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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The ( rdar Rapids Gazette: Mon., Jan. 28. 1974 Senate Defers Action on Studded Tire Ban Bill DES MOINES (AP) The i ways and moans committee un-1 Iowa senate Monday delayed I f'c'1 senate rules. any further action on a bill to1    Down Motion ban studded snow tires until rho amendment to require the, later in the session Robert Johnson To Head Linn 2000 Group Brezhnev To Get Big Cuban Hello CATV Petition Filing Expected Within 2 Weeks with Washington if tho I S would lift its economic blockade of the island. Robert M I. Johnson. 1518 Brockman avenue, Marion, has The action came when the measure was sent to the Iowa senate ways and means committee following the adoption of an amendment to require a $30 annual users fee for cars having MIAMI (AP) Cuba prepared a big welcome Monday for Soviet Communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev.    •    — His trip. the first to ('uba by a Cr ,    ,    .    .    ... high Soviet official in more than * ' ° been appointed chairman ot he |w#    romcs ami(l widl, ^    f    QI Linn county committee on ^peculation aboul posslblf    Weapons Tor WI k inure cl limn in the\cnt    .    provemerrt of relations between KUWAIT (AHI    Krench tan ncnrc fee    xnnnsnmH hx    ^u' Pr®Kram *s a Krass    roots    the Communist island and the    Minister Michel Jobert    Monday vine    11)-West    Union) |e^ort t0 sel ^on,s tor ,be    sla!c    U. S. However, the trip was    offered arms and large    industrial will focus on four    main    scheduled last September, long    a1 investments to Kuwait in ex- 11 ilarius Hey was adopted lost Thursday just before the senate stopped debate on the bill for the week. Sen. George Kinley (I)-Des Moines) immediately filed a motion to reconsider that amendment. But the senate Monday re studded tires Bills which impose new fees jeeted 23-24 that motion or taxes must be studied by the will issues    energy,    natural re-    before    such speculation began    change    for long-term oil deli sources,    economic    development    The    latest talk of a lh S.-    certes,    government sources re- and life enhancement.    Cuban    thaw arose after Cuba’s    ported Other    members    of the Linn!ambassador to Mexico recently    He proposed the barter formu- county committee are Pat Me-remarked to newsmen that la during a series of meetings I successful, the $3 5 million cable Portland, dealing with energy; Cuba was willing to negotiate with Kuwaiti government lead-system would require more than Petitions asking for a referendum on cable television will bo I presented to the city council within the next two weeks, ac cording to Percy Harris, president of Community Cable Co Stockholders iii the group seeking a cable television franchise In Cedar Rapids held a news conference Sunday at the Roosevelt hotel If a referendum is held and is George Hamilton, natural resources. and Harold Ewoldt. Controversy In Seminary Stirs Church ST. LOUIS (AP) — A dispute over biblical interpretation, which led to the suspension of a seminary president, is stirring controversy in the 3-million-member Lutheran Church-Mis-souri Synod Ways and means and commit- economic development, lee chairman. Roger Shaff, (R- The Linn county committee Camanche) had earlier said his will plan county events to in-committee would study Revolve people in setting goals for measure carefully if it received:the state. Anyone interested in | the bill and would probably re- learning more port it back to the senate floor, should contact Th* Iowa highway ,'animis- ; county extension office Mon has been attempting to ban studded tires virtually since they were legalized several years ago. The studs are legal on Iowa highways from Nov. I to April I. Gov, Robert Ray said he Cars Continue To Be Target For Burglars J*— «    * David O.- .Wfi. Inst week. Hour such report* WM » member of St. Me-community Cable, said the were filed with police over the Phe" s (ah"‘c 1cburcb ?nd group hopes 40 percent of Cedar weekend    Marion post 2911, American Le- Rapids homes will sign up for Brown Enters California Race SAN DIEGO, Calif. I AP I --Secretary of State Edmund Steven Welton, 1502 Fin! (tov Kohl* rf IfflV qiHn ho I    .    •    i    I    cf 11 IV    UL LdS Wilt* MUK ll II Urn filet «%«?    ti    a    %«    .    „    I    HI y Ut iv iv lei 1 would not object to banning ^rown’ •ir,‘ out    10    sister’a car while it was parked VK, rier s . ?vrc.a af. 1 . realize a profit.” studded tires and said the slud* ™plUre ,hc California K°vcrnor 'at hi* home Sunday.    