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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NAHON Al WI AIM! lf SIKVlCI tOtfCA&l lo 7 t* IU 7 - It* " TA • I TV. '■ v.‘<'■*•** 30.?4 , —Cyprus— (Continued from Page I.) Karl A. Schaefer from UPI correspondent John Lawton who has been in Mersin \    -o    „r e-jo r \ ^or ,wo days observing the huge 88. widow    '    ‘    HiPd, Thiiridav Tlirkish buildup. Turkish Infor- of Albert O’Deen, 4035 Johnson ' nu ^w- cd Thursday mHtjon Mmister 0rhan Rirgit avenue NW, a resident of Cedar ;‘f [ A ,()^ J1^ orme?Jof later confirmed the ships’ de- Mrs. Albert O'Deen Ora Celia O’Deen, The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tri., July IO. 1374    3 Attorney Rules No Need For School Petition Vote Rapids for the last 17 years, i„onf    he had    been a Cedar parturc (Hod Thursday rn a Cedar    Tm    I'Basel The Ankara    government re- Rapid., hospital following a bi .cl Swit2er|andi h(, was’marricd ta fused lo permit transmission of Born Nov. IU. .MS, near Ana- K™1* M    Jan- »■ '*»••» "f T" ** TV* ^ mosa, she had lived in the Ana-»" »«* emPl^e? b-V: ljlwlon ,sal< h‘    " mesa area until moving lo!lb(' Chandcl Co and H'gh,"ay mi'd'an’ )andln« „craft' Cedar Raoids in 1957    Equipment    Co.,    retiring in I960, small landing craft, five war* Mr. Schaefer was a member of ships and two large troop trans counted 20 five Surviving are three sons, Buelford and Charles T , both of Cedar Rapids, John A., Vinton; a sister, Mrs. Emil Gustafson, Vinton; a brother, Delbert 60 \ 70 _... uh WI Al HIM OUK ASI Rain is expected over the Tennessee valley, the Atlantic coast, upper northern plains, the northern Rockies, the northwest Pacific coast, parts of the southwest and over some areas of the northeast. tho First Lutheran church    ports among the force which put Surviving in addition lo his to sea. wife are a son, Harold G The medium-sized landing ^ Schaefer*,    Cedar Rapids;    a craft carried tanks, trucks and Blood    Geneseo    III    •    eicht;dau^ter’ ‘^r's’ ,,amos ,)avcn‘    troops. At least 30 tanks could I grandchildren and six great- £?rt' C„dar    two    sis{Jrs>: be seen and the transports had : Grandchildren.    Mrs. Henry Rudin and Mrs. troops standing shoulder to Services:    Turner    chapel west;    Rudin’    Swit*    shoulder on their decks. ^    n zcrland, and 9 grandchildren. Services: Chapel of Memories Intervention Threat at 2 p m. Saturday by the Rev.; While the destination of the Alvon Nelson of the First Lu-    warships was not released, Tur-| theran church. Burial: Cedar    key has threatened to intervene. Memorial cemetery. Friends    militarily on Cyprus to prevent' at noon Saturday, by the Bov. lice Roy Collins. Burial: Cedar Memorial cemetery. Friends mav call at Turner west. may call at the Cedar Memorial Mrs. Walter Dunham Ida Belle Dunham, 88, widow funeral home after noon Friday of Walter Dunham, died in a and at the chapel after 9 a.m. —Daily Record-— -Impeachment' (Continued from Page I.) Saturday. The casket will closed at 1:45 p m. Saturday Cedar Rapids hospital Thursday after a brief illness. Mrs. Dunham had been living with her:    -jj—----——-- daughter. Mrs. Mabel Bendon, PptoflAfl U|fc 1114 Eleventh street NWf, for the ■ GII UVU Billa paper stories about sensitive U.; last eight months.    Oft    ft    ft Thursday. Flush j S. diplomatic plans.    She    was    born    Aug.    25,    1885.    at    &    3    I    @ PH 6 ll IS OH Nixon reserved some of his Keokuk, and was a member of The Weather    12:17 pm ga s o 11 n p from accident at Extended Forecast — Chance Thirty-fourth street and First    .,    .    .    .v    , , of rain Sunday through Tues-1avenue NE-    worst    language for describing th® christen church at Keokuk. day. Highs, mid 90s. Lows, mid 2:58 P-”}- Thursday. Un- career government bureaucrats^    I**arn eiX ^ran^ known to brush and trees at i    daughter    are eight grand- Thirty-eighth street drive SE who talked freely with reporters c h i I d r e n , several great-1 Hills residents have signed a pe-j approval to an act or war. about U. S. foreign policy.    grandchildren,    two brothers, Ed-'tition protesting the “degrading The meeting was put off while MMM l Angelet «? a; known to grass atCoT 1 oad^NE    Scare    Tactic    ward ^ Phillips, Keokuk, and statements” concerning their Ecevit visited London for crisis 97la Minm.poi.1 atli MI and Milwaukee railroad tracks. u .. t . . .,    :Carl Phillips, Zion, 111.    apartment    made    by Juan Cortez talks with British leaders and 93 6o'm NeSrYoarks *4 73 .01 f _3:5jL P’TL Thursday: Bafp- distiusted them so much_ Services: Saturday at the Sch- at an informal meeting of the Sisco, who has warned both Tur bos to lower 70s. Hiqh temperatures Thursday, low tem-' an{j Milwaukee railroad tracks, perafures overnight and inches of pre- i cipitation:    I    3:03 p.m. Thursday. lln- Anchorage Atlanta Bismarck Chicago Denver Duluth Honolulu Houston the island republic from uniting with Greece. Turkish Premier! Bulent Ecevit conferred in Turbo key with his military leaders! and cabinet ministers. He has; called the situation “very ; grave.” The Turkish parliament met; in emergency session Thursday, to consider approving an in-..    .    ii-il    va-slon of the island, but ad- Hawthorne Hills )ou™d un',11 saturday without making a decision. Under Tur-More than HK) Hawthorne kish law parliament must give HI™ ch0M?ix !!F7 m r-le, t.hrough earburetor at 320;that he seriously considered or- inidt funeral home, Keokuk. 92 74 Washington 92 76 .02 dering lie detector tests for Burial: at Hickory Grove ceme- Cedar Rapids city council last key and Greece of the current m—Missing.    4    l9    n    rn Thursday Needless vw‘,,«    I--------------u ---------- week.    crisis’“potential for calamity in r R    call at F avenue and Edsc woTd more than 300.IKK) state depart-:,eur5'-1urn,er<ihapclwestvvasln Cor,cz' 0ffice of Bremen!-the region.” Hinh Thur-dav    roadNW'    I    mom.    Pentagon    and Central In-0""*6'°fl#cal arranWs' Education Opportunity (OREO) The govcrnment announced High inursaav ..............lui    5;17    pm Thursday. Un-L ...    .    ,    -- board member, had told the that Ecevit had sent U N Se- Low overnight ...............73    known    c    Agency employe*, not Memorial Services council that young people would cretary-General Hurt Waldheim Noon Friday ................ 8.1    Perrypazadn§E lot '*nd Bla"' because he thought they were spinier. Milo A. _ Saturday “nee the apartment hallways twl> |ettcrs, one stated that the Friday ................oil        .    _    tall    resnonsihlr    for nnwc l^akc I at 9:30 a.m. in St. Wenceslauslfor bathrooms and rattle thp'„„i.,    administration is that of the ......    oco        ^    ^—^,.r.    cit,          community    and the new Normal tor July ............5.38    6:11    p.m. Thursday. Engine to the b- .”    Stewart    funeral    home.    I He suggested that police pa- Greek Cypriot regime should Normal through July ......20.19    mss    at Rockford road and p w..    Naibert,    Dr.    Arthur Charles trois in the area be increased. not be recocnized The other ob- Total for 1974 ..............30    99    Crandic    railroad tracks.    ,    Tot    mer    White House special! saturday at 10:30 at Turner Moimr nnnaH ronnm, 7:10 p.m. Thursday. Un- Counsel Charles Colson quoted^hapcl east by Dr. p.m. J- ridny .........  89    #;#J    Thursday.    Possible    al1    responsible for news teaks, I ut »:3# cm in St. Wawteslaus for bathrooms and rattle the oniy legitimate i Total'for*July' ‘ “w iTT"''!"    ‘nw**"*■ ?“’ in'll* P!*sid€Jnt’s words' 50 Frana!Burial:'St. John^.To""1 doors’    of ,hc elderly llVmg 'n Cyprus now ii total tor Jut) ..............I    _■>    powder    at    520 E avenue NW. he could ‘‘immediately scare rv: Friday at 7:30 p.m. in 'bere.    Turkish communit vnrmul mr I ii I if    I KR    e.1    1      rru....    .J_____• ...    .    ll,.    -.-.IS-.-.    . nue SW. Humidity at noon ..........76%'Fourth street se Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m., S at 7 mph. Sun rises Saturday, 5:48; sun sets, 8:37. Year .Ago Today — High, 85; low, 72; rainfall, .03. Traveler's Forecast John P. May°r Donald Canney respond-; jected to the attempt of the new )nai ed that the problem seemed [cemetery. Friends may call at concern “internal security” and sides as the Cypriot delegate to Rarometei, nsinS ....... I0!4)    known    to    grass    iTlDeblock of Nixon as saying in late^ June Woods. Burial: Czech National cd (hat the problem seemed to regime to replace Zenon Ros- street SE.    j    don‘t    give    a    damn    tow    “in,efn!1    andisWes    aS    ,he    CyPriC‘    ---------- hii'-Am/lM-n f”    dld»^‘dl»ba.ever has to be    ^    ^    C#"‘,he Unitcd Na,i°nS' done to (prevent Magistrate s Court disclosures; I don’t want to be Speeding — Vincent Theiss, (old why it can t be done.’ 1232 Brockman drive SE; WH-1 Later, the .special White HanH, SSS’ FortyleSith str«X l?ouse    unit    called NE; Richard Fry, no address; I the “plumbers” was formed. stop these leaks and opened after the strvice. further unauthorized The 102 petitioners signed ap    I    A* J 'Aire ^    ^    n    rl    Xnr    statement    which    agreed    with    *    6SS6r-Dy    MIQS Canney saying- “We teel il wa* Firemen, Suffers Impeachment' in Saturday    each    fined $30 and costs. Gre- Even as the plumbers were Weather, Hi-Lo gory White. 1823 Hamilton! panning the breakin at the of- unfair to the Hawthorne Hill A    ,u    management    that    the complain-! Smoke Inhalation Anger ST Memo inS residents or Mr. Cortez AI BANY NY (AP) — Rep didnt 8° to thcm first t0 see if A fire o{ undetermined cause Stratton (D-N.Y j, said Friday 'bey could work this out.” that started in a bedroom re- In an interview, Ed Sider, one suited in extensive damage Chicagok  Ptcidy    83-65    ton; each’fined $25 and’costs.    House ^Mnsidere^^hi mbfo'headl^ thc Petitioners added that “it    early Friday to a second    floor Cleveland    ..... • PtCldv    74-55    McCormick, Dp15MForty-fourth    to aide* John    Ehrlichman    that    the so-called plumbers angered *>unds hJc a bunch of siHmess.!    p^rRllcn^ ^ sv^'^hfch^was Des Moines PtCldy    89-68,street SE:    David Turnhall,    their efforts    were    “not    vigorous    him to a point that he was dis-1;1 ve hvcd here five years and    hirst avenue SW, which    was Detroit ...........Clear    84-58    Clarence; Duane Nesetril, 2151 j0h „    closing publicly that “I am lean- never heard of any such thing.!    vacated this week. Indianapolis PtCldy 85-61 j Birchwood drive NE; each 8    ,    ,    mer toward impeachment ” Any troubles we have I think we A passer-by, Mike Maher. 21, K»r* vCi,y Fair fnl-    VI-? and COS S' ... ' „Thore 2 "°lhmg ,hat >h0WS He si d ”1 had Ten that it can work out among ourselves.” ! no address, was given oxygen at Milwaukee........fair    70-5i Vehicle control violation — the President knew in advance    I    .,    ,    rrniuinn    oiifrroH    fhat    vn\/    ru    n    u Mpls.-St. Paul ...Cloudy 84-65 Paul Abodeely. 2875 Twenty-that a breakin was Denned But was Probably ProP°r for me t0 The petition alleged that eev-j the scene after he was over-Dmaha    .    .    