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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 19, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO The < edar Rapids Gazette: Tri.. July 19. 1974 r mon B\ Jay Sharbutt Radio Station Phones Convicts NEW YORK (AP) — The news staffers at radio station WASH in Washington, I). C., may st.il lhave a bad case of telephone ear. But they have good reason: four days of talks with two convicts holding terrified hostages at gunpoint. When the talking started at 3:05 p.m. on .lilly ll, WASH news director Bill McCloskey recalled, somewhat incredulously, he heard the convicts “negotiating back and forth on what their press policy would be.” The men, Frank Gorham, jr., and Robert N. .Jones, earlier had seized eight hostages at a cellblock in a federal courthouse i n Washington. Through newsmen, the convicts demanded freedom in return for their captives’ safe release. They freed one hostage Friday. The other seven escaped Sunday and the convicts were recaptured Monday night after a shootout with police in which no one was hit. * * * McCloskey said his station was the first to contact the convicts during the tense, potentially bloody ordeal. He said he looked in the phone book, found a number for the cellblock and simply called up. And once he had the men on the phone, the station didn’t relinquish the line unless the convicts or hostages requested it. WASH got off the line for good Sunday at the request of federal officers, he said. The cellblock had three phones, he added, “and at one time w'e were talking simultaneously on all three to either hostages or convicts. And once we realized that, we hung up one of them because we never wanted to block the authorities’ access to the cellblock by phone.” He said WASH, when the convicts or hostages consented, taped interviews with them for its news broadcasts, but either offered the talks live for other newsmen who came to the station or re played    the    taped conversa tions for them. *    * * After    the    105-hour    drama ended,    Deputy Atty.    Gen Laurence Silberman said that to avert bloodshed “the main thrust of our strategy was to keep them (the convicts) talking and our main ally was the press.” McCloskey, who said WASH kept its five-member news staff working in shifts to keep its cellblock line open, noted that when the convicts asked the station to hang up “they always called us back.” He attributed this in large part to the telephone rapport Chris Lorenzo, a Washington newspaperman, had built up with the men during the early stages of their escape attempt. The authorities didn’t interfere with the station’s phone link, McCloskey observed, but he said he regretted getting off the phone Sunday at the request of federal officers. * * * “We gave up the line, hut it frankly troubled us later because we thought, ‘we’re letting the government decide what we do journalistically,’ ” he said. “So we started placing calls back there.” It didn’t work. He said the phone company, at the government’s request, had cut off calls to the cellblock and only allowed outgoing calls there. Even after that, Gorham called WASH three times, he added. All the calls were brief and all were cut off by the authorities, McCloskey said. The last    came at    about    I    p m. Monday, eight hours before the men were captured by police. During one call just before 6 a.m.    Monday,    he added, a WASH staffer had to explain to Gorham who was cutting off the calls “because    he    was very    unhappy    with    us.    He thought we’d deserted him. “He kept emphasizing he was giving us an exclusive on this.” Television Listings 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapid* 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, la Crosse IO—KROC TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Friday Night 6:00 7—News, Weather, Spts. * 9—Wild Wild West 2—Action News 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4—News, Weather. Sd!*. 