driver showing a dented car to the garage attendant a look the Lender s been acting up copyright

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