Fair    100-74, third avenue, Marion; fined $20    nri.,Qf0    Mix-    withhold any public comment on eral °f th® five residents that come by smoke while helping me HIOS I private or i>ix- .___  ICnrtPT    had    hrnneht tn thp meet- firomon or*/wnrdinrT in nictrml By Judy Dauhenmier A nine-month-old petition requesting the establishment of seven director districts in the Cedar Rapids Community school district does not have to be placed on this September’s' school election ballot. Phil Klinger, assistant county! attorney, issued that opinion Thursday afternoon. An attorney had requested the opinion on behalf of 85 signers of the petition presented to the school board last November. Vote Asked It asked for a vote on dividing the school district into seven director districts, each represented by a director living within that subdistrict and elected Marion Farmer Is Electrocuted MARION — Kenneth Keith Mays. 38, of route 2 Marion, was electrocuted about 2:30 pm.! Thursday when he attempted to pull a hayloader from an electric line at the Witwrer farm east of Marion. Linn county deputies reported Mays had been crossing the road in a tractor pulling the loader when the loader became entangled in the line. They reported he safely lo-sened the tractor from the loader, but was electrocuted when he attempted to pull the loader from the line. Mays was prounounced dead at the scene of the accident. A * * Kenneth Keith Mays was horn May 8. 1936. in Ashland, Neb.,; and was married to Henrietta Bowers June 17. 1971, in Buffalo, Mo. Mr. Mays was an employe of Witwer Farms for two years. Surviving in addition to his wife are a son, Kenneth De-wayne Mays, and a daughter Angel J. Mays, both at home, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Childress. Buffalo, Mo. Services: Turner chapel east at 1:30 p.m. Saturday by the Rev. John D. Green of the Free Methodist church of Toddville. Burial: Dunkard cemetery. Friends may call at the Turner chapel east. even in on’s conversations, there is no! St. Louis   Fair 94-70 and costs. Sioux Falls PtCldy 96-67 Driving on wrong side —, Herbert Miller. Boone; fined mention of restraint, of caution, j . $25 and costs.    I    or    of    how    far    his    men    should    go Mississippi Stages (Flood .stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) .4, no change Lansing (18) 7.7, rise .4 Dam 9 (18) 11.8, fall .1 McGregor (18 ) 6.4, no change Guttenberg (15)    3.4, no! change Dubuque (17) 6.5, fall .3 Davenport (15) 4.4, fall .8 Keokuk (16) 5.8, fall .1 impeachment until the judiciary I Cortez had brought to the meet-; firemen according to District committee report was in.” mg were not even aware of Cor-j Chief Thomas Phelps, smoke But he added, “In view of this| tez’ intentions. Two of the resi-i while helping firemen. Enter through street _ Al-lin keening the President’s “(attempt to associate me with dents in whose behalf Cortez! The building owned by Copper ben Powell, 368 Seventh ave- crets    the plumbers, which of course is' said he was speaking had been Construction Co., 2205 Grand av- nue, Marion; fined $30 and *    fantastic and absurd. I ought to1 waiting at a bus stop when he enue, Marion, was supposed to costs-    make clear that I am my own asked if they wanted a ride. have been vacated earlier this Driver’s license violation — Vice-president Ford says he man.”    They    were    then taken to the week for remodeling. Mo”SS'awte4DiS?°Burdinck changed his mind about listen-    .Stratton said evidence made    council chambers    where    they    Fire investigators were    check- 960 West Ninth avenue! ing ,0 White House Watergate    public Thursday indicated that    were “humiliated    by Mr.    Cor-    fog    to determine if a    tenant did Marion; Paul Abodeely, 2875 tapes and after hearing them    charles Colson had suggested    fez’ actions,” according to the    not    move out when    the    owner Twenty-third avenue, Marion:|still thinks President Nixon is    that the congressman might be    petition. oanh f I nnrf ClH onH nAcle    *      a     a    i_    ?