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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa * Daily Record C. R. Weather High Snlurday ll p.m. Satin day Kamiah Tot;iI for Jan. Normal for Jan. Barometer, falling Humidity id ll pm Wind direction and al (layette weather si ll p.m. E at Iii mph. —Gunman— H'uiilnuied from Page I.) ended an ordeal that began al about II .‘IO a iii Saturday when police said they trapped bim as he attempted to rob the sn permarkel The gunman, who was black, then took I \ hostages one Int cr escaped Ile demanded a bullet-proof car and said he wanted to see the Kroger president I hat began the IO hour wait in 29.84 which the gunman several times 92% I ired shots inside the 91) lift Trace ii SS 1.51 velocity market adon at "He one of super was the very bitter,” said i    hostages    who    was Sun rises Monday. 8 29; sun lr,rd when the (.unman made sets, 6:0/.    Ins getaway from the supor- Year Ago I dday High, 31; market. The woman, who did low, 24; rainfall, none.    not give her mum Births ^ I .,!»«•*    ,h(* gunman as described very intelligent” and said he told her that ii cousin of h’s had been shot to death by police.” The gunman and his three hostages, two women and police Et. William Doss, made their getaway from the supermarket p m. The unmarked po-ice car which authorities had demand of (he gunman sped through police . roadblocks. Escaped The store’s manager, who was the 14th hostage and who escaped at midafternoon by jumping off the roof of the one-story supermarket, said the St. Luke s Jail. IK To the families of George Britton, 210 We I Pot I road SW, a daughter; Richard Lensing, 2440 Grand avenue, Marion, a daughter; Richard Prosser, 895 South Eleventh street, Marion, ii daughter; Phillip Genies, Monticello, a daughter; Paul K. Brob, Lisbon, at 5:25 a daughter; Paul E. Humify, 1417 Thirtieth street NE, air daughter.    furnished at the Births — Mercy .*;• ii. 19 To the families of James Barthelme, 1333 M e trimodal drive SE, a son; David Smith, 835 Fourth avenue SE, a daughter; Melvin A. Sc-melroth, Atkins, a daughter. iowa Deaths Winthrop - Hans John Schul/./ 73. Services Tuesday    |^unman had questioned    the    hos- at 1:30, Hitchcock chapel    in    tages as to whether or    not    they Laurens. Fawcetts here.    had ever served on a jury. the Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun., Jan. 20. 1971 JA. Man Jailed For $25,000 Swindle Try Camp Good Health Very Funny! Motored* v'ho drove info a service station in Novato, Calif., Saturday got this energy crisis advice. The suggestion scorns about as practical as the bumper sticker reading "Fight Smog—Ride a Horse.” DEATHS Rebecca O'Farrell GOP Chiefs See Little III Effect From Watergate Wl- 63*; Ra- CHJCAGO * AK) - Republi can leaders from several key Heights, states say fallout from Water Anna Rebecca O’Farrell, dew of Frank O’Farrell, Fortieth st. NE, a Cedar ‘ Then he asked    them if the* P'ds resident for'50 years,    died    gate will not affect    their chances ecrn'T- defendant was black or white,”    al f'Useade Saturday following    in elections    this    year    and ; said the manager,    Wayne Ste-    a *011^ diners She was    horn    most active    Republicans    still phons.    Oct- 1881, at St. Louis. — Mid-East — (Continued from Page I.) only as part of a broader agreement ineluding Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Golan Independence — Mary Cob 84. Services Monday at 5 White’s. Burial: Lamont tory. Anamosa - Mrs. George P^ens.    |Va.t.    o.    hmm,    ai    DI.    louis.    support    the    President.    and    Egypt    will    continue    its    polit-    na!pn    r.u„ro«c Sopor, 87. Services Tuesday at, Stephens escaped when the; ,, Su™v.,,}£ ar.e two daughters. Many of 60 Republican chair- fcdl '    ~ The Egyptian statement said the agreement "does not restrict our future movements, 1(j(,nl By Roland Krekeler A Cumberland City, 'Penn.,! man was arrested Saturday evening in connection with an attempt to swindle a Cedar Rapids business man out of $25,000 cash earlier in the day. Being held in lieu of $45,000 bond was (Jayton A. Spiers, HO He was charged with false pretenses. receiving stolen property and carrying a concealed weapon. Detectives said the arrest was made about 6 p m on the basis of information received con-cerning confidence activity being conducted in the city. The identity of the business I man was not. disclosed Another person also was approached Saturday as an intended victim of the confidence activity, detectives said. No money was lost in either situation, they said. Spiers allegedly offered to take a $1 bill and make it into a $20 bill and invited the intended victims to his room to show how it could be done. The stolen property charge stemmed from a stolen Tonnes-' see license plate being on the Robert'car was driving when he was arrested, authorities said .    