4—6 O'Clock Edition 8-News, Sots , Weather 10—News, Weather, Spt*. 17—Aviation Weather 13—Eyewitness New* 40—Nashville Music ^‘^Hee Haw 2—To Tell Truth 3 —Price is Right 4—Wild Wild West 6—Hollywood Square* 1—Dirty Sally IO—Dusty'* Troll 12—Conversation 13—Hee Haw 40—Car and Track 7:00 9 -Baseball — Cuhs Reds 2—Dirty Sally 3—Brady Bunrh A—Sanford and Son 8— Lawrence Welk IO—Baseball -Twlns-Ttoers I ?—To Be Announced 40—Brady Bunch 7:30 I Brian Keith 2—Good T im** 3—Six Million Dollar Man 4 Good Times 4—Brian Keith 12—Wall Street Week 13 —Brian Keith 40—Si* Million Dollar Man 8:00 f. NBG Movie— Silent Running'1 2—CBS Mom ie— “Sweet Ride" 4— r B S Movie-"Sweet Ride'* 6 -NBC Movie— ••Siler t Running” 8-CBS Movie — • Sweet Ride” 12—Impeachment Update •13-NBC Movie- ■ “Silent Running” 8:30 .3 Odd Coup -4Q-Odd Covp.e 9:00 3—Toma 12— Prisoner 40—Toma 9:30 9—Torrid 10:00 /-News. Weather, Sol*. 9 — Eyewitness New* 2— Action New* 3—Newsbeot 4—News Weather. Sot*. 4— IO O Clock Edition I— News, Spis, Weofher IO—News, Weather, Spts. 12—Evening td'hon 13— I /evilness News 40—Newsline 9 —Creal re Feoture— • in.isibie Mar s Re ,e, ge“ 2— MOV Ie— •'Bride of Vengeance” 3—Wide world of Entertainment 4— Wild Wild West 6— f omght 8 —C BS Movie - "Swingin* Summer” 10 -Tonight 12—Ingmar Bergman F ilms 13—Tonight 40-Wide World of Entertainment :ock Concert 12 OO 7—Midnight Special ?—Creature Eeature-' Mole Peopio'' 2—Last Word 6~Midmght Special IO—Midnight Special 13—Midnight Special 1:00 4—Country Music Saturday Morning 6:30 2—Summer Semester 8—Summer Semester 13—Agriculture 7:00 7-1 ids Ville 9— Bug* Bunny 2—Hair Beer Bunch 3— Bugs Bunny 4—Hair Bear Bunch A—I ids Ville 1—Hair Bear Bunch ■>0 -Lidsville 13—L ids Ville 40— Bug* Bunny 7:30 7—Addam* Family 9—Yogi s Gang 2—Sabrlno 3—Yogi * Ggng 4—Sabrina 4—Addams Fgmlly 1—Sabrina IO—Addams Fomily 13—Addams Family , 40—Yogi s Gang 8:00 7—Emergency 9—Super Friend* 2— Scooby-Doo 3—Super Friends 4—Scooby Doo A—Emergency 8—Scooby Doo IO—Emergency 13—Emergenc y 40— Super Friends 8:30 7 —lot h High 6- Im h High . IO- Inch High 13—Inch High 9:00 7 -Sigmund 9 • as*. * 2—Favorite Martian* • 3—1 assie 4 - i avorife Martians 6—Sigmund 8—Favorite Martians IO—Sigmund I 3—Sigmund 40—cass e 9:30 /—p nk Panther 9—Goober 2—Jeanne 3—Goober 4—Jeonme 6— P.ny Pan" er 8— leonnie IO—Pm* Panther 13—Pink Panther 40—Goober 10:00 7- - .mr Trek v—Brady k ,ds 2—'.peed B tggy 3—Brady Kids 4—Speed Buggy 4—S’ar Trek 8- Speed Buggy IO—Star Trek 13—Star Ire* 40— Brady Kids 10:30 7- Bute h Cassidy 9—Mission -Magic 2—Josie and Puss,cats 3—.Mission -Magic 4—Josie ond Pussycats A- Butch I assidy 8-Josie and Pussycats IO—Butt h Cassidy 13—Butch Cassidy 40—Mission—Magic 11:00 7 -Jetsons 9- Superstar Mov e 2—Pebbles 3—Superstar Movie 4 -Pebbles A —Jetsons 8—Pebbles IO—jetsons 13—Jetsons 40-Superstar Movie 11:30 7—Go J—For Albert 4—Fat Albert A —Go 8—Fat Albert 10-Go 13-GO Saturday Afternoon 12:00 7—Bonanza 9—Bandstand 2—Children's Film * Festival 3—Bandstand 4—Children s Film Festival 6— Laredo 8—Children's Film Festival IO—Outdoors 13-Wrestling 40—Bandstand 12:30 TC—NFL Action 1:00 7—Baseball— Athoetics indians 9—Earfh Lab 2-Roller Game 3-t assie 4-Bible 4—Baseball— Athietics-lndions 1—Movie— "It's o Gift” 10- Baseball— Athletics Indians 13—Bosebo'l — Athletics Indians 40—Modern TV 1:30 3 - Untamed World 2:00 9 Movie -“Gurt ghf in AD’iene 2— Movies — “Menorah.* Young Man ,' Atomic C *, 3— Showcase Truee 4—untamed World 40— Move 2:30 3- Stand Up and Cheer 4—N.Y.P.D, 3:00 3— Wrestling 4—Holly wood and Stors 8—CBS Golf 3:30 9—Celebrity Go f Preview 40—Modern TV 4:00 7- Po'Mr Wagoner 9—Wide World of Spts. 3- Wide World of Sets. 4-Kgte Smith 6—World Without Sun* 8-Untamed World *• 10- Sonoma 12- Misfe'oger* IJ -Consultation 40—Wide World of Sp!*. 4:30 / — Wrestling 8-To Be Announced 12- Sesame Street 13- Police Surgeon 5:00 4—Jimmy .ego .    