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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa wtainu mvict fo*tCA$t it    \»io~    ja »OHON MfNNtA^OLIt CHIO AWO ♦ AN r KANClttCO DVN Vt A DAU, Aft What it it that makes a man able to comfort families... even families who are under severe emotional stress? Frankly, we don't know, We simply know that there's some inner quality which makes it happen ... and that families we serve say Chuck Oxley has it. Murdoch—— txfjune’ial Homes. KIL MARION    CENTER POINT CENTRAL CHV SPRINGVILLE WALKER    COGGON and In Ctdar Rapids THE BEATTY BEURLE CHAPEL nations 30.00 W VONK ANTA B w on 1.1. ans •AMI lf Cf NO N GSS bai snow AIR HOW SHOW! RS DEATHS Dispute Use Of Sunday Liquor Funds Charks A. Hess Charles A Hess, 82, of 1224 Thirteenth street NW, a lifelong resident, of Cedar Rapids, died By Dale Kinder |Tuesday morning following a State Sen Tom Riley (R short (linens.    'Cedar    Rapids) Monday asked Horn March 13, I BR I, at Cedar Atty Cen Richard Turner what Rapids, ho was married to Jen j showing is necessary for the Cit i/ens Committee on Alcohol and UM WtAtNtMOTOCAST$ Tuesday night will find rain over parts of the south Atlantic states and the Pacific northwest, while some snow falls across the upper Plains region and portions of the upper Lakes area. Fair to partly cloudy skies elsewhere. me M Lamp July JI, 1917, ai Iowa City. During World war I, fie served iii F rance wit ti the U. S army. He was employed by the North Western railroad for 4*1 years, retiring iii 1956 Mr Hess was a member of St James United Methodist (hurch, |(j()j;, Crescent Masonic lodge, Cedar jh( ,|th Rapids Consistory, Kl Kahir Shrine, (iethsemane White Shrine No. I, Hanford American Legion post and the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen He is survived by hits wife Services: I p m Friday at St. Drug Abusi in Cedar Rapids to receive certain funds from fees collected on Sunday beer and liquor permits Riley noted iii his letter to Turner that, such fees are to be d in the county mental health institutional fund to be used only tor the care and treat j merit of persons admitted or i committed to the Alcoholic •Treatment ('enter at Oakdale or i any facilities as provided in chapter 123B of the code He then pointed out that the Alcohol facility —Daily Record— The Weather Hisn temperatures Monday, low temperatures overnight and inches ol prenpita tion: Anchorage IJ 3. I Angeles *7 48 Atlanta    th SI .33    Miami    80    7t Bismarck    JO 17 OI    Min apolis    31 16 Chicano    33 27 03    N Orleans    76 59 Denver    Ai 77 .    New York    SS 44.06 Duluth    75 16 .06    Phoenix    64 37 . Honolulu    78 64 .07    Seattle    45 44 .14 Houston 64 44    Washington 47 50 Extended Forecast — Partly cloudy with temperatures moderating Thursday through Saturday. Ixiws in the teens Thursday and 20s Friday and Saturday. Highs mostly in the upper 20s Thursday to 40s Friday and Saturday. C. R. Weather High Monday ................ 34 Ixjw overnight ............. 18 Noon Tuesday    32 2 p.m.    8 Precipitation ............ None Total for Jan ..... I    62 Normal for Jan    ....... 1.51 Barometer, steady ......29.86 Humidity at noon    96% Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p m. SSE at 15 mph. Sun rises Wednesday, 8:22; sun seLs, 6:19. Year Ago Today High, 27; low, 16; rainfall, none Traveler’s Forecast Wednesday —Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) at the persuaded of the need for Nixon I Friday to appear by documents presented by Khrlirhman's attor- Jarnes United Methodist church citizens Committee on by the Rev. Stephen It. Root |Hnd Drug Abuse" is a Burial: Cedar Memorial ceme- as provided” in the code tory. Masonic services will be    ti    , I conducted by the Orescent.    Processed by Committee j lodge, with military services by J ‘ Any individual being re I Hanford [Kist Friends may call Herr cd to the Alcoholic 'Treat I at the Cedar Memorial funeral ;rnent Center at Oakdale from j home after noon Thursday and: Cedar Rapids must be pro- Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck Snow 20-2B Chicago PtCldy 48-30 Cincinnati PtCldv 55-33 Cleveland PtCldv 50-30 Des Moines Fair 47-23 Detroit Fair 47-26 Indianapolis Fair 53-35 Kansas City Fair 59-35 Mpls.