Spiers    reportedly had a 9 mm mg to his business dealings and automatic pistol in his ear. with a $200,000 contribution to Pres- the hammer pulled, when he UPI Telephoto Vesco: Bugging Scandal Is Plot To Expel Nixon I'revicnntly reported Doris and Al In memory of Lorraine I:. Thompson, from her husband Iii memory of Mrs. Mallei ('. Reed, from friends a n d neighbors In memory of Harriet Moon from friends In memory of norman Helms from Mr. and Mis. Kills G. Cram Iii memory of Erma Ilia va ty I rom: Mr. a n d M r s. Lorenee Anthony, M r. a n d Mrs. A. M. Larson and Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Larson In memory of Miss lr ma lf la va ty from: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Janda, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Baria. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tresnak, Mrs. Marie I after, Mr. and Mrs. ..lark Williamson, Julia lEtzour, Mrs. Rather! na Pisha and Mrs. Mary Dion bv In memory of our husband, father and grandfather, Howard M. Jordan, from his wife, Irene; son, David and family and daughter, Peggy and family $ 15,039.94 25.00 25.00 20.00 I LOO 10.00 10.00 10.00 Nixon’s re-election cam- was arrested, but not w thin his losed session |y would J. Kauff- J. Millier, ut v.i Method Police theorized the man had hidden and been locked inside Friday night, or had broken in 'pende Kalona Henrj man, 78. Powell’s. Wellman — Tillie IvanknT UMnitTdayM"lh<!diS:fhurinK «* nf, S^ns said church. Powell’s.    !fl<‘ man made him unlock the Walker Gordon Meade, 78. safe and obtained about $600. Somers Monday ai lo. Sjicrvd p c. ] i c e said the gunman Heart Catholic church. Wake    , .. . service Sunday at 8, Murdoch’s,    several times to kill where friends may call after I his hostages. They said tile first Sunday.    threat came shortly after police Iowa City li ma McVey,, first arriml at fh(? * 4;>. Services Sunday at 1:30, * George L. Gay. Additional services Tuesday afternoon, Meth- market. super- liam A. Kreutzer, Cedar Rapid six grandchildren and twelve fire; Sc Turin Mono Riegel odist church. Burial: Grove cemetery north vington. Friends may the funeral home after today. the Watergate and military struggle to re- scandal is a "well calculated alize the liberation of all oc- plan" to get Nixon out of office, cupied Arab lands and ensure Vesco did not name any per-thc legitimate rights of the Pa- sons involved in the effort to im-lestinian people.    peach the President, that he ‘ The agreement gives Egypt sa*d was begun at least six great flexibility of movement m(>nths’ before Watergate be-l in speeding up camp public knowledge. a game securing abinet-level reach Brazilian Police White House tapes. Spring ■ None of several officials inter-1 of Cocall It said troops of the U. NEW VORK (UP Vesco, wanted on charges relat- In memory of Franklin Pudil from Mr. and Mrs. Ellis G. Cram In memory of Olga Vesely from Norm and Doris Usher .    T© help some ehild, Detain Newsman,    Mrs. charles    e. — i n    -r-    Faulkner lake r eron lape From Mid-Continent New York Times Services    Bottlers RIO DE JANEIRO Brazil    ^ollTer Mr*! Cibaries ian political policemen detained Hove ............. 3 a newsman. Henry Ravmont.    