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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1957, Page 2

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 14, 1957, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The land of Opportunity More and More a poor boys Quot it Iii top jobs Parade Magazine feature Eastern Iowa feature Independence Vinton Anamosa turn to Section 2 weather Iowa partly Cloudy sunday and sunday night. Slightly cooler South sunday. Highs 84-94. Low sunday night 65-75. Monday partly Cloudy scattered showers West. Volume 75�?number 186 Cedar rapids Iowa sunday july 14, 1957. City final 15 cents associated press. United press. International news Mundt asks rights Bill Compromise Dakota senator would remove some Teeth from measure. By Jack Bell. Washington apr senator munds is. A joined senator Russell a a saturday in a bipartisan move to take some of the enforcement Teeth out of the administrations civil rights Bill. With supporters of the measure fighting against Promise moves a com Mundt announced he will offer a substitute which would delete enforcement authority for civil rights other than those involved in voting. Previously Russell commander of the Bill a opponents had offered a series of amendments. One of these would strike out part Iii of the Bill. Fears troop use. It authorizes the attorney general to bring civil suits to prevent infringement or threatened infringement of civil rights in general. He could seek injunctions in Federal court and anyone violating the injunction could be fined or jailed for contempt without jury trial. Russell has contended this portion of the measure is aimed at enforcing the supreme courts school desegregation opinion and at bringing about integration in the South. He has said it makes possible the use of troops to reach these objectives. Jury trial amendment. Mundt told a reporter his substitute proposal is designed to place before the Senate a a measure the southerners can to vote for but one with which they can in addition to striking out part Iii Mundt said his substitute would incorporate a so called jury trial amendment offered previously by senator of Mahoney a Wyo. This would provide for jury trials in Federal court contempt cases where the facts a re in dispute. Mundt also moved to Cut Down the authority of a proposed six on e in b e r commission which would be set up under the Bill to investigate and report on civil rights developments. Would curb Power. His substitute a would give the commission subpoena Power Only in cases involving voting rights. It would be limited otherwise to hearing voluntary witnesses in Public hearings and to making recommendations to state Legislatures Congress and the president f r Laws providing Fuller Protection of civil rights. Russell also moved to make the appointment of a staff director of the proposed civil rights commission subject to Senate confirmation. He sought to bar use by the commission of unpaid Volunteer investigators. He said reformers continued on Page 6, col. 8. Reece hurls new charge at oregonian Washington up a rep. B. Carroll Reecer Tenn reopened his feud with rep Charles o. Porter Dore saturday with a Public complaint that Porter look a woman employee of the Library of Congress with him As a a a travelling companion on two trips to latin America. Reece one time chairman of the Republican National committee inserted his charge in the congressional record. Porter and the woman a Library of Congress supervisor angrily denied Reece a insinuations although they confirmed that she did accompany the congressman in an official capacity As expert researcher and translator. Latin american expert. Mrs. Rosita Bennett the Only latin american expert in the Library a legislative reference Bureau made the trips to Costa Rica and Columbia. No govern ment funds were spent. Director Ernest s. Griffith of the reference Bureau said it was common practice for congressmen to Call on the Bureau for expert advisers and assistants and that mrs. Bennett was assigned and served in this official role. Trujillo dispute. Reece and Porter have been feuding Over porters opposition to the Trujillo government of the dominican Republic. The Oregon congressman wants the United states to Cut off foreign Aid from any latin american a dictator ship Reece accused Porter of waging a a Campaign of revolution against the governments of the dominican Republic Venezuela Panama Colombia Cuba and Nicaragua. A i am at a loss to understand Why this woman travels in the company of anyone engaged in supporting revolution against the governments of Friendly Allied neighbouring countries a Reece said. Porter retorted that Reece a charges showed a the Lack of any arguments with Merit against cutting off Aid to latin american dictatorships. Feud seen Between Aly and brother s a d r u d d i n chagrined at Choice of Karim As Aga Khan in. Milt Hinam intimidation milking us dry Nikita of witness is charged sunday s Index Section i. L l. Grasett. S Lait no a i. S. A cuz Hall Notts. 