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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 20, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Offer Free Credit Counseling A new credit counseling arni The service Is not a govern* debt management service, the ment agency, however, and first non-profit, free service of hopes for support after three its kind in the Cedar Rapidsj area, will open Monday morning1 in room 711 of the Merchants! National bank building. Known as Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Cedar Rapids, the service is ... affiliated with the National begin, in the next few weeks, Foundation for Consumer Credit Hubbard said. months from members of the business community, particularly from hanks, finance companies and retail merchants. A fund-raising campaign will St achier of Sears, Bill Fleugcl! enough, the service will actually of the Credit Bureau and Ed | take over money management if Doyle of Merchants National requested, pro-rate credit ac-j bank.    counts and work with debtors to Experienced financial conn- discharge their financial obliga-i seling will be provided by De-'lions. in Washington, D.C. There are nearly 150 services throughout the United States, blit the Cedar Rapids office will he the first in Iowa. The board of directors for the I service is drawn from a cross section of the community. Officers are Hubbard. Jim McCue of Collins Credit union, Duane President of the service is Joseph ll. Hubbard, credit manager at Smulekoff’s. He stressed that the service is non-profit and is consumer-oriented, not creditor-oriented. “It is designed for those fami- Purity”, lies who find themselves in fi- Thursday lores dray and Marge Weth-erell, who were HACAP counselors for the federal 237 housing program. The first objective of the service, Hubbard said, will he to help persons set up budgets and give advice on money management to get out of debt. lf the counseling is Iii the future, Hubbard said,; he hopes the service can work with schools to bring credit edu-| cation and consumer education into the curriculum. The service will be open weekdays from 8:30 a m. until 5 p.m. Hubbard suggested persons call the service, 364-4109, for an appointment before going to the not office. Melodrama Has Ecology Theme A musical melodrama with an ecology theme, “The Perils of will be presented aand Saturday eve- nancial difficulties and who are nings at 8 p m. in thc Jefferson willing to make the commit-    ... .    , . . °.    . .    .    . auditorium bv the music and ment to extricate themselves from a distress situation,” Hub- (^rarna departments. bard said.    The    cast    is composed of 90 “The main thrust of the pro- members from the Jefferson gram is to educate and rehabili- mixed chorus with leading roles tate. It is NOT a crutch for the played by Steve Belay. Sue Zva- habitually slow-pay.”    cek, Kitty Reynolds, Dennis The office space is being pro-Hrubv. Bill Konigsmark. Lois vided rent-free for three months Baker, Julie Johnson, Gary by the bank. During the same Moss, Dave McCauley, Dean period, most of the expenses of Heaver, Gary Baumgartner, the service will be funded by Tim Rischer, Bob Harrelson, the Hawkeye Area Community R°n Harrelson, Dean Wilson, Action Program.    *    Mike Wickey, and Diane Brown, j Jefferson Thespians are in charge of the scenery and other production aspects of the production under the supervision of Marv Hippen. Allen Koepke. Greg Naughton, and Robert Geuder are in charge of the musical and drama direction. Tickets are $1.50 for adults and $1 for students. Seats maybe reserved by calling 398-2344. Spiny Fences Houses on the Dutch island of Aruba are often enclosed by j “living fences” made of cactus. I The needles of the cactus also serve as a clothesline for the family wash. Civil Procedure Rules Topic for Bar Assn. The Linn County Bar Assn. will meet Tuesday at 3 p.m. at the Roosevelt hotel to hear Phillip J. Wilson of Council Bluffs, chairman of the Iowa advisory committee on rules of civil procedure. Wilson will speak on the changes in the rules of civil procedure which became effective in 1973. His talk will precede a dinner which will be followed by a panel discussion. 30 YEARS AGO — The house passed and sent to the senate legislation providing mustering-out pay of $300. Air Pollution Report This is a weekly report of data submitted to The Gazette by the air pollution control division of the Linn county health department. Airborne Dust A measurement of particulate matter is made in terms of micrograms per cubic meter. The national standards, to be enforced by 1975 75. average for a year (geometric incant, and 260, maximum 24-hour concentration, not to be exceeded more than once a year. Location    Date    Heading 445 First street SW .......... Jan.    ll    57    . 445 First street SW    Jan.    15    35    j Jane Boyd Community House    Jan.    15    Mi    i Norridge park    Jan.    15    66    * 2115 North Tovvne lane NE    Jan.    15    62    r Sulphur Dioxide Hie national standards (in terms of parts per million): 0.03 average for a year (arithmetic mean), and 0 H maximum 24-hour concentration, not to be exceeded more than once a year. Daily averages at 445 First street SW were: Jan. ll, 0.023; Jan. 12, 0.073; Jan. 13, 0.135; Jan. 14, 0.030; Jan. 15, 0.032; Jan. 16, 0 025; Jan. 17, 0.078. Average for the period was 0.044. Daily averages at 2115 North Towne lane NE were: Jan 11. machine not operating; Jan. 12, 0.019; Jan. 13, 0.070; Jan. 14, 0.015; Jan. 15, 0.011; Jan. 16, 0.012; Jan. 17, 0,017. Average for the period was 0.021. Coefficient of Haze Another measurement of particulate matter. A reading o.l 0 53 is said to be equivalent of 75 micrograms per cubic meter, a national standard for airborne dust as outlined above. Readings    at 445 First street SW were: Jan.    ll, 0.18;    Jan. 12, 0.19; Jan.    13, 0.24; Jan. 14, 0.44; Jan. 15, 0.23;    Jan.    16,    0.43; Jan. 17, 0.49. Average for the period was 0.30. Readings    at 2115 North Towne lane NE were:    Jan.    ll,    0.21; Jan. 12, 0.27;    Jan. 13, 0.32; Jan. 14. 0.26; Jan. 15,    0.22;    Jan. 16, 0.19; Jan. 17, 0.25. Average for the period was 0.25. Families at Branch Y s A five I WO. week trial family! tell branch also will have membership  ....... available    Shiers    avail;  haunt! Hie en- this week al   roe branchi lire program al l ie bran.' i and I YMCA’s    showing    the schedule for the nc- The occasion is YMCA week tivities. “The project is iii the spirit of the YMCA week slogan, ‘We’re in the people business,’ ” Wilson i which opens today and con lunies through next Sunday. The I reason is an attempt to acquaint I the public with the expanding! said, programs at each of the    * branches Marion,    Ellis    and    Fathers, sons and daughters Central    I    at the Marion and Ellis branch The joint project was an- Y’s participated iii two pre flounced Saturday by Maurice YMCA week events Friday and I Wilson, executive director of the Saturday. YMCA of the Cedar Rapids Met* Members of all the Marion \ ropolitan Area.    