Total    sis,195.34 to the    Friday and «<uzed his recently    1973 Budget    sn.fi7l.67 press, and were aggros:Lely    taped interview with President    4 et to he raised    S 2,476.33 loon Jo on 10.00 5.00 4.30 at p.m. odist church in Woden. Houghton chapel there. Decorah    NVI: Blokebeig, 79. Services Monday at 2. Madison Lutheran church. Olson-Fjelstul, where friends may call beginning Sunday morning. Strawberry Point    Carl —Indo-Chinc— (Continued from Page I.) in the battle. The Chinese task force included ll ships. Him said the Chinese missiles Jo Anna Marie Croy Kramer, 78. Services Sunday at I forced the South Vietnamese 2, limited Methodic church.,task force to withdraw from the r eenev s. Center Junction I aboil* s I ’ •• ! <* g 1 ( I aracel Islands, Serbousek, 88. Serv ices Monday I prized as a possible base for at 1:30, Center Junction Pres- j offshore oil exploration around bvtorian church. Hayden’s in'|hp h } f    r)    „ Wvonung, where hands ma\ ,    -    ,    ,    , call after I Sunday.    '    coral    reefs and shoals. Brooklyn C W M( Sherry A I . S. spokesman said that 86 Servlet's Monday .it I. Grace Washington “is keeping a strict-United Methodist church. Ne- |y hands off policy" in the Para-1 vcnhoven s.    • ,    , Castalia Mabel Bookward CL dispute. 74. Services Monday at 2. Unit-1 The Saigon command said cd Methodist church. Schuttc’s |ast week that Chinese fisher-! ‘"sa Vernon I.lovd I,. Kohl m('n land,'d 1,1 'h(1 islandf- 74. Service Tuesday at I at 1 de command said Saturday Morgan’s, Lisbon. Visitation a South Vietnamese commando _ ..    N.    seeking cooperation of various!Juan Peron of Argentina, viewed at the workshop, called Emergency Force (UNEF) will people to help them in this Ravmont was taken to polit-by the GOP national commit- separate Egyptian and Israeli game.” Vesco said in an inter- jca| police headquarters and in-tee, said they believed the (forces in Sinai, and security view broadcast on AB^! televi- terrogated for four hours about President’s resignation or re- zones will be established on both sion Saturday night.    interview and his journalis- moval from office would benefit sides of the UNEF troops. In Asked who he thought was tic activities, their state parties.    these zones. Egyptian and Israe- behind the attempt to impeach .. Jack Warren, Texas state Ii forces will be limited, it said Nixon, Vesco said:    .    in.prVpntjon    Man- chairman, said, “Watergate! “Egypt accepted the .setting “Various people. I think the a , Fnnc|S{>0 Do ,\ascirnrnf0 a ^otgun, as reported earlier in .up of these security zones be- people who are meet concerned Brit<) executive vice-president IThe, Gazc[[c °" the basis of g*Kxl candidates who chose noticausc we can move our troops    with the elections on the other    ^ jornaj do Brasil, Rio De Jo-    oar v reP°8ts to run this year ... on    the oth->from the west (bank of the Suez    Me. that lost. were looking a'npirn‘s Iegdj daj. Ravmonf Gerald Johnson,    SI,    of ,.......,_________ cr h‘»nd we have had a    tremen- cana|) to the east at any time,    the Watergate affair as a way    a wrjtpp Jo* Norna, dn Rrasi,    Twenty-fourth street    NU. Francis Shelly, dous,y ,argcr resP°nse    in <und and in whatever numbers and    to mitigate to some extent their    ;jpd ^ former corresponden( of    P°rt™ ™ wife Jo Anna Marie Cray, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald (I. Troy. 1929 Ninth st. SW, died dampened the desire of a few at birth Friday. Also surviving are a brother, Ronald (J. jr., and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs Suicide's Details Are Corrected The husband of a suicide vie- released Friday multi w“ no' “!.* "earby <av,,r" •   when his wife killed herself with and raLsinfi ,han in,thP Ia^l off-year with whatever equipment, when failure in the election and also ,(ifi NW Vork Tjmpv Treat- election (1970).    this    becomes    necessary,"    the    to    try    to    reverse    the    outcome    ‘    This    is another exai Cedar Rapids, and Mr Mrs. Harold Croy. Solon, gr* grandmothers, Mrs. John Slice-1 ly. Marion, and Mrs. Bessie Wielman, North Liberty. (Jravesidc .services: 2 p.m. election issue. “I ve traveled Monday in the Mf. Calvary die heck out of Icxas and cemetery, Ryan, by the Rev. that’s what people are talking Matthew Beelner. Kq^a tune- about. ' Warren said, ral home east is in charge. Warren and many other state statement said chairmen said the energy- crisis it said the Israeli withdrawal would surpass Watergate as an from the canal’s west and east banks, provided for by the mple of the violation of the working rights of journalists in Brazil,” Ravmont said Saturday. After the interrogation, the agreement, is; tho “consequence Ret place to keep its value with- nolicemen