4 drive mrs. 6 deaths. A editorials. A cd lass to survival. Id arts in Cedar Anniv. La Washington wonderland. I Section ii. Iowa news Tow and Iowa. Television tabloid a Roundup political notes. 4 Paras. A. 7 Fin a be i is. Of o o Ashi. A Octal. Around the town. Now books. Movies. be lord reviews. Bull Ali. Section in. Morts. I s outdoor Iona. Marlon. W ant ads. Crossword. 0 0 Parade Niatas no. A,.,its Comite. I. I s penniless russian widow 77, Happy to arrive in . New York apr a 77 year old russian widow arrived Here by plane saturday penniless and All but devoid of any worldly possessions a but a mighty Happy woman just the same. It was at wonderful dream just about to come True for mrs. Hanna Fainstein of Bessarabia a Section of the russian Ukraine. For la Long years she had sought a passport and exit permit from the soviet government. Finally she got them and set out by plane As quickly As she could now she will achieve one of her remaining ambitions reunion with a son she has t seen for 37 years. He is Joseph Fine of Culver City Calif a machinist who left Russia 37 years ago to come to America. Now 55, he has four children and seven grandchildren. Through an interpreter at Idle wild Airport she told the Story of her efforts to come to this country. She related that another son was killed while serving in the russian army during world War ii and her husband died in a German air raid. The Silver haired Bright eyed woman told newsmen As she waited to Board another plane for Chicago subway service crippled by heavy Rains Chicago a Runoff water from the most intensive rain storm in Chicago a history disrupted nearly half the City a downtown subway service saturday. Other sections of the nations second largest City were flooded partly crippled and per led by threats of possible fire or Gas explosions. At least nine were dead As a result of the storm in Chicago and another storm death was reported in adjacent will county. In Chi Cago two persons drowned three others were electrocuted and four suffered heart attacks a three while trying to Drain flood Waters from their Homes. A 7-months old girl Atella Toney drowned when she rolled out of her bed into a foot of water in the bedroom of the family a basement apartment. Camp Good health 10.00 10.00 10.001 previously reported. $4,683.96 in memory of rate Terry Loomis and Laura Deacon Fletcher by . In Honor of Mother. D. W. Lehti. A Friend. . Of John Huss methodist Church. From friends of Nell Pfaff in memory of her son. It. Col. Thornton Pfaff. A Friend. In memory of mrs. Roy e. Green from the Shamrock club. As a Friend. In memory of j. J. Hajny c. V. Dairy bar classic Bowling league. In memory of Dean Edward Kopeck y from Jerry and Doug. Anonymous. Hope. Nabbed in Texas for Minn. Robbery Minneapolis up a Robert Emmet Mcdonald 42, Altoona 15.00 wis., was arrested saturday in 10.00 Houston Texas for the june 5 armed robbery of the Kiester Minn., National Bank Fri agent Cal Howard said. Howard said Mcdonald had been named in a Federal court complaint As the Bandit who held up the Kiester Bank and escaped with $4,800 in Cash and $12,900 in travel Erst checks. 5.00 other authorities said Mcdon Ald was connected with the Holdup by a letter addressed to him a Harp the body of the 5.00which was found within three j is to be placed it a Miles of the Bank after the by Howard Handyman. \ Geneva ins a a feud Between Aly Khan and his half brother Sadruddin reportedly erupted saturday As any a a handsome son Karim 19, assumed his duties As spiritual Leader of an estimated 20 million devout moslem. Sadruddin a 24-year-old Harvard University graduate student showed signs of being disappointed by the Aga Khan a will naming Karim a Harvard undergraduate As his successor. Furthermore it was Learned that Karim would reign for the first seven years under a Regency Council composed of Aly and the Beautiful widow of the late Aga. Sadruddin