Indian    Guide tithes met foi a “Some people still think of the joint father-son banque! at the YMCA as an organization only Indian House Friday evening, for men and boys,” Wilson said. Indian Guides is the home-cen-*‘Today’s YMCA is more than tercd lather-son program of the that. For instance, locally, the Y with tribes meeting in the Y has been placing an increas- homes of member s, ing emphasis on    family    pro-    Members of both    the Ellis and cramming ”    Marion    lnd,an Pr,ncesses Pr°' He also pointed out that aetiv- gram met for an “overnight ities now range from pre-school get-together Saturday night at swimming and gymnastic the Ellis branch, Die Indian classes to senior citizens clubs Princesses progiam is a father-as well as men s and women’s daughter program similai to In-condiiioning programs—in addi-jdian Guides, tion to the traditional youth activities.    H Should Live So Long “Anyone who comes in for a The life of a mosquito runs visit this week at any branch Y several weeks to a year, and it will be given a tour of the facili- seldom travels more than a few ties and will be presented a hundred yards from where it membership card which will en- vvas hatched, title the family to participate in the activities for    two weeks    You are missing    something if without charge,”    Wilson    ex- you haven’t tried    a Classified plained.    Ad lately. 398-8234. 39 locations. Iowa’s STATEMENTS OF CONDITION DECEMBER 31,1973 ASSETS Cash and Due from Banks..... U.S. and Government Agency Bonds ............... Municipal Bonds loans and Discounts.......... Bank Premises and Equipment Accrued Interest Receivable., Other Assets................... Total Assets.................... LIABILITIES Deposits....................... Accrued Expenses and Other Liabilities............. Unearned Income.............. Reserve for Loan Losses...... Capital Notes.................. Capital Stock.................. Surplus........................ Undivided Profits.............. Total Liabilities................ OFFICERS Combined Totals $ 41,000,095 ... 41,897.426 ... 43.959.938 ..220,042.945  6,446,319 .... 4,130 882  672.668 S358.150.273 $320,471,742  3.540,917  9.253.042  2.659.565  1.750.000  7,350,000 8.181.143  4.943.864 $358,150,273 NATIONAL BANK OF DES MOINES Ingersoll at 29th 10th at Grand Valley West Mall $10,387,472 DIRECTORS ..2,192.060 ..3,564.250 27 883.444 . 1.299.318 ... 427.610   45.092 $45,799,246 $36,323,987 .. 273,728 6,560,283 ..278,352 ..600.000 1.000.000 .. 506,143 .. 256.753 $45,799,246 William H. Brenton. Chairman and President; Robert W. Horner. Senior Vice President; lames E. Fletcher and Max Larson. Vice Presidents; Richard M. Root, Assistant Vice President and Trust Officer; Gary Larson. Assistant Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer; Peggy Ann Vial. Assistant Cashier and Person nel Officer; Claire Cole. Assis tant Vice President and Real Estate Mortgage Officer; Marilyn Hurley. Assistant Vice President and Women's Department Manager; Ruth 8. Root, Corporate Secretary; Beverly Palmer, Operations Officer; Perry Hansen. Public Affairs Officer and Manager Downtown Office; Timothy G. lanssen. Installment loan Officer; Edward Stern. Controller; lo Ann Hahn, Savings and CO Officer. NORTHWEST DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK Beaverdale, Johnston, Uptown SOUTH DES MOINES NATIONAL BANK SW 9th & McKinley, Wakonda Shopping Center, 6025 SE 14th BRENTON BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Urbandale 7031 Douglas Avenue $ 2,525,268     $    2,305,284     $    602,236 3,019,695 ..................... 1,992,887 ,.2,719,783 15,040,863 ,... 363,391 ...216,221   33.921 $23,919,142 .1,714,976 12,354.414 ...408.075 ... 152,671 ... 