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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 27, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IA » - ii ir i i it*. .'Min., .im. ZJ, IM; I Seek Response to Rail Service Questionnaire By Roger Green    exists from Omaha westward A move is underway to es- ^he new 'uu> "oul(l connect Chi-tablish a new AMTRAK line|cago and Omaha, over Chicago North Western y!ajor iowa stops would in-railroad tracks which would re- f|u(j(. Clinton, Cedar Rapids connect the Cedar Rapids-; anc| \mes Marion arca with rail passenger ^ moye b tryjng ,0 ge, ,se^ 1C(r.    .    .    „    . connections with the more popu- The Chamber of Commerce a ,ous ccmra, ,owa a .. Fason sampling opinions on use and Tile existing AMTRAK line in Iowa runs through southern Iowa and has had the AMTRAK designation since the system was first set up. A Carroll business man, Wil- need for a rail stop s return. (See accompanying questionnaire.) “There's already been some conversation by Gov. Ray about the possibility of public funding of additional AMTRAK service ||a'm n' Keith.”i^itiatect‘ the push in the state, Robert    . Chamber executive president, said. In addition, State Rep. John r^e Western Assn. of Railroad .    ,    J    Passengers    was formed after sn- dratting a bill calling    for    the    (eresj    was    found among cities state to guarantee two-thirds of    a|    ,ho    „,1(.ks ,owa any defic.t it might cost lo run from Nebraska cUies passenger trains daily    on    the(Unjon p    jfi ,jne westward in tne state. Robert Fasoo,! for the new line in connection v,ce' with the Carroll Chamber of (’ommerce >hn Patchett (D-North Liberty) is North Western tracks. “A survey would give the legislature some statistics to work with,” Faxon said. Rail passenger service was last provided the Cedar Rapids- 7” Marion area at the Marion rail depot in 1971. The move now is to re-establish routes formerly served by the City of laos Angeles and City of Portland from Chicago to those two West Coast cities. hookup. “This is not just an effort in Iowa." Keith said, “but .rn effort to pro\ ide service that would connect all corners of our “It wouldn’t make sense to build freeways and interstate highways in each individual state that didn t connect with freeways in bordering states. “So how can it make sense to Want Good Passenger Train Service? 1. Would you us# passenger train service if it were available in your community? □ Yes    □ No    □    Maybe. 2. Would you go as far as 50 miles ta board a good passenger train? [ Yes    i 1 No    □    Moybe 3. Would you go more than 50 miles for ttain service? Cl Yes    O No    Q    Maybe 4. Do you think pctssenger train service would benefit the economy and welfare of your community? C! Yes    ii No    Cl    Maybe 5. Do you think additional passenger trains could ease the current energy crisis? 0 Yes    ti No    □    Maybe 6 De you feel well operated passenger trains ore safer than other modes of public transportation? t Yes    t I No    □    Maybe 7. Do you think convenience (downtown stations) of well run passenger trains a factor in their favor? 1 I Yes    DNO    □    Maybe 8. Do you believe well managed passenger trains are a significant contribution to present day transportation needs? a Yet    n No    a    Maybe 9. Do you make tups of 400 miles or more at least once a year? D Yes    □ No    D    Maybe 10. How mony times o year do you think you would use a passenger train if available? D 1-5    □ 5-10    □    More Often I I. Would your train travel be primarily . ,, [ ’ Within the state    Cl    Beyond    state lines. !2. lf the energy crisis were to come to an end, would you still be interested in travel by passenger train? n Yes    Cl No. Please circle your approximate age groupr Cl 18 25; H 26-45; Cl 45 65;    □ over 65 Please write in city cmd state of residence! Please mail completed questionnaire to: City fditor The Gaxette Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406 Expand Program for Handicapped Adults The program for physically handicapped adults at the I'nit od Cerebral Palsy center will be expanded from weekly to daily beginning Feb. 13. Executive Director Jim Gross said that daily hours for the expanded program will he 9 a m. to 4 p.m. at the center at 1201 Eighth street NVV. The expanded programming is aimed at helping physically handicapped adults fill hours of j unoccupied time with meaning ful activity Between 25 and 35 adults have been participating in the weekly programs at the center. Gross hopes to add 15 to 20 persons with the expanded program. The weekly programming was made possible a year and a half ago when the center received a ; $2,800 federal grant to begin a weekly evening life enrichment program for physically handicapped adults. The program was to be of a reereation-sociali/.ation nature Initially the activities were organized and carried out by professionals. Gradually, participants took a part in the organization and today committees made up of clients plan, organize, operate and evaluate the program. Professionals are involved only on a consulting basis. One of the regular activities evolving from the evening program has been a bowling league. Eighteen bowlers are active in the league each Saturday. The expanded program will offer activities in three major areas: Adult education classes from Kirkwood Community college to help broaden educational backgrounds) recreation leering can attend a volunteer socialization activities to com* information meeting .ii the (i pigment the educational pro rchral Palsy center Monday at grams and instruction in "in- 7 30 p m dependent living skills’’ The \ volunteer orientation is latter will offer instruction in planned Feb. 8 at 7;3Q p.m. at caring for participant needs u1(. center. At this meeting through a simulated apartment speakers will discuss working arrangement.    