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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 18, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- dOH 'I V. V 0 I ii c | ‘In Ii Saturday. Lows tonight in 20s. High Saturday in ;ids. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 9 HutkidA # CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, .JANUARY 18, 1974 CITY FINAL IO CENTS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES PMMm w-wm, - ■ RS israel, Egypt Sign Prosecutor Troop Pullback Pact fjW?ypW loeiaterl Press    The    semi-official    Cairo    news-    VU    Vwfc    I    lVvv Tape 'Gaps' East Iowa Fog Blanket An unidentified pedestrian, crossing Second avenue at Sixth street SE at 9 a.m. Friday, stands out in bold contrast to the fog-shrouded background. Eastern Iowa was blanketed Friday morning with a thick layer of fog, which forced cancella- Gazette Photo by Duane Crock tion of several schools. And, with fog obscuring vision, highway travel took on an added hazard. Airlines in Cedar Rapids, however, reported no flight cancellations, although many flights were behind schedule. By Associated Press    The    semi-official    Cairo news Egypt and Israel signed mili-1 Pal)f>r Al Ahram said Israel will tory disengagement documents! withdraw "within 40 days.” Friday, and Secretary of State    Concrete    Step Kissinger will fly to Damascus! By separating the two forces Sunday for talks on a separation and putting U. N. troops boof Syrian and Israeli forces, a tween them, the agreement U. S. official said.    should reduce the chances of a Egyptian President Anwar renewal of large-scale fighting.    | -«sked    a    While    Mouse    lawyer Sadat will fly to Damascus also, it also constituted a concrete    Friday    about    alleged    new    gaps on Saturday, for talks with the demonstration of Israeli will-1 jn Syrians on disengagement of the    —,    -■ - , Syrian and Israeli armies in the I Continued. Page 2, Col. 7.) Golan Heights, the officials said. “We will start the talks with the Syrians with the same dedication and good will” that was shown in Egypt, Kissinger said in Aswan, Egypt. Talks Authorized Egypt announced that Syrian By Associated Press President Hafez Assad already will the Middle East oil .... _____,__________ ______ had authorized Sadat to begin barge be lifted now that the Ben-Veniste agreed to refer to it talks with Kissinger on Syria s Arabs and the Israelis have as “an incomplete sentence.” tehalf. ^    agreed to disengage their Buzhardt replied that he was Kissinger s travel schedule forces? Apparently not yet. aware and that it was not uncalled tor him to leave for home There was nothing from the usual for such dictation to in-Sunday night after a stopover in Arab world Friday to indicate dude incomplete sentences. .Jordan for talks with King Hus-'there would be any sudden    wnnd Blank sein and the trip to Syria.    change from the clamp put on Egypt and Syria were the cru(je 0ji needed by Americans    Then Ben-Veniste asked him main combatants against Israel for their energy demands.    if he recalled the dictation belt I in last October’s Arab-Isracli Before the embargo. Arab of presidential recollections of a war. Syria retook and then lost supplies accounted for about 15 •^ljn(' 20 telephone conversation part of the Syrian Golan Heights percent of the oil used in the with John Mitchell, a call that captured by Israel in the 1967 jcountry each day.    was not recorded on the White war. and in addition lost new in an interview in Bonn. Lier- House taping system. i territory to the Israeli army. many, Thursday night, Oil Min- The presidential recollection Israeli Foreign Minister Abba No Indication Embargo Will End Quickly WASHINGTON (AP) - An assistant special prosecutor Watergate-related tapes turned over to a federal district court by the White House. Assistant prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste asked White House lawyer J. Fred Buzhardt if he was aware that a cassette recording of the President’s recollection of a March 21 meeting with John Dean ended in mid-sentence. After objections from White em- House lawyer James St. Clair, Drives Through Viet Protesters; One Dead 'Resentment,' House Stalls 55 mph Speed Reports Kissinger -Office Papers Obtained Illicitly Eban told newsmen his govern-! ment is ready for a disen-gagement agreement with i Syria. “The ball is in their court,” he said. Israel has insisted it would not negotiate with Syria until the Syrians furnished a list of' Nixon Broadcast WASHINGTON (AP) -President Nixon announced Friday that he will make a live radio broadcast to lay out the government’s energy program at JI am., Iowa time, Saturday. SAIGON (AP) —- An Amen-’S. embassy troops and officials can woman official drove    her    talked to them.    By Frank Nye car through a crowd of angry The crowd dispersed peaceful- I)FS MOINES — Tho 'n mnh demonstrators outside the U. S. ly in late afternoon and the “    .    ‘    V*    .some    documents    obtained    illicit- commissary Friday, killing a American shoppers    drove out    pP°0(l    1,mlt    bll,»    Passed    by ,ho;ly    from    Henry    Kissinger’s Na- Vietnamese man and injuring a while armed police    and troops-scna*e    Thursday,    ran    into a    tional    Security    Council office. Vietnamese woman, U. S. em- stood guard on each side of the "resentment” roadblock Friday bassy officials said.    road.    when the Iowa house voted, 67 Eyewitnesses said the woman j One of the demonstrators, alto 27, to defer action on it for tried to drive through a picket Frenchman, Albert Blasius, said two weeks.    th    ti line out of the commissary com-Mrs> stewart and a companion, I)ebate win ^ rcsumed atj    ""j™1 pound in suburban Newport. She tried earlier to drive out of lhc 9.30a.rn. Feb. I, well within the1    nou!*- apparently panicked when    the    compound but    found their way    March 3 deadline for state legis- demonstrators stoned her    car    Blocked.    latures to comply with the 551 and jumped on it, they said. J “After awhile she came out mph limit set by congress or American officials said sheiagajn and got in her car and the (face the loss of federal highway | was Billie Stewart of TakomaL,,j|p opened for her by a funds. Park, Md., wife of William j^wrcan and then    these two Stewart, an accountant with the American females tried to WASHINGTON (AP) — Admi-Union, the winding down of the ral Thomas Moorer, chairman Vietnam war and the strategic of the joint chiefs of staff, Fri-i arms limitation talks, day acknowledged receiving the Israeli prisoners of w ar they j —'—  * * ' are holding and allowed the In-1 Ester* Zaki Yamani of Saudi Ara-ternational Red Cross to visit ^ia sa*d nation will not in-thcm    crease    oil    production Israeli Premier Golda Meiri^srae^ forces vacate all on that bolt was only 23 seconds long, court documents show Ben-Veniste then asked Buz* hardt, “Can you explain why the dictation belt picks up in the middle of a sentence” after a 38 second pause following Nixon’s description of the Mitchell call. “I was not aware that it did,” Buzhardt rrplied. “Not Unusual” Moorer said he never closed off the irregular channel of information because everything he received was duplicated contacts with Buzhardt said it was not un-until usual for pauses to exist fn the Arab    dictabclt recordings because In the light of public attention si^nc(j    a copy of an Egyptian-    territories    occupied    in    the 1967    President Nixon had the habit of focused on Radford's activities J israeli    agreement in Jerusalem    war    pushing the microphone button subsequently, Moorer said, ‘‘I | while Sadat signed another at The disengagement does not and releasing it. should have been more alert Aswan    Egyptian and Israeli    mrr^    Ibis    condition,    which has    “Is it also possible the dicta- and followed through.”    chiefs    of staff signed disen-    been    tied    in with the    embargo    tion was gone over with the since it was put into effect. U. S. Request Seen west side of the Suez But, Arab World, a Beirut digest of Middle Eastern news. for International Ro over us.” Blasius said. “We didn’t want them to get out, hut they U. S. Agency Development. South Vietnamese police    took    j^ey    jUS( kept    going    and ran her into custody,    and an    em‘over    (he    two    Vietnamese bassy official accompanied her worjjers.»» as counsel. U. S. authorities ()^cr Americans said they said she would    probably be    , ,    |kp(|    „    h    the gatc-argued    there    was    in    reason    fw .    ,    .    .    ..    annlvincr    snrh    imiKimllv    mph without any trouble hut Republican majority leaders had hoped to ram the socalled “blackmail” fuel crisis hill through the legislature during its first week. But Democratic House I-cader Dale Cochran (D-Eagle Grove) He appeared on NBC’s Today Show, making his first personal response to reports that the joint chiefs in 1971 had been spying on the secret diplomatic moves of Kissinger, then President Nixon's national security Radford and now secretary Radford has denied leaking those minutes to Columnist Jack Anderson. and Anderson ac or a s c button?,” Ben-Veniste asked. “No,” Buzhardt said At that point St, Clair objected that there had been no evi-end to dence to imply an erasure. “He asked him if it was passible,” Judge John Sirica said. “Anything is possible.” St. Clair persisted “It’s a high legislative speed in parsing a (Continued: Page 4. Col. I.) j U. S. authorities would probably be prantcd diplomatic immunity. ^“houfmy “trouble but ''the fPPLvine such unusually 150 Customers    |    demonstrators    were    apparently Sources said the Vietnamese angered by the car. were demonstrating against a pay cut. They massed before the main gate of the commissary shortly before noon and blocked traffic. About ISO customers were inside. The sources said the American woman first tried to inch [agon. Extra Copy Charge Dean Martin Son On Weapons Possession LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dino British Sten gun, a Thompson Martin, 22. son of Actor-singer submachine gun and two Bel Martin, was i Charles Radford, a clerk in the joint chiefs liaison office within the NSC, would type an extra copy of all documents he prepared. The extra copy would bt delivered to Moorer by Adm. Robert Welander, ford's boss, Moorer said. Moorer said he was aware the practice but dismissed it her car through the crowd.    ....    „    •, elan guns. “The crowd became angered;Dean Martin, was arraigned a bureau spokesman in Wash and started beating on her car,”(Friday on a charge of illegal,said an undercover agent unimportant since he was a1 “She panicked possession of firearms after fed-1Durchased a rifle and a North |rea<*y familiar with everything an assistant one source said and ran over a couple of them Tin* sources said South Vietnamese police fired into the air during the disturbance. Crowd Disperses The demonstrators kept the shoppers penned in I hi* compound for three hours while South Vietnamese police and U. Today s Index Comics ll Courthouse 3 ( rnsswoi d 19 Daily Record ll Deaths .... 3 Editorial Features . (i I1 arni IK Financial .MI Marion 20 Movies IO Society 13 Sports 15-17 Stall* 1.5 Television I Want MR 22 25 ession of firearms after fed- purchased a I era! agents reported finding ma- Korean-made 'chine guns and a cannon at his I weapon from home. Young Marlin entered no plea and was released on $5,000 bond. Agents confiscated five machine guns, a .20-mm cannon and a supply of ammunition «t | Actress Olivia Hussey his home, according to a spokesman for the alcohol, tobacco and firearms bureau of the treasury department. Martin’s attorney, Charles Woodman, told newsmen "We are going to try to settle this) matter without it being present (‘d to a f< derat grand jury A spokesman for Martin said he kept a private gun collection at his home as a hobby. The spokesman added that Martin was in the process of selling the home and many people hadj been in and out of it and had seen the collection in the last two weeks. Federal officials said the ma semi-automatic I Radford passed along. Martin for $675! There have been published re Wednesday. He said agents re- ports 'bat the joint turned to the house Thursday with a search warrant and confiscated the weapons. Martin, a pre-medical student at the University of California at Ix)S Angeles, is married to that the joint chiefs were angry and frustrated because Kissinger tended to keep to him self details of new diplomacy with China and tile Soviet Moorer also said Welander g a g e rn e n t documents at a named Radford as the source|desert tent between their forces who leaked minutes of an NSC on the meeting quoting Kissinger on Canal. the administration “tilt’’    toward    Sadat Friday called the    agree-jsaid oil industry sources    expect *'akistan    during its    war    with    merit a “turning point”    in the    the U. S. to ask for an j history of the Middle East. the embargo Mrs.    Meir said the    accord    “As    a    result    of (Secretary    of negotiated by Kissinger was State) Kissenger’s success in "the beginning of a process that    bringing about military    disen-,    . will lead to a permanent    peace    gagement on the Suez    Canal jjuestwn not based on facta between Israel and Egypt.” front, Egyptian President Anwar Mrs. Meir also spoke of Kis- Sadat is expected to support the singer’s chief. President Nixon, American request.” it said. saying    "his policy of    under-    The    publication    said    Sadat standing of Israel and its neigh- would encourage Saudi Arabia bors is appreciated The agreement is the first paign in favor of lifting the oil ever signed by the chiefs of government of Israel and an Arab j state. The armistice agreements after the 1948 Palestine war were signed by lesser officials. Terms A    similar    investigation    begun;    Cairo    agreed to cut its    forces by    former    Defense    Secretary    east of    the Suez Canal to 7.000 Melvin Laird reportedly con-troops and 30 tanks and to with-Rear eluded there was no such intent draw all anti-aircraft missiles to lower Friday amid what ana-caused the 18'a-minute gap in Rad- by the joint chiefs.    a point seven    miles west of the    lysts    described as disappoint-    one of the subpoenaed tapes of After the investigations, We- waterway.    ment    that Middle East oil-    White House conversations deal- The disengagement is known    producing    countries had not    ing with Watergate. to call for Israel to withdraw    moved to relax their embargo.    Sirica announced he intended now back in the Pentagon    as I from the west    bank of the canal    | The    2 p m. Dow Jones    to complete taking testimony deputy chief    of j and to pull its    army back 18 to    average was down ll 69 at    Friday even if it requires an naval operations.    