doehs Central City. after I    A major motivation is lo pro- Nearly all the faculty and, ld"““J “J** Jshlp his father lost lo Ronald An „5 tape player and IS P-"?:    "•«    ^    I vide education.! programming Reagan eight years ago,    laprs    worlb' |flo "were laken|reclled Tu"day 41 * The 35-year-old Democrat for- from Max Dyson’s ear while it more than half Ihe students at,,,    „    highway. Concordia seminary here have1    hichwiv    commission boycotted classes for a week to admits the studs are safer    when    ma*^’ declared his candidacy    was    parked at his residence at protest the suspension of the hlfih „    covered bv    pIhhp    witb 8 pledge to “create a new    1704    Sixteenth street NW Satur- Rev. Dr. John Tietjen. More|££n aya "J4DCovereby    dispirit of activism and hope in    day    or Sundav. A set of house than 250 of the 420 seminaryH'* ^m^™sPon coniendl    th?    s,4le government.” He said he    keys    was also taken sweeping Robert Cook, 3040 Sixth street * V V*    uAMHednMtMntinM    A    f    4    a    sal one percent of the time Man Hurt in Plant Accident the students fanned out across the,.. ...    . country to defend him.    j‘hne    p'Rhways    are    covered    only one percent of the time.    « In a spot check by the As-    ecutlve    offices. seriated Press, ll of 20 Luther-1    Safety    Hazards    ------ an ministers surveyed on Sun-i /^e commission blames the day said Dr, Tietjen should not I tires for causing up to $5 million have been fired. The other nine wear per year on the highways Riots in India A Cedar Rapids man suffered SW. reported IO stereo tapes 8 broken arm in an accident valued at $50 and a $2 50 flash- around I a rn Monday at the access, municipal use. weather, light were stolen from his car Cryovac Co., 1125 Wilson avenue news, sports and stock markets Saturday night.    SW.    and    EM    radio. An alternator, regulator, bat- Joe Hartgcret. 27, of 1531 The company will he locally terv, distributor cap and igni- Tenth avenue SW. was treated controlled and will not involve $08 were at St. Luke’s hospital Company tax money. NEW DELHI. India (AP) issued statements which did not and causing safety hazards to P°Iice killed three rioters in |jon wjrps valued at _____ .    . come out strongly for either other drivers because of ruts in    cpntr8l    India    Saturday    during    S|0|pn    sometime    last week from    officials    said Hartgeret was side but said the problem is the highways Those ruts, the    continuing protests    against    food    a    car    belonging    to Robert High-    training another    man    when his Want ads will help you find divisive and should be resolved commission says, fill with water    shortages    and    rising    prices,    of-    am    5442    J    afreet    SW. police    arm    was caught    in    a    webbing lost items, use them for quick quickly.    causing other drivers’ cars    to ^8^8*8^*    reported.    and wrapped around a roller. results! Dial 398-8234. The dispute, which has sim- hydroplane.---——    —......—         -----------—................... mered for 20 years, centers on The commission also says the how literally the Bible should be studded tires are unsafe on dry interpreted.    highways because they tend    to The Missouri    Synod s conven-    skid when brakes are applied.    J tion last summer approved sev*j oral resolutions critical of Dr. I Tietjen and the Concordia faculty, accusing them of teaching false doctrine. Church conservatives support the belief that all biblical mira-j InH,.    _L    ¥ des are to be accepted as such; J ^ITT “ The Johnson! that theories of evolution are m    bnard «IWi*or» conflict with the Bible and that *' °"day- ,n a *<ate™ent inned professors are to teach accord- ** Su£er''»r yhal™a" Rlcb; •KR to doctrinal statements ard Rar,cl’ deeded itself adopted bv the svnod in conven-    4    rci’cnl    edltor,al    b-v    an I Iowa City radio station. The editorial criticized the tion. The Concordia faculty, de-    ,    , fended by Dr. Tietjen. contends    for non-professional that the message in a story c cav or* about a miracle is more impor- . ‘ 11 P 0 r v 1 s 0 r Bartel Mid.. tam than the    question of T^re is no training school for. whether the miracle took place, I c®unty supervisors . - - this is a that it is possible, as a Luther-    democracy, and while it an, not to accept the teaching lfs ^auj,s* wc can * believe. Johnson Board Fires Rebuttal To Editorial that Adam and Eve were real people and that the faculty is anyone seriously considers training schools for every political not bound to teach according to IIT *n United States, the synod s doctrinal interpretations. The supervisor statement went on to say the “complaint concerning vocal disagreement I •    |    j    j    among the supervisors is most Jessie J. taylor    strange. We believe debate and Dies, Slate Rites dissent in healthy in* govern-CENTRAL CITY - Jessie J. menL The three supervisors Taylor. 87, a lifelong resident of "Pre elected at different times the Central City and Coggon bV different constituencies on areas, died Monday in a Cedar different platforms I believe Rapids hospital. She was born ,hr Publlc expects u* to express March 15. 1908, at Spring Grove. aur differences.’’ On Get 3. 