8— J mmy Dean IO—Jimmy Dean 13 —Iowa Talent 5:30 „ / - ti BC f.yy,% 9 ABC N*wS 2— CBS Ne*-. ‘    3 ■ ABC News 4 CBS News A -NBC New, 8 —CBS News IO—NBC News * 12—Electric Campon/ 13—NBC News 40 -ABC News Blood Deliveries Cut Back; Banks Have Shortages DES MOINES (AP) - The Community Blood Bank of Central Iowa in Des Moines bas had to cut back delivers to hospitals it serves because of a shortage in human blood And officials at University hospitals in Iowa City also arc concerned their blood bank may not be able to fill their needs. James Holland, director of the Des Moines-based blood bank. said, however, no hospital has been forced to cancel a surgery yet due to an inadequate blood supply or anything else that drastic. He said the blood supply last week was down from the normal 70 pints to 16. Some blood banks were contacted in Nebraska and Missouri for help, he said, but they were experiencing an even worse situation. The blood bank serves hospitals in Winterset, Osceola, Webster City, Corydon and Des Moines. Similar problems are being faced in Iowa City. Mike Leisch, chief technician at the University of Iowa clinic’s blood bank, said that facility has sought relief from out-of-state facilities. However, Leisch said many out-of-state suppliers are facing shortages in their local communities and aren’t able to ship much excess blood to Iowa City. But in other parts of the state. no shortage is being experienced. Blood banks in Dubuque. Waterloo, Ottumwa and Sioux City report adequate supplies. Ewoldf: Area Economic Growth Should Continue The first six months of the year show “good economic progress for the Cedar Rapids-Marion area,” according to Harold Ewoldt, asst, executive vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce. He said the resident work force now stands at 77.2(H), an increase of 2.600 over a year Three Grades Are Added to Project EXPO ago, Ewoldt went on, adding that 1973 was a record year. The first six months of commercial construction permits totaled well over $6.5 million, with industrial construction permits of almost $1.2 million. Apartment construction permits for the first half of 1974 hit $1.7 million, with 224 new units ago. Total employment numbers'scheduled for construction. Per-75,300, a gain of 2,500.    j mits for 129 single family “The increase in total resi- homes, valued at $2 6 million, dent employment represents a,have been filed, solid gain for the community,”    New    KamllieS Ewoldt commented Ewoldt added that “major nemployment Same construction projects are in evi- I’nemployment in the (’edar dence in all parts of the Cedar Rapids metropolitan area is 2.5 Rapids area, including the percent, the same as last year, downtown area.” Commercial construction dur- He said “all indications point ing the first half of 1974 con-, to a continuation of this eco-    ,    ..    ... tinues to match that of a year nomic progress for the second j - half of the year. An important factor is that 1,048 families moved into the community in the first Six months. “Also,” he continued, “many of our major industries have announced plans for future expansion or are in the process of car- Drive Starts in What Cheer for Medical Office WHAT CHEER — Volunteer workers began canvassing this week on the fund for Dr. M. Lee MeClcnahan, who plans to begin practice in W’hat Cheer. Open enrollment in Project EXPO at Squaw Creek elementary school has been extended to include fourth, as well as fifth and sixth grade students, for the 1974-75 school year. Students from any other elementary school in the Cedar Rapids Community school district may enroll in Project EXPO, with free bus transportation provided by the district. Project EXPO stands for “expanded pupil opportunities,” and emphasizes individualized mathematics and reading programs. The math instruction is closely allied to Project BASIC math, and reading is taught in a new “systems” program which stresses mastery of skills and EXPO features extensive use of community resources for mini-courses and field trips, which are planned cooperatively by students and staff. To enroll a child in the program or to obtain more information, parents should tole- Community Center Land