-St. Paul Cloudy 26-5 Okla. City Fair 63-35 Omaha PtCldy 50-23 Sioux Falls Cloudy 39-16 B- Below zero. Degree Days Monday 41 Total to date 3,949 Through Jan. 28. 1973 4,273 Percent 0f normal year 59.42 Total normal year 6.631 Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesdav 680.31 598 Cobban court SE; Paul Schorrer, 4800 Gordon avenue 6W; Craig Burlingame, 344 Seventeenth street SE. Floyd ncvs including a copy of Martin, Hiawatha; Michael Henson, 142 Twentieth avenue SW; Ronald Neboudahl, 411 First avenue SW; Jot* Carson, route two, Marion; each fined $30 and costs. Lori Looffler, 2455 First avenue SW; Jerry Muiholland, 1548 D avenue NE; Theresa Maine, 822 Suburban street NE; William Sampson, 2901 Russell drive NE; Mervin Seggers, 200 Thirtieth street, Marion; each fined $20 and costs. Vehicle control violation - - Clair Whitman, Mechanicsville; fined $25 and costs. James Perry, 3025 Franbrook drive NW; Michael Little, Brandon; each fined $20 and costs. Russel Wehner, 4801 Ford avenue NW; fined $10 and costs IVimiting unlawful riding Marvin Donaldson, 6004 Langdon avenue SW; fined $20 and costs. Failure to dim lights David Matejka, route three, Cedar Rapids; fined $10 and Traffic signal violation -J Albe£ John Maker, 837 Fifth avenue) The Oklahoma Democ!at tole SE; fined $20 and costs. De- newsmen Monday the house will horah Kruckman, Hiawatha;|vote on whatever recommen- Kerry    Kruskop, 320 h oui - Cation on impeachment the judi- teenth street, Marion; each .    FT    , fined $15 and costs.    Clary    committed    makes,    but Faulty equipment Ronnie That he assumed at least one Taggart, 402 N street SW; Ste-representative would demand phen Welton, 1502 First street an impeachment vote even if 279 John-1    v a speech made by the President on May 22. 1973, in which he dis-1 cussed the duties of the secret White House “plumbers” unit which carried out the Elfcberg breakin. The defense maintains that Ehrlichman, Liddy and Young were acting as federal law enforcement officers and that it is not the normal policy of the county district attorney’s office to prosecute policemen who illegally obtain evidence. The breakin was ordered by the “plumbers” as part of a na-t i o n a I security investigation shortly after the Pentagon Papers w'ere published ♦ * * A resolution to impeach Nixon probably will come before the full house for a vote, says church after IO a rn. The casket will be closed at 12:30 p m Friday. AII Master Masons are asked to meet at the church at 12:45 p m. Friday. SW; Donald Miller, ^in .luim-son avenue NW; each fined $10 and costs. Right-of-way violation Daniel Aves. 341 Twenty- committee made no recommendation Meanwhile, a caucus by Republican members of the awn- cessed through said Citizens Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse,” he continued Riley said that $3,825.16 was paid by the Iowa Liquor comm-, mission last Sept. 30 to the city of Cedar Rapids “and then to Larry W. Gillmore the county mental health institu- Larry W. Gillmore, 35. of 3706 tlon‘‘l luri(1 tor Linn county. Cedar ^or some reason." Riley went on. “the Linn county auditor has not paid said sum to the Citizens Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse. . . I which I is Oakland road NE. a Rapids resident most of his life, died Monday at Iowa City following a brief illness Born    Aug. 5, 1938.    at    Anamo-;in dire need of said funds sa, he    was married    to    Roberta Linn Auditor Merle Kopel    said Lewis    March 19. 1966,    at Man- the amount in question    is chester. He had been employed $4,120.73, and that it has been by the Joint County school sys- used to reimburse the Oakdale ; unit for treatment of    Linn Surviving in addition to his)county residents with alcohol wife are a son. Gregory Alan, at problems home; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bussell Moss. Cedar Rapids; three brothers. Bruce Allen and D. Keith, both of Monticello. and M G., Tucson, and his grandmother, Mary E. Vo-troubck, Marion Services: Chapel of Memories at I p.m. Wednesday by the Rev. Ernest H. Hayhow of Community Congregational church at Manchester. Burial Letter to llarnish “I sent a letter to William Harnish