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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Iowa City School Vandalism Combat Plans Aired By Ford Clark IOWA ( TPY According to lls own records, the Iowa City Community school district suf-fered Hi major cases of breaking and entering in tho schools during 1973. This was iii addition to many other eases in which vandals either failed to gain entry to the schools or inflict ('d only minor damage to school property. Overall, according to the school system's business manager, vandalism c o s I the .school system over $16,000 during the last year. School Closed The severity of the problem was highlighted dramatically when a breakin at Helen Femme school Dec. Kith resulted in so much damage to the classrooms, library, and study areas, that it was impossible to hold classes the next day. To combat what School Supt. Merlin Ludwig calls “this most serious problem,” the school district is coming up with a many-sided approach involving a number of highly innovative pilot programs. As Supt. Ludwig explained: “At the last school board meeting we presented two staff reports dealing with this problem. “First, we issued a warning to parents that they would be held financially responsible for any damage done to school property. This could mean a cost of up to $1,000 per incident of vandalism to parents of children involved in such incidents. “Hopefully this may make a few parents a little more concerned if their children start to stay out all hours of the night on weekends ... the favored target time for attacks against the schools. “Secondly, we told the school board we were very interested in a pilot program along the lines of programs found to be very successful in other school districts across the country, that is, allowing people with home trailers to park rent free on school property and act as built-in, live-in custodians.” Ludwig noted that, “Our district also owns outright a number of trailer units used as temporary, movable classrooms. “If, as enrollment figures indicate, we might close down some schools in the district, this would free some of these units to be located at each school. “And then allow for University of Iowa students to have these units rent-free for acting as livc-on-campus custodians. These units already have life support .systems built in, with only toilet and bathing facilities needed to be added to make them livable.” Ludwig went on to say, “Tho program I like the best is this . . . We would propose to the sclwel lx>ard that they allow us to set aside a sum of money to each school equal to I hi- amount w e spent on vandalism at that location during this last school year. “Then, if vandalism falls off at that particular school, we would take the money saved J and let the students themselves use the money for a ! school project of their choice. Student Stake “Say, a renting of films to be enjoyed by students during their uncommitted periods. ! Juveniles Charged In Woman's Slayingj OTTUMWA (UPI) — Police here Sunday arrested and charged two juveniles with mur der in connection with tin' alleged strangulation slaying of I an elderly Ottumwa woman Sat- j unlay night. Police said they received a call Saturday night from a neighbor of Mrs. Ada Caldwell, 70, who .said she had found the * woman's body. An autopsy report released by ; I he Wapello county medical examiner listed the official cause j of death as strangulation. Police said they booked the pair after an extensive interrogation. alif (CrJiur ffiujtifw OwizfMr f stnblished Iii HRJ liy t Hr OOI*Of C o anti pobiifittc) doily and sunday of '.OO Thltd Av* >1:. Crd'»' Hupttls. *, MOA %r< lino < In** PotfdO* polo til Cidar Rapids. lord Sob*'Option ruin* l»y ,l,r''•!.,?*    : a wee* My' moil Nlt|hl edition cmd Sunday a Itta**    a    month. IM a yi>ii! AI tor noon mIIIimk Odd sunday Issues IJ SO ii month % .’S O your <>th*i %inl*% and US territories MO d No mall lubiirlfiiiwii ut septet* in ain* (loving OUl*tt* * or i f*r set vir a Th* Associated IO**1. *s tiv*ly In th* o»* tor i«|iol)lU ut Ion©* , oil th* local or** in lr,Iud In this n.-wspu I lier us w*il as all AP n*ws dlSpdishes j I his way the money would go for a useful student project, rather than simply being thrown down the drain. “Hopefully, this method might instill some pride in the a I. u d e n t in his Individual school, he would, In effect, have a stake in what happened there.” On the preventive side, the school systems staff, according to Ludwig, “is investigat ing the possibility of convert mg the school’s loudspeaker system to noise receiver units which could report any loud noises to law enforcement agencies in the area “We are also considering hiring University of Iowa stu dents to travel the district checking the buildings and re-porting by radio on any suspi Clous activities. The police have indicated to us they would cooperate in this or any other way that was feasible.” But perhaps the oddest method of combating the problem of vandalism is another step Ludwig has put in motion. “We strongly suggest to our area legislators that they work toward repeal of the state’s ‘no smoking’ law for people under the age of 18. “It may seem like tins law has nothing to do with vandalism problems, or problems of the kids not having pride in their school. But you can’t break one law without being cynical about another. “The no smoking law is un enforceable in the schools There simply isn’t enough personnel for that. On top of that, students see teachers smoking and they ask, why them and not us? “Most of all it is a hypocritical law. People who scil cigarets don’t enforce if, parents in mony cases don’t enforce it, but they expect the school to enforce it. “So students break this law many times right iii front of teachers who look the other way, and they get away with this and it is one easy step to see what they can get away with next. Breaking rules is an on-going process and having a fiypocritical, unenforceable law on the books only encourages further lawbreaking such as vandalism. “lf we are going to expect the student to obey the law let us at least have fair laws. Keeping kids from smoking is a parent problem, it should riot be a law that is universally ignored ... a law that leads to cynicism regarding the law. “It is riot a terribly large step irom getting away with smoking, to getting away with forms of vandalism. “It we expect the students to obey certain rules let’s make the rules fair. 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