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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 17, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- < older I Iii oii^h i i i ♦lay. Low* tonight in -Os. Ili^hs Friday in mig. von IMI*: 92 NUMBER ll ('N rn t feint mti+t CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, .JANUARY 17, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES TOLD Nader Hits Two Die, Nine Missing In West Coast Rains WASHINGTON (AP) - Consumer advocate Ralph Nader Thursday told congress that government agencies have a uniform desire not to know the facts about the country’s oil and gas reserves. He described the reserve figures published by the American Petroleum Institute as “an utterly phony statistic.” Nader said that while API es* ti mates list proved oil and gas reserves at 38 billion barrels other figures show reserves of 285 billion barrels. National Scandal It is nothing less than a na-J tional scandal, that the government does iiot know the extent; of energy reserves on federally and privately owned lands, Nader said. Appearing before a house I small business subcommittee, j Nader said the government’s lack of information was due to the “incestuous relation between federal energy policy officials; and the oil industry.” He listed; the Federal Trade Commission as the only agency which has attempted to get the facts. The API released figures int a weekly report Wednesday I which said imports- decreased! 12.2 percent last week from the previous week and U.S. gaso-j line stocks dropped by 3.6 million barrels.    MCGREGOR    —    A gasoline With new and sometimes con- price war is slowly but surely.    . fileting supply and demand sta-forming in the McGregor-«an an mvesllSaUon Thursday|swers titties coming out daily from Marquette and Prairie duello the erasure of a key poi-,    Muestions Records the industry and government, Chien. Wis., area.    j    lion of one of President Nixon’s An assistant special congressmen — mostly Demo- Monday the Speedway service| Watergate tapes, and the White tor Thursday questioned the rc- tween Vancouver, B. C., and Oakland, Calif., because of the rains and high water. Amtrak’* Seattle-Chicago service was suspended west of Havre and Hillings, Mont. Hundreds of persons were forced from their homes by high water in northern California and I dozens of roads, including sce- Many Flee Homes Ford Homecoming UPI Telephoto Ge-ald Ford listens to a high school band welcoming him home to Grcnd Rapids on his first visit as vice-president. Gas Price War? Drop In NE Iowa FBI Probing Erasure Of White House Tape Gazette Leased Wires    minute gap occurred, looked to WASHINGTON — The FBI be- additional testimony for an- Solution Found For Ambulance Crossing Tracks Cedar Rapids Newt— Any worries about I he closing of the A avenue NE viaduct disrupting ambulance service to By Associated Press Nine men are missing after a rock and earth slide smothered i a telephone company building in ■Oregon, and two children drowned in northern California I as a furious rainstorm roared through the West. The men were working in a 1 Pacific Northwest Bell Co. structure near Canyonville in nic coastal highway U. S. IQI, southwestern Oregon Wednes- were closed by slides and flood-day night when the    landslide ling streams, roared off a mountain, pushed the structure into a creek and then buried it in mud.    Authorities    reported    that    400 Authorities moved heavy residents were evacuated from equipment to the seene to dig low-lying areas in Humboldt for possible survivors, then county, some 200 persons fled j abandoned the rescue attempt their homes at Pepperwood and temporarily until geologists another 150 were forced from could gauge the danger of fur- 'heir homes near Dunsmuir, ther slides.    north of Mt. Shasta on the Sa- The Oregon landslide came in cramento river, the wake of heavy rains and an    More    than    lour    inches    of    rain I early snow melt that sent al-.pelted    the    Dunsmuir    area    in    24 ready .swollen streams in many hours. areas of the Pacific Northwest    “Its quite    a    sight,    said    Po- surging to new highs.    Iice sfil- Bernie Schneider of Dunsmuir. “There are cars and I-iv estates Hit    other debris floating down the The storm left its soggy im- river.” (pact on western Montana, Idaho, northern Washington, western Oregon and    northern California. Dams broke and mudslides blocked highways. Hundreds of ifamilies were forced from their homes by floodwaters. At Myers Flat, on a branch of the Eel river in northern California, 14-vear-o|d Jimmy Moore and his I2-year-old sister, Kathy, died Wednesday when a dam created by a logjam burst and surging water swept them from the backyard of their home. Sheriff s Lt. Robert James Matthews Fatally Injured In Gun Mishap Ctdar Rapids Ntwa— James Matthews, 17, of 1563 Bever avenue SE, was killed when a .22 cal. rifle held by a hunting companion discharged Wednesday afternoon and the bullet entered his chest from the right side. Settlement On Troops, Nixon Says BULLETIN WASHINGTON (AP) — President N i x o n announced Thursday that the governments of Egypt and Israel “have reached agreement on the disengagement and separation of their military forces.” crats. are also pressing for action to soothe the public. 