texecutive director of the Citizens Committee! saying the board of supervisors is the sole authority over this account.” Kopel told The Gazette “Last year we spent $57,000 at Oakdale, which is an authorized facility to spend this money.” Cedar K°Pel P°mR*d out that the Citizens Committee does receive -Energy-- (Continued from Page J ) could be done, .Sawhill said some method must be found “of capping the price " He said that otherwise the price of domestic oil will continue to creep toward that set by the Arab oil nations Current domestic oil prices range from $5.25 for a barrel of oil under price controls to more than $10 under uncontrolled prices. Federal energy chief William F Simon, also appearing before a unit of the senate government operations committee, predicted that the country could handle a 15 percent gasoline shortage without rationing Ile pointed out that Holland, facing a 15 percent shortage, recently called off its rationing program. Simon promised to provide adequate advance notice if rationing becomes necessary. “Good Bet” Iii Indianapolis, a federal en ergy expert has told the energy task force of the Midwest Gov-! ernors’ Conference gasoline ra-; tinning is a “good bet” to go into effect this year. Robert Copaken of the Federal Energy Office in Washington told the conference Monday that most knowledgeable people in Washington are expecting the rationing plan to be in effect by the end of May or June. Task force members told Co-paken the plan puts too much of the burden of administration on the states, without giving them any authority. In other developments: The secretary general of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries said that oil prices would rise if advanced Western countries fail to contain inflation The secretary general. Abder-rahman Khene of Algeria, said that if there is no progress in controlling inflation, “the exporting producer countries cannot go on for a long time making the same sacrifices and consequently will have to increase the price of their oil.” The Atomic Energy Commission said it is changing its procedures for licensing nuclear power plants in an effort to shorten the time needed to put such plants into operation. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Ting , Jan 29. 1974 J Milk Price Hike Blamed On Farm Production Drop By Al Swegle Cedar Rapids dairy officials are blaming ibis week’s retail milk price hike on a drastic have doubled and tripled iii the last year. “We’re talking about $3 corn that a year ago sold for $1 a drop in farm production in key bushel, he added Midwestern dairy states. Milk production iii Wisconsin, the nation’s leading dairy state, is down six percent from year- Priees Up locally F Oley said dairy prices have increased from $6.65 a hundredweight a yeai*ego to ago levels, while Iowa produc-l$9 27 g hundredweight today tion has dropped five percent “Nobody is getting rich on it (the milk price hike),” John Foley, manager of the lowa-Illinois milk and ice cream division of Land O’Lakes, Inc., told The Gazette That means farm prices Im vc increased 21.7 cents a gallon Meanwhile retail milk prices have risen from less than a dollar a gallon to tho $ I 25 arid $1.30 a gallon range. Another Cedar Rapids dairy His firm, like those statewide, ...    .    .    f-    ., c . ,, ,    ii    ,i    4    * I industry    eader, David    Schulte hiked    milk    prices three    to five44_____tUn cents a gallon Monday. The in crease came on the heels of a spectacular 30 cents a hundredweight increase in farm prices between January and February. Shortage Indications “Everything is going in the direction to create a shortage,” Foley said. “Cow numbers are down, production per cow is down, and consumption is up.” Nationally milk prices dairymen have increased said the trend “proves that farmers are not seeing enough to cover their costs of production.” “There is no law requiring a farmer to milk cows 365 days a year and lose money,” Schulte, manager of the Mid American Dairymen, Inc., receiving plant, told The Gazette. Encouraging Signs “Unless prices rise, we could for|face a situation similar to our 40 current energy problem where percent since July, and farm we are dependent on imports for prices