thus appeared to have been most pointedly ignored by his father. Coolness apparent. Possible coolness Between Sadruddin and Aly was. Suggested Friday nil it when Sadruddin returned to his own Villa at Belle rive instead of spending the night with the rest of the family at the hotel Beau Rivage where they were gathered. Ins correspondent George Knight who saw the Brothers saturday reported that they made Little Effort to conceal annoyance with each other. During the ceremonies when Karim was installed As Aga Khan in Knight said Aly and Sadruddin hardly spoke to each other. Although the late Aga passed Over his two sons to choose Karim As his successor he left huge fortunes to the two Brothers. Huge wealth to All. His will which Aly read to the family Friday gave the widowed Begum one eighth of the estate which some have estimated to be Worth As much As $2 billion. Aly and Sadruddin Divide the remaining seven eighths with the horse Loving 46-year-old Aly inheriting the Aga a considerable racing stables and interest. Aly and Sadruddin Are to accompany Karim next thursday on a flight to Aswan on the up by k. C. Thaler. London up a soviet communist party chief Nikita Khrushchev has complained that red China a is milking us dry a diplomatic sources said saturday. Khrushchev made the remark to East european leaders during a r recent negotiations for increased s a entity unit soviet Aid to the satellites the sources said. The piping regime is understood to be insisting that Russia fulfil her commitments to Supply Industrial goods and raw materials on which China a economic to resume hearing on rackets tuesday. Washington apr planning depends to an important senator Mcclellan dark degree can to afford rebuke. Russia although under pressure for More assistance from her satellites in Europe cannot afford to rebuke red China on whose political Good will she is at present More dependent than Ever. Khrushchev said in Czechoslovakia Friday that russians strength Liek in the Aid which she dispenses a with great Joy to other communist states. But there have been signs for some time that the growing Call on soviet assistance is severely testing russians strained Economy. Offers to others. Saturday accused James p. Cross president of the Bakers Union of attempting to intimidate a witness of the special Senate rackets investigating committee. In a statement announcing the committee will resume Public hearings tuesday chairman Mcclellan said it will examine a attempts to suppress and intimidate a witness of the committee by retaliatory measures taken by or. Cross a affidavit Given. Mcclellan did not elaborate. These demands Complete ,j,1� Russia s otters of economic Quot ?rtsnmsdeuindtehdcvel�?2d a eth Cesarin concerning the affairs of ii apolitical cd Tecu Mary in West Over the neutralise nations the latest shakeup in Moscow May Lead to More satellite claims on russian assistance. Khrushchev has indicated during his czechoslovakian tour that rus Sia will help the satellites in raising their standards of living the witness was not identified but he is scheduled to testify with the resumption of the committees hearings on alleged improper practices in the la Bor manage ment Field. On june 20, the committee ended its inquiry into charges by a n i another Bakers Union official Ira a Case probe that Cross abused his office and. Misused Union funds. The com a s k e a by senator Niue Nade no statement Washington tup a sen 5 00 k hold up. 5.0 Howard said Mcdonald last resided in Altoona where he was 5-Oojernployed by the Omaha Railroad. Howard said Mcdonald was i paroled in 1946 from the Minne 3.00 Sota prison after serving a term 2.00 for Bank robbery. 1.00 Aga is mausoleum. Ator Allott a Colo saturday asked for a Senate investigation of the Girard Case and the agreements by which the . Soldier is to be turned Over to Japan fog trial on manslaughter charges. He introduced a Resolution to create a bipartisan e get Mun committee to report on whether the agreements permitted . Servicemen to be tried by foreign courts for off duty offences should be revised or scrapped. The supreme court ruled thursday that the government has authority to turn Over army specialist William to the japanese courts. Girard is accused of killing a japanese woman while on guard duty a an army firing Range. Drives to Villa. Plans for the funeral were being made saturday As Karim described by intimates As a shy studious youth with an Eye for continued on Page 6, col. 