9(M)av Freeze station in Prairie du Chien opened its gasoline pumps with the price of 38.9 cents a gallon for rooiilar Sneedwav is a sta ins mainly in and prices of domestic crude oil andj petroleum products, charging portage the Nixon administration with A# *jie giving in to “the extortion of the American people by the major petroleum companies.” Senator Richard. Stnames were clustered around iR-Pa), said ie v\i p P -    |the 48.9 to 50.9 cents per gallon bill to create a federal commis-    ^    b si on to subsidize domestic fuel £ • production for the purpose of . making the country self-suf- fidel* in energy and to regulate;^ £ » of gasoline from the 44.9 to 46 9 cents U. S. oil firms. Unless the lawmakers ad--the fabricated energy crisis of h ; 1974 will generate a trillion doh lar trauma    for consumers over    *> he next 20    years." Nader said    Rte    three cty    arca has    a    total ,1    f ctimnnv before a of 19    ^v|ce    stations,    but    Conin prepared    testimony Dei orc a    ., .JI J,,it business subcom- Militated Oil s Speedway is pres- ently hogging the area market. around tJCns    .    .    ,    , to ask for an interview with tin At that lime, the lop price in President,” deputy press seethe McGregor-Marquette-Prairic rc[ar> Gerald Woiren sal(h do Chien arca was 52 9 at Stand-! ln rcsP°™-, 0 ^st‘™ WT ard and Sunoco. Other bra,Kl ren said the President has ab- solute confidence in Rose Mary Woods, his longtime personal secretary. Warren branded as "false and incredible” published reports quoting sources familiar with the investigation as saying the President asked Miss W oods in mid-November if she would take the responsibility : for erasing the IS1.-minute segment missing from one tape. Capt. Dennis Biome, chief proseeu- i    a    *    ♦    -a    o    -y. .wwv.i Williams depUty 0f the Linn sheriff’s de- I TZ Ccdar Rap,ds west s,dc appcar said the youngsters were help- pa?tmyenl. said Thursday it is roonera- ..    f    ;    *° ^ave *}ecn unneccssaryi 3<Mng their father, Emery, move believed the shooting was an ac tability of secret service cording to an announcement property to higher ground when cident, but the incident remains records showing who in the Thursday by Bernard Grahek. they were swept to their deaths, under investigation White House had Becchi to the associate administrator of Moore escaped. His wife was jjp said Matthews and Gerald presidential tapes.    Mercy hospital.    in the family home. which was jg were hunting together Assistant Special Prosecutor A direct telephone "hot line" torn loos* by the swirling water.1 jn a fjejd ncar Bell’s rural Richard Ben-Veniste asked Ray- has been established between She escaped death when the Marion residence w’ouldn t expect them mond Zumwalt, a secret service j the Area Ambulance Service at house washed back to shore    reportedly told authori- technician, about the records he the Mercy hospital Trauma after being carried some 75 feet tjes pe and Matthews had been (Continued Page 3, Col. 81 House promised full tion. A presidential spokesman de (Continued Page 3, Col. 7) time. however, has dropped its even 42 cents a Other brands are dropping their Iowa Corn Crop Falls Short of 1972 Record Gazette Leased Wires    meat, poultry and dairy pro- WASHiNGTON—Although the .duc tion, was estimated at 1.56 nation’s com crop squeezed out billion bushels, also a record, a record 5.64 billion bushels an(i 23 percent more than in last year, up one percent from 1972, the previous high. The No-1972. the Iowa corn crop failed out into the raging stream. Disaster Area Eight counties in Idaho were declared a disaster area. The Idaho Tanaka Files Hume riots that marred his visit house small business subcom mittee. He asked congress to set up a government-run corporation to explore for gas and oil on federally owned lands Detailed Information Representatives of federal agencies who followed Nader in testifying at the house hearing also asked congressional backing to extract detailed information on fuel resources. John N. Nassikas, chairman of the Federal Power Commission, said prospects for sufficient natural gas in the next two or three years were "bleak . ,. dreary.*' James T. Halverson, of the Federal Trade Commission, said that tilt his Bureau of Competition had|tld,, jS setting the stage for a re-found “serious under-reporting meaj price rise without to live up to expectations and fell far short of the 1972 record. The corn estimate, part of a Confirmation that the FBI had entered the probe came from preliminary report viewing U.S. spokesman Robert Frank, who crop production in 1973, was said the agency had been asked about 35 million bushels less JAKARTA (AP)—Prime Min- to investigate by special Water-jthan the department forecast ister Tanaka flew home to .la- gate prosecutor Leon Jaworski. two months ago pan Thursday as the Indonesian Meanwhile, a court inquiry It was the first general esti- vember estimate was about 1.57 billion bushels. The Iowa soybean crop continued its year-to-year record-setting pace in 1973, hut its 268.600.000 bushels was down 6.15 million bushels from the 274.750.000 bushels predicted in November. Iowa soybean yield was 34 • i    a    it    j    v<i ftjift ftftivKft WHS Coeur d’Alene was virtually iso-    ”VK“‘ . .    .    ~    ,    .    til ,    notified of the shooting    about 2 lated.    Dams    burst.    Water    ° blocked highways. At least 1.000 persons were evacuated from their homes. Fifteen persons were reported trapped by high water on a bridge over the north fork of the Coeur d’Alene river. A major bridge over the south fork of the Coeur d'Alene collapsed, isolat-, mg hundreds of persons. The world's largest silver mine, ironically named the Sunshine mine, was shut down as power was cut and a nearby Gazette Leased Wires JERUSALEM - Israeli officials reported that they expected Israel, Egypt, the U. S. and the Soviet Union to issue a joint communique Thursday announcing an agreement on a troop disengagement formula for the Suez Canal battlefront. UPI Correspondent Maurice Guindi reported from Aswan, the Egyptian resort city on the Nile river, that the agreement is expected to be signed Friday or this weekend at Kilometer 101 on the Cairo-Suez road, where Israeli and Egyptian generals first sat together at the peace table last November. Cabinet Meeting The Israeli cabinet issued a statement after its meeting that said there still had to be some “technical clarifications.” The statement said the cabinet unanimously empowered Premier Golda Meir “to transmit to the secretary of state the Israeli government’s reply to the proposals regarding the separation of forces on the Egyptian front, following technical clarificationr. The statement also said Defense Minister Moshc Dayan would report Thursday night to the Israeli parliament’s defense and foreign affairs committee. The statement said Premier Golda Meir would report next Tuesday to the plenary session of parliament on the “political and security situation and on the subject of the separation of forces on the Egyptian front.” The officials said the statement would be released simultaneously in Jerusalem. Cairo, Washington and Moscow. They gave no details on the substance of the agreement, p.m. by the Bell family.    Egyptian President Sadat Matthews was dead on arrival summoned his four deputy pre-at a Cedar Rapids hospital. An mjerSf other top political aides autopsy was performed.    and newspaper editors from Biome said there were no wit- £ajro for a meeting Thursday nesses to the incident. Matthews night to explain the terms of the hunting about ten minutes when he shot at a rabbit. Deputies said he told them he apparently neglected to put the safety back . on and the gun discharged. mining district of rp. .    %f.    ,    ®    , The sheriff s department had a .22 cal. revolver. 55 MPH Gets Senate Okay agreement which is believed to call basically for an Israeli pullback 20 miles from the Suez canal and a thinning out of the Egyptian Second and Third armies on the Israeli side of the canal. By Frank N\e Review Details Prime Minister Golda Meir’s army made a house-to-house into the tape erasure continued. I mate by USDA cf fall-harvested bushels per acre, cif a lull bush- scarch for leaders of student Prosecutors, armed with a tech- crop production since last No-1** bom the November projec- __    ,    .    cabinet convened at her home every senate Thursday voted 38 to « to t0 rcvjew the d(,laiLs o( (hc Former Charges Stage Is Set for Meat Price Hike (Continued: Page 3, Col. Todays Index Comics 28 Courthouse 3 Crossword 28 Daily Record 3 Deaths I Editorial Features Farm 17 Financial 29 Marion 30 Movies 26. 27 Society IM! Sports 19-24 State 6. 7 Television 16 Want Ads 31 35 Bv Al Swegle    Talbert    said    the American MAQUOKETA A Cascade Meat Institute has put out a farmer. Bill Talbert, charged statement “which was clearly American Meat Instr intended to set the stage for a retail meat-price rise.” A Cedar county farmer. Bill Lillicnthal. 33. told the hearing, chaired by Sen. Dick ( lark, that “the cattle industry has been the victim of (Inmost catastrophic administration bungling in recorded history.” meal report on how the 18.5- vember when the corn crop was put at about 5 68 billion bushels. The Iowa corn crop, at I, 201.200.