Grant Okayed by Council est to near zero, said Robert Madson, assistant director in the city department of planning and urban development. Private Audit In other action, the board approved a HUD recommendation ■yin* OU' plan., announced las, g;«k Pri"ciPal year. Ewoldt discussed these figures) #    7 at a Kiwanis meeting Thursday Nominations Opon Funds donated will be used n‘Sht and again friday noon af    por Olin Board for the purchase of the Anoil3 meeting of the Catholic Lay- OLIN — Two directors of the Farrow property, remodeling men'    Olin Consolidated School district, the property for suitable medi-    Donald Starry and Richard    contract for a close-out grant.. cal offices and for one nurse’s Coe    Second Summer    Grafft. have announced they salary for six months.    Term Enrollment Up not seek re^lection' The Cedar Rapids urban renewal board met in a special meeting Thursday to approve a $500,000 federal close-out grant on the unsold land upon which a community center is proposed. An amendment to the contract between HUD and the city which provided for the money to| cover land which had not been ^t the private audits .e sold was approved by the board local Neighborhood Develop and passed on for (he city coun- men! Project (NHP) and Cedar oil's approval at a specially-    project be expanded lo called meeting Thursday after-    |he mQSt currfnt 12.month noon-    period. The contract. including these. Thp audjl by D(v (;osling an(j revisions, must be in the hands C(> had ^ schcdu|ed ,0 ,.0ver of federal officials by Friday. L    mon(hs from Apri| Necessary    1972, through June 30, 1973. But The federal money is neces- for reviewing the_ auditor's sari lo achieve the anticipated Ne*. HUD recommended thai net' cost of the R-13 project, 'he aud, bs extended another ll more familiarly known as the ™"'hs    b™8 ,be P»J«» UP community center project. The t() dalc net cost is the result of subtract- The total cost of the NDP ing revenue gained by selling audit will be $1,750, ■while the the land from the total cost of cost of the Cedar Lake piojeet the renewal project.    be    $672. But since this land had not yet been sold the federal close-out grant was needed to cover the potential sale price of the land    OnBIIS    ililv    28 The special meetings of the ren-    wpciia    JHI J am ewal board and city council des MOINES (UPI) — The were necessitated because a [owa Capitol will again be open HUD lawyer discovered only on sundays to visitors beginning Wednesday afternoon that no ]a^er this month. provision had been made in the officials said the Capiloj wm be open from 8 a.m. untl 4 The city had been paying p m on Sundays beginning July about $270 per day in interest .>8. The statehouse had been State Capitol The nurse will be on duty on a    ’    r\    Nomination    (papers    ifor    <the    f    .. unsoid ]ancj    tn    t*,p n„hiir because of fulltime basis, with the doctor in Enr31 [™ent for the second ses- three-year terms are available Th    t    ^ reduce the inter- the energy shortage and securi- the office on a rotating half-dav.51™ of tbe “»“•« ,erm at Coc from District Secretary A. R The Rrant basis Ho also will he available colle&e ls UP 34    over    Lawson, and must be returned ------- ■— ty reasons in recent montes. for emergency calls    |last    >ear’ liming the in-to the Jones county auditor’s of- If community participation is crfase ^u" fjfst sess;on when «ce by 5 p.m. Aug. I. good, Dr. McClenahan will ob-itotals    35    Percent* tain a partner who might live in Registration figures for this What Cheer    a    year’s    second    summer    session. What Cheer Lions club w.Wch began My 15, show 142 White House Forces Out OEO Head Early WASHINGTON (AP) - Alvin Arnett, who was forced to re- pln„nam,vrnr„°„rrm„i?v    nil'|:n'emben andlri-C^'ty Jay“|claf registrations - compared Economic Opportunity, was ceejarehMdingthefundirivey with 94 in the second session. •1    last    year. Total enrollment for both ses-; sions of the summer term this