379.208 WARREN COUNTY BANK AND TRUST Indianola 113 North Buxton Hiway 65 69 North I FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF DAVENPORT Brady at 16th Village Shopping Center Division at West 3rd Northpark Plaza BRENTON BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Cedar Rapids 1501st Ave. N E. FIDELITY SAVINGS BANK Marshalltown 102 South Center 1904 South Center $ 1,477,081     S-2JB42.078     $1,107,492     $    4,375,837 1.243.698 $19,307,515 5.038.457 .. 110,141 .... 72,842 ....15.280 $7,088,654 1,168,488     ‘4,829.457 ...329,025 .....................13,452,108 8,017.027      1i4.090.342 .,264.881 .. 142.370 .... 10 643 $11,409,515 $21,744,831 ..................$17,548,152     $6,522,273     $10,566,576  186,022 418,531  1 77,207  300,000  300.000  500.000  292.551 $23 919 142 101,610 446,450 108,710 100,000 500.000 265.000 237,593 $19,307,515 -.516,151 4.310,985 21,153 $216,062,274 —  200,165    ..................... 3.085.976 ..  4,169,744 ..4,381.306    •................... 26.316,304  74,359      652,750  44,429    I .......................314.887  1 1.928      15,604 $5,819,679     $38,931    102  ...... »\ ................$23,595,991 I 52.582      133.306     J222.529  36.449      80.286     >401.418  43,838 ;......................... 97,920     >*171,113 ..  75,000     150,000 .... 250,000      200.0C1     400.000 .... 125.000      200.000     400.000 ■■... 58.512       56.427      5I2L223 S7.08F.654     $1    1,409,515     ^linTM $4,746,865     $35,153,972 25.674      322,258 92,199      294.926 24.070      308.763 500.000      610,000 300.000    ..................... 1,700 OOO 130.671      551.183 David G. Wright, President; Jack W. Schlemmer, Senior Vice President and Cashier; Larry Rolfstad, Vice President; William H. Withey, Vice President; Jerry loelson. Assistant Vice President; Hoise McClure. Assistant Vice President; Richard C. Remer. Assistant Vice President; Rob ert G. Mann. Assistant Cash ier; Dean Peyton, Assistant Cashier; Margaret Colby. Assistant Cashier. William H Brenton. Chairman; Neil T. Chadderdon. Chairman, Fidelity Savings Bank. Mar shalltowi; G. C Kelly. Banking and Farming, ). C Brenton; Clark A. Colby, President, Sherwood Forest Co.; Stanton C. Marquardt, Marquardt Ad vertismg Company; Wayne M. West. President, Home Lumber Co.; C. R Brenton; Walter R. Brown. Attorney; C. S. John son. Chester C. Eison, Chet Elson Insurance Agency; Rob ert M Oonhowe. President, Norwalk Cumming State Bank; Gordon R Neumann. Arthur H. Neumann t Bros. Inc. Thomas 0. Cooper, President and Trust Oflicer; Donald H. Jordahl, Senior Vice President and Trust Officer; Eugene I. Blaskovich. Vice President; John T. Carter, Cashier; lames G. Friesz. Assistant Vice President; Carma J. Overmyer, Assistant Vice President; Betty J. Oysart. Assistant Cash ier; Maren Enslow. Assistant Cashier; Lewis L. Deal. Assis tant Cashier; Michael K. Ho! linger. Assistant Cashier; Al tan W. Severson. Assistant Cashier. ).C. Brenton, Chairman; David L. Nagel, President and Trust Officer; David I. Morris. Vice President and Cashier; Betty Geist, Assistant Vice President for Marketing; Lucille johnson. Assistant Vice Prest dent for Operations; Elizabeth Tennant, Assistant Cashier; Gladys Hawkins, Loan Officer. $5,819,679     $38,931,102 —  - Eugene T. Smith, President; Richard P. Pratt, Vice President; Richard G. Kerr, Vice President; Robert B. Keil. Cashier; loan Maynard, Hiway Office Manager; Mary long, Operations Officer; Norma Harmison. Operations Officer. C. Robert Brenton. Chairman; C. S. Johnson. William H Bren ton; John C. Eddy. Attorney; J. C. Brenton; Raymond Baker. 