7. Springfield deluged. Springfield 111. Up High winds and rainstorms swept the Springfield area saturday night causing injury to at least two persons and flooding streets and basements throughout the City. A the two hour rain dumped at least an Inch and a half of water on the area. Winds up to 60 Miles an Horn and lightning felled Trees and Power lines and whisked the roof from a Ball Park. The storm left streets blocked by High water toppled Trees or total. Budget. Still to be raised. Los Angeles a i Haven to got a i Telephone poles Kopec. I spent everything on the the Central Illinois Light co., arrangements for the trip. But i estimated that 4,000 to 5,000 Cus know that my son will consider me his Quot now a she said a a in a going to a stay and learn a new and with a twinkle in her eyes she added a the first thing i want to do is learn English so i can speak to my towers were without electrical Power As a result of the storm. Air Force orders missile guidance Washington ins a the air Force awarded a 38 million Dollar contract saturday to the a a spark plug division of Gen $4,777.96 $8,125.00 $3,347.04 copter crashes in Antarctic one dead five Hurt Washington up a one Man was killed and five injured when a Navy helicopter crashed while attempting to land Friday at Mcmurdo sound in the Antarctic. A Navy department spokesman said three of the injured were in critical condition. The helicopter apparently crashed when Frost and ice on the Windshield caused the Pilot to misjudge hid Altitude. The helicopter was Landing to re duty near the naval air facility station Al Mcmurdo sound. Killed was aviation machinist 2-c Nelson Russell Cole of Detroit Mich., son of or. And mrs. Russell p. Cole of Dearborn Mich. Khrushchev s Rise credited to murder deceit hatred by Arthur Kranish. I Chov s past is a Replete with mass Washington ins a the repression intrigue and two Swift Rise to Power of communist it describes with party Boss Nikita Khrushchev scorn Roie As an accomplice was officially attributed saturday. To a lifetime of murder deceit of Stalin who later became a and hatred for the United states leading critic of the Stalin re the description of k h r s a Jim. Chevy a bloody career and his role us. A a t ill As an anti-. A a fanatics is con Bulgarin lapped Loo. Trained in a new biography pre John l. Hillman Dies of pneumonia findings. Ward head to be heard. Mcclellan said the first witness tuesday who is concerned with another matter will be John a. Burr president of Montgomery Ward. Ile requested an Opportunity to answer testimony about his company a relations with Dave Beck sr., Boss of the giant teamsters Union. Also to be explored further at the hearings tuesday Mcclellan said will of Cross relationship with Martin Phillips bom sr., and his participation in the Union contract negotiations at Zion 111. Three or four witnesses will be questioned about these activities of the bakery Union chief the senator said. Testimony on Loans. At earlier hearings Tho committee received testimony that Cross had obtained a loan from Phillips born and that the Union entered a substandard contract with Zion industries a Candy and bakery firm in which Phillips pared by the legislative reference service of the Library of Congress. A this rhe to Power a the biography said a was accompanied by the betrayal and physic destruction of his closest associates. The Goatee Bulgarin shared the Library a Des Moines apr or. John l. Hillman 92, president emeritus of Simpson College at Indianola died saturday of Neu adorn und his on have interests Monia at Wesley acres Here. J Cross told the committee by he had been living at the Home had borrowed Money from the for retired persons since 1949. Lie elder Phillipsborn but that he was a former pastor at first i has had nothing to do with Union methodist Church in Des Moines negotiations at Zion since 1948. And at various times was chair he said the Zion contract did not Man of several National methodist us to substandard wages. Committees. A. A. Or. Hillman is survived by two Quot nor Quot i c i sons. Or. Paul m. Hillman Des Zooi from Hicls Moines methodist pastor and ,.a a John w. Hillman editor of the low<3 a Cit w<3vg Evansville ind., courier Aid three daughters. A a n Quot a a Ctm a front moving in from no ii a i the North ended Iowa a heat wave Nan nearing on j saturday Nind held the Cedar cintre4 i 14-Are rapids temperature 17 degrees Garet Allters Belovs fridays High. Washington up a a