(MMI bushels was 8 million bushels short of the 1972 record of 1,112,208,000 and down substantially from a record 1,215,350.000 bushels predicted in November. tion. Tile Crop Reporting said in a companion report that the farm value of the 1973 corn crop was a record $13 35 billion, compared with $8 7 billion for the 1972 crop. There were no new production estimates for 1973 crops of price passing onto consumers the decline of meat prices late last wheat    and other    grains barlow a corn    yield    was    108 bush-    vested    last summer    Those were per    acre,    just    one    bushel    reported previously    and showed wheat    output last    year was a record 17 billion    bushels, up ll percent from the 1972 crop dam broke    DES    MOINES — Protesting In Idaho’s Bonner county,]much of the way, the Iowa authorities said nearly area road was washed out. Six I comply with the 55 mph national agreement reached” in a final I    county    bridges    collapsed    and    energy emergency speed limit    round of consultations between Board    families    in    outlying    areas    were    set by congress last month.    Secretary of State Kissinger and Proponents argued that the    lRracU ministers at a meeting bill is necessary during the fuel    delayed by a rare Jerusalem crisis and that Americans    blizzard Oregon coast for wind a,wa*’s have sacr‘f>ced personal    disengagement    plans    had hour    lneeds wh(‘n ysked ,0 do so by    been worked out by Kissinger in their government.    a series of shuttle flights be- N’o Evidence    tween Jerusalem and Aswan evacuated. Storm Warnings Storm warnings were in effect els under the November projection The previous record was 5.64 billion bushels in 1971, and the 1972 output was 5.55 billion The 1973 soybean crop, another important feed ingredient for on the gusts up to 70 miles per Wind speeds of 70 mph were clocked Wednesday at Livingston. Mont , and Lake Tahoe. Calif Opponents charged there is no where President’s Sadat is re- A int rag, the national rail passenger service, announced it had canceled all service be- documcnted evidence yet to cuperating for influenza. and Meanwhile, Premier Golda prove there is a fuel crisis accused congress of black- (Continued Page 3. Col. 7) year Talbert, testifying for the National Farmers Organization at a senate hearing into beef prices, charged that "retail meat prices were never adjust-cd back from last summer’s high to reflect the $20 per hundredweight decline iii farm ' prices. “Net Tuesday night, major radio and television networks blared to the nation that the wholesale meat prices have gone lip 33 percent in the last two weeks and that beet prices will he shooting lip in retail stores again.” Rep. K. R. Gross Won't Run Again 31 Die in Channel Storm WASHINGTON Gross, a (UPI) - Rep. alhenthal questioned reports price decline last fall could be blamed on overfat cattle and cattle being withheld ll R from market.    man announced ‘‘According to federally in- would not seek re election sported figures, beef production (;ross 74 said his decision has been below year ago levels was j)as,,d primarily on hts age since last March by amounts and ., “need for relief from the ranging from a to 30 percent. long hours which a represent-“Thc fact is that the alive iii congress must give his average weights have only work it he is to keep abreast ut (Continued Page 3, Col 6) (Continued Page 3, Col ti) mg 3 term congress- storm in 20 years. Thursday he Searchers recovered the bod (t|eC(inn    ms    of    16    crewmen    who    aban survived when the wave swept him back ashore. Four fishermen were drowned when a wave capsized their boat in Brest harbor. A girl, 16. was swept off a ferry near Brest. Two fishermen were washed DOVER. England (AP* An England, taking the five lives English Channel storm with 50 aad leaving three missing. Four foot waves and 10()-mile-an-houi ;0f j| survivors were picked up winds killed 31 persons Th UFS- ........    ,    . i a , i. *    bv the Soviet trawler Leningrad. day and left five others miss- *    * It was the Channel’s worst J Helicopters rescued the others. The wife of the captain was one of those rescued. Tile Cypriot freighter Marta    overboard    off Brittany    and a doned the    Cypriot    freighter    caught fire IO miles off Ostend,    sailor was    swept    off a Swedish Prosperity, The    ship ran    Belgium, killing a seaman. The    freighter. aground on a    reef near Guern-    fire apparently was under con- Four    other    ships    were sey. one of the Channel Islands, trol    aground    or in trouble. Two of the crew were still miss- A boy, 13, was swept away by The storm did considerable ing    a wave that crashed over the    damage    along    England’s south The Danish freighter Mere sea wall at Dawtis, a Devon    coast    ripping    off    roofs and Enterprise sank off southwest fishing port. A boy with him1 smashing resort boardwalks. Meir’s Israeli government was under fire at home. Its chief political opposition, the right-wing Likud bloc that made sizable gains in the general election New Year’s eve, charged that the government was negotiating a “one-sided retreat of our forces, not disengagement." Editorials in Israeli newspapers were also largely critical. U, S. officials mentioned the possibility of private unwritten understandings between the two sides, and many Israelis be- iContinued Page 3, Col 3) Iotlnil's Chuckie Skiing is a colorful sport — plenty of white snow and Blue CrOSS.    -CopyriftM » ;

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