1923. she was married to William J. Taylor at Man Myles P. Brislawn '■hos'('r    Riles    Wednesday Surviving are her husband; CENTRAL CITY - Myles P two daughters, Mrs William Bri^Jawn. 77, a lifelong resident Stock of ( entral City, and Mrs. 0f (be Central City-Prairieburg Virgil Rissler of Manchester,    arra dicd Sunday    in    an    Iowa two sons. Deraid and William    city hospital. Taylor of Central City; ten    He was bom July    7, 1896,    near grandchildren two great-grand-    Prairieburg. On Nov.    30,    1950. children; a sister. Mrs. Irene he was married to Mary Justin Bailey of Central City; and a Price at Iowa City, brother. Melvin Justin of Wyatt, Survivors are three sisters, Mo,    Mrs. Marcella Milos and Mrs. Services: 2:30 p.m. Wcdncs- Elsie Crowley, both of Central day at the Spring Grove Meth- Citv, and Mrs Anne Trumpoldt odist church at Spring Grove of Cedar Rapids; two brothers. Friends may call at the Mur- James B Brislawn of Troy doch chapel in Central City Mills and Owen Brislawn of after I p m. Tuesday.    Marion. “Use Gazette Want Ads Almost Every Week and Always Sell Everything. It Sure Pays to Advertise." lOVf SEAT. 393 4114 SOLD! ifOBOOM    lr    (.ie*    ADOD*    11 OO 1*1 4114 SOLDI 4 IS Pally whedt. j. 15*10 Af»'*ri-fan rnoox, Ona*' SS men*. J*J 4 114 SOLD! Mr lorry Sherrill very wisely used 3 ads in 3 different dossifieationi and needed the want ads only 2 days. TO ORDER YOUR ACTION AD DIAL 398-8234 8 AM to 5 PM MON. Thru FRI.—’TIL NOON SAT. You’ve Earned it...You Deserve it... And Now ifs Yours! Our Trust Department can help you plan your estate just the way YOU want it. Stop in today and visit with one of our experienced Trust Officers. Our doors are always open. Ask For Your Free Personal Estate Analysis Booklet FIRST TRUST & SAVINGS BANK 1201 Third Street S E C«ddr Rapids, Iowa 1820 First Avenue N E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa I GOO Dows Street Ely, Iowa The Rich Get Richer DALLAS ,HIM. - As Ihe..... millionth poison lo fly on South for th.* weekend mid »s™ west Airlines Thursday, spending money Josey was honored with a free    ^    |hp    hrH(,    of    hls    own weekend in the penthouse suite • ' of a luxury Dallas hotel, the se. oil company. ors that would up the second leg a year to set up. of his tour of three Arab conn Installation f e e for subtrios, the sources said.    scribers will be $15. but Jobert made plain in the talks members of the group said that that Franco was prepared to fee may be waived initially to supply Kuwait with fighter encourage persons to sign up A planes, tanks and anti-aircraft monthly $6 50 rate will be f?t°n.    the cable television service. Itreet SW, reported a ITS tape slSe;v‘cT:11,W('dne',day    According    to    Harris.    "The player, two »20 speakers, two $5    ‘ . p!*n s thurib    ^stockholders    arc    in this lo make tapes and Ihree-fourlhs of a !'pr,nKK    ,    4 Profil' ye4' bl" " wl" ',roba' lank of pas were stolen from his nt»J»y Citral Qty Amm port Wy b(,    |0    IS years More we of interest to student? .and the public, Harris said A total of 12 channels would be offered, including WMT. KCRG, KW WI,. KUN and WON and WSNS from Chicago. Other channels would be de-voted to education, public MS Bat • mi Meg Please mmm Set if s Fooling with the thermostat can waste energy this winter... and cost you money, too. So why not find a lower setting that is comfortable, preferably 68 , and leave it there during the waking hours. At night, lower your thermostat. For every degree it s lowered, you will save more money. However, when the temperature outside is 0° or below, don't lower the thermostat setting at night by more than 6 or 7 degrees. A lower setting might make your furnace work overtime to reheat your home in the morning. Here are some other suggestions that will help you conserve energy and save money this winter: Weatherstrip and calk around windows and doors. Seal against air leaking to the attic. An opening to your attic can result In a substantial heat loss. Close the fireplace damper tightly when your fireplace is not in use so you don t let a lot of warm air escape. Let the sunshine in on sunny days but close drapes to keep the heat inside at night. Don’t put furniture or drapes in front of warm air registers or cold air returns. Humidify for increased comfort. Consider outside temperatures and be careful not to add too much humidity. Clean or change furnace filters once a month and be sure your furnace fan Is kept clean, oiled and working properly. PROVIDING ENERGY IS OUR BUSINESS ... CONSERVING ENERGY IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. For many more ideas on steps you can take to conserve energy and lower your utility bill, fill out the coupon balow and send it to: : SLA mf: Iowa Illinois Gas and Electric Company 327 Third Street S. I. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 i Please send me a copy ot the I pamphlet "31 Ways You Can Conserve Inerqy Thin Winter " I understand there la no charge1 Nim# Addeem % I City Sun I Mi ■ ai ■ ■ ■ Zip s ;

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