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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 24, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa £hf Cc1 cl mr JftnpitU Year of the Tiger Two young Chinese school children enjoy the Chinese New Year's parade in New \ork's Chinatown Wednesday. The parade ushered in the Year of the Piner. 4872 in the Chinese lunar calendar Primary Winner Russell Means, a leader of the American Indian Movement (AIM), currently on trial in St. Paul for his role in the 71-day occupation of Wounded Knee. S J) , has apparently won the primary election for president of the Oglala Sioux tritH*. Means kept track of the election results from his motel room in St. Paul as his supporters on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota phoned him the returns. AP Wirephoto Not Much Time Left —AP Wirephoto Heavy flooding diverted the Clackamas river near Mclver park iii the Estacada, Ore , area, washing away a chunk of land 75 to UMI feet wide and 3(M) find long. This cabin in the Twin Island Park housing development is expected to lost* its shaky hold on the ri\er bank very soon Brandt Speaks German Chancellor Willy Brandt addresses parliament at Bonn Thursday in his annual “State of the Nation" report (jet Telephoto a STANDARD rn car was happiness IS A rya TAH ____ — UPI Telephoto Too Much, Too High St I,ouis service station attendant, Bob Benson, ho|>cs to get his message across to motorists. Benson says he has plenty of gas despite the fuel shortage, but is unable to sell it because of high prices Kids Don't ll tint * I rid erst nod, 7 'hey I'rnst ant/ Compassion By Erma Reinbeck At card club the other day Helen salt!. “During 1974, I atli going to Im* nicer to my children I am going to regard them as human Inungs who have rights and feelings. I am going to develop patience and go out of my way to show them I am interested in them and in what they do. I am going to understand my children.” “Are you finished?” asked Naomi “Yes.” she said. “Why?” “Because* on an idiot scale of ten, you are a big eleven, lf God had meant for you to understand children, He would have supported prohibition. I could tell you stories of parents who have tried to understand their children that would curl your hair." Remember the man in Atlanta.” interrupted Glenda, “who was accus**d by his wife of not paying their son any attention? He felt guilty utsiut this and one day when he had draping th** car |mmi| off at the church for cub scouts, he retrieved a pathetic little drawing that his son. Mark, had done. t ruined Dratriny rn hp "Wk BOMBIC* AP Wirephoto Bystanders Miss Action A woman, visible behind the trash container, was caught by the camera fleeing a downtown department store in Cincinnati. Police said she took two sweaters valued at IIH each. Security Officer Sally Cummins is on the sidewalk following a brief encounter Bystanders seem unaware of th** excitement t»ehind them Phi* fleeing woman escaped but the sweaters were recovered iii the chuse “Eagerly, he took the drawing to a shop and s|M*nt $24 to have it framed ll** draped it and set it on th** mantel and after dinner he assembled his family and said ti* his son, I ve got a surprise for you. Mark Pin going to put this iii my office where everyone will see it .’’ Hi* unveiliMl the picture and his son said. “Why would you want a picture by Nancy Frethoffer iii your office?" “My husband tri*Mi to Im* a friend, too." said Gloria. “Our son, Mike, had an imaginary playmate that none of us could sis* let alone understand His name was Floyd. Floyd ate th** im*okies that we forbade our son to cal. turned the volume up on TY and drove us nuts "One afternoon, to our son s delight, my husband was swinging invisible Floyd when his Ih*ss dropped by. “Tell them who I’m swinging," said his father “I don’t see anyone.” said Mike Bill s tams told my husband he needed a job with a little less pressure. He was furious and said to Mike, “Why didn’t you tell him I was swinging Ploy*! “Because Floyd went home early to watch Gunsmoke,” he said fare*Im Daft And what al>out the time my son was at camp and my husband and I drove 210 miles for Parents Duv to understand hun Anil as the counselor came around and said, “Where arc your parents?” my son looked rue right in th** eves and said “They couldn’t coni*' They’re ti*** busy.’’ “Kids don't want your understanding.” said Gloria "They want your trust, your compassion, your blinding love and your car keys, but you try to understand them and you’n* iii trou bl** Besides, (hi you want your kids to beur the stlgmu of ts'ing th** only children iii North America win* ar** iinderstiMMl *" Every year, therc’s always one fotjyrtgM IC* Guild * ntnpmn |n< ;

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