with the physically han- Gross said volunteers are dieapped. needed in all three areas to help persons interested in partici-make the expanded program a pating in the programs or in success. Volunteers can be used,voiunteeering can call the daily .Monday through Friday, enter at 385 4657 any day from Thursday evenings and Satur- j); 15 a m to 5 pm, day mornings, he said. Persons The Cerebral Palsy center, willing to provide transportation currently operating on an an* for participants is perhaps the mia| budget of $41,000, is pri-greatest need, Gross said.    manly funded by Crated Com Persons interested in volun- munity Services. Blind Dog Has Seelng-Eye Man that only exists in one state and Thrifty want ads work doesn’t connect with the border- wonders for you. Place a low AMTRAK service presently restore rail passenger service mg states?” Gazette readers arc asked to fill out the accompany mg questionnaire and mail it to City Editor, Cedar Rapids Gazette Newsroom, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52408 cost want ad. Dial 398 8234. PORT WASHINGTON, N Y. (AP> — Jamie, the dog, has a seeing-eye man. The man. Ed Bostick, leads his blind terrier around the block twice a day. Jamie gets along quite well by himself indoors and in spite of his affliction seems happy. Now IO years old and looking something like a small, closely sheared sheep, I he went blind with cataracts. Bostick once considered hav-j mg the cataracts removed A I veterinarian decided, however, {that spectacles which must bo worn after such an operation would not be practical in Jamie’s case Jamie’s predecessor. Randy, wore a hearing aid. Rut that's another story S|M»Hal I Ii#* W>4»k! DAISIES and IVIINIATI RE CARNATIONS S ST 50 IN A GREEN HOBNAIL COMPOTE Order blowen For )<mr I alentiae Noir: (R r'H deliver Later.) willy's floral ^ dr si i designs 363*2675 3501 FIRST AVE. SE—DELIVERY SERVICE Open Monday thru Friday 8-6 - Saturday 8-5 Nature Center Sets Groundhog Day Hike Feb. 2 Camp Good Health (Continued from Page IA The elusive groundhog will be sought on Groundhog day, 1974. Frow Mr. and Mrs, as the Indian Creek Nature cen William llrmsk>. jr. (cr presents its first public ac- In memory of my nativity — a free Groundhog day loved son. Jim hike - Feb 2 from 2 to 4 p in. ,n mpmorA of \\j||jam Hikers will take to the woods \y. McGranahau on a naturalist-guided walk in- In lovllu m,mori to the world of the proverbial groundhog, more properly termed, woodchuck. It is likely that the groundhog will be snoozing beneath the frostline and will not be aroused even on its namesake day. ac or our father and husband, Hilary Zeller In memory of Herman Helms from co-workers of Don In memory of Grace M. I ifield from Don cording to Nature center direr    R,,rta tor, Curtis D. Abdouch. How- ,n niemorv nf nPr. ever. many other amma! tracks    )nan c Helms from and dens should be seen as well    th** ro-worker*    of as some of the earliest signs of,    \anry I.oftsgard    at spring, he said.    ,    S,ars The hike will proceed, regard-(in memory of Paul I . less of weather conditions, but hikers are reminded that snow covering and possible alternate thawing conditions will make boots and overshoes a “must.” 25.00 25.00 25.00 55.00 50.50 20.00 20 OO 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.0(1 hint: from Mr. and Mn*. W illiam R. Orlon, daughter Lisa: Mary Ilia, Jean and Harry I). Kine Indian ( reek Nature center in memory of w iitiam is a very new cultural and edu-1 rational addition to the Cedar Rapids area - one with which many people have yet to b** come acquainted,*’ said Abdouch. “The Nature center combines w ise use of natural lands,! J. Meancy on his birthday from his wife and daughter* In memory of Mrs. Ray J. Mills from Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hopkins building facilities and profes- In memory of Ilarlie siona1 staff in order to offer many unique opportunities for nature and wildlife study, outdoor recreation and environmental awareness for people nj all ages ” The Nature center is located at the junction of Otis and Bertram roads, just south of Mf Vernon road in extreme southeastern Cedar Rapids, aud will headquarter in a red tde bani soon to be renovated. The closest and mast convenient park* ing area is at the head of the Sac and Fox trail. The hike will begin from then' And Grace Wilson from .Mr. and .Mrs. W I,. Fitzgerald In memory of loved ones from Robert and B e a t r i r e Iraehta In mentor? of Aunt Rachel from the BJornson family “llappv memories of a '5fi-year friendship” \iH»nvmous To our parents Jim and Lucy Corwin In memory of I Imer Duff y from the 50.00 20.00 50 (MI 15.00 I Degree of II o n o r Protective Assn. In memory of Beulah Milhnlin from Joe tennis . In memory of Beulah Milholin from Anna and I >to Heath In memory of Harriett Moon from Louise Safely In memory of liable Reed from Jim and Lucy Corwin In memory of our friend Herman (’. Helms, from Mrs. Jack NT a d e n and Mrs. M. L. Stritesky of Franklin. Neb. In memory of the father of Harry B. James from Agnes Carlson and Garnet Christensen In memory of Boots Parduhsky from Mrs. John C. Pct-rovitsk I In memory of 31 cs. Emma Ko va—anon > mous In memory of Beulah .Milholin from 3Ir. and 3lrs. Clair Richardson Total 1973 Budget 1973 Expenses Balance carried forward to 1071    $    %’5.28 5.00 5.00 5.00 3.00 2.00 $15,855.79 $17,871.87 $11,893.51 lo no Council Candidates in Portland Spend $10 DORI LAND, Maine (AP) - A lo.oo Tot ai of $10 was spent by the ii'.e < tv < ounci! candida** . n last month’s municipal election 5.00 according to campaign reports filed at city hall 5 (Mi The money was all spent for printing costs by Hopkins Askar tan. Alto io t flOlRysr-rr-i Don’t Miss Out! 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