tified Thursday that his resig nation was accepted, effective! at 4:30 p.m. CDT. Arnett had submitted his res-1 ignation earlier this week, effective July 31. But the notification fln Eleven Cars Derail CHARITON (UPI) — Eleven cars of a Burlington North- ij,ear is 538' comParcd wlth 387 coal train derailed near I of "acceptance "f rom 'The'White I J16™ Thursday night. No injur House signed by presidential1 les WCTe reported counselor Dean Burch, set the earlier date of July 18, an OEO source said. Enoch Smoky Righteous Rock! -fr SAT. JULY 20 LOOP’S BALLROOM Monticello DRAPORT INN on Old Hwy218 2 Biles South of. "    ♦    y Kirkwood College Mi' Still Open For Business Turn left on detour on grovel road, then right, then right again to Droporf, LIVE ENTERTAINMENT Friday and Saturday I I I Rock n Roll I Urbana I Boogie Bandi Feed & Implement I ★ SAT. JULY 20 I friday Night “BIG LOUIE” I coming next week: J I “SNAZZ” I SI.OO Pitcher Beer • I Ponce I Saturday Night “RICKASHAY” I Mer I I SWISHER J NOW OPEN in Cedar Rapids SATURDAY NITE Dint & Dane# to the music of the COUNTY LINEMEN SUNDAY DINNER SMORGASBORD [Served I 2 Noon to 2:30 p m Fried Chicken, Ham, Roast Beef and alt the trimming* including pi* for dessert. - Adults *3.25 Children under 12 *1.60 WENDY OAKS COUNTRY LODGE 6 Miles North of Springville For reservations (all 854-6148 “The Good, Bad A Ugly” FRI. and SAT. Meef your friends for Fun, Drinks and Dancing Open 2 p.m. ’til 2 a.m. 1724 16th Ave. SW SERVING NIGHTLY CHOICE PRIME RIB OF BEEF ROOM (JUST A LITTIE IIT BETTER) Appearing At The Keyboard MARY PIKE Nightly except Fri. 310 THIRD AVENUE SE, DOWNTOWN TELEPHONE 362 3679 GAS LAMP SAR OPEN SUNDAY NOON TO IO P.M. tmmi MOTOR BOTEL Convenient parking in our ramp DOWNTOWN I——/ OPEN 24 Hours a Day! • Complete Breakfast (24 Hours) • Luncheon • Dinner 365 33rd Ave. S.W. at 1-380 I Block East of Jack Jones Furniture. CHICAGO CUBS CINCINNATI REDS 7:00 PM FRIDAY UVE from Riverfront Stadium / “We want to be there when you are!” ‘Many of you have told our reporters and me that 5:30 is too early for you to get home to watch TV news. We want to be there when you are, so we’re moving up to 6:00 We won’t change the way news is presented, just the time. We invite those of you who have been joining us at 5:30 to make the move with us.” Eyewitness News Moves Up To 6:00 July 29 Sift bayman, KCRG News Director TTI h RADIO KOO SUPER July 19, 1974 I. THE NIGHT CHICAGO DIED Paper Lace I 2. ROCK YOUR BABY George McCrae 3 3. DON’T LET THE SUN GO DOWN ON ME Elton John 5 4. ROCK THE BOAT The Hues Corporation 2 5. ROCK ME GENTLY Andy Kim ll 6. WATERLOO Abba 6 7. RIKKI, DON'T LOSE THAT NUMBER Steely Dan 4 8. LAMPLIGHT David Essex 9 9. WILD THING * Fancy 7 IO. BAND ON THE RUN Paul McCartney & Wings 8 ll. AIR DISASTER Albert Hammond 15 I 2. BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT YOU GOT William De Vaughn 13 13. WHAT’S YOUR NAME Andy and David Williams 28 14. I’M LEAVING IT UP TO YOU Don & Marie Osmond 24 15. FOREVER YOUNG Joan Baez 27 16. WILDWOOD WEED Jim Stafford HB 17. SURE AS I’M SITTING HERE Three Dog Night 19 18. ANNIE S SONG John Denver IO 19. TRAVELING BOY Garfunkel 20 20. CALL ON ME Chicago 21 21. FEEL LIKE MAKIN’ LOVE Roberta Flack 22 22. CAMPFIRE GIRL Jim Snowbarger 17 23. COME MONDAY Jimmy Buffett 14 24. TRAIN OF THOUGHT Cher 16 25. SUGAR BABY LOVE Rubettes HB 26. SHININ’ ON Grand Funk HB 27. WORKIN’ AT THE CAR WASH BLUES Jim Croce 29 28. SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME De Franco Family 12 29. THE AIR THAT I BREATHE The Hollies 18 30. YO YO MAN Rick Cunha 23 HIT-BOUND I SHOT THE SHERIFF I LOVE MY FRIEND TAKIN’ CARE OF BUSINESS BEACH BABY Erie Clapton Charlie Rich Bachman-Turner Overdrive First Class Record* listed on the KCRG RADIO 1600 “Super 30" are selected by KCRG after evaluating and considering record tales, listener requests and the station's own opinion of their audience appeal. Sale or resale of this survey it prohibited. ;

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