saturdays High was 81 degrees h o u a e government operations compared with 98 Friday. The subcommittee announced saturating condemn Day it will Start hearings thurs Tion. A the deceptively Jovial sex nay in an Effort to determine throughout the state saturday Teri or it said a belies his charac a Hether filters protect smokers afternoon the readings remained i Mercury had dropped to 79 de a i Grees at 6 . Ter and action. Era motors to make guidance Richard e. Anderson North la land systems for the 1,500-mile Thor tie Rock ark., la. . Bernard in critical condition Are it fashion As master of the soviet rates neither criticism nor oppo Marine flame throwers to destroy marijuana Chicago apr two . Fridovich new York City Avi i the throw a Sto the announcement of the aviation machinist mate 2-c Lassie inc a Lorfn or a it re Field of Tion made no mention of the rival u Scarborough Joshua Texas. Russian prime minister Nikolaii iut Cook Ermy built 1,500-mile Jupiter county Sherifi sad saturday. Missile which Lias been fired sue from cig Aret hazards. A. Chairman John a. Beatnik d the pro lop Quot Ltd out that Man said the Public spends an Bulgarini Begani his career a Quot extra half million Dollar a Day a efficient officer in the dread for Fuller Cigar ets hut there Are secret police who showed great some reports that filters afford a at the Helm of the party he Zeal in jailing and sending to Utt e f a health safeguards lost no time in undermining and death residents of his own Home be a finally ousting Malenkos and town. The report continued Molotov As political rivals from a a Bulgarin has a record of Ruth the a collective leadership and in Les Ness in achieving his goals establishing h i in s e i f in Stalin Irude to his subordinates he Tol Littion. As is customary among the top soviet leadership Bulgarin lacks Confidence in and the profile of Khrushchev and personal loyalty to his close Asso compiled for committee. A if the Public is being fooled we want to find out Why the appropriate Federal agencies have not done something about it a beatnik said in a statement. Sheriff Joseph Lohman said the Cess fully from the . Missile Field of narcotic producing Weed test Center on Cape canaveral is located near suburban Bedford i Fla. Park. Harvested he said it could the air Force now has control be sold to addicts for an Esti of both of the intermediate Range Russia to return 258 Jap detainees generally Iii the 80s, but Lamoni had a High of 92. There were scattered showers with Sioux i City reporting a third of an Inch of rain and Davenport almost two thirds. The weather forecasts partly Cloudy weather for today with highs reaching 84 to 92. Little change is expected monday. Name . Committeeman. Lansing ins a the re i publican state Central committee mated $500,000. Sheriffs invest gators have been watching the Field for two months Lohman said. Ristics missiles of the Jupiter May be Iacoi to rated in the Thor in its final pro Duclon form. Letter John b. Martin of grand rapids saturday As Michigan a National . Committeeman. Bulgarin was prepared at the re-1 a the study describes the 62-j we Martin is a former state senator bus disaster in Spain. Quest of the House committee on Vear old prime minister As a an Tokyo ins a the russian and auditor general. Bilbao Spain ins a two Iun american activities. Implacable foe of american de government notified Japan Satur persons were killed and 37 others committee chairman fran Cis j Moor Acy which he accused of Day that it would return 258 de Moured saturday whelp the bus in e. Walter warned in an acce in predatory and aggressive detainees by the end of this month. Which they were Riding suddenly paying statement that by a memorandum received by the went out of control struck a tree fusing to heed the True character Walter said the study entitled foreign ministry from the soviet some features and plunged Down a Ravine of russians leadership a we Are a who Are they a is the first of embassy in Tokyo asked that the twelve of the passengers were fast losing Oil initiative in our a series of biographies of the japanese Send a repatriation ship rushed to Bilbao hospitals with i Battle for leaders of International comm Llo the Sakhalin port of Holmok by serious injuries. J the biography said Thrush inure. I july 28. Fail a to s chuckle tile new planes Are getting so fast you done to have time to get acquainted with the stewardess any More

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