have increased 21 7 cents,our dairy products ’ a gallon in the last year locally,; Foley does see some encour- Foley rioted "Brices have gone up more in the last six months than in the last six years on the farm.” he aging signs in the current price situation “The recent price hikes at the farm level are encouraging Memorial. Friends may call at    . Cedar Memorial funeral home *2 0011 ■" ™un<> funds as r<,su" after 3:30 p m Tuesday and a, of properly tax levies. the chapel aller noon Wednes-I Th,‘ funds ar,‘ Parl day. second^ street NE; tined $25^and puttee agreed that Nixon should not be impeached merely because subordinates were in costs. Wayne Ashby, 4540 Fair lane drive NE; fined $15 and costs. Driver’s lienesc violation volved in illegal acts. Rick Saddors, Dubuque, two; Democrats, however. charges: fined $20 and costs on! cacti charge David Travis, i*hf 2324 Mallory street SW; $15 and costs. control committee 21 to 16 fined! 'p^e panel’s GOP members said they would oppose any im-lowa LJeaths    peachrnent    action unless evi- 1 Independence John Joseph lienee was produced showing May, 84, of Jekyll Births — Mercy Jan. 29 To Mi and Mrs. Robert McMullin. 366 Eighth avenue SW, a son. Births — St. Luke’s Jan. 19 Mr and Mrs. I d-nriyid L. Bailer, Walker, a son. Jan. 28 To the families of flurry VV. Miller, Newhall, a daughter; James \\. Buress. 1887 Sixth avenue, Marion, a son; Kent I). Boison. 626 Fortieth street SW, a daughter; Charles Teague 3510 White Oak road SE, a son. Out of Town Births At l.akenheatb AFB, Milden-tiall. England - Sgl and Mrs. Fee A. Borntrager, a son Jan. 29 Mrs. Borntrager is the daughter of Mrs. I,eland Miller, | church. Jones’ 3115 Harvest Hill road SW At Mason City Mi and Mrs. Leman Olson, a daughter Jan. 18. Mrs. Olson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neat McLean. 1620 Second avenue, Marion. Island, Ga. Services Wednesday at 2. St. John’s Catholic church. Wake service at 8 Tuesday, White’s. Independence - Fred A Broad, 86. White’s. Iowa City Jennie Taylor. Services Thursday at I ;30, George L Gay, where friends may call beginning Wednesday morning. Independence — Steven Leslie Spear, 22, of Centerburg, Ohio. Services Thursday at 2, Foursquare church. White's. Central City    Marvin    E. McCartney 53. Services Thursday at 10:30, Murdoch’s here, where friends may call after I Wednesday. Melle Plaine    Mandus    A. Voss, 67. Services Thursday at 10:30, First Lutheran church. Peffers-Halverson. Williamsburg    Walter    F. Leinoch, 72. Services Wednesday at 2, United Presbyterian Marriage Licenses Ortha Holley and Harold McDade, both of Cedar Rapids. Katherine Aven. Hiawatha, and Jack Davis, Cedar Rapids. Fires 131 p m. Monday. I lush gasoline al 826 Second street SF, 3 46 pm. Monday Cigaret to conch at 325 First avenue SE 3:56 pin Monday. Cutting torch to Junk ear at 509 J avenue NW 4 15 pin Monday. Short in refrigerator at 136 Echo lam* NW 7 40 p.m. Monday lance call at SW. Iowa City —Perry Hoskin-son, 85. Services Wednesday at I, George L. Gay. Iowa City    Margaret Barnes, 63. Services Wednesday at 3. George L. Gay. Burial: Pawnee, III Ridgeway Givin Hoyden, 87. Services Wednesday at 2, Madison Lutheran church. Steine's in Decorah. Decorah Russel D. Baker, 77. Services Friday at IO, OI-son-Fjestul. Oelwein Emma Slater, 84 Clifton’s, Earlville Iowa City    Mrs    Mary Brum. 103. of West Branch. Services Wednesday at 9 at St. Wenceslaus c hurch Rosaries at 4 and 8:15 p.m. Tuesday at I tonohue’s Mrs. George Paullins Orpha Gladys Paullins, 78, Letts, formerly of Cedar Rapids, died Monday in an Iowa City hospital. Born Sept. 23, 1895, at Grandview, she was married to George Paullins June 30, J915. at Wapello She was a member of Kenwood Park United Methodist church in Cedar Rapids. Surviving are two sons. Ixm-i nie Paullins. Marion: J. Robert! Paullins. Ellenton, Fla ; three daughters. Mrs. Lloyd Lee, with i whom she made her home atj 'Letts; Mrs. Orville Eek berg,) San Antonio. Texas, and Mrs.! (Willard Bennett, Cedar Rapids;; shot within nine minutes of each I three sisters. Mrs. G. K. Buster,; Wapello; Mrs. Everett Rexroth,; The funds are part of the county allocation to the Linn County Health (’enter. Kopel said. Extra Touch FTD Service