___ •_______ ..    ..    .    I Cedar at C R. (13) 4.30. fall .08 Coralville Lake Pool level Friday..... Births — Mercy July 18 — Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ynhe, 3808 First avenue NE. a daughter. July 19 — Mr. and Mrs. Terence Devereaux, 3600 Redbud road NE. a son. Births — St. Luke's July 18 — To the families of Robert Menzel, 338 Crandall drive NE, a daughter; Larry Taylor, 4405 Navajo drive NE. a daughter; Lyle Broer, 219 Crandall drive NE I William Toomer, 1175 Twenty-sixth street. Marion, a daughter; Michael Lewis, 2215 Twelfth avenue. Marion, a son; Paul Bauch. 6704 Idlebrook drive NE. a son; Wayne Rhine-hart. Garrison, a daughter; A. James Aldrich, 273 Windsor drive NE, a son; Car! Johnson, 1428 Sixth street NW. a son. each fined $15 and costs. Right-of-way violation — Catherine Randall,    1315. Twenty-second avenue SW;| innocent of anything impeach- willing to lead thc plumbers. abl°-    j    “I    never    met    the    gentleman,”    j He disclosed at a news confer- "Just a Retired Old Fellow Now," Hunt, 56, Claims expected or if someone else had since moved in. MIAMI (AP)—Convicted Wa- Grand Jury To Hear Child Burning Case Thomas Vrzal has been bound said Stratton, “and I never even .690.991 Mathias Stephen, 736 Thir-lence on Thursday that he    heard of the name Colson until and^costs01 NE’ °aCh fined S15;changed his mind because of    the Watergate thing broke.” ii.iTn fh h    r*ie controversy over conflicting i The Albany Timcs-Union re- 411 First avenut NW; finedC$20 transcriP*s‘    iPorted that    described and costs.    I “I have. I think, read, heard Stratton to H. R. Haldeman as;tergate conspirator E. Howard;over to the Linn county grand Traffic signal violation —or otherwise absorbed the    “an articulate and ambitious”    Hunt, 56,    has    settled    down    in    jury on    a    charge    of assault    with! Perry Lindeman, 1012 Eight- j various material that has been    individual who, “although a    Miami, calling    himself “just    a    intent    to    inflict    great    bodily    in- clsts. ^Benia rd^ *K r a basher 3 641 submitted to the judiciary com-! Democrat, is totally on our side [retired old fellow” trying to find (jury in connection with burns Summer circle NE; fined $15! n1*(tce. There are some dif-Hie issues.”    nrivarv    I    suffered bv his son Jpffrev IO and costs.    Iferences in the (White Houser    ----- Obstruct crossing — Chicago, and panel versions of the) tran-Milwaukce St. Paul and Pacif-iscripts.” Ford said. ic railroad; fined $25 and costs.    , „    „ , . Aud after listening to two of them, I could understand why there were differences in in-, temptations,” citing their poor audio quality. Iowa Deaths Oelwein — Helen Mulford, 79. Friday at 2 at Hintzl Burial: Fremont cemetery, Winthrop. Tipton — Donald R. Challis, TIPTON are being privacy.    1    suffered by his son Jeffrey, IO, The former CIA agent. Bay of on July ll. Pigs invasion coordinator and| The case was sent to the author of 45 novels, bought an j grand jury Thursday afternoon $80,000 four-bedroom home with 1 after a preliminary hearing in a swimming pool in the north- magistrate s east section of Miami. He and ^    ., ..    . - his four children were in the L.f.    5 - Twelve Mexicans    o( moving ln on xhurs. fifteenth street St, poured gas- held in the Cedar![jav    olme on the boy and another Mexicans Held For Authorities In Cedar Jail Federation Head To Probe Chess Politics Charge AMSTERDAM (API - The president of the International Chess Federation, Max Euwe, says he will go to Solingen, West Germany, to investigate charges by expatriate Czechoslovak grandmaster L u d e k Pachman that he was expelled from an international tournament on political grounds. Pachman charged his own club at Solingen withdrew his invitation to play in its tournament last week after Soviet grandmasters Boris Spassky and Lev Polugaevskv and East German grandmaster Wolfgang Uhlmann threatened to pull out if Pachman played. Pachman made the charge in a letter to world champion Bobby Fischer, the federation and other members of the international chess community. Euwe said he understood from the Solingen club that Pachman agreed before the tournament that he would step out if the Soviets threatened to boycott it because of his presence. by voters in that subdistrict only. The attorney for the signers said a suit asking for a writ of mandamus to force school officials to put it on the ballot was being considered. A four-member study committee established by Hawkeye Labor Council to look into the director district issue was scheduled to meet Friday night to discuss thc latest development. “Very Concerned” Joan Long, chairman of the committee, said there “arc some people on the committee that are very concerned about director districts,” but did not know what the committee might recommend. The school board last November declared the petition was defective because it did not carry the signatures of one-third of the voters in the school district and did not set out the boundaries for the seven director districts. Supporters of the petition contend it is valid because it is based on a section of Iowa law which states the school board must submit a proposition to the voters if it is asked to do so by at least 50 petitioners. No Plan In September, voters had approved another measuTe which asked for the establishment of director districts without specifying a plan. The board has since devised an arrangement of four director districts with three at-large directors. That plan must be approved at the Sept. IO school board election before being implemented. School officials have said if that plan is defeated they will not be legally obligated to offer another one. Second Night of Trouble in C. R., Youth Charged A 17-year-old boy was charged Thursday with disturbing the peace and resisting an officer after the second night of trouble at the First avenue bridge. Police arrested the youth shortly before 10:30 p.m. Thursday when officers went to the park at the northwest end of the bridge to inform a group of youths that the area would close in a few minutes. The youth allegedly swore at the officers and then tried to get away when they arrested him. He was released to his parents. Three adults and a juvenile were arrested early Thursday in a disturbance at the site where many young persons have been gathering at night. Bill Bars White House from IRS WASHINGTON IAP) - Re-spending to Watergate disclosures, the senate voted Thursday to bar executive-branch employes from access to federal income tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service could disclose returns only to thc President, if he personally-asked for them in writing, or to treasury or justice department employes involved in filing or auditing returns, under the senate measure. The provision, introduced by Sen. Weicker (R-Conn.), was adopted by voice vote and added to a bill setting limits on the number of high-level employes that could be hired by the White House. “If anybody can be 100-per- county jail for federal immigra- Hunt’s wife, Dorothy was son' alleScdly t0 scare them 63. Monday at lo at Red Oak;cent certain that their version is turn authorities after they were kii]od in a Chicago plane crash    he    thought    they had    • • m0re accura,e than any stopped by highway patrol of- in |ate J972.    