130 miles from the east bank to 860.47. Declining issues led evening session. Radford    has been    reassigned    the Gidl and Mitla passes iii the    gainers by    a 2-1 margin in light    Buzhardt was recalled    to tes- to    a    naval reserve    unit    in    Sinai peninsula captured by    trading on    the New York Stock *    tlfv about the index and    analv- Salem, Ore., his native state. I Israel in the 1967 war.    Exchange. adviser and now secretary of knowledge friendship and mem-state.    bership in the same Mormon Moorer denied any attempt by church when Radford was in top military leaders to illicitly Washington, channel information to the Pen- The liaison office which We lander heeded was closed after the White House plumbers group, set up to probe news He said some White House leaks, concluded that the joint documents arrived on his desk chiefs were spying on Kis-because Navy Yeoman 1-c singer’s operation. Back in Pentagon said. The judge asked Ben-Veniste if he had any basis for the question and the 30-year-old prosecutor replied: "I don’t know the and Kuwait to “lead a cam.J®1'5*".'»    »n<l,1 don t think Mr. St. Clair does.” Then Buzhardt said, “I can (Continued: Page 2, Col. 5.)    onjy    gjve my opinion to that question. Your Honor, and I gave my opinion that ifs not possible.” Final Day The disclosures came on the NEW    VORK    (AP) — Stock    final    day of federal court hear- market    prices    turned sharply    mgs    into what might have Stock Market Flown Sharply ()f lander was transferred to com as mand of a navy flotilla. He is TEI He gained fame as an entertainer in the mid-1960s as a member of the Dino. Desi and hero of the Billy recording group, iii which Gen. Ariel he was partnered with the son Friday that of Actress Lucille Hall and Desi army to protest    the govern- Arnaz    ment’s agreement    to withdraw Efforts to reach his father. I Israeli forces from tilt Israeli Hero Protests “Giving ln;M Quitting AVIV (AP) — Israel’s October war, Major Sharon, announced he was quitting the C./?. Police. Faches Response to PossibleContempt Action Ordered his father. who is iii Tucson, Ari/ . for the Dean Marlin Tucson Open Golf Tourney, were unsuccessful. front. Minutes after Egyptian Israeli generals signed the By Roland Krekeler The Linn county attorney and Hit* Cedar Rapids (xiiice depart merit have been ordered to show why they should not he held in Suez contempt of court in connection with disposal of evidence held and for a criminal case. dis- District Associate Judge Arith judge sustaims! a motion by the| A polio state and the defense, directing man said Hit' police department to surren not not it i der the money to tIn* clerk of was to be court for payment of a fine in that it w; the ease. Reply Filed In a reply filed Thursday, the county attorney said it appears department sjxikes the department w;* d that tho evidence held any longer and s felt the money befile victim of the limiting Hazard GENKMUIDEN, The Netherlands (UPI) A wild goose shot by farmer Winn Van Der Voort, 72. fell on his head Yan Der Voorl suffered a con 1 chine guns included a carbine, a ell shill engagement pact, a (spokesman!any Scolaro issued the order the evidence was released by said the tank commander was® Wednesday, saying it had been police to the victim of the crime taking the action “because he called to his attention that the without the authority, consent with Israel’s giving police department no longer had or request of the state. I custody of $115 cash that had It is the contention of tlx* led the invasion of been held as evidence in the county attorney that any failure slipping his forces case.    to comply with a court order is k,,n' Suez (’anal iii dark- The older followed another the responsibility <>i the Cedar lith dav of the war, (order Monday in which the!Rapids police department disagrees in.” Sharon Egypt by across Ila' ness on tin longed crime. The case involve Gaines. 25, who had a room at the YMCA, arid his connection with an arriv'd robbery at Don’s Coneen, 2846 Mi Vernon road SE. Ort » Origin a 11 y Gaines wa** charged with robbery with ag-tion after he was arrested everal hours after the holdup of inned Page 3, Col 3) sis of the tapes, dictabelts and cassettes turned over to the court in November. White House lawyers were to get a chance Infer in the day to ask six technical experts about their rejxirt that the 18Vi-minute gap in a subpoenaed tape could not have been caused by a stogie, accidental act. “Not Accidental” Charles Rhyne, attorney for Nixon secretary Rose Mary Woods, asked Buzhardt about a meeting in Sirica’s office on William Nov. 21 when the White House (Continued Page 3, Col. fit I oilChuckle Conscience is that small inner voice that tells you that the Internal Revenue Service might check your return. I I ;

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