PIERSON’S 1800 Chis Blvd. NW FLOWERPHONE 366-1826 acknowledged, ‘ but farmer s dairymen to stick with it,” haven’t benefited much.” ! Foley said, “and we expect to Rising feed costs have placed see more production as cows a squeeze on farmers, Foley freshen in March and April.” said. and farmers apparently    - aren’t feeding as much to their Johnson Auditor May Downtrend    Seek    Supervisor Seat "We've seen a trend toward a ,0WA CITY “ Counl>' Audi,or reduction in dairy cow numbers Delores Rogers, during a meot-in recent years.” Foley said. ing of the board of supervisors, but production has steadily in-(said she was considering creased    challenging Supervisor Robert “For the first time in years, Burns for his seat on the board the cow numbers and produc-; Both Mrs. Rogers and Burns Hon have both gone down at the are Democrats. The Democratic same time.    primary    is slated for June 4 “Dairymen apparently aren't Burns, frequently at odds with feeding as much to their cat-:Mrs. Rogers, said he would “be tie.”    delighted if Mrs. Rogers should Foley noted that protein costs choose to run.” We have so many beautiful ways to say something special FLORIST and GIFT SHOP    364.,,39 phone answered 24 hours every day that the President “authorized ct directed (illegal! acts to be committed,” said Rep. Robert IMcClory of Illinois. —Gunmen- (Continued from Page other, the woman at Geary boulevard and Divisidero street and Wollins at Scott and Fulton streets a pensioner* was Davenport, and Mrs. Anthony Weyer, Burlington; 14 grand-! children, and 6 great-grandchil-1 dren. Services; Thursday at 1:30 at Ninth and Howard! j^tts United Methodist church, the South of the stacy-lvcwis funeral home in Co-j jumbos .Junction is in charge. Spanish Holdup M A I) Ii I I) (AP) Bombic, killed at streets, in Slot” area. Jane Holly, a bank employe, died in a brightly lighted self service laundry at Silver and Brussels streets and the shooting of Mrs. McMillan occurred in the IOO block of Edinborough street Former Independence Man, 22, Is Killed INDEPENDENCE - Steven U'slie Spear, 22, of Centerburg, Ohio. a former Independence resident, was killed Jan 27 in a traffic accident in Vernon, Ohio Survivors include his wife. Michelle; two daughters. Botte Jo, 2, and Kelly Elizabeth, I; his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Derrell Scott of Independence four! brothers, Leslie Spear. Derrell Scott. jr. Vernon Scott anil James Scott, all of Indepen Memorial Services lliirhanan. Stella >1. lier chapel west at 10:30 a rn. Wednesday by the Rev. Alvon Nelson. Burial; Cedar Memorial cemetery. Kineaide, Ann Jeanette Ko-srk Se* 3 it I- were held I ues day at 2 p.m. at the Chapel of I Memories by the Rev, Larry R Johnson of First United Pres- I byterian church. Entombment j was in Chapel of Memories mausoleum. Arrangements by ; Cedar Memorial funeral home. < Frees Prisoners BANGKOK (AIM Premier Sanya Thammasak has ordered, the release of 162 political pns oners jailed more than two years ago by the ousted mill tory regime 209 Auhorn drive Monde donee; two sisters, Mrs. Paul; Four Michael and Cheryl Scott of In i \mbu •. masked men armed with pistols dependence and .shotguns held up a bank! Services: Thursday at 2 p m. Gaul van Monday and escaped with in the Foursquare church here. 8:33 pm _____ , odor at 1440 Thirty-'-eoondI$237,000 in Spanish currency, po- Burial MI Hope cemetery, nu street NE    hoi*    said,    body    is    al    White    funeral    home Magistrate's Court Speeding Robert k loyd, 112 Seventh avenue SW. lined $50 aud costs Cheryl Steibor, MKSII - . • Prompt KMM KH* llvlh vru I’M It** PT ll noniii shop 5008 C enter Pl. Md. N.E. 393-5505 W In "TW For 6 ? years . . . flowers for all occasions! John K. Lopes 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 Convenient downtown location Non-Contract NEW WANT AD DEADLINES TUES....!. 4:45PM Mon. WED  4:45 PM Tues. THURS.....4:45 PM Wed. TRI 4:45 PM Thurs. SAT......... 4    45    PM Tri SUN ..... ll OO AM Sot. MON......11.45 AM Sot Correction* and cancellation* • AM 'til 9 AM day of publication. 'Til 11:00 AM Sat. tor Sunday. Want Ad Dept. Clones at Noon Saturday DIAL 398-8234 ;

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