lied to him. The gasoline was lg- - and Son’s    ^    other    version, you would have fleers at 7:30 pm. Thursday on Hunt served IO months of a oited when Vrzal lighted a 1 Advertise where people look Use a want ad. Dial 398-8234. It Pays To Advertise Marriage Licenses and Jeffery and Son’s Toledo — Ralph R. Stevens, he a genius, he said. TO. Henderson’s. Oxford — Leonard Frees, 54. Dawn Brooks and Jeffery Sunday at 11, St. Mary’s Catho-' Gibson,    Susan Beecher and;    lie church. Rosary Saturday at J Gerald    Haan,    all of Cedar    8 at    George L. Gay’s. Iowa Rapids.    Ruth    Yanacek, Wal-    City,    where friends may call ford,    and    Danny Becker,    after    7:30 Friday and at the Atkins. Victoria Patton, Cog- Oxford chapel after IO Satur-j gon. Kurtis Fucssley, Walker. day. Monticello - Mrs Rueben1 interstate 80 east of the Cedar 2'2 to 8-vear sentence after match or a cigaret, police said Marriages Dissolved Leggett. 68. Goettseh's. Monticello Mrs. John P. Vivian Yvonne and Keith.......    ^ Ray Price. Patsy Darlene and! ms* ® • Gocttsch s. Michael Patrick Shea. Polly A.j and Charles F. Alnutt. Paula and James Bendon. Anita L. and Daniel G. Phillips. Fi ires 10.36 ®m. Thursday.    Un- jofonforr    Sent 23    Prime    Minister known In outdoor trash    con- ^    1 nmt    Mimsur fainer at 167 Jacolyn drive NW. Trudeau said Friday. 11:17 am. Thursday.    Un- Tanakato Canada OTTAWA (UPI) 1— Japanese rime Minister Tanaka will visit Canada for three days lie Cedar Rapids Emergency    Numbers Ambulance......... 366-7654 F B I .......... 402/348-1210 Fire ..............  398-5343 Highway Patrol..... 364-5171 After Houri ......363-5629 Police  ....... 398-5353 Sheriff ............. 398 3521 Medical Society    365-2527 (lf you hov* no phywcian) Foundation ll    362-21/4 (Cml* ho Ip. I pm midnight) Information, Referral 398-3955 (To loom who eon holp) (Clip and Corry in your billfold) river bridge    pleading guilty to lite Water- The eight men. two women gate burglary but is now ap-and two children are believed to pealing the conviction, have been enroute to Chicago k non n to grass at Twenty-eighth street and John.on avenue NW. when (ropers stopped the car for speeding. Seven Mexicans were taken to Tipton for questioning where they said five more of their group were in the trunk of the; ! car. Ambushes MANILA (AP) Twelve ci-jvilians were killed and three wounded in separate ambushes Friday on a highway iii central Mindanao, reports monitored in Manila welfare agencies said ■■■j C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 363-0671 lf you need help: Foundation ll 362-2174 (4 p m to midnight) mmm The boy was in good condition at Mercy hospital Friday. Custody of tho children has been given to the county department of social services. A custody hearing is to be held within 30 days. let our flowers speak for you FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 O phone onswered 24 hours every day Sh*'* Special! Let her Know with Flower* PIERSON’S "sho, I SOO EL I IS BLVD. NW I low cm hone ;I66-I826 Whether you’re buying or selling, want ads will work for you. BROSH CHAPEL ( od ar Rapids "lirnilnf to Public herr ire” Inquire About Our F’rc-arranged Service* Solon JOHN E. LARES SVT flower* for all occasions .IOX 3rd Ave. SI 3654)511 John B. Turner & Son R moral Directors sine e inns Now. two completely-staffed locations to serve you. IlimrrM tis! hiM)Sci olid Ave. si Dimer s West UJi First Ave West You Have Until 11 A.M. SATURDAY To Order Your Action Want Ad For The BIG SUNDAY EDITION! 1:45 AM SATURDAY for MONDAY DIAL 398-8234 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday Until Noon Saturday CORRfcCTIONS CANCtlLATIONS 8 to 9 A.M. day of Pub.; 11 ;30 A M. Sat for Sun. ;

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