returned the tape but said that they had kept a —Frrpc— (Crntiniied from Pace Memorial Services beginning at I Monday. Civy Briefs (More briefs on Page ISA) Clothes Taken — Clothes worth $277 were reported missing Saturday from a car owned by Wayne Spaulding, of Bridgeman. Mich., while parked overnight at the Village Inn, IOO Thieu to run for a third term. Boss, Arthur E. -10:30 a m Monday at Trinity United Methodist church by the Rev Ernest Larson. Burial: Cedar Memorial cemetery. Cedar Memorial funeral home is I team of 70 men landed on Dun-ican Island in the Paraccls and .engaged 150 Chinese troops. An {additional 450 Chinese reinfor-1 charge, cements swept ashore, forcing Wright. Raymond (’ the South Vietnamese off the tiny island, the command said. On the political front in South Vietnam the national assembly approved a constitutional {amendment enabling President Armed Robbers Hit Store, Tie Up Customers Two armed bandits robbed ln Nelson's grocery. 1558 B avenue -Mon- NE’ an undetermined amount F avenue NW. *    *    * Church Burglarized The N o e I r i d g e Park Christian church, 727 Collins road NE. w as reported broken into Saturday and $4 81 missing from a vending machine and a desk drawer ♦    *    * Music Missing A tape deck worth $00, tour speakers worth $40 and a leather coat worth $80 were reported missing Saturday I rom a ear owned by Bill Webster, of 504 Wilder drive SE *    +    * rite amendment was s pon- sored bv 147 of the 219 deputies}Gcdrie J I«ofrlahl and senators in the assembly.1 dar M<'",orial ,','m When its passage was announced. the legislature erupted into a chair-throwing fracas. Four opposition leaders shaved their heads in protest. Ex-In-Law, Daughter Join in Picasso Claim day at IO a.m I chapel, Marion Shad*' cemetery, Marion. Ilavlik. Anna Brosh chapel at ll a. rn. Monday by the Rev. j Alvon Nelson. Burial: Czech National cemetery. Johnson. Judith Ann Hop j Redeemer Lutheran church at I 10:30 a.rn. Monday by tne Rev ; Burial: Celery. Friends | may register at Turner west. The casket will not be opened Other at any time. Lockhart. William Palmer Turner chapel vest at 1:30 pan Monday by the Rev. Stephen Root and Fidelitas I/nig*' No. 364 A F. and A M. Burial: Fairfax cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home until I p.m. Monday. The casket will not be opened after the service. at Murdoch of cash Saturday evening. 1,111    <),lk    Police    said two young black men tied up five or six persons in a back room during the course of the robbery. It was not immediately known how; many were customers and how many employes. One of the bandits reportedly was armed with a knife and the with a small caliber pistol The robbery was discovered when those who were tied up caught the attention of a eus-j tonier who came in about 15; minutes; later. Police were then notified about 10:35 p m of the October war. and the first in the agreed range phase of complete liberation of The franc has been losing all occupied Arab lands."    ground steadily against the dol- The statement said the criti- lar sin<* ^e oil price hikes. Ex-eism of the agreement by the P<>rts said this was largely be-Israpli opposition “means Egypt causr holders of francs felt the has emerged victorious."    U S was more sheltered from Egypt’s next moves at the Geneva peace conference will bo. made in coordination with 'ranc' government no looser Syria, the Palestinian guerilla h« •* ^ »«««" ™rrtnc>' movement, and the rest of the *<eeP.    UP Arab states, the statement said copy 3 Women Treated for 1649 recar was parked outside a tavern on Fourth street NIV’ af it*s intersection with F avenue when he arrived about 3:30 p m. He first looked inside the car about 6:30 p m when he returned to the tavern. He then found the body of hiss wife. Judith, 28. of the same address, slumped across the front seat. nT the effects of the energy crisis. By ceasing support for the GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS tv Ntw\, Sports, lookkiopiog. Control Intor motion and Offutt Not listed Itta* (OH    3*11711 Circulation Subscription Otpt    3*11333 Mon thru Set I o rn to 7 p m Sundays Until I? Moon Holidays 11 a rn lo 7 p rn Want Aas    3*11734 Mon thru In 8 a rn to S p rn Saturday until 17 noon Ditploy Advertising    3*1 1777 lorn to S p rn