'Consultant. Pioneer Hi Bred International. Inc; E. C Ever ling. President. H. M libs Lumber Co.; G. C. Kelly. Bank mg and Farming; George E. 0 Malley, Attorney; Bruce Paterson, Manager Marketing Services, Cantel Industries; Jack W. Schlemmer; Oavid G. Wright. C. S. lohnson. Chairman. Oavid I. McCoy. Dentist; William H. Brenton; John I. Naughton. Consultant. Den Tai Ez Manu tacturmg Co; George G. Gaud ill. Allergist; C. Robert Bren ton; Samuel G. 0 Brien. Attorney; Thomas 0. Cooper; J. C. Brenton; Oean Ouben; Donald H. Jordahl, W. Reed Davisson, President, Smarter Homes, Inc.; R. W Nelson, President, Kemin Industries, Inc. J. C. Brenton, Chairman. C S. lohnson; C. Robert Brenton; Oavid G Wright; William H. Brenton. David L. Nagel; Rob ertG. Erickson, President. Bob Erickson Homebuilders. Inc.; William 8 Whitaker, Group Manager, Sears Roebuck and Company. Dean Ouben, President, and Trust Officer; Wayne ll. Gea-delmann. Senior Vice Rresi-1 dent and Trust Officer; lay M. j Bennett, Vice President; Roger 0. Winterhof. Vice FTesi-1 dent and Cashier; Jack R. Sullivan. Vice President; Flounce J. Schroeder. Assistant Vice President; Ronald J. Off. ley. j Assistant Vice President and West Office Manager; finger 0. Burt, Assistant Cashier and Northpark Mall Office M an ager; Norma Schnoor, Assistant Cashier and Village OH ce Manager; Marge Kelly, Assistant Cashier and Customer R« lations Officer; Shirley Goettsch, Assistant Cashn r and Teller Operations Officer; -Joyce Burzlatf, Assistant Cashier and Accounting Opec ations Officer; Marsha find lay. Assistant Cashier; Stephen Rovner; Assistant Cashier Donald C. Nebergall, President: Robert L. DeMeulenaere. Senior Vice President and Cashier; (twin K. Sievers, Vice President; Betty J. Geuder, Assistant Vice President; Gary I. Stohlmann. Assistant Cash ier; Ragme C. Meade. Assis tant Cashier. Ned T. Chadderdon, Chairman; Thomas R. Smith, President; Orville W. Thurston, Senior Vice President and Trust Officer: Robert L. Boeymk. Vice President and Cashier; Robert F. Scott, Vice President; Charles W Nichols, Vice President; J. W ludlcy, Vice President; Lorraine R. Naylor, Assistant Vice President and Office Manager; Janet Oaters. Assistant Trust Officer; Sarah Hesmer, Assistant Cashier; Thelma Kelly, Assistant Cash in. lane Lewis. Assistant Cashier; Dale Bes. Farm Rep resentative. William H. Brenton. Chairman. Eugene T. Smith; M 0. Hall, Attorney; C. Robert Brenton; C. 0 McCoy, Retired Hard ware Retailer. J. C. Brenton; C. S. Johnson; Thomas 0. Cooper; Richard P. Pratt. William H. Brenton, Chairman, John F. Schuette. President, Kartridg Pak Co.; Charles E. Wittenmeyer, Attorney; Wayne H. Geadelmann. I. C.! Brenton; Donald H. Shaw., Treasurer, Iowa Illinois Gas and Electric Co.; Dean Ouben; C. S. Johnson; C. Robert Bren ton; J. H. Sunderbruch, Medi cal Ooctor. J. C Bienton, Chairman, Rob ert C Armstrong. Chairman ot Board Armstrong Department Store; (olm J. Zachar, lr, President, John Zachar, lr and Co, Inc. Realtors; C. S. John son, C. Robert Brenton; Rob ert I. DeMeulenaere; Donald C Nebergall; William H Bren ton; Earl Y. Bickel, M 0, Orthopedic Surgeon; William 0. •Sray, Attorney, Stillman. Gray •& Stapleton Ned T Chadderdon, Chaffman, Robert E. Anson. Farmer, William H Brenton, J. R Bradbu ry, Retired; Thomas R Smith; Fart Brennecke, Brennecke Grossman Ins.; C. Robert Brenton; James Robertson. Attorney; G Dean Garland. President, Marshall Packing Co ; William Shipton. Farmer; J. C. Brenton; John Noms, Jr.; Vici President, Lennox Industries; Orville W Thurston; C. S. Johnson; Or. Henry I. Wolfe, Wolfe [ye Clinic. ;

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