Monon Offict    391 >430 Throe Cedar Rapids women were admitted to Mercy hospital Saturday afternoon after a two-car accident at the First avenue entrance to Lindale plaza about 12:40 p.m. They are Eva Herschel, 76; Edith Mover, BL and Ethel Ririe 81. all of 2030 First avenue NE. They were reported in good condition Saturday evening. The three were passengers in a car driven by Adelaide ll , Cass, 78, of,1810 A avenue NE woman demanding support from sh(, was |reated |h(, hospl|al and released. Police charged Auto Mishap Injuries Woman Dies in Mishap Near West Liberty to and instead will have the extra money available with which to buy oil, w hose price is set in dollars. Happy Valentine NORRISTOWN, Pa (AP) Judge John Henry has set date to hear the case of her husband Fob ll Valentine’s day. lo YEARS MIO The 50th anniversary of the invention of the tea bag was celebrated by the Tea Council of the C S A., Inc. ANTIBES, France (AP) Picasso’ F, former daughter in law and her (laugh-, ter have joined the claimants to th*1 artist’s big estate. Equipment Taken Two Emilicnnc Picasso, former bowling halls and a bowling bag wife of the painter’s son, Paulo, worth a total rf $:>5 was report- said she would file a claim to ikon Iron: a car owned by obtain rights to the fortune in < Stalk. 922 ll avenue NW paintings for her and her daughter. Marina. 23. Paulo is, Picas sos only legitimate offspring, born of his first marriage to of Radio Olga Kokhlova airplane Picasso died last year at I hi* age of 90 Include the price for faster results when yon advertise in the Classified Ads! en i ( hr) 20 MIARS AGD The Civil Aeronautics Administration recommended suspension Star Arthur Godfrey’s pilot s license Htl.SU . . . Prompt PIM WK US    UvUwru PM K S l l ll HOW I II KIMM* 500S ( enter IM. Rd. N.K. 393-5565 NOVAK MONUMENT CO. I * I IM MI MOM IAI s SIM I IXJ2 203 14th Avo. SE Phone 364-4439 P Markt'rv, Monuments and Private Mausoleums z < ll lim 11 iud* filii Kl) ii with (Ion t i < p OHI pierson’s Tout HD MORISI I SINI I I I IS Bl AD. NW I I OW I R PHON I 366-1826 Non-Contract NEW WANT AD DEADLINES TUES.    4:45 PM Mon. WED . ..    4 45 PM Tues. THURS..    4:45 PM Wed. FRI,. .    4:45 PM Thurs. SAT  4:45 PM Fri SUN. . .    11:00 AM Sot MON.    11.45 AM Sat. Correction* and cantillation* 8 AM ’til 9 AM day of publication. 'Til 11:00 AM Sat. tor Sunday. Want Ad Dept. Close* at Noon Saturday DIAL 398-8234 .............................I ii....................     | TEAHEN FUNERAL HOME Since 19,‘i6 Marian I Teahen    I    bien    ii.    Kuhn I J UHM K    MOR    I    It    I    AN Phone .161-6627    6(H)    I    irst    Ave.    NW W4#Ml4*4M»tN*»»tW4tW*MM!*l»!«*ll*IM4mi4l)tMttit*m4ttltMlMlt*Mlwmii*4mMIM»4t*IMttt»»*«t»t4mi!lt«m#4tH*ll»IM#tM*MH»tmiMI*t»*HH# her with failure to y;eld the right of way She reportedly had been driving east on First avenue and turned left into the path of a westbound ear driven by James A McQuown, 38. Longmont, Colo. WEST LIBERTY. Iowa (AP) —Mrs Josephine Took, 51. Chicago, was killed Saturday in a two - car crash on a Cedar "oun'v road three miles north f West Liberty. Authorities said Mrs. Took was the driver of a ear that collided with a car driven by Seth Limburg. 23. West Liberty. She LtriUir Hapiha Uwuritr Established to IMI by Th* Goiafta Co. and published daily ond Sunday a* 500 Third Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52404 Second Class Postage paid at Cedar Rapids. Iowa Subscription rates by carrier IS cents a <*ees By moll:    Night    edition    and Sunday 6 issues 52 25 a month, 524 a year Afternoon editions and Sundoy 7 Issues 52 SO a month, 525 a year Other states and U S territories $40 a year No moll subscriptions accepted In areas having Ga/ette corner service. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the us# for republication of oil the local news pnn*«d In this newspaper as well as all AP i. s dispatches. A .MUIA K. LADES I rn J** I' -v y. *■ %‘S xy flowers Since 1909 Convenient downtown location 308 Third Avenue S t 365-050 -J/W: SA&W' ■ when words aren’t enough send sympathy with flowers FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 PHONE ANSWERED 24 HOURS EVERY DAY John B.'IUrner&Son I-Ihut* ti I >ii<‘( tors Serving all faiths since 1888. 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